In the knowledge of Saints.
Chapter 4


More examples

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is God, this is his description, Holy: meaning separate, God is a separate spirit in comparison to other spirits, he is the almighty Spirit; to have the Holy Spirit come upon you, is to have God’s powerful persuasions over you, and or to be manourvered by his spiritual over your spiritual. This is what we need to realise, God’s type of spirit is all powerful in comparison to what we have, or may yet become, read for yourself about what happened at Mount Sinai, when he visited Moses and the people Israel, the roaring noise was so frightening that even Moses trembled exceedingly, and Moses knew God, but look at the power of the Spirit that God is, a whiter that white light so bright that it will kill mankind by looking upon it, God’s spirit is so powerful that it burned the top of Mount Sinai black, and is still apparent today(That is at the true site of the Mount, the Roman Catholics have it on the Sinai peninsula where they have built a monastery called St Catherine’s, it’s not the place! It’s in Arabia, Median Ja bel al laws, or Ja bel al Mosa, (The mountain of Moses) and well known by Ishmael’s people the Arabs.) However we know that God’s spirit is a special Spirit, and that is the Holy Spirit, and is very much a separate being; you can gain knowledge about differing Bodies and spirits in the books of Corinthians.
Is this the Church of God’s choosing? I discern not! I have to bring out a measure of the sins of this church organisation, that you may see, this is not the form of Christianity God had in mind! We all have to realise what has happened to Christianity to avoid it’s pit falls, “Come out of her my people, that you fellowship not with her sins, least ye partake in her plagues” This is the message from the creator of us. -----the Roman Catholic church claims that they are Christianity, then let them answer for it! Please read on.
Yes I have the conviction of the knowledge, and I will stand accountable for what I say, and here is my accountability, it is all that which I write in this book, and on the website or

Knowing Jesus the Christ
We should look now at some more of the accurate knowledge; I have said that God has taught me the accurate knowledge and understandings of it and during that time God has stressed that I, and therefore we, should know Jesus the Christ, and the reasons are vital, here are some of them.
Jesus will not recognise us if we don’t know him, to know Jesus the Christ is as he has said, we are to believe those things written of him in the Old Testament, in the Prophets and the Psalms; because he knew that there would be people who would take away his glory, and change the truth of the matter; we all need to realise, if we are to change God’s word, as some have in this matter of Jesus, then we are grieving the Holy spirit, those who do such are calling God a liar, also Jesus, now it is very clear what God’s testimony as to who Jesus is, God makes it perfectly clear, that Jesus is a man just as us, same thing in the books of Moses, and in particular where Moses is told that in the future a man would be raised from among them to be the Messiah, and the book of Samuel 2 Ch 7, which is


the promise to King David, and passed on to him through Nathan the profit; to say different is a teaching from the Jesus Christ is part of a trinity, group of people, or that he is God the almighty himself, or that Jesus the Christ was there helping God to create the planet and World, saying that Jesus pre-existed, these things are errors in doctrine proven by scripture of Moses, and the Prophets, and Psalms. Here I will teach what God gave me.

The Jesus created the Earth and all on it fallacy
Jesus was not there creating the Earth and all on it at the time of its beginning, Jesus didn’t exist at that time, this kind of doctrine has been introduced for the Jesus is God teachers, and is erroneous, of course it has been tailored by man, and sounds credible to all those who accept the deceived teachings, but not so to those who have the exact knowledge, given by God.
What we need to do here is find the scripture which they have used, and I will explain what God gave me on this matter, and here’s one from the KJV, 2 Timothy 1:9 “Who has saved us, and called us with an Holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.” Here we see the Trinitarian gleaming a sentence which they use to give credibility to their doctrine which is from “.......... given us in Christ Jesus before the world began”. Thereby they are stating, that the scripture tells us that Jesus pre-existed, that he was in existence before the world, or as they think the Planet began; There are two very real problems with their claims, one is this: the word world used, is in context, meaning a world of time, the word world is used to describe an era of time on the planet, a period of time, or a time of certain things happening, for example: Jesus is conceived, and born, this is the start of a world, and now that world the people lived in at that particular time, ended when Jesus now the Christ, was crucified and was raised by God, and ascended into the Highest Heaven, that was the time in that world completed, now another world of time came into being, that is the latter days which we are in now (The year 2015 AD.). Once the time for Jesus the Christ has come for his return, then that will be another world that people live in, another time, and called the last days or the millennium. Every era or period of time is a world of time; the world is not a reference to the planet of itself, but of the people on the planet, and what they are experiencing as a world of people; there is no credibility in their doctrine.
However, having exposed the lack of understanding in translations and interpretations, because the verse should read “.......... which was given us in Christ Jesus before everlasting times”. Now we can see by this original Greek translation of the original manuscripts, clarifies the meaning, and proves my case, this is the meaning: the sacrifice which Jesus made, gave us the saving grace, and the opportunity to be called by God, and saved, given to us by Jesus Christ before the next world begins, and in this case meaning before Jesus the Christ returns, and therefore before, and put correctly, everlasting times; therefore I should explain further for your edification, when “everlasting” is stated it has been translated out “times age lasting”; therefore, it is a period of time uninterrupted, and it will happen as planned, from one point to another point of time, now “For ever and ever” states Eternity, time never ending .
There are many places in for example the KJV which have translation and interpretation problems, caused by bias to Constantine, on this subject of Jesus and pre-existence, for example one other


