God's word given.
Have you asked for the Holy Spirit?

Did you receive the Holy Spirit?

If you did you will know how undeniably strong it is, that there are no doubts as to its presence.
Jesus Christ tells us in his message from God in Luke 11:13 “If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children: How much more shall your Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him? (KJV) (The Diaglott word for word translates the same)----- Well! ---This is great news!, for those who have never experienced such; I can’t begin to describe what a wonderful experience it can be, Praise God that he allows such to us these times now: and if you should get blessed with it don’t forget to Glorify God for it, share the experiences with everyone, tell them all about it, glorify God, he gives to those who will share, to those who will thank him, to those who will stand up for him, who are not embarrassed to speak of him.
What do the Gospels say?
Luke 11:13, tells us, If the evil can give their children good gifts, then God being above all, and also, that if we are considered God’s Children, how much more willing is God, to give his Children, the Gift of the Holy Spirit, and especially to those who ask him; now, can we expect this to happen now times? Or was it only during the Apostles time that God called his people children? If you read the Gospels you will see, even today God calls his ones his Children, so what’s the answer? -Yes! Yes the Holy Spirit is available today.
The Holy Spirit, what can it be? It is, The Spirit of God in us, The spirit of Christ in us (these two have to go hand in hand to get a fuller spirit) The drawing of us to God through the Christ, The Godly persuasions we have over us to do right, it is the power of God , and also It is what God uses to correct us rebuke and chastise us while reforming and molding us, to be able to put us through the furnace of refining us as Gold, without using the Holy spirit power and persuasions there would not be any of such.
To this point there are those who don’t attribute or recognize the Holy spirit at work doing all these things, they are those who say that the Holy Spirit activities all died out when the last of the Apostles died, not understanding this; When Jesus and then the Apostles used the Holy Spirit power, it was not their power coming from them, It was God’s power and God was using it through them.
Now then, that very same God (Yahweh) is still there today! And what’s more he still has the very same power (or we are all in trouble) and what’s more he is still willing to Gift some measure of it to who he will! Let me show you in God’s own words,- never mind what man has to say about it all, God’s word will do just fine right now, and here it is; Read Luke 11: 13,having done that, and if you Recognize Gods Holy Spirit at all, he will give you the understanding, that you can have it in these times!
Well then, if you read and come to the realization of what God is telling anyone who will receive his word, that the Holy Spirit is available, then “Good News”, the Holy Spirit is in you to a measure.
There is more, I have experienced God’s Holy Spirit activities for a number of years as a strong, and varying to weak measure, but not to the fullest measure, therefore I will stand up for God and testify for God, in the message that came with my experiences of it, that being “Gods Holy Spirit activities and Gifting is very much available today times.
As I have written this down I have been crying it out loudly in my mind, and let me tell you this; the more the Holy Spirit you get, the louder you share it, it makes you bold to do so.
What about what Paul is given to tell us of it, Paul was given to tell the Gentiles a great deal of God’s words to us, Paul the Apostle who was taken up to the Heavens, in his spirit, to receive the words through Christ Jesus, words that were given to him after Jesus had ascended to the Highest Heaven to be at the Right hand of God.
Paul although not having been taught while Jesus was walking this Earth, was still given the title of Apostle. Paul’s attitude was very aggressive to the cause, and was hand picked for the job given him, that was to bring the message out to the far flung corners of the Earth, and that, to last until Christ returns.
Paul’s message is to be a lasting message, so what’s he got to say?- From the Diaglott word for word translation, Well here’s something 1 Cor 12:3 ----“That no one is able to say-“Lord Jesus” except by the Holy Spirit”. Now there’s a turn of events, to say “Lord Jesus” and mean it, takes a measure of the Holy Spirit activity to allow that to happen, so then, how wrong are those who teach that the Holy Spirit is not active these days? They are in error, not knowing or understanding the Holy Spirit.
Grieve not the Holy Spirit, and do not blaspheme it by calling it a liar, these things are written in the Gospels, I for one would feel the need to study up on these points very carefully if I were a doubter.
Lets look a little further into 1 Cor. 12:6-7 “And there are varieties of workings, and the same God is he who works all things amongst all.” Once again he works amongst all, even those who do not recognize what God is doing with them; I know this to be true. V 7 “And to each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the benefit of all” ; so then where’s yours, you might say, the writer must be wrong because I haven’t got it, therefore you read the scriptures wrong , you don’t understand the scriptures, --I have heard it said before. With these ones, even when I tell them the Scriptures/Gospels are right, because of what I have experienced myself, they still cling to their error, saying it all died out when the Apostles all died, and have strange explanation of the Scriptures /Gospels, to back their thoughts; unfortunately these people are deceived out of the Joy.
Well, if it all died out then, what are those ones saying? that God has given up on us?, and Christ sits at the right hand of God having nothing to do with all the work he put in while he walked the Earth, and now they run the risk of losing all that was hard earned, all that took the agonizing of being on this Earth, putting everything into trying to set up the crucial doctrines and commands, to bring God’s creation which he loves, into some form of decency, to be able to make something of them worthy of a Heavenly spirit, of Saints, and just not bothering any more with it all?
I don’t think so, in fact I know that is not what is happening from experience, let alone God tells us in his scriptures/Gospels that the Deity are very busy with those who are God’s, I’m not even going
to quote Ch& V, but simply say, how do those ones think God is to answer prayers, and with the one’s he loves, be that Father who corrects, who Chastises, who scourges, and when he has bought them To be, calls them sons of God, and after having refined those he chooses as Gold, calls them more precious than refined Gold; Now this all sounds like a lot of work, and using the Holy Spirit Powers to bring these things to be.
The unfortunate fact is that some people just can’t or won’t accept, and from what I have seen it is because man has taught them not to accept, and therefore they miss out on recognizing even the small measure, and that is unfortunate because, if you have no foundation, how can you build?
Another thought just came right now; Jesus tells us we have to believe his entire message to us, to gain the kingdom of God, now Jesus placed great emphasis to Paul to pass on Gods message, the message Christ Jesus gave for us all through Paul; don’t we have to include that as well? Being that it is also the message? I would say yes!
It’s not hard to see where God might withhold a measure of His Gift from some people, and knowing a bit of what it’s about, my advise to those is try to do something about it.
I am having a difficulty here, trying to work out how some people think that God can bring anyone through to Sainthood, if they are not open to Gods works, which can only come through his Holy Spirit powers and persuasions, and it amazes me that some of the doubters want to be Saints, I have seen what God has done with me, and am convinced I had to be well aware of Gods Holy Spirit activities, or it all would have been in vain, (there was, and is much to do). And still, “Many are called, few are chosen” and I have just realized now, that will be one of the reasons why God left me until late in life, simply because I shrugged off all that spiritual that God was putting my way during earlier life, then one day when I was meek enough, he sprung the spiritual on me and I received it, and then he was able to do something with me, and what’s more it has been an amazing time, Praise and thanks to God , he saved me from myself.
Look I just can’t hold back here, I have got to make it clear, yes there was just so much going on, I just had to be open to God and his Holy Spirit powers and activities, and also the gifts he gave, even that, the Gifts God will give, and yes financial as well, one has to be open to, and know, so thanks can be given In proper recognition of what God has gifted, he knows if you understand what you pray, otherwise you are only praying lip service, God knows when we don’t understand.
I have to be fully open to what God teaches, because of the way he does it, and he teaches very well, even on one line of teaching, he will bring in many things that you would not have expected, and in many ways, Spiritual, material, taking you places in knowledge practically, and spiritually, there are persuasions and understandings coming in ways we would not think of ourselves, uses he will put you to while this work is in progress, his talking to you while not in verbal contact, telling you things by spiritual persuasion, and this in the form of visions and dreams also, God told me what my calling is to be in this way, I know what my calling is, and yes it is written that we are allowed to know, I could go on and on , but I will hold the rest of the Pearls he has given me. Yes I have had the Holy Spirit sup with Christ! That Spiritual feast, of Holy Spirit activities, Gifting Faith in the process.

