In the knowledge of Saints
Chapter 13


First a little preamble,
In the thirteenth century, the Pope of the time wanted King Henry the 3rd of England to invade Sicily, Basically for Roman Catholic church conquest, however King Henry didn’t have the money to take on such an invasion, being 1000 miles away, and he couldn’t raise the money through Taxes, because the Barons refused; to cut a long story short, this request of the Pope never resulted in the bloodshed and murder in Sicily which he intended at that particular time, but it did result in bloodshed and murder in England as a consequence, and all because of a so called Christian leaders lust for power over what he desired to be his congregation. Is this Christ like?
So what? One might ask, the church was only doing what all in power were/are doing of our world of time, it was common place to rule with murder and evil as the mainstay of the pillar of power, why should the church behave in any other way? And what’s more, in those days the church felt it was their God given right to represent God in the manner they did...... Why not indeed? God forbid!
The question is raised: Why is it that some people cannot see?
Is this the Christianity of Jesus the Christ? Not according to Jesus the Christ. There are hundreds of hidden stories lost in History, which prove that these are not the God given Christian representatives.
O.K there’s just another record of History refreshing our minds that something is wrong, something is very wrong with mans form of Christianity, the facts which are apparent from the Scriptures, and from the History records, the Gospels which are of God, and mans behaviour within so called Christianity says in itself that it is not as God intended, but will God change his standards and accept mans way?... Not according to the Prophets of the Old scriptures, and not according to the Gospels of God.
The Jesus is of the essence of God, therefore the Trinity, and the moderation of the “Trinity” called “Oneness” all came out of this Emperor of Rome, and the Roman church combination, and the “Holy Roman Empire”, and yes it could be argued as a weak form of defence against that charge, that Christianity was not unified with the original teachings of Christ at that time either, but history records, and to days Trinity Mother church claims responsibility for the upholding of the decree of Constantine, and specifically by claiming that they are the church of Constantine, while the Mothers daughters uphold the same by declaring Constantine as “Constantine the Great” and voice their protection of him against those who accuse him, which in turn places them as the scripture of God describes them.


Those churches who claim to have split away from their Mother church, and known as protestant churches, and even though they do not uphold some of the Mother churches ways anymore, they still uphold the Trinity and oneness teachings of Constantine, they are the daughters of the Mother church to them, which is the Roman Catholic church, yet they are steadily returning to the Mothers ways, and the combination of them is addressed scripturally in the book of Revelations as Babylon, which means confused.
All this has come from greedy, and blood thirsty, evil rulers known as Despots, men of evil ungodly lusts, not Christ like at all, and with ulterior motives, and this being the foundation of all the Mainstream churches, and what they have based their doctrine on, this is recognised by man worldwide to be God’s church! And this is Christianity? They were/are Christ like? God forbid! The Trinity type teaching never was, that is, before evil set in to the apostate churches.
We still today see churches being started up, and in the main they come into being for the wrong reasons, and among the reasons is that of trafficking God’s word for money, but one of the notable moves churches of today are making, is the addition of the names of churches, this involves a seemingly new church starting up, but in reality they are only the same Trinity church, and with the same teachings, but are brought into being by existing Trinity churches as a deception, and an illusion that the Trinity is of many, many church numbers, and therefore make the statement that such great numbers teaching the same doctrine can’t be wrong! They are seeking consolation in numbers of people, for the nagging doubts they still have about their very authenticity in God’s eyes, and when challenged become aggressive and defiant towards any attempt made towards correcting them, which in turn shows their weakness in any form of a conviction of the truth in matters concerning the Trinity, and the subsequent doctrines that go with it, a weakness shown because of the Old Testament Prophets proving the Trinity to be false, therefore, for lack of their being able to explain the scripture concerned, that being what puts them on the back foot, and no conviction is obtainable to them, they subconsciously are not consoled by their doctrine.

What does the Trinity doctrine teach?

God is three parts God, and as well as a being called Jesus is God himself also, and also another being they call the Holy spirit as being God himself, so God is the Trinity of three different beings, but not the three Gods, only one God, but he is three different Gods, because he is three different beings; this cannot be explained. Up holders of the Trinity of Gods teach that the Trinity which they teach is confusion, and being such could only be explained by a Spirit.
They teach that many places of the scriptures must be disregarded to avoid confusion and contradicting the Trinity Doctrine.

What does ONENESS teach?

God is God, only one God; but in being only one God he is of three parts, God is part of him, Jesus is another part of God, and the Holy Spirit is another part of God, three parts to one God. The explanation given to explain the death of Jesus is: That was the Jesus side of God, who became flesh


To die. The scripture which says otherwise is disregarded for lack of available explanation; it is not read and omitted from study, or in some cases given other explanation of it, as in the case of the Trinity doctrine.
They also teach that many places of the scriptures must be disregarded to avoid confusion and contradicting the Oneness Doctrine.

Constantine teaches

Both the teachings of the Trinity and Oneness to describe God are structured on the decree of Constantine, that Jesus is of the essence of God, that is to mean that Jesus is God, thus the Trinity and it’s daughter, Oneness.