word which has been used to try and convince the reader that Jesus pre-existed is the use of the words “Foundation of the world”, it still meaning in their estimation, the creation of the Planet; there is a problem with the use of that word, in that it is not used in the original Manuscripts; here is an example from 1 Peter 1:20. “who verily was fore-ordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you” (KJV). The original Manuscript has it this way.”Having been foreknown indeed before a laying down of a world”. Not the mention of foundation of the world, as such, but look here’s the understanding, it’s in the use of the words “before a laying down of a world” note not the world which is suggesting the Planet, but a world which points to a period of time, an era of time, a world of time, and also that it was “the laying down of a world”. That is to setup the period of time on the planet, setting it up by God, for those things which are about to happen, to allow it to be. God foreknew from the time of Adam and Eve, that man was going to need a covering for his sins, the test completed and failed by man, and in came disobedience to God, God gave them cover depicted in the covering of the animal skin, and the bloodshed from it. God had a plan for a messiah to come in the distant future, and when the time was right for the maximum benefit to mankind, and this is where the Christ did exist, he existed in Idea only, in the thoughts of the Creator of the Messiah. The scriptures of the Prophets of God prove these things, and Jesus the Christ did warn us, that to believe into him, then we must believe that written about him in the scriptures of Moses, the Prophets, and the book of Psalms, these are where the truth can be found, and Jesus knew that many deceivers were come into the worlds! We have our proof, and we have our case, because we know the deceivers! Oh, how many the fingerprints of man there are, on the Gospels of Jesus!
And also, that this promise to King David was Solomon spoken of, all these errors came from a group of uninspired teachers, in utter error. Consider this, even the Apostles and Paul wrote and they acknowledged, in recognition, that it was Jesus to come which was the promise to David, and that they knew that Jesus was not God; here again we find evidence that the Gospels are not completely authentic that they have been altered, added to and parts taken out to suit man, mans finger prints are all over the New testament books, yes some parts remain as authentic but you may be able to discern that what has been altered is to suit the decree of Constantine, which is that Jesus the Christ is of the essence of God in body. Woe! Woe! Woe! Says the Angel of God.
I have to bring this in now, once you realise that man has altered parts of the Gospels, and reading through the KJV it becomes plain to see, that because of these workings of man, that the Gospels in many places become contradictory, and to those who have the accurate knowledge can see it, and there is a certain lack of the harmonic logical balance which should be in there, but isn’t.
Jesus warns everyone, not to alter the word of God, and that includes the book of Revelations, or the Apocalypse as it’s also known, and in the main the Old Testament is basically unscathed, that is except for parts with misunderstood translations and interpretations, though accepted as not malicious, but what astounds me, is that man seems to take the great risk of edging around that which is written, for instance, you can get away with Blasphemies against, many things and, yet they seem to feel comfortable with including Jesus the Christ, but you cannot get away with Blasphemies against the Holy Spirit, and this according to the scriptures, and here we have their confusion, the Holy spirit if it’s as they say another being, then it in their eyes must be higher than God himself, so


