God's Word Given - Statement of Faith

1. God (Yahweh) is as he says; the one and only God, that there is no other in the past, now or in the future. That there is no God beside him.

2. God cannot die, he is Eternal therefore cannot be resurrected from the dead.


3. The Holy Spirit is the power of God, and is how God gets things done; it is a part of God as our arm is a part of us: God only has the power, which he uses through whom he chooses. No man has the power to retain the Holy Spirit of God.


4. Jesus (Yeshua) as a man was given the title of Christ through obedience to God. Jesus is not God Almighty our Father in Heaven, therefore Jesus, being a man, died on the cross and was resurrected from the dead, and is set at the right hand of God, his Father who is our Father.


5. Jesus, in his present state, Immortal Man, is the result of having been a man, that we as man can be bodily as he is now, Son of man, Son of God, as we also can become, this being the foundation of our hope, respectfully understand the virgin conception, and that God cannot die, therefore, Jesus the Christ is Son of God, and not God the Son, given the foundation of all true Christian faith, that is, we cannot enter into the kingdom of God, unless we believe that Jesus died, and that God raised him from the dead, Jesus cannot be God, even based on this fundimental belief.


6. Jesus the Christ will return to rule over the earth, with the Saints Co-ruling.


7. Jesus is the leader of this house through God our Heavenly Father.


8. The Sabbath is as God originally gave it, and observed starting on Friday Sunset, and finishing Saturday Sunset, thus called the seventh day.


9. The purpose of this life is to exercise our freewill, so that God can choose those who want to go on to the real “Life” Eternal. This short life for the next, -- Eternal life.


10. God does verbally call those he seeks, as well as draws to him, and keeps them separated to teach, keeping them from the deceived. (The Saints are not deceived).


11. God will save all who come to him through the Lord Jesus Christ, believing into him, and who are obedient to God and Jesus Christ, those who seek the strength of Gods arm.


12. The Devil is a Spirit and Is God purposed, is the ruler of this World, his very active Kingdom is on this Earth. (Matt 12:26 Rev 12:9-13-17).


13. Obedience to God’s Ten Commandments and to the Commandments of Jesus Christ means just that Obedience! Anything less is dealt with to our detriment towards God’s Kingdom.


14. God tells us he is Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end, being that he is the one and only God, and no one beside him.

Jesus tells us he is Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, ---- Not because he is God, but because he is the first and the last mortal man Messiah! His message to the world of  Hebrews/Israelites/Jews, and those who are still today looking for the first arrival of a Messiah, and also to the Gentiles,and all peoples.


15. Voting  Governments into power? No, we are only sojourning on this land, our vote goes to the Government of God and Jesus the Christ.


16. The unclean meats are still unclean; God made some flesh for other purpose than for us to eat, God therefore is protecting our health, by telling us what not to eat of that flesh.

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17. Easter is the English pronounciation of the Idol Oestra; we observe the Passover as it is the original crucifixion day of Jesus the Christ, and call it "The Crucifixion Passover".