In the knowledge of Saints
Chapter 1

What has happened?

Scriptures tell us, that God the almighty creator of us, that is Yahweh, has stated that man cannot cope with the measure of information that he has given us; King Solomon buckled under the mental strain bought on him, from the great wealth of wisdom which God granted to Solomon, he just couldn’t cope with it, and mankind has proven to be the same throughout history, but we are talking now about matters of God, man has manoeuvred his way into a quagmire, and into such hopeless confusion, concerning the accurate knowledge in matters of God.
The greater part of the problem for Christianity has stemmed from people who enter into creating a church for devious reasons, and there are literally thousands of individuals and organisations alike, throughout history, indulging in this trafficking of God’s word for power and money.
Tragedy and utter devastation awaits those people who follow these teachers of confusion, and it comes on them because these Devils dressed as the Angel of light have not seeked God for the accurate Knowledge, and the understanding of it! These ones have taken up reading the Scriptures, but unfortunately, are using their own understandings of it, instead of seeking it from God, and as well as that, they also indulge themselves by looking up the Internet, and finding what others are saying, and then combining these things to make it seem that they are authorised, and inspired by God; these ones have not the accurate knowledge required, that they are authorised, and qualified, that they may help those who come to them seeking the Kingdom of God, they have not the understandings to pass on to others about the great need to be obedient to God , and how to Love God; these things don’t matter to the traffickers, because it’s all about Money and power for them.
A few years ago I met a budding Pastor, he was doing Orchard work to accumulate enough money to support himself while he attended a Bible teaching school, to become a Pastor, and to gain a degree in accountancy at University; the alarm buttons were pushed, when he told me this I quickly saw what his motives were, so I sternly chided him, and warned him to be very careful, and consider very seriously his motives for becoming a Pastor.
Another more recent example of Traffickers of God’s word, is one who had a good tourism business, but was dissatisfied with the wealth of it; during an interview he is quoted as saying that there is far more money to be made in starting up a church, so he travelled to USA, where he received an education on how to start up a mega church to gain mega money; having returned to New Zealand he has done just that, that is to NZ standards. To date he has done many devious things, and has extracted a great fortune out of the many poorer peoples who attend his churches; this is the man who has used millions of these peoples dollars and has built a complex which he now states is the actual “New Jerusalem” as coming down from Heaven! There’s heaps more on these sorts, but these are just some of the usual traffickers of God’s word out there.
It is of Paramount importance, for those who truly seek God through the Lord Jesus the Christ, that we know how the so called Mainstream Christianity came to be, and to know those who are


traffickers, it’s of utmost importance that we have to study the church organisation which started it, and those who practise, and then those others who practise it to some measure today; therefore we have to know the truth about the coming into existence of the Roman Catholic church; it’s a must to have a knowledge of its Founder, and most importantly his character, and also how he bought the doctrine which that church supports, into being. Further to that, we have to know that there are many daughters of that church, who in the main, carry many of the same traits as their Mother, they are those who came into being during the reformation times, a time of rebellion against the Roman Catholic church.
Grave danger awaits those who are not discerning in matters of God, man has presented us with what the greater part of the rest of the world consider, or believe to be, Genuine Christianity, while the scriptures which man has not had his fingers all over, tell us differently, and something that Mainstream Christianity hate to accept is, that there are people out there, who God himself has taught the truth of the matter. God makes it clear for our edification, and our consolation, in the book of Jeremiah, is one example; the problem now arises, how can the average person find such ones, where are these truly inspired people if they can’t be found in the church buildings dotted all around? Read on.
The Accurate or Exact Knowledge can only come from fervently seeking God, and then it is God’s prerogative if he will give it, meaning, if you are not deemed worthy to receive it from God, he will not give! We have to be capable of discerning every teaching spirit, and these things have to be in place to enable us to be worshipping God in spirit, and in truth, and to ensure that we are not joining others in party spirit, these are some of the things which we must combine, to gain the desired effect, even then, it is God who will decide if you are worthy to be gifted with the accurate knowledge; let me help those who are willing yet need more understanding, let me explain a little more on this..... The Devil comes dressed as the Angel of light, not just him but also his followers, and remember what the book of the Apocalypse tells us? It is the Devil and those Angels who were thrown out of the Highest Heaven, Jesus saw it happen he tells us in the Gospels, and these ones have their man servants here on Earth, doing the works setup for them by the Devil dressed as the Angel of Light regime; these ones can be found in many of the churches, where else could their works be more effective? and remember this also, this is God purposed to sort out the sheep from the goats, and you would rather need to be a sheep in this case; we need very much to learn to discern these ones on Earth, because it is these ones that cause the deceived teachings, so what’s the need of deceived teachings? It sorts out the Goats, the luke warm ones who make Jesus the Christ sick in the stomach, and those who only give lip service, and yes! It is to Judge those who start churches uninspired by God, and without the accurate knowledge, and those who follow them, because they don’t give the time they should to seek God in spirit and in truth, they don’t rightly divide their time between taking care of the flesh life as to its needs, and giving the time to learn to listen to God for their eternal life.

