Christian Disobedience

 May 2013.

Luke 7:28 "I say to you, Among those born of Woman, there is not a greater than John, yet the LEAST in the KINGDOM of GOD is superior to him".

Yesterday I met with a man who picked me out of a crowd to teach me the Good news of the Gospels, the place was a supermarket.

After a short period of time I had learned of this mans position; he was reasonably fresh out of a Bible teaching course, and now called himself a Theologian, and was “Living in the open” as he called it, invited by some people to stay with them as long as he liked, and said he has been here ever since, carrying nothing with him.

What he has stayed for is to spread his learning’s from this Bible teaching course, and he approached me to do so, I told him that I was a Pastor taught by God, and not by man, and gave him my card stating my Ministry to be of Corrections, and my position of Pastor and Peacemaker.

I talked to this man for maybe more that half an hour, not long, but long enough to make me do something I had meant to do for some time now, that is to publish the following accurate knowledge given me from God.

Edit ---- The plain writings of God's word, his message for our understanding, our correction from Devil and mans deception, in the matter of; Did Jesus nail any part of the commandments to the cross, did he nail any part of the "Ten Commandments" to the cross? Did Jesus nail the Commandment to keep the Sabbath to the cross? And was it to be because of Jesus that we no longer are under Mosaic Law?

The answer is in these verses:- Matt 5:17. "Think not that I have come to destroy the Law, or the Prophets: I have come not to destroy but to establish". Lets look at the meaning of this verse; Clearly, Jesus says that the Law given to Moses still stands, he has not destroyed it by his arrival, but that he has established it. Now when we read on in the Gospels, on this subject, we see exactly what Jesus the Christ means here, and by the word establish, he is telling us as written in other verses, that if we believe into him, that is to obey all the Commands, those of the "Ten Commandments", then the Mosaic Laws will be fulfilled in our doing so, in conjuction with our belief into Jesus the Christ, our Faith, and our love of God will cause us to obey the "Ten Commandments" and by doing so we don't need to be doing the deeds of the Mosaic Laws, because we don't do those things which bring those 613 ordinances on us.

So then, what has Jesus nailed to the cross? for a start, We are no longer under the doing laws which kept the unruly people Israel busy continually, because they when not kept busy in matters of God, would very quickly turn to Idol worship, amongest other sins.

Also, and most importantly, Jesus crucifixion on the cross, as He died once for all ; Jesus has nailed the instant death by stoning, or any instant judgement of death for our sins, to the Cross; This gives us the time in life that we once never had, the time to realise our sins, and come to God through the Lord Jesus the Christ, in repentance of our sins, to then be reborn by Baptisim, and by obedience to the Commandments, be saved.

Now that is what has been nailed to the Cross! Not the Sabbath or any other Commandment!

How do I work that out? Where is that in Chapter and verse, in the Scriptures/Gospels? Heres the truth! Matt 5:18-19. Plain and simple, in fact it's so plain and simple that the Churches which are deceived, rate it too simple to recognise! Matt 5:18-19. "For indeed I say to you, till Heaven and Earth pass away, one Iota or one Tip of a letter shall by no means pass from the Law, till all be accomplished". We need very much to know what is said here; When will Heaven and Earth pass away? At the end of the one thousand year reign of Jesus Christ and his Saints, at that time when there will be no flesh man, but all the saved will be in their immortal state. Now then, an Iota or a Tip of a word is added to the word to distingush it's meaning, take the Iota or tip away and the meaning is changed, Jesus is saying that no word of the Law will change until the Heaven and Earth have gone, (The Heaven spoken of here is that describe in Genesis as being the land we walk on, and the air space which we can breathe.) ( You will need understandings here). Also Jesus states that nothing will change in the matter of the Commandments, until all of the 1000 year period has been accomplished!

What is Jesus the Christ telling us? Jesus has not nailed any of the Commandments to the cross, the "Ten Commandments" remain, we fulfill the Mosaic Law by observing the "Ten Commandments" the Greatest of them is "Love God with all your Heart and all your Soul and all your Mind", and to Love God? We show that by observing the Commandments.

Matt 5: 19."Therefore, whoever Shall break one of the least of these commandments, and shall teach men so,will be called little in the Kingdom of the Heavens, but whoever shall practise and keep them, will be called the great in the Kingdom of the Heavens".

