God's word given.

Please remember, this is to bring out the Crucifixion Passover of Yeshua (Jesus), days and dates for todays times.

Old Testament represents the Exodus Passover.
New Testament represents the Crucifixion Passover.
Do they harmonise, is there a balance, or do they contradict in the form of sequence of events between Old and New Testaments?
They do harmonise? --- there is no contradiction. Some Churches and individuals would have it a contradiction, there is none! With the correct understanding the “Old” backs up the “New” and the “New” backs up the Old Testament.
There is a problem in understanding for some.
Some of it is involved in the understanding in certain areas in the Old Scriptures, and some is in the wording of the Apostles accounts in the New Testament, but with a proper understanding, we can see that there are no contradictions: what we have to realise is; the difficulty in translations, and in interpretations that is between the Hebrew, and the Greek, also the Aramaic and the Chaldes, and bringing these, and even as some Bibles are also bought from Latin into English, along with this there are mistakes made by scribes and biases of man added to the Scriptures/Gospels of God! We also have to realise that the people of the time of the writing down of all the accounts written in the scriptures, had a far different way of saying things, with meanings greatly changed in many words compared to today times. We very much have to depend on the Knowledge and understanding of it to come from God, from his scriptures, and through his Holy Spirit activities on us! When we come to God for the knowledge and understanding, then we have to be prepared to accept all that God gives us, and not argue with God by reason of what Man may have taught that may conflict!


First we need to establish what day is Passover. Lev.23:5.Tells us that between the evening times on the 14th day is the Lords Passover. So the 1st Month of the year which is called Nissan, and of the Hebrew year, on the 14th day of that month is Passover. (Nissan, March and April our time).There’s no problem with this because Num.9:2-5 backs this up, also Ex 12:1- onwards.
Read the first few chapters of Genesis to know that Gods day started in darkness, Evening to evening

What happened leading up to the 14th day

Ex12:3. Tells us that God instructed that the Lambs of no blemish were to be bought in, and to be held close at hand, from the 10th Day of Nissan, ready for the 14th Day of Nissan.
Ex 12:6. Tells us that the lamb is to be killed toward evening, but which evening? This is getting important now to know and understand these things, which evening? It is the evening of the start of the 24hr day of the 14th. Which starts in the evening, so, the so called Day starts actually in the evening between Sunset and night, hence the “Evening” (All Biblical is the same, this is Gods way).We know these things because the Lambs were to be killed ready for the Passover happenings
That God had planned, and no other time fits in! They were killed toward evening, even to think that it actually was started on the 13th day just before evening, would help you visualise this thing. So now We know which side of the 14th of the month of Nissan the Lambs were killed, right at the very start (Evening). Each day starts at the evening, and finishes at an evening; just one example of this is in Lev. 23:
First the Lambs had to be killed, then the blood painted on the lintels of the doors, and those Lambs had to be “Roasted” with fire to be eaten during that night, and only eaten during that night, the people Hebrew had orders from God to do all this and be dressed ready to run! Loins girded (means gowns tucked up into the waist belt out of the way of physical activity), feet shod ready to go! Eating in haste, they had to eat the sacrificed Lamb, the bitter herbs to remind them of the bitter bondage they have been in, and also the unleaven bread to go with this particular command. Why the unleaven bread? This is a command given frequently to the Hebrew people, eating unleaven bread is a signal from God to them that they are to become humble, not puffed up, it is the bread of affliction, and signifies that some important matter of God is happening, (It is important to have this understanding right now).
Now take a little time here to look at what is happening, then we see that God, through the Angel of death, in this very night of Passover, and while it is night and toward Midnight, moves over the Land and Kills all the first born of those who have not the blood painted on their Door Lintels, In Egypt. --Then we read that Pharaoh calls Moses and Aaron in that night and tells them, that they, and their people, and all they own, to go that night, and now, see that they make the start of the Exodus that particular night! And this is the Passover 24hr period, Passover day.
Where have we been reading? Ex.12:1-14, I am reading from a copy of the Septuagint, the LXX, "The Seventy" which is English from Greek translation of the Old Testament Manuscripts.
Now some very important things you need to note so far.
1. That this Passover day is one of great activity, there is no rest on this day!
2. There is a particular order of what they are to eat, note carefully the unleaven bread,to be eaten with the Lambs and Herbs and note that there is a command  separate from any other bread eating command! Don’t race ahead in your reading, study each part in its part! This is very important! Then look at it in context with all the Scriptures relating to it. And if your spirit is in the right place God will do the rest.
3. Note also in verse 14. “And this day shall be to you a memorial, and ye shall keep it a feast to the Lord through all your generations; ye shall keep it a feast for a perpetual ordinance”.
4. Note now that #3 is a separate commandment, the sentence is completed with a full stop, and The Passover day is to be a memorial in that way!
5. Passover Memorial and feast is a separate observance to that of the unleaven bread feast commandment!
6. Be careful to note how the scripture has been presented, see it is quite lumped in, a rush of information all at once, given the way it is presented it can be enough to over stimulate.
7. There is no Sabbath commandment applied to the day of Passover!
8. Look at the scriptures and see why the Passover day it self cannot be a Sabbath!
9. And to back that up in your mind, know that Jesus Christ was crucified Passover day!

