God's word given.

If anyone denies Jesus the Christ, Is that the Antichrist? -- Antichrist teachings? -- If anyone says Jesus is God almighty, is that to deny the existence of the Man Jesus? The Scriptures tell of grave consequences for denying Jesus Christ.
First from the (KJV.)
Philippians.2:5-9, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: v6. Who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God: v 7. But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a Servant, and was made in the likeness of men: v 8. And being found in the fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. V 9. Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name above every name:” Now read Rom.10:9.
Now then the KJV. In v5, wants us all to think, as they say Christ did, and saying that Christ was in the form of God, this meaning as they have put it, God taking on the form of a man!
KJV. Goes on to say “thought it not robbery to be equal with God”, now here is contradiction in their own terms, why the need to say equal with God if they think he was God! Here it says; “thought it not robbery to be equal with God”. (Jesus did not even try to be equal with God, as you will see).
Also, the KJV. Follows the Trinitarian view quietly, showing up in the 5500 questions and answers, at the back of the book page 61, Micah #19 it says; who, then, must the lord Jesus be?—God. (Is their answer!)
At this stage you can read the KJV. Version any way you like, that is, they are alluding to Jesus Christ saying he was God, or if you read correctly, and see that Jesus is saying he is not God, however you read it, you must take into account that Jesus is reputed to be thinking that he is only equal to God! And not God! Yet he does not even venture the words to be equal!
I would now like to quote the original Greek manuscript word for word translations as follows; v5-9 “This for be desired by you which also in the Anointed Jesus, who in a form of God being, not a usurpation meditated to be like to God, but himself emptied, a form of slave having taken, in a likeness of men having been formed, and in condition being found as a man: humbled himself, having become obedient till death, of a Death even of a cross. Therefore also the God him supremely exalted, and freely granted to him a name that above every name:”

Which when read in its context tells us; we should desire, as did Jesus, to humble ourselves in obedience to God till death, that God might exalt us also. (God is Yahweh, and therefore, Jesus, the man that Yahweh made to be the Christ, cannot be God, Yahweh said there is only one God, and all the rest are dumb Idols, Jesus was as he walked this earth a Man as us! Jesus was not dumb, nor was he an Idol, as Yahweh has said he would be if anyone claimed him to be a God) ---- Think about that.
It relates further on Jesus though, showing that Jesus did not put himself above that of his being, he did not think or plan to be God or even like him that is “meditated” as also backs that up, with the word “Usurpation” Jesus did not think to (Seize power without Authority,
(Usurpation)” Just as the Devil tried to get him to do at the time of temptation! And why if Jesus was God according to those men who say so, why would he want to seize power and Authority from himself? Usurpation means to seize power and authority which is not yours.
Now all this while Jesus the man was in A form of God, not God, Just a form of God, and what, by the rest of the testimony of God and Jesus about the Christ, can we take from the Scriptures/Gospels that this would mean?
“A form of God” is that which God is doing through Jesus, God is using his Holy Spirit powers to talk to, and tell Jesus what to say, and what do, and to do miracles and healings and raise the dead, through the man Jesus, --- No, Jesus the man was not God, and the title Christ still does not make him God. (God had the power, not the man Jesus; God used his power through Jesus). Yahweh is the actual savior, and working that through the man Jesus, who Yahweh gave the title of Christ.
Jesus “was emptied” emptied of the worldly attractions and like a slave totally locked into his Job, but looking and being like man, even though he was a very special line of man that God himself had to create, by a slight deviation, yet using the Issue from the line of men coming from King David, (2 Samuel) (think about it, who else as a sin line of man from Adam could have done the job of Jesus, this job was very crucial, not to be botched up by usual man!) Read Isa. 53. And see the description of Jesus the man, and see how he was not the attractive handsome man full of childish laughter and antics some portray him to have been!
If Jesus Christ was God, Why would God tell us that he; “Supremely exulted, and freely granted to him (Jesus) a name that above every name” God and Jesus say so many things like this, alluding to Jesus being a separate being from God; that if anyone say Jesus is God or even a god, then they would have us look at what is written by God with suspicion, because according to man who says Jesus is God or a god, and if man were correct we have to ignore Gods written word, discount it and make excuses for the incorrect way that God tells us about Christ, and then the same would go for all Jesus says on the subject.(oh yeah?)
Who is deceived then God or Man? With certainty one would say; it is not God who is the deceiver, for that is the Adversary the Devil, God is not that, and nor is Jesus Christ, but it is man who is the deceived, it is man who allows himself to get caught up with the Deceiver, and the Deceiver is the Devil, he deceives man and then has more followers, even though sometimes it is unwittingly.
Jesus Christ is not God! God is not Jesus Christ! --- God the Father, not God the son!
God worked through Jesus the man, to make him the Christ!
The KJV. Have the adulterated writings of Tapsensis a 5th century monk who inserted the Trinitarian verses in, Edit-- Since writing this I have been given understandings on Constantine, the founder of the Roman Catholic Church, This bloody minded Despot caused the changes to be made in the Scriptures, although some like to blame Vergillius Tapsensis; you can read a fuller account of all this by going to the Beliefs page and clicking on "Constantine". End of Edit.
Don’t be confused when Jesus states “I and the Father are one”, he is saying that they are agreed, at one in thought, they think the same, Jesus had the strong Holy Spirit persuasion working on his flesh mind and also on his Spirit, God gave Jesus what to say and what to do, by Gods power of persuasion, done through what is known as Gods Holy Spirit power, Jesus was constantly praying to God, his Father, Jesus tells us that, but what the Trinitarian would have us believe is that its not true, and once again deception is here, because they have to be saying that It’s God talking to himself to put on a show to man, they have to be saying that God is trying to deceive man that Jesus is a man when he is really God! (Confusion!)
The Trinitarian doctrine sends out the message that God has to try to deceive man, that God is not able to demonstrate that he can raise a man from the dead and give him immortality, that God had to use himself or another god to demonstrate the resurrection, because he cant do it to man! They are saying in effect that God is having to deceive man, that God has not the power to carry out the resurrection, (well God have mercy on them.)
