Chapter 3.

For those called there will be a time and times of bewilderment and surprise that may disconcert them, possibly make them wonder if God and Jesus really are with them, but it’s O.K. if you realize what is happening, 1 Peter. 4:12-14. “Beloved, be not surprised at the fire among you, occurring to you for a trial, as though some strange thing was befalling you.”(the fire referred to is the word of God and the chastising of you, the trialing to help to persuade you to obedience to God, so that he can teach you the exact knowledge of him, that which will help to keep you from the great deceiver, (the Devil), keep you from him, that which will eventually bring you to be chosen. But! We have to be obedient, and love God and obey his commands, and be open to the Holy Spirit activities of God, why? So that God through Jesus Christ can persuade us with the Holy Spirit powers of God.
If you read about the Devil, you will know that God has told us through Jesus Christ, in the book of Revelations that; the time of the return of Christ depends on the Devils activities,


And to say differently is to argue with God, and God tells us through Mark, he hates that; Mark, 10:15. “Indeed I say to you, whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God like a little child, he will by no means enter it”.
This makes it clear, don’t argue with God, be meek, that is saying; be easily lead and taught by the Holy Spirit of God, if we are not open and believing all these things that are Gods words, and we say something different, then God says we won’t enter the Kingdom of God, and how do you think anyone could be chosen?
Let me say here, one lady who thought she was teaching me the doctrine of God’s word, she told me that we don’t go to the Kingdom of God at Death, because that is Heaven, and we don’t go to Heaven, she teaches that we take on our flesh body again at the resurrection, That God will restore our flesh body as it was before death, then we inherit the land, as people that we were before death, she teaches that you cannot spiritualize these things as the churches all do.
Let God and Jesus tell you in their words, Heaven is in various stages of height, God being in the Highest, starting from Genesis, read of what can be called Heaven, and that the Kingdom of God can be anywhere his workings and activities are, and also to those who God has given it to, or who have seeked and gained it on this Earth now. God’s chosen.
The unfortunate thing for some in all this is that they get caught up in the precepts and doctrines of men, men who are caught up with the deception of the Great Deceiver the Devil, and the unfortunate thing about all this is that the deceived do not know they are deceived, some call it picked off, yet, and with the power of the Devil, these deceived are also leading people who in turn are also being deceived.
So look at, Philippians, 3: 3. “For we are the circumcision, we who are serving God in Spirit, and boasting in Christ Jesus, but who have no confidence in flesh”.
If we are looking to be chosen, then Paul has some good advice in Phil, 3:13-15 and he tells us; to forget the things behind us, and look to those things in front of us that matter, and to press forward towards the prize of the High calling of God by Christ Jesus, and says in v15. “As many, therefore, as are perfect, should be of this mind; and if in anything you think differently, God will also reveal this to you.” Be open to Gods correction of you!
Now I know that some people think that God will correct us in anything we have wrong after death, and at the resurrection, but this is not what Paul is referring to here, we have to be open to God’s Holy Spirit persuasions, now, God is active now in this life with his ones to correct them on matters that are important to his being able to refine his ones as Gold, God is active through Christ and it is Christ who will present us, “And pray that you will be found


Worthy to escape the wrath to come, and stand before the son of man, even the lord Jesus Christ”. If you find yourself “standing” in this context you have made it.
Don’t be fooled into thinking as do those who do not accept God’s Holy Spirit being active in many ways with us now days, they think God will correct later, not being allowed to understand the Scriptures/Gospels that tell us that those things get sorted now in this life, the unfortunate thing that is seen in those who don’t believe God is active, is their errors then deception can be seen, and therefore their disobedience, we have to be fully open to God to be Chosen, that he can bring us to be worthy. By all Corrections in this life now.
However every now and then someone who is being deceived will break away from the deceived ones, these are those who have become open to Gods persuasions, enough for God to persuade them to “Come out of her, my people, so you don’t fellowship with her Sins, and partake of her plagues”, and now if those who come out will learn to obey God’s commandments, then they can become called and chosen. (It’s up to our obedience).
So you may ask; if God is so powerful, how come his power is not strong enough to just make me worthy? And a good question that many ask, the answer is; there are the Eternal Rules, they are evident all through the Scriptures/Gospels, for a start, only those who are found worthy will become Saints, also enter the Kingdom of God, and also Eternal life with God and Jesus, this means that we have to want to be obedient to God, yes, ---want to be obedient, from our Heart, it has to be our own free will, it is not to be forced upon us, we have to want it, look at it, if one is dragged kicking and screaming against their will into the Eternal life, then that’s the way they will be, they will be trouble, Eternal life is screened so no problem people will get through, think about it, would we want the same old problems we have in people now being the same in Eternity? Doesn’t make for a restful Eternity does it!
The before birth Predetermined ones are those who God pours more and stronger Holy Spirit activity onto.
1 Peter. 4:13 tells us if called we will partake in sufferings, this to fight against the worldly ways we have, the flesh ways, to help to mature our spirit mind, for that is what God is wanting our spirit mind. (“To worship me in Spirit, and to prey to me in Spirit, these I seek”.)
We should be happy if these trials and correction, come on us, if they don’t then we haven’t been called, it’s our trial times, we have to go through it, so be happy, so that if you come through it, then when Jesus comes to you, having been found worthy you will rejoice greatly, that is greatly, but we need to be accepting, open to Gods persuasion.
If God reproaches us, that is chastises and corrects us for wrong doings or teachings or thinking or actions, then we know that God’s spirit is working on us, he is trying to bring us