Break one of the least of these commandments? come on Christians! What does, or what could this mean? Yes it's as simple as that! Nothing has been removed from the Ten Commandments! And Gods Laws and Commandments still stand!

End edit.

Too many Christians are taught disobedience to God

Please save yourself and read on

Firstly: - We all can, if found worthy become Saints, yes that’s the truth of it, don’t let any one be it Church organisation individual or whoever tell you different, But Just remember this one thing; God states that the Saints are obedient to him and obey his commands through the Lord Jesus the Christ, and further to that; the Saints are not deceived! A Saint will receive no deceived teachings, and will seek the accurate knowledge fervently, knowing that the prophet Jeremiah 17:5 tells us not to seek from Man but to seek from God. Now you have to know this, all this rules out many Christians, and why? Mainly because there are many churches teaching mans precepts and doctrines, changing God’s word as they go.

There are many churches that have been founded without seeking the accurate knowledge from God, much to the detriment of those who depend on them, but again as we are warned by Jeremiah Cursed are those who seek their strength from man and not from God’s arm!

Edit this in: Here's one many have missed, .Leviticus 20:13"Whoever shall lie with a male as with a woman, they have both wrought abomination; let them die the death, they are guilty."

Accurate knowledge

Here are Four areas in which man becomes disobedient and deceived


(1)    God gave the Sabbath as one of the “Ten Commandments”.

(2)    Jesus the Christ is not God.

(3)    There are unclean meats.

(4)  Easter is the English name for the Pagan Idol Oestra, and Jesus was buried for Three Days and Three Nights, It is not as Mainstream Churches teach! Man is taught in this to Offend, and Disobey, by some mainstream churches.


To deal with this is going to be hard for some because they have been taught deception for many years, the truth for all people is this; we have to seek the accurate knowledge from God, all who go to the churches need to know that they are responsible for seeking the accurate knowledge themselves and not to depend on the teachings of their Pastor, how do we know this? God tells us through Jeremiah 23: the Pastors are in trouble, and as in other scripture we know that the churches are going through their “Apostate” times, they are falling back, and this has to happen before the return of Christ, also in Jeremiah God tells us because of this dreadful state that exists with man, that God will seek his people, and he will give them the exact knowledge; this he does today , he has many small groups of his called out people, not fellowshipping with Mainstream churches, and God gives them who are open to God himself the accurate knowledge. So let’s look at those things stopping many from being obedient to God through the Lord Jesus Christ.



Sabbath. God gave the Sabbath, to be observed on the seventh day of the week that is God’s seventh day beginning our time Friday sunset till Saturday sunset.

Some teach that the Sabbath was only for the people Israel, that’s in error; there are many Sabbaths that were bought in for the unruly Israelites, including the Sabbath given from the creation of the World which is that Sabbath we refer to. The Sabbath we are to observe was engraved on stone by God------ permanent! As were the other Nine Commandments.

Some teach that the Sabbath was nailed to the Cross and no longer applies, this teaching is also in error; what was nailed to the cross by Jesus Christ was the old Mosaic Law of instant death by stoning, we all now have the chance to be saved! Time to realise our sinful ways, and through Jesus having died for us that we might come to that time of realisation of our sinful ways, Jesus gave us that chance! Jesus said he came to fulfil the Law not to abolish it, and by those who are obedient to God through the Lord Jesus Christ, they, without doing the works of the Law physically, are actually keeping the laws in as much as required, they also are fulfilling the Law.

Some teach that the Ten Commandments were nailed to the Cross which is absurd, but others moderate and say the Sabbath was taken out of the Ten Commandments, because Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath and took it out! Where! Show me and yourself where in all and any of the scripture of God does it say this----- complete and utter error! Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath because Sabbath means “Rest” In Jesus we rest, Edit--- we get rest from our sins, and rest from the worrying heavy burden of them, once we renonce our sins; End Edit--- in Jesus and trough believing into Jesus we get the Kingdom of God which is the Eternal rest, yes he is the Lord of the Sabbath, the Rest.

Edit---- Let me share what Deity has given me in understandings since this book was written:- The turning point, and notification of change time for the forgivness of sins, through the death of the Lord Jesus Christ came at that time in John chapter 8 where Jesus changed the law of the instant death for sin, by the preventing the Jews of the Mosaic laws from stonning the woman caught in the act of adultery; Jesus died that we might have time to seek forgivness of our sins, therefore is our saviour in that context, so no more instant death. Jesus showed the change at that particular time, and he used the fact that we are all born sinners, even from the days of the disobedience of Adam and Eve, so let him without sin cast the first stone, who amongst us can be that one who can take the life of another who may commit a sin? even so, Jesus Christ nailed that Law to the Cross, and has showed all who will receive by his compassion towards the woman concerned at that time.