Note right here that; Some Churches say that Jesus was crucified at the same time as the Passover Lambs originally were! This simply cannot be! Just look at what the scriptures of God tell us to this point; the lambs had to be killed to be the blood on the lintels, and for part of the Passover feast, Jesus, in his time, took part in that feast, Known as the last supper,(more to come).
Now we have Passover day established, and we know what was done on Passover day during the Exodus.
The matter of the unleaven bread; this is the commandment for the seven days of unleaven bread.
Ex.12:15 here is another commandment separate from the Passover Memorial feast commandment, to understand correctly, we need to completely forget about the mention of the unleaven bread in the diet of the Passover day feast!
Ex. 12:15. The start of the command for the seven days of unleaven bread. Now go straight to verse 18. “Beginning the fourteenth day of the first month, ye shall eat unleaven bread from evening, till the twenty-first day of the month till evening”. This is where many get caught up in confusion!
Some say that makes it eight days of unleaven bread, so change things and loose the plot! The commandment of the keeping of the seven days of unleaven bread is just that; seven days of unleaven bread is all that makes up that period of time, and God has not said eight, man has said eight, lets listen to God, he knows, and if we listen to him, then we will know also!
Yes, that mentions a total of eight unleaven bread days, without saying eight; what is happening in this verse is that both the separate observances of Passover feast, and the unleaven bread commandment are being spoken of in the light of a total of unleaven bread days but it is not the seven days unleaven bread commandment. Remember, Passover bread is for the 14th day of the month, and a separate observance, while the 15th day of the month starts the commandment of seven days of the bread, and goes until the 21st day of the month, a full seven days, they are two separate commandments yet one follows immediately after the other, Some start to bring the Passover day and its observances into confusion here.
Because of the lack of understanding some are thinking that the Passover day was a Sabbath! No it was not!
Let me show you when the seven days of unleaven bread commandment starts!
Go to Lev.23:6. “And on the fifteenth day of this month is the feast of unleaven bread to the Lord”.
The seven days of unleaven bread commandment starts on the 15th day! Lev.23:6. It’s a very clear instruction.
Passover is on the 14th. Day “Between the Evenings” Starts at the evening time between the 13th and the 14th Days, and it ends between the 14th and 15th day in the evening: now, they eat some unleaven bread, during this time which is Passover day, but that is not part of the seven days
commandment, that starts on the 15th. The 15th day is the 1st day of the unleaven bread commandment -- Lev.23:6.
Now we have clarity of the start of the Bread; now it goes on for seven days from the 15th day starting at the very start of the 15th Day which is the evening, and it goes on through to and including the 21st day till it becomes the evening of the start of the 22nd day, but not carried over into that day! Now we see the truth of the bread! And this is important, the KEY to understand Matt. 26:17. We need to understand all these things, I am writing of, and Matt. 26:17 is an example of how important this all is.
This is all very important to perceive right now, so that the understanding of the New Testament account of Jesus Crucifixion can be gained.
We must learn to read in context, with prayer to God for the Knowledge and understanding, we have to seek whole heartedly from God himself! (In spirit).