God tells us there is only one living God, and now he has the man Jesus who God made the Christ, Jesus is God’s right hand man over matters of the flesh, (us), God tells us through Jesus Christ that we to will become, in body and spirit the likeness of Jesus, therefore Jesus has to be as we are, and not God or a god, but that does not make each and everyone who makes it into the Kingdom of God a god also. (Think what Yahweh has said, one God, the rest dumb idols). One God in the past, one God now, and one God for ever and ever! Yahweh. ---- “I am” because “I exist”, “The one and only”, and Jesus son of man, son of God and, all those who come to me in full obedience to my word are, sons of man, sons of God, and Jesus calls those ones his Brothers! Yahweh is calling us the same as he is calling Jesus the Christ, yes, because Jesus the Christ is not God as we are not God (Yahweh). --- So then who is it that calls Jesus the Christ God the creator of all things, the creator of the earth and mankind? Only those without understanding from Yahweh, only those Philosophers who go off with their own understandings, thinking that their wisdom is that of God, yet not enquiring of God for the exact knowledge he has for his people, his elect.(The Saints are not
Deceived) Read about it, only to the Meek! That is, those who are easily lead by the Holy Spirit of God, Not the Spirit of the Adversary through man; and what is the Holy Spirit of Yahweh? It is his Power, it is how he gets things done, it is his Arm, his Strength, it is God himself his very essence of being.
Jesus is God Almighty doctrine makes lies out of the Scriptures/Gospels, this sort of doctrine is deceived and perverted, it makes a confusion God’s word to us, therefore the Trinitarian doctrine says they are right, and God is a liar, the liars are those who have Changed God’s word and teach false doctrine, It comes by admission from the Roman Catholic Church we have this today in the mainstream churches, because they are the Daughters of the R.C. they split away, but uphold the deceived doctrines they should have “Come out of”; these ones have been in such a hurry to start their own Churches that they didn’t give God the time to teach them the corrections they are so much in need of, they simply did not enquire of God! So God has retribution in this matter, God tells us that all liars will not enter into the Kingdom of God. And also that he will “Send them strong delusions as to believe their deceptions”. You should spend the time looking all this up for yourself, and learn, with prayer to Yahweh for the understandings; it is all in the Scriptures/Gospels of God and Jesus.
If you read on from here there are some very good Scriptures that prove beyond doubt that the Jesus is God, Yahweh, doctrine is wrong, but before you rush off, consider this, it is man the Devil deceives not God, not Jesus, and not the Saints, and you can be deceived by your doctrine.
For every word used by the Trinitarian doctrine, that has been gleamed out of the Bible, because those words are so scarce and doubtful, there is an over whelming weight of evidence of clear concise verses, which prove the triune doctrine wrong, God’s testimony, Jesus testimony all have to be ignored by the Trinitarians, and I find myself wondering, what do they make of all those Scriptures that they have to ignore? It’s rather frightening.
Confusion in doctrine does not come from God’s Congregation, God says so, therefore any who teach such are not considered by God to be his people, the message is clear for all to read in the Scriptures/Gospels.
What is the weight of evidence, of what Jesus was called? Looking in the (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible), and just looking at the book of Mathew only;
Jesus is called, Son of God, 8 times.
Son of David, 8 times.
Son of Man, 27 times.

So the referral as Son of God is only 8 times, compared to 35 times in connection of man, E.G. Son of Man, Son of David, 35 times combined.
This shows the weight of evidence that Christ was Man, not God! Christ heavily called himself Son of Man.
God said; “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased” (Matt3:17)
God said; “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.” (Matt.17:5).
God says these things in the presence of the one known as Jesus, and he is the one God wants us to know is the Christ, there is none other that God wants us to recognize as the Christ, than Jesus the Man! If God wanted us to think that he was Jesus the Christ, would he have pointed to another? And especially a Man! God is the Christ working through Jesus the man, this gives Jesus the title of Christ, also the nature and character that any man can attain to if strengthened by the Holy Spirit of God, but it doesn’t make them God himself.
There are some things written in the Bible that should not be written as it is, man is the cause of this problem, Copying mistakes, Scribe problems, Bias of those who had control of the manuscripts, Translations, interpretations, and pure deceit, and the lack of our understandings of the customs and sayings of the times these things have been written in; this is known by God, and that is why we read that God will give those who he finds worthy an exact knowledge.
What is written about this also can be found in; 2 Timothy. 3: 16. (KJV). “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God.”------- Now the original word for word, from the Diaglott;
“All Scripture, divinely inspired, is indeed profitable for teaching.” – Here is the truth!
So (KJV) says that all Scripture comes from God! That is not true, Vergilius Tapsensis is one who has written in his additions, and there are all those problems listed above, and more!
The Diaglott says it as it is; all Scripture, if it is divinely inspired, is profitable, but does not say that all Scripture can be counted as from God, and as God meant it to be.
Even Paul adds a few of his own opinions from time to time, and admits to it.
God will know full well what Man has done to his word, and therefore gives those who come to him in the right way, exact knowledge.
Here’s John 20:28. “And Thomas answered and said unto him, my Lord and my God”
Thomas the doubter, never got things right at all, had been a stubborn Jew, full of doubt and Skeptical of Jesus being the Messiah! As were many of the Jews. Now then if he did Call Jesus “my God” in the context as written and if Tapsensis has not slipped in another change, It is easy to explain; that due to the old habits doctrines and customs of the time, Thomas used the word in error, and still not quite understanding about Jesus, as all the Apostles, and if he did use the word, then in keeping with the truth of what was said at those times, is honesty to leave it in and not omit it, and especially considering all that is said in that chapter to the contrary. (Remember, these people had great tendencies to Idol god worship).
Because the statement in v31, says “but these are written that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name. And what’s more, in John Chapter 20:17. “Jesus said unto her, touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.
“I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God and your God.
Jesus tells us! His Father and our Father in Heaven are the same, he states that his God and our God are the same God, Jesus tells us he has been on this Earth As one of us! And that he is not God! The Diaglott word for word translation; “I go up to the Father of me and the Father of you, even God of me and God of you.” ---- Is this not plain enough?
