The purpose of life


Luke 7:28 "I say to you, Among those born of Woman, there is not a greater than John, yet the LEAST in the KINGDOM of GOD is superior to him".

What is the actual purpose of Life on this Earth for mankind?

The short answer is:- We are born into this life on Earth to make choices.

The options to choose from are:- Obedience to our creator and receive Eternal Life with him, and the bliss which is part of it.------ or, Disobedience to our creator and receive Eternal cutting off from him, and the eternal torment which is part of it.


What reason are we born?:- Our creator who is our God, has created us at random to chose those amongst us who will suit the purpose he has for us, that is to become immortal beings.

Why Immortal beings?:- The Heavenly realms in Eternity are made up of Immortal beings, being of a Spiritual nature, and there are differing spiritual bodied beings, our creator who is our God is the Holy Spirit, Holy meaning separate Spirit, he is the ultimate highest Spirit, differing from the lesser spirits such as Jesus the Christ, Saints, and Angels.


What purpose for us to be Immortal Spiritual beings?:- This is how the Heavenly expansion works, by the method which God uses, and with the addition of Immortal Spiritual beings, God is, maintains, and expands on his being Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient. In other words the chosen people of God become part of the Heavenly realms which make up the effectual spiritual realms, which in turn are all part of what makes Gods existence as Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient of more effect.


How can we understand these things?:- We have to know and understand that what we can see and touch is temporary, it is not the actual reality in that it is not permanent, and that what we cannot see, that is, that is the spiritual, and is the permanent, the Eternal.


Why the Flesh first?:- The flesh body is what might be termed the incubator for the developing spirit within it, it has a freewill mind, free to make up its mind to be with God or apart from God; God has used this method because once a person has made it into Immortality in the Kingdom of God, they still have a freewill mind, and this spiritual mind has to be conditioned to be worthy of the Kingdom of God, but before entering the Kingdom.

The Greatest and most powerful minds of the worldly man, have been, and are still searching for the purpose of life! But they search in vain, unless they turn to God for their answers; God tells us that he will give the understandings, the accurate or exact knowledge to the humble people who will seek God, Hungering for the Word of God, and Thirsting for the Spirit of God.
The greatest scientists of the world, and the lowest a like, would prosper mankind, if they would realise this one thing:- God, Yahweh, Is the MASTER SCIENTIST.
We need to understand something about time, that we may realise the fact that we have but very little time on Earth in the flesh; the Apostle Peter tells us what we need to know, what God will allow us to understand of our time in the flesh, Peter tells us: That one day to God is a thousand years, and a thousand of our years is one day to God. You see we live only hours in God's time!
Scripture tells us, the word from God is that the flesh mind cannot comprehend to any large degree, what is in store for those who make it into God's Kingdom, and we are also told that God says, the Knowledge he has given so far is more than we can properly cope with, we therefore will have to wait until we reach full spiritual status, to gain the understanding.
If you can't receive this, then you have a long way to go yet, to gain what spirituality you could have in the flesh, keep moving forward; If we stand still in these matters, then all we have gained will be lost.
Kevin McQuoid.