To be worthy, we have to be listening for his persuasions, be obedient to God, be open to his Holy Spirit activities and believe that God through Jesus Christ is very active with the use of his Holy spirit, but remember; it is all very subtle, we have to believe it is available, want it, listen to God and Jesus for it. But be sure of this; if you ignore God’s word in favor of Mans, then you will not hear God! The deception of the Devil through deceived man is the great down fall of Christianity, Jesus says so. (Rev).
Peter tells us by authority of Jesus, in verse 18. “And if the righteous person is scarcely safe, where will the impious and the sinner appear?” This tells us, even if we think we have it made, we need to Judge ourselves, as written that we should, and bring ourselves at all times to obey God, because it’s not going to be easy, it is written, we can’t do it on our own, we have to put ourselves in the hands of God and Jesus, not man! As 1Peter. 4:19 says. “Therefore let those who are suffering according to the will of God, commit their lives in doing good to a faithful creator.” Then we should commit our lives to God’s word, look for all those who change it, they are the deceived, and turn to God and his word as he means us to understand it, and reject the deceived, God’s word, if it’s changed, it’s deceived!
So where’s all this going? It is all part of being called, and then the hope of being chosen.
Now then, what about what I am doing here writing all this, well for those who think I am out of place, and shouldn’t be doing this sort of thing among those who have settled down in life to other doctrines, I will let Jesus tell you through the Apostle Paul, 1Corinthians.11:18-19. “For indeed, in the first place, I hear that, on your coming together in the assembly, there are divisions among you; and, as to a certain part I believe it; for it is necessary that there should be factions among you, so that the approved maybe apparent among you.
This really is self explanatory, being that it tells us that there are those who have the exact knowledge from God, who will teach it amongst those who should know but have it wrong, and those who have it wrong could possibly be deceived ones and will fight back by the spirit of the Devil. (If you are not open to the Holy Spirit, the next in line is the Devils spirit)
We need to know and understand that; the Devil and his fallen Angels are in Spirit, they to have a spiritual persuasion over those who succumb to it, and if you can read and understand any part of revelations you will see that the Devil and his angels have been cast down to Earth, and have made war on Gods people, that this is a God purposed act.
We need to know that the Devil is here to tempt test and try us, and to deceive even the Saints if it were possible, he is God purposed to do the job, as in the book of “Job” also with Jesus, and know that the reason for this is to flush out those who only give lip service to God, the deceived ones, those who are not completely obedient to God. (Rev)


Who will read God and Jesus Christ’s account of the Devil and teach that there is no Devil? Only the deceived!
2 Sam. 7:12-16. Read the account God has given Of Jesus when the time comes for him to be born, the Prophet Nathan gave the word of God to King David, look at v14. “I will be his father, and he shall be my son. If he commit iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men, and with the stripes of children:” (Some one should show Sue Bradford), (also for the trinity and the pre-existence of Christ believers), However, this tells us that even in Jesus, God was going to make sure that he got things right, that he had full obedience from Jesus to make him the Christ on Earth, and then with that obedience, the Christ in the Highest Heaven, then he has to be obedient to God for his time back on Earth, we are all in deep trouble if Christ is not obedient to God, well the same goes for God’s Chosen.
Yes this is all about being called and Chosen, these are some of the things we need to know in order that we can judge ourselves, that we will seek God and Jesus Christ only, and not look for our strength from man, that we should realize that we need God we can’t do it on our own and we certainly cannot get called or chosen by man, let alone deceived man.
God wants Saints, any number of Saints, apparently there is no limit to the number, Two things stand in the way of any of us being what God wants, that is; disobedience to God, because a Saint must be very obedient to God and Jesus Christ.
Deception; because if we are disobedient we are open to the deception from the spirit persuasion of the Devil, who has many helpers on earth now days, both in Spirit form and in Flesh.
So are you convinced? Or did you not need convincing? Believe me when I say; there are some who are terribly deceived, and they need help, these teachings are designed to help.
If you have a doctrine that is different and you still believe it over these teachings, pray to God fervently through Jesus Christ, block your mind from the doctrine you have, and go to God like a child wanting to know something that you have no idea about, and pray for the exact knowledge. Then be prepared in your Heart to accept what God may teach you, or you may get nothing.
Be prepared to accept God’s word over Mans, no matter what, be open to the Holy Spirit activities of God which maybe very subtle, and know that God teaches very thoroughly and it will most likely take a lot of time, and encompass areas you did not expect.
Take up the Bible, and show God you mean to read it in a way that says you are going to believe the message that is there in context of what is written, for example; If the scripture in context says that the Devil did something, then believe Gods word in it, or if it is written that the Holy spirit of God is available in part to days times, then believe it, and in whatever


