God's word given.

In the form of the falling back of the Churches.
We have in Christianity these days, people, who chose for all sorts of reasons, to become Pastors.
Their only way to become a Pastor is to join a Church and go to a Bible teaching School of the choice of that Church, if not it’s own, and there the budding Pastor is taught to accept that Churches ways, right or wrong! KJV. Romans 14:23. -- “for whatsoever is not of Faith, is sin.” Or Diaglott, --- “And every act which is not from conviction is sin.”
There is no choice of what these budding Pastors may teach, they have to learn and teach exactly what that particular Church has as their doctrines. There is no place for what God may have given the budding Pastor as knowledge, or experience, and in correction, that all has to go!
There is no room for those who are truly and verbally called by God, and who are taught and corrected by God, those who are given the understanding and knowledge from God.
There is no room in the Churches for those who have been corrected by God, of mans precepts and doctrines that are in error! The Churches cannot, and will not have anyone teaching anything different to what that church leaders want taught, it’s quite obvious why, given that those of God can correct these Churches, but how does that make the Churches look , here’ s someone that has more authority than the Church! So to prevent that from happening they usually tell their assembly that God only gives knowledge and understanding, and revelations of knowledge, to the Church leaders! And they once again are liars! What’s more is that; they in turn know they are liars, and that makes it worse for them!
A Pastor of God would pull out of such a thing, he should know not to teach deception, or the Precepts and doctrines of men! He should have his own convictions of the truth before coming to teach others anyway! After all Gods Scriptures tells us that we all need to examine all spirits to see if they are from God,(Examine all Spirits, this to mean anyone who comes with a doctrine or revelation of knowledge, or claiming experience of the Holy Spirit activities.) But another man who has decided to become a Pastor, and who is doing so for reasons other than the persuasions from the Holy spirit of God, he will not see these things, nor will he let it worry him if he has been made aware of these things, and why? Because there is no other way a person can become a Pastor in Mans eyes, than through the Church system, and right or wrong!
The churches of man see a Pastor of God as a threat to their Authority! But who’s authority? Theirs.
2 Cor 13:5. “Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the Faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates.” This is to mean; we should be watching closely that we are who and what we think we are, or better still that we are who God wants us to be, and what’s that? Simply put, God wants us to be obedient to him! And as for reprobates, in this context is saying; doing wrong and then Preaching against it! Is Jesus only in church leaders? Some would have you think so. Not so as written in 2 Cor 13:5, and many verses!

1 John. 4:1. “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone into the world.” Yes they have been around doing their work for centuries.
we all need to examine all spirits this can be done by our own study of Gods word, with prayer to God for the knowledge and understanding of his word, and if your heart is in the right place with God you will receive understanding, but be prepared to give the study plenty of time, and be open to Gods word, not letting mans word over God’s.
One Pastor on Shine T.V. claims he has never read the Bible from cover to cover, he claims he wouldn’t understand it anyway, he says all he has to do is receive in the posted mail, the teachings for each week from his Church leaders, and then teach that, nothing else is needed, so he can’t see the need for him to do more! This sort of attitude can lead to, the blind leading the blind! And such a man is easily picked off by the deception of the Devil!
There is a big problem arising from the observances of most if not all the Mainstream Churches, in that they don’t do all things in obedience to God, Passover and Sabbath observance are two points to note.
I perceive that the biggest majority of the Churches today have come from another Church or organisation, they have split of, and the reformation from the Roman Catholic Church to the Protestant Churches is the start of things.
The biggest problem those who have split away from the Roman Catholic Church have, is that they have changed what they haven’t liked that was of Roman Catholicism, in the form of doctrines and precepts, reorganised them selves the way they have liked, yet still carry on even if partially, some of the precepts and doctrines that they should have left behind.
The biggest problem that Roman Catholicism and the Protestant Churches have is that they have not seeked God for their knowledge and understanding, and those who are her Daughter Churches have not profited themselves.
Those who came out should have taken all the time needed to enquire of God, for the Knowledge and understanding, but they have been to eager to start their own religion, their own Church, and now that’s just about what it has boiled down to, their own Church, not Gods or Jesus Christ, their own!
If they had taken the time to seek God, enquire of God for the exact knowledge, then they would have had the chance to be obedient to God, but they are not!
Calling the Crucifixion Passover the Pagan name of Easter, which is the name of the idol of fertility, her name is Oester. When did God ever condone Idols! Come on now, this has got to make God angry! God has struggled for many years to try and bring his people away from Idol worship, and has destroyed many of mankind because of their Idol worshipping, yes some he has destroyed every Man, Woman, and Child of some peoples!

