EXPLAIN SABBATH NOTES---sent for correction to a people. Non Sabbath and non Devil observers

God's word given.

God through Jesus Christ is very active these days; the proof is in what people are saying in respect of what they are experiencing of God, and also the Scripture/Gospels.
Scripture/Gospels tell us that there is a Devil who is angry, has but a short time, and is on this Earth making war with God’s people.(God says there is a Devil, who is wiser than God to argue? You? Your leader? If you are a follower of Christ then he is your leader, and Christ does not deny the existence of a Devil, he knows him well, so you will know there is a Devil, and he is raging, he is the Great Deceiver.)
God is active in strengthening his Chosen ones against the Deceiver; you have to be open to it. God is calling many and choosing those he has decided on.
God’s activities, which are through his Holy Spirit powers, are proven to be happening now times scripturally in that; those he calls he brings to be worthy, those who are open to his Holy Spirit persuasions, so that they will hear God, and this is God being active today times, through the Lord Christ Jesus. (Do you think God is not bringing people to be worthy these days? If so you are deceived.) Then think how he does it.
The Bible is not the only source of Holy Spirit activities, or persuasion, if it were, then everyone who reads it would say the same thing.
Reading the Scriptures in the right Heart, will bring Gods Holy spirit activities a fresh, working on you yourself, individually, but only if you are open to it. It is Gods will, as to what exact knowledge he will give, and to whom he will give it. Be sure of that, read for yourself.
So now I will need to bring in Scripture here to prove the situation? This is all Scripture/Gospel.
For all those who doubt that God is working on people by using his chosen ones on Earth in the flesh, they will need to know God better.( yes there are deceivers, but God’s true people are open to God’s Holy spirit Activities, and they know those who are genuine, where do you stand?)
One way of understanding something of Gods ways is through the Prophets, so turn to the Scriptures and Isaiah. 55:8-11. (KJV) and humble your self down to God himself and what he says, this is what God says; “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.” Now think upon this, take in what God is saying. (And there are people leading people, who work against this, because they think it has to be their way).
God works through people today, to bring the likes of a message, but even so, those ones still cannot think like God, or their ways aren’t as Gods ways, it’s impossible, so who can argue with God’s word?
Now in plain every day people language, if you can’t accept God being actively using his people on Earth now days, then this message is for you; you don’t think like God, and what ever argument you might put up, God’s message to you is, you don’t think like God. (It is God’s prerogative, and what ever understanding you may have, it is weak, we are the weak, God is the strong).So the message here is; God will do, and does do things his way, and he is not into being accountable to anyone of us for how and what he does! (And there are some people who don’t like to be told it.)
Remember, it is written; God has not given us all information in the Scripture/Gospels, we are told that we already have more information than we can bear.
The next thing will be, someone questioning the need for Jesus to die on the Cross! Now that’s really showing “Holier than thou” puffed up delusions, that’s the sort of thinking that comes out of the camp of Mans wisdom, Mans percepts, mans doctrine, and that’s where it all leads to, I shudder at the thought of that sort of talk coming in on anyone who claims they are one of God’s people. (Yes I know it’s already happened.)
The other message is; if you can’t accept God’s activities through his people on Earth these days, then you don’t know God.
For those who have made their mind up that God is not active in such ways, God has another message for you; “Neither are your ways my ways.”(So wake up to it!)
And now that God has had his say, I think the best thing that anyone could do is accept God’s word, and look to get to know God better, and if you are not part of God’s holy spirit activities put an enormous effort into learning how to become part of Gods activities, instead of sitting back doing nothing, or what makes life comfortable for you, and criticizing or doubting those God is active through, and not liking the fact that they are and you aren’t involved with it all, in other words get with being one of God’s, and realize you can be!(I don’t think this extends to meaning you should look to becoming and expect to be a miracle worker, no, just look to be aware that Gods spirit is very active.)
Another message is; stop being offended when you are presented with it all, don’t be offended when it seems to go against what you have been taught, trust God and Jesus, open up your freewill to allow them to open your eyes, then you will see! You cannot go wrong opening up to God’s spirit, but you can go terribly wrong opening up to Mans deception. Remember, man can be deceived by the master deceiver, God and Jesus will not deceive those who take their strength from God’s arm.
How can any one call themselves Christians, or Gods people, Or the ones with the Truth, if they are not open to God and his Christ and their works amongst their people, and to what God is doing amongst them now? Well the Scriptures/ Gospels have the answer to all this, and it’s not good for them. Yes I can say this with great confidence; wake up! Throw the precepts and doctrines that suit men out the window, Join God and Christ Jesus in what they have for you now, on Earth now, this is where they are trying to reach those ones who can’t be told, it happens now, not after death, don’t be deceived by those who believe that God will pat the Bad ones on the head, wave a magic arm and instantly change their belief, it’s not going to happen, for us, but what is in store for those ones? The plagues are in store, if we are not open to Gods Activities now, he cannot bring us to be, so he cannot correct us, therefore we would be disobedient, but not in ignorance, and we would not be able to enter the Kingdom of God.
So what happens? Not the pat on the head and a free lunch anyway, no, the disobedient go to the Plagues, the Scriptures make it clear.

