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Jesus Christ was betrayed, arrested, died, and was buried, all on Preparation day, which is Passover day, the following day is refered to as a High Sabbath, and part of the Passover, following that, and in the same week is the seventh day Sabbath, which in the original Manuscript, and at Passover time, is refered to as the low Sabbath: (where the calender allows time, there are two Sabbaths in that week, (Rests). Unleaven bread is part of the Passover feast, but not part of the unleaven bread commandment of seven days.
The feast of the unleaven bread happens at the very start of the 15th day, and the last supper is that feast of Lambs of the Passover day!
That day started in the evening (sunset) of Tuesday/Wednesday, and ended on the evening (sunset) of Wednesday/Thursday, this is the Biblical day, that Jesus Christ was Crucified, and was Buried: Jesus was buried Late in the afternoon towards evening on Preparation day for the High Sabbath, preparation day is Passover day, which is in accordance to the Old and The New Testament. Ex 12:14. “And this day shall be to you a memorial, and ye shall keep it a feast to the Lord. (Passover not a Sabbath).
In that day Jesus had the last supper, was betrayed, arrested, tried, hung on the cross and was buried, that took the whole of Preparation day, and the last supper included Unleaven bread, but was not part of the seven unleaven bread feasts
Starting at Matt 26:20. “Now evening being come, he reclined at the table with the twelve”.
This is Jesus Christ spoken of here, and you will see that it is the start of the Wednesday, being the evening (sunset) which is also the start of the Passover, the Passover feast, and also the last supper.
God's day starts and ends from one Sunset to the next, even to God’s people now times.
Look now and see that Jesus had the last supper, prayed in the garden of Gethsemane, was arrested from there, was taken to Caiaphas, and put on trial, sentenced to death, was crucified and buried, taking the time of burial right up to almost sunset Wednesday, which was Passover day.
See that, Passover day is also a preparation day for the next day being a special or high Sabbath.
Note that Jesus is buried by the very start of that High Sabbath.
See that after the High Sabbath which was Thursday, then the next day was Friday.
Friday was a preparation day; this was for the Low Sabbath or weekly Sabbath. (Matt 28:1 Greek MS.
Note that the Friday Sunset starts the seventh day, and the seventh day is a Sabbath, and see for your self that the Two Sabbaths were observed in just that way at the time of Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion, and his being risen again.
See that Jesus rose again three days and three nights after he was buried, 72hrs buried.
Note that from Wednesday sunset to Saturday sunset is three days and three nights, which is three lots of 24hr days, so then three times 24hrs is 72 hrs.
See now that Jesus rose at the very end of, but still during the Weekly or second Sabbath, he is Lord of the Sabbath!
Note now that it is impossible for all this to happen Friday sunset to very early Sunday morning, and Jesus to have been buried for three days and three nights, after all Mary had discovered very early Sunday morning that Jesus had already risen, he was not there in the Tomb!
See for your self, that Jesus has left Key messages in Scripture/Gospels, clearly stating that He was Crucified and Buried exactly as reported in the Scriptures, that he was buried as the scriptures gave account of the Prophet Jonas that Jonas was in the Whales belly three days and three nights.
Know this; Jesus gave these vital keys to the Apostle Paul also, because God and Jesus new that evil men would pervert the Scriptures, Jesus has given the sure way to Gods people to check out who is teaching deceived doctrines.
And know this also; God and Jesus both knew that deceived man, would also pervert and make of none affect the Sabbath, by changing the day.
Now you will need to know this; The Devil, the adversary is the great deceiver, and he has deceived the church’s who observe the Sabbath on a Sunday, also the Crucifixion Passover days to suit mans, and therefore commercial intrests.
And now know why; this deception causes all who are deceived by it to be disobedient to God, why would the Devil do this? Because he is at war with all God’s people, he is like a prowling lion looking to eat up all who he can.
You will now see how successful the Devil has been, just by observing all those churches that observe the Sabbath on the first day of week which is Sunday, or even not at all, the Devil wins against them, because these ones are now disobedient to Gods commandments, therefore; their love for God becomes lip service.


Easter is the english translation of the name of the Godess of fertility Named Ostara, an Idol of the Saxon people of Northern Europe PAGANS! How much more do Christians want to hurt God and now Jesus Christ, The one thing that God has had such a great battle with amongst man kind is Idol worship, it is a listed sin against God, and here we have the Mainstream Churches teaching Easter, to scared to give their people correction for fear of chasing people out of their money making pues! To scared to teach Gods word given! To scared to teach the truth! To scared to teach obedience! To scared to teach life eternal to the very people who they soothsay to, who in return pay out great sums of money to feel good about their disobedience to God! No Ive not finished! ------- How do you think God and Jesus feel about all this? what is it do you think, is to bring Gods wrath upon the people of this earth, first throught Jesus Christ,on his return, and then ultimatley from God himself at the very last days? Well, read the Parables of Jesus, "The ten virgins", and then the one where, those who have done great things in their opinion, for God and Jesus, yet Jesus tells them to be gone, he doesnt know them, and calls them workers of iniquity! Scripture tells us that; when Gods wrath comes it will be difficult for him to stop, he says, to limit the days of wrath, difficult for him to even save the very Saints, -------- be warned by Gods word!

