God's word given.


• God gave King David “rest from his enemies”. 2 Sam. 7:11. And he dwelt in a house of Cedar, but the Ark of God dwelt in a tent. David therefore desired to build a house for Yahweh (God). God forbade him to do so, because his reign was characterized by war and “much blood”. 1 Ch. 28:3. Instead of David building God a house, God would build David a house. 2 Sam. 7:11. ( it is the Ark of the covenant we talk of here not Noah’s Ark)


• 7:12- “when thy days be fulfilled and thou shalt sleep with thy Fathers.” Then look at When David was dead and buried.
• 7:12-“I will set up thy seed after thee. “Which shall proceed out of thy bowels”. Now these promises were not fulfilled in Solomon, for he sat upon the throne of Israel while David was alive. 1 Kings. 1 :48
• Know that; it is not Solomon being spoken of as some people think, but it is Jesus. Acts 2: 29-36, clearly tells us that; the one spoken of in the promise was not Solomon but Jesus.
• Note that, the only people who would deny that God spoke of Jesus in Samuel 7, are those who teach that Jesus is God, they have to deny this and Isa 53 and also 42 which is backed up by Matt 12:16-21, and having denied these follows many other denials of true Scripture!
• The seed promised to David was Christ. Act 2: 30, Act.13: 22-23. Jesus, not Solomon.
• Christ was a descendant of David. Matt 1: 1-16
• 2 Sam 7:12 “I will establish his Kingdom”. The Kingdom promised to David’s seed (I.E. Christ). Is the restored Kingdom of Israel. Act. 1: 6 and Luke 1:32.
• 2 Sam.7:13 “ He shall build an house for my name”
• Christ is building a Spiritual house for God’s Name. 1 Pet. 2: 5-9.
• Christ will build a literal house of prayer in Jerusalem. Zec. 6:12, and Isa. 56:7, also Isa 2:2-4
• 2 Sam. 7:13. “I will establish the throne of his Kingdom for ever”.
• The kingdom will not be overthrown as was the Kingdom of Israel. Ez. 21:25-27.
• 2 Sam 7:14 (Septuagint) “I will be to him a Father, and he will be shall be to me a son”.
• Not only was Christ to be a son of David. Matt1:1. But also a son of God. Luke.1:35, and Heb. 1: 5.
• “I will be “and “he shall be” are in the future tense and thus teach that Christ did not bodily pre-exist before his birth to the Virgin Mary.
• 2 Sam.7:16. “And thine house and thy Kingdom shall be established for ever before thee”.
• The promises are an unbreakable covenant that God has made with him..
• “If ye can break my covenant of the day, and my covenant of the night, and that there should not be day and night in their season. Then may also my covenant be broken with David my servant, that he should not have a son to reign upon his throne”Jer.33:20-22, and Psa. 89:34-3, and Act.2:30.






                          In the past------------------------ In the future

(1) A King----God------------------------------ God. Luke. 8:1 and Jesus the Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords
(2) Co- rulers—David, and Solomon etc.--- Christ and the Saints. Rev.5:10
(3) Subjects---The children of Israel--------- The Mortals. Zec. 14:16
(4) Territory---The land of Israel------------- The whole World. Dan. 2: 35-45
(5) Laws-------The law of Moses------------- God’s Laws. Isa. 2: 3.



(1) The Edenic Covenant. Gen. 3:15. Promised “Life”
(2) The Abrahamic Covenant. Gen. 12. Promised “Inheritance”
(3) The Davidic Covenant. 2 Sam.7: Promised “King ship”
As you can see we are well covered with the Promises of God, to be well secure for the future “Life”, the Life Eternal. There is much more to learn about in these matters, as you will read in your studies of the Bible, and as you gain understanding it will be to your rejoicing. The main thing is once you have read it, read it again and every time you do you will have more understanding, with the help of God.
Kevin McQuoid

God's word given.