In the Knowledge of Saints
Chapter 10

My comment to the final emails with the churches -----

Well you did request “Freely let me know your thoughts”, so I did.
There’s certainly not going to be any repentance, or receiving of corrections coming forth out of this; well not on the surface of it; I did try.
The seeking of God and his word is not able to happen in Apostate churches, if the seeking was done towards and accepting of corrections from God, in the problem of the Apostasy, then I know God would listen, and if your heart was in the right place with God he would give you Knowledge and the Understanding of it, I know about these things, and by experience.


Since I have written Chapters 1-10 of "In the knowledge of Saints", and while writing up Chapter 11, I have found some writings by concerned presenters of the "Septuagint", these are in total back up to my writings in concern of the adulterated parts relating to the Gospels of the New Testament, and by who. You can find it in Chapter 11. ---- End Edit.

Christianity on the Rocks claim ---
The Roman Catholic church and from the Vatican, admit that “Christianity is on the Rocks”, though they claim it’s not their fault, and even say they cannot get prayer answered from Jesus the Christ, they don’t know what to do next, “The final Conclave” is their book where this statement can be found; Just a written example for you.

It’s not going to happen –yet --
Once again I see the churches don’t believe that God seeks his people for himself, calling his people out of the Apostate churches.
Once again I see the Apostate churches claiming that they are the only ones that God works through.
Once again I see the apostate churches trying to show wisdom from scripture used in error.
God said, his people are lost, for the lack of knowledge taken from them by the Pastors, and I see that the churches are not prepared for that correction, what is given is rejected.
Is the time is here, when God said, let the transgressors transgress still?

Dave and Glenn ---
You state that I have self appointed myself a Prophet, and I say, what is the point of discussing the word of God on that matter, especially while you uphold the doctrine that you do, you prove your lack of knowledge in the truth of God, and of spiritual needs, which of course he does observe; what I will tell you is this, I know for sure there is God, and you will only be able to hope that there is God.
God says, “There is only one God, none before me, none after me, and none beside me”, find that in the scriptures of your Bible, and if you can’t find it, my advice is either throw that book out, or you need to put far more work into seeking God, and If you do find it, then shut your ears to man, and open them to God.
So then reason with this: - If you uphold a doctrine which you believe that God has appointed no further prophets since Jesus the Christ, then you will need to learn what a prophet is, and what forms to days understanding of the meaning of the word takes on. Let me give you an example: - Your man Constantine the Great, your Founder of mainstream religion today, and you see him as a prophet, yet he is one of many False prophet’s that Jesus the Christ warned us would happen! What say you now? --- And reason with this: - What I do is what God has said he would have his people do, no matter what Apostasy or Trinitarians would like to call it.(Can’t you hear God call? “Come out of her.....”)
Reason with this as well: - Do you believe that Jesus will raise those Saints which live on Earth at the prescribed time? If you do, then what do you think God has those Saints doing today? And what do you think it is that they do which brings them to be worthy? Would they be part of any Apostate churches, those who teach disobedience to God? Know this, The Saints are not deceived! Is this clear enough to understand? ----- I am trying to help you, and of course anyone who has the wisdom to hear.


My affiliation ----- is not that which is formed by flesh man, my affiliation is that which is the house and the body of the immortal man, who is given the authority over all flesh by his Father, who is our Father, his God, who is our God, he’s my Brother, anyone can become his brother or sister also.
He is son of man, who became son of God, anyone can become son of God, who has the will.

I am sorry that you have created a situation, whereby I can see the hopelessness of bringing correction to your churches, and therefore, I see you cannot take the word, maybe God will guide you to it?

God says, If anyone receive the correction, and in obedience we seek to please him, and walk in those ways, he has forgiveness, through his Mercy, and his forgiveness, his patience, and his Grace.

Dave and Glenn --- you have presented yourselves, as representatives of a group of a majority of Christianity, and I see that it is done in accordance with their church affiliation, therefore, you claim responsibility ---- Believe me, that’s heavy, you take on a heavy load.

Yes, you have been used instrumentally, towards opening the eyes and minds of your congregations, yet it is to no avail, because they will suffer at the hands of Apostate churches, and also need to learn to seek God as God tells us, and that is, for themselves, yet it is to no avail, because you stand in the way.

