This is one of the greatest reads you are every likely to read!

 I do this for love of the accurate knowledge from God, and for your sake, and mine.

Open eyes, Open mind
See! Open your eyes, and open your mind to the truth of the Scriptures/Gospels of God, and Jesus the Christ, read on, and prevent yourself from going into denial, as many of the Christians who have been deceived do.

God’s anger is building
You have to know this; the closer we are getting to the return of Christ, the more anger God has towards those who are not obedient to him, we think as Christians that the return of Christ is very close, then Know that in accordance with that, comes the building anger to the point of absolute wrath of God, and caused by who?

Then there are those who worship God but not through the Lord Jesus Christ.

God has made it very clear in the Scriptures/Gospels of God, that is, those which have not had the finger prints of man all over them, God has made it clear through the Lord Jesus Christ also, that we as Christians, must seek the Kingdom of God first, we also must examine all spirits, and we must seek the accurate knowledge from God himself.
We as Christians must look to avoid the war waging Devil, who is dressed as the Angel of light, who works in the Apostate churches, waging trials and tests upon the Christian population of the Earth.
We as Christians must be born again in accordance with the Gospels of Christ, and part of that being born again is to be Baptised, as Jesus the Christ, our brother, was also; along with that comes the knowledge that we require, to have the understanding of the responsibility of getting Baptised ; that knowledge is responsibility, our responsibility, which takes in our knowing the Commandments of God, not Mans, our responsibility of seeking to be obedient to God, to pleasing God, and doing these things willingly, from our heart and soul, wanting to be worthy of God’s acceptance of us into his Kingdom, His Kingdom ; it is not our Kingdom, it belongs to God, and then we can gain an inheritance of it, if we are found worthy.

It’s God’s way now
Once Baptised we have made our choice, we have made the choice to be with God, therefore we have to accept that we are then to do things God’s way, not our way, as many Christians do, it’s God’s way now, you made your choice, you and only you are responsible for your Eternal outcome, your Eternal profit, and there is no one else to control your destiny than you, God, and Jesus the Christ ,and then, with the involvement of the Devil to add to your tests and trials, if you find this hard to believe, then read of the tests, using the Devil, that God put Jesus through.
It is up to you to seek God and the knowledge which is accurate, cutting through the deception of many, in order that you may become a worshipper of God in Spirit and truth, because these are the ones God requires. These things are written. ----- It is not a requirement that you should seek a mainstream church, to gain the accurate knowledge! God knows that they ruin the chances of many who go there, yes that’s the truth, look for yourself, read Jeremiah, and also listen to Christ tear the leaders of the church down, those who lead the people away from God’s Kingdom, and do you know the writings? It is the Pharisee’s the supposed upholders of the Laws of God, Jesus was calling them a nest of Vipers, telling all, that they would not enter the Kingdom of God, and neither would those people who go to them for their instruction, well it’s the same story today, with what the Scriptures tell us the Churches of today are doing!
We must learn to listen to God’s word, and for our very Eternal profit learn to discern the liars and the cheats, the adulterators of God’s word, those that are living life more dangerously than a mass murderer, I’m talking about those who are evil enough to pretend that they are a person of God, starting up churches, yet they have done so only for the money, they stand to make great wealth, because there are many deceived people who are prepared to take up Christianity but are actually only “Luke warm”; these are the churches that the Devil gets into, and he uses them, God tells us that the Devil is here waging war on God’s people, the Devil, you will see him in action, he’s the one who is dressed as the Angel of Light, he works in the sinning churches! ------ Scripture tells us that the Devil is the ruler of the air, and of this world of time, Jesus mentions it, the Apostils write of it many times.
Christian people, you must sort out your deceiver, you cannot blame anyone else if you are deceived out of your Eternal Life------- God makes that clear!------- Come on you Churches, seek wisdom and truth, leave off the Power and the Money sins, seek the accurate knowledge from God, and teach your people well!

God’s Kingdom
We are not born with an automatic right to enter into God’s Kingdom; get this message clear, and it comes in understanding this; “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” which in God given understandings means; the Sabbath was made for those men (as in men and women) who are found worthy of it, but just because man is born, does not mean he will automatically enter in.

