In the Knowledge of Saints
Chapter 14

We have not really touched much on the problems created within the Jewish community, mainly because it is vast, yet it seems that God is leading me to become knowledgeable to some measure of the Jewish and Israelite religious predicament. And this knowledge would be a valuable asset in discerning the times we live in now, as we lead up to the events which have been prophesied, it’s a knowledge that would be required of those chosen by God to be Saints, something they would have to have knowledge of.
Of course, we also have the descendant of Abraham through Hagar of servitude, their off spring Ishmael, who is the first of the Arab People, God said they would always be a trouble to the rest of mankind, yet they in their Islamic faith, have come from a long period in history of Idol worship, to at least a number of them who claim to worship the one singular God of Abraham. And we see today the prophesy of thousands of years ago manifest as true concerning these people. Yet these people hate the Trinity type Christianity, and are after their blood also. Yes we certainly see the Prophecy happening.
It seems possible that I may be drawn to write about all these things, but perhaps finishing this overview to the problems facing Christianity may leave the way clear for receiving the understandings, and then the writings.

A failure of the Reformation:

Those people of the Reformation days, who split away from the Roman Catholic church Mother of them, and who are now known as Protestants, failed in their attempt to reform correctly, they were in too big a hurry to take control over their own destiny, to become their own Masters......What they failed to do is seek God for their Knowledge and understanding of it, which in turn has them in a state of Babel, as they are today, and scripturally named Babylon in Revelations.
If they were an authentic congregation of God, they would have gone back to basics, and they would have seeked God for the Knowledge and understandings of it, this however would have taken a longer time than they were prepared to wait, so the ramifications of their errors are that they have bought the Trinity type doctrine with them out of Roman Catholicism, along with the non observance of the Sabbath, and wrong day observance for those who do concern themselves with it, also observing the birth of Jesus (Yeshua) on a day setup to fit in with a Pagan festival, along with that is the calling of the most important day in the saving of mankind, Easter, which is the name of the Idol Oestra, all the while neglecting the name “Passover Crucifixion”, now, added to all that is the lack of observance of the unclean meats. ......One would think that to be enough error, then we observe the Prophecies are correct when we can see for ourselves the Apostate state of these churches, yes they are in Sin. The curse of the Trinity doctrine, miry in how it came to be! Up held with an orchestrated litany of lies! A trap for all those who don’t seek the One and only God of


Abraham and he crossed over from worshiping multiple gods, to the one singular God, he didn’t cross over if he went from gods to Gods; but he is the first Hebrew, so he did cross over!

What is it to be called a Christian?

Honestly, in all my experience of having accumulated knowledge and understanding of it so far, the discernment I have is, that to be recognised as Christianity, you will also be classed as a Trinitarian, or the sister to that which is called Oneness; history charges Constantine for this, forced by his bloody champagne of conquering Christianity in the fourth century, upheld with equal zeal by the Roman Catholic church; so this then is Christianity of mans making.
This man made Christianity murdered Jesus the Christs people, the brethren of Jesus the Jew, I will name one place, one event, where the Roman Catholic church murdered millions of Jewish people
The Roman Catholic church murdered millions of Jewish people! The name of only one place and time of many: Spain. Don’t take my word for it, read the history available to anyone. What’s my point? This church is where the Trinity doctrine came from, and not from God! 
I have a conviction that the Trinity doctrine has been born of evil, and is evil in its form today; born of evil in those men who took over the original Apostils teachings, in the evil way in which Jesus said not to be, it has to be evil, and evil today because the Trinity doctrine calls God a liar, and also Jesus a liar, has adulterated and perverted God’s word, rendering the Mainstream Bibles practically useless to discerning people, and leads people away from the knowledge of Jesus, taking away the glory so hard earnt by Jesus, and therefore, also keeping the Trinitarian upholders away from the Kingdom of God, and the Oneness teachings do the same. The Book of Jeremiah has a good account of the problem, and yes Ezekiel touches on the subject also.

Sabbath observance would limit Trinitarian numbers

A Christian will only become a true Christian if they come to realise: If Christians looked to be obedient to God as God commands, then they would see that if they observed the Sabbath , and used that time studying the scriptures , the error of belief in the Trinity type, and including the Oneness doctrine would become manifest; the Sabbath would lead them to accurate knowledge!