why isn’t God mentioned here instead of the Holy Spirit, they have put more eminence of the Holy Spirit than God Himself, yet none is higher than God, and yet they cannot see that the Holy Spirit is God himself, they seem in their deluded state, that they believe, they can get away with Blasphemies against God, and also get away with the ruination of the Gospels which Jesus has introduced, one minute they say Jesus is God, and when it suits, they think not, or what shows their deluded condition is that they think that the Holy Spirit is not God, that it represents another body, and therefore think, that they are not effecting God himself in what they do, because they have Jesus as God, and therefore, they allude to God being lower than the Holy Spirit confusing? That’s right, confusion is a base for delusion; these uninspired deceivers that Jesus warns us about have many and varied erroneous teachings about the Lord Jesus.
Oh yes what about the parable where Jesus has come and taken his ones off the Earth, and there are many left behind, and calling out to Jesus, haven’t we prophesied in your name, and chased out demons, and done great things in your name, and Jesus the Christ replies to them, be gone you who commit iniquities, I do not know you! So there you are, perfect proof that many high ranking type Christians, and their followers, and whom all of them thought they had an automatic right to the Kingdom of God, to Sainthood in this case, were simply deluded!

Saints of the Roman catholic church?
Saints can only be chosen by God, and through the Lord Jesus the Christ, Not by the Roman Catholic church! So don’t be deceived by what they report, all people of God have the opportunity of becoming a Saint, don’t be put off the narrow path that leads there, it’s going to be hard enough according to Jesus, and we don’t need the deceived precepts of any church to stand in our way.

The Old Testament is of great importance!
We are fortunate that the Old Testament is largely intact, it seems relatively authentic, and mainly because the Jewish people had a tight rein on those books, they knew them well, and could expose anyone who would publish an unauthorised copy of them; therefore the Romans saw that those books could not be altered. Not so the Gospels! The Mosaic Jews held nothing of the Gospels, nor had they any interest in them; therefore the Gospels had no guardian against the perpetrators who plundered them for their own agenda, and in recognising fairness and history, there were those who copied and recopied the accounts of the Apostils, who reworded some parts to suit themselves; therefore Constantine, the uninspired, had no way of knowing what was and what wasn’t Authentic, even so he was not caring, because he had to bring in the Romans Paganism, because that’s what the Roman’s way was/is. So Constantine had to bring the Roman way into Christianity; he bought Idol worship into his form of Christianity, in order that his regime would work! And realise it or not, it is still in the church of Constantine today. ---- can you see the quagmire Constantine has helped to create in Christian matters, it has become shambolic, a danger to enter into, and especially for those without the guidance and persuasion from God himself; however, the truth of who and what Jesus is, and that he is not God or anything else that is not written of in the Old testament, is thankfully still there for all to read, and it contradicts the teachings of so called mainstream Christianity, Just


because they couldn’t safely alter the words of God! Thank God for that, and see Jesus take advantage of this pre-seen matter, in that he tells us to only believe those things written in the books of Moses and the prophets and the Psalms, about who he is, that is to, believe into him.
Man is responsible in that the New Testament contradicts the Old Testament, in many places.
We have to know who Jesus the Christ really is, because if we don’t it shows to God and Jesus, because they know our thoughts, and those not knowing Jesus with accuracy, have the spiritual sign that they have not seeked God in the Spirit of it and truth, that they have accepted deceived teachings, and are too lazy to seek God in the way that they should, those people show that they do their lazy seeking of God by party spirit, and not discerning every spirit which teach, they are just going along with whatever others say and do, because they really aren’t prepared to give their eternal well being the time it requires to be successfully achieved, and even if unwittingly; we have to be fervent in learning about matters of God, there are many, many pit falls out there setup by man, even that God himself has set up Trials and Tests to sort the Goats from the Sheep, God uses all manner of things, and he uses the otherwise evil which man creates to advantage of judging who is, or who is not worthy to enter his Kingdom. Don’t get caught!
I personally feel sorry for the great many people who are born into teachings which are deceived, their parents are ensuring that their children are getting the same teachings as they did, I know some of them, and they are seemingly good people, and I sorrow for fear of their eternal outcome, but God tells us and Jesus also tells us, it is their choice, it’s up to them to seek God as they should, to seek the accurate knowledge, Jeremiah tells us, cursed are they who seek their strength from mans arm turning away from God; God says “Come out of her my people, least you fellowship in her sins, and partake of her plagues”. (Her is the sinning churches). I am humbled in this also, because I didn’t seek God at all, no, I am blessed in God by what he has made of me himself, so I can’t boast of any seeking of my own! But others have to! Especially if they are deceived by the Apostate churches, and those churches that have not the inspiration of God, who is going to save them if they don’t or won’t seek for themselves, or listen to the accurate knowledge, or if they don’t examine the doctrine they are being taught, I feel defeated in what I share also!
Well here’s another very important reason that we need to Know Jesus the Christ in the way acceptable to God: straight up, those who call and think of Jesus the Christ as God will get the mark of the Beast, who is to come! Read and see that The Beast Anti-Christ leader to come who is a man, will be standing in the Temple of God, and calling himself God, tragic for those who call Jesus God, because they think that God is a man or that he appears as a man, then this one calling himself God will be believed by those people, because what this man is saying seems to be perfectly acceptable to them, and tragically they will follow the Beast; therefore, and according to the understandings of the Scripture of the book of Revelations, or the Apocalypse, those people have condemned themselves to Eternal torment, because they will have the “Mark of the Beast”, and once you have it, then there is no redemption! Know who Jesus the Christ is!
For those who know Jesus the Christ, they will realise that Jesus is not God, has never called himself God, and would never dare to usurp to be God, that is to seize power from God, or assume to be God, and wrongfully, Jesus never did those things, exactly the opposite he always told us “I Go to my


