God's word given.

• The latter days are when all is being prepared for Christ’s return.
• We have been in the latter days since Jesus Christ was crucified.
• The last days take in the millennium period (1000 year reign of Christ and his Saints) then at the end of that time Christ will hand it all over to God himself, the Job having been done, the last enemies under foot, and the final enemies, Victory over the Devil and Death. 1Cor 15:24-25 (No more evil, no more death) but God will be in all, and all will be in God. We will all be immortal and with God and Jesus Christ, doing what it is, that great and eternal plan that God has for us. These things are beyond our flesh mind to comprehend, so therefore we have to wait for immortality (the spiritual body and mind).This will eventually take us into “Johns City” (Revelations Ch21) That great City “not built with hands”, but built by God, that comes down out of Heaven is Jerusalem. This is the great spiritual place available to all those who “over come” to all those who obeyed the commands of Jesus the Christ, from the time they became aware, and turned to God through the Christ, and those coming out of the Millennium and are clean (we better look at the sequence of events leading up to this (Johns City stage).

• We have had the Crucifixion of our Savior, the lord Jesus Christ.
• He did rise again, and he is at the right hand of God (this indicates the strength side of God that Jesus is at).
• History books, Archeologists, and the very events we see happening to day prove the Prophesy of the Scriptures. We get a good idea of where we are in time and events leading to the return of Christ. Yes even the scientists are starting to agree with the Biblical, where once they didn’t! Let’s just stop and look at some facts. In recent years Archeologists have proven Jericho to be as it was written in the scriptures, the way in which the wall came down works out very well for the Israelites to get inside the city, there is no question. Also found was the Urns full of Grain, and other things around, this proving that which is written in the Scriptures, God commanding the people Israel to attack and kill all, only not to take a spoil,( they had to leave everything there, including the Grain that was normally taken for survival). Excavations in Sodom and Gomorrah have also proven the scriptures correct, with the burnt effect of the City, as written. There is more, but we should leave it there and press on.
• Israel, the Israelites, The Jewish people, Jerusalem, (Zion), Gaza strip, Palestinians, Hamas, Wars, Fighting, Cease fires, Iranian desire to wipe Israel of the map, the Gathering back to Israel and the rebuilding, the reclaiming and planting of the Deserts for habitation, Unwalled areas, On going negotiations for a peace agreement (in the making for years now). All these things and more are part of what makes up the Prophesies of ancient times. Watch it all unfold before our very eyes, these are some of the signs the prophets and Jesus referred to.
• Right now in January 16, 2009, we are waiting for the “False peace”, and when finally the peace agreement is signed, it marks a definite time of Prophesy. Then what some call the rapture can come in, we don’t know when exactly, but it will be after the false peace comes in.
• What is this so called “Rapture”? Well the word Rapture is not used in the Scriptures/Gospels, it’s not in any original writings, it’s a recent word to describe the following event thus; First the Saints who have passed on are raised (Saints being true believers in Christ and chosen, (Many are called, but few are