Mosaic Jews

They know full well that if Jesus were the Messiah, he would not be part of a Trinity, or Oneness, they know that the God of Abraham is one God singular, and not formed of multiples, and that any Messiah would not be of the essence of God..... do we need a better witness? The Jewish people, who have not been tainted with the Trinity doctrine, know and understand the original Hebrew Bible, as to the singular nature of God; do you think that the Roman knows God better?
Best have a look at chapter 15 about the truth of the matter from Judaism.


Islamic Muslims

Even though they believe their own Messiah is yet to come, they don’t uphold a Messiah to be the God of Abraham, they like the Mosaic Jews know that God is in existence already, and their Messiah will be a man God works through, born of a woman and taught by God, exactly the same as our Messiah who came, whom they deny.

Apostils and Disciples in Jesus time

They knew full well that Jesus was not of a Trinity, or of the essence of God, Jesus told them he wasn’t, God told them he wasn’t, the Jewish Mosaic teachings they knew all their life told them that Jesus was just a man as they were, and that God spoke and did his deeds through the man Jesus, just as God told Moses would happen; they knew all these things.

Mainstream Christians

Those who would have the whole world recognise them as Christianity, are the only ones who uphold the belief of the Trinity type doctrine, until: Out of all those who are suppose to be of the Blood line or spiritually Abraham, Mainstream Christianity, which has risen out of evil, I say again Mainstream Christianity, have also been like the yeast in the bread, and has tainted Christianity, now have made their mark on some Jewish converts, coming out of the Mosaic into the Christianity, some having done so on the Trinity doctrine they so much despised before hand, but most returning back to what they were beforehand, realising that Christianity has it all wrong, and so they become disbelievers In Jesus being the Messiah, and possibly permanently; the doctrine of the Trinity is trampling over God’s work, destroying much, very much indeed, and at the hands of “Christians”?
Other Jewish sectarian people, who may be enticed to become Christians, are also getting caught up by the Trinity type doctrine, of the Mainstream Christians, and the shame of it all is when anyone who started out as secular, and enticed by Mainstream trinity teachers also get unwittingly caught up.

Messianic Jews

Some call themselves Messianic Jews, but are only Christians of the Trinity.

Messianic Jews

These are a people who are not Trinitarian or the like, and don’t want to be known as mainstream Christians. These Messianic Jews go right back to the original unadulterated Hebrew scriptures of God, and will tell you that the western Christianity has it wrong, because they don’t understand the authentic scriptures, because they don’t have them! Thank you Constantine and your Roman


Catholic Church! Thank you for nothing other than the misfortune you have bought on many, many millions. (Do I sound sarcastic enough? Hardly considering the circumstances).
These Messianic Jews are the ones worth listening to! But you need to search them out, be sure they are not Trinitarian in disguise, because that’s what can happen.

Scripture of God is clear

God has told us that he is the actual saviour, it is his will and deeds which allowed the Man Jesus (Yeshua) To be the servant of God in the matter, God told Moses clearly that he would work through a man yet to be born, and that man would be used by God to speak through and do deeds through; God is the Saviour, Jesus is the servant who God worked through; through the Obedience of Jesus, God gave him authority, this hasn’t made Jesus God or a God, Arch Angels have authority to a measure, and they are not God either, they were men, and are serving God.
Yes God is the saviour, Jesus (Yeshua) is now the immortal man with authority over flesh, and through the obedience of Jesus many things have been created, have come to be, will come to be, other worlds of time called the Foundation of a world will come to be, and were created by Jesus, not by his hand, but by God for Jesus, because of his obedience, still he is only a man, not God.
Don’t be Babel now.
And yes, I do write the same thing in different places, but God teaches this way, that’s where I got the style from, and there are many kinds of people who do and will read these writings, Lets help them learn.