Don’t think for one minute that death will bring an escape for anything God promises, anything that is to affect us Scripturally, no it does not; God has full control over the Spirit that leaves the dead flesh at death.
For those who can’t accept what I am saying about death, grab your Scriptures quick and study Corinthians for all you are worth, then a good word of advise, don’t argue with God, throw out the precepts and doctrines of man, that will not bring you Eternal Life, but Gods word will. Wake up to it!
Here’s a statement that you should take in all seriousness and examine it, then examine me; I know very well what I am saying, I know the truth on this, I cannot be examined on these matters, it comes from God through Christ Jesus, and also from Scripture from God and from Jesus Christ.
I challenge you to examine me.
You have had God put first hand examples in your midst, what did you gain from it?
Who amongst you will stand for God and Jesus Christ?
Who amongst you have the Security and relationship problem, or even money, which stops you from standing up for God? And following Jesus as he teaches us how.
God is trying to reach you through Christ, to give you correction, and has used the only ways in which he can, and you have not yet accepted the fact.
What else might God use to bring about persuasion? Read the Scriptures/Gospels, it will tell you Plagues are an option! And you will see, now or later, both are available, and I wonder if already there have been warnings come to you. God warns. Can you recognize God’s warnings personally?
God will bring delusion on those he cannot reach, find and read it.
Are you mature enough to take the truth?
I wonder.
Well here is some truth, plainly, and briefly.
God sent a chosen person amongst you.
He was filled to overflowing with a measure of the Holy Spirit.
He had no idea of what was happening in the beginning of it, that was Gods plan of it, a fresh start in a person who knew nothing, and would do all he was persuaded to do by God.
He could not argue with God because he had no knowledge.
He admits today if he had known what was to come, he may not have carried out Gods will, or even perhaps changed things to play it down a bit, to fit in better, make friends, have a great fellowship to

