In the knowledge of saints
Chapter 11

Time, Times, and Half a Time ---

Time, Times, and half a Time. Some have computed that this means 3.5 years, but if you reason it to be: - A period of time, and some further periods of times, and then half a period of time. Now reason that out, If we are looking for the events which are to happen, or when they might have started to happen, and perhaps we are looking to the future for the happening, when in fact those events may have already have started, and even in the form of a shadow of things to come, then the 3.5 years is not the explanation of the time. (Remember, we have Times, Eras, Worlds, Periods, all representing something with a start and finish of some event). We also have well meaning “End Time” researchers, doing their best to provide an insight as to what is in the related Prophesy, and not without their problems, one being that much of those books are sealed, and man is desperate to know, and another problem is, for them to get God’s inspirational teachings of the meanings of those prophecies.
I live in hope, that God may give me more than he has allowed me to date, on the subject of Latter, and Last days Prophecies, however God only gives when he sees we are ready for it, or if he will allow it.
So then, let’s reason with it, The events which this time riddle is in conjunction to, is the lead up to and the activities of the evils of the False prophet and the Beast, incorporating the Mother of all Harlots, The Whore of Babylon. Some people are looking for this to happen as a sudden new occurrence, and yet if we look at history, we should see a lead up to what will turn out to be a greatly manifest situation to come in the future, and to put a time start to these happenings, we see that time starting at least since the Crucifixion, and Raising of Jesus the Christ, is feasible, with some of the major events on the way being that of any disobedient churches claiming Christianity, and also Islamic activities.
There are many periods of time, and even since Jesus was walking this Earth, and as we the human race have come through those times, many periods of time, one period ends, and another starts, and the events which the “ Time, Times, and half a Time” have been occurring gradually at first, and now coming to their fullness of prophesy . In other words, a Time has happened, and there are other times which have, or will happen, and then the manifestation of the evil at its fullness, will be half way through a Time, or period. So we have an explanation for why many things have happened in the past, and why certain things are happening now, and that they will continue to expand in the future, and Manifesting in fullness half way through a period of time.
God tells us that what brings the return of Christ Jesus, is the level at which the evil reaches on Earth, manifest through “The son of perdition” -- Son,-- Sons?


So what is it then? False prophets have been in existence for centuries, Jesus said so, the “Apostate churches” are easily seen, therefore, “The Mother of all Harlots” is sitting on the Beast, and “The Devil dressed as the Angel of light” is working like a raging lion in Christianity, and in the churches of Apostasy Leaders, of this period of time are looking for a “ One World Order” , one leader? or group? “ One religion” and all control of the whole system, The past and present Popes are pushing for this to be progressed with, so they can take up their position as the religion leader. According to their own book from those in the Vatican “The Final Conclave” which means the last Pope to be appointed, and they expect the evil Pope any time now, which was also prophesied by one of their own called Saint Malachi, in their book “The prophecies of St Malachi”. This evil Pope is expected to be the final False Prophet of the evil One World Order. -- They are quite contradictory and confused in their thoughts, when reading their literature.
Stand back at take a look at it, all seems to be in place for an existing lead up to worse to come yet, in other words it’s placing itself now, and has been for centuries .-- So I write this book.