Very excited Christian

Let me share a part of my experience while coming into the realms of God and Jesus the Christ.
I have written of my coming to be to this realm, in the Website God’s Word Given, under the “Introduction” tab, I won’t write it again here, and it’s really only a brief account. What is very relevant to this book is the actual experience I felt and how God manoeuvred me to become what he has made of me, and that which I write.---Just this brief: I got the verbal call without my flesh self seeking God, but what I didn’t realise at the time, this strong feeling deep inside me was desperate for what I called inner peace, I know now that it was my Spirit within calling to God. You need to know I am not one of great Intelligence, I get by, but have made many mistakes with life, and I knew I was in trouble, and as I grew older, I had started to realise that if nothing else would happen further down the path, It was certain I was going to Hell, God would not want the likes of me.


So, when the voice which called my name came, one of the greatest reactions I had ever experienced up to that point of time, was Great Elation, I had no Idea what to expect, I wasn’t a church goer, and had no desire to do so, but this call and what followed, stirred me like nothing before, I have made it! I thought, Yes, Yes, life was going to be one long relationship with all those Christians out there, life was going to just float along in one big relationship with many, many friends, Christian friends, all who would take me under their wing, and guide me as they had been guided, and my troubles were to be over....... Yea right!......Not!
One of the first prayers God Gave me to Pray was for him to teach me his word, not man, God, and the second thing God put strong persuasion on me was, not to Join any Church organisation which I had in mind, but God did persuade me to become acquainted with an Ecclesia which was Non trinity, yet the strong indications were that I should not get to involved; and that’s the way it was.
As time progressed the realisation came to me, that God was doing a work for me and also through me on this Ecclesia, and also, what was very note worthy, is the fact that God made sure they didn’t Baptise me, God had my wife and I Baptise me previously, and this gave me another Holy Spirit experience; but when the Ecclesia came to Baptise, God allowed the ceremony, but there was absolutely no Holy Spirit feeling at all, quite the opposite, to me the whole thing was dead in the water, so to speak, and I knew from there on, well in hindsight I did, that the understanding of what God was to require of me, was beginning to manifest itself.
And now, I know the trouble Christianity is in, and the Muslims of Hagar through Abraham, and now God is showing me the troubles of Judah/Israel, this is all enormous, this is the problems and destiny of Mankind revealed, and for all the professed intelligence of mankind, for all the so called wisdom, and portrayed sincerity, the leadership, the enforcement of man by man, those who so desperately struggle to govern Mankind, It is all in vain, but for a few, it’s all a failure.
What has been manifest, it is the vastness of the problem man has with Matters of the one and only singular God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Power, Control, Money, lusts built on lusts of Greed, Evil, Ignorance, Denial, Lies, Deceit, Sickness of mind, and pushing behind all these things is the one whose job it is to make manifest those who would have these tendencies, yes, the Devil dressed as the Angel of Light, and who is right at the fore front of all these charges? The very founders of those apostate churches, and those who followed after them.

Trinity and associated doctrine, is it the mark of Apostasy?

With proper study, it is not necessary to have the Holy Spirit power of God teach and show us where the Evil churches are, and also what it is that signifies that a church is apostate. We only need to look with our eyes and with open mind which has not been taught any bias; but with the help of God teaching the knowledge comes with the understanding of it.
On proper study the findings become clear: those who uphold the Trinity, and the like doctrine, it is abundantly clear that their foundation comes from total evil, a true Church cannot possibly have the foundations which are totally against what God said we should be, those who have demonstrated


that they are totally disobedient to the teachings of Jesus, those teachings which he so clearly taught in the Gospels that they have so blatantly ignored: how is it that any righteous minded person, could condone being part of a congregation which has stemmed from such blatant evil? These ones are so deluded into their belief, that it seems nothing or no one can convince them to become corrected, and this is also prophesied; we need to link it all to prophesy, and then it can be seen who those prophecies are about.
It becomes clear that the Trinity doctrine is a mark of evil, and that it is scripturally prophesied to become even more evil.

Oneness doctrine can we make room for it?