Then! To follow that, we should now see and understand the time that Jesus Christ, Lord of the Sabbath, reaffirmed the Sabbath! Go to Matthew chapter 12:1-13; It is here that Jesus Reaffirms the Sabbath, he shows an easing of some of the restrictions in that Food can be gathered and prepared for eating, He showed that if you have an animal or such that finds it self in trouble, you may save it, a man is sick, you may help him, a person works on teaching the word of God, and is not profaning the Sabbath, these things Jesus says can be done on the Sabbath, but! He has not taught that the Sabbath is no longer observable! Exactly the opposite, Jesus shows that the Sabbath will go on, and at this point in time he shows that the Sabbath has not been nailed to the Cross as non observers claim. ----- End of Edit.

Some teach that the scripture “The Sabbath was made for man, not man made for the Sabbath” they think it means that we no longer have to observe the Sabbath Such a fatal error; God recently gave me the understandings on this matter while teaching a non observer the truth of the matter, and this is the brief meaning: -“The Sabbath was made for man” who seek God through Jesus Christ, the Sabbath being the Rest, being a shadow of things to come, being the Eternal rest in the Kingdom of God,  “Man was not made for the Sabbath” meaning man cannot expect to be born with the automatic right of entry into God’s kingdom, he has to be chosen.

Roman Catholicism has admitted, to having changed the Sabbath day from the seventh to the first day of the week, this is in defiance and disobedience to God and many follow.

Scripture says


Let’s go straight to proof from Scripture in today’s times. The book of Acts, New Testament the original Greek manuscript clearly states in Acts 16:13 “And on the Sabbath day we went out of the city by a river, where there was allowed to be an Oratory; and having sat down we spoke to the women who were assembled”. This is Paul the Apostle and he is there doing these things observing the Sabbath long after Jesus Christ was crucified and had risen! Now think about it, here is Paul observing the Sabbath, he could go to the river only because of there being an Oratory on this Sabbath. Don’t for get who Paul was, he is the one who Jesus Christ chose to take up in spirit and teach Paul all things required for converting Jews and Gentiles to the New Testament, the Gospel. Paul has not written that the Sabbath was no longer observable, and if anyone should know and share the info it would be Paul, after all Paul is the promised comforter, and through Paul as Jesus promised Jesus speaks clearly without Parables.

Now Go to Isaiah 66:23 “And it shall come from month to month, and from Sabbath to Sabbath, that all flesh shall come to worship before me in Jerusalem, saith the Lord.” And if you read around that verse you will see that that time has not yet passed by and yet is after Christs flesh time on this Earth. Clearly neither God nor Jesus has taken away the Sabbath observance.

Isaiah 55: God is telling of the good things in store for those who keep his Sabbaths in obedience to him. Isaiah 56:1 “Thus saith the Lord, keep ye judgment, and do justice: for my salvation is near to come, and my mercy to be revealed. V2 blessed is the man who does these things, and the man who holds by them, and keeps the Sabbaths from profaning them, and keeps his hands from doing unrighteousness.” And in verse 4, again God talks of those who keep his Sabbaths, and again in v6.

Now look at verse 8. “Saith the Lord that gathers the dispersed of Israel; for I will gather him a congregation”. This verse gives us the key to knowing the time era that these verses apply to. The dispersed of Israel are at present being gathered! And the congregation is being gathered for Jesus Christ’s return!                  (From the (Septuagint)

So we know that the Sabbath observance has not been taken away.

God forgives those who accept correction.

Jesus is not God


Jesus Christ is not God

This subject can be very long; I will make it brief as possible.

Many things are taught about who Jesus Christ is; let me share with you some quick understandings from God.

God says “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.” Telling us he is the one and only God.

Jesus Christ says “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last.” Telling us he is the first and the last flesh man messiah. Jesus Christ is our last chance for being saved, there will be no other to come by which we can be saved.