So what have the Churches got stacked up against themselves to this point, on the Sabbath and Passover Crucifixion alone?

  1. Easter the naming and festival practise.
  2. Easter the times perverted.
  3. Sabbath, the time observed.
  4. Sabbath, non-observance.
  5. Allowing the teaching of disobedience to God and Jesus Christ.
  6. Trafficking Gods word for money sake.
  7. Teaching mans precepts and doctrines.
  8. Allowing the adversary right in, yes the Devil!

Murder? The Scriptures of God tell us that anyone who causes another person to lose their Eternal life, is a Murderer! how close do many Churches come?

You want the truth? I am not scared to give it, I have no big Church or institution hanging over me, what I have is Gods word given to me, and the understandings to go with it, given by God, along with the Corrections given by God, that I pass them on to all who have ears that hear.

Now to continue on:-

Start by reading Matthew. 26:17. that will give you the lead in. Now read on through to verse 62, and note that this is one 24hr day from verse 20, to verse 60 is one day which is Passover day, the last supper in verse 20 started in the evening, which is sunset, and all the following things that happened and lead to Jesus being buried by the following sunset, that is one 24hr day.
Note now in verse 62, it tells us that it is the next day after Passover, they refer to Passover as the preparation day, and preparation day always comes before a Sabbath day
A good account of all this can be read from John Ch 18. Onwards.
John 19:31. See that the body of Jesus had to be taken down from the cross on the preparation day which is Passover day, why? Because the next day is "A Sabbath", ---- See that it is not the weekly Sabbath, ---- see that it is a special Sabbath, or a High Sabbath, or a Great Sabbath.
The King James Version of the Bible says, (“For that Sabbath day was an High day”).
The original Greek manuscript in the Diaglott says, (“For the day of that Sabbath was a great one”).
The NIV version of the Bible says, (---The next day was to be a special Sabbath”).
What is very clear here is that the Sabbath after Passover is a Special Sabbath; it is not the weekly Sabbath. The KJV has it in Luke 6:1. “And it came to pass on the second Sabbath after the first”---, indicating that there is two Sabbaths to be observed.
Now we have Scriptural proof of there being Two Sabbaths at the time of Jesus crucifixion, and to back that up in Exodus 12: 13-16, at the original Passover, you can read and see God telling them to observe the special Sabbath time, so then it has always been a Sabbath after the day of Passover: but what proof that this was not the weekly Sabbath, and is that on a Sunday? Read on and get the understandings, given from God for all his obedient.

So what day of the week did Jesus die on the cross, and how do we know?
The Hebrew calendar says; Wednesday April, during Passover!
What day was Passover in 2009? Wednesday, 8th of April, 2009.
So we can see now that, yes, Wednesday comes around in the calendar from time to time, as the day of Jesus crucifixion, Just as in the original time.
Look first at the signs Jesus has given us for proof in the Scriptures, go to 1 Corinthians 15:3-4. Now see that Jesus has given Paul vital information! Even the way it is written tells us how important this is, Jesus is telling us; he died "According to the scriptures". Also Jesus tells us; He was buried and he rose again the third day "According to the scriptures".
Now we have just seen how that was in the study of all the events from the start of Passover, being the evening or Sunset, how on that 24hr day which finished on the following Sunset, then it became the Passover Sabbath: Now then, Jesus is buried and spends the whole of Passover Sabbath in the ground so then, how long is Jesus buried for? Three days and three nights, Just as "According to the scriptures"!
What else has Jesus given us as a sign of the truth? Read Matt.12:38-40, lets look at verses 39-40 right here now; “But he answered and said to them, an evil and adulterous generation seekth a sign; and there shall be no sign given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas:” “For Jonas was three days and three nights in the Whale’s belly; so shall the son of man be three days and three nights in the Heart of the earth”.
Jesus tells us he was three days and three nights in the heart of the earth! 72hours!
Now this is going to prove to us what the real times of Jesus burial and the time that he rose again, also, the real Sabbath day!
How do we work it out, here it is; lets take the Wednesday that Jesus died and then the burial being in the evening or sunset of that day, the day of the Passover Sabbath is then Thursday, Jesus was buried just before, and at the very start of that Thursday Passover Sabbath, and that being in the evening, we now start counting.

