God's word given.

These Scriptures should be proof enough to anyone in Doubt as to the Father and Son relationship; Jesus Christ even at this point did not pre exist in any form other than a plan in Gods plans for the future! Jesus Christ certainly did not create the world from the beginning with his own hands; he certainly was not the one and only living God Almighty.
Some say of 2 Samuel 7; the one being spoken of is Solomon, and not Jesus the Christ to come, but that has immediately made confusion by verse twelve. “And when thy days be fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with thy Fathers, I will set up thy seed after thee ----. Now then, this cannot be Solomon, because he already existed and took over the Throne during David’s time, have a good read and you will see that God’s promise to David, and coming through also Solomon, and then all those who were on the Throne of Israel, after him, and you will see that this promise is for a distant time, that of Jesus the Christ, and Verse 19 tells us that it is for a time to come. ---- Lets look for Scriptural back up of this also --- Here we have it. Jeremiah. 23:5-6. “Behold the days come, saith the Lord, that I will raise unto David a righteous branch, and a king shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth.” V6. “In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is his name whereby he shall be called, the lord our righteousness. See Jer3:18.
Now then, God tells us that; coming from David will be a righteous branch; this can’t be Solomon, because Idol worshipping as Solomon turned to against God is not righteousness! And God tells us that he will raise this righteous branch, just as in 2kings/ 2 Samuel 7: and, what’s more, God tells us in Isa.53: just the exact character that this man Jesus will be, and this God can do because God knows that; by what he is going to put on this man as responsibilities, God knows how the flesh will react or the form of character those sorts of responsibilities will bring out in Flesh man, and God tells us there in 2kings.7: how he is going to raise him, look back to the verses and you will see God is going to raise him as any man Child, and note here also that; Jesus has not been born or in existence at this stage, God is making that clear. --- Solomon on the other hand did not end up reigning and prospering, in Matters of God! Nor did he execute Judgment or Justice in that he turned away from God in favor of hundreds of strange wives, and with them indulged great sin against God, in disobedience, and in Idol worship. – No Solomon is not the righteous branch, and what’s more I find scripturally, no other than Jesus the Christ who is referred to by God as “The lord our righteousness” certainly not Solomon!
Jesus Christ did not bodily pre-exist, and Jesus did not come down from Heaven as a being.
What came down from Heaven was the word, --- Yes that came down alright, that is the word that God spoke through the one he had “Raised to stand”. The word came down from Heaven from God through the man Jesus. The Christ or Savior is God himself, but working it through the man Jesus and this does not make Jesus God Physically or materially, only that Spiritually God is working through Jesus. To say that Jesus was the word is not to be taken
That Jesus is God, and the rest of the Scriptures/ Gospels when understood correctly totally back all this up.
What of the man Jesus himself, what standing has he considering all this, does this bring him and his Glory down? --- Certainly not! It raises it! Jesus is the man! The very fact that Jesus as a man did what he did makes him worthy, -- So much more worthy! than if he were God or a god, don’t get this wrong, look at it this way, we would expect what Jesus the Man did to be an easy thing for God to do himself, in fact it would have been nothing to God, it certainly would not have hurt him in any way as it did to the Man God used, and the impact would be lost.
The fact that this man came to be AT one with God in thought and deed, is suppose to be our greatest inspiration towards our overcoming, also towards our obedience to God himself, and as well as to Jesus the Christ, who has been rewarded for his efforts to have all authority over matters of the flesh. ---- Think about it, --- be honest with yourself, if God had not used this man, if it was God who did all that Jesus did, would it have the same impact on you? – Or has it never occurred to you, have you just gone along with what Mainstream says? I mean it is easy for us to say in weak moments, yes but that was God, do you expect me to be the same as God, but have you thought of the Power of believing that it was Jesus the man just as us? That is the Power of Jesus Christ, that he was a man as us! Do you too want to take that way from Jesus? (It is well written, the Saints draw their strength from the exact knowledge of Jesus Christ E. G. Paul’s writings given him from Jesus).
Yes you may say, but Jesus was greatly strengthened by God, the Virgin birth and such, (Then I the Author say to you) Look in these writings for those understandings given me on the virgin birth, then know this; we too can be strengthened by God! And now also we have the strengthening from Jesus Christ! And if you perceive the Understandings you will realize, that to know who Jesus really was; brings greater Strength and Power to those believers! Remember this; the Devil will, and has done many things to discredit Jesus, remember this; the Devil who is spirit also, sees Jesus, this mere man at the time, as having taken his role off him, therefore the Devil is angry and down here waging war against the purpose, and the being and name of Jesus the Christ, and all those who would follow. The Devil has many of Christianity deceived! That’s how he works. I am sorry to convey the message, but the Devil has attacked and won against the Churches! But see what God says, the Saints are not deceived! God has mercy; there is somewhere and some one to go to. Have a read of Jeremiah 23: to start with. And know that the Apostasy comes before the return of Jesus Christ!