Sabbath means rest; the Sabbath we observe on the seventh day of each week, is the Sabbath God gave at the creation of this Earth, and not to be confused with the many Sabbaths other than the seventh day Sabbath, which God commanded the unruly Israelites in the ancient days.
The weekly Sabbath is the shadow of things to come, that is; the great Eternal rest, of all those who are found worthy to enter into God’s Kingdom, and in their immortal state, this is the great and final Sabbath! Can you receive it?

Oh yes, the Sabbath, the Devils favourite weapon against Christians, or is it just that many Christians won’t take the hard road, because if that’s the case, then those that are that way have trouble, Jesus the Christ tells us that the way to the Kingdom of God is up the hard road, and many don’t even find that road, let alone choose to take it, many take the broad road, that’s the easy road, where you follow the deceived and the lazy, because they really are lovers of the worldly way; on the broad road you can alter God’s word to suit yourself, you can pick out the commandments that you choose, you can sit back and let a church teach you whatever, and not bother to test every spirit, and discern the truth from the lies. It goes on and on; but it is disobedience to God, so read what Jesus and the Scriptures of God say about those ones, burst your own bubble if you partake in such!

Yes, the Sabbath, a great tester of people, of Christians, of people of God, Please, save yourself, and read from this website the many pages available on the subject of the Sabbath.
Let me share something with you of a personal experience; I once, and after having been called, did not think that we had to observe the Sabbath, well the time came as God was teaching me his word, and giving me corrections, the Sabbath subject came up; the teachings that God put me through were long and hard and very comprehensive, and I came out of that teaching from God with a conviction that no man can change. But I have to confess; I fought and struggled against all that God was teaching me, not wanting to accept it! The outcome? God won against me, and if you were me you would know why.

Come out of her my people
“Come out of her my people, least ye fellowship with her sins, and partake in her plagues”
What do you suppose this means? It is referring to those Apostate churches, and those who have partaken in the deceiving of the Devil, who is dressed as the Angel of light, because this is where the Devil works best. God is calling his people out of those churches, that is those who are prepared to be corrected, who by listening to and discerning the truth, will have their eyes and mind opened by God himself.

There are those who hear the Word of God, then the Enemy comes, and takes away the word from their hearts, that they may not believe and be saved.

There are also those who, when they hear, receive the word with joy; and yet these have no root; they believe for a time, and in a time of trial fall away.

Then there are those who, having heard, go forth, and are choked by the anxieties, and riches, and pleasures of life, and bring no fruit to maturity.

These things are written.

Christ says, "My Mother and my Brothers are these who hear the word of God, and obey it". And obey it! ----- And obey it! Yes it's a hard road!


Know that Christianity has problems
In the book “The final Conclave”, a book written by one who worked inside the Vatican of the Roman Catholics, there is a piece which provokes thought, several of the hierarchy were discussing the state of Christianity today’s times, one said as a matter of common knowledge, that
“Christianity was on the rocks”, while another replied saying that it was not the fault of the Roman Catholic church, yet another comment was how much prayer was sent out to Jesus Christ to find out what he wanted them to do next, but all were despondent because none had ever had a prayer answered from Jesus. There are a lot more incredible thought provoking things written in their book, even that the Vatican is prepared to move on from Christianity as it is, to other interests which they have.

What I question here is; who started the change to the original teachings of Christ, and find an answer in Constantine, Constantine a bloody minded murdering Despot! Followed by those who came after him. Now in the Same Roman Catholic book “The Final Conclave” it is stated that the Roman Catholic church is the church of Constantine.
The Gospels, the teachings, the commandments of Jesus the Christ, all came from the creator himself, God, and through the man Jesus; there was never a teaching from Christ, which taught any person, that in the course of their spreading the Gospel, that they should maim, or torture, or murder any person or persons that did not agree with the teachings that you give! The only commandment was to leave those who did not receive the teachings, and move on! There was no instruction to a person of God in the New Testament, a Christian, a leader or a King, be he titled Emperor, or Pope, to kill or in any way take revenge, or to be cruel to anyone, especially the Children caught up in their Orphanages, and people who find themselves victims of their other institutions! What is this that Constantine Has bought Christianity down to? On the contrary, God says not to do those things that he will take care of those things; Scripture tells us that most vengeance will be administered to those at the Judgement, at the end of the flesh life of us.