And no, I’m not on the hunt for any congregation for my church, my Ministry doesn’t work like that, I don’t need a physical congregation; what I have tried to do here is, convince the churches to teach their congregations as they should, with a corrected doctrine, that they, the congregations have the opportunity to come to the realisation that there are errors in their church, therefore having the chance to walk this life seeking God in the manner which God prescribes.
God says, It’s too Late when we die, we only have this time in the flesh to get things right with God.
However, God makes it clear that we all should examine every spirit, all peoples seeking God should carefully check out the accuracy of the doctrine they are being taught, so it’s also up to your Congregations to become responsible for their own salvation, seeking the strength of God’s arm, and not mans.

Retraction ---
I’ve put up a challenge to many churches in this one, and these are the churches who back the claim that the Gospels are authentic, yet when contested retract, and state that they are only copies of copies, with very few complete, yet many, many copies to choose from, and therefore backs history dating back to Constantine, who had the New Testament Gospels put together, not knowing what was an original, and what was a biased copy, allowing him to change whatever he felt would be in the interests of the Roman Empire, and history records that it was Constantine who burnt any unwanted copies. He paved the way nicely for Charlemagne.
Should we look any further for the Original Manuscripts? Or at what stage did they disappear, and by whom? I see it as a rhetorical question really.



The church list ---
This is the list of involved churches which they have published: -
It’s supported by a diverse group of Christian churches throughout New Zealand who have come together to enable this activity to take place. More specifically, the churches supporting this come from broad based, main-stream organisations such as: Anglican Church, Wesleyan Methodist Church, Lutheran Church, Salvation Army, Vineyard Churches of NZ, Elim Churches of NZ, NZ Assemblies of God, Congregational Union of NZ, New Life Churches International, Church of the Nazarene, Presbyterian Church and Baptist Church… and many, many more.
Now, and most unfortunately, these churches have published and distributed a Booklet in which has misleading information, and that in matters of vital importance, to the Eternal Profit of those who seek God through them; and has bought to be, my response; if you think it matters not, then think again.

Who are they who bring the wrath of God ---
We as Christians, should all be aware, God says, in the days of his wrath, he may not limit the days, and he may only stop at the Saints. You need to know, it takes a great deal of pleasing, and obedience to God, to become a Saint, God states that it is possible that he may save no other than the Saints (Mark 13:20). And know that, even if we are not present at the time of God’s Wrath, we will all still be dealt with accordingly.

Available to all --
For those people who have had their Eyes and Ears opened, by this book, or any part of God’s Word Given website, and who feel they want better than what is on offer at the church they are with, then you are most welcome to become part of God’s word Given, in the form it is as a Church.
How to join: - Simply become a full time reader of this website, learn, and pray to God, let him know what you are doing, and ask him for the blessing of the knowledge, and the skill of understanding, and the wisdom to know what to do with it, and a wise and hearing heart.
Be prepared to give the time required to God, that he may teach you, and give you convictions of the corrected truth, because he teaches long and hard, bringing great reward with it.
You won’t be encouraged to join another church, and therefore you may feel quite alone people wise, and having services perhaps at your own home, between you and any others who may join you, Starting Friday evenings (sunset) until Saturday evening, as the Sabbath. but you are not alone, you will have the very best company, that is God and Jesus the Christ, also those of us who are doing the same in at least 75 flagged countries, which show up on the website manager.
I am contactable and am pleased to help you organise and settle in, and for any questions, or info you may have or require.


