Messianic Gentiles

Some people, and especially some Jewish people, have the idea that those who call themselves Messianic Gentiles, are all of the same origin, That is that all those who call themselves Messianic Gentiles, all think the same things, and are still grouped in with what they think is called Christianity, also that they are only people who desire to become more Jewish, and are looking to practise the Jewish way more so.
Man still can’t stop adulterating true Christianity, can they? There is always someone who will destroy any purity of Christianity which might remain, and either by their own lack of accurate knowledge, or by pure bloody mindedness. There are deluded people who call themselves Messianic Gentiles, and are not.
Messianic Gentile
A true Messianic Gentile is not the same as a Christian, at least not a Mainstream Christian, and here is the reason why: -
We know that the Trinity doctrine is a delusion born of confusion!
The World usually associates all Christianity, with the so called Mainstream Christianity, who all are of the Trinitarian beliefs, that is the very confused belief that God is three, God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus, three separate beings, but when contested that they are idol worshipping in that belief, they state God is the trinity of three beings but yet only one God; yet they realise that all sounds wrong, so claim that it would take a spirit to explain the confusion which goes with such a belief.
God’s testimony is this “There is no God before me, and there will be no God after me, and there is no God beside me”.
God told Moses, that the Messiah would be a man, one of the brethren of the Hebrews, and just like Moses, in Deuteronomy 18:18. God told King David that the Messiah to come would be from David’s Loins, from David’s seed Issue.
God told Isaiah all about the character of the man who would become the Messiah, and there is certainly not a hint of any information from God that the Messiah is God, a god, or that he is the essence of God, or even the consideration at all that the Messiah was to be of a three part split of the essence of God.
Therefore, the Old Testament testifies that Jesus the Christ is not God, a god, the essence of God, or any part of the trinity which mainstream Christianity erroneously claim, and anyone who has made the claim to anything different, is deluded!

We know that oneness also comes from delusion born from confusion, and of those who cannot understand the Scriptures of God, yet believe the adulterated books of the New Testament, created by the inventors of the Trinity doctrine, or to be more precise; to decree of Constantine of Jesus being the essence of God.
Oneness usually comes from the Pentecostal churches, Oneness is describing Jesus to be God in the form of God himself directly, or God in the form of Jesus being the essence of God, which in turn means that they believe that Jesus is made of the same substance, and taken from God himself.
Oneness can therefore be considered for discernment in the same manner as the trinity, in that the Old Scriptures lend no credibility at all to the belief, and proves the belief has been arrived at in the state of delusion also.
Christianity has been party spirited into a deluded state, and basically by The Roman Catholic church, in conjunction with Emperor Constantine, and it was Constantine who decreed that Jesus was of the essence of God, all had to accept this on pain of death, from this bloody murdering and liar of a Despot.
This is what the larger part of the World think that all Christianity is, this is Christianity as we know it, and in many other things Christianity is disobedient to God, the churches are sinning, scriptures say so, the churches are Apostate, there is no doubt, it’s plain to see.
Messianic Gentiles
I am a true Messianic Gentile, and know that some call themselves such erroneously.
The reason for being called a Messianic Gentile is to be separate from what man has caused Christianity to become; we are ashamed of the current mainstream church organisation calling itself Christianity!
A true Messianic Gentile seeks their Knowledge, and the understanding of it, directly from God, and is not taught by man in matters of God, and that’s how we receive the accurate Knowledge, because we don’t have to suffer the interference from man and his deceived teachings, and therefore are open minded to God as he chooses to teach us the corrections.
We look to please God in what we do, while in the mainstream Christianity, people look to do as little as the feel they might get away with in matters of God, and therefore picking out the bits that suit them and the life they want to live, not being accepting of correction from God, because in the main it’s usually too hard for them, and they are not prepared to alter their life ways for anyone, and that includes God, and the man that died the horrible death for them, Jesus.
We don’t want to be associated with an organisation of so called Christianity like that, they are not Christianity as Jesus taught we should become, it is such a dangerous party of people to be associated with, unless they will accept correction.

The wrath of God
We know that the wrath of God is to be bought on the disobedient Christians, Jesus informs us in the parable of the Christians who were shut out of the kingdom of God, these called out to Jesus as he shut the door on them, Master, Master, haven’t we done great things in your name, casting out demons, and such....... Jesus tells these great Christians, “Be gone ye who commit iniquities, I do not know you” Very clear don’t you think, or maybe some think it means something else? They then are called soothsayers, we don’t do soothsaying.
The Wrath of God is to come to Christianity, the Devil is on earth now testing all Christianity now, putting all through the trials which many are failing now times; Scripture tells us that we all have to go through the trials and tests. And for those who will receive it, we are prepared to help you with correction.
The summery:
The true Messianic Gentile can read clearly, with Knowledge and understanding of it, the Keys which Jesus gave, as to who and what he actually is, that is the following:
We can read clearly the Books of Moses. Edit...(Messianic).
The books of the Prophets. Edit.... Isaiah 7:14, and 9:6-7, also Micah 5:1-3.
The book of Psalms. Edit... (Messianic).
And also the book of Acts.
Man has the New Testament, in conflict with the Old Testament, through Constantine and the Roman Catholic church, and through the Oneness of the Pentecostal type churches, at the least.
It is so clear and plainly written, and no mistake could be made by a person of God, as to what the Old Testament tells us about the Messiah, Jesus, to come;
There is no great mystery on the subject.
There is no confusion involved in the identity of whom and what Jesus is.
There is no Trinitarian or Oneness confusion, in God’s congregation, God says “There is no confusion in my congregation”................ think about it.......... and know that, God will receive those who accept correction.
There is no confusion in our state of being Messianic Gentile, In God’s Word Given.
Kevin McQuoid