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Luke 7:28 "I say to you, Among those born of Woman, there is not a greater than John, yet the LEAST in the KINGDOM of GOD is superior to him".

It was Constantine 

Who first bought to be the mainstream religion, as we know it now, who decided what Gospels would go into the Bible, and what was thrown out, and this happened without knowledge of what was genuine and what was a biased copy. Then with the threat of death, people were told that this is what they were to believe: from the year 325 onwards Constantines dubious vision, that of having seen a cross before going into battle, has bought a religion that has a certain lack logical harmonic balance in to Christianity. To attempt the bringing in of a World Religion to being, with such a scant vision, and whats more, under the stress of entering into Battle, is suspect to say the least, to say it is the inspiration of God leaves much to be desired: where is Constantines account of all the Godly persuasion and activities of the Holy Spirit, that it takes to persuade man to do these things, if they are from God, where are Constantines claims to all the wonderous manouverings and teachings from God? As far as I know he has none! In what any man who has had these things, he would say that Constantine has mans precepts and doctrines, backed by Paganisim, Idolworshippers, and any thing that was going at that time, except those who were truly Christians at that time, who in the main were slaughtered for their beliefs, because they wouldnt accept Constantines regime! And out of it is coming, "The False Prophet"! ---- If Constantine did have a vision of the Cross, and it were from God, the question has to be asked, at what point did the Devil enter into Constantines regime, For surely Jesus Christ and God did not instruct the slaughter of the many True Christians. Whats more, there were many atrocities commited by Constantine and those who backed his regime. Constantine may have been manouvered, and it may have been for the unfolding of some of the Prophecies in the Book of Revelations, ---- it adds up, but, it's for the decieved.

Edit----.It should be noted here, that the first so called "Holy Roman Emperor" came in from this Constantine build up, his name is Charlemagne, a bloody and terrible minded person who reigned with the sword of blood by the Devil. This Charlemagne had his followers go to the peoples and enter their property, tell them what they had to believe, and if they refused they were slaughtered on the spot. some of these people were genuine people of God. Charlemagne, who is suspected of killing his brother to gain complete rule over the Frankish Kingdom, was aligned with Constantines Roman Catholicisim, and Papisim, this now allowing him to become the first so called "Holy Roman Emperor". Would any true man of God call this murderous despot Charlemagne, God sent or inspired? Think on this then-- This same Charlemagne is the Icon used by the "European Union" building up today into the "One World Order" and "One World Religion" and the return of the Beast of "Holy Roman Empire". Since Jesus the Messiah has come, he says, no more killing, God's people are not to kill! He makes that clear, so who are those who kill? End of Edit.

From the original Greek manuscripts, the Diaglott these two verses.
2 Timothy. 3-16-17. “All Scripture, divinely inspired, is indeed profitable for Teaching, for Conviction, for Correction, for that Discipline which is in righteousness; - V17 “So that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly fitted for every good work.”
This says “all Scripture that is Divinely inspired”, Not “All Scripture is Divinely inspired.” Which is suggesting that everything that is written in the Bible is from God, as per the King James Version, it is not! The 5th century Latin Monk, Vergillius Tapsensis, altered the scriptures to bring in the Trinitarian doctrine of the Roman Catholics,Edit--. This should read, according to some, but the main culprit of coarse was Constantine. End Edit. that’s to name one, and then there is King James who had the scriptures altered in translation and interpretation, to bring his subjects into his rule. These are but a few.
God will if we want him to, provide us with the exact Knowledge!
Job 5:17. “Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty.” And this simply means; we should be happy if God gives us correction, and that we should not dislike it, and know that, God will give his ones correction if we have Scripture wrong! But note! Only if you are Gods ones, his elect, and what brings that to be? Love of God and obedience to him!
Proverbs.3:11-12. “My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord; neither be weary of his correction: v12, For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth.” This means; don’t dislike the firm way in which God deals with us, or when he corrects those things we have wrong, our faults, and our Knowledge, also, we have to understand that if God loves us, then as any father he will discipline us and correct us in our ways, just like a good father would his son! This is God working on us to bring us to be worthy of his Kingdom, so we might enter in to that eternal Life with him! Read all of Chapter 3, but look at verse 1, “My son, forget not my Law; but let thine Heart keep my Commandments.” We very much have to keep Gods Commandments , his way and not Mans way!
Now look in Proverbs 15:10. “Correction is grievous unto him that forsaketh the way : and he who hateth reproof shall die.” This means that; all those who forget, and also don’t want Gods way, will find Gods corrections of them to be very hurting to them; they will not take the blame! God will tell them off, be angry and show it, but these ones will not want Gods corrections, and it will mean death to them, death being eternally cut off from God and in torment. Sinner or lover of God, all will eventually be corrected, but for some it will come too late! And some who go through the Plagues still won’t accept Gods correction!
Have a look at Jeremiah 7:28. “But thou shalt say unto them, this is a Nation that obeyeth not the voice of the Lord their God, nor receiveth correction: truth is perished, and is cut off from their mouth.” This means ; these people do not obey God, they do not hear God, because they don’t want to hear God, so they can’t receive the correction that God has for them, therefore these people have not got the truth in God, and they don’t speak the truth, therefore they cannot teach the truth!