Pay no money ---
I charge no Tithe, and ask no Donation, I am not money or power driven, my office is of a servant of God, having been Humbled by the way in which God granted me forgiveness, for my sins were those to the death.
God’s word is free --- to anyone seeking God, through the Lord Jesus the Christ, fervently.
The Ministry --- given me, is that of Corrections, to the errors presently taught, in matters relating to our becoming worthy to enter into God’s Kingdom. I am a Peacemaker.
God has not taught me all things --- I have not complete Knowledge and the Understanding of it, of all God’s Scriptures, only that which enables me to become a Peacemaker, and as time goes by, I am experiencing the coverage expanding.
Biblically, a Peacemaker --- is one who can give correction to errors made of God’s word, and directly relating to those things which brings the one in error, into correction, which in turn allows them to please God, and be obedient to God as required. If we are in error which makes us disobedient, then we are at enmity with God, if we have God’s accurate Knowledge, this then will allow us to be at peace with God.
There is no “Soothsaying” --- in God’s Word, the truth is the “Meat” for adults, the path to God’s Kingdom is straight, and narrow, and not many find it, and it’s hard, it’s for those who can come to God as a Child to learn, and go as an adult with it. “Soothsaying” is for those who choose the broad path, it has many paths leading off it, On the broad path you can pick out what bits you feel will suit you, that is pick how much obedience you feel like giving God, and it has to be broad because many go down there.
You see, it’s a very serious matter.

Saints ---

The chances are that many readers will be asking the question: - Is the Author of this book a Saint himself? And it’s a good question, one I often wonder about, will I make it, will I become worthy in God’s eyes? I’ve never heard an actual voice telling me that I have gained Sainthood, not a Spirits voice at least, and I do know what they sound like, however, there was a person who claimed teaching from God, who said was told that I was worthy. God has given me visions, which If I let my guard down, I could say they have shown me the roll of Sainthood in the future.
So who hears God’s voice? Is it through Jesus the Christ? or through a spirit messenger, or through one of God’s flesh Saints on Earth? Yes there is a voice, and in concern of those who deceitfully look to copy others experiences as their own, I will run the risk of losing my credibility on this one, by not describing the experience. But the scriptures tell us about some of God’s voice forms, “His still small voice”, The Holy Spirit persuasion, I won’t elaborate on this too much, but one thing that has to be in place to hear God, or to act on his Holy Spirit persuasion, and that is: - you have to believe that God is doing those things, Or even be unwittingly inclined to be spiritual will do it, you will need to feel the force, or you just don’t get anything authentic! You have to be of the true Spiritual, and I speak from experience. Have you got some pearls to cast? Then be careful where you cast them.


But the one thing my guard is up about, even if one feels they might be found worthy of a Saint, don’t ever dwell on it, don’t become complacent, thinking you have made it, and let down your guard, because of the fear of falling back, this is what I tell myself. Look at the proof around us, Thousands of Pastors, and Priests, and all manner of church leaders have fallen back, into deep sin, many thousands of them! And if the Romans have told it right, even a female Pope.
What utter devastation it would be, to have come out of the depths of sin to the death, having been called by God without having seeked him, and having been taught and shown, and had the Holy Spirit Feast, with Jesus the Christ, only to become complacent and loose it all! Yes -- the flesh and all its weakness.
Is that enough to satisfy the Question? Maybe you should read the Introduction on the God’s Word Given website, there’s more about it in there, but even so that’s not a full account.
Before God ---
Maybe just this bit more: - I never was a religious man, but I did use to think: - If there was a God, he certainly wouldn’t want me in his Kingdom, I knew then I was going to Hell, and thinking back I seemed to believe in Hell, well I found myself trying to prepare myself for Hell, I didn’t much like the idea, so I use to get around hoping that God wouldn’t notice that I existed, in fact I hoped that at the time of my death, that a crack would open up, and I would just slip quietly into it unnoticed by God, and that would be the end of the matter.
There’s heaps I could tell you about this sort of experience, but I’ll cut through and tell you this to finish this off. I have to Give total Praise to God for my salvation, because without the Lord Jesus the Christ, who God gave us, and who gave his life, that people like me could be given the time to be saved, and the thanks to Jesus who made that great sacrifice.
Because of the Spirit that is within us, became manifest within me, it was that spirit within me which was calling out to God, I never realised it at the time, I was hoping that God never knew I existed, and I knew that I was a goner; but my spirit was having none of this at all, it wanted out of this flesh mess (Me), and I thought all this spiritual kind of stuff going on around me was just a part of the craving for inner peace deep within me, I was looking for peace which I couldn’t find, and not thinking of finding it in God, who I hoped had forgotten me if he had ever known of me. God heard my spirit, and here I am! I heard the voice which called my name, and experienced the spiritual feast.
I will add this: - There has been a whole lot of Godly spiritual in my life since, there is only one problem I have with that --- We cannot control the coming and the going, the duration, of the Holy Spirit. God will let our hand go to see if we can stand. And I should share this with you, the churches I have dealt with to date cannot deal with this stuff, it’s too deep for them, and it’s too deep because they haven’t the God inspiration which it takes to handle these things.