Party Spirit

The problem for many comes in what they do in party spirit, manifesting a lack of fervency in a proper seeking of God, and its shown in their following those who are deceived, and they follow them because of their laziness toward matters of God, for them life in the flesh has a measure of


grip on them which tips the balance, instead of pulling away enough from the flesh life, and allowing enough time and thought to gain the fervency required, they are caught at a point between, which holds them back, and they love the flesh life too much; this life for the next life, Jesus tells us, if we love this life too much, then we won’t give enough of it up to gain the Eternal life; this is part of what Judges people in the final judgement, and that judgement also happens while we still live in the flesh; when we die we meet our maker, there is nothing we can do between the time of our death and our Judgement, in order that we may rectify any unworthiness to enter into God’s Kingdom we may have, it is done!
We have to get things right with God as we live in the flesh; we need to be open minded to God! We have got to be prepared to accept correction from God, that he may bring us by his word, to be worthy of his Kingdom; the path is narrow, and it is hard, and few even find it, and then because it is hard, few choose it, Jesus has said it, and the true scripture of God reads that way, now this has to raise the question How are we to become worthy of God’s Kingdom, if we are taught by deceivers?
The short answer is: we can’t! The in depth answers? You are reading them.
Then we have to know this: it is God’s word which judges us, yes, what we do with God’s word, have we seeked it in spirit and truth? And if we have, we can then worship God in spirit and truth, you can’t worship God without the spirit, and with deceived doctrine, it just won’t happen for you; blame the churches blame the evil traffickers of God’s word, and blame the Devil! But it won’t do you any good, you yourself are the only one on this Earth that can gain your worthiness to God, each and every one of us is responsible for our own eternal well being, or torment, it’s up to you to cut through the deception, survive the trials and tests which God has set out for each and every one of us, and especially if he considers anyone son of God; God will father all who he is refining toward worthiness, with discipline, scourging, rebuke, teachings, trials, tests, and loving rewards also, and a great measure of it comes from God’s word, what we do with it, how can we become worthy then, by deceived doctrine, by God’s word having been altered? Words added words taken away? All of which are mans activities; it brings on tears for humanity.

God’s anger

Have you ever stopped to think what is it that is making God angry? Or did you even realise it? He’s angry with mankind now! Well reason with this accurate information, Mankind is to blame for the anger of God, and now reason with this, Christianity is more at fault than any on the Earth, all through the scriptures/Gospels we are told of this, yes the people Israel get blamed, and these are God’s peculiar people, but it goes further than that, it’s what man has done to Christianity which is bringing God’s anger to wrath! God is allowing Jesus the Christ to return with his Saints, he is King of the Kings! (Saints are sometimes called Kings, hence Jesus being the head Saint). And with him comes the reward God is allowing Jesus to have, in the form of revenge against all those who slight the crucifixion, and who re- crucify Jesus, those who should know better, Jesus will get his revenge, this time he comes to smash the vessels with an iron rod, the vessels being those who should be, but aren’t worthy, and the evil doers. What is sin in context here? Anything done in matters of God without conviction, what then is conviction in this case? It is having the accurate knowledge which no one can refute, which is from God.