Yes, and in verse 8. “Behold ye trust in lying words, that cannot profit.” This means; these people are listening and believe lies, and lies will not get any one into the Kingdom of God!
Know also that; many of the Prophesies of the Old Testament Scriptures relate to today times, our times and the times close at hand to come yet!
Look at Jeremiah 5:3-4. “O Lord, are not thine eyes upon the truth? Thou hast stricken them, but they have not grieved; thou hast consumed them, but they have refused to receive correction: they have made their faces harder than a rock; they have refused to return. V4 “therefore I said, surely these are poor; they are foolish: for they know not the way of the Lord, nor the judgement of their God.” This means; these people have been given the truth! And even though God has hit at them, and caused them great troubles, these people still won’t receive Gods correction, and what these people are doing is making very sure that they don’t listen to God, they don’t want to! (The poor mentioned here are not people of very little money, they are poor in their obedience to God).
These people are a bad people they are very poor in their obedience to God, they therefore are a foolish people! These ones don’t know the way of God, because they are not prepared to listen to God, they don’t know Gods ways, because God can’t teach them, and God can’t teach them because the wont receive correction, therefore they don’t know Gods judgment of them! – And this can be said of some of the mainstream Christian Churches today! Bringing God’s wrath with the arrival back of Jesus Christ and all the Saints!
Know this; God will teach and he will give correction, let’s look at what God will do with his chosen.
Lets look at, Zechariah 13:8-9. “And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the Lord, two parts therein shall be cut off and Die; but the third shall be left therein.” This is the prophesy leading up to, and also when Jesus returns, God tells us that two thirds of the people are to Die, but the other third will remain, this is only one person in every three people that God will save!
So who are these ones who God will save? They are the obedient to God, they are Gods elect and his Saints, they are the people that will, and also, have, listened to God, and who have received correction from God!
So How does God chose his elect? He chooses those who listen to him, those who are obedient to him, those who do not look to man for their strength, for their knowledge, those who are meek, for they shall inherit, and are easily lead by the Spirit of God, open to his correction of the deceived teachings and precepts man may have taught to them!
Verse 9, “And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, the Lord is my God.” Now then! The fire mentioned here, is not the flames that we know, this is not a burning fire, and the Fire is Gods word putting us through the tests! Taking out the impure that is in us, while silver is being refined the impure bits come to the top and are taken off leaving pure silver, the impure parts are called Dross. Edit-- An example of  Dross could be described as deceived teachings of man and Devil. End Edit. And that’s what Gods word can do for us, but only if it is Gods word, and not the word of deceived man!
Now how that happens is by Gods word, it’s the knowledge we gain of Gods word, this in turn allows us to become obedient to God, which then allows God to bring us through the Fire and take out all the impure in us.
Then what happens is that God can then bring us from that purity, into the purity of Gold, and gold is more precious than silver: we can only become tried Gold if we pass the refined as Silver, in other words, simply put, If God can get us to listen and obey him, that is the silver stage, then and only then can he bring us to be worthy of the Kingdom of God, we then will be as tried Gold! Then we are truly Gods people! But all this has to happen before we can enter in!
A study of 1 Peter. 4:13-14. “Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: v13. But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding Joy.” This tells us that we will think it a bit strange some of the things God may put us through to trial us, this meaning to purge out those bad traits we may have and to correct us in all things God sees as necessary, this has to happen or we can’t get into the Kingdom of God! But look! If we are happy to go through all that is required, and even though some of it will seem a bit strange, if we do it, then the joy of having come through it all will be exceedingly joyful, we will then be one of God's, and when Jesus Christ returns we will be with him in Victory over the world and evil, and will have gained Eternal Life with God and Jesus, the Prophets and all the Saints, including the Angels!
But what do we have to do? Love God! How? By being obedient to him and all his commandments, and this means staying away from the deceived teachings of the Devils deceived men! And this means the right observance of the Sabbath also! A very important test of Obedience! God tests us with the Sabbath! Who are you obedient to? To man, and observe the Sabbath on mans day? Or are you obedient to God, and observe the Sabbath on God's day?

