“One World Order and Anti Christ”

God's word given.

Please note: this study is done using the “Emphatic Diaglott”, containing the so called original Greek Manuscripts” For the New Testament, and the “Septuagint, or LXX, the Greek to English translation of the Hebrew”, for the Old Testament. (To be as close as it is possible to The Original Manuscripts, and Gods word.) Also the books "Prophecy of St. Malachy" and "The Final Conclave" and the use of the internet "Work with the Holy See".

The One World Order

This is the way many men see it, and while some may be correct but only to a point, the basis is here, and we can watch for the signs as they come.

One World Government, is just that, the World is going to be ruled by man in a, One World Order; that is to be, all things ruled by a central body of leadership, this will include: Government, Politics, Economics, and Religion, and will take in the Nations of the World, with very few exceptions. It has already started, and well advanced, maybe you have noticed the advanced stages of it by now, and it at this stage is called The European Union, and has progressed from the name, Common Market, and United Nations. The European Union has 27 Nation Members and all that is required to have its own constitution, it has a Treaty, and a full time President and Secretary; it takes care of Politics and Economics; it is described in Revelations 13:1-4, and is at present waiting for the Religious portion to give it its fullness. The Religious portion of this One World Order, Is waiting anxiously, and, from the Vatican, comes an urging to the World, to hurry up and bring these things into being, that they may take up their position as Leaders of the One World Religion. We are to have an ultimate Leader of the One World Order; He is described in Revelations 13:5-8 He is called the Anti-Christ, and comes out of the first Beast. The Leader of the Religion who partnerships with him is called the False Prophet, and he is described in Rev 13:11-17, and comes as the second Beast. This whole thing being: the Dragon of Rev 12:3 and v 9 and v 17 and Rev 13:2 and v4, being the Devil, and including the First Beast described in Rev 13:1-4, and Daniel 7:7, being the One World Government, along with its One World Religion, the Leader of which is the False Prophet, being the Second Beast described in Rev 13:11-17, and Daniel 7:8, these are mingled together and become the Holy Roman Empire Reborn, which is the wounded head of the first Beast, well, this is what is about to rule the World. The Religion side of it is an existing Church, and is called the Mother of all Harlots; described in Rev 17:3-5, with v4 showing the Church arrangement of the Harlot, the Harlot is mingled with the Woman in Rev 17:3-4 and v18. Now all of this makes up the One World Order, and is Evil to the core; is destroyed under the name of: Babylon the Great, that Great City, the trading city that holds Sovereignty over the Kings of the Earth, Revelations chapter 17 and Chapter 18.

We are entering into it all now! Make no mistake; the words of warning in the Book of Revelations are on us now!

Rev.13:1 “And I was placed on the sand of the sea. And I saw a wild Beast ascending from the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and on his Horns ten Diadems and on his heads names of Blasphemy.” ---- “Wild Beast” meaning it is evil, the Beasts are Nations, Horns and Heads are Kings or Leaders and Nations, heads being Powers, the Ten Diadems are Crowns, and crowns on Heads indicates Powerful Kingdoms and Kings. “And on his heads, names of Blasphemy” these are evil Powers.

V2. “And the Beast which I saw was like a Leopard, and his feet as a bears, and his mouth as a Lion’s Mouth; and the Dragon Gave him his power, and his throne, and great Authority.” --- ( Some sayThe Leopard is Germany, the Bear Russia, and the lion Great Britain.time will tell) The Dragon is the Devil as in Ch 12:3 and 9. And is responsible for totally backing this 1st, and the (2nd Beast the False Prophet).


V3. “And one of his heads was as if mortally wounded; and yet his Mortal wound was healed, and the whole earth wondered after the Beast.” ---- This we will see is the “Holy Roman Empire reborn”; the original Holy Roman Empire collapsed in 1806, a mortal wound to it, now it has been revived in part, this being in the European Union, soon to receive its two most prominent Leaders, The False Prophet and the Anti-Christ; Completing its rebirth, its mortal wound healed, “It was, and is not, and shall be present” (Rev 17:8).

