The False Prophet

God's word given.

Authors note. I now have a conviction, and, after having been lead to study the matter, I have reason to believe that this account is of fair and reasonable understandings given the complexity, and that some of Revelations is, and or has been sealed until nearer the time, that time is coming nearer and more knowledge is being unsealed.

Edit:- It has to be noted here and now, something similar to the activities of the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet's time on Earth will happen by God's will, and be the true way of God, through Christ Jesus! We as people of God must gain the accurate knowledge of God, that we may discern the truth, and especially know that the Anti-Christ and the False prophet's deeds will happen before and during the arrival of Christ's second coming.

The Main points in comparison are these:-

Jesus, the true Christ, will be in the Temple of God (The rebuilt Temple of David in Jerusalem), He is not God and will not call himself God, so---

The Anti-Christ Beast of the Devil, as in the scriptures, he will be in the Temple of God, calling himself God; Many will be fooled by this, but here is the worth of the accurate knowledge of God, here is the meaning and power of believing into the Lord Jesus Christ, that is-- Knowing that Jesus the Christ is not God; those who know Jesus Christ will know these things, and therefore know that the one who stands in the Temple of God, calling himself God, Is not Jesus Christ, but that it is the Devil in the form of the Anti-Christ and therefore the Beast of the book of revelations and scriptures!---

The Beast, using the European Union, will form a "One World Government"--

Christ Jesus, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, he will also form a "One World Government", but this one being after mans attempt.--

The False Prophet, backed by the Devil through the Beast- Anti-Christ, will form a "One World Religion"--

Christ Jesus will form a "One World Religion", the final true one.--

Man will have his last desparate try at Governing himself, but alas! to late! Man is too deceived and consumed by the Devil, and evil; it will all be destroyed by Jesus and the Saints, and they will bring God's way the the Earth and to the World in it.

Who will know the Key to descerning what is truth in these coming matters? It will be those who Know that Jesus the Christ does not call himself God!


What does it matter? why bother with it? why not just roll with the punches, or jump on the band wagon with all the others, if and when it may all eventuate?--- I will tell you why thats not a good idea,-- As Scripture tells us, those who follow the Anti-Christ Beast, and the False prophet, all those will be punished with eternal torment, and being cut off from God and his Kingdom.

We have to know!

End of Edit.


The False Prophet will persuade the world to follow the Anti-Christ.

The Anti- Christ is coming, and will be revealed soon, possibly on this earth now! He will be promoted and supported by the False Prophet, who will manifest himself as a miracle- working religious partner of the Anti-Christ; the miracle comes directly from the power of the Devil.

As the Anti-Christ comes to power of the "One World Government", he will have the support of the Devil elected "One World Religion" leader, "The False Prophet"

The "One World Order as it is sometimes called, is already built up of the "European Union" in force now and building, with Roman Catholic Popes urging swiftness of its full being, that they may take up their position as the "One World Religion". BE WARNED!

We can be among those who know the Prophecies, we can have the understandings, at least enough to know when the Anti-Christ is revealed.


The False Prophet


The False Prophet is going to be the most famous and well recognised religious leader on earth: he is going to use his influence to tell every body that this one world order, this one world government is going to be alright, he will convincingly back it up! And that this dictator the Anti-Christ is a gift from God! He won’t be referring to him as dictator or Anti-Christ, Beast, or son of perdition, but he will fully back him, and to convince the world to follow him.


Rev13:11(Read) this is a different beast to the one with seven heads and ten horns; this is the False Prophet; he is seen as a lamb, and that gives us the comparison of “The lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”, being Jesus Christ,(But is just the religious leader in this case, the False prophet), but look , “And he spake (speaks) as a dragon” now we know that the dragon is the Devil! Rev 12:9. So what we have here is; this beast depicts the religious leader, and being that all would expect him to be Christ like, he actually speaks as the Devil, or to put it in proper context the Devil speaks through him; this Beast is the religious leader, the False Prophet. (It’s scary to say the least). This False Prophet then, is to look like Jesus Christ but speaks like the Devil!


This False Prophet is going to influence all people who follow him, and those who join him, to follow The Anti-Christ and the one world government, look at Rev13:12-13. (Read).


So then, imagine the most popular Religious leader in the world, pulling down fire from the Heavens, the people are going to be convinced, that he himself is performing this miracle, and many will flock to him, worshipping him, convinced, and sadly deceived: he is the False Prophet, powered by the Devil, and backed by the Anti-Christ, partners in perdition.