Then there is the matter of “Thinking to change Gods times and Laws”, the Crucifixion times and the Sabbath times all changed to suit man! God gave all those times to man on Gods commandment, and man has changed it to suit himself. Covenant of God is made of none effect.
The greatest test of our obedience to God is in the Sabbath observance, this really puts man out, and to think that giving one day out of seven to God, and on a Saturday, right when man wants to do his own thing, this is too much for man to inflict on himself, so he changed it to Sunday!
Effectively Man is telling God; look I’ve too much on, too much I want to do on Saturdays, I’ve just worked all week, and the boss says if I want my Job I have to work 4hrs Saturday morning, then I have footy to play, then there’s having a beer with the boys after the game, there’s a BBQ that night to go to,------- Look I’m just to busy to go to Church on Saturday, but I’m happy to go on Sunday, I need a rest by then anyway.
And then the Churches looked at the great rows of empty seats in the Pews, and the plate lacked cash, how are the bills to be paid at this rate? Best we change Gods times and Laws to a Sunday, that should fix it! So they did, and in the process became disobedient to God, and taught the people to do the same. Edit------ In actual fact the Sabbath was changed and taken away by Constantine's council in the early 300s, Roman Catholicisim is Constantines church today, according to their own books; even so Constantine would not get Baptized until he was on his death bed, and then the Baptizim was performed by one of those Constantine had ruled against, that is, those of the original Christian Church from the days of Jesus Christ, and had their leader condemned! --------!
Now then guess what? ----- Now God is angry with those ones, he’s angry first with the Shepherds, the Pastors, and those who administer the Pastors more so, ----- you think not? -------- Read Jeremiah Ch 23 for a start, then see what you think!
We only have to look back in history to the activities of some of these Churches, the Vatican has much to answer for, most corrupt, indeed and in Spirit, and then we have the Churches today.
Some are trafficking Gods word, (just in it for the money).
Some change Gods word.
Some change Gods Laws.
Some have Homosexual Pastors, (The Church defend their decision on this)
Some hide Pastors that are practicing sexual criminals.
Some encourage same sex marriages.Leviticus 20:13"Whoever shall lie with a male as with a woman, they have both wrought abomination; let them die the death, they are guilty."
Some have the blood of the Saints on their hands.
Some have the blood of children on their hands.
Some have a history of Torture. And even today are guilty of murder by bombing!
Some have the history of burning the innocent at the stake, and some alive!
Some have a history of orphan abuse.
Some have a history of child slave labour.
Do you think God is happy with all this going on, now or in the Past? God’s Churches? Wake up Christian! ---------------------- Let the dead bury the dead, and become alive!
What then do you think is to bring the wrath of God down on two thirds of the peoples of the Earth?
How is it that over the centuries the Mainstream Churches have stooped so low? And ask yourself how is it that the Churches of today get it so wrong? And ask yourself, how is it that the Churches of today don’t seem to be able to read God’s word, and obey it and teach such? You have to wonder until you understand God’s word, then you will see and know what is wrong with the Churches of Man! John 8:43. “Why do ye not understand my speech? Even because ye cannot hear my word.” Jesus said this to the people he was trying to teach, so how many hear today? Jesus says very few choose to take the Narrow and straight path! “Many are called and few are chosen”. Christian! Let the dead bury the dead, and get yourself a life!
It is clear that Christians, who have Knowledge of God and Jesus Christ, are to be held more accountable than those who do not! Knowledge is responsibility! Yes there are many so called Christians that have much to answer for!
Have you ever wondered about the Parable of the Ten Virgins? What about the ones who go to buy oil, the ones who are not ready because they have deceived teachings, and come back to find the door of Christ closed? ----- Think about it. -- And then let’s find this one, --- Matthew.7:21-23. “Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in Heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”! ---------- Says it all doesn’t it?
Now raises the question; who are these people Jesus is refusing into the Kingdom, these ones obviously think they are entitled to the Kingdom of God! Who are theses people?
Let’s do a study. In verse 21 Jesus tells us that; only those who do Gods will! Can get into Gods Kingdom. This means doing all things Gods way! Changing Gods times and Laws is not doing things Gods way, Changing the Sabbaths and the Crucifixion times to suit mankind, That’s not doing things Gods way! And all of those things listed above, that cause the Churches to fall back, even though there are many more things, that’s not Gods will! No its not Gods will, and now look at verse 22 says; these people have obviously held some sort of Christianity, they have been in some Church organisation, what have they done? They have Prophesied in Jesus Name, Cast out Devils, and done many wonderful works! These ones are not the non believers in their eyes; they expect to get into the Kingdom of God, so they must be calling themselves Christians.
Look at this thing! It’s a stark sharp reminder to all of us, these people are not Muslims, nor are they Hindu, or Buddhists, their not Idol worshippers or Atheists, they don’t think they are Anti-Christ’s, because they say they did things is Jesus Christ’s name! It looks and it is very bad!
Yes it’s looking bad, these are the ones calling themselves Christians, and it appears a higher order of Christians, just look at what they profess to have done! But they are not doing Gods will, they are
Not obedient to God, and this is where they fit in, right here in this book, these are the people who do things their way, they are to busy to give God the time to teach them, yes they have taken their strength from mans arm, and not from Gods arm, and have forgotten to seek God for themselves because they haven’t time, the world calls to them, not God! What a curse to them, look what Jesus has done to these so called Christian people, he has cast them out!
Jeremiah.17:5. “Thus saith the Lord; cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord.” And do I have to give the understanding of this verse, this that is painfully obvious. Well it is very obvious that many either haven’t read it or don’t understand it if they have! Well here’s the understanding; we have to take our strength from Gods arm, from his strength, from his word, we should not trust in man, but in God only, we should seek the truth ourselves, and that from God, if we depend on the strength of mans arm, mans word, trusting man instead of God, then we will depart from God, and what a curse!


