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---- This is what they are born for; this is the purpose in life which God has for them, and their reward? Only God knows. ----


What a clever word, look at it, it describes the meaning of itself perfectly; Christ comes first but is cut off allowing only the first three letters of C-h-r --- then comes what is going to be the most powerful outcome of the whole being of the word, --- islam, spelt to the fullest; yes that will be the outcome of the purpose for Chrislam, Islam will override Christianity in its form at present! and this adds up to Scripture.

Fighting against Chrislam

Only those who have not the understandings of the word of God will have the heart felt desire to destroy the manifestation of Chrislam, for the fear of its existence, but those who understand will see that the only fight required is that of succumbing to it, also to help their fellow Christians to become aware of the meaning behind Chrislam.

Great fellowship wished for

Oh how great it would be if both Christians and Islam could unite, and all have a conviction of the exact knowledge of the actual word of God, which of course would mean that Islam would have to become obedient to God through the Lord Jesus the Christ, sounds ideal? But wait, also those Christians who are joining with the Islam would also have to become obedient to God through the lord Jesus the Christ; what am I saying? I am saying that it is only the Apostate Christians who are involved in Chrislam, and also they are those who will in the future! (We need to draw on our God given understandings here). --- Look at the quandary here, look at the dilemma, Here’s two peoples, neither of them have got it right with God, here they are joining forces, and still between them both, still haven’t got it right!

Why won’t they get it right?

Prophesy! ---- Yes Prophesy is why the Chrislam can’t possibly get it right with God!
Let’s reason with it:
Someone has got to be the Anti-Christ, --- someone has got to be the False Prophet, where are they to come from? We read prophesy, how does that prophesy come to be fulfilled? When we understand a context of a writings of God, we see that God manoeuvres man to allow prophecy to happen, or become manifest, and this to bring God’s plan for mankind, and because of the ways of mankind, to be.
So then, where is the Anti-Christ to come from, and is the Anti-Christ one man or a body, meaning a number of people? --- I can see one avenue that the Anti-Christ could come from! --- Put some Apostate Christians, and some Anti-Christ Islamic Muslims together; bring them both from the biggest and most populous Church, that is those churches which have great power over their people, and includes those which the rest of the worldly peoples see as Christianity, and you have the Anti-Christ, the Anti-Christ with such power over people, such brutality, such Ignorance of the Divinity which is the reality, such puffed up visions of grandeur, delusion which is able to carry them to pride which deludes them into thinking that they are greater than actual Divinity itself, --- yes there we will have Anti-Christ.
Islam is Anti-Christ, even if they have changed from worshipping Allah the moon God, and now worship the God of Abraham, and call our God Allah; Ishmael is of Abraham, the Arab nation is of Ishmael; Islam is of the Arab nation.
The disobedient Christians have taken the meaning of our Messiah our Christ and confused it, by changing the original teachings, and calling Jesus the Christ God himself; the whole fundamental belief of what makes one a Christian has been taken away, in that in order to be an obedient Christian, we will only enter into the Kingdom of God, if we believe that Jesus the Christ died on the Cross, and was risen into Eternal life by God; what destroys the belief is the confusion set up by disobedient Christians who teach that Jesus is God, and in error, because of the very real fact that God cannot die, therefore cannot be raised to life again, if Jesus the Christ was God there is much of the Scripture/Gospels which is full on deception relating to the testimonies of both God and Jesus. Jesus did die, and he was raised from the dead, and he is not God, he is the servant of God, truth Scripture makes that clear, added scripture by man makes it confusion!
So then, what does all this make those people who call Jesus God? Are they denying the Christ as God intended him to be known? Yes they are, this then is surely Anti-Christ, and their leaders have been for many years conditioning them and also through their new version Bibles to accept their false teachings; Constantine has much to answer for in the altering of the scriptures/Gospels, and just while we are here with this, the False Prophet of Revelations comes in amongst these ones!

What comes out of all this?