Edit--- To make clear this has been re-worded :- Wednesday evening is the first night, Thursday evening is the second night, Friday evening is the third night, Saturday just before evening Jesus has risen, so is not counted as a night period, now following are the day periods:-
Now we have the days; all day Thursday, all day Friday, and the third is all day Saturday, and up until just before sunset on Saturday is the 72 hrs or three days and three nights, according to the scriptures ! And just as Jesus gave us in the vital message through the Apostle Paul, also by way of the message about Jonas in the Whale.
We now have positive proof from the Scriptures, Saturday is the weekly Sabbath! And also that Jesus being the Lord of the Sabbath was risen that day!
Jesus rose at the last part of the Saturday, and Matthew 28:1 “after low Sabbath, to the dawning into first of week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, to see the Tomb”, this in it self tells us that, the first day of the week being the Sunday, that the day before that was the Saturday, and Saturday is the Sabbath, the weekly Sabbath, and Jesus was already risen, gone before Sunday, the first day of the week, he was "Already risen".
There are two Sabbaths one is Passover Sabbath a high Sabbath, shown in Exodus Ch 12, and the other is the weekly which is referred to as the Low Sabbath.
Jesus was buried all of the High Sabbath on the Thursday, and rose again on the weekly Sabbath on the Saturday , the next day is the first day of the week, and that is the Sunday that the Mary’s visited Jesus Tomb just to find Jesus had already gone before they got there very early that Sunday morning.
This should leave you in know doubt that Jesus died on the Wednesday, was buried that day, and late, Thursday was the high Passover Sabbath , Friday is preparation day for the Weekly Sabbath, the weekly Sabbath is on Saturday, and the first day of the week is Sunday! All proved by the scripture in the Bible! And what’s more Jesus made sure he gave signs, and messages through Paul, so that the deceivers could not deceive God’s people! Saints are not deceived!
Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath, he was buried all of the Passover Sabbath, and most of the weekly Sabbath, Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath, he was buried and rose again in the Sabbaths!
How can Friday fit?
If as those who teach deception were correct in their teachings that Jesus Died on the Friday, lets see if this fits in with Sunday being the Sabbath, we will use the signs and messages Jesus has given God’s people to work it out.
Friday late in the afternoon Jesus dies and is buried, sunset comes the next day is Saturday, that evening onwards, so Jesus is buried all of Saturday, all of Sunday, and all of Monday, if he rose again on Monday very late towards sunset or evening, then the day that the two Mary’s came would have been very early Tuesday morning! Full of problems isn’t it! No it did not happen on the Friday!
How do we know Jesus did not die on the Friday, because; he died and was buried according to the scriptures!Three days and three nights he was buried! Jesus gave us the messages and signs remember. God, through Jeremiah. 17:5. "Thus saith the Lord; cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord". So then, deceived teachings, precepts and doctrines of man, are a curse to those who take their strength from them! ----------Lets take our strength from Gods arm, and be blessed with the accurate knowledge, the seal of God.
Now you must see that Jesus died on the Wednesday just as the Hebrew calendar says, and that the next day is a Passover high Sabbath and not the weekly Sabbath, the Friday being a preparation day for the weekly Sabbath, the weekly Sabbath is on the seventh day of the week, Saturday, Sunday being the first day of the week is not the Sabbath, and to back that up, Passover 2009 is Wednesday, the same day of the week Jesus died in his time.
The Church concerned in the perversions of truth, in their delusions, think they are God on this Earth, they think they have the divine right to change Gods Laws and times, to suit man, theses men have been deceived by the Devil, it is written of them in Revelations! They are the ones written about that think to change Gods Laws and times, The Mother of Harlots. Yet they freely admit to it.
And as for all the Daughters to the Mother of Harlots, to show them up is in the King James version of the Bible in the Back of it, in “Harmony of the Gospels” section, they clearly write “The last Sabbath, Saturday, beginning at Friday sunset” and they have other confusion in their times also, yet they know the correct times, and they also state that the first day of the week is Sunday! Yet they have been proven to be deceived by the Devil, in their same sex marriage, and homosexual Pastors, going further back to joining up with the Church from where they came from, and they still observe the Sabbath on a Sunday!
God’s Sabbath Starts Friday evening at Sunset finishes Saturday evening at Sunset.
Mans Sabbath is Sunday some time!

To me, God is working on those who he has chosen and is revealing the “Son of Perdition.” That son of utter ruin, who is ruining the chance of many millions to enter in to the Kingdom of God, by the teachings of disobedience to God, as per 2 Thess. Ch 2.
This I see is the prophesy being fulfilled, the son of perdition who is to be revealed is even being revealed by these things, and also those are having a part in it revealing the deception of the Church. This is the church who lifts it self above everything called Divinity on Earth, because they say they have the Divine right to change Gods commands and Laws on Earth, therefore claiming themselves to be a god.

Kevin McQuoid.

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 God's word given.