“Oneness”: one God, but three parts? Bear in mind that Abram crossed over from multiple gods to the one God, God testifies to clear any doubt “There is no God before me, no God after me, and no God beside me”. There we have it clear as a bell! It’s not a clanging symbol without message, and which needs enhancing to try and make a message out of it, no, the message is clearly there: one God singular!....
So let’s look at some reasoning, that we might be able to accommodate man wanting to make other of God’s testimony...... should we do this? It’s against my better judgement, but in the interests of helping understanding of the matter, perhaps God may forgive me?
Looking at an innocent and well meaning attempt to comfort oneself, and in edification, the need bought on by let’s say, the doubts that the Trinity doctrine leaves people with, some people in their lack of faith who cannot accept God’s testimony, because the Trinity people, bloody minded murderer’s are forcing people away from God’s testimony; what can they whose faith is shaken change which appears to be a form of Trinity?
Three parts to one God! Sounds trinity! What are they thinking? God is one, and he is made up of three parts: God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus the Christ, and all combined is the one God, not separate parts, but all as one part God.
OK. Let’s see if we can accept that by example: a man has a Profession say he is a Doctor, he works in a Hospital, as one part, he has medicines which he can prescribe as another part, he usually has access to an Ambulance, as another part of his Profession. Now let’s reason with this: the Doctor is the key figure, so are the other parts also the Doctor, he’s not the Medicine, because that is something he can use to enhance his Profession, he’s not the Hospital, that’s just the place where he can carry out his Profession, so we can discern that the Doctor is one, he is a separate being from all those other things around him, however those things around him while not being him, are tools or conveniences he can use.
Now let’s look at God to see if it is justified to classify him as parts of being: God is a separate Spirit, far greater in strength than any other spirit he may have created, so we have God almighty, our Father, is the separate Spirit, the meaning of Separate Spirit is Holy Spirit (Holy meaning separate).


Now so far we have God who is the Holy Spirit, so the Holy Spirit is nothing separate from God, only that it means something, it means God is separate from all things, so far we have just one part of God which is God himself. We now only have to listen to Jesus the Christ when he tells us to read those things written about him, in the Books of Moses, the Prophets, and Psalms, and having done that we find the testimony of God tells us that Jesus is not part of God, only that God worked through him, God spoke through the man as he has done many times with other men, God did miracles and made it appear that the man did so. Jesus was a servant to God, a separate being who was not of the essence of God..... So then we have God who is the Separate Spirit from all spirits that is God singular, and then we have the Man Jesus who was just like Moses, one of Moses brethren, a man, where are we with it?...... God is God, singular as he has testified, none before, none after, and none beside......... Jesus sits at the right hand of God, there is no God beside God.....Can I make this a little clearer?.... No.
So the best thing I can advise “Oneness” doctrine people is, Forget the parts, don’t divvy God up at all, Listen to God’s testimony of who and what he is, because Jesus the Christ is not God, as your doctrine teaches. Is there room for the “Oneness” doctrine? NO.
“Come out of her my people, least ye fellowship with her sins, and partake of her Plagues”.
Hate the people? No. Hate the sin? Yes. Remember, we only have this time in the flesh to make our choices, Scripture says It’s too late when we die.

Should we wonder why God is sending his wrath on mankind? Let’s not be naive, we as mankind have to face it, and that is one thing which is very sure.

The foundation of a world

• Scripture of God in the Old Testament clearly says a Messiah would come.
• History shows that the time of a Messiah to be born has been.
• Yeshua (Jesus) is the only man to ever have presented as any resemblance to the Prophesied Messiah, the time of the Birth, and Crucifixion has passed.
• Old scripture states One God singular, no God or god to accompany him.
• God testifies that there is no Trinity/Oneness/ God head.
• God testifies that the Messiah Jesus (Yeshua) is not God, through his word given to Moses, the Prophets, and Psalms. This includes King David.
• Jesus says he is not God.
• Rome is the enemy of true Christianity, right from the start.

  • Rome, muderer of the Apostles.

• Constantine came as a Roman Emperor, enemy of Christianity, eyes full of lust for Power for the Roman Empire.
• Rome set out to control God, shown to be so in their church ways.
• Rome did take over control from God, of certain people in matters of God, becoming confused.
• God names the Roman Catholic church Babylon, which means confused/confutation


• Rome has the blood of Jesus on their hands, For Rome to conquer Christianity they had to adulterate the Gospels and introduce false doctrine that Jesus is God.
• Rome decrees: Jesus is God he can’t die, so the Roman is not guilty of crucifying any Messiah, because God can’t die. See! Clean hands!
• Constantine was seen to manipulate an alternative History in the matters of the Gospels of Christianity.
• Constantine decreed that Jesus was of the essence of God, and it was commanded by Constantine that his doctrine was to be accepted or you die.
• The Gospel accounts were adulterated at the Metropolis of Constantinople to the satisfaction of the religious governing leaders, Authentic Gospel accounts disappear.