What then happened to Solomon? 1 Kings. 9:1 tells us that Solomon finished building the House of the Lord, of Solomon’s desire, (This being a house built by hands, but remember
The house that Jesus built is spiritually and those who believe into Jesus the Christ are the house.)
But now in verse 4 and five God makes the same promise to Solomon as he did David, thus bringing continuance of the lineage from David’s issue through to Joseph and therefore Jesus: now this keeps the throne in place to be “Setup” for Jesus.
Then we see in verse 6-9, what will happen if Solomon doesn’t obey Gods Laws, have a read for yourself, it’s very clear what Solomon and his people were not to do, and that amongst other things, being Idol worship! But what did Solomon do? 1 Kings. 11:1-6, Solomon broke God’s Laws to him, he took hundreds of strange women, and they in turn took Solomon away from God, and sadly he went into Idol worship! Solomon became evil, and from thereon was out of favor with God, and in verse 11 God rends the Throne and Kingdom away from Solomon. – 2 Samuel Chapter 7 and from verse 10-16 refers to the coming Jesus Christ. What’s more verse ten backs this up by showing the time span and when this seed God talks of, therefore showing who this seed God talks of is, the people Israel are not in that secure position yet , and cannot be until Jesus has returned, and all the Prophesies have been fulfilled in that area. Also to be noted! The seed issue did not stop until Josephs issue, or else the prophesy was not fulfilled as written, it stopped at the conception and the subsequent birth of Jesus, who then became the Christ after the immersion of Baptism and the further Holy Spirit anointing from God, and then that final test of Jesus’ obedience undergone by 40 days and 40 nights of fasting in the Desert, followed by the Great deceiver testing Jesus with temptations, and while he was at his lowest in strength.
Now therefore the throne is not Solomon’s for ever, the meaning of the Throne forever is referring to and for Jesus Christ.
Notice how so many of Man that God have setup in the past has failed? Notice how God has promised great things to so called great people, how they have been good and obedient to start with, then they all fail? And how God has to tailor make coverings for these great men, and this so God can keep his promises, even though let down: How God has had a hard time with man, trying to get someone reliable? If you can see that, then you will see this; that is the reason God had to intervene with the “Seed issue” of David when it got to Joseph, God had to intervene to rectify that fault, yet it was still the “Seed issue from the loins of David, and therefore the loins of Joseph, that created the Man Jesus. The resulting Man that was born to the Virgin Mary, was then tested and found worthy, and he then became “The Christ” “Son of man”, and “Son of God” Remember! We, who are son of man, can become son of God also! -----Study!
I have a conviction on the above matter, strong and given By God!
Now I can quote these next verses from the Diaglott for truth and clarity. (1 Timothy. 2:3-7; “This is good and acceptable before God our Savior” (This is not saying that Jesus is God, ultimately God is the Savior of us, but he works through Jesus Christ.)
V4. “Who desires all men to be saved, and to come to an accurate knowledge of the truth.”
God does not say in this verse, that “He will have all men to be saved to life” as in the (KJV). That is to say God is going to save all people, he does not say that in the original manuscripts, what Gods does say is that he “desires all men to be saved”, but as he and we know, that is up to the freewill given to mankind, therefore God would like to see it happen even though he knows it will not, God has shown us his preference only, and the Devil intervenes. God also makes comment of us coming to an accurate knowledge of the truth, and tells us through the Gospels how to obtain that from him. Now read with care the following verses! V5. “For God is one, and there is one mediator of God and Men, that Man, Christ Jesus.”
Yes God is one, he is not three, he is one, not God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, there are not three Gods, God says so, and to back this up, the mediator is a man! Jesus Christ! So he can’t be God the son, he can only be son of God as a son of man. ----- And the third God? The Holy Spirit is the power of God, it is God, it is every much a part of God as our hand is a part of us, there is no third God, and what’s more, God says so, he says there is only one living God, the rest are dumb idols.