V4. “And they worshipped the Dragon, because he gave the Authority to the Beast; and they worshipped the Beast, saying, “Who is like the Beast? And who is able to make war with him?” --- Yes there’s going to be a time where people, Christians included, are unwittingly worshipping the Devil himself (Rev. 12:9), and along with that what is fast coming into place, the “One World order” with its “One World Religion”. (Babylon Rev 18 :)

 And see, the people will be smitten with all that is, and is partially here now, see what they will and even now are starting to say, “Who is like the Beast” but they won’t call it the Beast, and, “Who is able to make War with him”, that’s right, no one will be in the position to make war with this order that is to come, but it will war with whom it pleases, and what’s more win. It will be and is becoming so big, so many nations have Joined the European Union 27 to date, and Russia fully in support and not a member of it yet. Support and foundation Ideas came from Russia, read the Book “Perestroika”.  ----- As you may have realised, this is the 1st Beast, and what has been described here so far is the “One World Government” Coming into being through what was the “Common Market” along with the “United Nations”  now Called  “European Union” It is to control, World Politics, and World Economics, and out of it will come a “One world Religion”, and as in verse 5 tells us, out of this Beast as the scriptures call it, will come the “Anti-Christ”, He will be a stout leader of this “One World Order”

V5. “And there was given to him a mouth speaking great and Blasphemous things; and Authority was given him to act forty two months.” ---- Well here he is! Introducing the Anti-Christ, and see, he will be in power for three and a half years. (Daniel. 7:25 which coincides with this, puts it as, a time times and half a time, which is three and a half years).

V6 and 7. “And he opened his mouth in Blasphemies against God, to Blaspheme his name and Tabernacle, and those who Tabernacle in Heaven.” “And it was given him to make war with the Saints, and to over come them, and Authority was given him over every Tribe, and People, and Language, and Nation.” ---- Now then, --- this is who is going to take over and rule the World!

He, the Anti-Christ is to become the Leader of the “One World Order” or Government! But look at the next verse.

V8. “And all who dwell on the earth shall worship him, whose name has not been written from the foundation of the World in the scroll of the Life of that Lamb who was killed.”

Look at what this is saying, if you’re not found worthy of Eternal life, then you will unwittingly worship those who will take you to eternal torment, or Hell! Billions will worship him! Those who follow the “False Prophet” will worship him!


Who then will follow the False Prophet? Well then if it is a Pope as their Book “The Prophesies of St Malachy”, and “The Final Conclave” has to say, then all those, and more, who are inclined to follow the Pope! But with an exception, God is calling people out, this is what he is saying “Come out of her, my People, so that you may have no fellowship with her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.”(Rev 18:4) Did you hear it? Did you hear Gods message to all those who potentially will follow the False Prophet? God is trying to save those ones, he says to get out of that Church, --- or you will suffer the Plagues to come, and the Eternal torment, coming from association with it. (Rev 19:20-21). Wake up if you are one of these people! There are these things that stop people from correctly following Jesus Christ; Money, Security, and Relationships, along with deceived teachings which come from the Devil through man.

What is Jesus Christ (Yeshua), what’s he saying to this, --- V9. “If anyone has an ear, let him hear.”

Look at that seemingly simple statement, “If anyone has an ear” seems Jesus thinks not many will hear this message, and most unfortunately, that is right.

Now if you look at verse 11. You will see that this is another Beast and verse 11 to 16 is introducing the “False Prophet”, and he is the leader of the “One World Religion”, and partners with the Anti-Christ, bringing in the “Holy Roman Empire Reborn”.

The “One World Order” in all its being, takes in the “One World Religion”, it has a Political leader the Anti-Christ, and a Religious leader the False Prophet, and the political and economics side of it is from Europe, and the Religious, side of it comes from Rome, and possibly Germany (Charlemagne the first Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire was German), this is the recipe for the “Holy Roman Empire Reborn”. (The mortal wound that healed). Edit --- Constantine did the initial setup of the church, he being an Emporer of the "Roman Empire".

We now need to look at the Book of Daniel, and see how his vision dreams fit in here and if they back this up.

Daniel  7: 1-6. (Read) and see that his visions were of four individual Beasts, don’t let that confuse you, and we will come back to that later.

