In the knowledge of Saints
Chapter 21

My experience of trying to deal with Jewish/Israeli people has not been easy, for some time I have tried to make meaningful communications with the people, and on the very rear occasions that they do respond, it is oh so brief as to be lacking, it can be very disconcerting, and it is rather easy to think that maybe the organisation they are affiliated with may not be kosher...However, until such time as I can discern fully those I deal with, I feel that there may be a legitimate reason for the closed door attitude of some of them, given the rough treatment these people receive; which by the way in this year of 2016 has built up to an alarming level, and coming from quarters which make one wonder.
The level of hatred manifesting from countries, along with churches, and people who under a balance, one would normally expect to have understanding, are showing a frightening aggression toward the people Israel, and in turn the people of the Messianic Jews, see and feel this thing which they feel is an unwarranted aggression, yet it maybe, they subconsciously seem to know, it is more than likely a manoeuvre of God toward prophesy, and yet these people are frightened, and as expected, showing a mistrust of the peoples of this world.
The people Israel/ Jews are prophesied to go through yet another punishment, and it is prophesied to happen at that time which will bring in the foundation of a world of the millennium, and some know, while others have no idea what is to hit them, and their brothers seem to want to help those who are not aware, yet the helpers also need help, and they see that help being monetary wise, which there is a need for, yet maybe losing sight of the fact that it is the spiritual help which will be that which is the saver; you can throw any amount of money at the outreaching of God’s word effort, but any amount of money will not compensate if the message is in error, and if the message is flawed, then not only is the money and the effort wasted, but more importantly the eternal life matters of those you are trying to reach, will be in vain.
It can easily be observed, as shown by the many churches which have arisen especially since the 3rd and 4th centuries, that Money and the power it brings also brings down the churches, and I sincerely hope that the Messianic Jew fellowships do not fall by that.
Here is one example of many emails I have sent:

I don't know if you people ever read my messages to you.
It therefore appears to me that you have your course to run no matter what.
I don't wish to offend anyone, yet God will offend all in his efforts to get people to listen to him; (offend) for the want of a better word.

"Look up Israel".... So much has happened to Israel even from the time of the WW2, and I personally sorrow for the people Israel, but sorrow in it self won't suffice, it has to be indeed.


Throwing money at it won't bring the corrections required by God to the people Israel; the effort has to be of accurate Knowledge and Understandings of it.

The people of Israel, Jews and Israelis, can only be joined together as the stick of the Prophecy of God, when they unite in the truth, and that truth being that required by God to be accurate, any near enough attitude won't suffice.

Bibles for Israel, if you are to use money collected, alluding that it is for the work inspired by God, then you need to be very certain of you actions, that means that you have to have undeniable inspiration in a God persuaded conviction of the accurate knowledge.

You must listen to those Jewish people who have at least part of what they believe, Right, and that is,
(1) The Messiah will not be God himself, (I know you have that right).
(2) There is no such thing as the Virgin Conception /Birth (I know you have some difficulty dealing with this point). If there is no Trinity, or that Jesus is of the essence of God, then there is no Virgin conception/Birth, as according to Moses, and King David, and that which hasn't been altered or mistranslated of Isaiah.

Jewish people will listen to Moses before Yeshua, convince them that Moses is correct, and you have sown the seed for your conversion, to help convince the people that Yeshua is the Messiah, and tell them the truth they are more able to accept! Tell them that yes, Yeshua is the promised Messiah, the falling of the two Jewish Temples of God prove the time is past for the first appearance of the Messiah, that Yeshua is not God, and he is not of a virgin conception/birth.
Clearly, the Jewish and Israeli people won't accept teachings if they know it is wrong, and clearly God won't be happy if we don't teach the truth!

Scripture which has not been altered by Gentiles, and which has been translated and interpreted correctly, makes this matter very clear.
You must address the truth, and especially if you even hold any hope of converting or bringing unbelievers to God, because it is not what we might think which is good enough, it is what God thinks, "In Spirit and truth" remember.

Throwing money at something which won't work for God or man, is what?

Even by your own experiences and that which can be clearly seen, Israel is going to have to go through that which is prophesied, and the only ones who will escape are those who have discerned correctly.

It will be a massive work to turn the people Israel/Jewish people around, it has still to be by the free will of the people, and freewill to seek God in spirit and in truth, fervently, God never did anything for anyone who didn't seek God fervently! God says that to seek him we must seek the accurate knowledge..... Yes God will save the people Israel/Jew as a nation though, not every individual no matter what, and only of the remnant.