Religious writers know the problem with the New Testament ---
In revelations, towards the end of the book, Jesus has said about anyone altering the words of that Book, but not about any other book, at least one could think that, so if you are looking for an excuse to alter any God’s words, the Gospels weren’t put together as a book at that stage, well then! One might think, what’s to stop us altering the Gospel accounts, there’s no book of them even if there are a few incomplete parchments around, and the Book of Revelations clearly states about altering this book, no other, because neither had the Bible been put together as a whole, at that point; O.K there’s no clear instructions stopping anyone altering a New Testament, because there is none! --- Man can, and will find an excuse in order that he might manipulate anything to fit in, and especially when it comes to Power and Money, and even more so when both the power and money come as a parcel lot.
God knew man would alter his word, and it is apparent that he prepared Jesus the Christ for the eventuality, because Jesus left Keys of Knowledge and understanding, for those who God is putting together as the congregation of Jesus.
While browsing through the Septuagint, as to how authentic it might be, I was interested in part of the introduction, which told of the New Testament, and this is how it reads: - “From the fourth century and onward, we know of no definite attempt to revise the text of the Septuagint, or to correct the discrepancies of various copies. It is probable, however, that just as the text of the Greek New Testament became in a great measure fixed into the same form as we find in the modern copies, something of the same kind must have been the case with the Septuagint. As to the Greek New Testament, this seems to have occurred about the eleventh century, when the mass of copies were written within the limits of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. It is probable that certain copies approved at the metropolis, both politically and religiously, of those who used the Greek tongue, were tacitly taken as a kind of standard.”



This means that the religious leaders at Constantinople has written a mass of copies, but were done so to be acceptable to them, and it is noted that the certain copies which were approved, by the politicians, and religiously, were only taken to be a kind of standard by the Greeks, and they thought that not officially, but only implied it and not openly expressed it, which means the Greek speaking never properly approved of these masses of Copies written to please the leaders of Constantine’s church.
These writings are telling us that the modern day New Testament is not authentic, the Greeks were not happy to call it authentic (Remember Constantine’s church needed the Greek speakers for their translations to bring Constantine’s church’s Gospels into their acceptance) so much of the Gospels that were written in Greek, were taken by Constantine’s church, and recopied to suit them, and it is that altering of them that the Greeks could not say other than they were a kind of standard, and could not officially say that they are authentic; and it is those which are in the Bibles today.
Remember, back then, in that “Time”, that “Period” that “World” you could be killed for not conforming to Constantine’s church.
This means that the New Testament we have today was never officially stated to be Authentic.
There is more than one place in the Septuagint, where the presenters of it allude to the New Testaments Gospel accounts being of doubtful authenticity, and I am attempting to clarify the extent to which it has lost authenticity, by bringing out the very people and their doctrine, and why they see the need to adulterate God’s word, to bring in a doctrine of Trinity, which never before existed in the Gospel of Jesus the Christ, it is that area which has be rewritten, and it appears was altered more extensively in the eleventh century.
Now we can see clearly, another point of time where history records a changing of the Gospels, and we know what has been changed, we see clearly that Constantine’s church has fixed into the Gospels the Trinitarian doctrine of their making, and we know this because the Old Testament is the proof of what has been changed, and we also have the book of Acts which shows the trinity doctrine to be false.
The Roman Catholic church, and from the Vatican, claim that they are the church of Constantine, History records a “Time” a period of time when the Constantine and the Roman church combined, and this was agreed to the mutual benefit of both the Roman Empire, and the Roman church, thus became the “Holy Roman Empire” the shadow of the “One World Order”, and the Beast with the mortal wound which revived to the “Holy Roman Empire Reborn” to come, and the Roman catholic church call themselves the church of Constantine, many an ingredient are in the mixing pot.
They are the Mother founders of the Trinity doctrine, and all the rest of the Trinitarian churches are their daughters
Reason with this: - if the Trinitarian churches, which are the Mainstream churches, were founded by God inspired men to do so, then their doctrine would be considered to be the Accurate knowledge, taught and inspired by God’s teachings, then if they were God inspired, how come God says, and we see for ourselves, that they are in Apostasy, they are sinners, and I make the statement that: - Part


of their sin is the Trinity doctrine, and a part of that sin is how they bought that into being; therefore, to be Trinitarian is sin, and founded by False Prophets! -- And we know they are False Prophets.-- A quick check on that statement: Are Inspired by God Church Founders and upholders, Qualifications to be a Liar, and a Cheat, be the type of people to carryout: - Torture, Murder, False witness, of even the true Christians, to alter God’s word, and times, extract great sums of money from all, including the poor, Rape, and Sodomise children, commit adultery, start orphanages and brutalise the children, and make slaves of them against their will, support those nations who come out against the Jewish and the Israeli people. There are reports from people in my life time of atrocities committed by these so called founders, and those who uphold them, which are to disgusting to write. --- How are we looking? Would my statement about Trinitarian founders, and upholders be correct? Are the above history recorded acts of sin by the churches enough to give my statement credibility, well God says their Sins stack up to Heaven! ---- Seems my statement is correct! And these churches seem to have lost sight of who God actually is! Complacency to the maximum!