The beast we are concerning our selves with at present is that of the “One World Order” the “European Union”. Here it is, one of the four Beasts in Dan 7:7. “After this one I looked and behold a fourth Beast, dreadful and terrible, and exceedingly strong, and its teeth were of iron; devouring and crushing to atoms, and it trampled the remainder with its feet: and it was altogether different  from all the Beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns.” --- So it’s very destructive, having the power to be so, and it has ten horns which mean ten Kings involved, --- this is the “One World Order”.

 And look at verse 8. Here is the Leader the Anti-Christ coming out of this Beast system. V8, “I noticed his horns, and, behold, another little horn came up in the midst of them, and before it three of the former horns were rooted out, and behold, there were eyes as the eyes of a man, in this horn, and a mouth speaking great things. ---  (this great things, is actually bad things.) --- This is Daniel introducing The Anti-Christ, in V8.  See he has come up through ten other Kings or leaders, with three of them having been taken out as leaders and making way for the Anti-Christ as Leader.


Now if we stay directly on line here we should now go to Dan 7: 23 because Daniel has enquired as to an interpretation of this fourth Beast system. V23. “And he said, the fourth Beast shall be the fourth Kingdom on the earth, which shall excel all other Kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and trample and destroy it.”  V24. “And his ten Horns are ten Kings that shall arise: and after them shall arise another , who shall exceed all the former ones in wickedness, and he shall subdue three Kings.”  V25 “And he shall speak words against the most High, and shall wear out the Saints of the Most High, and shall think to change times and Law: and power shall be given  into his hand  for a time, times, and half a time.” (For three and a half years, coinciding with Rev 13:5) ---- Yes this is the “One World Order” and then in Verse 24 we see the Anti-Christ come into being.

This fourth Kingdom on Earth is man making his last efforts to try and Govern the World himself, but he fails once again, look at v23 again, “Which shall excel all other Kingdoms”, which means it will surpass, or over rule all Kingdoms and Governments on earth now, it will take over as it is doing through the European Union. --- But it will not succeed at solving the Worlds problems, look at what v23 says “And shall devour the whole earth, and trample and destroy it; remember this is all backed up by the Devil and his henchmen. Now look at v24. “------ And after them shall arise another, who shall exceed all the former ones in wickedness ---“  Look at it, the whole thing and its controllers are wicked, back that up with v 25, Speaking against God, and the Saints cannot subdue him, this Anti-Christ is what, or who, will lead the World, along with his False Prophet, through the European Union. It will happen, very soon!

European Union today

We have today, that is in this year of 2011, Prophecy from Daniel and Revelations unfolding at a steady pace: we have a “one world Government” all set up and running, that is the “European Union”, it has 27 nation members, and with more waiting to join up, it has its own flag consisting of blue back ground and a circle of twelve gold stars, these represent, according to Roman Catholic belief, the Virgin Mary, believing that the woman in Rev 12:1-2 is the Virgin Mary; It has its own Constitution under the guise of a Treaty; its icon is Charlemagne the first Holy Roman Empires Emperor, has a building called Charlemagne building, A weekly publication magazine, with a dedicated Page called Charlemagne page, Prize giving to those who do well in promoting the European Union, called the Charlemagne prize, Vehicle number plates with the European Union Flag on them for its members, its own monetary system called the Euro, with the European Union Flag on it, and in 1987, their first coin called the ECU, has a picture of Charlemagne on it, also It has its own Permanent President; on Nov 19th 2009, a Mr Herman Van Rompuy of Belgium was chosen  as President and also, Catherine Ashton of England became the first Foreign Minister of the European Union.

