God's word given.

• The Biblical 24 hr period was Sunset to Sunset, and started in the Evening.
• We should observe that in keeping Gods days today also.(or to be of none effect)

• The Sabbath definitely has not been taken away; it remains, as do the other nine Commandments.

• The weekly Sabbath is to be observed on the seventh day, Saturday.(God's)

• The Sabbath starts after Friday day time, after the Sun has set, and that Evening and it finishes at Sunset Saturday, in the evening.

• We get our rest through Jesus Christ, when we believe “Into” the lord Jesus and keep the Commandments, hence, the keeping of the Sabbath, which will give us rest now, and in Eternity.

• Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Sabbath and the rest is in him, “If you will enter that rest, keep the Commandments”

• Jesus Christ cannot have died on Friday Evening and have “Risen” again by early Sunday morning, and according to the Scriptures, there was not enough time! 72hrs! Edit---. Let me clarify; Jesus having being risen by early Sunday morning is the key to understanding here, It tells us in this verse that Jesus had already risen from the dead state he had been in before Sunday, which is the first day of the week. Jesus was risen on the Saturday evening, And being the end of God's Sabbath, which is also the actual start of Sunday, remember that God's days start in the evening and go through to the next evening. Now look at it clearly: Jesus having been risen on Saturday evening was risen on the weekly Sabbath, even so it was the very last moments of the Sabbath but still the Sabbath, and therefore was risen by the very early Sunday morning. Remember that Jesus was buried with the same fine timing, and at the very last moments before the Sabbath which was the Sabbath which comes the day after Passover, a Special Sabbath, and as the burial was completed at the turn to that Sabbath. So count back for yourself and see when Jesus was buried, and it is on a Wednesday evening, according to the Scriptures, and not on a Friday according to deceived man. End edit.

• Jesus Christ Died on the Wednesday Passover, late afternoon, he rose again sometime on the Saturday afternoon (the weekly Sabbath)

• What better day for Jesus to raise again the Christ, the lord of the Sabbath, on the Sabbath!

• Christ was risen Saturday afternoon/Evening, on the Sabbath, and on the very verge of the first day of the week.

• Man admits to changing times and laws, speaking great things against God.

• The Roman Catholic Church openly admits to changing the day of the Sabbath.

• The Pope of that Church openly admits to changing the Sabbath.


• God is not happy with those of disobedience. (Knowledge is responsibility!)

• 1 Corinthians 15:3-4, “For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures; v4 and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the Scriptures.” This being back up from Paul.
• Three days and three nights in the Whale, Jesus Christ used this Scripture to exactly describe how long he would be in the Tomb.
• Jesus said Passover was the time of his being bought through his death and burial, and the Scripture/ Gospel account of that time shows exactly the time of Passover that is Evening to Evening.
Given the Scripture/Gospel account of the two Sabbaths, the High Annual, and the low weekly, also the midweek cut off, the actions of the two Mary’s, and the actions of the Roman Catholic Church, who can have doubt, most have observed, if at all, the Sabbath, “to none effect.”
Here is just a few more Back ups from the Scriptures/Gospels, as follows:-
Leviticus 23:32, shows Sabbath start and finish, Evening to evening.
Nehimiah.13:19, ----“Began to be Dark before the Sabbath”
Exodus.16 and Exodus20, shows the Sabbath weekly was before the Ten Commandments and re-affirmed at Sinai. And comment from God shows; that the Sabbath had only been loosely kept. Before that time; which was of concern to God.
A point to be made; Jesus demonstrated that it was not a sin to do good on a Sabbath, looking therefore in the book of Exodus we see that Jesus has eased the Sabbath a little in comparison, and possibly more than a little in some parts of its laws in comparison to the days of the Ordinance laws.
Luke 6:1 backs up the two Sabbaths in the one week thus---“on the second Sabbath after the first”---.
Ezekiel 22:26, just one quote of the people not observing the Sabbath, ----“they hid their eyes from my Sabbaths”---.
The Hebrew calendar; 2009 Passover, wed, 08 April 2009 at Sundown! Now when was Jesus Christ Crucified? Wed, 25th April A.D.31. Wednesday! During Passover! (Internet sourced). (Not my work).