Chosen). Then those who have been chosen and are still living on Earth will be taken up, and in the twinkle of an eye be made immortal (They will live for eternity, and do not experience death as in passing on as usual, theirs is in time, very quick, as to not notice so much. These meet Jesus Christ in the air and receive their Spiritual bodies.
• The Saints have a job to do. They are to do battle under the Governance of Jesus Christ, once that is done they rule and judge with Christ, during the 1000 years (millennium period). While these Saints are being taken up and readied, the following is happening and will come to be.
• The “False Peace” will be just that, false. There is to be war in the Middle East, God has yet to do punishment on the Jews, and there is still a very wide spread problem of disbelief amongst the Jews, as well, that disbelief is of Jesus as the Messiah, there are very few Jews who are actually Christians, God himself put a blindness as a punishment on some, (you will read and see all these things). However, God is going to prove by this war to come that he truly is God, and Jesus is truly the Messiah, so how is that to be done?
• The war will be so heavily stacked up against Israel, and what is written in the Scriptures will happen for all to see. Israel is in for an eye opening time, God will destroy those to be destroyed of the Jews and Israelites during this time of war, and despite all the other nations that will come to defend them it will all be evident that Israel is in dire trouble. This trouble will be so great that when every thing is turned around, and they appear to have won against all odds, then it will be known to them that God has actually won the War for them, and not of themselves. God has promised to open their eyes, take away the blindness he bestowed on them .But this is not the time of the end war, that is still to come.
• During the times of war God will destroy many, those nations that rose up against Israel will be destroyed. O.K there are more facts on this to come, but in the interests of making all this plain as possible to understand, lets press on with what comes next, as prophesied in the Millennium times.
• With the war at the return of Christ for Israel over, and Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, is here to Reign, and with his many Saints. They will remove all wicked Governments, this will take time and now perhaps you might see the reasoning in the Saints having to be immortal, and (they can’t be hurt).
• Christ will rule with a “Rod of Iron”, destroying all those who stand up against him, this time righteousness will come.
• Jesus the Christ came the first time, to save the lost people Israel, and the Jewish people, we the Gentiles were given mercy from God because of the actions of the People Israel, we have to thank them and pray for mercy for them in return, you will read all these things. However, Jesus came not to Judge, but to save the first time, he gave us all the “Good News”, gave the Gentiles the Apostle Paul to get the message across to us. He left this life having given all that was required for us to “Sort our selves out”.
• Christ has been giving us the word, and the Commandments on what we are to do, how we can gain Eternal life with God and him, he was loving and caring, he died for us, he died as a man! Now he’s coming back! He is now Immortal man.
• Now Christ is coming back to see what we have done with all he did for us! Love from Jesus Christ now, is only for all who have or do turn to God through Christ.
• Christ returns with a “Rod of iron” not love as before, he is coming to judge this time, those who know of God and Christ but deny them, have had their chance.
• It is written that during the millennium a man who dies aged 100 years will have died young, it is written that man will live the ages compared to a tree (some trees like the Red wood are 2000 years old), but the millennium only 1000yrs, still, it sounds like long life is expected.

• All will become under the Governance of Jesus Christ, and his Saints.
• There will be death, because as the Scriptures say, at the end of the Millennium period, the Devil will be released again for a short period, (this to sort out those with evil tendencies).
• The Prophets mention that death will be during the Millennium period.
• Revelations reveals that it is not until after the final war and Judgment and God makes all things new that death is finally conquered. In that case all that have been saved have put on immortality.
• Those who have been obedient will be raised from death of the flesh, to Spiritual eternal life with God, in immortality, and then there is to be the final Judgment.
• The final Judgment for some is the “Second Death”. All those from before the Millennium period that were to be Judged as sinners, and all those sinners from during the Millennium, will be raised, and bought before the “Great white throne of God”, to be judged what level of eternal torment they may receive.(believers have no part in this Judgment).
• I haven’t covered every event to happen here, but you will read from the Bible and fill in the gaps, perhaps now with a better understanding, things will have better meaning to you, and be easier to comprehend, being more enjoyable, because you may understand and respond in obedience.
• “Ezekiel’s Temple “comes in for the Millennium period.
• Now perhaps some further workings, and some Scriptural Chapter and verse, to help you find your way around the Bible on some of this.
• First some knowledge to think about;
• As immortals we will have no gender, (neither male nor female) there is no marriage, some are disappointed at this prospect, but my understanding of it all is that: God has plenty in store that more than ample fills those gaps; no pain, travel spiritually without effort, visible or not capabilities, do not tire, nor get hungry, never die. We are going to learn more about God than our flesh mind can handle, who says so? Read the Bible; get understanding by prayer, it’s very rewarding.

• Jerusalem has been down trodden of the Gentiles for 1900 years. “Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles” Luke. 21:24. the treading down of Jerusalem was to last for a set time (God imposed it upon them a punishment). When this time is “fulfilled”; Jerusalem will be once again in the hands of the People Israel. The phrase “trodden down”. Luke. 21:24. is a reference to Dan.8:13. “How long shall be--------- the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot”? ----Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed” Dan.8:13-14. Now on a day for a year principle, this would be 2300 years, and dating from the opening vision of Daniel. Chapter 8.when the Ram (Representing “the kings of Media, and Persia—V20) and the “Rough he Goat (Representing “The King of Grecia”—v21.) Were joined in battle (v 6-7), now numbering 2300 years from the battle of Granicus, B.C 334. Or the Battle of Issus. B.C 333. Then this brings us to 1966 or 1967. In remarkable fulfillment of the above prophecy “the sanctuary was clean of Gentile domination in the Israeli six day war of June 1967 and the Israelis/Jews regained Jerusalem after 1900 years!