If we go to Jeremiah Chapter 23, and see that verse 1-6 concerning the Pastors (the Church leaders of the people) is very much in today’s times, as well, and through until Jesus returns,
Powerful words here! “Woe be unto the Pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! Saith the lord.” What destroys and scatters Gods people? False teachings, deceived teachings, Precepts and doctrines of men, those who think to change Gods times and Laws, making of none effect Gods word, bringing the people in disobedience to God, obedient to man yes, but not obedient to God!
Verse 2. Gives a brief of what God has in store for those Pastors.
A wise move would be for anyone to carry on and read the following verses through to 40, but with this advise; don’t shrug it off by saying that it only applies to the people Israel, you would be in error.
Note also verse 20, which backs up that this all applies now, we are in the latter days, and we need to, “Consider it perfectly”.
Look also to verse.22. “But if they had stood in my counsel, and had caused my people to hear my words, then they should have turned them from their evil way, and from the evil of their doings.” The meaning of this is; Had the Prophets/Pastors, and the Church leaders, if they had enquired of God, seeked the knowledge and understanding from God, and had they let God teach them, then they would have the right words for the people, Gods words, and Gods ways! They are a curse, for centuries they have taught without seeking God, and done it mans way, the billions of people have been sorely affected, Woe! And wrath to come!