Enjoy, be part of what there was to be part of. Something he looked forward to, cherishing the thought. But Gods power is much stronger, and is now his comfort. He has no guilty conscience.
God knew, that was normal human traits, and that’s why he chose a fresh person, one of no knowledge.
Identity concealed are not open to the Holy Spirit Activities of God.
God cannot reach those he wants to reach because they are not open to belief spiritually.
God cannot give correction.
Because of these things, vital words and understandings of God in the Scriptures/Gospels are not taught as God intends.
God sent the Man as his chosen messenger, a live demonstration of the Holy Spirit activities of God, working on a plain everyday average person.
God sent him to show you first hand because he couldn’t reach you like he reaches the likes of many thousands of others. God made him loud and bold. For all to hear.
God wants to help you obviously, he has infinite patience beyond ours, but if we don’t accept him, before our flesh death it’s to late. There is a cut off point.
God has not let the one he chose go off the Job, but continues to prepare him for the calling he has shown to him, teaching him consistently in those areas that God sees as necessary, for this and the next life’s works.
He thought many times God had finished with him, in respect of the Christadelphians, but God has made it clear to him this thing; God will get a result, one way or the other, the result will return to God.
Isaiah, 55:11. “So shall my word be that goeth forward out of my mouth: it shall not return to me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it will prosper in the thing whereto I send it”
So read it again, slowly this time, dwell on it, and know it is very much in use amongst us, you and me.
We can only let Gods persuasion in, we can only hear God, we can only receive what God has to tell us individually, that is us personally, if we shut out the rest of the world, shut it out of our mind, totally.
This starts at all the noises and goings on around us, the every day buzz.
Then we have to shut out that thing that is on our mind we have to do, like how longs this going to take, I have to finish off a job of some sort, or be somewhere, and what will I say to some one I’m to meet later, all that has to go.
Then what happens next can be worked on; we have to learn to take in God’s persuasions.
God cannot persuade us in corrections, he cannot give us exact knowledge, teachings, he cannot bring us to be worthy if we do not accept his persuasions. (It takes practice and a listening Heart)
We cannot accept God’s persuasions if we fight them off. (Come to God to learn from him only)
We fight off God’s persuasions therefore his Holy Spirit activities over us, if we believe man over God.
Are you one who is deceived, do you know if you are or not? Well the truth is, if you are deceived you won’t know it will you? No, because that’s what being deceived is, they don’t know it.
God and Jesus have shown us how to prove to our selves if we are deceived or not, here’s how it is done; go through the Scriptures and pick a subject or person, then find all the places where that is mentioned in the Bible, having done that, read up all about it, as Gods Scriptures/Gospels say it.
Having done that think what it is the Doctrine you have been taught on the subject, does it say in context as God or Jesus tells it? You may have to pick several subjects, and do the same.
So what of the results; if on any subject your doctrine matches in context the Scriptures/Gospels, it is O.K. Its not a deceived doctrine you have.
If however you have found the doctrine you have been taught is not as Gods word as God means it to be, then you have a deceived doctrine.
In most cases there will be a mix of deceived and not deceived.
I was lead to the Doctrine of the Devil, that’s a good one to study, because he is the Great deceiver, and the more he can convince that he doesn’t exist, then the more effective his deceptive works are, if a people think there is no such thing as a Devil, as per the Scriptures clearly state that there is, then he has free run amongst them, because they don’t believe he is working his deception amongst them.
The Scriptures/Gospels of God have long stories about the Devil, very meaningful and God purposed stories, we need to believe them for our very understanding that will give us Eternal life.
I challenge you to read all the Scriptures/Gospels on the Devil/Satin, and in context of the message that God and Jesus are trying to convey to us, and then say there is no such thing as the Devil. Then if you say that, I challenge you, you are a deceived one, you have been deceived.
In that case I would like to tell you, God wants us to know there is a Devil, God says plainly in his words, then to say there is not is to call God a liar. Now see the trouble deception puts us in?
Read about it. (In the Scriptures that is, without any other influence, no other books).God wants, in his loving patience, to give everyone every chance to gain life through Jesus Christ. God needs to be able to reach all through his Holy Spirit activities, his persuasions, to fill us with his Spirit and the spirit of the Christ.

God sees certain ones with what may to us be bad traits, but God sees them as something he can use in Sainthood, to his purpose, he calls and works to bring them to be worthy, to be chosen for a specific reason, you won’t know if that is you, if you shut out Gods holy Spirit, and if because some one tells you that’s what you have to believe, to be in their fellowship. But you have to know, to be aware of his activities, otherwise we can’t hear him. There’s also scriptural proof of this.
God and Jesus are very interested that we all get that which comes first for Eternal life, they are not impressed by those who think they have a great and in-depth knowledge of the Scriptures, which may only amount to Philosophy, or deception, while the doctrine of God and Jesus for eternal life lacks, or is polluted by the deceiver and the deceived. We need clearly, that doctrine that saves, and far more than any other.
But go to the Scriptures/Gospels and read, and see, the deception is everywhere, and especially amongst Gods people, God tells us through Jesus Christ, The Devil is at war with God’s people, even those who obey all the Commands of God. (this is Gods purpose, it’s a flush out process), and it shows the Authority of all Jesus said and did while here, shows us we need God and Jesus, and especially the need of and un perverted doctrine. And what it is that God requires of us to help us, do you grasp the enormity of all this?
Let me put some of it plainly, God has allowed a Devil angel and his angels who followed him, amongst Gods people, this is to sort out the undesirable amongst them, and to test and strengthen those who will come through it. And one of the great purposes of this is to encourage God’s people to depend on him, to realize that we need the strength of God’s arm, to go to God in every thing, God detests Mans strength of arm, or precepts and doctrines interfering, and is what God is trying to rid us of, and this so he has clear path to teaching us God’s doctrine, and that we will get to know him spiritually. This amongst other things mentioned above. Read the Scripture/Gospels, alls there.
How can we stop ourselves from being caught up in this? God can only help us if we obey all his Commandments, and that we are open to his persuasions, now that is exactly how it’s done, don’t lets argue with God, he tells us clearly, after all, he is doing his best to save us through Jesus Christ. And if any one tell you differently, then he is deceived.
But know and understand this Golden rule of Eternity, if you want eternal life, obey the Commandments of God. (Did you get it? Gods Commandments, not Men’s.)
Gods Commandments are well known to be those that are held in the Ark of Gods testimony, the Ark of the Covenant, on the two Tablets of stone, that ark which is about to be seen once more, that ark which has been held for safe keeping for the day of ultimatums, we don’t need it here, those of the Faith of Jesus Christ don’t need it physically here, we have Gods word for it written all over the Scriptures, we have faith and do not need to physically see, it’s written on the flesh of our Hearts.
The Commandments of God are ten, Come to God and worship him and pray to him in Spirit, do not grieve the Holy spirit of God, do not call God a liar. He has written these things clearly.

