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23-10-2010.The Israel situation, some notes todate.

We know that we must watch Israel for some of the signs leading to Christ's return, and for those who are against Israel will be punished by God.

I can't help thinking about the Iranian leader who makes repeated threats against Israel, stating some months ago that he himself would start the war against Israel, even for the purpose of in his words "Proving that the Christian Messiah was false", and would prove it by starting the "So called Biblical war", to show the whole world that no God or Deity would come to Israels aid.

The Iranian has the Nuclear power, have they, or when will they have there own nuclear weapons, and do they really need their own, wont someone supply them?

Just recently the Irainian leader has been on the News Media, announcing his intensions to make all Israelies "Homeless", and with the Israelies stating that they in turn will strenuously defend themselves.

These things must bring to mind for the Christian people of God this question; how soon, the return of Jesus the Christ, Yeshua the Messiah? -----

Kevin McQuoid.


Thinking back on this week, I saw on T.V. an article; the Roman Catholic Pope was giving his opinion on the Israel/Palistinan situation.

Was he really saying that the Roman Catholic Churches support was with the Palistinian people, and not with Israel?------ Kevin McQuoid.

31-12 2010. And thinking about an article on Shine T.V.

The article was about; a start has been made to build the Temple and the  Sacrificial Altar, also the training of the Levites who will serve in the Temple has begun!

Once again I ask the question; how soon the return of Christ! Edit:--- I personally don't think the new Temple of God is to be built before the return of Christ; Think on this, Would God allow his 1000 year reign Temple to be defiled by the Beast-Anti-Christ, and the False profit organisations? Remember, or read Ezekiel and see the great Temple this one is to be! I think it possible that the Jewish people who are pushing to build a New Temple are pushing at this time, on their own, and not of God: Also, I feel that the so called Temple Of God, which is written of that the Beast is standing in, calling himself God, is one which already exists, though Christians don't normally associate with it as a Temple of God.End Edit.

Kevin McQuoid.

23-01-2011. The Israelies ?

The Israelies have found a way to destroy certain computer programming of the Iranians nuclear advancement, putting them back three years or so, maybe it's an act of God?

Kevin McQuoid.


President of the United States of America, Obama, President of the European Union? The founders of the one Government world order, is this so? Then the return of Christ could be during todays Generation!--(18-09-2013, no its not happened yet, but perhaps there is still time for those who think it could happen, to be right? we will see).

Kevin McQuoid.




The European Union, is all setup! it has 27 nation members, has it's Constitution, or as it has had to call it, it's "Treaty", has it's President, has it's own currency the Euro: also has it's own tradings,or economics, and has other nations about to join: and also has waiting to go, it's own one world religion: a European Political leader, and a Roman religious leader.

This is the formula for the "Holy Roman Empire" reborn! Just as Prophecied in the Scriptures.

What are we waiting for now? Possibly the next Pope, according to Roman Catholicism, their books and their Popes, it is to be this next Pope, an Evil Pope, he is to be the False Prophet, so we wait for him, he being the 112th Pope.

As well as the Pope, we wait for the revelation of the Anti-Christ, who according to Scripture will manifest himself as a Leader of the "European Union" combination of the "Holy Roman Empire Reborn", and the "One World Government" or "One World Order", and other related names given to it: Scripture has it this way; the Anti-Christ is the 1st Beast, the False Prophet is the 2nd Beast and the image of the 1st Beast, both are directly of the Devil with his full backing.

When will this manifestation of who the Anti-Christ, and the False-Prophet be? ----- Any time now! and when will the return of Jesus Christ be? Three and a half years after the Anti-Christ stands in the Temple of God in Jerusalem Claiming to be Christ.

When will the Temple of God be rebuilt? The list of names of the Levites who are eligible are made and the training of them also,their robes to be worn: All the furniture has been made to the exact specifications of God, the Gold and silver and jewels that make up those things that will be in service are all made, and completed. the Sacrificial Altar has been started, the Build has begun, and the call is out for the Temple to be built, and completed as soon as possible.

What should we do? Keep well away from anyone who will follow the False Prophet: it is the False Prophet, who will lead all his followers to worship him and the Beast, receiving the "Mark of the Beast" as a consequence, and then to "Hell" or "Eternal Torment" Scripture tells us about all this.

