In the knowledge of Saints
Chapter 7

Ongoing work correcting churches

Recently a booklet came in the mail called “Hope for all”, published by the “Hope Project”; so I looked them up on the internet, to see what churches were behind the information given in their booklet, and the following names were given:-
The claim is that it has come from a group of Christian churches throughout New Zealand. The churches supporting this come from broad based, main-stream organisations listed as: Anglican Church, Wesleyan Methodist Church, Lutheran Church, Salvation Army, Vineyard Churches of NZ, Elim Churches of NZ, NZ Assemblies of God, Congregational Union of NZ, New Life Churches International, Church of the Nazarene, Presbyterian Church and Baptist Church, and claim many, many more.
What concerned me greatly is the topic on page 16 which claims that the New Testament, both its authenticity and the general integrity may be regarded finally established. Now this has been based on a statement made in 1940 by a person by the name of Sir Frederic George Kenyon, GBE, KCB, TD, FBA, FSA (15 January 1863 – 23 August 1952) was a British palaeographer and biblical and classical scholar. He occupied from 1889 to 1931 a series of posts at the British Museum. He was also the president of the British Academy from 1917 to 1921, and from 1918 to 1952 he was Gentleman Usher of the Purple Rod. ----Anyone with these qualifications must be considered to be very much an intellectual, and by some, a wise man, and likely to be considered at the top of the intelligence ladder of mankind, a great philosopher, and a man capable of coming to his own understandings using this intellect which he possesses; he’s been able to attend universities, and teaching organisations, where because of his intelligence, has obviously easily been able to learn a great deal from the individuals of men, and apparently by some practical experience in some areas.

I do not agree with Sir Frederic Kenyon’s summary of his findings in their entirety, and specifically in concern of the status of Jesus the Christ; Kenyon’s statement that “----And the last foundation for any doubt that the scriptures have come down to us substantially as they were written has now been removed. Both the authenticity and the general integrity of the books of the New Testament may be regarded as finally established.” By this statement he supports the teachings of Constantine, and therefore the Roman Catholic church, with their doctrine that Jesus Christ while on this Earth, was of the essence of God, and with the Knowledge and understandings that God has given me, I can discern that Fredric Kenyon was not God inspired, but instead his knowledge in proportion came from the teachings of other men, and his findings from his own understanding, his own intelligence, and not from God! Kenyon has obviously not seen by either God inspiration, or his own intellect, not even the history books, the accounts of that which Constantine has done.
And that raises the question, what church did Kenyon support, and what Bible was he using? Of course, if he was working with Gospel accounts which Constantine’s regime had not altered, and if they were those originals which had not been copied and recopied, with some bias added, and errors made, then he would know that the Apostles taught that Jesus was not of the essence of God,


and therefore Kenyon’s statement would be correct, and the churches which have been listed also; but they, using his information, would have to be seen as covering over Kenyon’s statement as if supporting them and their doctrine, because these churches do call Jesus of the essence of God.---- And along with that is, anyone with a true knowledge of the scriptures, and in context, can see the obvious contradictions written into the New Testament, which has writings contradicting itself, and also contradict the Old Testament, and that these contradictions, which create confusion, are all in the matter of who Jesus really is; knowing these things, allows the rest of the Gospels to be accepted as an Authentic account; in as much as that which is important to ones Eternal profit, that is that they are profitable to the learning and teaching to any who fervently seek God.--- And what’s more, there have been many, many, people who have left churches, even abandoned Christianity, because they also see this contradiction.

Come out of her my people

Come on you churches involved in the Apostasy, accept correction, and give those who come to you, those who are depending on your Knowledge and understanding to be correct, get your house in order, swallow your pride, bridle your lusts, and humble yourselves to the correction from God; teach the “Ten Commandments” not the nine or whatever suits, seek God as you should, and work on pleasing him.

Personally I don’t even rate a mention in the intelligence ratings compared to one like Kenyon, and that’s all the better for me in matters of God, for I’m totally dependent on God for my Knowledge and understandings of it; my case is built on the understandings God gives me using the given Scriptures/Gospels, and even if they are God inspired or not, God is my guide, not my own intelligence in these matters; yes we have to be serious about all this, because God is, and to prove it I once again will use the scriptures of God, and here it is as follows:-

1 Corinthians 1: 19. “For it has been written, “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and I will set aside the learning of the intelligent”. -----
And here we have, and in context of other writings, a Statement of God, brought about by those who make explanation of the word of God in error because of their using their own understandings, based on their own intelligence, and not from the accurate or exact knowledge from God, they in fact do not seek God for their understandings, and even if some do, they don’t wait for God’s inspiration or persuasion on the matter--. It would help the understanding if the rest of Ch 1 was read as well.

Here’s another place to read: - Isaiah Ch 29:13+ “And the Lord has said, this people draw nigh to me with their mouth, and they honour me with their lips, but their heart is far from me: but in vain do they worship me, teaching the commandments and doctrine of men”. ----
This is what is happening when men use their own understanding, having God’s word meaning what they want it to mean, this is bought on by men using their own intellect, and not seeking God for the understandings, and the scriptural proof is to follow:
V14 “Therefore behold I will proceed to remove this people, and I will remove them: and I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and I will hide the understanding of the prudent. Woe to them that deepen their counsel, and not by the Lord. Woe to them that take secret counsel, and whose works are in darkness, and they say who has seen us? And who shall know us, and what we do?


Well then, the meaning of “Counsel” in context here is: - one’s own intentions or views.
Yes they say “who has seen us, and who shall know us and what we do” Well you have been seen, by God obviously, and also by those people who God has given it to be able to see this people; yes we know you and we see you, we know very well what you do! Look at what God will do to those people, that is to hide the prudent people who have the understandings from God, and he will hide that from those people who go by their own understandings and not of those of God!---- Thats a bad position to be in!
Wake up! Wake up you churches who are in the apostasy, listen if it’s not too late, listen to correction, or all for you is lost! The apostasy has been prophesied, and now is, but God says that some will come out, well now, come out then! Leave foolish pride behind! And know that Fools step in where Angels fear to tread, and heed the scriptures of God which say, God will forgive those who have been disobedient, and who come to him accepting the corrections; I know it personally!

Why the need for such knowledge and understanding? Remember, God requires it of his Saints, his chosen, his elect, to have the accurate or exact knowledge, or you cannot be a Saint; remember the Saints are not deceived! And those who Call Jesus the Christ God, are saying he is the essence of God in the form a flesh body, therefore are judged for lack of knowledge which they should have, that which would prove their fervence towards God! also, when the time of the one standing in the Temple of God, calling himself God, then a multitude will follow him; yet he is not God, and he's not Jesus, he's in fact the son of perdition! And those one's get the mark of the Beast; who knows when that time may have started; also you need to know this, Jesus dosen't call himself God, nor does he usurp authority of God.


There is great need to get this published now, so will keep this chapter short, because I’m told nothing can be done for a month or so in communications with the churches I have challenged on this, so to try and get the message across to them, it’s important to publish this chapter now.


 To those churches concerned, or to anyone concerned, I have been given a solution to the problem, but along with that, the requirement is a fervent willingness to apply it.

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