God is not letting anyone who is not worthy into the Eternal life with him and Christ Jesus, he makes it very clear.
Liars do not enter into the Kingdom of God, all that pervert Gods word make God a liar, this panders to the Devils whiles, so don’t be deceived into doing so.
Remember God is willing to forgive our sins of ignorance, and he makes it clear he is prepared to forgive those who come out of being deceived. And he is saying come out of her my people, so you do not fellowship with her sins, and partake in her Plagues. This is Gods general warning in all things.
Look at it, the message is there, come out or suffer the plagues.
Cowards do not enter the Kingdom of God.
I personally am nothing in it, but for the Knowledge and understanding given to me from God and Jesus, that I pass it on, I am not a spiritual person, I have no control over the Spiritual that is given me, spiritual types apparently have control over the coming and going of it, I have what’s given me.
This is not just some bright idea I have had to fill in some time, if I wasn’t doing all this, there are many things that could more than fill my days in, but I have been given very little time to do other than this, and what’s more I consider myself blessed to be chosen by God through Jesus to be involved in their works; I devote my time to their call.
This is my calling from God as I live this life; this is what God through Jesus Christ has given me to do.
You should count your self as blessed, that God and Jesus are putting their activity your way, and count it as something you should not take lightly, or slight.
You should see it as something that requires your attention that God is trying to reach you.
I am not your enemy, personally my feelings apart from what I am given, are that I want to help, I have seen and know things that make me that way.
If you think you are one of God’s people, and you think that all this is airy fairy rubbish, then the answer for you can only be, “All will be revealed”, and then you take responsibility for your self.
Remember; a Deceiver does not come with the word of God as it is clearly written.
It is written; the Deceiver is fought off with the sword of God, the sword of God is Gods word, Gods word says; to enter the Kingdom of God, Obey his word, what is Gods word in context? God’s Commandments, what are they? They are those he wrote on the Tablets of stone, they are the life for life.
And yes, I practice Gods persuasions over me, and also what I preach, and take up none lightly.

There is this message; don’t be frightened, even in correction; you are safe in obedience to Gods word.
I am the messenger.
Kevin McQuoid.

P.S. this started out as just making some notes; this is how it turned out, it’s obvious to me that it’s meant for you.


Rev. Chapter 12. And especially v10. Tells of the Authority of Jesus having been here and the work he did in preparing us for God, showing the Devil comes; now we know we need what Jesus bought to us.
Ephesians. 6:11-18. V11. “Put on the whole Armor of God; that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the Devil.”
And 11-13. Describe the active places of the Devil, and it tells us we fight not against flesh and blood, but against the powers of the Devil. (This very much backs up my writings given me).
Romans Ch. 8 and 9 have good writings to back up God protecting his ones, and 8:38. Keeping Gods from the Devil.