When the Old Testament account when God was asked who are you? And God answered “I am” which means I exist, God did not say; I am the three Gods! Call me the Triune, call me the God head of three!—No he certainly didn’t, because then he would have immediately contradicted that by saying, “I am the one and only living God, there is only one God, I am he, there are none before me and there are none after me” and “There is only one living God, the rest are dumb idols,” because this is what he has said.
V5, from the original Greek Manuscript;--Who wants to alter it? “For God is one”, Don’t try to make something else of it, come to God as a child to learn, and then go back to the Testimony that God gave of Jesus Christ, Go back to page 8 and 9, and know that, what God is telling us is, that God is one, and Jesus Christ is another being, but not God, they are one in thought, because God works through Jesus, and Jesus only does what God tells and shows him, don’t make Jesus out to be a Liar for the sake of mans precepts and doctrines.
There is one Mediator between God, the one and only living and Almighty God, between him and Men, and that Mediator is a Man, and that Man is Christ Jesus.
God is not telling us that Jesus Christ or Christ Jesus, is God, there is only one God, and God says it’s not Jesus, even to this point; the use of “Christ Jesus” as he is now that he has risen,
Even in his Spirit body state, even in his capacity of Authority over all flesh, Mediator, High Priest, given him by God, even though Christ is at the right hand of God in the highest Heavens, even though this in our terms could be said, Jesus Christ is Gods right hand man, even though all these things and more, God has referred to Christ Jesus, a man! Even now in Christ’s spiritual state God still classifies Christ Jesus as a man!
What’s more; V6. “Who gave himself a Ransom in behalf of all, ---the testimony in its own seasons;” (he gave himself a Man for Men, for all men, mankind, who will come believing into him, all who by their own freewill obey the Commandments.) and this will show to be true in it’s right time, ---- But to late for those who don’t listen in this life.
The Apostle Paul stands up for what he passes on to us from God through Christ Jesus, and he does this in V 7. “For which I was appointed a herald and an Apostle, (I speak the truth, I do not falsify,) a teacher of Nations in Faith and Truth)”
Paul has just made the statement, that all he has just told us of, God being the one and only living God Almighty, and Christ Jesus being the Man, and Paul tells us he speaks the truth, he does not falsify, and that what he tells us is for all the Nations, and that includes now times! It is written, there will be those who fall into the hands of the Devil, and it is he who is on this Earth now and has been since Jesus Christ, he is Angry and is making war with Gods people, he has been creating great deception amongst the Churches, of course, one of his main drives is towards ANTI-CHRIST, read all about it in Revelations.
There has over the centuries been many Churches and their leaders that have exposed themselves to the Accuser, that Devil in his anger who watches and waits until any one has a weak moment and sins, the Accuser, the Enemy the Devil, he stands and accuses those ones directly to God. It is while these ones who fall back and sin in Church leadership, that the Accuser becomes also the Deceiver, he gets right in, even the deceived don’t realize they have been got, and unwittingly they also become Deceivers, and so they teach on!
Read Revelations and all connected to it, and read in Revelations where the Devil and a third of the Angels of Heaven have the Bad spirit, and are caste down on Earth, they have many followers amongst man, Clergy and Pastors and Bishops and Priests, Popes, every day people, and on and on, these to are included, there is very little of so called Christianity that is not touched in one way or another by all this. Jesus gives us this message.
These are the hard cold facts, clearly written in the Scriptures/Gospels, clear to all that are truly of God.
It is written. “Come out of her, my people, so that you may have no fellowship with her sins, and that you receive not of her Plagues” (Rev. 18:4)
It is written, about one who asked God who he is , what his name is, God replied “I AM”
That is the only way God could describe himself to the flesh mind, we will have to be in the Spirit state to know anymore, the flesh mind cannot comprehend!
“I am” very basically says, I exist.
Let’s now look back to 1 Corinthians. 15: 15. “And we are found even false witnesses concerning God; because we testified in regard to God, that he raised up the Anointed one; whom he did not raise up, if indeed Dead persons are not raised up.”
What Paul is saying; that the Apostles are testifying that Christ being a “dead person” was raised up by God. That “dead person” was Jesus Christ.
Now if Jesus Christ was not a “dead person”, then all the Apostles have given false witness, and because they testify that God almighty raised up from the dead a dead person, and that person was Jesus Christ, and was not God raised up from the dead.
Well then if that is not true, the Apostles are also liars. (God forbid)
The Scriptures/Gospels tell us that there will be those who try to make God a Liar, and I am sure it’s not referring to the Apostles, but it does refer to the Mother of Harlots and her Harlots, and the Deceiver the great Deceiver, the Beast and his Mark, Anti-Christ’s dwell.