The churches need help to return to God ---
Every individual who attends an Apostate church needs to help wake up their church ---
I’m trying to help! --- And I’m trying to wake up the people lulled into a false sense of well being, why? I would hate to be cut off from God; I would hate to think I was safe in a church, only to find out to late that it was instrumental in my being cut off from God, I would hate it, and I hate the thought of it happening to anyone else, especially at the hands of what otherwise should be trust worthy. --- Listen to God, he speaks through Jesus the Christ; listen to Jesus, Listen to Paul; Jesus the Christ speaks through him. We all need one another, but not at the risk of being lead to the cutting off. There’s got to be tears for Humanity, Jesus shed them, there’s been many more since, and many more to come.
I am trying to help, the churches won’t let me past, I can’t reach the congregations because the churches stand in my way. --- Would the congregations listen anyway? Maybe some wise souls.
I have tried to help the churches concerned, but they won’t listen, they have too much to lose, or so they think, and they don’t know what their losses are, I can’t get past the Party spirit which they have firmly implanted themselves into in their numbers, It would cause them to lose face if they listened to me, and I can’t even get them to listen enough to tell them that God has given me the solution to that problem, but there again they don’t accept that God has given me anything, or at least don’t want to accept it.

The crusaders----
So called Christians, Roman Catholics, stirred into a frenzy by the Pope and his men, and reputed by the Vatican to be fervent for the word of God, what utter deception and delusion, If they were fervent for the word of God, then surely they would have known the commandments and instructions from Jesus, not to do what they did! It is utterly against what Jesus taught we need to be, if we are to stand in front of him, the son of man, and be judged worthy to enter into the Kingdom of God, the Gospels make it very clear, God makes it very clear, all Liars, Murderers, and


Cowards, Adulterators of God’s word, Sinners, and Fornicators, Effeminates, and Homosexuals, abusers of the Godly children, those who take the knowledge and understandings away from God’s people, Sinning Pastors and churches and Disobedience to God, are some of those things which if we are guilty of without repentance, will prevent us from entering in, and more to the point, If the Roman church was fervent for the word of God, then they too would not have done, and do what they practice.
The Crusaders were called for and sanctioned by the Pope of the time, and from that came the Knights Templar, so called upholders and defenders of God’s word, or more correctly defenders of the Roman Catholic church, and their trinity doctrine.
These blood thirsty zealots were out after power, fame and fortune, for themselves, and for the Roman Catholic church, but first and foremost in the minds of the Vatican, was the prize of Power and money, if successful in conquering and taking possession of Jerusalem for themselves, they were to stop at nothing for that prize! Slaughter the lot, get those who might stand in the way, out of the way, leave nothing in the way of the Roman church, true Christian or not.
Their sins are great, they made their way to Jerusalem and attacked and conquered Jerusalem, and at that time wilfully killed Muslim, Jew, and Christian alike, total slaughter of all they set their eyes on at that scene, with no regard to gender, every man woman, and child, and regardless of what religion, that is, whether or not they were Muslim, Jew or Christian. This is history! Is this Christ like?
Did Jesus ever sanction any person to do these things? --- NO, certainly not! They have done what Jesus said would prevent them from becoming worthy! Follow that church? Trust their dubious doctrine? They have forgotten, It is Jesus the Christ that stands at the Gates! And there is no other man who you can gain access to the Kingdom of God by. --- Please, think about this.
The excuse from the Vatican who is responsible for all this, for killing even the Christian men women and children, is that they might have been Muslim collaborators.
Killed because they are Muslim collaborators? Or was it because these Christians were true Christians, who just get in the way of Rome’s surge forward into religious power, and their doctrine of Trinity washing the Blood guilt borne of murdering Jesus the Christ? These Christians were known not to accept the Trinity doctrine, just like the Messianic Jews don’t accept it, so get rid of them.
Once again the Roman church in its quest for power, has killed many of God’s actual Christian people, and also those Jewish people who God says that those who harm them he will punish.
And their killing went on.
If you think I go on about it too long, then think on this: - How long will it be, to be cut off from God, and in eternal torment, with wailing and gnashing of teeth? Much, much longer than my going on, let me share with you what God taught me, to gain a possible insight, to grasping something the flesh mind cannot comprehend: - Eternity, one of God’s days is a thousand years , and a thousand years one day, the day is compared to the length of our day; so eternity is a never ending number of


