In the Knowledge of Saints.
Chapter 2

Man struggles

Man struggles with what he cannot see, he can’t see God, and so man struggles in matters of God, and in his efforts to come up with something he finds acceptable to his own way of thinking, and his own lifestyle, and given the sheer numbers of variances in religion man has created, Religion and Christianity, has become tantamount to a shambolic state of affairs, and for many years, even many centuries, this has been so, this in turn has bought total confusion, mainly in concern of a reliable and stable doctrine in matters of the Creator of mankind, that is of Yahweh, and his servant Jesus being the chosen Christ.
We need, and were given in the starting days of the New Covenant, a Harmonic, Logical, and Balanced knowledge, and along with that, a measure understandings of that knowledge, what is most unfortunate though is that it is not easy to find, because it is not readily available in the present religious climate; the Apostles taught by Jesus Christ had it straight, yet all that has been murdered, and bullied, and deceived out of the Logical, Harmonic, Balanced state, which once existed with the right people.

Man has his fingerprints all over much of the New Testament
It has been well noted that the copies of the Gospels of Jesus, which have been used to make up the books of the New Testament for the Bible, were of dubious repute as to their authenticity, as there were many differing copies of each Gospel of the Apostles available; Constantine in the 300s A.D. took it on himself to put a New Testament book together, and was aware of the multiple copies to choose from, knowing that many past people decided to write the account the Apostils gave, but changed them to suit the way they felt it should read; a great problem arises in Constantine, not being inspired by God, but instead, by a lust for power over the people, Constantine has proven that he was only a man of very little, if any repute in matters of God, he took it on himself to bring a one religion world into being, and without the inspiration of God, and therefore, without the Knowledge and understanding from God; Constantine is the founder of the Roman Catholic church, they are the church of Constantine, and since that time, Christianity has been on the rocks, even by their own admission, and in their book “THE FINAL CONCLAVE”, but with the claim that it’s not their fault, and even so as they admit, that Jesus won’t answer their prayers on what he wants them to do next; this Constantine is where the New Testament of the Bible was put together, it’s a frightening prospect to say the least, and in actual fact has been very much a frightening situation to millions of people over many years.

Constantine’s reasons
What was Constantine’s reasoning’s for his action? There was a window of opportunity in his Roman leadership to obtain more power over the people; he saw the shambles that man had got religion in to, and seized the opportunity with both hands to take it on himself to bring religion, that is all religion, Idol worshippers and all, into a one world religious state; to do this he set about formulating a system, which he hoped would please everyone in his quest to gain the power and money for


Himself and Rome; and that was to mix a little of everyone’s ideas of their religious beliefs into one organisation! This is not of God and Jesus the Christ!
Now this has been a very brief account of Constantine’s actions, but to give you an account of the character of Constantine, for you must know; He was a Murderer, a Roman Despot leader of men, he killed off many of the true Christians, who upheld the true Gospels from the time of Jesus, and the Apostles, Constantine needed to have them silenced, because their teachings don’t fit in with his regime, and his decrees
Constantine would not get baptised until he knew he was on his death bed, and then when he did finally get baptised he went to those who he had tried to kill off! Yes he went to the upholders of the original teachings of Christ Jesus for his Baptism! This man who had started what the unchristian world even now believe is Christianity, this Constantine did not believe nor personally uphold, what he had forced by pain of torture and death on peoples, no, he did not believe on what he had started, but it is very much here, and active today!

The Bible was put together by Constantine

The Old Testament was already in existence, but Constantine had his version of the New Testament added to it, and as one book of many; Latin of which very few people could read was the language that this Bible was written in, and no one was allowed the Bible, it was to remain in Roman church ownership, so that no one could get to read it; some tried to translate from the Latin into readable and understandable text, and many died by the hand of the Roman Catholic church for their efforts, and as did those people who were found reading the Bible for themselves, people were dragged to water and drowned there and then in some cases. Christianity? What did Jesus say? “Freely you are given, freely you shall give”. Of course this is the word of God he is talking of, but listen, the word of God!
During the time of the Roman church’s claim to the ownership of the scriptures, much was changed to God’s word by man, this was to bring the Teachings of Constantine, and then later Charlemagne, who incidentally, and indecently, was another murdering Despot, in effort to bring the precepts and doctrines of these men, into some hope of credibility. (Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor, ordained by a Pope of the making of Constantine).
So then, what have we got in the form of the Scriptures of God? We have the Bible! ---- I have to express my consternation! But it is for you people, for I have been given Knowledge and understanding from God, and if you have had the patience to bear with me so far, please, go another mile, for your own eternal well being, and know that I am doing this for you.