Some teach to cover up for their Jesus is God teachings, take for example 2 Samuel Chapter 7:12-22, some teach that it is Solomon spoken of, because if they say who it really is about then they can’t teach that Jesus Christ is God! One of the Keys to identify who it is spoken of is in v12 when King David is dead----“I will set up thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of thy bowels, and will establish his Kingdom”. Clearly King David will be dead when this happens, and clearly it is seed from King David’s bowels that is to cause the birth of this person spoken of.

Solomon was already alive and had also taken over as King while David was still alive! So it’s clearly not Solomon’s birth and Kingdom spoken of!

V13 has to be understood, the house to be built is not the one Solomon built which was instigated by David, no, the house God is talking about is the house of Jesus Christ’s people, and his Throne and Kingdom will be established for ever, King Solomon’s was virtually destroyed when he turned his back on God, and entered into Idol worship under the influence of his many wives.

This then tells us of the origins of the Lord Jesus Christ, son of David! Whose lineage as in the New Testament came through from David to Joseph, therefore we have to look in context; if the Virgin birth was for significance of Jesus’ birth, then it is no more mystical to understand than being aware of the power of God, therefore Joseph would have had  no need to physically touch Mary for the conception to happen, Edit---- I have Great difficulty believing in this Virgin Birth/Conception, having received more knowledge from God and corrections, to know these things go to "Constantine" in the Beliefs pages, also I have been given to write a book on the subject, which is called "In the Knowledge of Saints" which will be published on this Website, and free for anyone to read. End Edit. but what is sure by the scriptures we are given even, that the conception was caused by the seed issue from Joseph, and coming from the linage and seed issue from the bowels of King David! No doubts! Or we would call God and Jesus Liars, and the scriptures of God of no effect!

Read the rest for yourself it tells of a flesh man being bought up in life.

Edit -----. For those who still cannot receive the truth on this matter go to John 7:42, and because some Bibles miss out the words "The Messiah comes" which are crucial to understandings, I will give you the words from the original Greek Manuscripts :- "Does not the scripture say, that of the seed of David, and from Bethlehem, the village where David was, the Messiah comes". this verse 42, refers to amongst some others, to that prophecy given to King David through the Prophet Nathan, and from God. This then being proof that It was Jesus the Christ to come through the seed issue of David, and not a prophecy about Solomon. Not to sure yet? go to Psalms. 132:11, and the fruit of Davids body will God set upon the Throne, "The Lord has sworn in truth to David; he will not turn from it". And in the column it refers that back to 2 samuel 7:12, which is the original Prophecy! How can any teaching be true which teaches that Jesus Christ is fully God and fully Man, when God states in many places that Jesus is a Man just as we are? Well it comes from those who have not seeked the knowledge and understandings from God. ----- End of Edit.

Now go back to Isaiah 53:1-12. Read and know that this is a description of the real Jesus Christ, and how much a man and not God that he is, it is an excellent chapter for understanding the truth, read it carefully, and listen to God, block out man, and find the truth.

Paul’s message to us in Romans 6:7-10 teaches that Jesus Died and was risen to Eternal immortal life by the Heavenly Father of us; Romans 6:8-9 “And if we died with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with him; knowing that Christ, having been raised from the dead, dies no more; Death no longer lords it over him.” And verse 10” For the death which he died, he died by sin once for all; but the life which he lives, he lives by God.”

Let’s listen to this message from God, and through Jesus Christ, who taught Paul in the spirit, and the question is, what is clear here? God has no beginning and no end that we may understand, therefore God cannot die, If Jesus was the actual physical, and in essence the son of God, and if then God was the Paternal father, then Jesus could not Die being as a god; God cannot Die, and the message that we are given states emphatically that Jesus the Christ Died, and was risen to be beside God , You would be struggling to be Christian or anything like such, if you do not believe this fundamental absolute truth which is the building block foundation of all things Christian, and further to that, God states that There are no Gods before him, or after him or beside him, Jesus who is beside God cannot therefore be a god, or God. “------ Death no longer lords it over him”. Should be enough to take away any doubt, Jesus was under the same laws of death as us, and not immortal God on Earth.

Jesus’ Glory is that he was a flesh man, not God, why take away Jesus’ Glory?


Clean and unclean meats


The unclean meats are still unclean

I have written in-depth under the title of Clean and unclean meats in God’s Word Given website

Swine or Pig meat, including Pork and Bacon are still unclean, and God makes it clear that those who still eat swine’s meat displease him.