Here’s 1 John. 2:22-23 “Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Anointed one? This is the Anti-Christ, he who denies the Father and the son.” (God is not the Anointed, God is the Anointer, and Jesus the man is the Anointed by God - Yahweh).
V23. “No one who denies the son has the Father; he who confesses the son has the Father also” (from the Diaglott word for word translation of the Greek manuscript).
These verses make it clear that two beings are spoken of the Father and the son, do not get confused when you read, “No one who denies the son has the Father” some would tell you that it’s a clear indication of the two being one, it is not, the closeness between the Father and the son is in accordance with how God is working through Jesus, Jesus has to be totally open and humble, being meek, to Gods guidance of him, Jesus said that he does nothing of himself, God does all through him, during his ministry times, Jesus also tells us that God shows him all things that he wants Jesus to do. This does not make Jesus God almighty, nor does it make Jesus the actual substance of God. (Meek = easily lead by Gods spirit).
Jesus is at one with God, and that means Jesus is totally meek to Gods will, with Jesus doing all God commands him, working as one, not being one person but each one their own individual. We too will become at one with God that does not make us God, or a god.
But look at the book of Matthew; go to the Garden of Gethsemane Ch 26 v36-44. Read it carefully, and note that Jesus Christ is very much a man with great feelings as such when it
Comes to survival of the Flesh, and while you read see that Jesus is certainly one individual and his Father another, Jesus tries to reason with his Father that there could be another way of doing what was about to start, that being the crucifixion process, Jesus was a very frightened man, and his actions and words show very well that he is not God or even as a god, if he were he would have no worries, but not this man we read of, he was worried! V37.—“and began to be sorrowful and very heavy” and then the man Jesus, V38. “My soul is exceeding sorrowful even unto death”, the man is frightened almost to death, this is Jesus a man he’s not God! (One account somewhere even had Jesus sweating blood, is this a god?)
V 39. “—and fell on his face, and prayed, saying O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me”--- Here is a very frightened man, this man who had been so obedient to God in all that God put his way to do, now it’s come to the Flesh man having trouble with what God is asking him to do, this is not God Almighty or even a Trinity version of it.
Now, the above verses have just been quoted from the KJV.
Also, how does it read if Jesus was God or a Trinity version of one, and him saying to himself all these things in these verses, -- think about it, deception, deceived, not a good look is it?
Here is something else given to me;
Have you ever wondered why the Apostles were asleep, their eyes over powered and heavy; they were made to be that way by God, the reason being that Jesus struck trouble, and as he said, “the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”, Jesus the man of flesh, not God or a god, was so frightened that he took some Apostles with him for comfort, God knowing the trouble Jesus was about to experience, made the Apostles sleep, because if they were awake and saw the trouble Jesus was having they would have tried to talk Jesus out of what he had to do! This would have made the situation near impossible for Jesus, and the result may have been a catastrophe for mankind, we have already seen the way the Apostle Peter reacted when Jesus said the son of man must die, and what was Jesus reaction to Peter’s concern? Jesus said it himself “Get behind me Satin” this because The devil was tempting him, the temptation was a threat to Jesus, yes he is only a man, and he had much to over come, and he was speaking to Satin , the Devil, not to Peter as some think.
One of the biggest things was the forty days and forty nights in the Desert, and the temptation of the Devil testing this man to the limits, once again God or a god does not need testing by the Devil, after all God almighty created the Devil in the first place, this all being proof again that Jesus was a man!
We must understand, God created every thing, and there is nothing he did not create, and all for very good reasons.
Now then, those of Trinity thoughts and doctrines, by your own admission, or by the founders of your beliefs admission, you cannot fully describe or explain the Trinity doctrine, explaining it away by saying (It would take Divine explanation because no man can explain or understand it), then I challenge you this; there is nothing that cannot be explained in the Father Son relationship between the Man Jesus and God almighty, the Scriptures/Gospels have all the explanation needed, and it is clear to all who do not try to change Scripture.
This book makes clear, the intended knowledge from God in this matter.
God said that there is no confusion in his congregation, what does create confusion and contradiction, is any Trinity view or any other view that departs from the truth that God is one, Jesus was a man and is a separate one, and the Holy Spirit is purely the power of God in his activities, and is not another one, this is logical and in harmonic balance with the Scriptures/Gospels, as God intended them. It is also in keeping with the overall context of the Scriptures/Gospels and in keeping with the over all purpose of the whole need of Jesus the Christ, and briefly that; mankind, especially a Skeptical Jew would need to know that Jesus was a man, a Jew would not accept Gods word that he could raise man to Eternity if God could not use a man to demonstrate the fact, and if God himself or a god was used, there is no proof in that to any of us that God will raise us to immortality. And what’s more, God would know all this before he started the process.
