Who God calls
Chapter 2.

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Romans 8:29. Tells us of a people chosen; these are those God foreknew (planned to be for purpose). God predetermined these ones to be of a likeness of Jesus Christ. In V30. We are told that these ones God invited, and because of that God justified, and he also glorified these ones. (Justified, can’t be examined, in context means, can’t be found to be wrong because what they have, and what they are, is from God). (Deceived man still thinks to try and examine these ones).
These ones are well and truly Called, Chosen, and sealed.
This raises a very good question as to now days; what of those who are called to purpose now days? I personally can answer in part, having been called verbally and having been given a purpose, a Job to do now, and also shown by Vision/Dreams, what my calling is to be in Immortality.
I experienced a good measure of Holy Spirit activities, so I am qualified to answer.
My experience through life before the Calling given to me, leaves me thinking that I perhaps was not predetermined by God, I think that would entail being born for a specific purpose in the mind of God, conceived for the purpose, in my case I feel that my calling was basically by chance, and that chance brought about by the life I had lived, bringing my Heartfelt opinion of Man and the Worldly state, I believe my state of mind, my Heartfelt and fervent passion was seeking inner peace, and I was not aware at that time I was seeking it in the wrong place, the wrong way, God and Jesus Christ saw it all coming though, they knew what I was ready for, even if I had no thoughts of it. (I was not a religious one; I hid from it, (tried.)
In my case everything was set to go, and I know now Jesus was working on me before I realized, yet I now see that my mind was set to be open to the calling that I received, it’s all a very long continuing chain of events, however this being a brief part of it, to outline my thoughts that I feel it was not Predetermined. Because of this I do believe it’s open to all!
Now I can say, the Good news is, there is a chance for all of us for a calling with purpose.
Have I been found worthy to be chosen? Let’s not forget; “Many are called few are chosen”, and I constantly bear that in mind possibly more than some, I would be devastated to have the experience and the Knowledge that God has allowed me through Jesus Christ, only to


End up not chosen in Eternity, it is a constant thought in mind what the meaning of Humble Is, that is to say Meek, and to be meek in Gods eyes is to be easily lead and taught by the Holy Spirit of God. I don’t really know if God and Jesus have judged me worthy to be chosen, but I will remain open to obedience, and look to please God, all the more, in hope!
We read in Romans. 10:9, “If thou wilt confess with thy mouth that Jesus is Lord, and wilt believe with thy Heart that God raised him from the Dead, thou shalt be saved.” (This rather points to God telling us that Jesus was not God himself, and if you believe that you will be saved, but when you read on you will find it is one of the requirements.)
To believe Jesus is Lord we must believe into him, or Believe on him, not just believe he exists, this means we have to believe all that is written about him in the Old Testament, and the Psalms leading up to his existence, and then the New Testament during his existence, and also Revelations after having risen to the Highest Heaven to be with his Father.
Then he tells us we have to Love God with all our Heart, mind, and Body, and he tells us as God tells us how to do that, which is; “Obey the Commandments of God.”
Rom. 10:10. “For with the Heart it is believed for righteousness, and with the mouth it is confessed for Salvation.”(The mouth that changes God’s word, where is the Salvation?)
Then verse 11. “Hence the Scripture says, everyone believing on him shall not be ashamed”, so we need to believe on him, or into him, not just believe he existed.
Verse 12. “For there is no distinction either of Jew or of Greek; since the same Lord of all is rich towards all those calling on him”. So call on him as he tells us to do and in the way he says, and he has his reward to those. (Changing his word is not calling on him.)
Verse 13. “For everyone who may invoke the name of the Lord shall be saved”. So invoked means = Ask earnestly for. Just as he tells us how to do that, believing on or into him, and in how he tells us to love God, Obey the Commands. (Ask earnestly, and then change it? Not right)
Verse 14. “How then shall they call on him, into whom they did not believe? And how shall they believe, where they did not hear? And how shall they hear without one proclaiming?” So, We can’t call on him unless we believe into him (Jesus), and if we are not prepared to hear what he tells us, telling us the way to believe him, and the Love of God shown by obeying Gods Commandments, if we cannot hear Jesus telling us, that is to say we chose not to listen, then how can we believe into him? (Believe him then go about changing his word?)
And for those who are prepared to listen and obey, how can they hear, or know what to do if there is no one here telling us, therefore this next verse--.