The Sabbaths involved.

Now it is very important to know and understand the scripture of God in concern of what he is commanding in the form of Sabbaths, we need to know this to put aside a great error many make, therefore they lose their understandings, and therefore their obedience to God!
Remember all the Passover day commands are separate to the Seven unleaven bread commands, and know that the Passover day commands are for a Memorial Feast and not a Sabbath command!
Perhaps now is the time to point out, All of Passover day is a day of preparation, there was no time for rest, it was the most active day of all, look at it, six hundred thousand people were moved out of Rameses to go to Succoth, the people gathered every thing including the Silver and Gold from the Egyptians it was not a Sabbath! Certainly not a day of rest!—Also the New Testament account backs this up.
The understanding comes from Ex.12:16. “And the first day shall be called holy, and the seventh day shall be a holy convocation to you: ye shall do no servile work on them, only as many things as will necessarily be done by every soul, this only shall be done by you”. These are the two Sabbaths, they are connected to the seven days of unleaven bread command! Not the actual Passover day!
“And the first day shall be called holy” this is the first day of unleaven bread starting on the 15th day as in Lev. 23:6, this day is a Sabbath----the 15th day of Nissan---the first day of the seven unleaven bread days. And look to Lev.23:7.
The 14th day of Nissan, Passover day it self is not a Sabbath! ----- The next day is! The 15th day of Nissan the 1st day of the seven unleaven Bread commandment!
The next added Sabbath is on the 21st day of the month, part of the seven days of unleaven bread, and is not the normal weekly Sabbath day, it forms part of the Seven unleaven bread days command, and is additional to the weekly Sabbath and the Sabbath of the 1st unleaven day.
The Sabbaths to be observed stemming from the Exodus, are these; the first is on the 15th day of the month which is the first of the seven days of unleaven bread, then there is the normal seventh day
Weekly Sabbath, and then the Sabbath commanded for the 21st day of the month which is at the last of the seven days of bread command.
The observance of the weekly Sabbath to be observed from the Six days of God creating the Earth is taken care of in Lev. 23:1-3, and is included into the commandments of Sabbaths, and is also incorporated into any Passover observance week, Old and New Testament.
If you now have the understanding of these otherwise difficult to understand verses, you will now be ready to see how the New Testament account of the Crucifixion Passover is in Logical Harmonic Balance, and know that this can only come from the truth of God!


For all those who are in error and who teach that the Passover day is a Sabbath, I pray that you have now a conviction on the matter in the correct understanding.
Passover day is not a Sabbath, and knowing that clears the way for the understanding that Yes Jesus was crucified on Passover day. It is not a Sabbath, therefore the crucifixion was able to be carried out.
Unfortunately there are some who teach that Passover day is a Sabbath! ----Therefore use it to cast doubt over the actual fact that Jesus is the Christ! One such person has a book, and featured on Television, Passover 2010. And the Roman Catholic Priest, who was the invited respondent, did not have the answers to defeat this Anti- Christ! And why? ---- Because they have not the understanding from God!
Let’s face it, if Passover day was a Sabbath the crucifixion could not have happened that day! But in testimony, the Gospels have good account of Passover being the day that Jesus was crucified, no one of any understanding can be left in doubt about that!
What are the order of events which took place to bring Jesus from the last supper to the day he rose again?
On the day leading to the evening of the start of Passover what do the Gospels tell us happened?





You will see that the New Testament account of the events of the Crucifixion Passover, ties in closely with the Old Testament of the Exodus Passover, God has it that both those events are significant with one and other, they are in Logical Harmonic Balance, here is an understanding for all; God has created this Balance and Harmony for this reason; Because God knew that Man would pervert or adulterate his Scriptures, now to those he chooses he can use these very scriptures to give understanding to those who seek! Through these people of God the truth can be ascertained!
Now by cross checking between both Passovers, (Old and New) we can understand, and clear away the doubt that causes confusion and error in the Scriptures, also showing up those who would alter verses because of biases, and the big one that the Scriptures make clear, which is, those who are deceived and teach “Precepts and doctrines of man”. Remember the Devils most useful weapon is deception, he is subtle in his deception!