Another verse that has mistaken understanding of is the one where Jesus is saying “I called ye Gods” all he is saying here is that he called them God’s people, nothing more.
That is what the Trinity and those along the same lines do to Gods works, it makes Gods works and word of none effect, and it denies Jesus Christ and what he Did for his fellow man, yes fellow man, and he’s my Brother also!
Remember, there is only one God! And he’s my Father also, but I am not a god!
The weight of evidence, against the Trinity doctrine and any like it, is so much I have not been able to bring this subject to a close.
Now here is something that confirms the Doctrine that Jesus did not pre-exist materially, or as a Spirit being, before his birth.
It also proves beyond doubt theses things. (Bear with me those who are convinced of these truths, for repeating these writings has its purpose).
That God created a man, named Jesus, he was nothing more than a man, and he was from the (material lineage seed of a man*) named David.
God expected that this man would transgress! That he would do wrong in his childhood! That God would need to chasten him; he would be punished with the rod of men, just like us!
Yes this is a (Father Son*) relationship, with God being the Spiritual Father of a flesh born man.------- Joseph is the seed issue of Jesus!
(The flesh Father, Joseph, as proven in Gods word, is the provider of David’s lineage seed, even though it was a virgin birth*)
These words are from the Septuagint, the Old Testament, and Greek to English translation, taken from 2 Kings.7:12-16. KJV will be under 2 Samuel;
“And it shall come to pass when thy days shall have been fulfilled, and thy shall sleep with thy Fathers, that I will raise up thy seed after thee, even thy own issue, and I will establish his Kingdom.”
He shall build to me a house for my name, and I will set up his throne even for ever.
I will be to him a father, and he shall be to me a son. And when he happens to transgress, then I will chasten him with the rod of men, and with the stripes of the sons of men.
But my mercy I will not take from him, as I took it from those who I removed from my presence.
And his house shall be made sure, and his kingdom for ever before me and his throne shall be set up forever.” (End of quote).
Nathan the Prophet received this message in visions from God to give to King David.
This cannot be perverted into the precepts and doctrines of man, God has made it clear.
The Virgin Birth? Note (*) explanation; we are given Scripture that gives lineage of David’s seed materially, and used for the conception of Jesus, also in the book of Matthew we are
Given a named lineage that takes us to Joseph, not Mary as one might expect, how then is Jesus the seed of David when Joseph is his lineage, yet Jesus was a virgin birth.
It is a matter of understanding that God is the creator of all things, all things! There is nothing that is created that God did not create, yes even the Devil and evil, and all for the very reason we have this life, that being to choose what is on offer, Eternal life with God and Jesus, or Eternal life separated from God and Jesus, this one being the Eternal Torment.
Now then, with that Brief of understanding, back to the virgin birth.
God could not depend on the complete lineage of man, and has not been able to since Adam and Eve, take a look all through the Scriptures, all the great men presented to us had failings, Jesus, to be the Christ, had to be created better, but not so much better as to be far removed, but only slightly. (Jesus was only slightly above Moses, and Abraham in eminence on Earth)
How did God do this; look at the evidence above, God has intercepted the seed between Joseph and Mary, and the necessary adjustments have been made to Joseph’s seed issue, before using the same method that he used to create all things, to bring the conception.
Remember Gods word told us that the seed would be actual issue; “That I will raise up thy seed after you, even thy own issue.”
Jesus tells us that John the Baptist had the Spirit of Elijah, but this did not make him God.
Lets look at the meaning of the Key words then; “Raise up”, the Dictionary says this is the most used way of the word raise by the adding of up, it means; set upright, and make stand up, and without support.
One could use meanings like, cause to ascend, but the words of God takes that explanation away with the words, “Even thy own issue” back to the Dictionary, Issue—out going, out flow, discharge. (Medically known as Sperm is an issue).
So now, how would it read; God will make upright, make happen, a birth using the fluid issue, out flow or discharge, from Joseph, but God will intervene in the process, to make it stand up, to break the full lineage of sin man, therefore enabling Jesus to stand up without support from man, but spiritually, and Jesus will be a virgin birth from a virgin mother Mary.
Understanding this, one can now use the Spirit of David in Jesus in the correct sense.
To God nothing is impossible!