How are we going to keep ourselves from all this deception, the scriptures tell us in John 5:39 (Read). Yes search the Scriptures, seek to get close to God through Jesus Christ.


This False Prophet will give deceiving signs and lying wonders, so we need to know the scriptures, seeking the understandings from God, because this False Prophet is going to gain great recognition, and influence, and that he will use to convince the people to follow and worship him, the Anti-Christ,



 The One World Order, Globalisation, and do all those things that will bring them into Hell and to the Devils delight!


 How do we know that this False Prophet is the second Beast? We look at Rev: 13-14 ( Read it) and now that is the description of the False Prophet, he is the image of the first Beast now look at Rev 19:20, and see it matches perfectly, and know that both the 1st Beast, which is the Anti-Christ, and the 2nd Beast  which is his image, and the False Prophet, that they are both cast into the Lake of Fire by Jesus Christ on his return, and in another place it tells us that the Devil himself will follow at a later date.


To look further at the False Prophet, in Rev 13:15. This backs up that the False Prophet is part of the image and also the 2nd Beast,incorperated into the "Holy Roman Empire Reborn", and what’s more, this shows that the False Prophet will be a chief perpetrator of the Great Tribulation: he is going to Cause all those who don’t give allegiance to the one world Government, and will not join the one world  religious system, that the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet will put together, all those who don’t join, Scripture says that he will cause them to be killed, and it goes on in Rev 13:16-17 about the mark of the Beast and buying and selling (Read).


My understandings are that, part of the "Mark of the Beast", and the mark in the forehead, and the arm, comes as:- the Mark in the forehead, being what people will know and worship of the Beast, what is in their mind, and the mark in the Arm, being what people who follow the False Prophet and the Beast actually do, their actions of doing things to wards the Beast, and False Prophet in following them, and worshipping them.



Most of the world will think that this is a great system; they see it as peace and security, not knowing and understanding that none of them will enter the Kingdom of God for their folly. This forced conformity will be the time that the 3.5 years of Tribulation will come in.


In Rev 16:13-14 we are told that, the False Prophet is actually going to help influence world leaders to invade Israel, so we know by this that the False Prophet is no friend of Israel, and will be instrumental in bringing about the gathering of world leaders to attack Israel, think on this: the most popular religious leader in the world the Church, is the bringer of great evils on the earth, but remember this, it is to their own great destruction!


Rev 16:15-16 Jesus says be ready, and he gathered them together to a place called Armageddon, so the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet are those who will bring to be, because of their ways, the Armageddon


The Anti-Christ and the False Prophet will have great speaking powers, and the “Frogs” are unclean evil spirits, giving great speaking powers to this greatly evil, religious system, and remember this religion is with us now! Who would join? Who would stay with them? Only those who are deceived and that will be deceived, that is those who haven’t the time to examine and study the scriptures seeking God for their understanding.


The Holy Roman Empire reborn, which is what this combination of the Anti-Christ with the one world order or Government and the one world Religion, is all about, has always had a Political leader from Europe, and a Spiritual leader from Rome.


The Holy Roman Empire began around 800 A.D. when Pope Leo the third, crowned Charlemagne, Charles the Great from Germany, pronouncing him Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, the Pope has always been the spiritual leader of the Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire of the end time is going to be the same. Its Political leader will be the Anti-Christ and its spiritual leader the False Prophet.


Who ever is the Pope at the time of the Anti-Christ, he will be the False Prophet! It’s scriptural, also I believe from a reliable source, now that I have seen for my self that Catholic prophecies predict that



There is an evil Pope coming, it has been taught in 8th grade in their schools and is in their Prophecy books, so that there are many Catholic people that believe that this evil Pope is coming, and they believe that the Pope at the time of the Anti-Christ will be the one. 


In the 11th century, there was a Catholic seer, he was called St Malachy, he claimed to have had a vision of all the Popes from his time to the last Pope, in his vision there was to be 112 Popes, from Malachy to the last Pope, this last Pope was to become an evil Pope, and during the last Popes reign, Rome was going to be destroyed ,( The scriptures tell us that is to happen, Rome is the city on seven hills, in Rev where it tells of the City of Babylon being destroyed) that’s what he said in his book, which lay in the Vatican archives for 400 odd years because no one knew quite what to think of it.


However when it got closer to the 112th Pope copies of this book began to be printed and circulated, people were starting to wonder about the info in the book, and this was at the time of Pope 110, Pope John Paul 2nd , and it is said that Malachy’s Prophecies coincide closely with Scripture.