Jesus died on Passover day celebration, what are the run of events?
Matt.26:2. “You know in two days hence comes the Passover; then the son of man will be delivered up to be crucified”. Passover day! Crucified! Clearly Jesus tells us he is to be crucified on Passover day.
Jesus has now told us he was to be crucified on Passover day! Unfortunately some people today times have a problem with that, some say no, he was crucified the day before that, some say, no Jesus was Crucified at the same time as the Passover lambs were killed, citing that he was killed as the Passover lamb. Well it sounds good, but it is not the truth, and consider this; it is more in keeping that Jesus died as “A first born”, “A first fruit”, and this is where not enough of the leaders of man’s Church enquire of God for their understanding, in their error they teach deceived teachings. Now listen to what God would have us believe.
Read now Matt.26:18. And go to – “My time is near; I will celebrate the Passover at thy house ---.”
Jesus says he will celebrate the Passover!
Matt.26: 19. “And the Disciples did as Jesus had ordered them; and they prepared the Passover”.
Matt26:20. “Now evening being come, he reclined at the table with the twelve.” And now read on and see that this is the last Supper, ---once again some say that this was not the last supper! That it must have been the feast of the unleaven bread! Only because they don’t have the understanding!
Keep studying this and you will understand the truth.
Jesus did as he said he would, He celebrated the Passover supper!


Go back to Matt.26:17. “Now on the first day of unleaven bread, the Disciples came to Jesus, saying, where dost thou wish that we prepare for thee the Paschal supper?” (Paschal is Hebrew for Passover).
Now this is where most people without understanding fall apart from the truth, and in confusion suggest that Jesus died some other time than Passover day, because of these words; “Now on the first day of unleaven bread”.
Here is the understanding of Matt 26:17. The original Greek manuscript in the form of the Book called “Diaglott” which is the book I am working from, simply put, the referral to the first day of unleaven bread is lacking, yes it is lacking, it’s lacking in understanding of the way or sense it is meant to be held in, and also in our lack of understanding of the ways and times it was written.
Now we need Biblical proof of this statement I have just made, and to do that we only need to look at the other verses, and build the picture up of the message in context of the Chapters.
Matt 26:17 suggests on the surface of it that; Jesus was asked on the day before Passover day about the Passover supper, it seems to be saying that the day Jesus was asked was the day before Passover and that the day before was called “The first day of unleaven bread, and sure, if you look at it that way, you are partially correct, look at it clearly, if the Passover supper is started to be prepared toward evening of the 14th day being Passover, then the supper could actually start being prepared on late on the 13th day of the month, just as was the original Exodus Passover, so then there is no problem in this understanding. What now of the “Now on the first day of unleaven bread” Statement? Once again it is just the way it is written, or Translated, or interpreted, how do we prove that? It is proven by standing back and looking at the chapters and verses in context over the whole scriptures which deal on that subject, and when we find it doesn’t fit in we have sorted out the understanding.
Let me explain, and let you be open in the mind; the original word for word translation of the Greek states it thus “The and first of the feasts of unleaven bread came the Disciples of the Jesus, saying”-
It doesn’t say “The first day of the Feasts, It doesn’t say on “The first of the seven days of the feasts of unleaven bread”, what it does say is “First of the feasts of unleaven”. Now we know that there was no feast in any Scripture/ Gospel that alluded to any Feast, or Celebration of unleaven bread close to or before the Day of Passover, but we do know that there was to be Unleaven bread to be eaten in the diet on Passover evening at the Passover feast, and that is accounted for as the Lamb, the bitter herbs and the unleaven bread with it.
I may repeat myself from time to time, but it is to profit understanding! Note the Graph P13.
Count the 15th day, all day as the 1st of seven, count each day up to seven, and note that the command says to eat the unleaven bread right up to when the evening starts the 22nd day, note now that this gives the full seven days of unleaven bread as per that specific commandment, help yourself with Pen and Paper! --- Knowing and understanding this is the key to knowing exactly when the bread started and when it finished, this in turn will help to bring into clarity, where some have
error, and will lead you to the understanding of not only the Exodus Passover, but also, overall, the Passover crucifixion!
Now we know these things, we can look to see and understand that the unleaven bread, of Matt 26:17 referred to, was actually a referral of the day in those times to the Passover supper, but not an official way of referring to it, rather just the way Matthew worded it, and to back this up we have, Lev. 23:6. “And on the fifteenth day of this month is the feast of unleaven bread to the Lord; seven days shall ye eat unleaven bread”. This is the separate commandment.
Given also that the Passover day is not a Sabbath, then the Passover feast can still be prepared into the evening as did the Exodus feast, where the Passover lambs were still being roasted.
So far then we see all in Harmony with the Exodus Passover, because Matthew is calling this first of unleaven bread the unleaven bread of the Passover day feast. (Spend time to understand this, it’s very important to do so). End of this controversy!