  • The "church of Rome" and her daughters, and the Trinty doctrine, all stand or fall on the use of the word "alma" to mean "virgin" this is the only support to the Virgin conception/birth they have. The Hebrew word "alma" is used in the description of "A young married woman committing adultery" by King Solomon, and as "Young woman of marriage age" as usual use, also "Young woman, or Girl"... So do they stand or fall?... The Hebrew word for "Virgin" is "Betulah", and is vastly different in context meaning, it describes purity. Isaiah 7:14 uses "alma" and not the very defining word "Betulah" The Trinity and the virgin conception/birth doctrine has fallen!

• The Virgin conception/ birth lie is forced on the people.
• Charlemagne, a murdering Despot became in allegiance with the Roman church, Charlemagne, the first Emperor of the then newly established, “Holy Roman Empire”.
• The Roman Catholic church claims its allegiance with Constantine/ Charlemagne.
• Christian Trinity/Oneness churches are ruled with an orchestrated litany of lies.
• The Roman Catholic church Popes take on a murderous stance, Roman Catholic conquest after murderous conquest, deep sin after deep sin, too much, too long to mention.
• Anti-Semitism church: Pope Frances ( The year 2015) is calling for all Roman Catholics to abandon the Anti-Semitism ways, after centuries of condemning the Jewish people, after having slaughtered millions of Jews by order of the church; have doubt? Think about Spain Millions of Jews murdered by the church, and at the hand of the church, and also backing Germany, and Arab nations, it cannot be denied.
• Embarrassment would be the face of the Roman Catholic church, if they, being the evil one world religion coming up, if they are seen to be of Anti-Semitism.
• The Trinitarian Roman Catholic church changes God’s times, and God’s laws, fitting God’s times to suit Pagan times, changing the Sabbath day from the seventh to the first, calling events after Idols(Easter), worshiping Mary the mother of God? the list just goes on, showing the Apostasy.
• Roman Catholic church upholds it’s apostatised state in full view, in some matters, and deeply hidden in others. Murder, Torture, Rape of woman men and children, Homosexuality, committing sodomy, the list stacks up to Heaven
• Papacy wore the 666 fixed to their apparel, with pride.
• The Vatican expects very soon to perform the “Final Conclave” which will manifest the evil Pope which one of their own has prophesied.
• The Reformation saw a new form of Trinitarian, named “Protestants”, split from their Mother the Roman church (RC). Now prophesy is being seen, these are the “Daughters” split away, but still not seeking God for their Knowledge and Understanding of it. Now the book of Revelations “Whore of Babylon, Mother of all Harlots” the woman (church) riding on the back of the Beast, (the Devil) can be understood. (Babylon, confused, confuser).
• Protestants, split away, but upholding the Trinity, and the Oneness doctrines.
• Protestants returning to the Mother of them, as time draws closer to Messiahs return.
• Protestant churches involved in the apostasy, condoning Homosexuality, non Sabbath observers, and general lack of obedience to God.


• Protestant Mainstream churches revere Constantine by calling him “Great” thereby upholding his decree that Jesus is of the essence of God, Trinity/Oneness doctrine.
• Mainstream Trinity Protestant churches until recently in history did doubt parts of the Gospels its authenticity, then relied on one man’s intellect, Fredric Kenyon, and he, without inspiration from God, did guide them into false belief.
• All Mainstream churches are fighting off the attempts to bring them into correction of God.
• Roman Catholic church is very busy preparing to become the partner of the Anti-Christ Beast, the False prophet through the “One world Government, One World Religion” and is actively engaged in promoting it.
• Anti-Semitism church: Pope Frances ( The year 2015) is calling for all Roman Catholics to abandon the Anti-Semitism ways, after centuries of condemning the Jewish people, after having slaughtered millions of Jews by order of the church; have doubt? Think about Spain, Germany, Arab nations, it cannot be denied.
• Embarrassment would be the face of the Roman Catholic church, if they, being the evil one world religion coming up, if they are seen to be of Anti-Semitism.