• Throughout the history of the Israelis and Jewish people they have been conquered, scattered, persecuted, slaughtered, and yet after 3,500 years they still remain. This (immortal) people are a witness to the truth of the Bible.”For I am with thee, said the lord, to save thee, though I make a full end of all nations whither I have scattered thee, yet will I not make a full end of thee, but will correct
 Thee in measure, and will not leave thee altogether unpunished” Jer.30:11. (Yes God has been punishing them all these years; take the Second World War for instance.)

The restoration of the people Israel and Jew to his ancient home land is a clear sign of the near return of their King (Jesus Christ) “I will take the children of Israel from among the nations whither they be gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land; and I will make them one Nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel, and one King shall be King unto them all” (Jesus Christ) Ezekiel.37:21-22.
Well look at it right now, Israel is filling up fast with many who travel back to live there right this very day.
Three developments are predicted by Ezekiel;
1. The gathering of the people Israel back to their land.
2. The re-establishment of the Nation of Israel.
3. The return of Jesus of Nazareth as their King. John. 19:19.
1. The gathering of the People Israel back to their home land was made possible by the “Balfour declaration” of the 2nd Nov. 1917, when his majesty’s government view was to favor the establishment in Palestine of a National home for the Jewish people—
2. On the 15 May 1948 the state of Israel was proclaimed, and “The fig tree shot fourth” Luke. 21:29-30.
3. “When ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the Kingdom of God is nigh at hand” Luke.21:30. And through to 36, know then the closeness of Christ’s return.

ARMAGEDDON (Mountain of destruction)
A place in Samaria, east of Caesarea; the mountain of Megiddo, a City at the foot of Mount Carmel, and noted for scenes of carnage. The Canaanites and, Philistines, Jews and Egyptians, Chaldeans and Persians (Iran), Greeks and Romans, Moslems and Christians, of almost every age and Nation, have camped around Megiddo, because of its commanding position, its abundant supply of water and rich pastures. In the Apocalypse (Revelations) this place is referred to, probably as a symbolical name for great slaughter. Some say more people have been killed there than in any other place in the history of man to date. We had better do some study on all this to get some understanding and knowledge, once we understand; we will lose our fear of what is to come. We will realize that being true believers in God through Jesus Christ, that these things wont come to harm us, but we must have some sort of knowledge in order of knowing what to expect.
Let’s look at some of the ways in which we know about these matters.

• The Angelic declaration made by the Angels at Christ’s ascension, guarantees Christ’s return ( Author, I know for a fact he’s working on it) “This same Jesus which is taken up from you into Heaven, shall so come in like manner as you have seen him go into Heaven” Act.1:11 and, 3:20. (Let me point out here, “Shall” in the Scriptures/Gospel means it definitely will happen).


• Christ returns “as a Thief” to the World. Rev. 16:15. And 3:3 and he snatches away “his Jewels” (the Saints) have a look in, 1 Thess.4:16-18, and be comforted by it. Also in Malachi. 3:17. “And gross darkness shall cover the people”. Isa.60: 2.
So what is happening here? Jesus comes like a Thief; No one but the Saints knows that Christ is here gathering up all his Saints that God has given him, because it is written only those who are expecting Jesus will hear him at this stage! Only God, Christ, the Elohim Angels, and the Saints, and perhaps even the Devil! This will happen just before Israel and her Allies are totally defeated by the invading Armies, then the presence of God through Christ will be known.
“Gross darkness “shall” cover the people” One thing that’s going to have those left on Earth wondering, what has happened to all these people?