The Lambs were killed toward evening of the very start of Passover day, and remember toward evening can still mean the day before and in this case it would be the 13th day of the month coming up toward the evening which starts the 14th day of the month. (Remember that the days start in the evening and finish the next evening). This is the time referred to also in the Crucifixion Passover of the New Testament, Matt. 26:19-20. Soon backs that up. Jesus was alive and celebrating the Passover Feast with the last supper on the 14th day just as the scriptures/Gospels state.
Ask your self, how can anyone say that Jesus was killed at the same time as the Passover lambs? The Lambs had to be killed to paint their blood on the lintels, and eating of the Lambs could not happen until they were killed, they were killed toward evening of Passover, they still had to be roasted, and all this preparation of the killing and preparing the Lambs was done before the feast. (Remember Jesus celebrated that same feast as the last supper, he was very much alive in the flesh at that time) (And remember also that Jesus died late in the afternoon towards the end of Passover day, and was buried late toward evening just before the Sabbath of the First of the seven days of unleaven bread command) Jesus was not killed at the same time as the lambs were killed for the Passover supper! ----- Need I say more on that? I think it is well clear.
What has the book of John to say on these matters?
John. 13:1. Tells us that Jesus knew before the feast of the Passover, that his time was to come during Passover, then the following verses tell us that the Passover feast was happening and all were gathered at what was to be known as the last supper. Now having finished a long and very important period of information giving, we come to Ch 18:1 and Jesus is now going to the Garden of Gethsemane. And as we see in Verse 39, it backs up that this day is the Passover celebration day, as Pilate says it is customary to release a prisoner “During the Passover”. Jesus has had the supper, been delivered up by Judas, Seized by Caiaphas, trialed by Caiaphas and his men, and was handed over to Pilate for the scourging and final sentencing, then came the Crucifixion then the death, and
The burial. All this happened on the 24hr period of the Day of the celebration of Passover: and we know that Passover day is the 14th day of Nissan, between the evenings, Lev. 23:5.

Now, Controversy!