With todays world population of over six billion people, Scripture says that one third of the population will go into destruction at the return of Christ Jesus, that is approx 2.2 billion people, there is 1billion Roman Catholics, and 1.1billion protestants, who are the Daughters of the R.C Church. then there are the "Called out ones" No one knows the number of these small and scattered gatherings, that God has called out "Come out of Her , my people, least ye fellowship with her sins, and partake of her Plagues". these have been called out of the Church of the False Prophet, where those who have been prepared since the time that church started, and  to follow the False Prophet . The wrath of God is bought on also by disobedient Christians.----- Think on this now!

Need proof of all this? read the Roman Catholic books, for example, "The Prophecies of Malachy" and "The Final Concave" and there are many more.

The messenger of this:- Kevin McQuoid.

It's now 06-05-2013, and the Anglican church struggles with God's Laws.

Briefly:- The Anglican Minister who is trying to prevent a Homosexual man from becoming a Priest is correct in doing so; there is a dark problem in the Anglican Authorities, they make their decision based on the applicant for Priesthood being a sexually active practicing Homosexual, and the Anglican Church is showing in the taking of this stance, that their decision is based on what is acceptable to those in Authority of the Anglican Church, and disregarding what God has said about the matter, in fact they make no mention of the fact that Homosexuals are an offence to God, who says that no Homosexual will enter into the Kingdom of God.

The other depraved showing is from the congregation of that Christchurch (NZ) church, who in their complete and utter ignorance of any understanding of the Scriptures of God, have written to their Authorities complaining that this Homosexual who is an offence to God should be allowed to have the freedom to become an Anglican Priest, it raises the Question, what are these elderly people being taught? Yes the Churches are in their Apostate state Just as the Scriptures say.

Leviticus 20:13"Whoever shall lie with a male as with a woman, they have both wrought abomination; let them die the death, they are guilty."

The messenger of this report:- Kevin McQuoid.



Is it getting close,-- when we see that the Muslims have effectively stopped the Orthodox Jews from entering and worshipping on the Temple mount in Jerusalem? What is it when we see that the Israelie Police are active in preventing the Jew from entering the Temple Mount? What should we think when this is all justified in the minds of the Muslims, because as they say, that they fear that the Jews have an immediate plan to destroy the Dome of the Muslims, to make way for the Temple of God to be rebuilt? Who is going to be the rebuilders of the Temple if not the Jews?-- Got your attention? Its got mine!


I see the Gay community have the legal right to take down, in the Law courts, anyone else who may have a belief against Homosexuality/Lesbianisim.  this form of justice, is not justice in righteousness, what it is though, is Prophesy in effect, the trigger for the return of Christ is the hightning of activities of the evil ones upon the Earth, whether they be Church administrators/goers etc, leaders of Governments, Man appointed Judges, Idol worshippers, anyone at all.


It is with great sadness, I hear reports, that two Ministers were sacked, their ministry was terminated by the Anglican church, in Hamilton             New Zealand.

The reason being that, they wouldn't agree with the Anglican church's policy of allowing same Gender marriages, and civil union within the church!

It is sad because Apostacy is rife in the church, however it is in accordance with their disobedience to God; we see the prophecies are true to their word in these churches.

News Flash!---

The Construction,and Housing Minister of Israel, Uri Ariel, has expressed his wish for "The third Temple" to be built on the Al-aqsa site where the Mosque now stands, and I report this on the 31/01/2014.

Who has signed the peace treaty? who has yet to sign? Did you know that once the Peace Treaty is fully signed, the building of the Temple at Jerusalem can begin? or can it? Look up! there is just so much moving in Prophesy happening now times, God and Jesus are very busy maneuvering people to bring all to be. Not long now? But it's not going to be easy! Jew will demand, Palestinian will refuse, Israeli Government will have ignorance, Muslim will be inflammed. The solution to all problems may yet draw much more blood! But prophesy has it that God will strike Israel soon with the armies of God guided men, and the non conforming people will be taken out. Look up Juda! Look up Israel!

Once again I ask the question; how soon the return of Christ! Edit:--- I personally don't think the new Temple of God is to be built before the return of Christ; Think on this, Would God allow his 1000 year reign Temple to be defiled by the Beast-Anti-Christ, and the False profit organisations? Remember, or read Ezekiel and see the great Temple this one is to be! I think it possible that the Jewish people who are pushing to build a New Temple are pushing at this time, on their own, and not of God: Also, I feel that the so called Temple Of God, which is written of that the Beast is standing in, calling himself God, is one which already exists, though Christians don't normally associate with it as a Temple of God.End Edit.


It is now the 17-10-2014

Oh dear! the Vatican has annonced this week: they are to support the (Gay) community, which means same sex marriages! More Apostacy through lack of Knowledge and the understandings! But perhaps God is maneuvering them towards their part in Prophesy. What can I do, what can I say? Nothing; but God has said it, "Come out of her, my people, Least you fellowship with her sins, and partake in her plagues". Says it all really, and can you receive it?