Why has God gone to the lengths of giving us this information? It is to let us know the truth, the truth over and above men’s precepts and doctrines, so that we will have the exact knowledge, and know who Jesus was and why. It is written that God has not written all things of knowledge, and that we cannot hold to what he has given to us as it is! God tells us that he will give exact knowledge to those who he chooses, who God chooses, his call.
Now, there is nothing in all this to suggest That Jesus is not a man in the full sense, other than to be strengthened By God to cope with the arduous tasks ahead of him, and we see at the start of Jesus Ministry as the Christ, at his Baptism with John, that Jesus received further Holy spirit help as it descended like a Dove, then further help came at the transfiguration when Jesus met with Moses and Elijah, spiritually, also Jesus was continually praying to God on all things, being in close contact with one another made them at one in thought and actions, and keeping Jesus open to the Holy Spirit power and persuasion.
And then we see Jesus on the cross, very much alone, God had with drawn all his Holy Spirit strengths from Jesus, and he had to die unsupported as man on this Earth.
“Eli, Eli, la-ma sabachthani” That is to say, My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” Does this sound like God or any Trinity version? No! This is a man who is on his own dying one of the cruelest deaths, and its all for man kind to see, to soften the hardened Hearts of men by the shear cruelty towards an innocent man, the one and only Man, who through him we can gain Eternal life, with God and Jesus the Christ, there’s no other way!
Think about it long and hard—no other way, Death came by Man, likewise also Life!
The hardest hearts are still in what is called by some, Christianity, they pervert what Jesus was and did, by calling him God, or a god, then, some of them, they rub salt into the wounds of the vicious scourging, with a flesh tearing whip, done to Jesus, by putting Worship into Mary having her as an Idol, and what’s more far more fervently than any mention of Jesus the man!
This Man is the builder of the House of God for God, as promised to the seed of David.
Those who are stronger Faithed should help these weaker ones, showing that Brotherly love, but unfortunately most of the weaker ones have what they think is the strength, even that they are the stronger, and the best that Brotherly love can do? Do them no harm!
The flesh or Worldly mind will have trouble receiving this message, but the Spiritual mind will feed upon this Spiritual food.
God requires all his to worship him in Spirit and truth. They will be blessed.
I give thanks to you God, through the lord Christ Jesus, for prayer answered, and for the blessing of the skill of understanding the knowledge of your word, and the wisdom to know what to do with it, and a wise and hearing Heart. Amen.
We need the understanding to come personally from God’s, Yahweh’s teachings!
The KJV is not in many places, written in the words used in the original Manuscripts, and has many different writings, altering meanings of the message entirely in many places.
One contention comes from Colossians. 1:16-18. Its difficulty in understanding it, is that it shifts back and forth as to who is being talked of, between God and Christ, and as Peter said, some of Paul’s writings are difficult to understand, and are miss interpreted, to those ones detriment.
The key to understanding what the context of these verses is is in these words; “---All things were created by him, and for him”. (KJV).
These words have been altered by KJV away from the Original Manuscripts, and with it their true meaning, KJV. Has it that Jesus Christ created all things, by stating, “Were created by him”, which immediately contradicts, “And for him”, you will see this, now I will quote the original manuscript.
Diaglott word for word of the Greek manuscript; “All things have been created through him and for him”.
Now this totally changes the meaning, and in context states; some one else did the creating for Jesus, that is God himself, look at the difference the words make; “All things have been created through him”.
Now this is to say through what Jesus did for mankind, and in context that fits perfectly, it is through what Jesus did, his life’s efforts in obedience to God, and through that obedience, God made all things to fit in so Jesus could take over the Authority in Heaven and Earth in matters of the Flesh (people).
Then follows with harmony the words, “And for him”.
Through Jesus’ actions of obedience things were created for him, because of his actions, and as the Dictionary has it, Jesus would have been the, “Agent or means or cause of the Happening” not the creator and materialize of the very substance that Heaven and Earth are made of!
Understand also that; even so the Heavens and Earth were all ready in existence before Jesus came, what is created is the New Testament world and Heavens: all those things that Jesus did in obedience to God was “The creation of the foundation of A World”, and not “The World”. What has been created allows the Covenant to be in place by Jesus’ death, his blood, Prophesy had been fulfilled, and now the latter day Prophesy could come into effect, the Heavens and Earth have to be created ,they are in existence materially, they still have to be created spiritually to meet the now expected Prophesies, the new age, the new World of the time, see in Gospels where Jesus speaks about having to do certain things to ensure that Prophesy was seen to be fulfilled as it was written: because Jesus did all the right things in his time on Earth, and did not fail, this allows the next stage to proceed, a new age, latter days, now! This is the new world as the Mosaic was the old world.