Jesus says “Touch me not” ever wondered why? Have you tried asking God for the knowledge and understanding of it? Then you may have understanding that Jesus was not God Almighty, and don’t forget the account of doubting Thomas, and then Jesus eating the Fish, and then know and understand the capabilities of the Elohim Angels, the Messengers, the Prophets the Apostles, and even Paul who was not an actual Apostle indeed, -- but by Holy Spirit; have you all this understanding from God to help you understand that Jesus was not Yahweh, God Almighty? Or do you just go along with the old Roman Catholic deceptions, as do the others? --- Jesus says “But go to my brethren”, he says go to my Brothers! God does not call us Brothers, but Jesus does because he is not God or a god, he can call us brothers because we
Are not gods, Jesus does not call his Father in Heaven Brother! Jesus is my Brother, and I am not God or a god! ---- God and Jesus Christ are not Liars! If Jesus being the Christ was God he wouldn’t have made this statement and many, many statements about God being his Father and Jesus being the son, and also, neither would God have made his similar statements! (“Unto” is not to be! “Un”, not being. Ascend unto, going to him, not to be him). Just out of interest, the Diaglott word for word translation “The lord of me and the God of me” which really is only the personal opinion of Thomas the Doubter, it’s really only his personal feelings, or bad translations, even a misconstrued expression, and don’t forget, even after Christ ascended into Heaven, the Apostles still wrote reminders, not to idol worship! But for one like Tapsensis the Monk, it’s some thing to enlarge on, to help bring in his Trinity Doctrine, in the 5th Century!
Christ the rock; the referral in the Old Testament is not of Jesus himself, Psalms. 89:26. it’s of God. --- Yes found it! 1 Corinthians.10: 4. I cannot find any foundation for it Biblically, and the references in the column are in error, (Matt 18:5, and 1 Peter 3:1) but the ref to Ex.17:6 gives the account of the Happening, but as does the ref (Ps 78:15) they do not stack up to what is written in 1 Cor 10:4 Christ as Jesus is not mentioned at all because for a start God had not created Jesus Christ materially yet, Christ was a predetermined plan of things to come, even though one might argue the verse where Jesus the Christ said, “Before Abraham, I am,” this being a statement of pre- eminence, Christ was a plan from the covering of the slaughtered Lamb to make clothes for Adam and Eve, also Abraham was given insight of the Christ to come, and was pleased to see it, it was all as a plan of things to come in its season.
What I am trying to bring out here, is that Jesus Christ did not exist materially or physically or in substance, since the creation of the world, (the idea of a Christ did), and that was actually the foundation of the world as we know it now. (Full details coming)
Also, the laying down of the foundation of a world is later quoted, and is the referring of the actual coming to be of Christ, and the world he has created by his very being! As in (1 Peter. 2:6) “because it is contained in the Scripture, “Behold I place in Zion a Foundation Corner Stone”----. In other words, “The laying down of a Foundation of a world” (Christ!) but only at the time in its season, and Christ did not exist in substance before it, only in the plan in thought! Now even though Abraham lived his life before Jesus was born, in God’s plan,
Abraham was a later plan than the plan of a Christ (Or the idea of Abraham), just look at all the Scriptures/ Gospels and you will see, God planed well ahead!
Now the word for Christ in the Greek manuscript, translated out as Anointed, as Christ, to be Anointed means you have had oil poured over your head ceremonially by Deity in this

Case, I cannot find anywhere in the Scriptures where there is an account of this with any Christ before the actual Days of Christ in the New Testament, the New Testament is Jesus the Christ’s time. Remember him saying to his Mother “My time is not come yet”? Not a great example in context, but he still said it.
1 Cor. 10:4. (KJV). “And all did drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual rock that followed them: and that rock was Christ”. This is referring to (Ex. 17:6) which reads
“Behold I will stand before thee there upon the rock in Horeb; and thou shalt smite the rock, and there shall come water out of it, that the people may drink. And Moses did so in the Sight of the elders of Israel.” (I, being God almighty). Now if you care to read any where either side of that verse you will see that this is a genuine account of the people Israel in need of water, the lord that is spoken of and speaks is Jehovah (Yahweh) v 15, and that is God, Christ is not mentioned neither is there any account of a rock following them in the Desert, this cannot be seen as some sort of spiritual happening alluding to the existence of Jesus Christ! So what is happening here? It is only a Spiritual reference to the meaning of Christ, Christ the Rock, Christ the Savior, the spiritual meaning of the title, Christ. It is not proof of Jesus Christ’s actual existence at the time, God is the Savior, the Christ in other words, and who is referred to at that time.
The other thing is that rock is still there today! And has very distinctly been split open and the water has worn the sides of the rock smooth as to not mistake it, so was an actual happening! (Those who know where the real Mt Sinai is will know!) (Not at St Catharine’s, on the Sinai pennisula, as per the Roman Catholic delusion, - No, It is in Arabia, in the Midian area, known as, Jabel Al Laws, or Mosa, which is, The Mountain of Moses Laws).
I’m thinking about when Paul meets with Peter, and they have a parting of the ways because Peter had things wrong and Paul rebuked him fully, Proving that even the Apostles got at least some things wrong! And what of their writings? Is there anything else that alludes to Christ being God?
How far did Vergillius Tapsensis go in his perversions of the Manuscripts? God knows.
Hebrews 9:14. “How much more shall the blood of the Anointed one, who, through an age lasting spirit, offered himself spotless to God”-----(Diaglott). This is not saying Jesus is God! What it does say is; that Jesus the man, through the help of Gods spirit power, which lasted in the man Jesus the duration of the time until Christ was risen, the man was able to offer himself to God, and spotlessly. (The great power of God left Jesus to die on the cross, in the way of the man that he was, this shows in the words Jesus called to his Father, about forsaking him, if Jesus was God he could govern the Holy spirit power himself! This is something no man can do! Ecclesiastes. 8:8 “There is no man who hath power over the Spirit to retain the Spirit”. And that is proved when Jesus called out to his Father, “Father, Father, why have you forsaken me” Forsaken me = Forgotten me, why? Now if this Jesus is God we are all in very deep trouble, because this is a man talking “Father, Father, why have
You forgotten me” Jesus the Christ while on this Earth, had no power over the Spirit to retain the Spirit this is proven here he was a man and not God; would God be so deceitful as to pretend he is a man here, or anywhere? If you think that this could be a possibility, then I am here to tell you are deceived, and the only way out of that is to turn to God through Jesus the Christ, and shun all that you have been taught by man, open yourself up to Yahweh and allow him to teach you: go back to the beginning, and become meek, this is to be easily lead by the Holy Spirit of God, go to him as a child to learn, and use as an adult what you will learn.