If it is to be, that Chrislam is the manoeuvring of man by God, what then is an expected outcome considering prophecy? Here’s a picture, painted by those facts which we see happening today, and of those prophecies of the Scriptures: There needs to be a False Prophet, one could come from that which has already been in existence for many years, Jesus told us that there would be false prophets as even then there were; the prophecy is set up to be fulfilled, the False Prophet is to come out of that which we see in the world today, it is from the church; the Pope of the Roman Catholic church is embracing Chrislam, the Roman Catholic is a powerful in numbers church, couple that with another most powerful religion, Islam, and what is manifested is the combined co-operation of the False Prophet and the Anti-Christ; the two have to harmonise with each other at least for a period of time A new religion is emerging , this to allow each to come into being; eventually the Anti-Christ will grown very big, and tire of the False Prophet church side of the one world order they have created, and will destroy the False prophet church, being the Roman Catholic and their alliances side of Chrislam, part of this evil fellowship, and in favour of the Anti-Christ’s greater power and ruthlessness; Islam with its Muslim followers are looking to take over world religion, world control of all things, and by their very nature are the ones capable of it.

Are they Ishmaels people Islam?

Where did Ishmael come from? He came from Abraham, this is where the Islam associates themselves with God, they claim to worship the same God as Abraham, that’s good, better than worshipping the Moon God Allah; Ishmael was fathered by Abraham, but not by Sarah, Abrahams legal wife, Sarah’s hand maid whose name was Hagar was Ishmael’s mother; Hagar was Egyptian, it was an unfortunate state of affairs, because eventually Hagar and Ishmael were cast out into the desert; Now the fact that God saved them from certain death in the desert, there must be some great reason that God did that, and to fulfil prophecy is one of those reasons, consider that God stated that Ishmael would always be trouble to the rest of mankind, or as some writings interpret “A wild ass of a man”.
From Ishmael came the Arab race of people, and their main religion eventually became Islam; obviously these are a race of people who have come to be for a reason.

What are the Islam doing today?

Some Islam followers, who are called Muslims, defended themselves from criticism of the activities of Islam radicals, by saying that those radicals are not following Islam at all, yet it is Islam which drives them to their deeds, and the self called placid Muslim person, very quickly turns feral towards those who speak out against Islam, there is much confusion, and they are hard to be understood, unless you have the understanding required to see the Prophecy of God, within them.
The overall message that Islam makes clear to the rest of the world, is that according to Islam it is the only Religion working for the true God, and that the killing of others is Islam doing God’s work, that Jesus was only a Prophet and not the Messiah, and that eventually Islam will take over the world in all things. ---- Yes, yes I think so, I think that they are right, Islam has a prophecy that it will take over the world in a “One World Order and One World Religion”, and yes I think it was given them from God, though they don’t understand or see the prophecy in quite the same light as it was meant. Well now! --- What am I saying! --- Steady as we go, don’t get this all wrong, and let’s look at this thing with Logical Harmonic Balance.
O.K. simple as --- just as written in the Scriptures/Gospels/Revelations, yes there has to be someone to fill the Prophecy just as it is manifesting out now! Who else? How else? It’s all set up and running now; Ishmael will be the father of those who are to help fulfil prophecy, no matter how distasteful; take for instance Judas, his betrayal to Jesus, someone had to do it, because it was part of fulfilling prophecy; the Islam tell us clearly, and without them being aware, that they are to do what has to be done, but do they truly understand the ramifications of their actions? ---- This is what they are born for; this is the purpose in life which God has for them, and their reward? Only God knows.

What are the signs?

• The One World Order is being formed now and has been a work of progress for some years.

..The Holy Roman Empire is to be reborn, and to be totally destroyed.

• Roman Catholic Vatican expects an evil Pope any time now.
• Pope Francis of the year 2014 is busy embracing Chrislam, and pushing to unite all churches
• All Popes call for the One World Order that they may take up the leading position in the One World Religion.
• Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger is the first pope to still be living while another Pope takes office, why? We will soon see why!
• The Vatican considers Christianity to be “On the rocks”, and are ready to move on, according to their book “The final conclave”.
• For there to be a Chrislam the Islam has to take part, so Islam is moving in the prophesied direction.
• Islam is by its deeds proving to be just the ones to fulfil part of Major Prophesy.
• Both Islam and Apostate Christians fit the description of those required to fill the office of “False Prophet”, and “Anti-Christ”.

