Chapter 2





This is a Scriptural account of Gods testimony of who Jesus really is. Isa 53 and 42. Also.
This comes from the Greek manuscript, in the Diaglott word for word translation, interpreted thus; “This is he who came by water and blood,-Jesus the Anointed one; not by water only, but by the water and by the blood; and the spirit is that which testifies, because the Spirit is the truth.” (1 John 5:7).
This is important to get right! This is God’s testimony of who Jesus really is.
Jesus came by water and blood that is the formula of flesh.
Re affirming this and alluding to being born of flesh woman, by stating; “not by water only, but by the water and by the blood;”
The Spirit, is that part which is God telling us, that answers the question; is Jesus actually God Almighty?
“The Spirit is that which testifies” to these things, “because the Spirit is the truth” (God himself)
Without going any further, stop! What is Gods Testimony?
God’s Testimony as stated is; Jesus Christ was water and blood, born of water and blood!
God has not added to that in his Testimony, other than the spirit as within all of us, mentioned below.
Let me quote it as it is written without interpretation from man; “This is the one having come by means of water and blood, Jesus the Anointed; not by the water only, but by the water and the blood; and the Spirit is the one testifying, because the Spirit is the truth. Because three are those testifying; the spirit, and the water, and the blood, and the three for the one are. (We all have to have the spirit or we cannot exist, we die)
The one big thing that is absent in God’s testimony that would back up those who say (Jesus is God), is just that those words do not appear.
You will however find in the (KJV) this added verse 7; “For there are three that bear record in Heaven, the Father, the word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one”.
And now you have the Trinity, and what makes, Jesus is God, work for some! This was inserted by a late 5th century Monk, a Latin writer of no credit, by the name of Vergillius Tapsensis. Also v6 has been changed to help the deceit along, in the (KJV). Edit--- According to some, but Constantine's regime is more likely to be the offender! End Edit---
v7, is not cited by any of the Greek Ecclesiastical writers and is considered spurious!
To stay safely with the Diaglott, and looking at the context all this is written in the chapter 5 of 1 John.
V9 is important to the understanding here; “If we receive the Testimony of men, the Testimony of God is greater; for this is the testimony of God which he has testified concerning his son”( that’s the testimony quoted above) it’s God’s testimony over and above what ever man might say!
And what’s more it is God’s Testimony!
And here is some more very important words to consider, v10; “He who believes into the son of God, has the testimony in himself; He who does not believe God has made him a liar! Because he has not believed in the testimony which God has testified concerning his Son ---- God says Jesus is his Son, God is not saying Jesus is God!
V5 says; “And who is he that over comes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the son of God” (he is only the son, we to can become sons and daughters).
V12 “He who has the Son has the Life; he who has not the Son has not the life”
That says, if you believe God is God, and is the one and only living God, and that, Jesus Christ is the Man that God did his works through, Just like God did with many others, with the exception that Jesus was strengthened far more in accordance with his Job, then You won’t be a Trinitarian and you won’t Call Jesus Christ God Almighty who created the world with his own hands! -- And you have the chance to have the Life, Life Eternal! As in v11 “And this is the testimony that God has given to us Aionian Life, and this life is in his Son”.


We know Paul was given by the Spirits of God and Jesus the exact truth; he was taken in Spirit and spiritually given the exact truth!