• The “Reborn Holy Roman Empire” is recovering from its mortal wound.
• The One World order church will be destroyed, and one will stand in the Temple of God claiming to be God, after eventually destroying the partnership Roman church.
• The authority of the truth of knowing Jesus the Messiah kicks in, those who see Jesus as God, will believe the man standing in the Temple of God, who claims he is God, and follow him.
• All people who know their God, and know their Messiah, know that God has never portrayed himself as a man in the flesh or otherwise, that the man claiming himself to be God is not Jesus, because Jesus is not God, and there is the authority of Gods testimony, and also the testimony of Jesus.
• Jesus never usurped God or his authority, even so, because Jesus did go through with the cup (work) God gave him, God crowned him with the authority over Flesh, still doesn’t make Jesus God or a god
• Jesus is to return, He brings the wrath of God with him.
• Some men will have risen from the place of rest God has for them, and others will leave straight from the Earth to join the Saints, who are to co- rule with Jesus the Messiah.
• We do have live mortal Saints on Earth among us now.
• They, Jesus and the Saints, with Gods sanction, will bring rectification and retribution upon all who have disobeyed God.
• Jesus will have revenge on all those who systematically set about to destroy all that work Jesus did, and has been doing, slighting his painful terrifying death on the cross at the hands of Rome, and the blind Jews, and those of the disobedient and deluded Christians, with their doctrines and precepts of man.
• Evil people will be destroyed, Gospels state one third of mankind will be destroyed, while the Prophets say two thirds of mankind will be destroyed.
• God says that man will become more scarce than the finest of pure gold.
• God refers to Angels/Saints/Jesus the Messiah as man, immortal man.


• The foundation of yet another world has been laid, this is the 1000 year reign of the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, Jesus is the King of all the kings, and is so over the other kings or otherwise known as Saints.
• All these things were made to be, and that is through Jesus having been obedient to God, all things have been made for, or through, or by Jesus, by his deeds of obedience.

• God says that his wrath will be so great that he may not stop, he may go on and wipe out all mankind, But states that his wrath will stop at the Saints, God will save the Saints, but there is no promise any further, it depends totally, It is Gods prerogative.
• Those humble people who are obedient to God can become Saints.
• God lets the Devil out of the abyss for one final time before totally destroying him, and his job is to flush out the last remaining evil in people, God will destroy them, then it’s the Devils turn.
• The last of evil mortals will be removed for eternal torment by God himself.
• All will be under foot, Death, and Evil. No more death all will be immortal, no more evil the chosen are not evil.
• All people will be in God, and God will be in all people.
• All flesh will be immortal.
• Then the Earth dissolves, all elements burn up, it’s finished with, according to Peter
• Then comes the time when Jesus and the Saints hand all things back to God, they have reigned, God has given it to man to clean up the mess man got into.
• For ever, means continuously without stopping until a certain time is up, and Forever and ever, is Eternity, don’t be confused.
Well there’s a bit of an overview of Christianity, Edit.. in the Trinity/ Jesus is God form, everything is not listed, this is just off the top of my head.

Psalms 127:1
“Except the Lord build the house, they that build labour in vain: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman watches in vain”...This fits those who start churches without seeking the accurate knowledge and understandings from God first, and those who start churches for any ulterior motives.

How credible is all this which is written about mankind? And how are we to believe all these things? These are enormous charges against mankind! How can this be true?
Yes it certainly looks bad, and it will get worse, but it is all coming to the full strength of the evil, which will trigger God to take drastic action.