Father, who is your Father, I go to my God, who is your God”. Who then, would want to follow a man who calls himself God? Yes there will be millions even Billions. (It’s happening with men today).
Now here’s an obvious one to help those of any doubt as to if Jesus is God or not; the Gospels have an account of Jesus just having been Baptised at about the Age of 27, he is then taken to the desert and has been exposed to the elements which wore him way down, this for 40 days and nights, and it was for the express purpose of being tested by the Devil! Now wait on here! Reason with this, when did God ever need to be tested in anything, let alone the Devil? Wake up to reality, the Devil is a creation of God! When ever did the Devil have greater power than God? Reason with this and make it one of your most powerful discernments of the matter, make it the easiest way of proving to yourself that calling Jesus the Christ God is for the deceived, and you will soon have a conviction on the truth of the matter.
God will forgive those who have had doctrine wrong, those who will accept correction from God, I know this to be true, I’ve been there and done that myself, yes I have had correction by strong Holy Spirit persuasion, and God has taught me from the beginning to the end of what required correction, and some of it I was very reluctant to accept, but I held on to my fervent quest to learn the exact knowledge from God himself, and not from man.
Can I now leave this subject of Jesus the Christ not being God, and move on to other outstanding issues in Christianity which need addressing, and Correction? I think some more on this subject may come to light as we progress.

Devil, or Taught and Inspired from God
Let me help you! Read on in confidence; who am I? am I as I say? that is, Taught and inspired by God himself, or maybe I am one of those Devils dressed as an Angel of light? ------ I tell you, discern me, the spirit in which I write these words, discern me; if you don't already know how to, let me teach you how to discern; do I soothsay? And make my teachings the easy road that many go down? Remember what Jesus said, “The road to the Kingdom of God is straight and narrow, it is hard, and very few find it, and few choose it”; Do you think that I am trying to please you for your money? And tell you what I think will gain your membership for my Church congregation? (I collect no Tithe, nor Donations of money, nor do I have a church building, and my congregation numbers are unknown to me accept my close family, and my Website, “God’s Word Given”, which has a following from over 70 flagged countries on the planet,(And I support all with the work of my own hands).
Have a good close look at what I write; do you think I am trying to lead you away from God, or closer? Am I trying to show you how to be obedient to God or disobedient? Love God or hate God? I just don’t have the incentive to deceive, but I do have great incentive from God to pass on the exact knowledge which he gives me.
Well maybe you should read on and see the obedience and love to God that I love to teach.