Are we going to listen to God’s word? ---
The Scriptures in the books of, and for example, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and of Revelations makes it very clear how God considers the state of the churches, and the Pastors/Shepherds; we read, and I hope believe, that which Jesus has said about believing into him, he says, the truth of who he is can be found in the Books of Moses, and the Prophets, and Psalms; are we going to listen to the word? Are we going to believe the word of God? Some don’t believe the word of God, because they take their strength from the arm of men, and turn their back on God, and the reason they do that is because deceived Doctrine and Precepts of men have caught these ones in their nets, they are taught some truths, and some deception, and they believe, that is some of them at least, believe that all they are taught, is the total truth of God’s word, so they look no further. Others come out and see the light.

Half a truth is worse than a full lie ---
The work of the Devil, that is the Devil dressed as the Angel of light, who is working in the Apostate churches, he uses half truths, therefore in other words, one part of what his teachings are is the truth, and then once the unsuspecting people are lulled into a false sense of belief, it becomes easy for him to slip in the Lies, and it is these lies which test the people as to what they do with God’s word, also, it is what we do with God’s word, which judges us, and for those who fall for the deception, then God can judge them easily --- Jesus told the church leaders who did not obey God’s word, that their Father is the Adversary “You are from the Accuser, and the lusts of your Father you wish to do. He was a manslayer from the beginning, and has not stood in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When anyone speaks a falsehood he speaks from his own, because his Father is also a liar”. --- Jesus said it, so who will listen?
Jesus also said “He who is from God hears the words of God; on this account you hear not, because you are not from God”. --- Yes, he says this to the religious leaders then and now! Yes now.
What then brings a church under the classification which Jesus has rebuked? The answer is in the word of God, and is, Apostate, Disobedient, and False doctrine churches, these are in the grip of the Devil dressed as the Angel of Light! Where else are you to look other than that which manifests it right before our eyes, yesterday, today and tomorrow? Look at it today!
God says, he is looking for those who will worship him in spirit and in truth, seeking him first, and fervently, reason with this thing now, do we seek the truth from apostasy, and confusion, and deception? We are supposed to be Christians, Christ like, with the spirit of Christ in us!
God says, there is no confusion in his congregation --- The Trinity teaching churches are confusion itself! They cannot explain their doctrine in context with God’s word, and they explain that away by saying it’s too confusing, and it could only be explained by a Spirit; well where is this spirit who can explain it? And why hasn’t that happened? Why then, when God tells us there is no confusion in his congregation? Yes reason with this also, there is no confusion in God’s congregation! And the Trinity doctrine is a total confusion, and man tells us that a spirit could explain it and take away the confusion, why hasn’t that spirit done so? Because the answer is in the Old Testament, there is no Trinity, and therefore there is no confusion to those who will believe God’s word, and they are? God’s congregation, and not confused, and therefore no further spirit explanation is required,