What we need to Know
Let’s start looking at what needs correction in Christianity, we will look at what it is that God requires of us, that we may become worthy of entering into his Kingdom.
Christian people of the Gentiles have a great deal of totally unnecessary Precepts and Doctrine of men thrust at them, in some cases there is so much of this in varying churches, that it smothers the Doctrine of God which is of vital importance, and these people end up missing the mark, even though as God says, it’s up to each and every individual one of us, to make sure we seek the


accurate knowledge from God, that is, that which matters to our Eternal well being; we have as a particular example, a most populous church which has included idol worship into their form of Christianity, and virtually the whole world think that those ones are Christianity itself; sadly these ones have bought confusion, smothering God’s word; just remember this: God has in the past destroyed whole nations of Idol worshippers, every man woman and child! You may ask, how come there are so many Idol worshipping nations on Earth now then, why has God not destroyed those ones? Good question, and here’s the Good answer: Because Jesus died on the cross for all mankind; during the Mosaic rule, Sin was judged by God, on the spot with no redemption, stoning was another way of dealing with it; since Jesus gave up his life for our sins, we now have the chance in life, to realise our sins, and seek forgiveness of them, it was not available before, and this is the Power and the Glory of knowing the Lord Jesus the Christ, and yes, in as far as we see these days, God has ceased destroying whole nations of Idol worshippers, under the same covering blood spilt by the Lord Jesus.
Here is a list of matters which usually need correcting in the everyday life of a Christian, and in consideration of what they may or may not have been taught, or if they have been deceived.

Who Jesus the Christ actually is according to God.
The Sabbath.
Clean and unclean Meats.
The Crucifixion Passover. (Easter).
What it means and how to love God.
How to be obedient to God and how to please him.
How easy or not easy it is to become worthy of Gods Kingdom.
What it takes to become a Saint.
Before I start on this list, I would like to say here and now, I am not a soothsayer, you won’t hear me telling you things to gain your acceptance, or things people usually like to hear, I will present you with the truth, some of it is going to be hard for you to accept, because it may not fit in with your past teachings, your lifestyle, or other reasons, like Money, Security, and Relationships; I have no apology to offer; God’s word is God’s word; I have nothing to lose, but everything to gain by passing on the accurate knowledge; I ask no tithes and donations, God’s word is free to all, and I do what I do because God freely gave to me, therefore freely I can and will give.
Now then, I’m going to ask you to put out of your mind those things which you may have been taught, and which may cause you to refuse to listen, you will need to open you mind to God, come as a child to learn, and go as a adult in responsibility .


Jesus the Christ is God’s servant
Jesus Christ is God’s servant, son of man, son of King David, Jesus was born as we are, with the exception that Jesus was predetermined, and Jesus was born a Great, great +, grandchild of David, born from the seed issue from King David’s loins, that is his reproductive organs; this is where the life of the Servant of God started, same as us. You will find the sometimes misunderstood scripture on this in Samuel 2. Chapter: 7.
Son of God: Jesus is a son of God, only in this sense, Jesus became worthy to become the messiah because he allowed God to Teach, and to Discipline him, in a Fatherly way, this was Jesus’ choice, therefore God was able to refine Jesus, as pure gold, but more precious than pure gold, and God said that he was well pleased with this son.

Father in context
We all know the meaning of Paternal Father, that is our natural flesh father, or we have an adoptive father, and whether or not we live or have lived with them.
Now let’s look at the meaning of God being Jesus’ father, we need now to look it up in the Dictionary, but before doing so, remember what God tells us about his father son relationship with Jesus; God says that he will father Jesus with guidance, with discipline, correction, and love, refining him, and if he is obedient, give him the title of Christ, and make him an immortal man. Yet God promised King David that this Messiah would come from David’s seed issue, from his loins, that is David’s reproductive organs, so based on what God has said, let’s now see what father means in context.
Here we have: The wish is father to the thought, begets the belief.... Now then think about this, it’s another meaning to the word father as usually used, and this should be enough to prove the context of the word of God.
Here’s one which will throw the whole usual meaning of Father out the window: The child is the Father to the man, determines his development. Take a bit of fathoming? In short, meaning that the Child is the author of what will determine his development, using the “Father or author of” in context.
Was a father to me, and treated me like a son.
Talk like a father to one, lecture him.
Originator, early leader: one who deserves filial respect: Filial = Of, Befitting a son or daughter.
Originate scheme.
Pass as father or author of.
Father of lies, Satin.