I think myself it is Profitable to get Doctrine from the Scriptures with God’s help, and ignore the wisdom of man and his Philosophies, there is much to be avoided.
We have Jesus Christ as our rest, understand this; believe into, or on him, means we will do his Commands, that being the commands of God. Now then, if we do that we will observe the Sabbath also, of which Christ is the Lord, so then we will get the rest in Jesus Christ by observing the Sabbath rest, which is the shadow of the rest to come, through Jesus, then we will get the Eternal rest (providing all else is in place).
The rest we have in Jesus Christ while we are Mortal, is the rest in knowing our sins are forgiven, now that’s an almighty rest if you care to think on it!, and also the Sabbath weekly rest. Think about it. ---
Then if you really have understanding you will know; if we have done well in Gods eyes, and if we are to receive Eternal life, then that rest has started now, the rest of knowing you have and are doing well, and it comes in Jesus Christ, knowing we keep all the Commands of God.
Yes, Jesus Christ is the lord of the Sabbath as he said, and his last days to his death he demonstrated it to the very last minute, now look at the facts.
This is the sign given by God through Jesus, for Gods ones to be able to verify and back up their Faith, because God knew the Great Harlot, and Daughters, would adulterate his word.
(Matt.12:38-40), this backing up the very time of his death and resurrection as pointed out previously, and most importantly, The Sabbath, also the Easter myth of the Harlot churches.
So, here it is; v38. “Then certain of the Scribes and Pharisees answered, saying, Master, we would see a sign from thee”. V39. “But he answered and said unto them, an evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall be no sign given to it, but the sign of the Prophet Jonas:” v40. “For Jonas was three days and three nights in the Whale’s belly; so shall the son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth”.
O.K, so where is all this going? Well the proof is in here; Jesus said he would give a sign, what for? Why was he giving a sign? The Scribes and the Pharisees had no idea what Jesus was talking about, why? Because they were not God’s through Jesus Christ! We who are God’s are given the understanding as God wills, and as he prepares us for it! So why a sign?
The sign was so that all in the future would be able to work out the truth corrupted by Man! That is the three days and three nights Christ would be in the heart of the earth, has to be 72hrs and it was an exact time! Given so the Tomb could be checked to verify the facts that

Christ had risen. (Paul tells us that it was given him from Christ that it all happened as written in the scriptures, that everything was done as written, so we have our proof!) Given also that the right period of time could be observed, using the Passover as part of that which is crucial evidence of many things as pointed out previously, (the Good Friday myth, the myth of rising on the Sunday, the Sabbath exact times and numbers of) all pointed out earlier in this book.
Once again to explain it, just remember the Biblical day, Sunset to Sunset, Gods day, Gods day from the first of Night and Day, Gods day right through to Jesus death, and what’s more it was still God’s day after Jesus ascended to Heaven, God hasn’t changed, do you think his day has? God the same today as yesterday has not changed!
Now then with all this in mind, and given that Jesus the Christ was buried at the very finish of the Passover, (the Passover saving Lamb), the High Sabbath being the next day, on the Thursday, was buried all that Sabbath day, and was then raised at the ending of the weekly Sabbath, on the Saturday and buried all that Sabbath day, and at a time very late towards evening, and then, at a point called very early Sunday morning, was presented already risen! As a first fruit of the risen dead on the first day of the week! He is the lord of the Sabbath! He spent all the Passover Sabbath, and then nearly all the weekly Sabbath in the ground, rising on and at the very finish of that weekly Sabbath, to be discovered, already risen, very early Sunday morning.
Yes Jesus Christ gave the sign alright, and it is to mean much to those of God!
The actions of those who cause change to God’s times and Laws have already been judged, read about it from the direct source!
Some more of the missing chapter and verses quoted
(1 Cor. 15: 1-4). “Now I make known to you, Brethren, the glad tidings which I evangelized to you, and which you received; in which also you have stood”.
“And through which you are being saved, if you retain a certain word I evangelized to you; unless indeed, you believed inconsiderately.”
“For I delivered to you among the chief things, that I also received, that Christ died on behalf of our sins according to the Scriptures;” -------
“And that he was buried; and that he was raised the third day according to the Scriptures;”--
What is the message here?
Paul has let the Saints know that he has given them the words Jesus gave him, to give to them; these are the words that they are being saved in.