Kevin McQuoid.


Apostacy stood up to?

Well! it's now the week of the 19-10-14, And the Pope Francis has lost face with his subjects, they say NO to his wanting change to a more sympathetic stance towards the Gay community, well! I think we need to watch and wait, theres bound to be a sequal. As for the Divorce stance, they need to read the Scriptures with understanding, before making Judgement on those people who have divorced. --- Watch for the signs with Pope Francis.

Kevin McQuoid.


ISIS  Muslims

It is the 27th of February 2015,

We have John Key the Prime Minister of New Zealand, having annonced that he will send troops to Iraq to train their troops to fight ISIS; right or wrong, enough or too little.

ISIS being a radical organisation, and meaning Islamic State In Syria: These are Muslims.

There will be Muslims in NZ who will speak out, as in the past, and against our involvement, saying, Why would you want to get invoved, why send those troops? This is of course an objection! Many Muslims say they are not in agreeance with what they call the radical side of Islam, and that they condemn the radical actions, but, if this be the truth, what are they doing to control their own out of control peoples?

Islamic Muslims, you can only be seen by the World, to be in support of your Islamic radicals, if you do not take an active part in totally controlling your people.

If you don't like others defending themselves from these Islams, then get you up, and prevent your people from the condemnation, and the disgrace, which they bring upon all Muslims in the World!

The Messenger,

Kevin McQuoid.

28th March 2015,

Last week I watched a programme on T.V. It was an investigation into the credibility of the Vaticans claim that they held in posession, a Relic of Jesus the Christ. The relic was claimed to be The Foreskin of the Christ!-------- Let's cut a long story short: Jesus was born into strict Judaisim, Mosaic Law, the foreskin was therefore buried as per the tradition of the Jews? ------ OK then, The so called relic was destroyed by Vatican order, at the time it became aware that DNA testing came in! ---------- Popes of the Roman Catholic church decreed: any person who came to venerate the Foreskin, would be totally forgiven of all sins they may have commited, no matter how bad! ------ This raises the question: What now happens to those souls, who during that time, gained forgivness of their sins? Now that the Vatican has disassociated itself from Jesus' Christ foreskin!

Yes I have written it--- Kevin McQuoid.

Mark of the Beast?

Jesus the Christ died once for all, this means that instant death for sins or God's instant Judgement to condemnation, is no longer. Since the death and ressurection of Jesus, all peoples on this planet have the oppertunity to repent of their sins and be saved, that is all peoples. The question is this: if the use of Micro chips implanted under the skin of New born Children, or forced upon Adults, where then is the saving blood covering of the Lord Jesus the Christ, if it is the "Mark of the Beast"?----- Reason with it, and remember, God keeps his covenants.

Kevin McQuoid.




We as a congregation of God, are going to hold our celebration of the birth of our Jesus Christ on September Friday 13th.

The reason for this is;  concidered findings by many these days, including our selves at God's Word Given, that what is called the traditional Christmas is not the correct time. We must look to the Scriptures and see the time of the year it was in Israel at the time of Jesus birth, given the Shepherds were out at night tending the sheep, this was only done during the warmer months. The fact that sheep were kept in close quarters at night during the colder months, gives us an indication of the month Jesus is more likely to be born.

If we correspond that time in Israel with our own time here in New Zealand, it is conciderably more accurate to celebrate the birth of Christ in September. We have chosen the 13th of September being the Friday, which comes into the Sabbath that evening into Saturday, which then gives us a Sabbath to go along with the observance. ----- There is nothing in Scripture which commands us to celebrate the birth of the Messiah, we therefore are acting on our gratitude to God, for providing the mercy, and the forgivness, the patience, and his grace apon us, and to the Lord Jesus the Christ for the great sacrifice that he made, giving all apon the Earth, time to seek forgivness for our sins.

I consider that a fitting celebration would be a midday feast, for us that will be roast Lamb, some wine in moderation, and or, some suitable celebrational drinks. The day will be celebrated with readings from Scripture as to who Jesus really is, and what purpose God bought him to be for, and Prayer; Generally a day of thanks to God and Jesus Christ, and remembering the real purpose of "Christmas".

We will not commercialise it by spending great sums of money on extravagant gifts, in fact in our case, no gifts at all; the greatest gift? Is that which God gave us in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope that others may join in observing this time, and if you have missed this year, then maybe you will prepare for next year.

May God bless you,