These are some of the meanings of the word used in calling God the Father of Jesus, and without a doubt, and we can say these things with conviction, when we understand those things written about Jesus in the Old Testament from the books of Moses, and the Prophets and the Psalms, these things just as Jesus specifically told us to read about him, these things which are the true testimony of God to us.
Now what we have to realize is this: We to can become sons of God in the same way, as God and Jesus have both told us, sons and daughters, and to do that we have to seek God, we have to gain the accurate knowledge, not the deceived teachings, and we have to Love God, be obedient to him, and look to those things that will please God; In all this we have to allow God to Father us in teaching and discipline, he will chastise us, and also discipline us when needed, he will also reward us, just as a Father should, and with all this going right, we can gain the son ship.
Another thing which shows us who Jesus the Christ is, the matter of the Saints, and don’t be deceived by the teaching of some as to Saints, because Saints are only chosen by God and Jesus Christ, and definitely not any man made church on Earth, as some of them claim!
Saints take on the same Spiritual immortal body as Jesus Christ, and the inheritance which God gave to Jesus the Christ, Jesus will share with the Saints; Saints are also known as Kings, Jesus is the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, therefore Jesus is the Saint of higher eminence.
Moses told his people of the words God told him, that is that one to be called Messiah, is to be raised from their people, that he would be a little higher in eminence than Moses, and in other parts of Scripture/Gospels, we read that Jesus was higher than Moses, and for a little while, a little lower than the Angels.
At this point it should be clear enough that Jesus is not God, nor is he a god; God has made it very clear in Scripture that there is no God before him and no God after him, and there is no God beside him, and says so repeatedly in Deuteronomy and Leviticus, so there we have it, he who is set at the right hand of God is not God, nor is he a god, and if you have read the scripture, you will find that in fact, In the Highest Heaven, Jesus the Christ is still referred to as son of man.
Have a good read of the Book of Acts, and you will find that the Apostles knew that Jesus was not God.
I would like to share something with you, Over the 4.5 years of intensive teaching that God gave me, which was 12-16 hours a day, and 6-7 days a week, and then further teachings and corrections over a further 5 years he gave a great deal of time to teaching about who Jesus is, and as the teaching progressed in other areas as well, it became very obvious why we need to know the accurate knowledge of who and what Jesus the Christ is, for our very eternal profit, and it matters to God that we get it right, yes it matters all right. So I will give much to teach, that you may have a conviction in this matter (That is to mean that no one will be able to talk you down, or out of the truth of the matter).