Reason now, to this point, how important is it that we should sort out our deceivers?
It’s not easy to be a true Christian, we can blame Man and his ongoing evil for that, for history shows us the most frightening problem we have on Earth, is mankind itself.
If any are to become worthy of God’s Kingdom, we need to take responsibility for our selves, each and every one of us, what are we going to do about it?
I discern that most churches and especially mainstream, have not seeked God for the Knowledge and the understanding of it, theirs comes from the days of Constantine, and his New Testament Bible, and since then, everyone has translated either from that Bible, or from what they think are the Gospel accounts from the Apostils, those which the church of Constantine have had locked away from sight for decades, and which have emerged with their bias alterations added, it’s the sort of thing that wearies the very Saints.
Those who have started churches without the direct teachings from God, have not the spirit of truth, and therefore have not the authority, and make God’s word of none effect.
Problem enough is the fact that the original Scriptures of God were written in ancient Hebrew, a form of Hebrew writing which differs from today’s form, bad enough that the Hebrew language used was lost in history, and has only really recently be revived, but in the modern form.
There are people today who have a knowledge of the original ancient Hebrew language, and they can, and do point out how some has been translated and interpreted in error, and quite markedly; therefore given that the Old Testament scriptures of God originals, were written in the original Hebrew, there still remains a certain degree of inaccuracy, in the translations and interpretations we have today.
Here’s an example which has been taken from The Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible; the original Hebrew pictograph form of writing, the pictures starting with a Shepherds staff, then the closed hand, and then the ox head put together to form a word, found in Psalms 29:9. The NASB and KJV translates it as “The voice of the Lord makes the Deer to calve”, while the NIV translates it as “The voice of the Lord twists the oaks”. The literal translation of this verse in Hebrew thought would actually be; “The voice of the LORD makes the strong leaders turn”. Which one would you think fits? And where in this is the God inspired people translating the Scripture, let alone interpretations? OK it’s not a huge issue in itself in this particular case, but, it certainly proves that there is an issue, and where else in Scripture will the problem manifest, to the detriment of accurate knowledge?
Now we can see by this a problem, but thankfully not with malicious intent as with the New Testament; not only do we have Constantine and his followers involved in this most undesirable practise, but also people such as King James; we have even so, a comforting degree of accuracy in what actually matters, in the form of instruction and knowledge with understanding, in the form of the Old Testament as it is at present.


Jesus gave us keys! note that Jesus has spoken certain Key words which he refers us back to the Old scriptures, and these are vital keys he’s referring to, knowledge which will help us in the truth of certain matters, correction, in matters that Jesus knows are important to those who he will have a hand in saving, and also proves that God knew what man would do to the New Covenant, the Gospels.
I see a problem now, how much information, how much of what God has given me should I share?
There is much more knowledge with understanding I could share, more details to what I’ve given thus far, maybe these are the Pearls I’m withholding? If there’s one thing I hate, it’s those evil Traffickers of God’s word scavenging around for words, and ideas, and taking them and teaching them as their own, and pretending to be God inspired! They are in correct terms called Godless Bastards; the decision has been made, it is better to keep to that knowledge which comes to those God has taught, which allows the corrected accurate knowledge to be learnt, and especially in concern of enabling those genuine people, who are seeking the correct path to take, and that is to the Kingdom of God, and also those ones who have the gift of discernment, which of course is enabling them to discern imposters professing to be God inspired; therefore, I will continue sharing that which is the knowledge and understanding, which is most important to have, for gaining Eternal Life.

King James
Not a very stable minded character, he became very much paranoid towards Witches, so he had thousands of innocent women brutally murdered, most died by being burnt at the stake alive, the ones who were garrotted first were classed as the lucky ones in comparison; this bloody minded Despot wanted control over a new translation of the Bible, he saw the Bible as a way he could gain some further form of control over the people, so he refuted the translators translations and interpretations, in certain parts, to suit his agenda, and so in desperation the Translators introduced the column where they were able to insert their alternative interpretations, not that it made for an accurate Bible by any means; The Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible proves the case. The meaning of the word Bible is Book.
Guy Fawkes
King James is having his own Bible put together, and now comes the Roman Catholic church actions against King James, there was no way the Roman church was going to have any other Bible but their own, and even if anyone else was using their Latin version to translate from, so what did they do? They sent Guy Fawkes, with his barrels of Gun powder to blow up the building where King James translators were at work! And since then we have an annual celebration called, Guy Fawkes night! Because he did get caught before he was able to carry out the deed.
The celebration usually takes the form of the buying and letting off fireworks, crackers and sky rockets, and all sorts of gunpowder derived devices, which are depicting what would have happened, if the Roman Catholic church had been successful in Guy’s attempt; the dummy stuffed with straw and set fire to, his name is Guy Fawkes.