Corinthians Chapter 15 tells us exactly what we need to know to answer and correct those who would be of the Trinity and Jesus is God almighty Teachings.
I am using the Diaglott word for word Greek manuscript, for reliability and clarity; 1 Corinthians Chapter 15, verses 1-29; this is the Apostle Paul’s testimony, as given him by God through Jesus Christ, so read it carefully and know that Paul is telling all; Jesus Christ was a man, and was not God at all!
Let’s go straight to the crucial verses: V16. “For if dead persons are not raised up, neither has Christ been raised”.
What has Paul just told us? No better still what has Christ just told us through Paul!
We are being told that Christ was a man! That is what verse 16 is saying, proof look at it.
Verse 20. “But now Christ has been raised from the dead, a first fruit of those having fallen asleep”. (Jesus had to be a man to die and be raised again)
Christ could not have died if he was God or even a god, and what’s more this verse is backed by the next to give context to it.
Verse. 21. “For since through man there is death, through a man also, there is a resurrection of the dead”. (If Jesus was God he could not have fulfilled this, this required a man)
Now there is the proof of what we need to know: By Adam came death, him being man, and by Christ came the resurrection of man, Christ being the man the Scriptures/Gospels tell us he is, we have to listen to God through his word, not man through his deceit or his being deceived.
Verse 23. Tells us that Jesus Christ was the first man to die and be resurrected and taken to be with God, ---think about it, he was a man, to say he was not is to call God and Jesus liars ---think about that very carefully.
Also think about Jesus being the first man to be killed, and resurrected from the ground, and given immortality; Jesus the man, it could not have been any other way, the Scriptures are full of it, those one’s of God are full of the truth of this, Jesus had to be a man, no partiality to it, or man has no proof that God is able to raise man to Eternal life, and from a dead man to immortality in Eternal life, Just as Jesus tells us happened to him, and as we to are of the same being as Jesus was, Spirit and Flesh and Water, then Jesus tells us ; when our turn comes to leave this flesh body, then he will be able to share with us what God has given him. Now we know that by this statement and promise made by Jesus, confirms our likeness to Jesus in all things except for that intervention in the seed issue from Joseph, just as God has promised King David, and we know that seed issue is physical because of that promise to David. We also know that Jesus was to be bought up as any normal Child, Chastised by
Men, punished by the hand or rod of men, and yet God said he would stand by Jesus and make him stand, this came with the intervention of the Conception, with the seed issue, a slight alteration of the issue to bring the Flesh a little above the original sin Flesh. Edit--- If the scriptures have not been altered by man, then we read that Jesus birth was called a virgin birth, We can read in the Old Scriptures, That Jesus was to be conceived by a virgin, however, one way or the other, there is no need for contention, Jesus was the Messiah. End Edit--- Then Jesus received God’s Spiritual persuasions, the Holy Spirit power of God was used to strengthen Jesus, Just as has been done to many others in the past to varying degrees or levels, and God is then fully able to do his works and use his powers through those he has prepared for such things as he may chose people for, not only before Jesus but afterwards also, take the Apostles, they still had Gods power working through them, and to back that up read of those things Paul was still capable of, and he was certainly only active in favor of Jesus Christ after the Resurrection of Jesus. There is no doubt left when the Scriptures/Gospels are read and understood in an over all context, and this is one of the ways to avoid the mistakes and biases of man written into the Holy Bible, it very much has to be read in overall context and with fervent prayer to God through Jesus Christ, and to get results from that our Hearts have to be in the right place with God, in short, we have to “Hunger for the word, and thirst for the Spiritual drink”, and that has to come from our Heart or the Spirit within us, and that has to be the Spirit of God, not the “Spirit of the Ruler of the Air”. Only then can God give to those who seek the “Exact knowledge”. Unfortunately some have not seeked God as they should for their knowledge, and this has allowed the “Ruler of this World” to intervene and by his Spiritual powers