What are some possibilities?

It is highly possible that we are far closer to the Saints of God and Jesus to be risen at any time, those of them who are resting, and those who alive now on this Earth today’s times; the line of thought on this comes from the possibility that the Temple that the Beast/Anti-Christ stands in may not necessarily be the Jewish Temple, and it maybe the Islamic Mosque which at present stands in the place of the Jewish Temple of God on the Temple Mount. Consider the fact that the Jewish Temple has not been built yet, and it seems at present to be an almost impossibility, but there is a Temple of God at present on the Temple Mount, Islam worships our God, they have built a Temple to him, it must be seen to be a Temple of God! --- So then, when the Beast is in the Temple of God as written, and claiming himself to be God, what other Temple could he be in? And we must consider this: the Mosque will take on a more acceptable standing as Chrislam takes over into the new religion the “One World Religion”, it would be very hard to imagine that the Jews will build a Temple to God and then let Islam take over it! Unless the Jewish nation gets sucked into Chrislam, will that happen? Time will tell! And there seems to be no Chronological time stated for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple of God. ----.

Let me add to this which has only just been written on the13th September 2014.

I have searched deep down to my God given knowledge and understandings of the Context of the Scripture/Gospels of God, and have further to add.

The Jewish Temple of God has been disputed as to if it is to be built, by some, or indeed if it is necessary at all: the answer to this is in the Book of Ezekiel, and referring to the man made Temple of God giving exact measurements, and description of it, this is not John’s revelatory Spiritual City coming out of the Heaven from God.

The Ezekiel’s Temple would have to be built at the end of the seven years of Tribulation, by its very nature, and judging by the stream of water which comes out from behind the Holiest of Holies, which will flow out, starting as a small stream, then becoming an impassable flow, with the Trees planted each side giving twelve kinds of fruit for each month of the year, and from these trees comes the Healing for the nations; this Temple with its complexity could not exist during the time of the Reign of the Anti-Christ Beast:  remember that Israel/Jerusalem/Jewish people are to be hit with a devastating war, and the evil among them are to be destroyed, a great unstoppable army is to set upon Jerusalem, with great destruction; there is the great Earthquake, which is to alter the landscape of the Temple Mount area itself; this is enough to require that the temple cannot be built until after the time the Jesus and his Saints arrive to intervene, and destroy the activities of the Anti-Christ Beast! --- So then, the existing Temple would be the only Temple which could be called the Temple of God where the Beast stands and claims that he is God, and it would be an Islamic Temple reigned by an Islam.

I cannot see the purpose of the exquisite New Temple of God, and designed to serve for the next one thousand years, that it should be built and go through a period of time of great destruction.                   Please remember, I am not saying that this is the exact message from God, and perhaps I shouldn’t enter into writing these things until any confirmation comes. But possibilities they are.


Why is all this to happen?

Man has made a mess of what God has given man freewill in, because of mans love of worldly life, because of mans short sightedness towards matters of God, because of mans Greed for all things worldly, his envy, and his lust in all matters; If mankind had put the same fervency into following in obedience to God, as he has in following worldly ways, this Earth would be paradise, and as Adam and Eve were born capable of life without death, until the original sin, which is disobedience to God, then surely all must die first. Please don’t think that I hold myself above all these things, some things are difficult to come out of, I am still working on my faults, but what I understand about these matters comes about, because once I was a walking dead man, dead to eternal life in my sins, I knew real sin, once; I have broad shoulders, but the load was hard to bear ; my Brother ---- Brother, rescued me, that Brother was a man like me, he is called Jesus, I can call him Brother because he was a man like me, what would I be stating if Jesus was God, and I called him Brother? Yea right, -- not! God is no one’s brother, know your place, you cannot call God your Brother, don’t even try it on, God says we can be called his sons and daughters, this makes him our disciplining Father, not our Brother; Stay humble and don’t call Jesus God.