Look at v.17. It tells us they were teaching the wrong thing, and now go to v.18. And it tells us once again, they did not bother to seek God, to enquire of God and get understanding from him, Woe!
Go back to v.11. “For both Prophet and Priest are profane; yea, in my house I have found their wickedness, saith the Lord.” It’s the same for those found as such today!
There are many verses in the Scriptures in concern of those who fail to seek or who have not sought God as they should, and who have caused grief because of it, if you are at all concerned you will find those verses for your own edification. (Zec, Ezek, Eph.) But don’t make the mistake of thinking that none of this applies to us today, remember this; much of the scriptures is given for our benefit, and also for through to the return of Christ, and even though some scriptures appear to be only in concern of the people Israel or the peoples way back then, in essence they apply to the same or similar situations today.
Remember this; Peter tells us that a day to God is as a thousand years to us, and a thousand years to us is a day to God, so all those things that have happened in the scriptures have been within the last week to God! And Jesus was raised only about two days ago!
Yes all that past history in the Scriptures is not all past history at all! Much of the prophesies are happening now times, and much more is to come, what is considered by some to be past history, or in the past now, and of no consequence to us, is fully consequential now, don’t be fooled!
God has given us the peculiar people Israel to learn from, also, God uses the old Scriptures to teach us of himself, Gods temperaments, and also those we can take example of in what to expect from God, if we also make the mistakes of the people Israel.
Therefore when God’s Scriptures tell us he is not happy with the Pastors, the Prophets, and the Priests, and he says why, then you better believe that the self same things occurring today will cause the same effect on God as yesterday!
But let’s go now to Thessalonicans.2:3 “Let no one delude you by any means, because the Apostasy must come first, and that there must be revealed that man of sin, that son of destruction.” Yes before Jesus returns the Apostasy or falling back of religion has to happen first.
So where is Christianity going? And the answer is; down the broad path, because many go there, its the easy way to go, just follow the majority, whereas Jesus says, Choose the narrow path, the straight path, it’s hard, and few choose to take it, the original manuscript says Few choose to take the narrow path! ------- Choose! That’s the key word, it’s all about choices!
Plenty of Church options, but what’s the right choice?
What’s my choice of Church? I don’t have one, no, I have been called by God and have been lead by his spirit, God has many small groups, even just family sized, that do not fellowship with any church, God seeks out, and these ones are taught by God, and they seek God for all their understandings, they observe Gods Sabbath and memorial days at the times given by God in the Scriptures, and these ones seek to be obedient to God.
These ones know that they need to love God to gain entry into Gods Kingdom, and they know that the only way as Jesus says, to prove our love to God is to Obey God’s Commands!
These ones know that to support other fellowships that do not obey God, is not obeying God! God says, “Come out of her, my people, least you fellowship with her sins, and partake in her plagues.”(Book of Revelations). Her is the church, the churches being spoken of are as per the book of Revelations, “Babylon the mother of all Harlots, and her Daughters.” And this is to say all and any churches that teach deceived teachings and are seen to be disobedient to God, the confused Churches! We can't say that we haven’t been warned!
There is just so much Scripture on all of this, and part of it is the situation with the Devil waging war on Gods people and using deception on Man, where ever the Devil can get in, and this is evident in the Churches with what they are doing and saying, it’s a great win for the Adversary to be an influence in the Churches concerned.
We all have a go at understanding the book of Revelations, or the Apocalypse, and many say they have it all worked out, some professing heads of some of the many churches that have been and are still around, are adamant that they have it all in understanding, some even so much so that they repeatedly put a date on Jesus Christ’s return, found to be wrong, so set another date, and did this most publically, and while doing this, not realising that because of that, they had lost all credibility! For these ones, all their so called (Inspired) knowledge from God just lost all credibility, with God showing them up as liars, because no one of us knows all the understanding of the book of Revelation, and certainly no one of us knows the time of Christ’s return! --------------- So caught by his own deceit! And yet there are still some people who still follow this mans religion.
Yet they are following other deceived teachings, and say; if it’s not in the Bible then we don’t believe it, but the problem arises with their doctrine, that is, they don’t believe, and can’t believe a very large part of the Bible anyway! And this comes from the deceived teachings that they have.
Now I have used the above as an example of what some Churches are based on.
So what of all this knowledge and understanding? What should happen?
What should happen is that all those who feel they are people of God, should enquire of God and examine my spirit also; they should examine me through the Scriptures with fervent prayer to God for understanding, as well as all professed spirit that teach.
What happens to those who gain understanding of these truths? They become responsible, because knowledge is responsibility.
What should happen is; when they realise by the first observance that the Church they fellowship with is disobeying God in Sabbath, and Crucifixion Passover times, those who realise should come out of that Church, then like me start looking at what else is around, seeking God’s guidance they should find that they are better off to stay at home and have their own services at home.
Then will come a time and they will know that; they although seemingly on their own, that in fact they are part of the Spiritual house of Jesus Christ, they will start to realise that they are Spiritual building blocks of the Temple of God, and realise that the temple of God is the Spiritual fellowship of all those who may never meet in the flesh, but form the temple of God, they are it! And further more they will come to realise that they themselves are a Temple of God that is because God’s Spirit is in their body, and that is what it is for!
Then they will realise that if they have the Spirit of Christ also, then this is the fullness of Spirit that God needs us to have, so he can refine us as Gold, that we can gain entry into the Kingdom of God, and there is no other way! God has to be able to bring us through it, to do that we have to be obedient to God, those of disobedience will gain the least in the Kingdom of God, and he makes that very clear! It’s all in the Scriptures! What’s the least mean? What side is that on, is it still with God or is it eternally apart? Study to find out!
And who is the head of all this? Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is the head man of Gods congregation.
So then! What are the chances of all this happening to many thousands? It will only happen to those who want to be obedient to God, who seek God in Spirit, and willingness, and it can only happen to those who are prepared to come away from mans Precepts and doctrines, and it can only happen to those who have the time to seek God in the way that pleases God, those who do not love their life to death.

The False Prophet

Amongest all these things written here, one of the bigger traps to come out of the churches, is "The False Prophet"; you have got to know about this most dangerous man, that all who get caught up in following him will receive Eternal Torment, (Hell); he will lead unawares, christians and  non alike to utter devastation. Click on to read more.

In Addition.




"Gay" People, those churches who embrace and condone Homosexuality, try Lev 20:13"And whoever shall lie with a male as with a woman, they have both wrought abomination; let them die the death, they are guilty." ---- Can you not understand something so clear?

Come out of her my people
“Come out of her my people, least ye fellowship with her sins, and partake in her plagues”
What do you suppose this means? It is referring to those Apostate churches, and those who have partaken in the deceiving of the Devil, who is dressed as the Angel of light, because this is where the Devil works best. God is calling his people out of those churches, that is those who are prepared to be corrected, who by listening to and discerning the truth, will have their eyes and mind opened by God himself.

There are those who hear the Word of God, then the Enemy comes, and takes away the word from their hearts, that they may not believe and be saved.

There are also those who, when they hear, receive the word with joy; and yet these have no root; they believe for a time, and in a time of trial fall away.

Then there are those who, having heard, go forth, and are choked by the anxieties, and riches, and pleasures of life, and bring no fruit to maturity.

These things are written.

Christ says, "My Mother and my Brothers are these who hear the word of God, and obey it". And obey it! ----- And obey it! Yes it's a hard road!

 God's word given.