bring deception to those, now they are deceived and all because they did not enquire of God seeking that “Exact knowledge”. We all very much need to know and remember this; the Devil who is the Adversary, who is the Accuser, who is the Enemy, who is the Satin, who is the Great Deceiver, who is the subtle Serpent, who is the Dragon, who is the fallen Angel, and all his following fallen Angels, who have been cast out of Heaven and are in a rage, and who is “The Ruler of this world”, “The Ruler of the Air” making War even on God’s people, he is a Spirit, and what’s more he works spiritually! Now remember this; the Devil is the main back up and support to “The Beast”, and therefore, to Great Deception. ---Dwell on this for a while, --- and then think to yourself; what have I been taught that doesn’t read as the Scriptures/Gospels in context?
What then is all this about, why bring all this into the question of Jesus, who or what he was and, as some say, is it really important? Jesus thinks so, Jesus thinks it’s very important, and if Jesus Christ thinks and says so, and then all who believe into him will say so as well. Why are these truths of God, through Jesus Christ, and trough Paul, and John so important? The answer is this; we need to know if we are in the grip of the Devils deception, we need very much to know that, we need to know if we are deceived or not, because if we are, remember that the Devil is the main support for the “Beast”. We need to understand that it is only obedience to God through the Lord Jesus Christ that can Gain us “Eternal Life”, and know that all those who are in the Grip of the Beast and devil will not be able to enter into Gods Kingdom! Now do you think that is important?
What does Hebrews say about Jesus eminence?
God has told us; through man there is death, and through man there is life.
Through the Man Adam came death, and through the man Jesus came life.
The man Adam though born capable of immortal life, bought death for all.
The man Jesus Christ born capable of death bought life.
Yes born capable of death, and that’s exactly what happened to the man, he died, the man Jesus died.
God could not die! And neither was he out to show any lack of his Almighty powers to be able to raise the dead, by deception, why? Because God has no lack of power!
Think to your self, why would God not have Jesus as a man.
Then think to yourself; some say it was God who came down in a human body, and when God was finished with it he just let it die on the cross. And they say also God wanted to know what it was like to be a man, to get to understand what man was going through!
Then think about this; God could not risk the deceit, Skeptical man would have downed on a deception like that, and that in it self would have completely destroyed Christianity, apart from throwing complete suspicion on all of God’s word, who would then believe, ---------- think about it.--------------- Now, God is God Almighty---------------think about that!---------------Almighty, He created man by thinking every atom and molecule into place, God created everything about man,(and gave him a free will, for those of you who would say, then God created man a sinner! No that’s mans freewill being exercised!) Think about things here-------------------God did not need to take on a human body to find out what it was to be man.
Only a Philosopher, or also a Deceiver, and an Anti-Christ would come up with that sort of teaching!
Then think about this also; the Scriptures/Gospels tell us of God, in as much as the flesh mind can comprehend, and to know anymore we will have to wait until we take on our spiritual mind and body, this to be able to cope with the Knowledge,(Corinthians).
What we know of God is that he is a huge beyond our comprehension, burning electrical like masse of power and energy, so big that the heavens can only just contain him, so big that his hand can span the universe, so big that he built the planet we are on and everything we can see from it and more!
So then what ever it is that God’s word describes God to be, the point is------this fits inside a mans body? ------ A partial visit of God burnt the Rock black on Mount Sinai, so what was
Inside the Man Jesus then, this man that came as water and blood, hardly enough to be something more resilient than Mount Sinai, is it? Water and blood and the spirit of God to make it breath and be alive! This is a man! This man is Jesus! Son of man who can be made son of God as we can, Jesus obtained it after trials, we can be also after trials, we can be called son of God, and we can be called begotten sons of God, you think not? Then read your Bible some more, and pray to God for some understanding!