Is important to your Eternal profit read about it and believe God and Jesus, and they then will let you know what is perverted in the Scriptures and what is deceived mans doctrine, only give it time.
I can tell you this; if you approach this in the right way, and if you pray fervent prayer, then you had better be prepared for what you pray, God gives good measure, turn none down.
But be sure of this get your heart in the right place with it first, be prepared to believe God over man, leave no room for the Devil, and be prepared to last the distance and not cut the teachings short, or lose faith and return to mans doctrines because of relationships with others.
John. 5:24. “Indeed, I truly say to you, he who hears my word, and believes him who sent me has Aionian life, and comes not into judgment, but has passed out of death into life.”
This is an interesting statement made by Jesus, and is worthy of close study, because it is essential to Eternal life, we have to understand this verse, and if we do understand Jesus word in it, then we will not alter Gods word.
Jesus is pushing the truth of it, and he says, “He who hears my word”, and one of the most important messages that Jesus gives us is; “Love God with all your heart, soul, and mind”, along with that; “To love God, obey all his Commandments.” And God tells us this also, and Jesus says, “If ye will enter life, obey Gods Commandments”.
Then Jesus says, “And believes him who sent me”, it’s very simple to work out under normal circumstances, and I challenge those who pervert Gods word, change it to suit mans precepts and doctrines, who don’t believe major parts of God’s word, and teach others the same, I challenge you, is this then a demonstration of believing God? And can you honestly say you are hearing Jesus word, or even more hearing Gods word? I say no you are not!
You who say, we are the ones with the truth, and welcome to the bonds of the truth, yet you teach deceived doctrines, God and Jesus Christ tell in the Scriptures/Gospels important things to our eternal well being, and you say no that’s not right, and have a man made doctrine that makes God and Jesus as Liars, it’s really jaw dropping stuff, do you know you are doing it? You think you are not? Let me give three prime examples, 1- Gods Holy Spirit activities, and 2 – Gods words on the individual he calls the Devil, 3 –The Sabbath.
What are you going to do about John, 5:24, because those who do such as you have done to God and Jesus word are in trouble, Jesus tells us plainly who are the ones that have already gained everlasting life, they don’t go to Judgment, but have passed out of death into life.
Going to judgment in this context, are the ones who are not going to receive eternal life, they go to judgment to have sentence passed on them, but the true believers who hear


Gods word and believe God, those who don’t change Gods word to suit themselves, they are in this life already judged to go to eternal life (they have it now, life will continue from this to the next without having the uncertainty of having to stand judgment to find out if they have gained eternal life or not, their spirit will live on).
Some will not be able to understand any of this because they have been taught that they are not to believe, but not taught by God, they are taught by man, mans precepts and Doctrines, these teachers will have to answer to God and Jesus Christ, and have to be responsible for their actions, it is on their heads, and unfortunately all who follow them.
Who then is “Drawn”, and who then is “Called” and who then is “Chosen”? I have heard many of those who do pervert God’s word, and those who uphold the same say that they are “Called”; I ask how can they do that? The answer came to me; they are some of the deceived.
“Many are called few are chosen”
So let’s pray a prayer from Scripture; “Our Father who art in Heaven, we pray that we might be found worthy to escape the wrath that must come, and stand in front of the Son of man”. In Jesus name. Amen.
This prayer is taken from God’s Scripture, Please note how Jesus who is in the highest Heaven, at the right hand of God our Father, God refers to Jesus as he still considers him to be “Son of Man”. And note also, Jesus is set at the right hand of God, God states that there is no god beside him! Not before and not after.
The state that Jesus is in for eternity is that of Immortal man!
Kevin McQuoid.