In the knowledge of Saints
Chapter 20

It matters to God:
I have a conviction given me by God that it stands, the Knowledge and understanding of it which is required to be accurate or exact, is that pertaining to our Eternal Profit.
The knowledge of The Messiah is one of the subjects which God has spent a great deal of time teaching me, this can be verified as a true statement in the God’s Word Given website, and it is made abundantly clear.
One of the reasons that God pushes hard on this subject, is because man has adulterated the truth of the matter, in the doctrine of Jesus is the essence of God, and the subsequent orchestrated false doctrine,
The New Testament provides scripture from Jesus, as a Key leading to the Old Testament truth of the matter of who Jesus is, even so, man has altered some of the key scripture, and with bias translated/interpreted other parts to suit ulterior motives, God through Jesus has seen this coming, and has given the keys to seeking the truth and the knowledge, and this happens for those who seek God in Spirit and Truth, in this and many other matters also.
We do not need the New Testament to know the truth of which Jesus is, Man or God.

I have to admit that for me, not all things are easily received from God, and some things written down don’t come out entirely as they should at that time, yet with time those things become a clear understanding, as the teachings I am given become in line with conviction, or conviction comes with the teachings.
So what I am saying is that we/I have a flesh mind which battles with the Spirit mind of us/me, and yes I am saying that what to some people may appear to be mistakes made, are in fact only contextual lead up to a greater understanding, and not at all error.
The Gods Word Given website shows the way in which God has taught me, and I have presented it in all honesty, and without bias, and yet it is only one experience which allows me to stand against any argument which might arise otherwise, not that it has yet happened, least wise not to my face.
I could envisage that someone might try to refute my teachings with comparing how the Biblical Scripture/Gospels are received and written by the prophets, and questionably by the hand of the Apostles, and I would answer, how is it that you think you know God so well that you can refute his works with me? And then by the answer I might receive, discern the questioner.
Remember, Moses argued against God that he could not receive and write the messages of God, Moses obviously knew that he was not a literate type person, yet God wanted Moses to be his servant in those matters, and against those odds, so God had Aaron, Moses brother do the writing, so do we object to Gods way in this?


Now It would seem that I have left myself vulnerable to critics, so, no, I don’t compare myself with a greater in mankind like Moses, God does what God does with me as servant, I don’t choose but receive the blessing; what I have is persuasion and this computer, and without either I would have no inclination to do anything even remotely like this works....And for those who might criticise me for calling myself a servant of God, I would answer, aren’t all Christians suppose to be servants of God, in some way according to Gods selection?
And to those who have said to me, that they have been a Christian for 30 years, and I only 10 years, and God hasn’t done this sort of thing with them, therefore they don’t believe that God has done this with me, I would answer, It’s God’s choice, God’s prerogative, I didn’t ask God for the job, would you do this God’s way if God gave you the Job?

The Major context:
Does it matter if we have the wrong idea about the major context of God’s word, and what about the Scriptures which have been translated in error, and those which have been translated correctly yet are misinterpreted, and all this is done in an innocence?
The first thought which comes to mind is, if those major things which are written in error have been done in innocence, and then one could say that writing has been carried out by people without the inspiration of God, yet involving themselves in Bible presentation.
Who then, would be in a position to present a Bible in the book form as most commonly available now, and as a first presentation to Christianity? History tells us that the first Old and New Testament in a book form was put together in the Latin language.... A Roman Bible.
The Romans church certainly did not want anyone other than their church leaders, to have a copy of this Bible which they had put together, It was designed by them and was to be held by them and only the church leaders were to read from it; now here’s a conquest on its own, Rome has complete control over the Scriptures/Gospels of God.... You were to die at the hands of the Roman church for even attempting to gain a copy, or to translate it, and many did die, or were treated abominably for that cause.
The first so called Christian Bible as a collective came from the Metropolis of Constantinople, the then second city to Rome, as a Roman city, to back up Rome or replace it in the event of the collapse of the Roman Empire.
So what do we do with this historic knowledge, what can, or are we suppose to take from it?
Also, if the scripture seems to contradict, or cause confusion about God’s word shouldn’t we be concerned? Should we just accept it and teach it? Should we just leave these matters right or wrong to those who want to lead us in these matters, those men of the churches?
One should investigate further in this matter, God commands his people to investigate all those who would present themselves as a spirit of knowledge and doctrine of God’s word, 1 John, 1: 1


“Beloved! Believe not every spirit, but prove the spirits whether they are from God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”.... Do any of us listen to this sort of advice? Some people do, but the proof is apparent that many millions do not.
Yes it matters to God here.