Verse. 15. “And how shall they proclaim if they should not be sent? As it has been written, “How beautiful the feet of those proclaiming glad tidings of good things!”(This is quite self explanatory.) (And what of the feet who argue and change the word of God?)
I have used these verses to show what is required of us, to help us gain Gods favor that God might compassionate any one of us to a calling with purpose, read on in Romans a little more and there is some more understanding on this matter, here’s an example.
Romans. 9:10. “And not only this, but also to Rebecca, when she had conceived twins by one,-- by Isaac our father; (for they not having been born, nor having done any good or bad, so that God’s purpose, as to election, might abide,-- not from works, but from him who calls;)”. So then here is a good example of how God works in predetermined callings, Jacob and Esau had done nothing, but God had predetermined them for purpose, but such a good example to use, because it has been demonstrated that God hated Esau, and loved Jacob (you need to understand the Biblical meaning of Hate).
However Esau was born first, that usually made the first born superior to the second born in those days of multiple births, and God wanted Jacob to be superior so that’s what happened, Jacob became superior in Gods calling, read about it there’s plenty more about it.
The use of these verses is to help show; God will choose who he in his infinite wisdom will call, and it is not necessarily the one who might be expected to be called, and to show further we need to read Romans. 9:15. “For to Moses he says, I will pity whom I should pity, and I will compassionate who I should compassionate.” So now God puts all in their place who complain that someone got called for a purpose, and they did not, (there are people who do such). (God says to who he should, this meaning to those who should get it.)
Verse 16. “So, then, it is not of the one willing, nor of the one running, but of God who pities.” (And this is further back up.) The rest of this Chapter 9 has more on the matter but the point must be established by now. (These verses from the Diaglott word for word translation of the original Greek). (God knows who and why, his thinking and ways, not ours.
However, there is still hope for us yet, to be “Called “and then “Chosen”, how do we do it? Obedience to God, and to love God how he tells us, which is, “Obey the Commandments of God”, and if we do that we will believe into Jesus Christ and that entails, “Obey the Commandments of God” (it’s got a good Logical Harmonic Balance to it, don’t you think?), that’s because it’s truth, and truth the way God gives it fits in with his unperverted written word. -------Yes, its truth alright, look at Rom.8:33. “Who will bring an accusation against God’s chosen ones? Will that God who justifies?”


There is an accusation against those of knowledge, it’s in the book of Revelations, it is serious, and it’s made through Jesus Christ, and it’s against those who seek to change Gods word, and times and Laws, included in this is the Sabbath observance, this is demonstrated today, this is one of those things which is bringing the wrath of God through Christ Jesus, who is coming to rule with a rod of Iron, and the wrath of God and Christ on the disobedience. (So then look to Rom. 8:33, are you in the position to be chosen? -- It’s up to you personally.)
How do we get called? How do we get chosen? ---You should have that answer now if you didn’t before.
It is very important to have a good knowledge of God’s word, his message to us through Jesus Christ, and the avenues they have used to reach those who will hear, then there are the problem areas that we have to be aware of for our very Eternal profit, this is to say we can destroy our chances in Eternal life by being deceived, Paul tells us in Phil. 3:2. “Beware of the Dogs! Beware of the Evil workers! Beware of the Excision!” Now then, this is not referring to Animal Dog, and the Evil workers are the workings of the Devil and his angels through people, and the Excision is the cutting off, and the cutting off comes when God and Jesus Judge anyone as not worthy, they get cut off, because they have become deceived by the Devil, and in effect the Devil has done the “Cutting off” sounds like (Picked off)
We are told, we have to look at all these things in our lives and judge ourselves, if we want to be called, and remain that way until we have been through the trials, and found worthy to be chosen, it is not a foregone conclusion that because we take up going to a church or that we take an interest in matters of God, that we are going to be saved or called or Chosen.
Take a look at 1 Corinthians. 11:31-32. “If however we examined ourselves, we should not be judged;” “but being judged by the Lord we are corrected, so that we may not be condemned with the world.” You have to understand that; if you have been called, you are also being judged and corrected, now in this life, and if you have been taught otherwise you need to be very concerned! You need to seek the strength of God’s arm, not Mans, now to back that up read the quotation of Jesus Christ’s message from God, and through the Apostle Paul, as written above, then know to “Seek first the kingdom of God”, God doesn’t call people to become Mans people, God calls through Jesus Christ to man, to become Christ’s, and as is written, “If you are Christ’s ones then you are God’s ones”.
And look at John, 3:18. “He believing into him is not judged; but he not believing has been judged already, because he has not believed into the name of the only begotten son of God.
This makes it quite clear, “believing into, and into the name”, it’s not just believing Jesus existed, it’s believing into and on, and into his name, and Jesus tells us how to believe into


Him, that is, to Love God and obey Gods commandments, the other thing here; we are Judged now as we live, sinners are judged to go to Judgment, and obedient believers do not go to the judgment, the judgment in this context is to hand out Punishment, that is its meaning in John, 3:18. ----We have to judge ourselves in all these things, to be chosen!
1 Peter.4:11, “If anyone speaks, let it be as the oracles of God; if anyone serve, let it be as from the strength which God supplies.” This then, excludes the deceived doctrines of men.
So then, John, 3:21. “But he who does the truth comes to the light, so his works may be manifested that they have been done in God”. Well, he who does the truth? This must be a good time to bring out “Truth”, or what I would like to make an example of here is what is not truth, here’s a very good example; To read God and Jesus account of the Devil, in all the conspicuous places in the Scriptures/Gospels, then teach that there is no Devil, that it is only evil and sinful man from the days of Adam and Eve. Now this is not “Truth”.
This is obviously just one thing to pick out, but it is along with the doctrine that God and his Holy Spirit activities are no longer worked on man these days, these are dangerous doctrines to have, we have the Devil, and, as God tells us through Christ, working against us as per the word of God telling us in the Scriptures, we very much need the awareness of the activities of the Holy Spirit of God amongst us to help those who will be helped by it, or simply Loose out to the wiles of the Devil , just as God tells us. We have to be open to it!  Click here for Chapter 3.