In the knowledge of Saints.
Chapter 6


Who was Jesus according to the Apostles?

The best place to look is in the book of Acts.
Acts 2:22. “Israelites! Hear these words, Jesus the Nazarene, a man from God, celebrated among you by Miracles, and Prodigies, and Signs, which God did through him in the midst of you, as you yourself know;” First thing is, “A man from God” does not mean that Jesus is Of the essence of God, a God, or a god, which is clear in the context of this message, which also says that, it was God who did the Miracles, and the Prodigies, and the Signs, Through the Man who is called Jesus, and all the Apostles know that! This should suffice; it is clear by this verse what the Apostles knew of who Jesus is; however in the interests of any readers gaining a conviction on the matter, there is plenty more information from the Apostles which back this up.
Acts 2:27. “Because thou wilt not abandon my soul in Hades, nor give up thine Holy one to see corruption.” These are words that King David spoke in accordance of the Prophecy given him by God about the coming of a Messiah, these words are of the Lord Jesus, concerning his Resurrection, and if you read with open mind, you will clearly see, that these words deal with the well being of a man, and not God or a God, or a god, look and see, it’s so clear.
Acts 2:29-36. “Brethren! I may speak to you, with freedom, concerning the Patriarch David, the he both died and was buried, and his tomb is among us today. Being therefore, a Prophet, and knowing God swore to him with an Oath, that of the fruit of his Loins he would cause one to sit upon his throne.” Now then, we are told that David is buried in a tomb, so it is not David being spoken of as being the one to be resurrected. Make clear the context in that it is David’s Loins, and the fruit of them that will cause the Messiah to continue David’s throne in the future time, and God swore an Oath to David, that is a very solemn promise, not to be broken, and here once again we have back up by the Apostles in the matter of David’s involvement.
V31. “Foreseeing he spoke concerning the Resurrection of the Messiah, “That he was not left in Hades, nor did his Flesh see corruption”.
V32. “God raised up this Jesus which we are all Witnesses.” So God raised up this Man who had Died, one would not have any credibility in trying to claim that this Jesus was God!
V33. “Having been, therefore, exulted to the Right hand of God, and having received from the Father the Promise of the Holy Spirit, he poured out this which you both see and hear.” So then, Remember the meaning of the word Father in context here, not as in Paternal, and see by the promise and the exulting, God doesn’t need to do those things to himself, once again Jesus is the man.
V34. “For David ascended not to Heaven, but he says himself, “The lord said to my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, v35 till I put thine Enemies, underneath thy feet.”---- Meaning, David by Prophecy knew that would come to be, and it’s God saying these things to the Messiah Jesus, and the Enemies of Jesus at that time was Evil and Death. Once more proof that Jesus was not God, or such.


V36. “Therefore let all the House of Israel know, that this Jesus, whom you crucified, God made him both Lord and Messiah.” We have here the words that tell us, Jesus the Man died, discern the matter, neither the essence of God, God, or a God, and, or a god, can die! Also, the very death and resurrection of Jesus, is the most necessary belief of anyone who is Christian or who has anything to do with it! And what is more, If Jesus was God, then the whole Messiah Prophecy and Gospel are defective, and if that be the case, we are all in great trouble, because that would mean that Man is our only destiny! God forbid!

A comforting vision
Let me now share with you a vision which God allowed me to have. Approximately 9 years ago, and about a few weeks before I heard the voice of God call my name, and while I sat at the lunch table about midday, a heavy blackness came over me, like blacker than black to try and describe it, and it seemed to weigh heavy on me, like a great pressure, well about the time I felt I couldn’t stand any more of it, a voice came into my head which said “This is what it would be like, if our only destiny was in evil mans hands”. Then the whole thing lifted off me; Let me explain that at that point I had not been seeking God, nor had any thought of doing so, however what I was experiencing was a deep inner desire for inner peace, and at that time I wasn’t aware, but now know for sure, that it was my inner self seeking God, my spirit, and it wasn’t waiting round for the flesh me to save it, that may never have happened!
Yes to me it’s a comforting vision, I’ve had more, but this one fits, concerning the matter of Evil man, doing his utmost to control the flesh destiny of Christianity, with the far reaching ramifications, much to the detriment of a vast number of Christians in the matter of their Eternal well being, or profit, or lack of it; the comfort to me is, knowing that God knows exactly what man has done to the Gospels concerning who Jesus is, he knows who they are, those who are responsible, and God teaches his chosen about these things, that they be not deceived, and know this all readers of this book, you also now have been given the opportunity to receive the Accurate knowledge, and with understandings of it, so some praise to God for these blessings from him, would help to please him.
Look also in V36. God made Jesus both Lord and Messiah, and it’s abundantly clear, and in total context of all the scripture of God, those that are of God, He made the Mortal man Jesus, who by his crucifixion, and his resurrection, indeed, and by his obedience to God, was made the immortal man, who God gave all authority over flesh, and made him Lord and Messiah; Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the first and last man Messiah.
Acts 4:12. “And there is no Salvation in any other; for there is no other Name under Heaven, which Has Been Given among men, by which we can be saved.” Yes there it is, it has been given to that Man Jesus. Only the deluded would argue with this scripture, and also find opportunity to change it.