I wonder how many Roman Catholic people observe this celebration, and without realising what it really is about? How many of any people know? Well I find myself musing with this, however, this very serious matter, very serious indeed for those who are being deceived, and here’s King James putting in his devastation.
Before King James, there was Constantine Emperor of Rome
Too many uninspired
There have been too many uninspired men, men who are uninspired because of their own agenda, and these ones are pumping out Bibles that billions have been reading, and in the main, those people are thinking that every word written in those books, are the inspired word of God, and they read the altered verse which tells them that, if they only realised the true word of God, if translated and interpreted correctly reads “Every word which is God inspired.....”and not “Every word is inspired.....”, and once again we have deception from man with his fingers in everywhere; most common Bibles in existence today are only translations and close copies of the Roman Latin Bible, the Blind leading the blind, or just straight out traffickers of God’s word with their ulterior motives, and proving they are certainly not God inspired.
Take a look at the self appointed leaders of Christian religion of the past, and reason with what their characters have been, would you consider these men to be God inspired? Consider their characters; murderers, liars, cheats, and power crazed Despots, add your own opinion, but bear this in mind, there is not one man since the death of Jesus the Christ, who has been involved in starting up a church with mainstream Christianity, who actually fits in with the character, which Jesus the Christ has set down, for his people to be, and mainly because of disobedience, which in turn is bought on by the lack of knowledge, and with that the lack of understanding of it; therefore, credibility is lost to those who are not inspired of God.

God watches as evil man carries on his ways
Have you ever wondered if there really is a God, then why does he let man have his evil way? Yes, it’s a very good question, and here’s the truth of the matter; we have a creator, have no doubt! God says, we don’t think or do as he does, and he doesn’t think or do as we do, we now should be prepared to accept that God’s wisdom is far beyond anything we can imagine, he sees and knows what we are not aware of; now this is how God works with man: God has given man a freewill, God allows man to demonstrate to God what mans will is, God watches what it is that man does, good or bad, he watches and allows man the free will to make his choices; God will deal with each and every individual in the day of visitation, God leaves it until then, “Vengeance is mine” Says God, and man continues with his evil unimpeded. And so! We have Christianity on the rocks, it’s as a ship which has been set on a collision course by man, which has sailed well into the reef; mans course, mans choice! Except those few, who God himself has seeked, those few who have and are listening to God.

Lost in mainstream churches is the basic doctrine
Lost in the Mainstream churches is the basic doctrine, the things that matter, lost are the teachings they require to teach that which really matter, because they are not of the inspiration of God; God


Says “There is no confusion in my congregation” the churches we have today are full of confusion, so then, should we say that they are not the Congregation of God? Yes! The mainstream and trafficking churches are in their Apostate state, that is they have fallen back, or back sliders, sinners in other words; we are in the Latter days, and scripture has told us that the churches will be in their Apostate state, and will be when Jesus returns, think on this then, we have been in the latter days since the crucifixion of Jesus the Christ, and since that time the false prophets have been fully at work, Jesus did warn us that they were active even while he was in his Ministry.
You would do well to forget a big part of what most churches teach, what Christians need to know boils down to: all things which are in concern of their eternal profit, in other words those things which lead us to Love God, be obedient to God, to do all things toward pleasing God; most churches do not know how to teach such, They are disobedient to God in that they have picked out only what they are prepared to obey of the “Ten Commandments” for instance, and making it necessary for them to try and make other meaning of God’s word, to cover, and usually because they have not the knowledge and understandings from God, because they are not God inspired, and because of their ulterior motives, the main one being the sin of Trafficking God’s word, then those who support same sex marriages, Homosexual priests and Pastors in general, it can be seen by this sort of behaviour, that those churches do not understand, in other words they are not taught and inspired by God, and it’s a simple thing to discern them; look at the on the surface of it list, No Sabbath observance, or Sabbath on the wrong day, Easter is actually the English pronunciation of the Idol Oestra, they have the times wrong, not allowing enough time for Jesus to be buried as he has said he would be, they have shifted the observance of Jesus birthday to tie in with a pagan Idol worship day,(Even so, there is no commandment to observe the so called Christmas), they call Jesus the Christ God, or that God is three, and think that the Holy Spirit is a separate person, and when asked for an explanation of this, the answer is they don’t understand it themselves, that it would take a spirit to explain it; they all are confused, God says,” There is no confusion in my congregation.” They are called “Babylon” all sinning churches will receive their punishment under the name “Babylon” “The Whore of Babylon” “the Mother of all Harlots” in other words the main church and all those who have split off her and are still in their Apostate ways.
God has sent a power that these churches will believe their own deceptions, he has sent a power of delusion that they cannot believe anything else, it is written!