The book is called “The Prophecies of St Malachy”, of which I have a copy: I have no advise on this book other to say that time will tell, and the scriptures already give account anyway.


The 111th Pope is to be identified that he is the 111th Pope by the clue, (The Glory of the Olive)

All Popes have been avoiding naming themselves anything connected with olives, now the 111th Pope is here, it seems, because the present Pope who is German,  Joseph Ratsingener, and given that it is the Policy that all Popes elect a Name to be Pope under, this one chose Benedict the 16th.


Now the original Benedict was the patron saint of Europe, he became the Father of the benediction order, called the olivetans, and they have a symbol, the olive!


Back in the 11th century the clue was given “ For the glory of the olive”, and the identity was given for the next to the last Pope as the olive, that’s what we now have in today’s Pope, the Question has to be asked, is the next Pope the last Pope?


St Malachy said that the last Pope clue would be, Peter the Roman, yet all Popes have avoided calling themselves Peter because they believe that Peter was the first Pope, and they hold him in such high regard that no Pope has dared to take that name to himself, what does this clue mean?


Yet, St Malachy, and his visions and writings are not Scripture within the Bible, yet in my own personal life’s experience I can believe that he may have a genuine vision from Deity, and reasoning out this thing with all my given understandings having been collected together, I am inclined to believe that St Malachy has an important contribution for our understandings.


Jesus Christ tells us that he will destroy the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet on his second coming, in Rev19:19-20. This will be the beginning of Jesus Christ’s Kingdom.


Some people are certain in their mind with their understandings that both the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet are alive and on this earth right now, we don’t know who they are right now, but some will know, and they will be revealed in our lifetime. I have reason to believe that they maybe  right, even if these leaders are only infants as yet.



Now you have to stop here and think of who this religion is: what is the most populated Christian Church in the world, who is the most popular religious leader of a European or Roman Church? The Roman Catholics say it is them, other Churches say it is the Roman Catholic Church, Islam recognises that fact, this then makes the Pope the most popular Religious leader, this is Mainstream Religion.


Could the False Prophet be Islam?


 They have Mohammad, yet they have not yet had their Messiah come.


But remember they came through Ishmael, who came through Abraham but through the hand maid Hagar, who were eventually caste out into the desert, God stating that Ishmael and his people would always be a wild man, causing trouble and unrest in the world.


They believe in the same God as Christians and they believe that Jesus did exist, but not as the Christ, therefore they are not Christians.


Islam is not of the Holy Roman Empire, and hate the form of Christianity that comes from Roman Catholicism, and this in it self rules them out from being the False Prophet. Edit--- ? Should read: does this rule them out from being the False Prophet ? the Islam that is. A question arises, Is the False Prophet to come One person, or is it to be a body of people, a mix of once differing people who have come to a compromise and join forces even? end of Edit.


Neither are they the city on the Seven Hills of Rome. There is much more can be said on this matter, but is another study, another time.


The Holy Roman Empire reborn


The Holy Roman Empire reborn, came to pass on November the 3rd 2009, and is formed by the “European Union” being the “One world Government”, “The One World Religion” being Lead by “The Anti-Christ” and the “False Prophet” set up and backed by “The Dragon” or the Devil himself.


It is well set up now with 27 nations having joined and more joining.


It is one of the most significant developments in Prophecy since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, because out of the Holy Roman Empire reborn comes The Anti-Christ and the False Prophet.


There is another study to come titled “The Holy Roman Empire reborn”, and also, "The Anti-Christ".

I Note with great intrest, reports that say, some Christian churches are preparing to incorperate the Qu'ran in their teachings, to make way for a combined Muslim/Christian Church, Edit--- This is called syncretism by the action, and they have named their Religion "Chrislam". End Edit. This then raises the question, Is this paving the way for the Anti-Christ? The joining of forces of a Nation of people who are anti Jesus as the Christ, and mainstream churches bringing forth their False Prophet?

Who then is the "Anti-Christ" as an individual, as a leader of the "One World Government", or is the Anti-Christ a collective of people, a leading and driving force in the World? One thing I am very certain of, and that is, it's all a happening thing, Prophecy is unfolding in front of those of understandings very eyes, and time will tell, and not much time to wait, then it will be seen, as written in the Book of Revelations or the Apocalypse, all this "One World Order"or "Government" along with its Political and Economics, and its Anti-Christ leader, and its Religion, along with that Church that sits on the seven hills of Rome and its "False Prophet", all of it is destroyed under the headings of "The Great City Babylon" and, "That Great Harlot that sits on many waters".

God's word given.


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