Because the Spirit that matters has already given us the testimony of who Jesus really is, and man has seeked to, and indeed have change God’s times and Laws, with more to come! Yes man is still doing it, and there is more to come in the future as well! Beware!
God says, his people are lost because of the churches/pastors/shepherds, therefore he, that is God himself will seek and find his people, and he will teach them; that is exactly what he is doing today, but the churches won’t accept that, they are in their Apostasy, and teach that God only works through them, and if anyone else says that God works through them, the churches cry out Blasphemy, the man thinks he’s a Prophet therefore he’s a blasphemer; of course, this can only come from a church of very little understanding.
For those who would say --- but this is all about the people Israel, it doesn’t concern us, consider this, are we grafted in? Or how do we find out how to please God, or do and say what pleases God? We simply read his word and so we have a path to follow, which will lead us to the knowledge and understanding of it, that which if we indeed follow it, we have a very real chance of pleasing God.
God wants us to do those things which please him --- and hey! We are only mortals, we are all on this planet together, we need help in this matter, how can we follow something that we can’t see? How can we listen to no voice? We should be able to turn to the churches, but wait, God says they are in their sins, Apostate, how do we know what we should be doing, saying, and believing, when all is shambolic in Christianity? Some would say, well we do have some people deemed worthy to be Saints, and they are with us on Earth now times in the flesh, so what? We go to the churches and ask for the services of a Saint because we want the truth? But what is God’s word on the churches? Many churches teach what they have termed “The Rapture”, and believe that these Saints exist on Earth in the mortal state, well they do don’t they? I tell you, they wouldn't recognise one if they met one! they have forgotten the scriptuers on that one! I think the churches are confused, they contradict many things, here’s something you could try yourself: - Go to some of the Mainstream churches, and tell them that you are a messenger of God, that God gives you Knowledge and Understanding of his word, and that you have come to help the church which is trouble, that you have corrections to their errors, for them. --- Now if they don’t turn ugly on you, get on in there and do God’s work, be brave, be a saint! ---- Also be prepared.
The way to the truth is to seek God yourself --- you and only you are responsible for your Eternal Profit! So you have been taught that we are all responsible for one another? What then if you all embrace deception which teaches disobedience to God? Disobedience will not get you into God’s Kingdom, Scripture/Gospels are very clear on that most important point, so that’s why God says not to worship him in “Party Spirit”. But wait! Millions of people can’t all be wrong! Who says so? Because God says they can! Millions of people who call themselves Christians are wrong! Who says so? God! Open your eyes, and ears, hear what God says, It is those who are suppose to be his people, yet are disobedient to God, who make God angry, ---- What is it do you think, is bringing the wrath of God down on Mankind? Read the Parable in the Gospels, of those who call out to Jesus as he shuts the door, Master, Master, haven’t we Taught and chased out demons, and done great things in your name? And Jesus answered, and said, be gone you who commit iniquities, I know you not”. And you should find more like this one.


It’s painfully obvious that these people are, or consider themselves Christians, so ask yourself, who could these ones be? And reason with it, long and hard if needs be, but look at their demise!

Will we ever listen to what God is telling us? --- some churches say that God doesn’t talk to people, what spiritless error those churches suffer from, they cannot see yet they have eyes, they cannot hear, yet they have ears, they miss the mark for lack of understandings! Look at it! Look at God speaking to us! look at God’s word! That is God speaking to us! It is one of the ways that God does speak to us. But what do some men do to the word of God? They change it, they adulterate it! How then can we hear God speaking to us? Well maybe the churches have it right, maybe through their changing Gods word, many can’t recognise God speaking to them! It’s the work of the Mother of all Harlots, who are called such because of this adultery.
Many Christians do not follow God and his word, because they are either scared of man, or God’s way is simply too hard for them. Yes the Gospels tell us that God is a hard task master, and Jesus said that there’s no easy road into the Kingdom of God, the road is hard, he says, and not easy to find, and for some, when they have found it, chose not to take it.
I cannot for the life of me find any scripture of God, which tells me to seek him at the sinning churches, what I have experienced though is, sometime back when I tried to associate willingly with other churches, God made it very clear that I was not to, that he would teach me of his word, and that’s exactly what happened. I have listened to God; he has me doing what I do on this Website.
Well, the word tells us that the churches of today are in trouble; how can we believe that word?
Nothing can be more glaringly obvious than to observe with our own eyes, we can see for ourselves some of the troubles of the churches, and what a great opportunity to gain Faith in the Prophecies, to know that the Prophecies through Jeremiah and other prophets, and those warnings about the churches and the Pastors (Shepherds), which they give us; the book of Revelations lays it on, and we can understand in context of scripture of God, here’s some of that understanding:-
God calls the teaching of deception to disobedience to God, Adultery --- this explains the Woman (church) who sits on the Beast (Devil), the Whore, the “Whore of Babylon” (Babylon is the apostate churches), and all those who have some form of deceived teachings to disobedience to God are grouped with the Whore as her Daughters, the “Harlots”. God says, this is a happening thing, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Yes it’s a sorrowful thing, and what makes it more sorrowful is that God says, that great numbers of these people won’t change for the better, and these will wear out the very Saints.