There are some of us, who try to alert others of the great problems within Christianity since Constantine, and we are showing our love toward mankind, and not doing these things out of some form of evil intent, and in this case it can be seen by the previous chapters of this book and especially chapter 19.
Further to this matter of does it matter to God, Jesus is talking to the Samaritan woman in John 4:22-25, “You worship what you do not know; because salvation is of the Jews. V23 But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and Truth; for the Father even seeks such like as his worshipers. V24 God is Spirit; and those worshiping him must worship in Spirit and Truth.” V25 “The woman says to him, “I know that Messiah is coming, (He being called Christ;) when he comes he will tell us all things.”
Yes, Salvation is of the Jews in Jesus, and we have to know him, the truth of him, before he will know us.
True worshipers! Some aren’t ?, Yes some people worship God, but it’s not true as it should be, it’s not in truth, and if it’s not in truth then it’s also not in the spirit of it!
God seeks those people who worship him in spirit and truth, and the people MUST seek God in spirit and truth, for God to seek them.
It matters to God here as well!

It’s clear at this stage that having scripture and doctrine, which is correct, is very important to the eternal profit, of those who would call themselves Christian. And it is clear that we need to discern, and examine that scripture and doctrine; where did it come from? Who has presented it? Has it come from a Christ like foundation? And how did they get started, who was their founder, and what is his character? Is that person discernibly inspired by God? And is the one doing the discerning actually the one that should? Think about it.
Also we need to examine what they present as Scripture/Gospels, points like are there any contradictions within the Old Testament? And if so, what are those contradictions? What subject is being contradicted? We need to discern the contradictions and find out which verses are the truth, and in the case of the Old Testament it is very difficult to try and verify them by using the New Testament, In some matters, rather the opposite is the case, it is possible to use the Old Testament to examine the authenticity of the New Testament, however it has to be a Hebrew held Bible, and one which hasn’t been in the hands of Gentiles.
Not all Jewish/Hebrew accounts of the Scriptures are authentic; some Jewish people have come into Christianity, through the Trinity doctrine teachers, and have taken up the scriptures adulterated by Constantine’s church.


some organisations have presented what they are calling the Hebrew or Jewish Bible, when in fact they are actually of the Trinity churches, they are infiltrated Jews mainly, and are working on that which Constantine instigated; just like Jesus said, when he was tearing down the religious leaders, those of the nest of vipers, who adulterate God’s word, that they are as the leavening in bread, they get throughout the loaf, and warned all to beware of that.
A discerning person of God will know that you do not need the New Testament to know that Jesus is not of the essence of God, or of a Trinity, and this is easily seen even in the books with altered Scriptures.
Romans 8: 14 “Because as many as are guided by God’s Spirit, theses are sons of God”. And so the question arises, who are those who are guided by the Spirit of God? Are they those who are guided by those who have doctrine which is in error? Clearly, after having reasoned with this, one must see that to be guided by those with doctrinal error, are only being guided by man, and therefore are not guided by the spirit of God. Believing in the Trinity, and Jesus of the essence of God, then being (call it what you like) error of Doctrine, or Adulterated Scripture, is therefore not being lead by the Truth and the Spirit of God. It is said, if you tell a lie, then you have to tell many more.
Yes clearly it does matter to God.

The errors innocent?
Consider the three places in the Old Testament where the Trinity Jesus is the essence of God churches stand or fall on, Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 9: 5-6, and Micah 5:1-3, in there are claims by the churches concerned that Jesus had a virgin conception/birth, and also that he was of a dual type prophesy, he came from eternity, and that his name was Emmanuel, and that Jesus was called mighty God. These errors have been shown to the churches concerned, as errors, from the unadulterated scriptures, but the churches will not accept correction, and here is the first warning sign! The contradictions written into the New Testament are the second sign, it’s incredible, and the Old and New Testaments of the gentiles, has been left in an altered state tantamount to a book shambolic!
Looking at those verses of Luke, and knowing that in Exodus 13:1-3 and now referring to Luke 2:23, about the first born males, then bring in that Mary was before her conception a virgin, and therefore Jesus was her first born male, and one of the sons of God, yet the only begotten son from Mary, for the purpose of Messiah, and that Jesus was the Alpha and the Omega, the first and last man to be Messiah.
Now if you have a grip on that, let’s look at the contradictions relating to this virgin birth side of it, we know through accurate knowledge that there was no scripture of God’s relating to a virgin conception, and now we see the scriptural proof that there was also no virgin birth, so looking at Luke 2:22 “And when the days of her purification were completed, according to the law of Moses, they carried him to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord.”.......... Do we need to read it again slower? Probably not. This New Testament verse tells us that Mary had a natural birth! Think about it, why would Mary need to complete the purification after having given a natural birth if she didn’t