John 19:14. “(Now it was the preparation of the Passover, and the hour was about the sixth;) and he says to the Jews, behold your king!”. Well then! What day is this actually? Some unfortunately think this means it is the day before Passover, they are in error, this is the meaning of the verse; “the preparation of the Passover” is exactly what Passover day is, it is a preparation day, just as in the Exodus Passover, which by the way is exactly what this particular celebration is until after Jesus is Crucified and buried, then rose again! Verse 14 simply means that it is Passover day which is a preparation day! Remember the Sabbaths during the Passover period and, until the 21st day of the month that followed, are; the 15th day of the month is the first day of seven days of unleaven bread, this is the day after Passover day which is the fourteenth day: now the 15th day is a Sabbath, also there is the weekly Sabbath to be observed, that is the Sabbath given to all mankind, and it is from the six days of Gods labour creating the Earth, the seventh day being a Sabbath, then there is the Sabbath at the end of the seven days of unleaven bread commandment, that is the 21st day of the month, that is also a Sabbath to the Hebrew people. Now if you study you will find that God commanded many more Sabbath periods for the people Hebrew: where possible, every day that comes before a Sabbath is a Preparation day! See Pages 13-14 for Graphs.
Now then, to back all that up go to John.19:31, and from the Diaglott word for word, we see that John is telling us that the body of Jesus is still on the cross, it is preparation day! It is also Passover day, --- we know these things from the scriptures we have just studied, and now we read that this Passover preparation day is the day before the “Great Sabbath, or High Sabbath, or Special Sabbath” as some versions of the Bible put it, no matter what they all agree, its a special Sabbath, that is the Sabbath after the day of Passover, The High Sabbath is the 15th day of the first month, it is the first day of the seven days of unleaven bread commandment, this as in Lev 23 tells us is a Sabbath, and also in Numbers.9. And Exodus 12. (In Christ’s time, Feasts, Sabbaths, and Passover, observances were second nature to them, they are not about to teach us of them in their accounts of Christ! They assume every body knows about such everyday things!)
Now there is this understanding to be gained, it leaves the way clear for those who can gain understanding from God, to proceed in the exact knowledge, clearing away the confusion and doubt bought on by the lack of understanding of verses.
The Passover crucifixion occurrences are in Logical Harmonic Balance, there is no doubt!


Now that we have all understanding leading up to Jesus burial, the question arises; how long was Jesus buried before he rose again?
The Apostle Paul, sent by Jesus the Christ as the comforter, as the one Jesus is talking through, and talking plainly, not in Parables, just as Jesus Promised, well he has a very important message he passed on to all of us who are of God (Yahweh), this message which is from Jesus Christ, (Yeshua)
Through Paul, is one of the Keys to exact knowledge, it is a key for Gods people, putting the truth back in where man took it out, showing up the deception of the Devil through man, showing up those who will deceive!
Go to, 1 Corinthians. 15:2-4 ---- “If you retained a certain word I evangelized to you; unless, indeed you believed inconsiderately”. “And I delivered to you the chief things, what also I received, that Christ died on behalf of our sins according to the Scriptures”; and that he was buried; and that he was raised the THIRD day according to the Scriptures.”
Jesus the Christ died and was buried according to the scriptures! Who says so? Jesus says so! (This is from the original Greek manuscript, the Diaglott); (KJV has enough to allow the understanding). How ever this is the lead up to the very important message from Jesus Christ!