Stand back take a good look ---
There are very important questions which need to be answered, and in the subject of:- why have the Christian churches been so violent in positioning themselves to become recognised as the representatives of Jesus the Christ? These things which need to be bought out in the open, and made clear.
We need to take a good look at what a Christ like church should be, and discern what Jesus commanded and expects of his Churches.
Jesus came with the word of God, he came to change the Covenant between God and Man, and this was prophesied many years previously.
Things had to change, and for the better between man and God, the Old system called the Mosaic Doing laws, which was designed to keep the unruly Israelites from idle time to sin with.
The Ministry given to Jesus, was to bring about the change which has been called Christianity, and all peoples of God are to follow the Ten Commandments, and the Examples, and the Commandments Jesus taught.

Let’s reason with what is written --- and compare it with what man has done.
Did Jesus show by example, that the way to recruit a following, as the congregation of God in this New Covenant, or did he say, go out and make up laws to suit your selves, and change that which doesn’t suit you? --- No he did not! Then why have the churches done so?
Did Jesus show by example, or teach, that if those you try to convert won’t listen to you, then rear up in savage revenge, judge them there and then for yourself, usurp the authority of God and maim and kill them, commit murder in my name, and reap the reward of a crown of Glory having done so? --- No he did not! But that’s how all the churches of today started out!
Did Jesus instruct the founders of the churches of today, to kill off as many of the teachers of the original Gospels, as possible, to make way for the Power of the church mans way? Not certainly not! Then why did they do it? Because not only did they kill them off personally and physically, but they killed off the authentic word physically, and spiritually!
You may feel that it’s all excusable today because that past is long gone, and all has settled down now, and the churches are as God requires, no matter how they got started, --- History records that recently, the Roman Catholic church gave it’s sanction to Hitler in his Killing of the Jewish people, Hitler took encouragement from their support, this then raises the question: - where were the other churches, the Mainstream Protestants, where was their voice in all this?
Where was the churches reasoning in all this? It must be seen that they cannot understand God’s word, or they choose not to! Because if they respected God’s word they would know that God has said, all those who come against the Jewish people and nations, then God will revenge them!


Clearly this means that the church and anyone else who come out, or speak out against God’s particular or peculiar people, is to receive the punishment of God.
God says, the churches are in their apostasy. This means they are sinning against God, and it would take volumes of books to elaborate on all things, and people involved
My Family on both sides tell of church atrocities committed in many facets of everyday life, by the mother of all these churches.

Churches still killing ---
The Irish religious wars, we spent day after day after seemingly endless days hearing and seeing on Television, Roman Catholic, and Protestant churches alike killing one another, and occasionally the innocent, until most of us were so sick and tired of their bloody actions, where’s the God inspired, God created churches in that lot, all were guilty!
Come on now, reason with this thing, are any of them the actual God inspired churches that Jesus would have condoned? Christ like? Yea right! --- Not!
Even today one can see the bloody minded imprint of their founders, especially when they are challenged, there’s nothing Christ like in the attitude displayed when the heat goes on them, they seem to forget the Christ like, “How many times shall we forgive our brother, seven times?”
And if you have anything angry against your brother, go and sort it out first, then come bearing gifts to the Altar.
Love your Enemies, do them good not harm(meaning that rather than make further the enmity leave it out, and pray for them instead).
Where are those Christ like traits which should manifest when someone, a brother or a sister in Christ, seems to be going down the wrong path, the desperate bid to save them.
No it’s not there is it; Just as well, Apostasy breeds Apostasy, so leave the people alone.
It’s up to the churches?
So none of us humans are perfect, well we better start making some vast improvements, if we are to gain the Kingdom of God, and it has to start at the churches which exist as the mainstream!

Sabbath ---
The Sabbath has never been taken out of the Ten Commandment, show me where you think it has, and I will show you many times over where it has not.
Passover Crucifixion
Easter is the Idol Oestra, God hates Idol worshippers, before Jesus saving blood, God had nation after nation of Idol worshippers killed off, every man woman and child, yes that’s right, and what saves that from happening today, is the saving blood of Jesus, we all now get the chance to live and


Come to the realisation of our sins, and then seek forgiveness, if not, then we will be cut off from God.
So why have Mainstream churches called the Passover Crucifixion, which is the most important event to Christianity, why have they offended both God and Jesus by naming the event after an Idol?