THE ARMY OF GOG HOOKED IN. Ez.38 and chapter 39
• The Prophet Ezekiel predicts an invasion of “the land of Israel” by “Gog” (v2) who is chief of a mighty Army incorporating most of Europe and Asia. Ez.38:2-3.
• GOG, the word Gog in Hebrew means “roof” and therefore describes the one at the top of this great confederated Army from many Nations.

• “Thou shalt come from thy place of the utter most parts of the north” Ez38:15. As the invader, invades “the Mountain of Israel” verses 8 and 9. Russia is the only power in “the utter most part of the north”(should I have said earlier, have a good read either side of quoted Chapter and verses and get the context and knowledge contained, this will help to bring understanding)
• Moscow is in longitudinal line from Jerusalem.

• The word “Chief” in Ez.38:2. Is the Hebrew word “Rosh”, and the Hebrews state it is a proper noun and should be rendered as such. The R.V Bible renders it as “Prince of Rosh”. “Rosh” was the ancient name for Russia.
• The historian Gibbon writes; “among the Greeks, Russia was known as “Rosh”.

• God said “I will put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth and all thy Army” Ez.38:4. God will make it happen he will more that entice the Army to do God’s will, something then has got to convince this great army to take action.
• We read that this Army will by pass Israel on it’s way down to Egypt, then on it’s way back is when it Attacks Israel, but to get it on the move, Egypt has a lot to answer to Russia for over Egypt’s actions during Russia’s building of the Suez Canal, the Egyptians cheated on the Russians, and they have not forgotten, then one could look at the newly discovered vast amount of Gold uncovered in Egypt, that to could be a lure or “hooks in the Jaws”(This is just my own conjecture). However time will tell.

• This great invader, albeit Russia or a very great combined force including Iran (as we all know wants Israel completely destroyed) however, it is to be challenged by the Allies, and so who are the “Allies”? “The Merchants of Tar shish (v 13). Is identified as Britain. For the Phoenician traded in Tin with Tar shish, Ez. 27. 12-13, called the island of “Baratanac” I.E. “The land of Tin”, this name was changed by the Greeks to “Britannica”. (This info on “Tarshish is not my
 Work, Author) “The young Lions” are the nations of the British Commonwealth. But this great invading Army is to stand victorious over his challengers Zec. 14:2. Yes, those against Israel

Are going to get knocked about badly, and Israel is going to get further punishment from all this invading Army, until Christ intervenes with his Saints, and destroys this invading Army. You must understand that vast numbers of people non believers, Evil doers, and the like, are going to die during these times, purged out, to make the way clearer for better things to be given the chance. Even so there will still be those who can’t get it right until the end of the Millennium period.

• The Battle of Armageddon marks the over throw of the kingdom of Man, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God. “Thus I will magnify myself, and sanctify myself, and will be known in the eyes of many Nations, and they shall know that I am Yahweh” Ez.38:23. When Christ and his Immortalized Saints have broken the image of Dan. 2:28-45. The proclamation of “the Gospel of the age” goes forth to all Nations. Saying “Fear God and give glory to him; for the hour of his Judgments is come; and worship him that made Heaven, and Earth and the Sea” Rev.14:6-7.
• Just before I go on and explain what is this image. Let’s just have a look at some facts about the position we are in to day times with all these things.
• We are waiting the Peace agreement that is the “False peace” with Israel and her Neighbors.
• Russia has never been wealthier, she has vast oil reserves.
• Iran is straining at the leash to destroy Israel.
• Israel is wealthy and small and powerful as an army(God supported)
• America on the other hand is down, she’s in a very weak position, yet she is to defend Israel and with the rest of our countries will be defeated, what strength has America to win at present? (2008).
• Biblical prophesy is at the point of Christ’s return other than a few things that we may or may not find come one after the other , or perhaps happen in close sequence.
• We are told by Jesus Christ to watch for the signs, and when we see a lot of the signs to look for happening together, know it is near.
• Doom and gloom? If you think so then you have to get your mind thinking right, and know what life in the flesh is really all about, what we really are here for, what the ramifications are of the Sin and the evil that has been carried out by man, on this Earth, and Sanctify God for all that he has done and what is yet to happen. After all, when we go on to Eternal life, we really wouldn’t want the same old flesh problems popping up around us would we? The sins the evil the hard times, God has far better in store for all those who come to him in obedience through the Lord Jesus Christ. We can enjoy our life here now in a Godly way, and remember this is only a temporary short stay to prove our selves, Life or Death, Life is with God and Jesus Eternally, and Death is separated from them eternally.
• There is much more than this that could come out, however we have this Image of Daniel and King Nebuchadnezzar, to look at, so here we go. You should read firstly Daniel Chapter 2 then 3.