Now there are certain words here that only those who have understanding will pick up on, and they are the Key to the times and day of Christ’s death and his resurrection, and leads to the knowledge of the true times to keep the Sabbath. (Do you think Christ would have given this sign if the Sabbath was to be taken away?)
Here they are; “If you retain a certain word I evangelized to you” (alerting them to certain words)
What are those words? They are “among the Chief things” that Paul received from Christ.
“That Christ died on behalf of our sins according to the Scriptures”, this means that Christ died on the Passover period starting on the evening of Tuesday, died and was buried just before the evening of Wednesday.
That proves to us the Biblical day that God wants us to observe.
It proves that the following day, Thursday was a High Sabbath observed from the Wednesday evening till the evening of Thursday, this proving the evening to evening days.
The next day was a Friday which is a preparation day for the Saturday Sabbath which is the weekly Sabbath.
How do we confirm all this, “And that he was buried; and raised the third day according to the Scriptures;” this is how to confirm it, these are all special words meaning certainty for believers.
So then we have got to Saturday, which is the second Sabbath of that annual event, because of Passover.
On Saturday late afternoon, Christ rose again, just as the Scriptures tell us. Now Christ has been buried 72 hours, or the full three days and three nights just like Christ said would happen! Just like he quoted happened to Jonah in the Whales belly, just as according to the Scriptures, just as Paul was given from Christ to confirm to us!
This sort of exact knowledge is given to those who can receive it, and is done this way so the record will not be lost, giving the knowledge to Gods ones.
Unfortunately it has been lost to the Churches of the Whore and her Harlots, who seeked to change times and laws, those who openly admit to doing so!
If the disobedience of the Whore and Harlot churches and with their tie into the Great Deceiver (being in delusions of grandeur also) which is well advanced and apparent, if they are now virtually the one and only Christian influence, (called mainstream Christianity) with their false Doctrine poisoning the rest of their splinter Churches, if this is the mark of the beast!