So now I have manifested and testified the Glory of God in all this, so that those who would slight all this and call rebuke that I am boasting about myself, cannot do so, to you doubters, who should not be doubters yet are, throw away that which prevents you from your own experiences with God, Go straight for the strength of God’s arm, and humble your selves like a little child, convince yourselves with you own conviction, openly that the Holy Spirit is there for all, today times.
I believe that God is looking for as many to be Saints as possible, and that this is directly related to when the return of Christ will be, I believe that he is trying to get the message across to ones he wants, and some are not open to God as they should be, the problem for them is the Eternal life rules, that is of “Freewill”, God will not force anyone to come to him, it just can’t be, for Eternity sake, I believe there are People God is waiting for the “Penny to drop” that will open the Gate and let them in, not only is it my belief, but it is a fact, God is waiting for some to get their confusion sorted out, to come out of the Deceived teachings some have.
Given that God can only work on and with us through his spirit, if any are not open to him in that way, then in my experience I cannot see those ones getting what they otherwise might have.
I know I have God’s backing on what I write, by experience God himself gave me, you should know it also.
Let me point this out, God doesn’t give us Knowledge and understanding just because we pray for it, so what we have to do is Hunger for the knowledge, be thirsty for the spirit that will give us understanding of the knowledge that we are given, especially the exact knowledge, this comes to those God chooses through his Holy Spirit powers of teachings, once we have shown God that we hunger for such, he will then Feed us: and that comes from study of Gods word, no matter if there is a mistake in the Bible, that is what God uses to get us started, but to cover for any Scriptural mistakes, God will give an exact knowledge, to those he chooses, and he chooses those who are as a child openly learning what God has for them, it’s all written in the Scriptures/Gospels, which in turn are “Holy Spirit” in form of the “Word”, and the word is from God, and the word is manifest through Jesus the Christ.
So then, do you think God will give Sainthood to someone who is in disbelief of his word, who is not open to God completely, who doesn’t believe the spiritual Matters of God, who doesn’t hunger and thirst to be a Saint, who cannot be corrected when in error, who can’t stand up for God and Jesus against all that deny God his Glory, who has deceived teachings? The list goes on, well, take a look at it; this certainly doesn’t paint a very good picture of a Saint does it. This also is all written in the Scripture/Gospels.
Remember God starts training his Saints in the flesh, it is the Spirit within that lives on passing from the body at death, taking with it the maturity bought on by the Molding that God gives, God molds the spirit of us, he doesn’t want the body of us, the flesh, he has no use for that, he wants the spirit he put in us to mature, in God’s molding process, and that in turn is carried out by the Holy Spirit activities of God, in accordance to our receiving of it.