Here is a Prayer, the one Yahweh gave to me to pray “Our father who art in Heaven, I ask you to bless me with the Skill of understanding the knowledge of your word, and the wisdom to know what to do with it, and for a wise and hearing Heart. Thank you Heavenly Father, through the lord Jesus Christ. Amen.”
Then you will need to have plenty of time to study, but I mean plenty of time to study, because if you pray that prayer fervently you will have to study the Scriptures/Gospels until your Cup runneth over and over and over; You must be prepared to stick with it, don’t run off in your excitement that God is teaching you, and you are getting revelations of knowledge, and all sorts of things are happening to your understandings, don’t leave off to soon as many do, too keen to start their own Church or some Ministry, because that is the big mistake many make: these ones run out of teachings from God because they are not listening to God, they are to busy doing things their way, so to get their understandings that are missing they look to man or mans precepts and doctrines, to Philosophers or become such, running with their own understandings and not that enquired from God; those mistakes show all through Christianity, and even some who call themselves “The people of God”
For how long? Here is my example; 12-16 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, for 3.5 years, then an easing back: for me God made it clear, just one book of Books! The Scriptures/Gospels nothing else, Yahweh will teach in his way and time, all you have to do is the study, start from Genesis, yes maybe you already read it years ago, no matter start at Genesis, it shows God you are ready and willing to start again his way, but be willing, in your Heart, do it in Spirit; God will see if your Heart is in the right place and if it is he will teach and take you places spiritually that will give you great rejoicing knowing that he finds you worthy to teach.
God will give you the correction that is required in all those areas that the Scriptures/Gospels are misunderstood as you your self are ready for it! Not when you say so, but when God knows you are ready for it, you will have to receive all he has in order that he gives it before he takes you further, and as you receive you will be taken up in levels of understanding: Just be meek, let Yahweh lead you through, he knows best.
Never give up on it once started! Never leave off and be rash with what you are given, there is much more, just when you think that’s all there is, there’s much, much more to come!
On the other hand, if you don’t have the time to give to God in the way he commands, and if you don’t care to learn in such a way, then; don’t teach deception!
But God tells us there is not confusion in his Congregation, and no deceived Saints!
Now the comment and question has to arise, how do these ones who say that Jesus was actually God Almighty, read the Bible? It appears there has to be some sort of confused delusion. But God tells us there is not confusion in his Church!
And look! God is telling us that Jesus the Christ, even though he is at the right hand of Yahweh in the highest Heaven, and is now the Christ, God tells us that Jesus is still called MAN! And that is because as Jesus is now, we also can become! And that can only be because; Jesus was as we are, and not God! (Just that small adjustment in the seed issue)
Luke 21:36. “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the son of man.” This tells me that Christ was a man, and to stand in front means to be worthy, and if so, we then will have a body as Christ has now! (Phil.3:21 say’s “Our vile body will be changed like Christ’s body is now”, therefore if that is to happen, Christ would have to have started out as we are now, and we as the same as Christ’s body was! Think about it! Because God is not as is Christ’s body is now, therefore Christ cannot be God, and why would God want to take on another spiritual body form, that of Christ’s to prove anything to us? And remember if it were so, it would be to carry on a deception! Why would any flesh want to think God would want the whole issue of our redemption to be under a deceptive plan that could be discovered at any time, and cause the whole of creation to be a lie? The whole thing would not be right, and God tells us what is not of righteousness is a Sin. God and Jesus do no sin!
Now look at Matt. 26:63-64. “But Jesus held his peace. And the high priest answered and said unto him, I adjure thee by the living God, that thou tell us whether thou be the Christ, the son of God.” V 64. “Jesus said unto him, thou has said: nevertheless I say unto you, hereafter shall ye see the son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of Heaven.” Now just look at this statement of Jesus, ---- Jesus turns what the priest has assumed to be what Jesus is claiming, that Jesus claims to be God, or a god, into the factual matter that Jesus has corrected him by stating that Jesus the Christ is the son of man! Just look at what Jesus is saying, and see that he backs that up by giving the prophecy of what will be seen of this son of man in the highest Heavens and on this Earth in the future, Jesus the Christ has just testified that he is not God, he testifies that he is the son of man, and tells of how the son of man relates to some Heavenly activities: look at the priests reaction, he is deluded and his ears are dull, Jesus tells him it is only him (The priest) that
Says Jesus is God, but Jesus says; I am the son of man, even so, these are some of the things you will see the son of man doing. ---- Do you yet receive what Jesus and God testify?
Once again at this point I can make no apologies if I appear to be repeating these writings; given that this is the way I am taught.
The Diaglott word for word of the original manuscript does not have the word Christ, the word used is “Anointed”, Now Christ was anointed with the Holy Spirit of God, and it was shown to all there at Jesus Baptism in the form like a dove descending down from Heaven. It was not a Dove, but came like a Dove; it came down from God Almighty, To the Man Jesus, and now, Jesus the man with the anointing of the Holy Spirit was now ready and strengthened by God to start the hard and arduous Ministry for which the Man Jesus was now the Christ. Still he is not God! (This after the temptation of the Devil in the Desert).
A full Conviction is required, because the Great deceiver is at work, the God purposed Devil!
Here is one that needs understanding, and if not read right could lead one a stray; (1 Peter. 1:20) from the Diaglott word for word, “Foreknown indeed, before the foundation of the world, but manifested in the last times on your account”.
“Foreknown”, Known before hand that a Christ was coming. To say different is to say Jesus Christ was known to people personally, and at a time before he actually was born to Mary.
Other than that, “Afore known” to God, not existing, but the plan is in the mind of God, and he will bring it to be.
Reading and knowing the Scriptures reveals, the Jews and Israelites were expecting a Messiah, they knew he did not yet exist, and when he did, some would not accept the fact.
“Before the foundation of the world” just as the explanation of (1Peter 2:6, you read). A Christ was known to be coming, and it was to be “Before the foundation of that world, the laying down of the foundation of that world which was to come out of the whole happening of Jesus the Christ, which is the world we have now, that of the New Testament, we are in the New Testament times now, realize it or not, we are actually living out the New Testament times right now, the foundation of these times, this world as it is, not as it was before Jesus Christ. ---- Take time to think about this, it is a crucial understanding to have!