It would be observant of any one, to think that the European Union is set up on the basis of the Holy Roman Empire, and especially when you see that out side the Charlemagne building in Brussels, is a statue of a woman sitting on a Beast! Revelations 17:3 has the woman sitting on the Beast, and that the “Great Harlot” of Rev 17:1. And v4 lets us know that this woman is the Church, from where the False Prophet will come, and v5 shows she is mingled with the One World Order, the European Union, making the Holy Roman Empire Reborn, which on destruction is called Babylon; v8 is the state of the Holy Roman Empire Reborn. V9 shows the woman being the Church system built in


Rome; v15, and this woman, this Mother of Harlots, which is the Church, having control over the People, the Crowds, and Nations, and languages; v16, but the Beast or One World Order it is mingled with, turns on this Church, in Hatred, and v17 tells us that God saw to it that they would turn in Hatred on this Church. The Mother of Harlots is mingled with the Woman, and the Woman Is made up of the “Mother of Harlots”, also called “That Great Harlot” , and in Her full state or Partnership as the “Woman” v3-4-5 shows, she is “Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth.” This then being the Holy Roman Empire Reborn as in v8, being that it is the Beast which was, and is not, and is about to ascend out of the Abyss; You see, it is the Head of the Beast that had the mortal wound, yet lived, It was the Holy Roman Empire back in the years 800 to 1806, it is not any more, it was, but it is to be in form, for a short time, not as it was, but it will be.

So how can this be, if the Church and False Prophet are hated, and removed from what makes up this Holy Roman Empire, One World Government and Religion, how can it still be The Holy Roman Empire Reborn?--- Because the Anti-Christ is going to take over from the False Prophet, and he is going to puff himself up above all, as in 2 Thess 2: 3-4---- v4 “The Opponent, who indeed lifts himself above everything called Divinity or Majesty; so as to seat himself in the Temple of God, exhibiting himself that he is a god.” The Anti-Christ takes over all things. (But only for three and a half years).

Holy Roman Empire Reborn

All that is of the European Union, develops into the Holy Roman Empire, not the Roman Empire, there is a big difference, being that the Holy Roman Empire is a combination of Politics, Economics, and Religion; introduced in the year 800 until 1806, has always had a religious leader, a Pope from the Vatican, which is the, Holy Roman Church, and the Political European leader, and this is what is being reborn out of the European Union, which I have just written of above, and this, at destruction time is Biblically called “Babylon”.

How do we know that it is the Holy Roman Empire Reborn; we have to go to the book of Daniel 2:31-45, and Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the statue, lets look at it: The statue was divided into four main parts which amounts to four Kingdoms, this is very important to understand in order that an over all understanding, can be gained, lets go straight to that which is relevant today. Remember that the Head of this statue is Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon, and was the World ruling Empire of it’s time, the other two Empires were of lesser powers, but the fourth Empire is very strong and of Iron being the Roman Empire, and the Clay which mingles with the Iron combined is the Holy Roman Empire reborn, which Jesus Christ being the Stone cut without hands from the Mountain, comes and destroys.

This is the part of the Statue we need to be concerned with in Context v33. “His legs of Iron, his feet part of Iron and part of Clay.” --- Now this is the Roman Empire with the legs of Iron, combining into the Holy Roman Empire with the feet of Iron mixed with Clay, the clay being the Religion, so we have the Roman Empire mixing with Religion to bring in the Holy Roman Empire. Edit.--- What this depicts is: a very strong ruling power, mixed with a people, that in this case is religion. End edit.

This now is the fourth Kingdom as in v40, compare it with what we have learned so far, v40 “And the fourth kingdom, which shall be as strong as iron: as iron beats to powder and subdues all things, so shall it beat to powder and subdue.” --- This is the “One World Government”  under the leadership


of the Anti-Christ , and in v41 is where the Religion  comes in, it is the clay content of the feet of the Statue, the two mixed together makes up the One World Government Combining the Holy Roman Empire. V41 “And whereas thou sawest the feet and the toes, part of earthenware and part of Iron the Kingdom shall be divided; yet there shall be in it of the strength of Iron, as thou sawest the Iron mixed with earthen ware.” --- So here we have a kingdom of two parts, the One world Government in the European Union, and the One World Religion. And it will have strength.

But look what’s to happen to this Partnership, this One World Order in v42 “And whereas  the toes of the feet were part of Iron and part of earthenware, part of the Kingdom shall be strong, and part of it shall be broken.” --- Look what’s starting to happen to this evil Partnership of One World Order, Politics and Religion, its starting to fall apart, the Iron and the earthenware don’t mix! And the Anti-Christ wants to promote himself as Divinity or a god (2 Thess 2:4).