Remember “Many are called, few are chosen” Remember those who called Lord, Lord, telling Christ all the great things they had done in his name, but he told them to go away, then think who are these ones? And don’t run the risk of being one.
Even if your fleshly fellowship with those who teach you, say that the Holy Spirit has not been active since the death of the Apostles, and even as I have witnessed some saying about those who say they have experienced the Holy Spirit activities, are liars, given that these that say such are in danger of grieving the Holy Spirit, and have not the understanding they might profess, draw away from such ones and get your own convictions, and pray that God will grant you understanding, and even more so hope that God will bless you with some first hand experience of his Holy Spirit activities.
The wisdom of man comes from man, the wisdom of God comes from God, seek Gods wisdom and never give up, God will deal with us on a one to one basis through the lord and brother of us which is not now in flesh, but now is spiritually, and the Christ, Jesus, and he is the Brother we can depend on.
Now then, having read this you might say, well where’s the proof of all this, the answer is, Scriptures/Gospels, it is all there, and the exact Knowledge? Well it comes from God, through his Holy Spirit teachings.

Addition-----. Please understand this; Just because someone prays and askes for the Holy Spirit, does not mean that they will get it! Know and understand that some will get some measure of it, and that maybe a disapointment to them, while some may get a larger more noticable measure, while others may seem to get none at all.

What needs to be understood, and in order that no one may think that there is none to be had, is this; You must have everything in the right place between you, Jesus the Christ, and God: Then it is entirely up to God how and what he will give, in measure and form, also the circumstances in God's wisdom, will decide who will be given the experience of the Holy Spirit, and not necessarily because it is asked for; my experiences came without my asking, and was to bring in a specific state in order that the teachings of Knowledge, Understandings and Faith, would come to me as Convictions irremovable.

We have to understand; The Holy Spirit Persuasions of may not last for long, may be you will be fortunate as I was to Have a very good measure for some years, maybe 2-3 years and then a lesser amount for several years, tapering down to a low amount continuosly.

Let me share some Knowledge with you; My experience is that the Holy Spirit came on me, that I was aware of, at the time of my verbal calling, and was with me as the sentence just above this one. What I experienced was after the tapering down, I found myself walking more or less on my own, my hand had been held for those years that the Holy Spirit was on me, then came the time for me to prove to God and Jesus if I could walk in accordance with what they had taught me, and how strong was my faith that they had set me up in, yes it was testing time, time to be tested just as all Sons and Daughters of God, and my worthiness to enter into the Kingdom of God has also to be Judged.----- At first when I realised that the Holy Spirit had albut gone from me I was worried, very worried, not realising God's plans for me, but take heart, we can read from the Scriptures/Gospels, that No one has control over the comings and goings of the Holy Spirit over us! (Ecclesiastes 8:8) Take Heart, God is still there through the Lord Jesus Christ, who in turn is our High Priest, and our Mediator between us and God, Just as written.


Kevin McQuoid.


Have you asked for the Holy Spirit?

God's word given.