The Devil dressed as the Angel of Light

When you read the Book of Job, the first chapter or two tells us that God created the Devil, why should anyone doubt that fact? God created all things that are, and the Devil was created with great purpose, and that is for testing and trialling man! How do we know that? Start with Adam and Eve, the temptation of obedience with the forbidden fruit, yes that’s what it was all about, God has made mankind in Adam and Eve as sons of God type man, that is they were born capable of becoming immortal without experiencing death, but now “Surely ye shall die” came of disobedience.
Now in the Book of Job, we see that God has encouraged the Devil to put God’s best example of man to testing, the Devil shows reluctance in the form of him being not to enthusiastic, because he knows the power of Job’s faith and obedience to God but he does as God has asked him, and now see that God has encouraged the Devil to pick up the pace and get serious about testing Job, the Devil does so but his reluctance is still there; the Devil is portrayed in the book of Job as quite passive in comparison of these days, but what we are seeing here is an Angel of God, with the God purposed office of tester of mankind. Today and since the time of Jesus the Christ Ministry we see written in God’s Scripture, that God has a greatly stirred up Devil, Yes the war in Heaven, and now he’s down here on this Earth now, angry and performing as God requires him, for the great testing of man is on. Jesus the Christ says he saw the Devil fall from the Highest Heaven, and states several times that the Devil is the ruler of this world, or ruler of the air, yes he’s here alright.
Think on this! If we are truly God’s people, then shouldn’t we be thankful for the Devil? I suppose about now you think I’ve lost my grip? Wait! Reason with this thing now, If God has no method to sort out those who are not worthy of his Kingdom, then what would we have to look forward to? We need to realise that there are many people who appear good, yet deep inside them lurks evil, waiting to manifest itself when conditions are right for it, and these could get through to God’s kingdom without a defence mechanism in place to stop them; Imagine going from this world of evil to Eternal life, and having the same old evils come up and out of immortal man! Relax, it won’t happen, we have the Devil doing God’s work on this, also the Parable of the Wedding feast, the one without the wedding Gown? Well he represents one who got an invite to God’s kingdom, and he made it until on one of the final checkups, he was discovered, and was thrown out to eternal torment; we need the Devil, and yes, thank God for the Devil! Yes, and even though he is involved in our own tests and trials.
God says, I create the evil which I bring on evil man
The Devil, Beast, Son of perdition, Satin, Adversary, Accuser, among many other names for him, is also the method which God uses to bring out the evil intent hidden in man, and the Devil has a very purposed position in helping to sort the Sheep from the Goats, that is exposing those who are not worthy of entering into the Kingdom of God, and along with that the Devil is used to help bring evils onto man who do evil, at God’s discretion; God has stirred the anger in the Devil and now has him on this Earth because of the levels of evil man has reached; therefore, as the world of man comes to the time of God’s wrath, this God created Devil is to play a great part in Prophesy, being the persuader of men in the “One World Order” or “One World Government”, the Beast, the Anti-Christ, the False Prophet, the one world religion, and then the return of Jesus the Christ, and with the wrath of God.



False Prophet

The church of Rome, of Constantine, the Roman Catholic church, have laid claim to them producing a future Evil Pope; the book “Final Conclave” is the testimony to their thinking, and also their Book “The Prophesies of Saint Malachy”
Before progressing on to subjects which need correcting, perhaps a little on what it means to love God; Jesus says, the first and greatest commandment is to love God with all you Heart all your Soul and all your Mind”. In other words fervently. How do we do this love, well it has to be understood that it is not the hormonal love of the flesh which is spoken of here, this love is shown by obeying Gods commands, and by being obedient to God, and looking to please God. ---- how can we obey God’s commands if we are deceived into not keeping them, or any one of them? We can’t; therefore in that case, we do not love God fervently, because if we did, we would seek the accurate knowledge from God, and we would have divided our time rightly, and examined every spirit their teachings, we would find out those who teach deceived doctrine, and we would part from them, and come closer to God. If we love God as commanded, we would be able to count ourselves as worthy of his Kingdom, and that is one reason why it is the greatest commandment, also with understanding, it covers all things required for us to be found worthy, it allows us to be refined by God as pure Gold
Remember this: God judges us on what we do with his word, God’s word is the fire of the refiner, it is what either refines us or Judges us to be cut off from God; therefore if you won’t, or don’t, or are deceived out of obeying even one of God’s commandment’s, you cannot be refined to become worthy, it’s as plain as that! God is looking for Saints the Saints are not confused, they have the exact or accurate knowledge from God, and they obey God’s every commandment! Remember also, God has stated that in his wrath to come, that he may not stop, he may only yet save those who are worthy to be Saints, now look what it takes to be a Saint. And look at Mark 13:20, and know what that means. Also know that Jesus has his say in all this as well, he says he is the only way into the Kingdom of God, we can’t get there but by him, and he says you have to believe into him, into is the key word here, learn what it means, it means we have to know the Jesus the Christ is not God, that he said to read and believe the scripture, written about him in Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms.
Think on all this very valuable information!
Also to many want Christianity on their terms, Sorry, after Baptism it’s God’s way now, the old you died in the water, you have been risen the new person, and that new person obeys and does things God’s way now.
If you can’t bring yourself to accept the responsibility which Baptism brings, and if you can’t obey the commands you are called luke warm, and Jesus says those ones make him sick, or you may be only giving lip service, to those of you who are in that category know that this is a very real problem for you, come to realise it for your Eternal well being, and hear what this book says.
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