We are in the latter days of the New Testament, this is the Foundation laid down by God, through Jesus Christ, that we build on now, this is where those who are worthy build on the Foundation of Christ, those who are worthy are the building blocks or stones which build up God’s spiritual Temple, those ones are God’s church Gathered up by order of God Almighty, and the gathering done by Christ Jesus.
This is all happening now! And the foundation of this world we live in now is Christ!
The foundation of the World is not referring to the actual creation of the world by God Almighty, Yahweh.
Jesus Christ was not the creator of the Earth and Heavens and all mankind, Jesus the Christ did not exist materially nor was he God Almighty in being, Jesus the man was a plan for the future, the savoir before Jesus was born was Yahweh who on finding that Jesus the man was going to be worthy after the tests and trials God put him trough, transferred the well earned title and job to that very man Jesus, who became the Christ, the right hand man of God, who God gave all Authority over flesh to, this is the reward Yahweh gave to Jesus for his obedience to him, and Jesus will share with all that overcome, all that which Yahweh his Father, who is our Father gave to him, this is possible because we are as Jesus the Christ was on this earth also.
The next foundation to be laid down; The 1000 year period of Christ and the Saints rule over the remaining of the world, what is left after God’s wrath on those who make him a liar and change times and laws that make his word none affect, and who are not obedient to him, and some other things to.


This is a Scriptural/Gospel account of Gods testimony of who Jesus really is. Isa 53 and Isa 42, back this testimony up, however, this comes from the Greek manuscript, in the Diaglott word for word translation, interpreted thus; “This is he who came by water and blood,-Jesus the Anointed one; not by water only, but by the water and by the blood; and the spirit is that which testifies, because the Spirit is the truth.” (1 John 5:6).
This is important to get right! This is God’s testimony of who Jesus really is.
Jesus came by water and blood that is the formula of flesh.
Re affirming this and alluding to being born of flesh woman, by stating; “not by water only, but by the water and by the blood;” (And the Spirit of God that allows us to breathe)
The Spirit is that which testifies, is God telling us that Jesus is Man! And answers the question; is Jesus actually God Almighty? And the answer is no he is not!
“The Spirit is that which testifies” to these things, “because the Spirit is the truth” (God himself) this is in Jesus to make him the Christ, we are to gain that also, by Obedience.
We all have the Spirit of God in us or we would not live, God has given all of us of his Spirit!
Without going any further, stop! What is Gods Testimony?
God’s Testimony as stated is; Jesus Christ was water and blood, born of water and blood!
God has not added to that in his Testimony, other than the spirit as within all of us, mentioned below.
Let me quote it as it is written without interpretation from man; “This is the one having come by means of water and blood, Jesus the Anointed; not by the water only, but by the water and the blood; and the Spirit is the one testifying, because the Spirit is the truth. Because three are those testifying; the spirit, and the water, and the blood, and the three for the one are.” (We all have to have the spirit or we cannot exist, we die).
The one big thing that is absent in God’s testimony that would back up those who say (Jesus is God), --- is just that those words do not appear, not by God or Jesus, --- only by man!
You will however find in the (KJV) this added verse 7; “For there are three that bear record in Heaven, the Father, the word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one”.
And now you have the Trinity, and what makes, Jesus is God, work for some! This was inserted by a late 5th century Monk, a Latin writer of no credit, by the name of Vergilius Tapsensis. Also v6 has been changed to help the deceit along, in the (KJV).
It is not cited by any of the Greek Ecclesiastical writers and is considered spurious!
To stay safely with the Diaglott, and looking at the context all this is written in the chapter 5 of 1 John.
V9 is important to the understanding here; “If we receive the Testimony of men, the Testimony of God is greater; for this is the testimony of God which he has testified concerning his son”( that’s the testimony quoted above) it’s God’s testimony over and above what ever man Might say!
And what’s more it is God’s testimony! Yahweh.
And here is some more very important words to consider, v10; “He who believes into the son of God, has the testimony in himself; “He who does not believe God has made him a liar. Because he has not believed in the testimony which God has testified concerning his Son”. ----God says Jesus is his Son, God is not saying Jesus is God!
V5 says; “And who is he that over comes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the son of God” (he is only the son), God says that we to can become sons, of man and of God!
V12 “He who has the Son has the Life; he who has not the Son has not the life”
To me that says, if you believe God is God, and is the one and only living God, and that, Jesus Christ is the Man that God did his works through, Just like God did with many others, with the exception that Jesus was strengthened far more in accordance with his Job, then
You won’t Call Jesus Christ God Almighty who created the world with his own hands! ---------- And you have the chance to have the Life, Life Eternal! As in v11 “And this is the testimony that God has given to us aionian Life, and this life is in his Son”.

We know Paul was given by the spirits of God and Jesus the exact truth; he was taken in Spirit and spiritually given the exact truth! (Paul is a promised comforter).
1 Corinthians Chapter 15. Tells us exactly what we need to know to answer and correct those who would be of the, Jesus is God almighty Teachings.
I am using the Diaglott word for word Greek manuscript, for reliability and clarity; 1 Corinthians Chapter 15, verses 1-29; this is the Apostle Paul’s testimony, as given him by God through Jesus Christ, so read it carefully and know that Paul is telling all; Jesus Christ was a man, and was not God at all!
Let’s go straight to the crucial verses: V16. “For if dead persons are not raised up, neither has Christ been raised”.
What has Paul just told us? No better still, what has Christ just told us through Paul!
We are being told that Christ was a man! That is what verse 16 is saying.
Verse 20. “But now Christ has been raised from the dead, a first fruit of those having fallen asleep”. (Jesus had to be a man to die and be raised again)
Christ could not have died if he was God or even a god, and what’s more this verse is backed by the next to give context to it.
Verse. 21. “For since through man there is death, through a man also, there is a resurrection of the dead”. (If Jesus was God he could not have fulfilled this, this required a man)
Now there is the proof of what we need to know: By Adam came death, him being man, and by Christ came the resurrection of man, Christ being the man the Scriptures/Gospels tell us he is, we have to listen to God through his word, not man through his deceit!