Remember the Parable where Jesus rejected those Christians who thought they were going to be among the first to enter in, and what was the reason for the Rejection? They didn't know Jesus as they should, and therefore Jesus didn't know them.

Yes there is much more to all this.
May God bless you, and May you be a Blessing to God. So be it?
Kind regards
Kevin McQuoid.

It is very difficult at times, and I sorrow at the thought that some of those who portray themselves as Messianic Jews, and appear genuinely active in the cause, might in actual fact be more trying to help themselves, and their own monetary fortunes, Just as we have in the Gentile churches.
But don’t get me wrong, because to this point of time, I haven’t been able to fully discern those who I am trying to communicate with at present.
Be sure of this though, my help to them is genuine, even if they do find me a thorn in their side.
Well here’s a turn of events! Just in this last week of January 2016, and as I have just written some thoughts as just above here, a very pleasant surprise happened, the Messianic Jewish people I have been holding out much hope for and have been working to help them overcome the false virgin conception/birth doctrine, have contacted me, and here is an edited copy, the names and contact info edited:

Kevin Mcquoid
Today at 1:04 PM
Shalom Kevin,
I just left a voice message for you.
I just wanted to reach out in Yeshua's love, and say, “Thank You, for supporting our ministry work over in Israel."
You have been such a blessing to our work in reaching the Jewish people and making a difference for the Kingdom of Heaven.
Feel free to email or phone me if you have any questions, or you would just like to keep in touch with our ministry.
Many blessings in Yeshua our Messiah,

"I will bless those who bless Israel… and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you." (Genesis 12:3)........

I see a sincere thanks coming from these people, the determined effort they put in to contact me by telephone, is seen in that they waited until 2am (morning) their time, to try to make contact at 1pm


Our time, and sadly I wasn’t there to answer the call, yet they left me a detailed message on the answer phone, and then after that emailed me.
I so desperately want to help these people by presenting them openly on my website “God’s Word Given”, and in doing so help all Israeli/Jews.
I don’t collect tithes, or ask donations on my website, but I would be prepared to present their case and ask people to donate directly to these Messianic Jews, but I cannot at this point of time, and it tears at me, I have the reputation of the “God’s Word Given” Ministry to look after, how is it to look, when I teach the accurate knowledge with understandings of it, if I am seen to be supporting those who seemingly have doctrine wrong? The wolves would be at my throat, and try to discredit my website.
These Messianic Jews are trying to do something to help those who can’t accept the scriptures as authentic about the Messiah, this means they are wanting to reach the so called Orthodox Jews, also the Ultra Orthodox Jews, these are the blinded Mosaic Jewish people blinded to Yeshua (Jesus) being the Messiah, and all those People Israel who got themselves caught up in the false Trinity type doctrine, and also the multitude of Israel who have nothing to do with God or Yeshua, it’s a massive job! Yet cannot be successful until they can teach with conviction that the Virgin Conception/Birth is false doctrine.
These Messianic Jewish people I have been trying to reach with this truth, seem to me at this point to have a very good knowledge , and if only they would teach and publish this truth which would go along in logical harmonic balance with the rest of what they would like to publish as a Bible.
I have a feeling that they do see the Virgin conception/birth doctrine as false, or that they know they have not a conviction on it, yet are perhaps reluctant to publish it... Yet that’s my own conjecture..... I’m thinking back to a man who was the most popular Evangelist of his time, yet he is still alive today, born 1918 so is 98, an active evangelist from 1947 until 2014, today is worth 25 million dollars, and yet is quoted as saying that he regrets that he never taught the one thing that he knew would help save Christians, and that is to observe the commandment of the Sabbath on the seventh day of the week. He is quoted as saying he never taught it because he knew he would lose his popularity..... Well now, I just don’t want to find myself saying the same sort of thing about these Messianic Jewish people who want a better account of the Bible..... It’s sad to see people get caught up in the power of money, losing the power of God, and I think it’s one of the reasons God doesn’t want me to collect money, that I say what is to be said, I have nothing to lose, and everything to gain which is worthwhile, I do publish the truth God gives me, because of that very reason, God gave it, Popularity to me is no great concern, the website God gave me to administer, is for those who God will bring to it, vast numbers of congregation of which very few are genuinely seeking God, is not the design of “God’s Word Given” website; God taught me not to be a soothsayer, but to be “In Spirit and in truth”. But can I convince these people I so much want to help? And how far will God take this thing...I simply don’t know just yet..... And how much time is there to muster up the people Israel to bring them to the truth? I do know that answer, and part of it is within my life time.