I can help
First I would like to say, I use for the New Testament “The EMPHATIC DIAGLOTT” containing the ORIGINAL GREEK TEXT” (1942 Edition), and for the Old Testament the “SEPTUAGINT with APOCRYPHA”. Neither is exactly perfect because of the Hebrew language, with the translation, and interpretation barriers, in the Old Testament, and then there is a problem In the New Testament with the translation into Greek then into Latin, and then to English, compounded by the fact that these have westerners translations and interpretations, which cannot possibly completely conform to the Eastern writers way of thinking, however they are as close as we can get to God’s word; these are used with fervent prayer to God for Understandings, but mostly, what I have in Knowledge and the understanding of it, comes of God’s will; there are many other Bibles on my book shelf, but these are only used to compare; all westerners need consolation in an edification of an accurate


knowledge, and with understanding of that knowledge, which can only come from God himself, and through those living today, the chosen of God to do so.
So what am I going to do about it? As you read on you will come to realise that all that you are reading in this book is your help, help in sharing with you what God has taught me, and in matters of becoming worthy of God’s Kingdom, you will find out how to be what God requires us to be to enter into his Kingdom; I will share with you corrected Scripture/Gospels, which God has given me as accurate Knowledge; God has not taught me all things of the Scriptures, he has concentrated on those things required, for the seeker of God and his Kingdom, and in the Spirit of it, and Truth, because it is written, God is a seeker of them who worship him in spirit and truth, it is a requirement; Reason with this now, listen to God’s word in this, and consider, how can anyone who has been taught deceived doctrine, who is taught disobedience to God in the matter of God’s commandments to us, people who have been taught by churches who are not God inspired, and who only think they know God’s will; think on this, people who are taught by those ones who have started churches without the inspired teachings of God, and who are only in it for money and power, then how can anyone receive the accurate knowledge, and with understandings, that they can become worshippers of God in Spirit and Truth, if they are with these ones? Rhetorical question really. Can you grasp the desperate importance of hearing the accurate word of God? And can you see the hopelessness in becoming Party spirited to deceivers? Do you realise the hopelessness for people trying to gain the Kingdom of God, considering the complacency of the followers of these deceivers? It will bring on the wrath of God eventually.
What I share with you can all be found in the true Scriptures of God, it is God given, and is the true context, some you may find hard to accept, especially if you have been taught differently, but you must have patience as God tells us to, and we all must be prepared to accept God’s corrections to the accurate knowledge which he has for us; don’t worry if you have been disobedient to God in the past, even if through deceived teachings or ignorance, because if you accept correction, and become obedient, then God will forgive.

Christ Jesus is mankind’s last chance
Become open minded, and realise, God’s plan even from the days of Adam and Eve, was for a last effort of God, to save the remnant of mankind, and we have that world of time now! Since the Ministry of the Lord Jesus, we now have our last chance; there is no other way but through Christ Jesus, that we can be saved, this is it. Some think, but we also have the Millennium period to be saved in, yes that’s true, but understand this, the world of time we live in now, our era of time, as we live now, is the only time we have to be judged for our worthiness to enter into God’s Kingdom, not before, not after, but now; the other world of time after this, that is if we live into it, will affect us, and therefore we will be Judged according to the commandments of that time, and in accordance of if they alter, or are added to then; however, in accordance with scripture, we are judged in our world of time, if we lived during the Mosaic world, then that’s the era we are judged in, if having died before Christ, the New Covenant does not judge you, but the Mosaic does, and if you lived your time partly in the world of Mosaic law, and are in existence when the New Covenant became, then believing Jesus and leaving the Mosaic, you would be covered by the blood of Jesus, and therefore, Judged on the New Covenant; coming out of righteousness by works, and into


Righteousness by Faith. According to scripture, no one was saved by works, it was just too hard for them; though I wonder if that particular scripture was a hyperbole, and rather meaning only very, very few people, were able to keep the Mosaic laws to salvation, and not enough were able to carry out the continuous physical deeds required of them, those things God put on them, to keep their minds busy on matters of God, and instead of the wayward things, which were more attractive to them.