Adam, born to be immortal bought death, Jesus born to die, bought life, -- God can’t die!
Verse. 23. Tells us that Jesus Christ was the man to die and be resurrected and taken to be with God,----------------------think about it, he was a man, to say he was not is to call God and Jesus liars--------------------think about that very carefully.
Also think about Jesus being the man to be killed, and resurrected from the ground, and given immortality; Jesus the man, it could not have been any other way, the Scriptures are
Full of it, those ones of God are full of the truth of this, Jesus had to be a man or man has no proof that God is able to raise man to Eternal life, and from a dead man! To immortality in Eternal life.
God has told us; through man there is death, and through man there is life.
Through the Man Adam came death, and through the man Jesus came life.
The man Adam though born capable of immortal life, bought death for all.
The man Jesus Christ born capable of death bought life.
Yes born capable of death, and that’s exactly what happened to the man, he died, the man Jesus died! God can’t die, where does it say in Scripture that God will eventually die? Jesus was not God or a god, God the only living God, the rest are dumb Idols of mans imagination, deceived mans gods who do not live, there is only one living God, he has a son who he calls son of God, and also calls him son of man, we are son of man, yet we can be come sons of God as we are in the flesh, read about it in the Scriptures/Gospels.
God could not die! And neither was he out to show any lack of his Almighty powers to be able to raise the dead, by deception, why? Because God has no lack of power!
Think to yourself, why would God not have Jesus as a man.
Then think to your self; some say it was God who came down in a human body, and when God was finished with it he just let it die on the cross. And they say also God wanted to know what it was like to be a man, to get to understand what man was going through!
The deceiver has been busy hasn’t he!
Then think about this; God could not risk the deceit, Skeptical man would have downed on a deception like that, and that in it self would have completely destroyed Christianity, apart from throwing complete suspicion on all of God’s word, who would then believe, ---------- think about it.--------------- Now, God is God Almighty---------------think about that!---------------Almighty, He created man by thinking every atom and molecule into place, God created everything about man, (and gave him a free will, for those of you who would say, then God Created man a sinner! No that’s mans freewill being exercised, and deceived by the Devil!) Think about things here, God did not need to take on a human body to find out what it was to be man.
Then think about this also; the Scriptures/Gospels tell us of God, in as much as the flesh mind can comprehend, and to know anymore we will have to wait until we take on our spiritual form, and body, this to be able to cope with the Knowledge, (1Corinthians 15).
What we know of God is that he is a huge beyond our comprehension, burning electrical like masse of power and energy, so big that the heavens can only just contain him, so big that his hand can span the universe, so big that he built the planet we are on and everything we can see from it and more!
So then, what ever it is that God’s word describes God to be, the point is------this fits inside a mans body?????? A partial visit of God burnt the Rock black on Mount Sinai, so what was inside the Man Jesus then, this man that came as water and blood, hardly enough to be something more resilient than Mount Sinai, is it? Water and blood and the spirit of God to make it breath and be alive, and obedient! This is a man! This man is Jesus! Son of man, who can be made son of God as we can, Jesus obtained it after trials, we can be also after trials, we can be called son of God, and we can be called begotten sons of God, you think not? Then read your Bible some more, and pray to God for some understanding.
Rev. 22:16 “I Jesus sent my Angel to testify to you these things in the Congregations. I am the root and the offspring of David, the Bright Morning Star”.
We just have to go to the very start of were God tells King David that it will be his seed that will become Jesus Christ. (If Jesus pre existed, in substance, or materially, this would not be necessary, or true.)
2. Samuel. 7:12-16 Nathan passes the promise on to King David---“And when thy days be fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with thy Fathers, I will set up thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of thy bowels and I will establish his Kingdom.”(States the situation clearly)
Now, so far this tells us that Jesus Christ did not pre-exist materially, read it for your self.
V13. “He shall build a house for my name, and I will stablish the throne of his Kingdom for ever.”(Jesus building the House of believers). (In the future tense.)(Believers are the house)
Once again, he shall, and for my, states two different ones, and I will states the future, not some thing already in existence.
V14. “I will be his Father, and he will be my son. If he commits iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men and with the stripes of the children of men” (all futuristic)
If we call Jesus God after reading this, we have to be in the category of those calling God a liar! God is telling us of the man he is bringing to be here, Jesus to be the Christ. God is not saying I will create another God; he is bringing a man to be!
“I will” is once again futuristic, and once again the Father and Son existence to be, is stressed by God, even down to announcing what and how God will punish Jesus in his up bringing,( if required) Jesus the Christ does not pre- exist, he is not born yet! (In context).
These Scriptures should be proof enough to anyone in Doubt as to the Father and Son relationship; Jesus Christ even at this point did not pre exist in any form other than a plan in Gods plans for the future! Jesus Christ certainly did not create the world from the beginning with his own hands; he certainly was not the one and only living God Almighty.
Some say of 2 Samuel 7; the one being spoken of is Solomon, and not Jesus the Christ to come, but that has immediately made confusion by verse twelve. “And when thy days be fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with thy Fathers, I will set up thy seed after thee ----. Now then, this cannot be Solomon, because he already existed and took over the Throne during David’s time, have a good read and you will see that God’s promise to David, and coming through also Solomon, and then all those who were on the Throne of Israel, after him, and you will see that this promise is for a distant time, that of Jesus the Christ, and Verse 19 tells us that it is for a time to come. ---- Lets look for Scriptural back up of this also --- Here we have it. Jeremiah. 23:5-6. “Behold the days come, saith the Lord, that I will raise unto David a righteous branch, and a king shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth.” V6. “In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is his name whereby he shall be called, the lord our righteousness. See Jer3:18.
Now then, God tells us that; coming from David will be a righteous branch; this can’t be Solomon, because Idol worshipping as Solomon turned to against God is not righteousness! And God tells us that he will raise this righteous branch, just as in (2kings, in the Septuagint) or 2 Samuel 7, in other Bibles and, what’s more, God tells us in Isa.53: just the exact character that this man Jesus will be, and this God can do because God knows that; by what he is going to put on this man as responsibilities, God knows how the flesh will react or the form of character those sorts of responsibilities will bring out in Flesh man, and God tells us there in 2kings.7:/ 2 Samuel, how he is going to raise him, look back to the verses and you will see God is going to raise him as any man Child, and note here also that; Jesus has not been born or in existence at this stage, God is making that clear. --- Solomon on the other hand did not end up reigning and prospering, in Matters of God! Nor did he execute Judgment or Justice in that he turned away from God in favor of hundreds of strange wives, and with them indulged great sin against God, in disobedience, and in Idol worship. – No Solomon is not the righteous branch, and what’s more I find scripturally, no other than Jesus the Christ who is referred to by God as “The lord our righteousness” certainly not Solomon!