Read Matt. 12:38-40. But let’s look at 39-40. “But he answered and said to them, an evil and adulterous generation seekth a sign; and there shall be no sign given to it, but the sign of the Prophet Jonas: for Jonas was three days and three nights in the Whale’s belly; so shall the son of man be three days and three nights in the Heart of the Earth.”
Sign! –Three days and three nights! In the heart of the Earth! The son of man! ----72 hrs.
This is the very special sign and message!
Jesus means us to work out all the timings of those things starting at Passover day, and until the day of his rising from the dead, that is what this is about, to show the errors man observes today!
First we go to Daniel. 9:27. and see that Jesus was cut of mid week. (Septuagint, KJV not as good an example). Jesus was cut off mid- week! The start of the week is Sunday, and the seventh day is Saturday look at it, Sunday—Monday—Tuesday—WEDNESDAY—Thursday—Friday—Saturday.
Start of week-------------------------MID WEEK----------------------------seventh day, end.
It will help to know that Passover 2009 came on Wednesday, and also that; the Hebrew calendar has it that; the time of Christ’s crucifixion came on a Wednesday.
Now we can get the understanding, and the correction from Jesus Christ, on what man observes in disobedience to God!
Jesus died on Passover day, a Wednesday! (Mid week, Daniel, and Hebrew calendar).
Jesus was buried three days and three nights,-Thursday buried, Friday buried, Saturday buried! 72hrs! (Buried just before Thursday, rose again on the Saturday Sabbath, late afternoon, but just before Sunday). Remember every day is a 24hr period and starts in the evening and finishes at the following evening, or Sunset to Sunset.
Jesus was buried on the Wednesday being Passover that year, and just before the Sabbath of the first of the seven unleaven bread commandment days, he was buried just before evening!
Jesus rose from the dead on Saturday! Just before the evening, having been 72hrs or three days and three nights buried!
Jesus rose during the weekly Sabbath, on the seventh day of the week! The first day of the week being Sunday!
Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Sabbath! He makes it clear in word and deed!
How do we know this? --- The scriptures and Gospels make it clear, ----Jesus stresses it! Friday, Jesus remained buried, and by Sunday he had already been risen, but only to be found risen very early in the morning, the rising was done on the Saturday toward evening of the next day which is Sunday, remember each day starts at evening and finishes the next evening!
Jesus Died in the 24hr period of Passover day the 14th of the first month of the Hebrew year which is called Nissan,(March April our time).
His burial was completed just in time for the observance of the 15th day of Nissan, the first day of the seven days of unleaven bread command, which is a Sabbath.
Jesus is a First born, a first fruit, he is also the Lord of the Sabbath.
Jesus rose after a full 72 hours in the Heart of the Earth, starting just before a Sabbath, and rising just before a Sabbath ended, three days and three nights.
The question then arises, What about Friday? And what about Sunday? If you want to know about them after reading all this, then I suggest you haven’t yet the understanding.
Don’t be deceived! Those who are deceived have received it from the spirit of the adversary, the Devil, that fallen Angel and his followers who are raging war against Gods ones this very day, and will be until the return of Jesus Christ. And where’s the proof of that? ---- In the Scriptures!
The Apostasy of the churches has to happen before the return of Christ, 2 Thess.2:3 and 1Tim 4:1 we see that happening now days as well as in passed history, fear God and follow Jesus Christ, and not the precepts and doctrines of Man!
WHY BOTHER WITH ALLTHIS, ----- Surely any day will do? NO DEFINATELY NOT!
Here is the reason.
Jesus tells us “If we would enter into that life, obey God”. The Commandment, “Love God with all your Heart all your soul and all your mind”, (Have you heard of it, and do you know what it means?) It means that to love God, to show your love to God, the only way in which we can show our love of God, is to obey God! To love God is to obey God! There are many, many people, who portray themselves as people of God, and there are many, many people who portray that they are people of God and who are not! How do we know them? We know them because they do not obey God! So if they are not in obedience to God, who are they obeying? Man! ---- Mans precepts and doctrines!

I have in all the above writings shown where man is not obeying God, and how is man not obeying God? Man has decided to observe those days that God gave us to be observed Gods way, Mans way! Man has effectively told God, we don’t want to observe your Sabbaths and Christ’s crucifixion on the days you have given us, we want to do it to suit ourselves, and disobedience reigns with the bigger
Number of Christians! And what else? The Devil that subtle master of deception delights in using
Disobedience to God, as his great weapon against mankind, bringing them to be disobedient!
One of the biggest tests God gives us is the test of obedience; the Sabbath is the biggest test to mans will power to obey God. God will not allow disobedience into his Kingdom; you study and find just where the places are in the Scripture/Gospels that God tells us these things. (They think to change Gods times and Laws). Very dangerous.
Read 1 Cor. 14:33. And, Matt.5:9.
At judgment you cannot blame any one else for your disobedience to God, for your sins or any falling back, you are responsible for yourself! -----Knowledge is responsibility!
Changing the seventh day being the Sabbath that God Gave, to the first day Sunday, and making excuse for changing the day of the Sabbath, by pretending that it is not the Sabbath that is being observed on a Sunday, but merely a carry on of the observance of Christ having risen on a Sunday, when in actual fact Jesus rose on the Sabbath on the Saturday, given to man, Is this obedience to God?
The one and only so called Mainstream Christian Church was created by a man, Constantine, He gathered together some Christians, some Idol worshippers and some Pagans, worked out a formula of “Precepts and Doctrines” to suit his purpose, bringing a little of each thing in to appease the people, as he thought, this then was the birth of Roman Catholicism, they made the rules, (Mans rules). You had an option those days, join or suffer, even as much as burning at the stake.
Those who split away never stopped to enquire of Yahweh in order that they might get the exact knowledge from him, they have been in to big a hurry to get their own Church started, not waiting for the full knowledge, and not seeking Yahweh fully to gain the understandings, and until today they have proven that they have not yet done so!
Now then, we have the Mother of all Harlots, and her Daughters, (Babylon, Pagan)
Graphs on pages 13-14.