How credible can be seen if you look around you, open your eyes and your mind, you will see.
Look at what is happening in the world of time now, and in the past, even in your Grandparents and your parents times, then take a look further back by checking out some history, it’s easy in these days of the Internet; by checking it out you will see mans chequered history of mainly evil.
Man has a vast history of activities, and the most notable activity involves a large measure of deep seated evil doings.
Very few leaders of men in the whole history of mankind lead in righteousness of God, or even morality, some appear reasonable on the surface, but underneath it all there are usually some ulterior motives, and this charge encompasses all leaders of all types, so long as the leader is of mankind, then they cannot be trusted and with very few exceptions.
God tells us about some of it, you can read it for yourself, collate Adam and Eve, Cain and Able, and what their troubles extended from, think about some major events like Noah, and the reason for the Ark, being that God was angry with what he created and wanted to rid himself of this mankind, but what remained? It just all came back!.... Man soon had God angry again, only this time God has a term plan to salvage what he can, those which he chooses, but God is making quick time over this thing this time, because it will be the last time God will try to save mankind on this Planet Earth.
We can read from scripture that God is not happy with the way mankind governs mankind, words are written that Jesus and the Saints will destroy much of the governance of mankind as evil, and set in place a righteous governing system, lead by Jesus formulated by God for the millennium period.
So what’s the problem between God and mankind now? Disobedience! So what was the Problem between Adam and Eve and God back then? Disobedience! Well surely it hasn’t been that way all through history!..... Yes it has! Take the people Israel for example, God even named them as a race of people known for their fighting against God and his ways, and even though these people are God’s peculiar/particular people, Jacob struggled with the angel of God, to mark the reference of the nature of the people, as being one who struggle or fight with God, which is the meaning of the word Israel.
We as Mankind are in trouble; we never have been able as a species to govern ourselves as we should, take the example God gave at Babel, Mans desperate attempt to take control away from God even, so man might have control over himself, then again let’s look at history, perhaps it was the desperate act of a man, so he could take control of mankind out of God’s hands and other men’s hands into his own; now that figures considering mans record in such matters.
Evil is everywhere on Earth, there is virtually no where, and nothing on Earth which escapes the hand of Evil, and it’s getting worse; Jesus told us, he warned us that the Devil is the ruler of these worlds of time, and he also stated that he could do nothing about the situation; you see man has bought it on himself, God said that it is he who makes the evil which comes on man, and this to plague man for his own evils, if we do evil, then God will send evil upon us, yes, some don’t seem to be punished in this way, but God says he will keep the evil ones until he is ready to punish them, all in his time, but look out when it comes!


The Devil dressed as the Angel of light is not some myth, man cannot soothsay it away, it is a reality, what you can’t see that is, that is reality, what you can see and touch is temporal, so Spiritual is reality, and the Devil dressed as the Angel of light is manifest, and personified in Mankind. Open your eyes and see it all around you, in your town, in your country, in overseas countries, In leaderships of all types National and minor, in the very infrastructure of our society, and what is most disturbing is that which is well prophesied of, in the churches, evil is everywhere to be seen.
You may have noted by now that church is spelt with a lower case “c”, “C” will come with repentance, to obedience.

God will teach

You have to be adult in mind to accept and cope in the right way with all this stuff, gone are the infant days of learning about Christianity, they are called the milk, coming up in levels of knowledge and understanding and maturing in matters of God, is called the meat; you shouldn’t try feeding a baby of just weeks old steak eggs onions and chips, they can’t handle it, and it’s the same for people of any age in Matters of God, we have to be bought up level by level, bit by bit, starting at the very foundation basics, building accurate knowledge convictions as we go; God moves us from level to level as he sees we are ready for it, when he sees we have gained a conviction on that which he sees as important for us to know then that will lead to the next step in line with what should come next, thus we go from the Milk to the Meat in Knowledge; but! If you don’t build on a strong foundation to start with your building is in vain Thus.....

Psalms 127:1

“Except the Lord build the house, they that build labour in vain: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman watches in vain”...This fits those who start churches without seeking the accurate knowledge and understandings from God first, and those who start churches for any ulterior motives, including those who teach the Trinity, and that Jesus the Christ is God; and caught up in them are those people who follow, thinking they are building their house on good foundations, on the Rock, yet are only building on sand. Seek God to build your house, not the Devil dressed as the Angel of Light.
Well, I have been given to write so much in so many ways on these matters of God, and there is so much, and yet there is also so much more, that God is concerned about what we believe is very obvious.
Well now I’ve been given further to this in Chapter 15

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