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This Ministry is not of material buildings, it is part of those who are called out, one of many small gatherings God has.

God's Word Given has come to be by the inspiration of Deity

Introducing God's Word Given (God's word given) ®
You have been directed, or found this web site dealing with God's word, and if you read on you should come to the realisation that this is God's word given as inspired.
God inspired? You judge! --- But first read all that is written on this God's Word Given Web Site.
Who makes this claim?

My name is Kevin McQuoid; I am a 61 year old in 2010, a New Zealander, and who Verbally Called by God was in my 57th year.
What was I before my Calling?
No one of any repute! Just an every day New Zealander, with little education, holding several Marine Certificates, and poor literacy skills, so, I thank God for this computer which enables me to share what God has given me.
What denomination was I?
None before, and no flesh mans now, I had no inclination or aspirations to become religious at the time I was called, I was in ignorance of the forgiveness of Deity, inclined to be trying to hide from God if there was one, hoping to just fall through the cracks, and die and be forgotten at the right time. But for one thing! There was this desire for inner-peace deep in me; I thought it was something other than God wards. My denomination is that I am spiritually of the called out of God, a member of God's congregation in Spirit, not to be confused with any man named Church or organisation. Part of the Body of Christ, the house of Christ.
Should we be part of an established denomination, a known church?
No definitely not! We tried looking to fellowship with a number of likely Churches, but the strong Holy Spirit persuasion against it prevailed, now we have no desire to change what God has put together. We know we are part of the spiritually called out Groups that God has around the world, though we may never meet face to face in the flesh, or make verbal contact.
Won’t we get picked off by the Devil being of no mainstream denomination?