 E = evening. N = night. M = morning. D = day time.


13th Day of Nissan 14th Day Passover 15th day, 1st of seven unleaven bread
Evening to Evening Evening to Evening Evening to Evening
E---N---M---D---E E---N---M---D---E E---N---M---D---E
lambs are killed , also feast prep toward evening of 13th to 14th Passover celebrated Seven days commandment for the bread starts
No other commands for the 13th Day last supper in evening starting the 14th Day 1st Bread Sabbath starts the 15th Day
  Deaths occur and Exodus move starts  
  Jesus crucified and buried toward the evening ending the 14th.  



1st of bread, THE 15th Day                                    21st Day  Start here                                        22nd Day Starts Here
Evening to Evening Five Days in Between  
E--------------------------E E--------------------------E E-------------------------------------------------E
Start of the 15th Day Unleaven bread days Continue Continues through 21st Day.
1st Bread Sabbath Seventh Day Sabbath Stops at evening of 22nd day , Which is the start of the 22nd but not including the 22nd Day.
    Bread Sabbath on the 21st Day.


Remember; the Passover day is between the evenings on the day of the 14th of the 1st month of the Hebrew year called Nissan, this is a Wednesday, the next day is the 15th which is the 1st of the unleaven bread commandment, this is a Thursday, and is a High or Special Sabbath, next there is the

seventh day weekly Sabbath on the Saturday the 17th day of Nissan, then to complete the three Sabbaths over those periods, comes the Sabbath command for the ending of the seven days of unleaven bread, which is observed on the 21st day of the month of Nissan.

Wednesday 14th Thursday 15th Friday16th Saturday 17th Sunday18th day of Nissan
Passover of God 1st of unleaven bread Preparation Day for Saturday Weekly Sabbath First Day of Week.
Jesus buried, toward evening Bread Sabbath Buried Buried/Risen Very early in Morning
  Buried     Found already risen.
E----------------------------E E-------------------E E--------------------------E E---------------E E----------------------E


Remember; Jesus was put into the Tomb with little time to spare, he was taken down from the cross on Preparation day, Preparation day is for the Sabbath, that Sabbath was the High or Special Sabbath, the 1st day of the command for seven days of unleaven bread Sabbath, ---- not the weekly one to follow, Jesus is buried just before that Sabbath, and he rose again just before the end of the Saturday Sabbath, having been in the Earth for “Three days and three nights, according to the Scriptures”, “ Just as Jonas was three days and three nights in the Whales belly”.
This makes 72 hrs, and just before evening of the Passover of Wednesday, until just before the Sabbath ended on Saturday evening is 72hrs!
I ask you to think to yourself; how can Friday fit all this? And be honest with yourself and God.
A quick look at if Jesus was crucified on Friday; buried on Friday evening, but remember, for three days and three nights as Jesus has said, O.K. add it up. -- Friday just before evening buried, Saturday buried all day, Sunday buried all day, Monday risen just before evening, Tuesday the Marys find Jesus had risen, or if you think Jesus rose on the Sunday then you would say that Jesus rose again on the Tuesday, therefore you would have to say according to the Scriptures Tuesday is the first day of the week!
Most all of the Churches recognise that Saturday is the seventh day of the week, therefore recognising that Sunday is the first day of the week, K.J.V. have it written in there “Harmony of the Gospels section”. The Roman Catholic Church openly admit to changing it, announcing that they have the Devine right to “Think to change Gods times and Laws”, they say they have the Divine right? ----!
Do you know that a Peacemaker is a person who works on correcting people who have error or deceived teachings? This to bring peace between the ones in error, and Yahweh and Christ.
I say, “Wake up Christians” Those who have only partially “Come out of her, my people, least you fellowship with her sins, and partake in her Plagues”. (“Her” the Harlot Churches).
Kevin McQuoid.The Passover



God's word given.