The foundation of a world is the events happening in the Created world, that is the planet God who is Yahweh, created for us in six of his days and then rested on the seventh, (Saturday), The foundation of a world within a World, a Given time of events happening before the following events can, the foundation or preparations that happen to allow the following events to be built on; that is what the foundation of a world is referring to, and see the truth of the manuscript, it states A world, and not as the KJV THE World , and
Knowing this makes the world of difference to understandings that Jesus was not the creator of the Earth and Heavens and Mankind in the beginning, at the creation.
But what it does mean; Jesus by his obedience to God, For, and because of Jesus, has been created, this world of the New Testament, by his Father Yahweh, through Jesus actions and obedience, and that therefore is the foundation of this world we live in now, and therefore the one to come will have its foundations laid when Christ returns.
What follows through from the latter days is the new age, “The foundation of a new World” the “Millennium”.
Understanding is required to realize that these are called creations, and by being obedient Jesus was the Agent, the Cause that God could allow these pre determined creations to go ahead, so, “All things have been created through him and for him”
What if Jesus did not go through with his given job, and bear in mind there were times of Doubt, of Jesus asking if this cup could be taken from him, cup being job; well I don’t know, I shudder to think, would God have had plan “B”? Or would that have been the end of us?
I can tell you this, God made certain he used a man as his Christ; he could not afford a deceit to rear its ugly head and have the Skeptics, reveal and use it to tear everything Christ represented down. As I perceive it that’s exactly what Trinity, and Jesus is God doctrines bring to be.
God could not have a situation where man could say, but Jesus was God, therefore proves God could not prove he could raise us as man from the Grave to immortality, therefore can’t! And what is happening? People say Jesus is not real, and was not raised! Yes Television has episodes of just that! It works then doesn’t it? Deceit works very well amongst the deceived teachers!
God could not give us his testimony, and in many writings, that Jesus was a Man and not God or a god, and it be a lie, and the same for what Jesus testified many times!
God made certain that this man Jesus was going to “stand up”, even after his promise to use King David’s lineal seed issue, God intervened with that issue between Joseph and Mary, bringing in effect a virgin birth, to make sure of a good line of man Created partly by Man, and partly by God. “Son of God, and Son of Man” God knows the wisdom to use, man only thinks that man knows.

This has to be looked at and realized what it is saying, with overall context applied.
Colossians. 1:1-20, when read out of the KJV. Have so many altered words and inserted words, in comparison to the original Greek writings of the Diaglott.
I won’t quote the verses here, but you should read them yourself, and know that some see these verses as proof of Jesus being God the creator of Heaven and Earth by his own hands.
If anyone feels the same, or finds it hard to understand these words of Paul the Apostle, then you should consider these things; even Peter tells us that some writings of Paul’s are hard to understand, but look, he goes on to say, to their detriment, meaning they go off with the wrong understanding.
I have shown in this book many writings of Gods words, Jesus Christ’s words, and Apostles words, now I will list some major Chapter and Verses with a brief of explanation included, which you can look up yourself, or look back in this book for explanation.
These Chapters and verses state clearly that Jesus is not God Almighty, that Jesus is a Man, and that Jesus did not pre-exist.
Now the reason we need to do it this way is because of the translations and interpretations, these cannot be and are not always correct, even given the cultural difference between the Hebrews, the Greeks, and Western World; given the cultural differences, and even the ways and styles of meanings and speaking and the Understandings thereof.
So let’s go to what God and Jesus have said very clearly, so there are no misunderstandings.
Look up; 2 Samuel or Kings, 7:12-16. The promise to King David, using David’s lineage seed issue; proving Jesus did not pre-exist, and that Jesus was a man not God.
And also Isa 53: God has provided these writings and prophecies to make it clear who and what Jesus is. And also Isa 42.
These Scriptures are written in the future tense, showing these things did not then exist.
God even States clearly and futuristically; “I will be his father, and he shall be my son. If he commit iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men, and with the stripes of the children of men.”------there it is clear as a bell! Should we say that Jesus pre-existed? Should we say Jesus is God? If we do say that, then we have to say this verse is wrong! We would have to
Say God got it wrong! Heaven forbid! But hey! That’s exactly what some are saying, and millions are being taught that Jesus is God! That Jesus pre-existed and was there creating the Earth in the Beginning! And all this because of the lack of understanding, and because they have not seeked or enquired of God for the understanding.