Some think they have to go with the mainstream churches, otherwise they will be vulnerable to being ‘Picked off’ by the Devil, thinking evil will become them and they will be deceived without the mainstream doctrines! ---- The answer to this is in the writings of ‘God's Word Given’ from God and the Scriptures, no! You will not get ‘Picked off’ God's called out ones are protected by their own obedience to God, and God protects his Obedient. Read and see how many of the churches of today are going through the apostate times, and also how they are disobedient to God, and how this lets the activities of the trials and tests of the Devil in amongst them, they are disobedient and the Devil rules, they are ‘Picked off’ and God calls his ones out.”Come out of her, my people, least ye fellowship with her sins, and partake of her plagues”.
Read and see how to become obedient to God and Jesus Christ, you have this chance!
Who can join?
Anyone can join that is prepared to listen to God's word, who are prepared to ignore mans precepts and Doctrines (Teachings), and who can accept correction from God, coming to Deity in obedience.
How do you join?
Read ‘who can join’ as written above that is how you join, Read what is written on this ‘God's Word Given’ web site, and learn how God and Jesus have bought us to be.
Joining is demonstrated in accepting and being Corrected in ‘God's Word Given’; you need prove nothing to me, It is God and Jesus you need to impress!
Feel welcome to introduce your self by contacting us, and ask any questions; and if you would like, share your experiences of God. There is no charge; God's word is free to all.
Know that you can have your own Church gathering at your own home, just as the written word of God tells us that it is acceptable, especially in these days of the Apostasy committed by the Churches. And the many Trafficking God's word for Money.
We ask for none, what did God and Jesus charge for the Word of God? Well that’s what you donate; Give freely your Faith, and true Obedience to God and Jesus Christ, that’s the charge.
We collect no Tithe.
Who follows me?
No one follows me, those who become part of ‘God's Word Given’ Follow God and Jesus Christ, Deity gives what I pass on. Those who hear God's word through Jesus Christ, and who are obedient to God and Jesus hears ‘Gods Word Given’. And the Head of this Church is Jesus Christ, not the messenger.
A Certified man of God working with Gods authority?
Not by man, but by God and Jesus Christ. But you be judge with these accounts I give you, then Judge for yourself within the words I have written on this Web Site, but first this –
God’s seeking of me
First there was a lead up to the calling, briefly this is how it happened; While sitting at the table about mid-day there came a darkness over me, a seemingly blacker than black, heavy feeling and deep, it was becoming unbearable and the words came to me (This is what it would be like if our only destiny was in the hands of evil man.) then the whole thing lifted from me, It lasted only minutes, maybe seconds.
Verbally Called
The Black vision several days before was consciously forgotten, but kicked into full benefit when during one morning, a state I won’t describe for fear of false copiers claiming authenticity of the same, however at this time the voice came to me, It was a calling, just one word, my name, and in a way vocalised as we don’t hear the human voice, and this is when my spirit took up the vision of the blackness and put all together. Not a word was spoken by me, and the follow through of acceptance seemed to be automatic or persuaded, in other words I was being taken care of, to be sure of my acceptance of the Calling.
I would like the reader to remember this, up to this point Religion had not been something I had seeked, rather my thoughts were that God wouldn’t want my sort, so I had no plans to become a church goer. Now then that is very briefly an account of how I was called.
By whose Authority do I speak?
Let me tell you, and share with you how Deity, that is God and Jesus Christ, bought me to have Authority to write the words I write, to correct deceived teachings, to give understandings of God’s word- this is how:-
The Holy Spirit Feast
It is true as it is written, Jesus Christ will come and have the Holy Spirit sup with those who are verbally called, I have experienced it, strong and in many things, undeniable, and it was during that time that my Ministry was being set up by Deity. What was given to me to pray was actually setting me up for what God had in mind as to what was my calling to be, I had no idea of prayer, Deity gave me what to pray, and the Holy Spirit persuasion over me was strong and guiding.
The prayers that bought the understandings
This was one of my first prayers; the prayer asked God to teach me, not to let some evil church man who may have committed some evil things while in his position in a church teach me, and I had this great dread that if this were to happen, then all this new life I had just gained will have been lost to evil. Once again I ask the reader to remember this, I had no idea of any of this, no way of knowing what I should pray, this strong feeling of dread and fear of being taught by the wrong teacher was given me for a very real purpose, as became apparent later on.
Holy Spirit Persuaded study
The next Prayer I was given took me rather by surprise in the way in which it was answered, which was totally cup over flowing. The prayer was for the Knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures of God. I thought at that time that I would wake up each morning with great volumes of Knowledge that God had put in my head! That God would just fill me up with Knowledge and understanding of it!
It did not happen like that, it did happen, but not like that! I have to tell you what came to me was shear hard work, I hadn’t read a book for years, and wasn’t interested in doing so either, I had plenty other things to do with my time, I was building a 10.5 metre camper bus, and really looking forward to finishing it, this amongst other things. I have to tell you the power that took me away from doing those things, and put me to work studying Gods word, was very powerful in deed, I fought it, but it was to strong, I kept praying for the Knowledge and understanding hoping still to wake up with it, the more I prayed the stronger the persuasions came to study the Scriptures.
Study God's word only
I took time to have a bit of a study of the Islamic Bible the Qur’an, this I did while deep into study of God's scriptures the Holy Bible, I found myself Parting company with the copy of the Qur'an I had just bought off the internet because, God was punishing me for breaking away from my studies of his Scriptures, it hurt! Within me hurt! God made it abundantly clear, ask him to teach? then be ready for him only.
God did not want me to do anything else, as he was answering my prayer that he gave me to pray, and he was giving me Knowledge and understanding, and reasons, to bolster that up, I had to be there to receive these things. Yes I gave up on the Camper, I sold it unfinished, then settled down to receive God's word, 12-16 hours a day 6-7 days a week for 3.5 years, before it eased back a bit.
Be obedient to God and he will teach and show
God taught me his way and continues to do so, he has kept me from other books and from deceived teachings of Adversary and man, God has given some understandings of biases, and the problems of understand the way something’s are written into the Bible, and has given me correction of mans deceived teachings, and this is all to be shared. Remember this; a Saint cannot be a Saint if disobedient to God and Jesus Christ. We, if obedient to God, can all become Saints.
These things are not written as a boast, It is obvious that I can’t lay hold of any credit for the knowledge that I have been given, it is to God and Jesus credit, and I am the one in this case who is blessed that Deity would Call me and do works through me.
God has given me works to do
God has given me works to do in the line of correcting those who have deceived teachings, that includes some Churches, He has caused people to cross my path for various reasons there has been varied and interesting happenings which others have noted, including those involved.
God has given me Vision Dreams since that time, showing me my Calling, that of when Jesus Christ returns.
The writings here in God's Word Given
Have all come to be because of certain happenings, things God has purposed, and those causing the need to enquire of God and study, the results have been produced in the same fashion in the course of each study, working through God's word with God's Holy Spirit persuasions teaching, therefore it may seem to the reader that there maybe some un-necessary work shown, but this is God's way, he teaches thoroughly, and some things appear to be repeated, but it’s all to the learning, to the Gaining of a proper Conviction of the truth.
God has not taught me all things!
Know that God has not taught me all things of Scripture, therefore the teaching is on going, but see that the line of Knowledge and understandings given, they are mainly in the direction of Correction, and this to bring to be Obedience in those who are disobedient to Deity, because of ignorance or deceived teachings they formally received.
Deity are seeking Saints
God and Jesus are seeking those worthy to be Saints, Saints are not deceived, and have to be obedient to Deity; therefore deity are correcting those they choose in this life, now times!
The summary
I have given briefly an account of the work of Deity on and through me; it is by no means a complete account.
God has called.
The calling was made sure.
God has taught, to avoid the deceived teachings that are rife as in Apostasy, and the Adversary.
This is a God purposed calling with very good reason.
It is my responsibility to share and present these understandings for God to direct whom it is he will to them.
I teach with God and Jesus Christ’s Authority.
God and Jesus seek those worthy of Sainthood, they are calling out, “Come out of her”---- “Her” is the apostate Churches.
Am I a Pastor of God? The word used is ‘Peacemaker’; Biblically a Peacemaker is a person who brings as a messenger, Gods word and correction; anyone being corrected of deceived teachings, and of disobedience to God, is being bought to be at Peace between the one being corrected, and God, thus paving the way for the corrected, and obedient one, to enter into the Kingdom of God. This is Peace with God.
“Not all Israel are of Israel”. Not all the people who struggle with God are blood line of Israel.
Not all the adopted of Israel struggle with God.

Welcome to Gods Word Given ® The Church which gives.