Jesus Christ did not bodily pre-exist, and Jesus did not come down from Heaven as a being.
What came down from Heaven was the word, --- Yes that came down alright, that is the word that God spoke through the one he had “Raised to stand”. The word came down from Heaven from God through the man Jesus. The Christ or Savior is God himself, but working it through the man Jesus and this does not make Jesus God Physically or materially, only that Spiritually God is working through Jesus. To say that Jesus was the word is not to be taken
That Jesus is God, and the rest of the Scriptures/ Gospels when understood correctly totally back all this up.
What of the man Jesus himself, what standing has he considering all this, does this bring him and his Glory down? --- Certainly not! It raises it! Jesus is the man! The very fact that Jesus as a man did what he did makes him worthy, -- So much more worthy! than if he were God or a god, don’t get this wrong, look at it this way, we would expect what Jesus the Man did to be an easy thing for God to do himself, in fact it would have been nothing to God, it certainly would not have hurt him in any way as it did to the Man God used, and the impact would be lost.
The fact that this man came to be AT one with God in thought and deed, is suppose to be our greatest inspiration towards our overcoming, also towards our obedience to God himself, and as well as to Jesus the Christ, who has been rewarded for his efforts to have all authority over matters of the flesh. ---- Think about it, --- be honest with yourself, if God had not used this man, if it was God who did all that Jesus did, would it have the same impact on you? – Or has it never occurred to you, have you just gone along with what Mainstream says? I mean it is easy for us to say in weak moments, yes but that was God, do you expect me to be the same as God, but have you thought of the Power of believing that it was Jesus the man just as us? That is the Power of Jesus Christ, that he was a man as us! Do you too want to take that way from Jesus? (It is well written, the Saints draw their strength from the exact knowledge of Jesus Christ E. G. Paul’s writings given him from Jesus).
Yes you may say, but Jesus was greatly strengthened by God, the Virgin birth and such, (Then I the Author say to you) Look in these writings for those understandings given me on the virgin birth, then know this; we too can be strengthened by God! And now also we have the strengthening from Jesus Christ! And if you perceive the Understandings you will realize, that to know who Jesus really was; brings greater Strength and Power to those believers! Remember this; the Devil will, and has done many things to discredit Jesus, remember this; the Devil who is spirit also, sees Jesus, this mere man at the time, as having taken his role off him, therefore the Devil is angry and down here waging war against the purpose, and the being and name of Jesus the Christ, and all those who would follow. The Devil has many of Christianity deceived! That’s how he works. I am sorry to convey the message, but the Devil has attacked and won against the Churches! But see what God says, the Saints are not deceived! God has mercy; there is somewhere and some one to go to. Have a read of Jeremiah 23: to start with. And know that the Apostasy comes before the return of Jesus Christ!
What then happened to Solomon? 1 Kings. 9:1 tells us that Solomon finished building the House of the Lord, of Solomon’s desire, (This being a house built by hands, but remember
The house that Jesus built is spiritually and those who believe into Jesus the Christ are the house.)
But now in verse 4 and five God makes the same promise to Solomon as he did David, thus bringing continuance of the lineage from David’s issue through to Joseph and therefore Jesus: now this keeps the throne in place to be “Setup” for Jesus.
Then we see in verse 6-9, what will happen if Solomon doesn’t obey Gods Laws, have a read for yourself, it’s very clear what Solomon and his people were not to do, and that amongst other things, being Idol worship! But what did Solomon do? 1 Kings. 11:1-6, Solomon broke God’s Laws to him, he took hundreds of strange women, and they in turn took Solomon away from God, and sadly he went into Idol worship! Solomon became evil, and from thereon was out of favor with God, and in verse 11 God rends the Throne and Kingdom away from Solomon. – 2 Samuel Chapter 7 and from verse 10-16 refers to the coming Jesus Christ. What’s more verse ten backs this up by showing the time span and when this seed God talks of, therefore showing who this seed God talks of is, the people Israel are not in that secure position yet , and cannot be until Jesus has returned, and all the Prophesies have been fulfilled in that area. Also to be noted! The seed issue did not stop until Josephs issue, or else the prophesy was not fulfilled as written, it stopped at the conception and the subsequent birth of Jesus, who then became the Christ after the immersion of Baptism and the further Holy Spirit anointing from God, and then that final test of Jesus’ obedience undergone by 40 days and 40 nights of fasting in the Desert, followed by the Great deceiver testing Jesus with temptations, and while he (Jesus) was at his lowest in strength.
Now therefore the throne is not Solomon’s for ever, the meaning of the Throne forever is referring to and for Jesus Christ.
Notice how so many of Man that God have setup in the past has failed? Notice how God has promised great things to so called great people, how they have been good and obedient to start with, then they all fail? And how God has to tailor make coverings for these great men, and this so God can keep his promises, even though let down: How God has had a hard time with man, trying to get someone reliable? If you can see that, then you will see this; that is the reason God had to intervene with the “Seed issue” of David when it got to Joseph, God had to intervene to rectify that fault, yet it was still the “Seed issue from the loins of David, and therefore the loins of Joseph, that created the Man Jesus. The resulting Man that was born to the Virgin Mary, was then tested and found worthy, and he then became “The Christ” “Son of man”, and “Son of God” Remember! We, who are son of man, can become son of God also! -----Study!
I have a conviction on the above matter, strong and given By God!

Now I can quote these next verses from the Diaglott for truth and clarity. (1 Timothy. 2:3-7; “This is good and acceptable before God our Savior” (This is not saying that Jesus is God, ultimately God is the Savior of us, but he works through Jesus Christ.)
V4. “Who desires all men to be saved, and to come to an accurate knowledge of the truth.”