I know some things have changed, but should those who are Roman Catholic still, be among those who God is calling out of there? I wish they would come out of there, out of those, and many other sister churches to them, and those churches which are randomly started up with the express purpose of making the founder wealthy and powerful, and who have the disobedience. Who and what is their foundation? Just look at where they have come from, is it of God and The Christ? Can these churches be redeemed? Do they want to be redeemed, and do they know that they need to seek such? No? Should we wonder why God is angry? Church? If it wasn’t for the seriousness of it all, to call them Churches would be laughable! What leader of a Mainstream church wore a hat type thing on his head, for centuries, with the sign 666 on it? Or was it on his Sceptre rod? Talk about deluded! And yes that’s right to, God says in the Scriptures that he will send those sorts a strong power of delusion, that they would believe their own deception! Who can bring them out of it?

It is written, Jesus said; “If they won’t listen to me, then they won’t listen to you either.” And then think about the Gospel account of Lazarus having risen to be with Abraham, what in context that is all about.
We can all be saved to the Kingdom of God, if we will listen to God, and if we will accept his correction of us, even if we got some things wrong, But remember, it has to be done in the flesh time now, while we live, before we die, it is too late once our flesh body dies!
There is no such thing as a death bed confession!

God is angry! And his Wrath is to come, Scripture tells us that the ignorant at the time of accountability of us, are to get minimal punishment, that is ignorance by not having heard God’s word, and the scale of degree of severity of punishment, climbs up as it gets to those people who do know God’s word, and yet chose to adulterate it by changing it, and or , using God’s word for their own vices, such as power and money sakes, and therefore teaching deceived doctrine, and disobedience to God, with the ramifications to all who would learn from them, of being disobedient to God, and losing their chance of Eternal life.

The Old Testament
Don’t let anyone tell you that the Old Testament no longer applies to us; it is a great error to treat it as such.
Much of the Old testament is of Prophecies which apply to us and the future, the understandings to be formed as to how and what God is, and what he stands for is in there, the truth that Jesus is a man just as us, and that God worked through him like he did with the other prophets, is in there.
There is much more, but one thing I do know about those who ignore the Old Testament, is that there is no way, No way at all that anyone can understand God’s word in context, and in truth, unless they have a good knowledge and understanding of that knowledge.
You can read about the Mosaic Laws by going to the “Belief” pages on this website.

We are to seek God’s word personally
The Book of Jeremiah gives us clear and good reason why we need to seek God’s word for our selves, not in party spirit, and by party spirit is meant, that we don’t just follow along with what others say or do! We have to examine all spirits (teachings) and learn by the word of God how to discern the truth, God’s word, discern it from the deceived teachings that Jesus tells us is rife these latter days.
God says, that to do or teach without conviction is a sin, most churches today have shown us that they do not teach with the inspiration of God, not having seeked God’s exact knowledge first, and most are only traffickers of God’s word for power and money, they are the sinners of sin, and if we are to believe the Scriptures at all in any area, then we must open our eyes and mind to where the Devil who Dresses himself as the Angel of light, where is his work going to be most effective? In the Apostate churches is the most obvious answer.
Answer me this; if God says that Homosexuals, and all Liars will not enter into his Kingdom, and a church who teaches deception, and also condones same sex marriages and unions, then is that church of God? Not according to God’s Scriptures, which say that there is no confusion in God’s congregation! This is all shocking, but Jeremiah tells us of the Pastors folly.

And answer me this; Do Effeminates, (Dogs), and Homosexuals ever become straight again?
We know that God has mercy on all those who come to him through the Lord Jesus Christ, but what of those professing Homosexuals and Lesbians who are practicing, and who claim to be Christian, are they accepted by Jesus? No! Not according to the parables of Jesus! And not according to the Scriptures of God. Armed with this knowledge, where does this place, or put, the churches that condone these people? God tells us plainly, “Come out of her, my people, least ye fellowship with her sins, and partake of her plagues”. Knowing this, it doesn’t seem likely that these sinful churches are taking these rejects of God under their umbrella to save their souls! No! They are churches without understanding from God! These things and many more things that they have got wrong, which list them as disobedient.