No one who is a true Christian can read the Scriptures/Gospels and deny the Scriptural account of a Devil! If anyone does so they are making Gods word of none effect, and even to make God a liar! Read, read Gods word, and don’t argue with him, what is written, don’t try to make other of it! For such ones will not realize the Devil can and will deceive them! Read the Scriptural account of the Devil and his fallen Angels, they are raging now times, raging against those of God, God wants his ones to believe there is a Devil! He is as a lion raging and looking to swallow up all those who he can deceive, and take good warning! If you cannot accept that this is what the Scriptures of God are telling us, then look to yourself! You have to be deceived! Then fight against him with the truth of God from God, seek the answers through Jesus Christ, but go as a Child to learn! It took the strength of Jesus to fight off the temptations of the Devil! What strength have you got? You won’t get it from Man! Not any man! But you will from that man in Heaven, he’s the man with the experience in these matters, that’s one of the reasons he was a man. Even though he is at the right hand of God in his Heavenly status, he is still referred to as “Son of Man!” And the Fallen Angel who is out of Heaven, God refers to as the “Devil”, and don’t forget he has those who followed him down.
The “Devil” is not alone spiritually, in the bad spirit realm, nor is he alone in the world of flesh!
Don’t be a Luke warm one, these, even though they profess to be Christians, go to the Plagues, heed the warnings given by Jesus, he will spew them out of his mouth, then, Lord, Lord, open for us, haven’t we done great things in your name; be gone you who work iniquity, I know you not; who are all these different ones who are seemingly Christians? Look to the Parable of the ten Virgins.
Read! The ruler of this earth is that who rules the air! It’s the Devil, he has Gods purpose on Earth, Just as written in the Scriptures/Gospels, and if you don’t think God uses the Devil to purpose, well then you haven’t understood the Book of Job, nor the Devils roll in the book of Revelations.
Become obedient to God and his Christ, to their wishes, not to man and his church and their wishes, obey as Christ tells us, the Commandments, and gain life! The Sabbath also has the test of the Mark of God to obedience to him. How do we Love God? The first command? We obey his commands!
(Matt. 22; 37). “Jesus said unto him, thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
And then he added
V38. “This is the first and great Commandment”.
We will see why.
This is a key to Pleasing God, and if we please God now, God tells us in his word that we are then in a Blessed state with him, this means our lives will be as they should be on Earth now, we will be in Gods Favor, and we can’t do better than that, because the end result of this life will be the treasures we will have built up in the Kingdom of God: This is what life on Earth is
All about, getting ready for the real and eternal life: lets look at what follows Matt. 22: 37-38.
Jesus tells us to love God, but how do we really do that? How do we sort out the Human emotion called love, that Hormonal one?
This is how it’s done;
(1 John. 5:3). “For this is the love of God; that we keep his Commandments: and his Commandments are not grievous”. There now, no mystery is it.
Now there is no mystery, it is clear what we have to do, to Love God, and exactly in the way it is to be done.
To express our love for God, we must keep all his Commandments, not just some: Those who break the least of the Commandments, and that’s the Ten, they are guilty of them all (it is written).
So then we know we love God, in the way that God will take pleasure in, when we do his Commandments, and like to do so, (not find them grievous), and that we are happy to do so.
One Commandment that is of great importance, and is a test to us is the keeping of the Sabbath: The Sabbath is a “Perpetual”, for “Eternity” commandment, given before the other nine and reaffirmed with the giving of the nine making the “Ten Commandments”, and these ten were not “nailed to the cross” as were the “ordinances laws” the ten were written in stone by Gods hand, and the Ordinance laws were written by Moses hand.
The ordinance Laws were written later by the people Israel on rocks plastered with clay, in order that they remembered the great number of them. Now that’s where some get confused and do not understand the Scriptures, these were not the Ten written by God’s Hand in the Tablets of stone as a Perpetual Sign, of those who keep them, showing they are truly God’s people, his Chosen ones, amongst all Nations. (Deuteronomy. 27:2)
Now we need to have all that clear, as a conviction of belief and faith, as an understanding given by God’s word to those who truly believe into Jesus Christ, and that means that we will do all of Gods Commands, or we do not Believe into Jesus Christ, that is written. “If ye will enter into life, keep the Commandments”
The Sabbath is a perpetual, (which means Eternity), commandment; it’s here to stay!
It means much more to God than a shadow of the rest to come in Eternal life, and much more for those who keep it as God intended or prescribed.
The Sabbath keeping is also a mark of those who are truly God’s ones; it is God’s mark, sealing those who are his, because it is a test of obedience, the flesh fighting off it’s natural lust for all things to it’s satisfaction, during that 24 hour period, that we can and will give God just a little even of our time: God has Great time in store for those who are prepared to give him time!