have one? Remember, the Jesus is of the essence of God churches, which uphold the doctrine of Constantine, the murdering despot Roman Emperor, claim that Jesus was a supernatural birth....

Which means that in their doctrine, God took the child from the womb of Mary through the abdominal wall, and not through the birth canal? Think about this also, those offending churches claim that Mary was still a virgin after Jesus was born! So they in turn cannot claim that God took the child through the birth canal but spiritually... look at it now, if that was claimed, then what tangible evidence is there which disproves a virgin birth. No come on now, it just doesn’t fit at all, don’t even think it.
Now if you study through the New Testament you will see the many contradictions written in by Man, and how sorry the state of the book is.
Yes it’s no wonder that the Orthodox/ Mosaic Jews rebuke Christianity, when any of the churches try to convert these Jewish people who do know the authentic Old Scriptures of God, and even if they are blinded to the fact that the Messiah has come first time.
And yes it’s so unfortunate that some Jewish people, who do convert, take up the Trinity, and some others who don’t go that far, don’t quite know what to do with the supernatural birth of Jesus.
We have to understand why it is that God is sending Jesus and the Saints with the wrath of God, and why God is going to put many through the Tribulations, and that some will come out of the tribulations and be saved, and some won’t be saved, and that among them are Christians.
We need to know what it is which is bringing the wrath of God, and one of the most pointed reasons of the Scriptures of God is, Christianity..... Yes, sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Does it matter to God if we believe in doctrine of error?
The Old Testament has some damming accounts given to the Prophets from God, about those who would cause the loss of the Knowledge required for people to become worthy of God’s Kingdom.
Also, God tells us that it is him who will give those who do seek him in Spirit and Truth, the accurate knowledge, the exact knowledge; the knowledge required which allows people to enter into the Kingdom of God. So why would God make those statements, if erroneous doctrine didn’t matter to him?
Yes it matters to God alright..... Here’s thought... If it matters to God, then surely it should matter to us! Here’s another thought... I suppose if a church thought that they were the earthly Law makers for God, and all they taught as precepts and doctrine of men, and all that they altered of God’s word, and believing that all these things would be bound in Heaven and Earth, then believing in these things, they would not even venture to be concerned as to whether it matters to God or not, and


there are plenty of churches who work with doctrine such as that, yet are not obedient or inspired by God!... Think about it now.

Here we have some of those Old Testament accounts I mentioned.
But first, what came to me: Constantine and the Roman Catholic church wanted the scriptures their way, and successfully got the Old and New Testament under their power, but for one problem, the Jews. The Jewish people who didn’t take on Christianity still had authentic scripture, which still proves the Trinity churches wrong, and the Roman Catholic church regime hates it! It’s the Jewish problem or the Jewish question, the Romans killed the Jews by the thousands, the king of Spain killed Jews by the thousands for the church and by the church personally, Hitler backed by all the support he got from Spain and it’s Roman Catholicism, and from Rome itself, killed his millions of Jews with great encouragement spurring him on. Much to the delight of the Roman church who was working towards genocide of Jews to be rid of them any way at all, that the church might finally destroy the remaining authentic Scripture! God did forbid. Thank God.