V43 “Whereas thou sawest the Iron mixed with the earthenware they shall be mingled with men: but they shall not cleave together, as the iron does not mix itself with earthenware.” ---- The Anti-Christ leader of this One World Order, destroys the Religious partnership, Revelations 17:16-17 “And the ten Horns which thou sawest, and the Beast, these will hate the Harlot, and will make her desolate, and naked, and will eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.” V17 “For God inclined their Hearts to do his purpose, even to execute one purpose, and to give their Kingdom to the Beast, till the words of God shall be completed.”  And that church that is now, and for what it will become in its involvement in this One World order, will become cast out and ruined as any thing functional, but the False Prophet himself will not be destroyed just yet, Jesus Christ will see to that, later, in Rev 19:20, and where in Daniel 2:34-35, this stone cut without hands from the Mountain, is Jesus Christ, the stone struck the feet and toes (The ten toes being the ten Kings or leaders) of the statue and broke them to pieces, this means that the whole of this Holy Roman Empire Reborn, will be destroyed by Jesus Christ, and the stone broke the whole statue, as to bring down and destroy all Kingdoms; the European union mixed with the Holy Roman Empire reborn, is to be destroyed under the name of  “Babylon” Thus paving the way for Jesus Christ and the Saints to rule the world as man should have ruled it, but Greed of man prevented!

And in v 42 see the mention of the ten Toes, these are ten Kings, and they are the seed of men mentioned in v 43, and are of ten Kings mentioned in Revelations 17:16-17, their very existence is for the purpose of bringing down the One World Religion side under the heading of “Harlot” or “The Great Mother of Harlots”; These Kings, and the Beast, or the Anti-Christ as he is called, will bring down the religion involving the False Prophet; this then makes way for the Anti-Christ to stand in or on the Temple site proclaiming himself to be Deity, or a god. ---- Lets see, 2 Thess 2:3-4, and from the original Greek MS. “Let no one delude you by any means, because the Apostasy  must come first, and there must be revealed that man of sin, that son of destruction,”  v4. “The opponent who indeed lifts himself above everything called Divinity or Majesty; so as to seat himself in the Temple of God, exhibiting himself that he is a god.” --- Now then, it’s clear, the Apostasy must come first, and this is the falling back into sin of the Church. ---- And there must be revealed that man of sin, that son of destruction, this then is the leader or leaders of the Holy Roman Empire reborn, the One World Government, he will be revealed as to who he is, and those of accurate knowledge will know, while those who are lead by the False Prophet will be deceived, and not realise about this man of sin


This son of destruction. ------ And this man of sin the Anti-Christ and the ten Kings will get rid of the False Prophet who is the leader of the Religious side of this Holy Roman Empire which has been reborn, so as the son of destruction the Anti-Christ can then sit in the Temple of God, exhibiting himself as a god. (god, not God, the Greek MS has it worded god, the lower case spelling indicating minor as in many gods, not major as God, in the one and only God, our Father. (I see it as a clue as to what nationality, or denomination, this Anti-Christ Leader is.)

 2 Thess 2:6, tells us that: this revealing of the Man of Sin, this Son of Destruction, is what is holding back the return of Jesus Christ, and v7 tells us that this lawlessness that is of the Man of sin is already working! And look at v9: Jesus return is going to be when the Adversary, the Devil, is most active, with all his Power, and signs, and Wonders of Falsehood, and v10 is a sad depiction of what is today, and getting worse, that is, the people deceived into iniquity, and because of this are perishing, because they won’t admit the love of the truth, in order that they might be saved, and v11 tells us that on that account God himself will send these people an energy of Delusion, which causes them to believe the falsehood,---  that’s what it says, God will punish those people and cause them to deeply believe the falsehood, those ones wont be able to be talked out of it! And here’s why in v12. “In order that all those may be judged who believed not the truth, but approved the iniquity.”  So then all those who are lead by the False Prophet and the Anti-Christ, and who worship the image of the Beast, that is the Holy Roman Empire and all its partners, who therefore have the Mark of the Beast, all of these people are the ones that God will send Delusion onto, and they will so much believe what it is that they follow, that these ones wont be able to be called or talked out of it! They then, will have been lead by the False Prophet, who promotes and gives back up to the Beast or Ant-Christ, and all this One World order, this Babylon, to eternal torment, there is no eternal Life for those ones: remember, its Billions of people!