Hebrews. 1:1-2, “God having anciently spoken, in many portions and by many methods, to the Fathers by the Prophets,”-V2- “In the last of these days spoke to us by a Son, whom he appointed Heir of all things, on account of whom also he constituted the ages;”
O.K. then, first, this tells us plainly that God himself spoke to mankind in many differing ways (the Fathers referred to are not the Roman Catholic Priests). Then he tells us that he speaks through Jesus.
God tells us that he appointed Jesus Christ Heir of all things, this in other parts of Scripture means also that Jesus now has authority over all Flesh matters, and this through God his Father, who by the way, Jesus tells us is our Father also, and that Jesus’ God is our God also.
We are also told in verse 2, that on account of Jesus’ obedience to God, Jesus was used to setup, make, and form the ages, or the times, laying down the foundations of the differing Worlds, or ages that each area lived through.
This is being bought out here again, to show that Jesus did not pre-exist before his virgin birth to Mary, that his eminence over Abraham was only in the plan of God, therefore proving that Jesus Christ did not build this planet with his own hands, that he is not God Almighty.
Hebrew.1-2-3 look up/////////////////////////

What then? If God did not come down and died on the cross for us, what was Christ, if not God himself?


Edit... This was written as I was learning from God, and is not the accurate knowledge I have been given since, It can only be seen as a softening up before learning the cold hard facts of the orchestrated litany of lies bought in by the Trinity, and the virgin conception/birth doctrine, please read my book on this website "In the knowledge of Saints". much knowledge and understanding of it has been given, since this on Jesus was written. End edit.

Jesus was the man, God virgin birthed him, because the line of man directly from Adam could not be trusted, (now that’s obvious) God kept his promise to David by bringing in a partial line through him by Joseph's relationship to David, and the conception was by God's
Power of Creation, (The lineage from David was not by Mary as some still think) just as of the Creation of all things, thus doing a side step to gain a better line of man, one that God could command to do those things he could not command any other, Jesus was born to be obedient to God to the death, as we have seen.

It is well written that Jesus is the son of David, as promised, also the lineage trace is to Joseph, and there seems no mistake.
Now Jesus is either son of David spiritually, which gives weight to the reasoning that God could not trust the line of man from Adam, and therefore the line is broken, but only partially because Mary has her blood in Jesus: Yet this might allow for the intervention to bring a new line in without completely breaking away from the original, therefore Jesus is still classified man, and not sufficient of God’s intervention to declassify the Father son relationship, therefore; we must not go running off with the Trinitarian doctrine, and especially in the light of the weight of Scriptural evidence against the Trinity teachings.
The other line of though could be; God used Joseph for the conception without Mary and Joseph making physical contact; God makes it clear that he wants us to understand that Jesus was a virgin birth. Or if not, then man has altered the Scriptures, it should not be hard for the true Christian to accept these matters one way or the other.
Why would God want Jesus to be a virgin birth? Joseph was not involved, why? The reason is as I understand it, is the first one I have given, also it has logical harmonic balance as in all Gods Scriptures and exact knowledge, and that is that God could not trust the line of man directly from Adam, yet God had to use Man to prove to man what he could do for man.
We see by Scripture, Some of the most dependable men God could muster upon this Earth, Had failings and all sinned even after knowing God and this includes King David the adulterer and murderer; see why God had to intervene in the lineage of Jesus? -- (Be sure not to follow the example of those great men, it will be to your detriment). God has the infinite wisdom beyond our thinking, and he alone knows exactly why he does certain things, and he knew David better than David knew himself, and that’s us included.
These things God did were crucial in that no deceit would creep in, it is obvious that God could not risk all and have this fail, in as much as he could not risk using a deceitful way to bring all this about.
Then God who remained in control, above in the Heavens, used his Holy Spirit powers through the man Jesus, and was not Jesus, only the power of God was through Jesus, and
Jesus did not own the power, it was God’s power being used by God through the Man Jesus, and the purpose was Jesus to be the Christ!
Yes the Christ, the Anointed one, the man was anointed by God with God’s Holy Spirit.

Jesus was found worthy, and when God raised him from the dead, and set Jesus at his right hand, God gave Jesus the Christ, authority! Not made him God!
So who say’s Jesus is God almighty, Not God or Jesus anyway, if Mainstream church says Jesus was God shouldn’t we follow them?
NO! follow God’s word and Christ, the Scriptures/Gospels tell us to come out of that Mainstream Church, She’s the Whore who rides the Beast in the book of Revelations, and also her Harlot sisters!
Think about all the men that did things of God, the Apostles, Prophets, Kings, even some people these days, none of these had Gods power of themselves, no, God used them to put his power through, to speak through, God gives people what to say, Now the point is that none of these people were God! None! Neither was Jesus Christ, -- God did the same with Jesus, but with the exception, God poured much more spiritual power through Jesus Christ.
At one stage God was pouring a great amount through the Apostles, more than usual.
Paul got big surges of Holy Spirit activities at times, even lethal snake bites were just shaken off by him, and these Apostles even raised the dead! You think they did it? No God did it through them.
Now there’s a point; if the Apostles were able to raise a dead man, why then do you suppose God could not raise Jesus, why would Jesus have to be God himself or any other similar extraordinary Trinity God?
Where am I able to rest this case, the Scriptural evidence goes on and on, the only evidence that casts doubt, is that of man, and that goes as far as perverting the Scriptures, for which the Scriptures informs us of the folly of doing so!
Any questions?