Now, those Old Testament accounts:
Jeremiah chapter 6: 13-17 “For from the least of them, even to the greatest they have all committed iniquity; from the priest even to the false prophet they have all wrought falsely.” V14 “ And they healed the breach of my people imperfectly, making light of it, and saying Peace, peace: and where is peace?” v 15 “They were ashamed because they failed; yet they were not ashamed as those who are truly ashamed, and they knew not their own disgrace: therefore shall they utterly fall when they do fall, and in the time of visitation shall they perish, said the Lord.”....... OK this is very clear, the religious leaders have all committed iniquity means just that, they are false! Know that this is timed prophesy and is directly pointed at this time, today’s time, don’t be soothed into any other explanation , the so called leaders both Jew and Gentile are all included
Look at this “Peace, peace: and where is peace? This confirms today’s times! Don’t wait around for the peace talks to bring peace, it’s not going to happen, so Prophecy will be ahead of many people’s expectations.
All those false teachers are ashamed subconsciously because they are failures , yet not sufficiently to seek repentance, this because they are false, and have ulterior motives, and because of that did not recognise their disgrace, and God tells us a judgement on those false leaders, so we cannot be accused of judging them, the judgement has already been announced, they are going to be utterly bought down, we will all see it, we will see their disgrace, and then God will cause them to perish from eternal life, to the eternal torment reserved for them which God is saving them for.
If we read on and look for the advice of God V16 “Thus saith the Lord, stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths of the Lord; and see what is the good way, and walk in it, and ye shall find purification for your souls. But they said, we will not walk in them.” V 17 “I have set watchmen over


you, saying, hear ye the sound of the trumpet. But they said, we will not hear it.”..... read on for yourself and see how soon this is to be dealt with.
Well now, does it matter to God if we are taught the truth or not? It matters, it matters alright.
Look there is simply volumes proving that it does matter to God that we get the accurate knowledge, and it also proves that those who teach falsely are practising iniquity and certainly discernible that they are not teaching with the inspiration of God, and have an ulterior motive, which is strong persuasion that they won’t accept correction, and they won’t change.
Let me go straight to Jeremiah 23:1-3 “Woe to the Shepherds that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! V2 “Therefore saith the Lord against them that tend my people; ye have scattered my sheep, and driven them out, and ye have not visited them: behold, I will take vengeance upon you according to your evil practices.”.... Ok so to destroy and scatter is to teach false doctrine which is obviously from a teacher who is not teaching the word of God because they are not qualified to do so, and that qualification comes from God only. And so the people are separated from God, scattered from the fellowship they could have in the worship of God in “Spirit and truth”, and therefore from God.
Look at verse 21 “I sent not the prophets yet they ran: neither spoke I to them, yet they prophesied. V22 “But if they had stood in my counsel, and if they had hearkened to my words, then they would have turned my people from their evil practices.” ..... OK these of course are those who start churches or fellowships without having seeked God first, and therefore have not been taught by God as required, yet if they had done so, would have been of some value to those who seeked God through them.
Have a good look through the Book of Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, and see where God slates the Pastors, the Shepherds, and God states that he himself will seek his chosen, and he himself will teach them the accurate knowledge, and realise that it is because of past and present, and future, religious leaders.
I don’t think there is need for any more proof, even though there is much more which proves that yes, it certainly does matter to God that his people are taught the correct knowledge.
Yes it matters to God.




The trinity churches fall again!
I received an email this January 2016, from a people who are Messianic Jews living in Israel and in USA, and it is quite clear to me that they see the United Methodist churches as evil, I have to agree.

“This observance will be for you like a sign on your hand and a reminder on your forehead that this law of the Lord is to be on your lips. For the Lord brought you out of Egypt with his mighty hand.” (Exodus 13:9 see also verse 16)

According to Scripture, in the last days, the anti-Messiah will attempt to force all people to put his mark, rather than the Word of God, on their hand or foreheads, thereby usurping the mark of the rightful place of God in our lives. (Revelation 13:16–17)

Nevertheless, those who love God will resist evil and glorify His name till the end.

Proof perfect proof


United Methodist Church, not inspired of God, Wesleyans of the Trinity, with a critical lack of vital understanding, see how they run.

The United Methodist Church’s (UMC’s) $20 billion Pension and Health Benefits Fund has barred investment into Israel’s top five banks with deceptive claims that Israel and the disputed territories “demonstrate a prolonged and systematic pattern of human rights abuses.”

The UMC’s internal United Methodist Kairos Response (UMKR) group claimed that in their view, Israeli banks “sustain Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land” and the UMC, bearing false witness, by stating that Israel are complicit in “human-rights violations.” UMKR co-chair Reverend Michael Yoshii also commended the pension fund, for taking this significant step in disassociating from what the United Methodist church in their deluded state are calling, “the illegal occupation of Palestinian land.”
The United Methodist church as an act of defiance against God, which is bought on by their lack of vital understanding, have stated “… as United Methodist policy opposes the occupation, this is only a first step toward ending our financial complicity in the ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people,” Yoshii wrote in a January 7 press release.