Hate me or like me, the message is not mine, my job is to pass it on, as for me, I am shocked and disappointed, as I was given the accurate knowledge, at where Christianity has been lead by these deceivers, and most of all by the numbers of people who just go along with it all in party spirit, and then those people who are with those churches, yet don’t agree with them, who show their support for that church by complacently staying with them. By now you are probably asking yourself, where is his proof of all this by his quoting chapter and verse from the Bible? And I would say; do you still need that sort of teaching? Can you not recognise all this as written in context of the true Scriptures/Gospels, with God given understanding, leaving out the precepts and doctrines of men? ------ Then try harder to open your eyes and mind to God, shutting out the teachings of the deceived! The truth for mankind is stark, it is deep, and it is far reaching, and God says that we have more information than we can cope with. (we are not capable of dealing with in fullness what God has given us).

Another so called church leader, Instructed during his visit to United States of America, now claims that he has built the New Jerusalem, in Auckland New Zealand, calling it Heaven! What does he teach? Those things that will bring him vast sums of money, mainly from poorer people; Who will save his soul? Jesus can, but God says that all Liars will not enter into the Kingdom of God; Jesus says that there are so called Christians, who claim to have done great things in his name, but Jesus rejects them from the Kingdom of God! You can read about it, and if you can’t , keep trying! This website can help you, and I am only too pleased to be contacted if you wish it.

We have to look on Christianity to see what man has done to it, we have to face the facts that God shows us, that which is happening and of what has happened in the past, firstly to the days of Jesus the Christ introducing the New Covenant, and then through from that time until now, and read the scriptures for what is to happen in the future, and without deception, we can see what is written here is all the above in context. We gain understandings and back up to all these things from the Old Testament Prophets writings, and there are many of them.

You, if not already capable of it, should be able to, or come to, the wisdom of understanding and accepting what is written here, and see the truth of this website. I would like now to inform you, that this website congregation of God, does not collect money, not Tithes, nor Alms, we therefore are not a power or money seeking church, which are the main ingredients for allowing the Devil into churches, and I am only interested in passing on the truth of God’s word, as he gives me wisdom of understanding, I fear for those who cannot, or will not accept God’s truth.

Saints are not decided on by the Roman Catholic church! Be sure of that! They do not hold any Divine power that allows them to decide who will or won’t be a Saint; God through the lord Jesus Christ are the only ones who have any authority over the choosing of the people on this Earth who are worthy to be chosen as Saints, no man on Earth is Divinity! No Pope no Minister no Priest, or Pastor, King or Queen, whatever mortal that feels they hold that office is deluded! God and Jesus require Saints, Saints to come out of those who are randomly born on this Earth, Saints who come up through the trials of life, to the level of acceptance to their worthiness, of the high calling given by God.

Saints have to be obedient to God! This is the truth! This raises the question; where does that leave the Mainstream churches? Sorry, disobedience reigns with their Apostate state! Clear your head, be prepared to know or accept the knowledge of what the deception has been, of the past and present in the churches in question.

We need to realise this; Jesus came into his Ministry, he spoke the words given him from God, he did the deeds given him from God------ He Taught and moved on, if any one was not prepared to receive his word, then Jesus departed from them!
Jesus taught the Apostils, the disciples, and anyone who was to partake in theNew Covenant, or spread of the Good News Gospels; Teach the word, and if any do not hear, or receive the Word, come out of there and move on! What is being said here? Teach the word of God, and if those you teach will not come to God through the Lord Jesus Christ in obedience, then forget them, leave them to their own ways, and move on.
Why? Because God is looking for Saints, those who can and will recognise the truth when they hear it, those who are going to be humble, being meek, which means easily lead by the Spirit of God, not the spirit of the Devil dressed as the Angel of light, and his followers both spirit and mortal.

God gives us an idea of what he is looking for in his Saints; seek first the Kingdom of God, be humble and meek to God, be obedient to God’s commandments, be prepared to be corrected in all things in matters of God, worship God in spirit and in truth, be prepared to be Holy, that is to be separate, be apart in matters of God from the Main stream churches, seek to please God in all things, and obey what it is that he requires of you, even if your Christian colleagues don’t or won’t accept it themselves, deny the flesh when it is against God’s better judgement, the list goes on.