Identity concealed, He came to Invercargill, held some meetings to explain what they were doing in the Missionary field in India, and also to raise funds for the Missionary work.
The one thing he made very clear, and dwelled for quite some time on the subject was that; you cannot teach the Bible to anyone if you do not say it as it reads.
I will give an example of what his message is to the people Identity concealed; the scripture/Gospels give in depth teachings on the Devil, describing him in many ways as to what and who he is, and how he came to be. We are told by God clearly what to believe of the Devil.
Now having read the Scriptures/Gospels on the Devil, and this being Gods message to us, you cannot as a one of God’s ones teach that there is not an individual called the Devil, neither can you teach that the Devil God teaches us of is just and only man in his evil ways or state, you cannot deny that God has made it clear that there is the Devil here on Earth now as a fallen Angel and his Angels, making war against God’s ones, you are deceived if you deny God’s word on it.
God makes it clear; this fallen one out of Heaven is raging war against even those who obey all God’s Commandments.

Then he makes it clear to all those who receive his word, that this Devil is purposed by God for the flushing out of those who really only give lip service, and to his work of bringing to be his Saints.
You cannot teach that there is no Devil, that it is only evil man, that this is man in his natural state.
To deny the Scriptures/Gospels that God has given that are pure, and unadulterated by man, to deny those words of God in such a way is to Call God a liar, and therefore God is bitterly unhappy with those who do such things, because he tells us; “all liars will not enter the Kingdom of God”
You try to teach people in that way, all but those with an ulterior motive or with the deception working on them, all but these will discover the deception along the line some where, have you ever wondered why the Identity concealed numbers of Fellowship are so low world wide, why there is such a pathetic number of recruits from the Mission fields, well it’s because of this sort of thing, and I have no doubts, from first hand experience.
Identity concealed, a man who apparently has made several trips to bring his message.
He came with a good look at the scriptures/Gospels, and he had the message that the Spirit of God is working all the time, yes right there beside us all the time.
Ron did it in a way to bring in all the Scriptural proof that he could.
He used the Elohim Angels.
One event he pointed out was the ascending and then descending, up then down the stairs or ladder efforts, of these Angels.
The point being that the Angels are already here on Earth, because they ascend to take and receive the messages to God and Jesus, then they descend.
What have they gone with? What have they come back with? And what’s with the stairs or ladder?
The answer is; this is all the holy Spirit in his active state amongst us, this is a part of the workings of the Holy spirit of God; this is the spiritual workings and persuasions upon us from God, this is part of how he is everywhere, seeing everything .
This conveyance back and forth is in a spiritual nature, the Angels are just as a Cell Phone, they don’t have to go any where in reality, they are part of God as Elohim.
The Angels know our thoughts, and are there to try and persuade us, but they are not allowed to use a force greater than persuasion, (unless by order of God). And the reason is clear and is this; we cannot be persuaded by the Holy spirit activities unless we are open to it, and if we are not open to God’s holy spirit activities, then we have not got in place in our hearts through our doctrine that is required to enter the Kingdom of God, these are some of the rules of gaining Eternal Life.

Now think to yourself why? Your answer should come out something like; because God, Jesus and all the Saints do not want another lot like we have on Earth now slipping through, and therefore ruining the Eternity. God states clearly none will get the Kingdom of God who are not worthy!
Then there is the Holy Spirit feast that God sends Christ Jesus to have with those God has just called and chosen, (this is a much stronger spiritual activity).
So you have some one in your midst, trying to open Identity concealed up to the reality of the Holy Spirit activities now days.
One other thing Ron said, once when a Identity concealed Brother introduced me to Ron, after very little discussion be he said something which took me very much by surprise, and this is what he said with out any lead up to it; “Not all Identity concealeds are Christians”, and did not elaborate on it.
Now I know for a fact, and backed up by following events, what he said was a message to me, from Deity, there are no doubts.
So here we have God using many persuasive things to try and reach Identity concealeds, that I have seen, let alone all that must have been that I am not aware of, and the big problem is obvious, Identity concealed Doctrine tells them not to be open to such things, God and Jesus have told us the folly of such followings.
And what’s more, we are told by Scripture/Gospel what will be the end for all those who teach perverted teachings.
I have concealed the identity of these people, I don’t wish to trample them, they have other doctrine which is good, they are a people God put me amongst to try and correct, and though they can be physically aggressive when challenged into correction, I still have a Brotherly love for these people.
The use of these writings is purely for the learning for all.

Kevin McQuoid

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EXPLAIN SABBATH NOTES---sent for correction to a people. Non Sabbath and non Devil observers

God's word given.