(1 Cor. 2:9). “But it is written, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the Heart of man, the things which God prepared for those who love him”.
And how then do we love God? We obey all his commandments, not just some!
Love God
It is the first and greatest commandment
How do we love God
We show our love for God by obeying the Ten Commandments
This is the formula for life-now and later!
(Revelations. 7:3) “Saying, hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God, in their foreheads”: Now it goes on to describe the tribes of Israel, 12,000 of each to 144,000, some of them are scattered amongst us, you or I could be one! (If you have the understanding on this matter you will know what this is about)
Then the sealed ones are mentioned in V9 following “After this I beheld, and lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindred’s, and people, and tongues, stood before the Throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and Palms in their hands”.
So you see, there are far more than the 144,000 specialized ones, all these vast other numbers are also a special people of God, from anywhere any peoples, but they all have one thing in common; they are sealed by God for their obedience to him, in that they all love God and know how to do that, they spent their time seeking to please God, and found out how to do that, no matter what mans precepts and doctrines are, these ones saw for themselves how to love God.
“Sealed”, “in their foreheads”, these are the ones who are open to Gods Holy spirit persuasion to correct, chastise, reprove, and therefore refine, they are given exact knowledge of Gods word where God wills, they are corrected when wrong, they are ones who will accept Gods spirit powers doing this, those who come to God as a child to learn
From God, seeking the strength from Gods arm, and not that of mans precepts and doctrines.
In other words they have allowed God to seal them as his; therefore they have the Knowledge in their head, (in their foreheads) which allows them entry into the Kingdom of God. Those who have experienced the Holy Spirit activities will have first hand knowledge on the exact meaning of “In their foreheads”.
God himself has told us how to gain what these ones have gained; to love God, obey all the commandments!
Don’t be deceived! The Sabbath and the proper observance of it in Gods way, is very much Gods test of us in obedience!
Do you want the seal of God?
Or do you want the mark of the Beast?
The way to avoid the mark of the beast? --- obey the commands of God!
Scripture/Gospel tells us; the only way we can avoid the mark of the Beast, is to Keep the commands of God, yes it is written, and it will do you well to seek the knowledge for yourself, its there for all to read, and you will learn more!
The Beast is totally backed up and supported by the Devil, the Devil is the Great Deceiver, what better commandment to deceive Gods weaker ones with, than the Sabbath commandment? Would you think someone trying to teach you to keep the Sabbath would be of the Devil? Or would logic and harmonic balance tell you that it is the truth, that if any deception was involved here, it would come in the form of someone trying to talk you out of keeping the Sabbath? Sort out your deceiver!
If you cannot receive this message, and because you are told by man that there is no Devil, then you have been picked off! Fight back hard!
Read the very words all through the Scriptures/Gospel, these are Gods words about the Devil, then believe them, and for your own Eternal well being!
Know that to deny Gods word is to call him a liar!
Know that to deny Gods word and believe mans precepts and doctrines, is to be deceived.
Know that the great Deceiver works as an Angel of light, deceiving Churches, and Popes, and Priests, and Pastors, and Ministers, and their followers; all can be deceived with cunning that they don’t even realize it is happening to them. With the exception of the Saints!
And that is one of the reasons the Raging angry Devil who is stalking on Earth these days, that is why he is called the Great Deceiver, many are not aware that they have been deceived, picked off by the Devil.
And what is of great value to the Devil and his Angels? To have people teach that he does not exist: Therefore his deceit works easier!
Deception? Deceived? Give me an example!
Non observance, and observance on the wrong day of the Sabbath; these are deceived!
See how it works?
Here I share what is given me to share from KJV John.14:30; “Here after I will not talk much with you: For the Prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me”.
The message Jesus gives us here is ; The Devil is coming, he is the prince of this world, he is coming because he is being cast out of Heaven with his Angel followers, angry and short of time to disrupt Gods plans and people, yes read about him in Revelations, the very same one: this Devil is the ruler of this world, this sin filled world, this Devil is the god of this sin filled world, yes that’s how the Scriptures word it, “god of this world “He has been here in this state since the days of Jesus Christ!
Jesus has nothing in this Devil, and can do nothing to stop him; this Devil is purposed here by God himself, why? To flush out the Luke warm ones, to bring them into the tribulation.