If you can receive it

We are deep into the latter days, these things you read of and hear of today’s times are Prophesy unfolding; later, and in the Last days, during the millennium last days, mankind will stop breeding, and all people will be given the chance to chose their path, it will be easier in those days, because much more will be more obvious, and the evil spirit of evil persuasion will be locked into the abyss, allowing clearer minds toward righteousness; eventually mankind will cease to exist in the flesh, and those who overcome the world will become immortals in eternal life, in God’s Kingdom, and those who still chose not to be obedient to God will go to eternal torment; there will therefore be no more flesh life as we know it, but to bring all this to be, first all that is prophesied must be fulfilled, and the likes of the False prophet and the Anti-Christ and the Beast all have their part in this, to bring about the end of what has really been a dismal effort by mankind to appreciate his creator.
One thing in this life of mine that I am sure of, we certainly do have a creator God.
The hardest thing I have ever tried to do in this life? Try and convince many, and the hardest to convince are the disobedient Christians! Because if those who say that they believe there is one God, and are not obedient to him, then they are actually in disbelief! Addition ----- Hebrews 11:6. "But without Faith it is impossible to have pleased; for it is necessary for him who comes near to God to believe that he exists, and to those who seek him he becomes a Rewarder." Ok, Some people do try to come near to God, in their way, and for alsorts of reasons, but they don't actually believe he exists, and this is shown by their deeds!

My plead to Christians

Because Jesus says we must know him, or he won’t know us.
Know who Jesus is, know that Jesus the Christ is not God, know that Jesus is a man as we are, a Servant of God, and Jesus had to overcome the world, Jesus had to take the discipline from God just as God said he would in Isaiah, also, Moses was told that a brother of them was to come and be Messiah; Jesus came from the Seed issue as told to Abraham, as the promise to Abraham, and to King David, whom God promised that the Messiah to come would be from David’s seed issue from David’s loins, and Joseph, Mary’s Husband, and not Mary, is the lineage from King David.
God tested and tried Jesus the man with the use of the Devil, and the Devil, by trying at great length to tempt Jesus into worshipping the Devil, God or a god would never have to undergo such a thing, come on now think about this, God’s power is far superior to anything the Devil could muster up, you think that the Devil could tempt God to worship him? Oh come on now, God created the Devil!
Do you think that Jesus Christ was God? Or even a god who could be bought down by a power far, far less than they? Besides, God tells us, “There is only one God, None before, and none after, and none beside”. This tells us that Jesus is not considered by God to be a god.
The very salvation of any Christian is to believe that Jesus did die on that cross, and that God has raised Jesus to eternal life to be sat beside God on his right hand; God cannot die, and if he cannot die then he cannot be resurrected.
Teaching that Jesus the Christ is God is of the disobedient, they are those who God will turn over to the hopelessness of those who will get caught up in the mark of the Beast, and for those who don’t get that far in this life, Jesus tells us in the Gospels that there are those who say they have done great things in Jesus name, yet Jesus rejects them, by saying “Be gone you who commit iniquity, I do not know you”. yes that’s right these are those who thought they were high up in Christianity, but look what’s gone wrong, they didn’t know Jesus as they should or needed, so Jesus said that he did not know them, and to know Jesus is to know that he is not God!

If we do not Know who Jesus is

If we do not know who Jesus is, those who live through to the time of the Beast and Anti-Christ, then when he is standing in the Temple of God claiming to be God, then those who believe that Jesus Christ is God, or fully God Fully Man, they will get caught up with the Beast, and will lose their Eternal Life in the Kingdom of God; This is the power and Authority of the truth of Knowing who Jesus really is!

Don’t take the Glory away from Jesus—it was hard earned!

If we call and teach that Jesus was God, then we take all the glory away from Jesus, and make none effect of all that which Jesus went through for our salvation, he had to be fully man or he was of no effect, he had to be fully man or the Scriptures are not from God! Yes that’s a fact like it or not. But we know that mans fingerprints are all over the Scriptures and Gospels.
What more can I say, what more can I do, only tears for humanity.

To add to this

There is scripture which tells us something of the difference between the two sons of Abraham, that is Ishmael who came before Isaac; it shows that Ishmael was also born to a purpose, which is Servitude, so let me write it all up and explain for you, as it is written in interpretation taken from the original Greek manuscripts.