It very well could be in your and my life time; here it is the year 2011, and prophecy is well advanced so far as this One World Order or Babylon is concerned, and every time a new Pope is elected in, they always promote the One World Order in their speech, urging that the world should hurry up the process, bringing in the One World Religion, of which they eagerly await; what then can this mean, given Roman Catholicism, I’m not sure they will hand over their beliefs to another, to change and make them change their ways, taking all they own, after all, they are the most populated Church in so called Mainstream Christianity, they are the backers of the Russian call for a One World Order, and a One World Religion, they have the evil Pope to come in the Malachy Prophecy, which some believe to be true, or that it is possible, and this points to the next Pope, or could it be (Peter the Roman) a Pope to come. Or is it this present time Pope? And what’s more in fact and deed, it doesn’t even require the Malachy Prophecies! Edit.--- I am blessed with more understandings given, as my eyes and mind are opened up by God; watch very closely the Pope and Chrislam, and read the new pages on "CHRISLAM" go to the "Beliefs" section on this website. End edit.

The other book to come out of Roman Catholicism is called "The Final Conclave" By Malachi Martin, a Vatican Priest and teacher, this book tells of preparation for what ever may come, plans for adapting to what will be in the future by the Vatican, and the Church, these plans are because as they say Christianity is on the rocks. The final conclave, means the last Pope to be elected into power! It's revealing reading!

Now if you want to have an update on how closely the Vatican and the church are to the European Union, try bringing up a search engine say Google, and enter in "Work with the Holy see" then click on the listing that appears of the same name, and you should be able to read of the very close relationship between them all. Or you may try other ways to bring the information up, however you do it, the information is on the internet, and is easily seen where the Roman Church is leading to.

What ever any one says or thinks, it is what the Holy Roman Church does and says, that gives very strong indication that they are to be the One World Religion. And I can only refer back to 2 Thess 2:7 and 11, and wonder at delusions. But remember this, scripture of God tells us what ever or who ever, it’s evil! It may start out as good intentions in some minds, but as the factual saying goes, Power corrupts, and total Power totally corrupts, and in the case of this whole One World Order, this Holy


Roman Empire reborn, this Babylon, it is to be the biggest whole world corruption that ever was and ever will be, big enough for God to step in and give Leadership to Jesus Christ, with the Saints co-ruling. 2 Thess 2: tells us when, its as soon as the son of destruction, the Man of sin is revealed then, 3.5 years of his rule and Jesus Christ will return, and when will this man of sin, this son of destruction, this Anti-Christ leader of the One World order, this Babylon, when will he be in power with his partner the False Prophet? Any time now: its all set up to go, and its building in power and popularity, even now the European Union is looking to gain favour, by looking to bale Greece out of financial bankruptcy, and now the United States of America is standing in line with a very good chance of financial assistance from the EU, but having said this, the USA is not yet a member of the EU, maybe this will win the EU favour in the eyes of the world and be seen to be a great and good system.  Any time now is when.

 Kevin McQuoid.

Edit---- We have reports that the EU countries are to insert microchips in their new born children as from May 2014! If this is true, look out! we are so close to Prophecy becoming so noticeably obvious to those who understand even some of it! 

In the light of this, all people of God need more than ever now to get everything in order with God, and my advise is: Work on your character; we have to be sure that we are not doing the commands of God by lip service; because God requires us to be doing things in truth and spirit, we need therefore to have our character fervently, and wilfully obedient to God, so work on it, work, work, work, for very few of us have all things as they should be and as God needs and expects us to be; God has high standards which we struggle to reach, that is why he bought Jesus in as a man Saviour, and God gave him authority over man in the flesh, and later with the Saints until he hands all back to God, Jesus, because he is man, can better mediate between us and God's high standards, that some of us may become Saints. End of Edit.

God's word given.

One world order and Anti-Christ.

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