Well according to God Jesus is a man! Go now to Gods testimony on the matter, go to 1 John.5:7-10. With verse 7 in KJV they are added writings (Spurious). Added in by a monk in the 5th century. This verse is not in the original manuscript. (I know I repeat myself, but for good cause).
You will read God’s testimony; God says Jesus is a man, not God or a god.
God says, his testimony is greater than mans!
God says; believe my testimony or you are calling me a liar!
Now go to. John. 20:17 Jesus says “My father, and your father, my God and your God”.
What’s Jesus saying that’s so clear to understand? He says his father and our father in Heaven are the same, God is his father, and his father is the very same one as ours! He does NOT say, I am God the father! He says God is my father and what’s more, is ours to!
What else? Jesus says; this father that we share, his and ours, well he’s also Jesus’ God! Yes his God also! Where can you find in all this the words or even those alluding to it , that Jesus is God the Father?
You can’t find it because it is not there!
This God of Jesus, lo and behold! He’s the same God of us, so Jesus and us we share the same God and Father in Heaven. And thank God for that! Because if you read and understand the Scriptures/Gospels, if it isn’t that way then we have nothing to look forward to after this life, (read 1 Cor 15:) -- however, the worthy end up getting and sharing what God has given Jesus Christ, but we have to be the same as Jesus was as he walked the Earth, and if he was God or a god then we will surely miss out, because one thing is for sure, we are not gods in being, we are flesh, so Jesus had to be also.
The Diaglott words it; “I go up to the father of me, and father of you, even God of me and God of you.”--------- Who would want to change these testimonies, and why? (The Deceivers do)
This is only one of Christ’s testimonies of these facts.
Another way of understanding; Christ or Savior existed since the days of the original sin of Adam and Eve, Scripture of the Old Testament tells us that, Christ and Savior is an action
That God chose to take that he might save his creation who he found to be disobedient, the need to create a saving Covenant came at that time, it was the foundation of A World, a World that had to be built on that foundation, a World that also took time to be built. Things had changed because of the disobedience which is the original sin, Man had to be saved from himself, he needs a Christ type action saving plan.
We now have to understand this; Man would not accept fully what he could not see, (with the exception of a few). Therefore God could not bring man to be what he has to be to gain Eternal life, because Man would not accept God or his word as man should, therefore God could not save man, the Christ or savior is in God, God is the actual savior, but because Man will not accept the Spirit, he had to do it through a man, so that all of Mankind could Identify with a physical being, rather than with the Spirit. ----Now those who never had that understanding of Jesus can gain it.
Yes Jesus was a very real man, and God bought him to be the Savior in mans eyes, God intervened in the conception by his power, that being the Holy Spirit power, God taught the boy Jesus also by his Holy Spirit power, God worked on the Spirit he put in Jesus the man, God strengthened Jesus the man at the time of his Ministry, God tested the man he had strengthened, 40 days and 40 nights in the Desert using the Devil, God has found Jesus the man to be well pleasing to him, and now God has created the Christ in a man that all can see and can hear, and identify with, no longer is God’s voice so small, no longer did man only have the Spirit which cannot be seen, now Mankind have the Christ, that Savior, a Man that God can trust to do his Christ work through: so now Jesus the Man has be come the Christ as a Man. Gods voice is no longer “His small voice” as Elijah complained of, not while Jesus was around! And now we can read, some God will teach, ---- yes now days! God saw the need for it since he found the original sin existed in his creation, but first God had to lay down the foundation to build this World, or age that a man Christ would be at its best advantage, this took time, then he had to have the age or World in effect, and it is that World when God chose the time for the Cornerstone to be laid, the Foundation stone of a World or age that Jesus could have his Ministry, and that corner stone was made out of Jesus as the Christ, that cornerstone was the foundation of a new World of the House of God as promised to David, and that House is made of all the obedient ones of God through Jesus Christ: And we need to understand; this all goes right through to immortal Life, for all those who in Obedience to God he finds worthy to enter into His Kingdom, then they are the Spiritual building blocks of the Spiritual Temple of God.
From Genesis through to the end of the Millennium period and beyond, there are many so called Worlds within this World, ages within ages, God is bringing all things to be, to us it seems like it takes forever, to God it has only been but a few days, a very short time, remember Peter tells us of God’s time; One day in Gods time is a thousand years to us, and a thousand years to us is one day to God, and remember this ; God doesn’t count time in his Existence.

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