days, and therefore a never ending number of thousand year days. In that case, would the short time I do spend, in trying to convince the people of the dangers we are in, be enough? --
Think on this – These the Apostate church’s which all mainstream Christianity takes their doctrine from, this is the Trinitarian, with the exception of those who God has called out, and yet there are other people who felt that they too would like to start a church following of their own, so they just followed what they saw as those who appeared successful , they followed those who appeared to have a good size congregation, and used the same Doctrine of the Trinity, because they knew no better, and because they did not seek God and the accurate knowledge first, and that points to their motives for starting a church being to traffic God’s word, what else would there be the need for another church, if they use the same doctrine with very little difference, what do they need to start another church for? Trafficking God’s word means to do it for the express purposes of Money and power. --- but look at that even so, they have used the adulterated doctrine as well!
The Mainstream have a habit of starting more and more splintered off churches, they start another church giving it a different name, but the same doctrine, and now they can claim that they must be the rightful church, because they have great numbers of other churches who all say the same as them, who all share the trinity doctrine, and in the hope it looks good and comforting to the unsuspecting budding Christian, and to those who are their congregation, and many people attending these churches, jump from church to church, seeking the truth they cannot find, yet feel is there somewhere, and then when they cannot find any difference in the teachings of this many churches to choose from, it then becomes a matter of changing from one to another of the same, looking for a more likable Pastor! It’s true, I know some of these ones.

War marvellous War ---
Man has made war against man for all history, and the excuses and causes in most cases defies logic, man has a terrible reputation of war atrocities, and our churches of today have come from those founders and upholders who, through all history, are very much as guilty as the worst of them.
To the Point: - do we follow the doctrine made up by these churches?
We surely can see the ruthless forcing drive for power, and the blatant disregard for God’s word, that these churches are guilty of, showing any discerning person, that God would not be these churches Inspiration, that they are not guided, and taught by God.
God says: “There is no confusion in my congregation”. ----
God says: “If it were possible to deceive the Saints”. ---
God says: it is him who chooses his Saints, not flesh man. ---
God says:“I will seek my people myself, and I will teach them”.---
God Says: “My people are lost, for lack of knowledge, taken from them by the Pastors”. ---
God says: he will destroy the Beast, and the False Prophet, and the Whore/ Harlots of Babylon. ----


God says: “If they will enter my rest”. ---
God says: “If they wouldn’t listen to me, they won’t listen to you.” ---
God says: “They that sanctify themselves and purify themselves in the gardens, and eat swine’s flesh in the porches, and the abominations, and the mouse, shall be consumed together saith the Lord, and I know their works and their imagination.”
God says: “ ... as many as shall keep my Sabbaths, and choose the things which I take pleasure in, and take hold of my Covenant; I will give to them in my house and within my walls an Honourable place, better than sons and daughters, I will give them an everlasting name, and it shall not fail.”
Yes these quotes from God, are given for these days we are in as well.
We need to know and understand this, those who think that these things are only applicable to the people Israel, are in error, what it takes to please God is not just for some people, and not for others.
Should I write more chapters to cover the Sabbath, and unclean foods?

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