Unclean foods
God has made certain animals, birds, and fish, for separate purpose, to benefit our safety in health as cleaners of the Earth, and because of the nasty nature of the job that these creations of God have, God tells us not to eat them for our own protection, our health, and our well being. ---This also needs to be promoted in the church teachings, but most come up with lame excuses, like it’s OK now we have refrigerators, and such soothsaying ideas. Yes that’s right, it’s not part of the Ten Commandments as written, but it comes under Love and obey God. Most people only do the bare minimum in matters of God, just that which they think is sufficient , most don’t look to try and please God by looking to find out how.

Calling Jesus Christ God, and the Trinity
God’s word has testified in the Old Testament books of Moses, and the prophets, and Psalms that Jesus is a man just as we are, to say he is not is to call God a liar! And Jesus also. It contradicts, and confuses the Bible as a whole in the matter, and it has bought confusion into the churches and the people. To promote the doctrine of the Trinity, which has three gods, has the essence of idol worship, and of course that fitted perfectly for Constantine, and Charlemagne, because it appeased the idol worshippers which they were trying to bring in, to make up the numbers, and create their style of religion, a bit of all things, and we now have Chrislam to show us how these churches are missing the mark. Yet are being unwittingly manoeuvred by God in that matter.
What It does also, is that by calling Jesus of the Essence of God, those people who uphold that doctrine are Robbing Jesus of his Glory! What he went through at the hands of man, is worthy of great Glory, he could only be worthy of that Glory being a man, and God did Glorify him, and what have the Trinitarian done, they have taken the well learnt Glory that God himself gave to Jesus, Trinitarians have taken that away from him.

Leviticus 20:13 “Whoever shall lie with a male as a woman, they have both wrought abomination; let them die the death, they are guilty”. Here once again I can prove my point, and ask the question: - Where is the understanding coming from, of any church or Christian, who cannot understand this word of God? It’s as plain and clear as it needs to be written!
The churches involved in condoning Homosexuality, and same sex marriages, have no understanding of God’s word, and are certainly not God inspired, they can’t understand the love everyone teaching, they don’t know that Jesus was talking about loving our brother and sisters in Christ, which doesn’t mean that we have to accept their sinning to the death. Also loving all people has to be understood,


It simply means, don’t go out there and seek to make trouble with them, simply leave them alone, and pray for them.(that’s a brief of it).---- But look what those churches are doing, they are condoning , and therefore encouraging, a deadly sin! God says about the Homosexuals, they shall die the death! What manner of church would condone such stupidity of a Doctrine as they have made, and do they think that they are obeying the commandment of love?
Should we wonder any more why God is to pour his wrath upon the Earth? The path Christianity’s on is the main reason, check it out, God tells us of the people who are to be punished, and to the degree, see for yourself. Search the scriptures search, search, and search some more, Pray and pray and pray even more, for the accurate knowledge from God. It’s what will help save you.
I have purposely kept from giving Chapter and verse, to try and encourage readers of this book to search the Scriptures/Gospels, to alleviate the doubt or otherwise, they may have of what I write, Oh yes, I know it’s going to take a lot of time to search it all out, but that’s where we learn a context of what God’s word really is all about, shut out of your mind the deceived teachings, and seek God in prayer for the accurate Knowledge and the Understanding of it, because everything I have written in this book can be found in the Scriptures/Gospels of God --- of God that is.
Keep well away from anything which is not the Bible, concentrate on learning from the Bible, with prayer to God, God knows the adulterations to his word, and if you give God the time, then he will give you the corrections you will need, to that which man has had his finger prints all over.
Try getting a copy of the Septuagint; you say the word as it sounds - Sep-tua-gint; it will be your best friend in a book, for the Old Testament. And I use the “Emphatic Diaglott” containing the original Greek Text, with Interlineary word for word English Translation, my copy is the 1942 version, and this for the New Testament. I’m not saying it is correct in its translations, or its interpretations by any means, nor is the Greek Manuscript used verified as unadulterated, but it’s the best I can find, to date.
The problem is, there is nothing available in a New Testament, which totally backs up the original Old Testament, in Matters of the Testimony God gave Stating Jesus to be just a man like us, and not of the Essence of God.

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