God does not say in this verse, that “He will have all men to be saved to life” as in the (KJV). That is to say God is going to save all people, he does not say that in the original manuscripts, what Gods does say is that he “desires all men to be saved”, but as he and we know, that is up to the freewill given to mankind, therefore God would like to see it happen even though he knows it will not, God has shown us his preference only, and the Devil intervenes. God also makes comment of us coming to an accurate knowledge of the truth, and tells us through the Gospels how to obtain that from him. Now read with care the following verses! V5. “For God is one, and there is one mediator of God and Men, that Man, Christ Jesus.”
Yes God is one, he is not three, he is one, not God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, there are not three Gods, God says so, and to back this up, the mediator is a man! Jesus Christ! So he can’t be God the son, he can only be son of God as a son of man. ----- And the third God? The Holy Spirit is the power of God, it is God, it is every much a part of God as our hand is a part of us, there is no third God, and what’s more, God says so, he says there is only one living God, the rest are dumb idols.
When the Old Testament account when God was asked who are you? And God answered “I am” which means I exist, God did not say; I am the three Gods! Call me the Triune, call me the God head of three!—No he certainly didn’t, because then he would have immediately contradicted that by saying, “I am the one and only living God, there is only one God, I am he, there are none before me and there are none after me” and “There is only one living God, the rest are dumb idols,” because this is what he has said.
V5, from the original Greek Manuscript;--Who wants to alter it? “For God is one”, Don’t try to make something else of it, come to God as a child to learn, and then go back to the Testimony that God gave of Jesus Christ, Go back to page 8 and 9, and know that, what God is telling us is, that God is one, and Jesus Christ is another being, but not God, they are one in thought, because God works through Jesus, and Jesus only does what God tells and shows him, don’t make Jesus out to be a Liar for the sake of mans precepts and doctrines.
There is one Mediator between God, the one and only living and Almighty God, between him and Men, and that Mediator is a Man, and that Man is Christ Jesus.
God is not telling us that Jesus Christ or Christ Jesus, is God, there is only one God, and God says it’s not Jesus, even to this point; the use of “Christ Jesus” as he is now that he has risen,
Even in his Spirit body state, even in his capacity of Authority over all flesh, Mediator, High Priest, given him by God, even though Christ is at the right hand of God in the highest Heavens, even though this in our terms could be said, Jesus Christ is Gods right hand man, even though all these things and more, God has referred to Christ Jesus, a man! Even now in Christ’s spiritual state God still classifies Christ Jesus as a man!
What’s more; V6. “Who gave himself a Ransom in behalf of all, ---the testimony in its own seasons;” (he gave himself a Man for Men, for all men, mankind, who will come believing into him, all who by their own freewill obey the Commandments.) and this will show to be true in it’s right time, ---- But to late for those who don’t listen in this life.
The Apostle Paul stands up for what he passes on to us from God through Christ Jesus, and he does this in V 7. “For which I was appointed a herald and an Apostle, (I speak the truth, I do not falsify,) a teacher of Nations in Faith and Truth)”
Paul has just made the statement, that all he has just told us of, God being the one and only living God Almighty, and Christ Jesus being the Man, and Paul tells us he speaks the truth, he does not falsify, and that what he tells us is for all the Nations, and that includes now times! It is written, there will be those who fall into the hands of the Devil, and it is he who is on this Earth now and has been since Jesus Christ, he is Angry and is making war with Gods people, he has been creating great deception amongst the Churches, of course, one of his main drives is towards ANTI-CHRIST, read all about it in Revelations.
There has over the centuries been many Churches and their leaders that have exposed themselves to the Accuser, that Devil in his anger who watches and waits until any one has a weak moment and sins, the Accuser, the Enemy the Devil, he stands and accuses those ones directly to God. It is while these ones who fall back and sin in Church leadership, that the Accuser becomes also the Deceiver, he gets right in, even the deceived don’t realize they have been got, and unwittingly they also become Deceivers, and so they teach on!
Read Revelations and all connected to it, and read in Revelations where the Devil and a third of the Angels of Heaven have the Bad spirit, and are caste down on Earth, they have many followers amongst man, Clergy and Pastors and Bishops and Priests, Popes, every day people, and on and on, these to are included, there is very little of so called Christianity that is not touched in one way or another by all this. Jesus gives us this message.
These are the hard cold facts, clearly written in the Scriptures/Gospels, clear to all that are truly of God.
It is written. “Come out of her, my people, so that you may have no fellowship with her sins, and that you receive not of her Plagues” (Rev. 18:4)
It is written, about one who asked God who he is , what his name is, God replied “I AM”
That is the only way God could describe himself to the flesh mind, we will have to be in the Spirit state to know anymore, the flesh mind cannot comprehend!
“I am” very basically says, I exist.
Let’s now look back to 1 Corinthians. 15: 15. “And we are found even false witnesses concerning God; because we testified in regard to God, that he raised up the Anointed one; whom he did not raise up, if indeed Dead persons are not raised up.”
What Paul is saying; that the Apostles are testifying that Christ being a “dead person” was raised up by God. That “dead person” was Jesus Christ.
Now if Jesus Christ was not a “dead person”, then all the Apostles have given false witness, and because they testify that God almighty raised up from the dead a dead person, and that person was Jesus Christ, and was not God raised up from the dead.
Well then if that is not true, the Apostles are also liars. (God forbid)
The Scriptures/Gospels tell us that there will be those who try to make God a Liar, and I am sure it’s not referring to the Apostles, but it does refer to the Mother of Harlots and her Harlots, and the Deceiver the great Deceiver, the Beast and his Mark, Anti-Christ’s dwell.
Here’s 1 John. 2:22-23 “Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Anointed one? This is the Anti-Christ, he who denies the Father and the son.” (God is not the Anointed, God is the Anointer, and Jesus the man is the Anointed by God - Yahweh).
V23. “No one who denies the son has the Father; he who confesses the son has the Father also”.
These verses make it clear that two beings are spoken of the Father and the son, do not get confused when you read, “No one who denies the son has the Father” some would tell you that it’s a clear indication of the two being one, it is not, the closeness between the Father and the son is in accordance with how God is working through Jesus, Jesus has to be totally open and humble, being meek, to Gods guidance of him, Jesus said he does nothing of himself. God's word given.Page 2