“There is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known to the King Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the latter days” Dan 2:28.
The metals and clay of the image represent Nations, and Religion, the Religion being the “One World Religion”, and the Iron and Clay mixed is the “Holy Roman Empire reborn”
• “Thou (the king of Babylon) art this head of Gold” (v38). Babylon was a world ruling Empire of it’s time.

• Gold is a fit symbol for “Babylon the glory of Kingdoms” But in defiance of this prophesy the King made an image of all gold. Dan 3: 1.

• The two arms of the image showed the dual nature of the Medo – Persian Kingdom.
• As Silver is inferior to Gold, so the Medo – Persian empire was inferior to the Babylonian empire, in wealth, luxury, and magnificence, but not in extent.
• According to Herodotus, the taxation and tribute demanded by Persia of those she conquered was paid in Silver Talents.
• The descendants of Javan settled in what was latter know as Greece, and were noted for their trading in Brass.Ez.27:13.
• The Greek soldiers used Brass in their Armor, and are noted in history as the “Brazen coated Greeks”.
• The Roman Legions were noted for Iron Swords and Breastplates.
• The two legs of Iron stood for the eastern and western divisions of the Roman Empire, with headquarters in Rome and Constantinople (Istanbul).
• The Iron from the legs, merges into the feet and toes, showing that the Holy Roman reborn Empire is not to be over thrown in any battle, such as the Babylonian Medo-Persian and Grecian Empires, but decayed away from within the “One World Order” then destroyed by Jesus Christ, the ten toes being the ten Kings set up to help accomplish the destructive regime of the “Beast”.

• “What shall be in the latter days”, since all the metals of the image were to be broken up together (v35), a confederacy of Nations must exist in “the latter days” of the Kingdom of Man, which will incorporate all the Nations existing in the Territories represented in the “Image”.



• “The stone” is representative of Christ. Matt. 21:42. And his immortalized Saints, who will assist him in executing God’s judgments upon the nations, Psa.149:5-9. Christ referred to himself as the stone of Daniel. 2. “Whoso ever shall fall on this stone shall be broken, but on whom so ever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder” Matt.21:44.


• Mountains are symbolical of nations, Jer.51:25, and as “The stone was cut off the mountain without hand” Dan. 2:34. So “God is taking out of the Nations a people for his name” Act 15:14. (Us who are not People Israel or Jews).
• “The stone became the Great Mountain and filled the whole Earth” Dan.2:35. And Dan2:44. And Rev. 11:15. (Christ and those who are in Christ, and who are Christ’s therefore, are of God and in God and God is in them).
• God is calling us for his name; “God at first did visit the Gentiles, to take out of them a people for his name” Act.15:14.

• The Earth filled with God’s glory, Gods purpose with the Earth will be completed when all Sin and Death is removed. This will be when Christ hands the Kingdom back to God at the end of the 1,000 year reign.
• “God will be all in all” 1 Cor.15:28; and here proves just what Gods purpose for us on this planet is all about, all people of God will become immortal, given a spiritual body of God’s choosing, there will be no flesh people at all anymore; God will be in all, and all will be in God, we become a part of what makes God omnipresent, helping omnipotence, being everywhere at the same time, and being wide spread and all powerful. These things of God come in part through the Angels and the Saints that God has now, Later at the end time, that of God will grow with the addition of all those God can gather from this earth who are found to be worthy of such being! --------------- See you there? We should live in hope!
Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name, we come in prayer through the Lord Jesus Christ, and we ask you for the blessing of the Skill of understanding the knowledge of your word, and the wisdom to know what to do with it, and also a wise and hearing Heart, that we would know your persuasions of us, that we do your will, and in obedience to you and your commands. Amen.
Kevin McQuoid.

God's word given.