The Luke warm ones will be deceived; deceived by the Devils cunning deceit, deceived by those who get deceived, he is the Master deceiver!
By now you will be looking to me for back up on this, look then to, John. 12:31; “Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out.”
Yes, this Devil, by his very actions on the Luke warm, cause them to be judged, and this judged means judged because they have done wrong, judged to the Plagues, and see if it can be worked out of them. And then there is the spiritual, not all rest! So where’s the escape for all these ones?
Yes cast out, cast out of the Heaven by Michael.
Go to, John.16:11; “Of judgment because the Prince of this world is judged.”
Yes the Prince of this world is judged, cast out of Heaven by Michael, he’s well and truly judged; this Prince, this Devil, and in the original Greek manuscript he is called the Ruler, is here angry and devouring many, many Luke warm Christians, with deceit.
Hold it here a minute! Who are these Luke warm ones? They are those who don’t bother themselves to obey all the Commands, they pick out the bits that suit their life best here on Earth, they are the ones who don’t give the real life, the Eternal life, enough thought, so
They are more inclined to the Worldly way than to the Eternal life way, Jesus says they make him sick!, and he wish they were one way or the other, but not in between, that is suggesting that it would be easier to either throw them out or be able to keep them, but now those ones have to be processed further to see if they will come right, or not, this entails having to put these ones through the plagues something God and Jesus do not wish on anyone!
So that’s how bad it will be for those who only really give lip service.
Jesus stresses the deepness of the understanding of all this in the next verse 12; “I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.”
What Jesus is telling us, is quite frightening for some, it’s heavy stuff! Jesus knows even his Apostles will find this truth hard to bear!
How do we handle all this? How do we escape the wrath to come? How do we save ourselves from unwittingly being deceived by the Great Deceiver? How? We use our freewill, it’s all up to each and everyone of us ourselves, Jesus has specially told us how, and this is how; we obey all Gods commandments! And if you have to disobey Man in the process, and that worries you, then know this; Flesh Man cannot give you Eternal life, God and Jesus the Christ can, the rest is up to you.
I will give you these verses from the Greek manuscripts, so you can compare for yourself.
John.12:31. “There is now a judgment of this world; the Ruler of this world shall now be cast out.”
John.14:30. “I will not speak much more with you; for the Ruler of the world is coming, and has nothing in me.”
John.16:11. “And concerning judgment, because the Ruler of this world has been judged.”
These are the messages From Jesus to us! The Scriptures/Gospels are full of them.
Something more of intriguing interest; the King James version of the Bible, used by many Churches new and old alike, and all but a very few of them observing the Sabbath on Sunday, yet in the back there is a section called, “Harmony of the Gospels”, and even though it is of the Roman Catholic Doctrine, it still shows their recognition of the Evening to Evening day, the first day of the week being Sunday and of course the Saturday as the Sabbath, yet none of them observe it correctly, so who’s mark is that?
We can only have the true emotional love for Jesus Christ if we realize he was as us, and the realization that the state that Jesus is in now, is the end result of having been a real man on this Earth and not God himself.
Those who are troubled deeply in this life, (Those that Jesus is there for) depend for faith on the very fact that Jesus was a Man, and not God Almighty, that their hopes and aspirations can be reached or attained because of that very fact; that because Jesus is a man he can be followed, if he can do it (Jesus that is) then so can we. Only the Devils deception would want to take this savior away from people who would otherwise benefit, and in that the Devil hates Jesus the Christ, because the Devil lost his standing in the Kingdom of God, and Jesus took his place with compassion! But remember this! When Jesus returns we all will be accountable for what we have done with or to the Word of God, the Word of Yahweh, and the Word that was given through Jesus the Christ! Love and compassion to all those who became obedient to God comes through the Christ, but to those who do wrong, then to them comes the wrath of God through Jesus the Christ, and the reward that comes with Jesus? will be to the measure of the wrong doing! ---- Reward for wrong doing? Yes,--- it is called reward, because Yahweh says he will reward us with what ever it is we decide by our own free will, which amounts to, Eternal life with God, or Eternally apart in torment.
The biggest majority of mankind has never been able to follow God Almighty directly, because man says in his weaknesses, you can’t expect me to be God’s equal, that’s just to hard and to much to expect, and this then allows them to fall back, and to the delight of the Adversary, Satin, the Devil himself. ---- So then, in his mercy, God has given us the man Jesus, the Christ, ---- Follow him!
These writings do not come from any religious organization of man; they are given from the compelled study of the Scriptures/Gospels, through the teachings given by God.

Kevin McQuoid

God's word given.