Constantine again
Let’s look at what bought about the change in the Doctrine, from the accurate knowledge to the deceived teachings, as to the truth about naming Jesus the Christ as God himself, or that he was of the essence of God, (essence meaning being made of the same substance); it was Constantine! Yes he decreed that Jesus the Christ was of the same essence of God, Constantine, with no Inspiration from God at all, a Liar and a cheat, a murderer, and from start to finish, he was one who was only interested in gaining total power across the board! Those who are of God will soon discern what Constantine was. History records that while bringing the religions of the time into his and Rome’s power and control, that he ordered the many Bishops which existed and were bought to be by him, that they should address some matters which needed standardising to suit this new organisation, so he sent them to task to put their opinion in writing, this was done, but when the Bishops were summoned to meet with Constantine again, and hand in their reports, Constantine simply burnt each and every report, and without reading them; Constantine had already made up his mind to suit himself, and Rome he then announced his doctrine: that Jesus the Christ was the same essence of God, and that the Bishops were to teach such on the pain of death to them if they didn’t, and to those who would not uphold his doctrine.
Perhaps one could say in defence of Constantine, that perhaps he was only taking orders from God? And perhaps Jesus really is God! OK, let’s look at some of the other orders God must have given him then: Kill the true Christians off! Kill those who won’t conform to your wishes. Don’t get baptised until on your death bed, that you may sin all your life, and then be forgiven at the very last hour! Change the Sabbath day! Call the most important event for Christians Easter, after the Idol Oestra! Make sure your Baptism is not through the Roman Catholic Church, because they are full of false teachings! Well? Is this the man whom God has chosen to bring Christianity and Idol worshippers under one umbrella? What did Jesus teach? Don’t kill! Jesus said not to kill people! Did Constantine or Charlemagne, or their church listen to that commandment? No they did not, so who are they? Have they the spirit of God or Christ in them? No! They are Romans, with their Roman way of life and way of thinking, which has been strongly bred into all true Romans, whether they are by blood or by adoption and unchangeable.
About now it must sound like I have a great hatred of all and anything Roman, not so, I think of the former Roman people as having contributed much to the world in many ways, many of their inventions are still in use today, as they paved the way to make life for all much easier in many ways, even so that’s all to do with the flesh way of life, but still admirable, and their ways of handling some matters are commendable, yet in others, tragic; if the Roman way and determination was directed in the right path, if they had truly seeked God, they would have been truly a great asset to the peoples of the World, and especially in matters of God.
What’s more, Roman? The most cruel and degrading form of death which could possibly be thought up was a Roman invention, and common practise, a form of hanging, and hanging was for the cursed! Many Christians were crucified on a cross; many were killed as sport in the Roman arenas, and in many other ways; the Roman was very willing to Crucify Jesus then, and so is their church through their precepts and doctrines today! Yes the blind Jews gave opportunity to the Romans to put yet another man on the Cross, but the Romans did it willingly.


Desperate for recognition and credibility
The Roman church has a history of trying to appear the chosen of God, this they have done by inventing so called Relics, they have about 3500 of them locked away, and their authenticity is very much in question. One glaring example is the relic they claim is the foreskin of our Lord Jesus Christ! Messianic Jew leaders tell us that by Jewish tradition, the foreskin cut from the male child, on or before 8 days after they are born, was to be buried, they also tell us, not that any messianic Jew could accept the Doctrine of the Roman Catholic church, in saying that Jesus the Christ is God, but suppose that if they thought that, and at the time of Jesus circumcision, then they might well have saved the foreskin rather than bury it, and on that belief, then they should have saved even the grass from around and about! ------ Do you get it? Can you see the twist to this clever rebuff to the claim of this so called relic of the Romans, rebuffed by the leaders of the Messianic Jews, look at it then, who was in attendance to the circumcision? It could by Jewish law, only be Jews! Of course the Roman Catholic church organisation was not even close to being in existence at the time, neither in that case could Peter be their first Pope! Constantine started their existence in around the year 325 on or before, even so in the 300s and well after the death of Jesus; so then where did the Roman church acquire this so called relic from? Why it was a gift from Charlemagne! The soon to be first Holy Roman Emperor. Well what a turn of events, here’s this Roman Emperor with a great craving for power, even to kill his own brother to beat him to the throne, this great lust for power has climbed to greater heights, to total power over the people; he needs something to suitably impress the Pope of the Vatican, so impressive that this Pope will agree to the crowning of a “Holy” Roman Emperor, this will be a first, and both parties are willing for this great Roman Empire status in the World, it’s now power to both the Romans and their church.----The question arises, where did Charlemagne get the foreskin of Jesus the Christ? ---- Keep asking.
OK this relic held certain powers according to the Vatican, and a plaque was made up stating in accordance with the decree of the Pope of the time, that all people who come to venerate the Foreskin of Jesus the Christ, their sins would be forgiven them, no matter how bad their sins were!
Now this delusion went on until around the 1980s, until the Vatican became aware that DNA testing was now available, and at that point in time the Vatican ordered the so called foreskin be destroyed!
I ask the question, what now happens to those many thousands of sinning souls who did venerate the delusional skin, who died before the destruction of it, and who believed that they were saved, and are not? God calls people who do doctrine like these, murderers, because they cause those ones to lose their Eternal Life.
Calling Jesus God to cover for killing him! The Roman church enforced the Jesus is God doctrine, in defence of their being the Roman killers of Jesus the Christ, How could Constantine start his church with the blood of Jesus the Christ on Roman Hands; it’s just so easy to brush it all off by slighting the whole event, to say that Jesus is God, is to say, It’s OK, no one was hurt in the crucifixion, because he was God, and God can’t die, so we killed no one; this had to be said or they would never have had any credibility as a church. They are saying in effect that it’s all a deception by God! What else could the Roman church come up with, that they could justify in their own and others eyes, now that they want to be the World religion and