Here is another turn of events very late In January 2016, I received another email from the Messianic Jewish people, and was greatly disappointed at part of what they have emailed me, they say as follows:

Because verse three of Exodus 19 uses the two terms the “House of Jacob” and the“Children of Israel,” Jewish sages believe that the first term refers to the women of Israel and the second term to the men.

It is believed that when God gave Israel the Torah, He told Moses to approach the women first.

The Midrash (Oral Law) states that that Messianic redemption will come through the merit of righteous women of Israel: “All generations are redeemed by virtue of the pious women of their generation” (Yalkut Shimoni, Ruth: 606).

Perhaps, this points to Miryam's role as mother of Yeshua (Jesus), which is prophesied by Isaiah:

“Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call His name Immanuel.” (Isaiah 7:14)

Sadly, chapter seven of Isaiah is not read during the regular Shabbat readings. But we do read this about the Messiah in the Haftarah (prophetic portion) for this Shabbat:

“To us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulder, and His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9:6)

Jewish sages also believed that women would first receive the teachings of the Messiah.

Well that’s it...... So what is so disappointing? The use of the unwritten word, that’s the first part, and then the use of Isaiah 7:14, and also 9:6. They seem to have picked up on these understandings in some bible stemming from the trinity churches which they don’t support, so I sent them by return this email:
Jesus called the religious leaders of his day, a nest of vipers, and told them that those teachers would not enter into the kingdom of God, because they prevented those who were taught by them from entering also, and wasn't Jesus referring to the unwritten word, the oral word, which now seems to be written called the Talmud, that these Pharisee's taught?

I have had clear correction from God that Isaiah 7:14 is not Messianic, it is a short term Prophecy which was fulfilled. the boy was the sign that God was going to remove the two kings, showing the people Emmanuel, and was also the indication of the time frame. the two kings were killed at the same time, yet because of their warring actions people were left with very little to eat, so for those who had a goat, or a sheep, or a cow, they could eat milk, or butter or cream, and for those who were able to seek out the wild honey, could eat such.


The young woman, Almah is not the young woman Betulah; King Solomon called the adulterous young woman Almah, do you think that God would call the mother of Yeshua Almah or do you think that Betulah would be God's word?
The presenters of the Gentile Septuagint claim, that the Septuagint and the New Testament lost their authenticity at the hands of the Governance and Religious leaders, at the Metropolis of Constantinople, and with the corrections I have received from God, I certainly agree with those presenters

Isaiah 9:6 is punctuated from the alterations of Gentiles, to fit in with their Jesus is of the essence of God, and therefore all teachings which teach that Jesus is God, such a bible is from the adulteration's of Constantine, who is one of the greatest enemies of true Christianity.

How is it then, that some Jewish people have the authentic scripture, and others have the leaven?

How will it be in God's eyes, if some of his people produce a Bible they claim is the corrected scripture, yet have not the inspiration of God, and cannot accept correction from God?

I have said it before and I will say it again, You cannot expect to bring the people Israel to God through the Lord Jesus the Christ, if you try to teach them what they know to be in error!
Jewish people know that Jesus is not God or of the essence of God, and also that the Gentiles teaching of the Virgin conception/birth is an error, and this no matter what ulterior motives are behind the error.
I know firsthand such error of scripture will not be accepted by Jewish discerning, and because God gave me long and deep reaching correction on the matter, know that it is not acceptable with God.

Take care, take great care, and heed your own teachings you have presented, about being able to accept corrections from God.
Keep well clear of the Babylon teachings of the Gentiles.
Can I help you Israel, but will you accept it?
There is not a great deal of time, before future major Prophesy will become manifest as further ahead than expected.

May God bless you, and may you be a blessing to God...... So be it?
Kind regards,
Kevin McQuoid.

I feel sapped out, and almost decided to give up the fight, and resign myself to the fact that God is going to deal to many, many Israeli/Jewish people and destroy all those who won’t listen to God.
Then the thought came, no, carry on, keep trying, it’s reported, there are 98% of the people Israel/Jewish who don’t have anything to do with matters of God through Jesus, and someone has to bring them the truth which they are able to believe.


Part of the problem is as I have mentioned, is that Christians who have their missionaries with doctrine of error occasionally convert an Israeli or Jewish person, and then the Orthodox Jewish people get the authentic Scriptures of God out, and by showing the false doctrine of the Trinitarians, are very successful at taking the recent convert away from Christianity. So, where’s it going?... It needs help, and where I fit in, or even if I fit in anywhere, I’m not sure, yet I have to wait for God on this one to.
Discerning sometimes is very quick, yet other times takes much time.
Who are the watchmen which God will put over the People Israel/Judah in the latter days, according to Jeremiah?....Look up Israel!