Why has God created us?
Why has God bothered with all this, considering the disobedient state of man, what’s the point of it all, how come all this has to be, why can’t we be left alone, and just get on with life as we see fit ourselves?, Oh dear, God does leave us to our way, and overall mankind’s history, just look at what has happened, utter devastation! Wars, and Evil, Shambolic religious beliefs, and organisations; It’s a quagmire.
But why did God create us? Because those people, who may get chosen, are the building blocks of God’s omnipotence, his omnipresence, and his omniscience, in other words, those God chooses, and in their immortal state, will expand the Highest Heaven; It is Saints God and also Jesus the Christ are looking for among us; do you perceive that it is the Angels and the Saints who do the coming and goings for God, the messengers of God, and that it is not God himself, in the greatest majority of instances? Yes occasionally God himself as himself is apparent, for instance Mount Sinai; you may have read that it doesn’t enter into the heads of man, what God has in store for his chosen, well it can’t because we don’t experience those things in the flesh as such, other than those few who God has shown in spiritual visions, yet a very little of things in store. (Yes it does happen even today’s times). And man has no control over the comings and goings of the Holy Spirit, if man experiences the persuasions of the Holy Spirit, then he cannot make it stay with him, or manipulate it, man has no control over God.

The truth was once there
There was once a corrected form of what man has called Christianity, and of course that was in the World of Jesus the Christ’s time; even after Jesus had spent his Ministry time in that World, teaching the Apostles, he found that they still needed much correcting before he finally ascended to the Highest Heaven, and that in turn was continued by the Apostles, the Disciples, and the believers.
Since, and even during the time of Jesus, he said there were false prophets then, and would be in the future. Man has been bringing in his own precepts and doctrines concerning the Messianic Covenant, one outstanding written account is in the book of Acts concerning Simon Magus, of whom many consider was a major player in the very first steps toward Roman Catholicism, and at least a certain measure of his doctrine is in there; but before that even, man has done so in the Mosaic World, within the Pharisees with the unwritten word.

Who is considered a Profit? Many think that being a Prophet means to be as one of the Major Prophets of the scriptures, and bringing to the People new and far reaching revelations from God


Himself, or one of God’s Elohim Angels, or messengers, well let’s look up the dictionary and see what else can be involved in being called a Prophet: Inspired teacher, revealer or interpreter of God’s will:
Dictionary meaning of a Prophet.
Prophet, =Inspired teacher, revealer or interpreter of God’s will.
Interpret, = Explain abstruse words, writings, make out the meaning of, understand.
Abstruse, = Hard to understand, profound, conceal.
Profound, = Deep, of great insight or knowledge, demanding much thought, hard to penetrate or understand or unravel.
Therefore those who God puts to study his word from the Scriptures/Gospels, and reveals understandings of it to, and this only being achieved by God persuading the hard study of his word, has to be seen as that person being called a Prophet; this Person could only be correctly termed a prophet if the person was corrected by God in their understandings, in those deceived teachings, from erroneous translations and interpretations, and biases which are written into the Scriptures/Gospels by man over the years. This then being the true interpretation of a God inspired teacher, a prophet of God in the measure which God does allow. (This has been copied from my website, “God’s Word Given”).
Well there we have it, there are many who claim to be such even in today’s times, some are and some aren’t, the ones who aren’t are actually false Prophets, and many churches are full of them, Just as Jesus the Christ has told us it would be. Yes and there is yet to come a Major False Prophet.

Was Constantine a Prophet?
He can’t be called a Prophet in the meaning of the Godly word, look at it, he just doesn’t fit in; Constantine just did not work as an inspired teacher, revealer or interpreter of God’s will, but what Constantine did, he worked as teacher of his own inspiration, revealing and interpreting his own, and Rome’s will, he was a murderer of all and any who disagreed with him, and that included the genuine Christians who taught the original Gospels, albeit for his own power and glory and also that of Rome!” None are so blind that have eyes yet cannot see”. Oh yes, Jesus spoke God’s word for sure; how can anyone be so blind in modern times, as to follow this obviously false form of Christianity; yes Jesus spoke well.
No Constantine was not a Prophet of God, but one of the many False Prophets, which have been prophesied to come, and also, as according to the church of Constantine, he is the perpetrator of the final False prophet to come through the Roman Catholic church, in the form of an evil Pope, and what’s more, they have it worked out that he’s due about anytime now!
We know that since the original Gospel was taught by Jesus, many other forms of Christianity of a type came to be, along with that there was the age old Idol worship taking on a great number of


variations, and then there was the form of spiritual acknowledgement practiced by the scattered natives, of the many discovered peoples from many of the undiscovered places on Earth, and If you are observant, you will see that all of mankind has had some form of recognition of things spiritual, and confused or not, there is one thing which is undeniable, that is, the spiritual is there, it exists as a reality in the minds of every tribe of people on Earth, in some form or another with few exceptions.
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