In Isaiah 48:10. “Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.”This is an example of how God has to refine some people, not the easy way as silver, no this example is harder than that! These people had to go through affliction, through great troubles, they caused God's anger against them! It is the same for us as well, If God has decided to bring anyone to be worthy, and they are difficult to correct, then God will cause them some affliction, and it won’t be easy for any of those people.
We need to avoid the above example, and we do that by being obedient to God!
What does affliction mean? Distress and Pain!
The Book of Solomon, from the Old Testament, and from the Septuagint, here is a verse well worth knowing! Chapter 3:1-10. “But the souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and there shall no torment touch them. In the sight of the unwise they seemed to die: and their departure is taken for misery, and their going from us to be utter destruction: but they are in peace. For though they be punished in the sight of men, yet is their hope full of immortality.”
V5. “And having been a little chastised. They shall be greatly rewarded: for God proved them, and found them worthy for himself. As Gold in the furnace hath he tried them, and received them as a burnt offering. (Proved means; Establish genuineness, and validity of will! (A true Heart towards God)
V7. “And in the time of their visitation they shall shine, and run to and fro like sparks among the stubble. They shall judge the nations, and have dominion over the people, and their Lord shall reign for ever. They that put their trust in him shall understand the truth: and such as be faithful in love shall abide with him: for Grace and Mercy is to his Saints, and he hath care for his elect. But the ungodly shall be punished according to their own imaginations, which have neglected the righteous and forsaken the Lord.”
What then is one way that we can be guilty of, neglecting the righteous, and forsaking the Lord?
We can neglect the righteous, by listening to deceived mans teachings, and forsaking God by not listening to him, and therefore, not being obedient to God! But look at what God does and thinks of those who obey him, look at that written above, God loves those that listen to him over man.
Just look for a while at what it means to those who will listen to God, obey God, be corrected by God, those people who do not get deluded by the deceived teachings of man, bought on by the Devil, those who God can correct and become one of God’s own, God’s sons: now we will read from the book of Solomon 5:1-3. “Then shall the righteous man stand in great boldness before the face of such that have afflicted him, and make no account of his labours. When they see it, they shall be troubled with terrible fear, and shall be amazed at the strangeness of his salvation, so far beyond all that they had looked for.
V3. And they repenting and groaning for anguish of spirit shall say within themselves, this is he whom we had sometimes in derision, and a proverb of reproach: we foolishly accounted his life madness, and his end to be without honour: how he is numbered with the children of God, and his lot among the Saints! Therefore have we erred way from the way of the truth, and the light of righteousness hath not shined on us, and the sun of righteousness rose not upon us.
V7 we wearied ourselves in the way of wickedness and destruction: yea, we have gone through deserts, where there lay no way: but for the way of the Lord we have not known it.”
So what is happening here? We are being told that those who are found worthy to be God’s (People) will stand in judgment over all those who afflict us in this life, and those ones will be in torment knowing then, that it is to late for them, and so they realise their mistakes: the Saints will co rule with Jesus Christ over the peoples and Governments of the world! And these are all very good reasons why we that want to be God's, need very much to know how to do that, and to know that to uphold mans teachings of deception from the Adversary, the Devil, over God's teachings, over God's corrections, is to be destroyed from Sainthood, because it cannot happen, Sainthood cannot happen to those who are not fully corrected by God!

The people written of above say they have erred away from God's word, that then means, once they did have it, but now they have been taken away from it, and now they are being Judged as to what punishment they will get! If only they had listen to God's word and not deceived mans word!


Yes we should always examine ourselves as to if we are actually Obeying God or have we slipped back, or maybe we have been taught some deceived teachings, that make us disobedient to God!
2 Corinthians. 13:5. “Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith ; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?” Well then what does this mean? It means we have to look at our selves each and every one of us, and ask ourselves, am I truly in the faith of God and Jesus? Do I truly obey God? Do I accept God's corrections of me , and therefore allow him to lead me by his Spirit, meaning am I meek? These things to allow God to prepare me for his Kingdom? Or am I to wrapped up in what Man has to say, to wrapped up in man and not see and listen to what God wants me to do, therefore losing my chance of entering into the Kingdom of God!
This verse 5 tells us to prove it to ourselves, and it also tells us that if we consider our selves to be one of God's people then we will have Christ in us! But if we consider our selves to be one of God's people and we are not obedient to God, then we do not have Christ in us, and therefore would be reprobate, and reprobate can mean, doing wrong, and then preaching against it at the same time!
So then, let’s look at some thing here! God says the Sabbath is on the seventh day, and that day is Saturday, and that the Sabbath starts at Sunset Friday night and finishes at Sunset Saturday Night! But if we don’t observe God’s way, and rather prefer to observe Mans teaching of Sunday mans time, then if we preach against disobedience to God, if we preach obedience to God, and not to sin or transgress against God, and yet we don’t observe Gods law of the Sabbath, what would we be? Yes that’s right those ones would be reprobates!
Now all the above is what comes out of 2 Corinthians. 13:5, and if you can’t accept it because you don’t observe God's day of rest to man in God's way, then you need very much to Examine yourself!
You also should examine me, to see if my message is of God's words, to do this study God's scriptures.
The same thing goes for 1 Corinthians. 11:28. “But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread and drink of that cup.” Remember this is at the partaking of the body and the Blood of Jesus Christ! We are only to partake in this emblem of Jesus Christ if we are obedient to God, if not there are problems, as in verse 27-29-30-31-32.
Where did you stand in this matter, and now where do you stand? God is happy to correct all who will accept it, and God is happy with those who will accept it, he has forgiveness and mercy!
Kevin McQuoid.



God's word given.