Meanwhile, Pastor Keith Johnson, a UMC member and founder of Biblical Foundations Academy International is quoted as saying, “The board’s decision strikes at the fundamental core and is contrary Biblically and practically. It’s clear that this decision was made out of politics.”

“It’s embarrassing to me as a pastor who loves Israel and who has visited Israel that these people who make the decisions don’t have all the information,” claims Johnson who is also reported as saying he has chosen to divest his own funds from the UMC pension plan.


It has been reported that in its recent decision, the UMC ended its investment in the Bank Hapoalim and Bank Leumi; it also rejected future investments in both banks, as well as First International Bank of Israel, Israel Discount Bank, and Mizrahi Tefahot Bank.

The United Methodist church Committee in their declining state, will seek to pass four more divestment resolutions at the church’s General Conference in May 10–20, 2016, which is targeting 27 public companies, which the UMC claim are “located in illegal settlements” and 23 “public companies that provide settlement housing and infrastructure.” And in effect, this group of churches are striking directly at a critical and personal level against the people Israel.

Some of the targeted companies currently in UMC’s portfolio are telecommunications company Bezeq; gas station operator Delek Group Ltd.; Rami Levy Chain Stores; traffic control system provider, Siemens; cellular service provider, Cellcom Israel; and radar system provider, Motorola Solutions.

“Since the church’s policy-making body, the General Conference, has called on all nations to boycott products produced in what it calls
“the illegal settlements”, “we urge our fund managers to maintain consistency and divest from all companies that profit from these same settlements,” wrote UMKR Divestment Committee Rev. John Wagner, in an effort to hit harder at Israel, in his ignorance of God’s word through Yeshua (Jesus) to Christians.

It is also reported that: Founder of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Yechiel Eckstein condemned the United Methodist Church, pointing to its decline.

“God is clearly honoring the churches that stand with Israel and the Jewish people by bringing about huge growth with them, and at the same time Methodist churches are sitting empty and their affiliation is way down,” he said. (BIN)

My Comment on these deeds against Israel:
It has to be stated here and now, No one is Christian, or has anything to do with it, if they strike out in harm to the people Israel!
Their understanding is not inspired by God is made manifest by their speech and their deeds.
God has shown me many instances of churches which are infiltrated by the Devil dressed as the Angel of Light, and in the main this evil condition is bought to be by the large flow of money which they collect and horde to them, mean and mealy mouthed towards helping those who support them, who may at sometime need help. The money now being termed “Filthy lucre”.
These churches were never of the foundation of God and his Christ, and God manifests each and every one of them to those who actually are of obedience to God.

United Methodist creed.
We dedicate ourselves to peace throughout the world, to the rule of justice and law among nations, and to individual freedom for all people of the world.
We believe in the present and final triumph of God’s Word in human affairs and gladly accept our commission to manifest the life of the gospel in the world. Amen.


(It is recommended that this statement of Social Principles be continually available to United Methodist Christians and that it be emphasized regularly in every congregation. It is further recommended that “Our Social Creed” be frequently used in Sunday worship.)
A Companion Litany to Our Social Creed
God in the Spirit revealed in Jesus Christ,
calls us by grace
to be renewed in the image of our Creator,
that we may be one
in divine love for the world.

Wesleyan United Methodist, is Trinitarian, and claims a congregation of 12.1 million people.
I see by the deeds and the creed of the United Methodist churches, in there a conductor of the orchestrated litany of lies! And an organisation, tantamount to a shambolic church, and its people!

“Come out of her my people, least ye fellowship with her sins, and partake in her plagues”.

In comes the old adduction that 12.1 million people can’t be wrong, yet that is according to man, but 12.1 million people plus many millions more are wrong according to God. Think back to the Parable of Jesus (Yeshua), and those who thought they were great indeed of Christianity, yet Jesus refused them entry into the Kingdom of God, because they did not know Jesus, therefore Jesus would not recognise them...... You must stop and think about this, the deeds of these United Methodist churches, it’s a vital message, and it proves much of what I write about.

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