God cannot bring those who might become worthy to be Saints, if they are surrounded by mans precepts and doctrines, by deception and deceived teachings, by disobedience in churches, God as he says will seek his people out, and he himself will give them the exact knowledge! What is this telling us? We don’t need the so called mainstream Apostate churches!

God requires his Saints to be opened eyed and open minded to God and Jesus, Because a Saint is to learn much more, and has to be accepting of it.
Saints have to learn to fully sanctify and sanction God in all those things that are about to come upon the people of the Earth, Saints will know and accept, that they will see some so called Christian people being destroyed or cast out, some being put through the tribulations.

Saints have to accept that God may put them through a much disciplined time on this Earth during their flesh time, and all to God’s Fatherly discipline, that they may become Worthy of his calling, to be Faithful and True.
God tells us that the Saints are not deceived! Where then, does this leave those, who are deceived into disobedience by those churches that teach such? Listen clearly to this! Saints are chosen while we are in the flesh, mortals upon the Earth; we are judged as we live our life, we are judged on what are God’s commands of us, in the world we live in of that time, in the era or time that we live, for instance; the Mosaic time is a world, and all who lived during that time will be judged in accordance of that time, Jesus Christ came and was the foundation of a world, not the creator of the planet, but a world, or era of time we live in now, we are judged on that time, another world that will come is that when Jesus returns bringing in the millennium world, and those people who live during that time will be judged accordingly.

Now all this leads to; for those who are judged worthy to be Saints now in the flesh life, then there is no further judgement of them, they are risen one way or the other, from the resting place God has for Saints, or taken directly up from this Earth, and in that case they will have to die, but it is in the twinkling of an eye time, not feeling the sting of death. There is no second death for the chosen Saints of God! That is, no second judgement, which is purposed to hand out the level of punishment to the evil.

What should we realise
With all this in understandings of the exact knowledge from God, we need to realise these very important facts; We have to get it right now in the flesh time , the facts from God are, that he may not save any more from this Earth than the Saints! Yes look it up, that is clear, he says he will only number the days of his wrath because of his chosen Saints, his chosen he says, not mans! There is every likely hood that once God starts his wrath that he may not stop at any less that the Saints!
Do you want any Apostate church, any deceived teachings that will lead you to disobedience to God, take your one and only chance of Eternal life from you? There is difficulty enough in us coming to God as he needs us to be, to allow him to teach and refine us with his word.

Note this
It is God’s word which refines us, it is the furnace, the fire that is the refiner’s fire, that which if we accept it, and then, it is that which will bring us to be worthy to enter into the Kingdom of God.
How can we be refined by God’s word if Man evilly changes it, if the churches teach disobedience? We can’t under that regime, and that is why God says he will give the exact knowledge, to all those who hunger for the word, that thirst for the Spirit.

Does all this scare the Hell out of you? -- I hope so!
What do you think is to bring God’s anger upon the peoples of this Earth?
Christians! Disobedient Christians!
More than anything else, more than any peoples of the earth, it is those who are supposed to be people of God, yet are disobedient to God.

Jesus the Christ says that, those who are luke warm in matters of God, make him sick.
Don’t be fooled by those who teach that God will save all mankind to his Kingdom, yes God says he will save all people, but read on, he will save the worthy in God to Eternal Life with him, he also says that he will save the evil people to Eternal torment, yes he will save all people, every knee will eventually bend to the Heavenly Father of us all!

Are we predetermined
Don’t be misled into the teachings that we are all predetermined into life on Earth, we are not; God has set the system up that all living things will reproduce from the seed of their kind, it therefore becomes carried on, by the species concerned, it also applies to mankind, we are born randomly.
Consider for reasoning this out, if we were all predetermined, then all would be born perfect, perfect in matters of God, perfect in living conditions, perfect in shape and form, no evil people, no sin, in fact, born capable of immortality without death first.
We therefore are born randomly, God then has a spirit in us which he is in contact with at any time, he uses this to seek those among us who would be worthy to Call, then after trials and tests if we are found worthy God will accept us into his Kingdom; Those who won’t come to God, are no longer wanted by God, they didn’t turn out as he might have hoped, for there is no person to enter the Kingdom of God who is not worthy of it. In other words, the cold hard facts of the matter are, we are just like the fruit of an Orchard, the trees are planted, it is known what fruit type is to come, but not the quantity or quality of the fruit, the Orchardist can only set the system up, do the Harvest, then put all fruit on the grading table to sort out the good from the bad ones, the good are kept, and the bad are disposed of, Same for us with God. Sorry, if you don’t like the truth, but Saints must have, and receive the truth.