The Oyster and shell fish are unclean because they are Bi-valves whose job it is to clean up the sewerage of the sea, Edit --- Recently in New Zealand, Mussels were used to clean up a Sewage spilling problem in the sea, because it is known the Mussels value in these matters, and the reason Mussels were used, is the abundance of supplies of them. Also quite often the Harvesting of Mussels and Oysters in particular, are banned because they have become toxic to humans, and this can happen in general to all shell fish. End edit. you see there are good reasons that God expects us to obey his commands, he wants to protect our health, birds like Vultures, and Hawks, which eat rotten and diseased meat, and then there are animals that have only one stomach, and can’t safely deal with what they consume, that it be safe for us, God knows all these things, all these creatures and what purpose he created for their usefulness; all things God has created are for purpose, and not all are good for all uses for mankind.

The Swine has a particular place in all this, by what it will eat and the diseases it can carry because of what it will consume, the Trichinoses worm which lives in the meat of the Pig, and can be transferred over to our flesh; the pig also has a puss gland between it’s hooves to dispense the poisons which can build up from it’s diet, when this blocks up the meat gets infected, so once again God protects us if we will be obedient, by commanding us not to eat the unclean, and directing us to the clean.

Some say that the unclean food is clean now because we have refrigerators , look at the reasons for the unclean to see the error in that statement.

Some say that Peters vision Dream is the scriptural point that Jesus took away the Clean and Unclean meat commandment, but this is also in error, Go to Acts 10 and read, and know that the original Manuscripts say that the sheet with the clean and unclean animals was tied at the four corners, indicating that the animals were to stay in the sheet as in v11. Now look in Chapter 10:17 and see that the sheet or vessel was taken away back to Heaven, with no further action taken with it by anyone in the vision. Then note that in v13 the original manuscript says “Having risen o Peter sacrifice and eat.” Peter would never have eaten unclean meats, nor would he have sacrificed to God unclean meats and then eaten them, there is so much here that the Ire of Peter would have been stirred up to a peak, so God had his attention completely and utterly, he was agog, and now God could  bring in his intentions of what he was to direct Peter to do, that is to break the Jewish Laws of not mixing with the Gentiles,(Acts 10:28) the Jews considered the Gentiles to be Common or unclean; God was saying to Peter  as in v15 “-----“What God has cleansed, do not thou regard as common.” And God is referring to the Gentiles, a Gentile being anyone not Jewish. V 16 tells us the sheet or vessel was lowered down three times, stressing the importance of the message, and God had humbled Peter down to be obedient to him.

Note that Cornelius a Roman, and a Gentile, had also been set up by God, (Acts 10:30-33) so that when Peter and he came to meet, they both knew that it was of God.

Read on and see Acts 10:34 on tells the real reason for the vision, that is Peters job given him by the vision, that God has cleansed the way for the Gentiles to receive the Gospels of Jesus Christ, and to become Baptised as in v47-48. Peter has made no mention in Acts 10 and 11 of any cleansing of the unclean meats, and no Modern Bible of the accurate knowledge will use Acts 10 and 11 to try and prove otherwise.

 But what is most unfortunate are the many modern Bibles who use Mark 7:19 in error as the cleaning of the unclean meats by Jesus Christ; if there ever was a place that could be used with any credibility at all it would have to be Acts 10 and 11, but they cannot! Now the use of Mark 7:19 shows those who use the words to bring in Mans Precepts and Doctrines, are not inspired of God, and therefore lack the understanding. I have written extensively  under Clean and unclean meats  in this “God’s word Given” website, however, I should give a brief of the Accurate knowledge here: the verse in question is not about the cleansing of the unclean meats, it is giving a comparison  of those things which make man him self unclean in what he says, the description of the material food eaten by mankind is traced through to being discarded, and on it’s way through the body is a description of how the body takes what is required and what is to be waste, thus making clean the allowable food to the body, not hurting the body in other words, and as in v18 and 19 Jesus compares by saying in v18 “------ Do you not perceive that nothing from without, entering into the man can pollute him?” and v19 “ because it enters not into the Heart, but into the Belly, and passes into the sink, purifying all the food.” Jesus is saying it is that which enters the Heart of man that pollutes him, he is speaking of our eternal welfare, of Spiritual matters concerning our eternal profit, and the use of the food entering man is only a comparison and not the cleaning up of unclean foods; the shell fish still eats the sewerage in the sea, the bird of prey still eats rotten and diseased meats, the Pig still eats meat and sewerage including diseased rubbish. God still expresses his displeasure in unclean meat eaters including the Swine’s meat and the Mouse, In Isaiah 66:17-18, and this relating through today’s times as well. also the statement in v18 "---- Do you not perceive that nothing from without, entering into the man, can pollute him?" this has to be understood one way is to look in context and realise that  yes of course the wrong food entering into man can harm him poisonous foods abound, Chemicals liquids, alsorts of things, so by this we affirm that Jesus was talking of  spiritual harm or pollution------ O.K. there is enough accurate knowledge written here now, that anyone whose spirit is open to God and Jesus Christ will be able to accept correction if they have these things wrong.