Galatians 4:22-31. “For it has been written, that Abraham had two sons; one from the BOND-WOMAN, and one from the free woman.”  Ok. So the bond-woman is Hagar the mother of Ishmael, and the free woman is Sarah Isaac’s mother.

V23. Now, the one from the BOND-WOMAN was naturally produced; but the other from the free woman was through the promise.” Ok it’s as it says, the promise of a son was to Abraham and Sarah from God, and that turned out to be Isaac.

V24. “Which things are being adapted to another meaning; for these represent two Covenants; one indeed from Mount Sinai, breeding children for servitude; ------ that is Hagar.” Ok. Here’s an important point Ishmael is Hagar’s son, and we see by this that Ishmael will go on and produce a people for a purpose, that is servitude to God’s plans for the future.

V25. “Now Hagar signifies Sinai------ a Mountain in Arabia, ------- and it corresponds to the present Jerusalem, for she is in bondage with her children.” Ok. We see that Sinai signifies servitude, that is what it represents, and Hagar is of that servitude, as is Ishmael who carries it on; but we also see that Jerusalem correspondingly, Sarah corresponds to that with Jerusalem, and that represents Sarah’s bondage to her children, as shown in V26.

V26. “But the EXALTED Jerusalem represents the free woman, who is our mother.” Ok. The free woman is Sarah, and see how Jerusalem and Sarah are EXALTED, that is above Hagar and Mt Sinai.

V27. “For it has been written, “Rejoice, O barren woman, who dost not bring forth! Burst forth and shout, thou who art not in labour; for many are the CHILDREN of the deserted one, than of HER having the husband.” Ok.  Sarah is the barren one, and she is being told to be happy that she is not the one to bring the many children into existence as Hagar/ Ishmael’s purpose of God is to be; this tells us that Hagar/ Ishmaels lot is not a good one.

V28. “Now we Brethren, like Isaac, are children of a promise.” Ok this tells us that Hagar/Ishmael’s purpose, and Sarah/Abraham’s purpose have a difference.

V29. “But just as then, the one BORN according to the Flesh, persecuted HIM born according to the spirit; so also now.” Ok. The one born of the flesh is Ishmael, and the one born of the spirit is Isaac, and the promise he was born under, and Ishmael’s children persecute Jesus the Christ by deigning him the recognition that he is the Messiah, even today.

V 30. “But what says the scripture? “Cast out the BOND-WOMAN and her son; for the son of the BOND-WOMAN should not be an heir with the son of the FREE-WOMAN.” Ok. Well there it is written, and long before Islam came to be, for at the time these words were written by Paul , Ishmaels people were idol worshippers, with their main God being the Moon God called Allah, until many years later when Mohammad came to be, and decided he did not like the Idol worship, and bought in worship to our one God, by selecting the strongest of the Gods which they worshipped, and applied that name to our God, and slowly bringing  the people to believe as they do today.

We see that Islamic are not included in the promise given to Abraham, they are not to share the inheritance both Land and Spiritual as do those who are true believers into Jesus the Christ, provided to us by our one and only living God, our creator.

The meaning of servitude is Slavery or Bondage; Hagar signifies Rock, in the Hebrew language, and Mt Sinai is sometimes called “The Rock”.

We know that to the people of Egyptian bondage, were taken from that slavery to Mt Sinai still in slavery or bondage to sin, to disobedience to God, and were not ready for Jerusalem at that stage, and we see that Hagar/Ishmael are of servitude, and correspond to Mt Sinai also, therefore Mt Sinai represents Servitude; The people affiliated to it are Sinaitic.

Further to all this is the truth of where Mount Sinai actually is, and it certainly is not where the Roman Catholic church has it with the monastery they have built on it, on the Sinai peninsula in Egypt, no definitely not, it is stated to be in Arabia, along the median mountains, well known as the Jabal  Musa or Jabal Al - Laws, the Mountain of Moses, or Law, and yes! This is well guarded to keep people out by the very people descended from Ishmael whose mother is Hagar! Yes they have Mt Sinai as they should, and Jerusalem is to become fully to those who are people of God through the Lord Jesus Christ, and the place which will be central to the workings of the Lord Jesus Christ and his Saints, when they return.

Kevin McQuoid.