Does God control mankind
The answer to this is found in understanding the Scriptures/Gospels of God, and the answer is clear; God watches Man exercise his freewill, He observes the hopeless way in which man has destroyed his hope for the future, and he very rarely intervenes, Man is the controller of his own destiny, even though some get caught up into the flow! God will deal with all things, at a time allocated in his wisdom! Yet with great hope, God will care for those who he chooses, but mainly in Matters concerning our salvation.
I cannot be a soothsayer, I have to say it as it is, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, this website “God’s Word Given” has a Worldwide following, I don’t support a material building as a Church, I don’t ask anyone for any money at all, therefore, I don’t have to soothsay and hide the truth for sake of congregation, God puts those who come to this website and receive God’s word.
If you find yourself reading this website, please consider what you read very seriously, and remember God gave us a freewill, we are free to chose if we want to be with God, or cut off and away from him, and the reason is as I have given, for God to grade out his fruit, or to look at it this way; to sort the Sheep from the Goats, and the Eternal Profit comes in this case, if we are found to be a sheep!


There has been a great evangilist, he toured the Planet full of Great words of God, he was part of a group of many, he had a large following, now days he is retired, and is quoted as saying: the one thing that he could have taught, was that we all should observe the Sabbath on the Saturday, the seventh day, the one thing he said could have helped to save many, but he did not, why? He said he didn't teach it, because he was worried that it may have destroyed his popularity!

The scientists we have, give explanation for what they find, mainly by process of elimination, with certain amounts of might, possibly, maybe, if, probably, and so on. Some scientists now agree that there must be a creator of us.
If the Scientists of the world would only realise, that if they gave credit for what they do find as factual, to the one and only God, the creator of all things that are, and came to the realisation that what they find is how God has bought it to be, then they would realise that God is the Master Scientist, and if they learned to Obey the Master, then the well being profit to the peoples of the Planet, would be very significant.
Remember this: - Those things which we can see and touch, they are temporal, but those things that we cannot see and touch, that are, they are permanent.

In Addition

If you comprehend a good knowledge, with understanding, you should see that God doesn't bestow great, and wonderful things on men these days, not like he has in the long ago past, because this has been destroyed by most of the men who have been blessed with these great blessings, which God gave to them; rather now days God seems to have observed that Man cannot cope with very much at all, and once again man has destroyed what could have been a far better existence on this Earth.

Even the land inheritance given to the people Israel, Moses excluded because God had something better for him; the land inherited the first time then lost to disobedience, is to be re-inherited, but as God has said, It is not an inheritance because of righteousness of the people, no, it is to keep his promise to Abraham.

God has stated in places in the old early scriptures, that he regrets having bought man to be, and God has expressed that he would like to destroy that which he has created, but through his mercy, and his forgiveness, his patience, and his grace, he has relented, in order to try out other forms of saving mankind, we know that there are other Scripture/Gospels that tell us that God's wrath will be so great that it will be hard for him to number the days, in other words stop! God says that he will stop for the Saints, his chosen ones; the question arises, If man has ruined everything so far for himself, what of the future?

There is no Eternal profit in soothsaying, we have to face the facts, say it as it is! We who come to this website are no longer infants on milk, in matters of God, we are adults in God's word and we eat meat! In other words we have to have the cold hard facts in matters of God! And we have to be adult enough to perceive and accept, or we will do as the many, that is chose the broard path that many go down, and lose their way.

If we stand still in matters of God, then all we have gained will be lost, we must keep on moving forward.

From the discerned and examined scriptures, corrected by God, and from the understandings given by God of the exact Knowledge, to

Kevin McQuoid.