Before finishing  Please consider this message from the Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew 5:18. “For indeed I say to you, Till Heaven and Earth pass away, one Iota or one tip of a letter shall by no means pass from the Law, till all be accomplished.” V19 “ Therefore, whoever shall violate one of the least of these commandments, and shall teach men so, will be called little in the Kingdom of the Heavens, but whoever shall practise and teach them, will be called great in the kingdom of the Heavens.”

You will need to understand these verses to appreciate their utmost importance to what is being taught by many in Christianity, let me teach you what they mean: The “Iota or tip” are those parts of the Greek writings which give and change meaning to the language, take a Tip away from a word and the meaning changes, take an Iota away and it’s the same thing, the word may mean some thing different; Jesus is saying therefore that nothing is to be changed in the words given us in the commandments, the Ten Commandments are not to change says Jesus, this is the Law; has the Earth passed away? Has Heaven passed away? Then has the Ten Commandments passed away? Or any one of them, even the least? Has all been accomplished, or has Jesus the Christ returned with all his Saints to rule, the second coming? ------ No to all of them, so what can this mean? It means that everything as has been set out is to remain the same with some elaboration Given to what already exists as given by Jesus in Matthew 5:17-48 and Chapter 7 and 8.

Some teach that Jesus Nailed some of the Commandments to the Cross, Jesus says he did not, what Jesus did was to take the instant death by stoning  for sins committed and nailed that to the cross, and the Righteousness by works of the Ordinance laws, to Righteousness by Faith through Jesus Christ; the whole concept of the Mosaic Laws is within the Ten Commandments, our Faith and our becoming Christ like in obedience, in this flesh life now .

Jesus Christ is our Saviour, he died for those sins that we commit until that time we might seek God through the Lord Jesus Christ, we now have that chance of time to get things together that we might be saved, until Jesus died for us we would not have got the chance, we would have under the Mosaic Law been stoned to death, and there would end any chance of our being saved.

Further to this Recent enlightenment in understandings have been given me to help and reward, just this morning it was given to me to share and comfort those who will accept correction, the following two things: The bringing in of the change in the Mosaic law in the stoning to death came when Jesus said “Let he without sin cast the first stone”.

Also The reaffirming in Matt 12: of the Keeping of the Sabbath came when Jesus was contested by the Pharisees for gathering grain in the field, and rubbing the husks of it to eat, Jesus also showed a lightening up in the strictness of the observance in allowing some non servile work which can be done, for instance an animal may fall into a pit, and it is allowable to get it out, and also to do well.

The Pharisees created what is called “The unwritten word”, which prevents them and all who come to them seeking the kingdom of God from entering in; Jesus is scathing of them as written in the Gospels.

God, through the Lord Jesus Christ, is prepared to forgive all those who accept Corrections, for he calls, “Come out of her my people, least ye fellowship in her sins, and partake of her plagues”

“Her” is the Apostate Churches. (Those who are deceived, also deluded, and practise disobedience to God).


Easter being an Idol, man has adulterated this very important event, even that it is the most important event to us, God has used great patience with idol worshippers in the past, even so he has destroyed whole nations of them in the past.

But consider this:- who, but disobedient man would call the "Crucifixion Passover" after an Idol? God who has been angered by his own people for Idol worship, and has punished them greatly for it, is hardly likley to be impressed, rather angry at those who name it such.

These people also have the times incorrect, given that Jesus stated that he would be buried three days and three nights, read from the Beliefs pages, about the Passover and see how deceived these people of offence to God are!


Kevin McQuoid.

This accurate knowledge maybe added to in the form of Edits, from time to time.