We are seeking scripture proving certain Gospel to be not Authentic
Let’s not forget what this is all about in quoting these scriptures, remember, we are bringing out the true scripture of God, and also that through the Lord Jesus, and comparing the Old Testament which Jesus said to do, he said to start at Moses, and also Psalms, and the Prophets; we have been comparing the true scripture of the Old Testament, with the Gospel accounts, that is those which


have been presented in the New Testament, and it is these, as we can see, they are those which contradict the whole context of belief into the Lord Jesus the Christ, and therefore creating confusion, and adulterating the very Knowledge, that which we need to know , that which would enable us to believe into the Lord Jesus the Christ. The other very important affect of not being able to discern the truth of the matter in all this, is that it shows in the spirit of those people, that they don’t give the time in matters of God which they should, It also shows that these believers in such doctrine, do things in “Party spirit” That is, they blindly follow others, who may be deceived, and therefore in turn, become deceived themselves. Yes, God’s Spirit searches our spirit, and it is by that which God does judge us. You can read it all in the Bible for yourself.

God’s Servant called Jesus
I’m just going to quickly go through and quote a few places in the Book of Acts, where it is stated that Jesus the Christ is God’s Servant, and so once again to prove that Jesus is Not of the essence of God, nor is he God, or even a god, so remember, this is to prove this fact, and that it is proof that the Gospels have been altered.
We have Jesus the Son of Man, the Son of God, Son of David, a Prophet, a little higher than Moses, Jesus is from the brethren of Moses and his people, and for a while, a little lower than the Angels, he is a Saint and King of Saints (King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, Saints are also known as Kings) also a Servant! Jesus the Christ is many things, but the one thing he is not, Is God! God clearly and repeatedly states in the books of Deuteronomy and Leviticus, that he is the one and only God, that there is none before him, none after him, and none beside him, It is Jesus the Christ who stands at the right hand of God, and there is no God beside God! Here’s the account of him called Servant.
Acts 3:26. “God having raised up his Servant, sent him first to you, to bless each one who shall turn from his evil ways.” OK then the “Raised” here in context is to be bought through from Childhood to an Adult, and in this case with the teachings from God himself to Jesus. But Jesus is God’s Servant.
Acts 4: 27. “For truly, in this City, both Herod, and Pontius Pilate, with the Gentiles, and people of Israel were gathered together against thy Holy Servant Jesus whom thou hast anointed.” Now then, given that these are words spoken to God, from those who know who Jesus is, and it paints a very clear picture, that Jesus is just a man, a Servant to God, and a man that God has anointed with oil to do God’s work; just remember Holy means separate, for example: the Saints are Holy, but are not God.
Acts 4: 30. “While thou art Extending thy hand for healing; and while performing Signs, and Prodigies through the name of thy Holy Servant Jesus.” Now here we have a clarity, it was God performing the Signs, and Prodigies through Jesus, because God chose to do it that way, and not Jesus doing it of himself, and once again Jesus is God’s Servant .
Some of the readers of this Book may feel there’s an unnecessary amount of content used to prove a point, but it is all to the learning, to the edification, and consolation, of those who are seeking the truth, and please remember that some who read this book will have much to learn.



Let me share with you, what I have experienced while receiving instruction and accurate knowledge, with understandings from God; convictions are only properly gained, when all doubt has been removed, if someone can contest part of your knowledge, and you experienced doubt because of them, then you don’t have a conviction; God teaches thoroughly, he covers all the important aspects of the subject being taught, and just when you think you have it all, then more will come, now that’s briefly the situation. But God teaches long and hard, and we need to be open to receive it, and be prepared to give the time.

Have I done my Job on this subject? Some advice to my readers; You cannot learn the Accurate Knowledge of God, and Gain the understanding of it, by speed reading, God will not give his input to it, if we slight it, and by speed reading is to slight it, we need to read slowly and with determination and gain an understanding of what is written, and read in a manner seeking to want to understand the words, and if your heart is in the right place, then God will help you by his Holy Spirit, that you may understand.
Let me share this with you also, when God called me, he persuaded me to pray for Knowledge and understanding of it.
Our God told Moses that the people could call him “THE BEING” and that is the scriptural name God gave himself, scripture from the Septuagint, which is an original Translation from the Hebrew to Greek, and then to English from Greek.
It may very well be that this book is not finished yet.----
What has been written so far is by Kevin McQuoid, and through inspired persuasion of God.

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