Take a look at track records of the Mainstream Churches; let’s go straight to the point.
R.C.s are Trinitarians, and they are portrayed as the woman riding the Beast the Whore, they are the whore Church! The other mainstreams are the Harlots, daughters of her, and then there are many splinters off them also! Therefore from there comes the Jesus is God people. (Babylon, Pagan) (Roman Catholicism, born of Constantine, of the bringing together of Christians, and Idol worshippers, and Pagans, slaughter of the opposes was the option of the time, Muslim faith came from RC, and back fired on them. ----- .)

Why should one think they should be a good source of Doctrine when; they are quoted in the Scriptures to have sins stacked up to Heaven.
They have disobeyed God and made his word and laws of none effect, the Sabbath day observance changed they changed the times.
Passover (Easter) they have changed the times name and purpose, (Pagan).
Idol worship.
Virgin Mary worship.
Have Changed Gods word in the Scriptures.
Call there own “Father”
Harbor many sinful Priests.
Have evil institutions, and
Murdered many Saints, to list a very few things.
This is just a few things but it looks bad enough to say They are the wrong ones!
One has to question; would God give any of these ones the favoritism that requires every thing to be in its right place to receive? ------ Personal experience tells me no!
Therefore one should not look to them for an example!
Now the question arises; what of those ones who appear to get certain things right, then just as you start to get confidence in them, they drop a clanger? Well perhaps God uses them to get anything good from them, like making the best of a bad thing to help sway and persuade his own.
Rev. 22:16 “I Jesus sent my Angel to testify to you these things in the Congregations. I am the root and the offspring of David, the Bright Morning Star”.
Jesus tells us he is through a founding connection (root), the offspring of David, how then does one who says Jesus is actually God almighty, or the Trinitarians, how do they explain this Statement?
The only way they could, would be for them to say; God is the offspring of King David, you know the one, David who saw Bathsheba bathing on the roof top, and lost control of his sexual desires and committed adultery with her, then had her Husband murdered in a war so he could marry her! Yes that’s the one, King David! Well, well, so that’s God's Father then?


How ridiculous is the doctrine? To call Jesus God or hold the Trinitarian view is to pervert God’s word, just take a look at it, how silly is it? Well I have only written it this way to show how it is. And I pray God will have mercy on me and not punish me for these writings.

No, Jesus is not God Almighty, he’s not God, but God does work through him, and what’s more; when Jesus Christ and the Saints have reigned the thousand years, Jesus will then hand over to God Almighty the father of all, and be subject to God as the Saints will be all so, then God will be in all.

NO, once again Jesus is not God. ------Have a wee think about it.

Some are in error and think that 2 Samuel. 7:12-16, is referring to Solomon, not understanding the scriptures on Solomon’s fall from grace.

We just have to go to the very start of were God tells King David that it will be his seed that will become Jesus Christ.

2. Samuel. 7:12-16 Nathan passes the promise on to King David---“And when thy days be fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with thy Fathers, I will set up thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of thy bowels and I will establish his Kingdom.”

Now so far this tells us that Jesus Christ is not in existence yet, read it for your self.

V13. “He shall build a house for my name, and I will stablish the throne of his Kingdom for ever.”

Once again, he shall, and for my, states two different ones, and I will states the future, not some thing already in existence.

V14. “I will be his Father, and he will be my son. If he commit iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men and with the stripes of the children of men”

“I will” is once again futuristic, and once again the Father and Son existence to be, is stressed by God, even down to announcing what and how God will punish him in Jesus up bringing.

These Scriptures should be proof enough to anyone in Doubt as to the Father and Son relationship; Jesus Christ even at this point did not pre exist in any form other than a plan in Gods plans for the future! Jesus Christ certainly did not create the world from the beginning with his own hands; he certainly was not the one and only living God Almighty.

I have a conviction on this matter, strong and given By God!

Kevin McQuoid.