church, and especially after they cruelly scourged, and beat up on Jesus before his crucifixion, come on, I mean with the terrible way of death, the favourite way of these Roman people, even in the most feral of people, surely the act of dying by crucifixion would have been enough. These are the people whom God set up as the example of Christianity to the World? It goes against everything that Jesus stood for! They crucified him then and they crucify him now.
Yes, the Vatican say that Christianity is on the rocks; look what they have done to it! There is no such thing as a Christian believer if you don’t believe that Jesus died on the cross, and was raised by God the Father, three nights and three days later!

Constantine has destroyed Christianity for billions of people
By introducing false doctrine, stating that Jesus Christ was of the essence of God! If you are the essence of God you are God or a God, God states clearly that there is only him singularly, None before him, none after him, and none beside him, but what Constantine has done, and what the church of Constantine today, that is the Roman Catholic church, what they uphold is in other words is, that Jesus could not die because he is in essence God, in their doctrine the whole business of the Crucifixion of Jesus the Christ, is a deception! He could not die, he is in essence of God, God cannot die, and neither can, if one is being of the essence of God, die! What is their confusion? They teach that God is three, God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus the Christ, this they are calling the God head, One God in three parts, all in essence of God, therefore three Gods, and it’s a confusion they can’t explain, yet they killed one of these Gods? ........ Stop here! You are not a true Christian, nor can you be anything to do with it, if you do not hold with the fundamental Christian belief, that is the belief that makes one a Christian, that Jesus the Christ died on the cross, and was raised into eternal life by God, how can a mortal kill God, or a god, Jesus had to be of the same substance as us, pure human, that he may die! If Jesus the Christ was anything other than pure man, and with God working through him as he does with other men, then the whole of the Bible is deceptive concerning the Christ, and I’m going to prove to you that the truth of Jesus the Christ is in the Old Testament!
In effect, Constantine and his church and the daughters of her, their doctrine calls God a liar! Woe to them! “Woe! Woe! Woe!” As the book of Revelations says.
They take away the Glory in Jesus being the man he is, doing what he did for mankind, his glory is in there! They take Christianity away, and all who believe them and call themselves Christian, are deluded for the lack of the accurate knowledge and understanding, and they make life difficult for those who are genuinely Christians, in that the rest of the world thinks them to be of the Roman Catholic church.

Altered Gospels by Constantine, for the Roman Empire
The blood of Jesus on the hands of Romans, is obviously the greatest stumbling block facing Constantine, in his efforts to pick up on the power and money to be gained for Rome, and himself, which at that time both Rome and Constantine saw lay open for grabs, and that being in matters of Christianity, so much was the lust for what could be gained in their eyes, that he has had the Gospels altered dramatically on some subjects, and here you will need to have patience, and be open to correction from God; what is required at this point is discernment, yours, and to have the power of


reasoning in the spirit of truth, because what I’m telling you may shock you; therefore, the meat of the truth is for the Saints, the following is the reasoning:
Given the lust for power by Rome and Constantine, and the blood of Jesus the Christ on Roman hands, some scape goat had to be worked out to take the blame away from Rome, and they did that most brilliantly, something the Romans were noted for in those days, they could do things brilliantly, and here we see even today and at its best, that brilliance at work on the manipulating of the Gospels.
What the Roman Empire needed was for all those who in any measure were considered Christian, for them to learn to accept the false doctrine that Jesus the Christ was God! It’s so simple that it’s brilliant, how could anyone accuse Rome of Killing Jesus the Christ if he was thought of as God? After all God cannot die, therefore Christ Jesus didn’t die at the hands of Romans, because being God he didn’t die! Or that’s what they hoped would be accepted, and to ensure that no one would be inclined to stand against them, they added a little enticement to their decree, that is, believe it or you die! So the Bishops were ordered to set about ensuring that all were taught this doctrine of Rome.
Yes they altered the wording to suit in many places of the unverified Gospel accounts which they had in their possession.
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