God's word given.

1. Belief.
2. Obedience
3. Baptism
• Belief. The Gospel, Mark.16:16, and, Rom. 1:16, and, 1 Cor. 15:1-2. Also. Act. 8:12-13. we have to believe into Jesus Christ and his word that he bought to us from God. What we have to remember is that believing into, also means we have to obey His Commands.
• Only one true Gospel. Gal 1:6-13.
• Knowledge of Gods word. John.17:3, and Rom.10:17.
• Re- Baptism when enlightened of the true Gospel. Act. 19:4-5, and Act.2: 37-41.

• The Greek word for Baptism, “Baptizo” means an immersion, OR WASHING. The root word “Bapto” means to dip, this word was used among the Greeks to signify the dying of a garment. If you merely immerse a garment in pure water there is no real change apart from wetness of the garment. But if you add something like dye to the water, then immerse the garment, then there’s change. So then true Baptism is a change and not merely immersion (because we add Jesus Christ, we add belief, and we add obedience), like adding dye to make a real change), see how it works a little further down the page.


Acts.22:16. “Wash”, or “Be immersed and wash thy self”.


• Forgiveness of sins. Act. 2:38 and 22:16. Bringing. “Covenant with God”. Eph. 2:12.
• A seed of Abraham. Gal.3:29. Bringing. A Mediator in Heaven. (Jesus Christ). 1 Tim. 2:5.
• Hope of Eternal life. Titus. 1:2, and 3:7, 1 John. 2:25. Brings a Father in Heaven. Matt. 6:9.


In Baptism we are baptized into Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. We like Christ go to our death, and with Christ declare the righteousness of God. Rom. 3:25. That God was Just in requiring death to the flesh. Gen. 3:19. Have a look how all this works out;
• The old man dies. = .We are Crucified with Christ. Rom. 6:6.
• The old man is buried. =. We are buried with Christ. Rom. 6:4
• The new man is raised. =.We are raised with Christ. Rom. 6:4-5.
• The old man is put off, and the new man is put on. Col.3:1-10.




We should look at it this way also.
• The old man dies. =. Because we have come through Jesus Christ to God and renounced sin, and received forgiveness. So now that life is over, that’s the old us. (The old man).
• The old man is buried. =.When we go under the water, that is the burial, that’s the old man buried. He is gone for good.
• The new man is raised. =. Now we have the new life, this life is to lead to eternal life, to immortality with God and Christ Jesus. We don’t do those sin things any more; we are new born in spirit. Or born again.
• With obedience from here on in, our spirit mind will be able to mature, and God will refine us as Silver, and he will try us in the fire to take out the dross and make us as fine Gold. God will try us and test us, rebuke, and chastise, and correct us as written. But it’s for our own good, to make us acceptable to God for life with him. It is written that God will not try us beyond our limits, only man will do that. But not God, he knows us better than we know ourselves (Far better).


• Baptism alone does not save us; it serves to make us aware of our responsibilities, and once under taken, the true believer will be found worthy of immortality and Eternal life with God and Christ Jesus, it is written so.
• Responsibility, we are responsible for our selves, it is our God given freewill as to what path we walk. Baptism will only be of Eternal profit to us if we Obey the Ten Commands given us by God and the commandments given us of Jesus Christ, (All).
• By Baptism and Belief into Jesus Christ, with Obedience to his commands, then we are only saved by Gods Grace. God owes us nothing, and we cannot earn it, it is by the Grace of God which means unmerited favor. Just remember this God is love and love is God.
• God wants to save all to be with him, but he knows that wont happen, even if God wants it that way, he has given everyone a free will, and God loves us all, but hates sin, it is written. So then God will give us whatever we want, Life with him, or Life without him, (it’s our freewill).
• “He that endureth to the end shall be saved”. Matt. 10:22, and, 24:13, also, 1 Tim. 4:7-8.
• “By Grace are ye saved, through Faith; and that not of yourselves; it is the Gift of God.”Eph. 2:8-10. (Not of works, lest any man boast).
I would like to comment here; some people say that Baptism is nice but not at all necessary. How can any one do the commandments of Jesus Christ if they only pick out the ones that suit them?
My advice to anyone of that thought is to read, study read and study some more, then take a look at the “Great Commission”. Matt 28. 19-20. And I ask yourself, how you who are the un-Baptized, going to manage to baptize others.
Read and see that Jesus was baptized and so were all the Disciples, along with all that came and believed in the word of Jesus Christ.
Any one who is baptized can baptize another!
Then know that Knowledge brings responsibility; once we know of God and Jesus we have no excuses for not following them. John. 12: 47-50. ----- shared by Kevin McQuoid.





God's word given.