God teaches

God has had it written in many places in the Old scriptures: “There are no Gods before me, there are no Gods after me, and there is no God beside me”. Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit is God, not as a separate being from God and shows such in the explanation of what the words mean “Holy Spirit” which is as follows: the word “Holy” to mean separate, as in any use of the word throughout the scriptures, but not to mean that it is a separate part of God. What the word Spirit means is that which the Heavenly body is made up of in essence, that which is Spirit is the reality, that which you see and touch is the temporal: God is the All Mighty, nothing or no one compares, no Spirit is as God’s Spirit, he is the “Holy Spirit” the separate spirit, that is to say, no other spirit is as God’s Almighty Spirit. The “Holy Spirit is God, not a part of God as in separate, not part of God in another part or being, straight out God himself. The Holy Spirit is God who is singular. You will need to read Pauls letters to the Corinthians, they were meant for all. Thus we have the truth.
Why bother with it
Jesus has said, if you don’t know me, I won’t know you, and also read the books of Moses, and the Prophets, and Psalms, and find out who I am.
God’s message is this: “If thou wilt confess with thy mouth that Jesus is lord, and wilt believe with thy Heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” Jesus died, and was raised from the dead by his Father, who is our Father, his God, who is our God, and this is the deciding belief as to if anyone is Christian as God intended. Jesus did die, and we see deceived explanation from Trinitarians claiming that it was only the flesh side of Jesus that died, that the God side of Jesus didn’t die, and once again displaying confusion to delusion. Show me the scripture of God which informs us of this Trinitarian doctrine
If you think Jesus is God, and therefore that God comes to Earth as a man, then the man standing in the Temple of God claiming himself to be God will get you, and even if you don’t live to see the day, the trap has been set for you other ways.


The doctrine of Jesus being of the essence of God contradicts the scriptures of God, and much has been altered by man to accommodate the teachings, believing it is being deceived, God says, “There is no confusion in my congregation” the Trinity, and the Oneness, teachings born of mans doctrine of Jesus is the essence of God, and coming from a organisation of sinners, is pure confusion, contradicting the testimonies of both God and his servant Jesus the Christ.

Trinity doctrine re- crucifies Jesus, and by teaching that Jesus is God, or part God, or fully God fully man, or God come down to Earth as a man, and all the other teachings of that type stemming from the Trinity doctrine, what it does is takes the Glory so hard earnt, from Jesus.
I study some of the websites of those who uphold the Trinity type doctrine, and am not surprised at the tactics used to get around the actual scripture which they cannot afford to touch on, because it will make void their teachings, here’s one example: While using the Prophesy Given to King David, the teacher of the Trinity used only a very small portion of the verses concerned, and he pointedly avoided the main points of the Prophesy, that which proves the lie that trinity lives with, and that is the part which clearly tells us that the messiah to come through David was down through David’s lineage, clearly stating that Messiah would come “From the seed issue, from David’s Loins”. The lineage of course is Joseph, Mary’s Husband, so God says, Jesus was conceived Naturally, from the natural act to accomplish a conception by man and woman, the natural seed issued out of Josephs’ loins, into the womb of a woman who had entered into a Kosher marriage, as a virgin, and as required by God in Jewish law, this being Mary. If Mary was not a virgin before the conception, then by Jewish Law which is God’s law, Mary could have been stoned to death, God would not have condoned the breaking of the laws, and especially in this case. God could never condone the breaking of his laws in this most crucial event to save mankind, Man has altered the scriptures to suit their Trinity teaching, Man has portrayed that God is breaking his own laws and have man do the same, they have Mary conceiving before marriage, this to suit the lies they have told, what is more, man cannot give explanation to his doctrine, oh yes they attempt to, but if only they realised how pathetic their attempts sound to those who have the accurate knowledge, and there they all are, out there proclaiming their Knowledge, but it’s all without understanding, deceived and confused, and sunken into deep delusion, which in turn, God said he would bring on such ones.

What advantage is there in God creating the Messiah in a way which is seen as sin, punishable by God’s instructions to stone Mary to death?

Now then, show me where it is written by God, that Jesus was a virgin conception, and a virgin birth!


Where is it in the scripture of God, that Constantine Emperor of Rome, could have come to any honest decision, that God has taught us that Jesus the Christ is part of a Trinity of God’s doing, in that Jesus is of the essence of God, therefore being a physical part of God, therefore being God or a God, but not a god. We should find this scripture, because after Constantine made his decree on the matter, scripture/Gospels changed.... Still looking? Don’t, you won’t find it in the word of God, and


What’s more, Constantine had many, many Gospel manuscripts destroyed, so which ones were they? Well it’s a known fact that there are no original authentic Gospel Manuscripts in existence, not now, and this is stated by the authorities of the Trinitarian doctrine, I have it in writing from them.
Strangely enough, the Trinitarian of today also say that in the past they have doubted the authenticity of the New Testament, but on the say so of some man named Fredrick Kenyon, they have decided that the New Testament can be held as authentic. I think it’s all just a public relations exercise to try and justify the unjustifiable, which their founders are responsible for, and which these ones today want to uphold, and mainly because it is their mark, their uniqueness, which they are very reluctant to give up, and I can think this, because of the context of the Scriptures/Gospels of which I have been inspired by God to receive Knowledge and understandings of, and also because of the communications in writing, which I have had with these churches concerned.
The Old Testament has the first and original scriptures on the coming Messiah, they are very clear and concise, and there is no contradiction throughout the whole of the Old Testament that is concerning the testimony, which God has given us as to the Material status of the Messiah, and is seen as a reliable source of information.
I have seen a progression of alterations in Modern Bibles, so I see the need for the copying of Chapter and verse from the Septuagint, to be as near as possible to an Authentic account, and that we are all on the same page so to speak.

This is the scripture of God:

Deuteronomy. 18:15 “The Lord God shall raise up to thee a prophet of thy brethren, like me; him shall ye hear:”
And v18 “I will raise up to them a prophet of their brethren, like thee; and I will put my words in his mouth, and he shall speak to them as I shall command him.”
V19 “And whatsoever man shall not hearken to whatsoever words that prophet shall speak in my name, I will take vengeance on him.” It is on these verses alone that those who are truly Jewish will not accept the Trinity of Christianity, and there are many more to backup these verses. Go on; read it again with eyes and mind open can’t be refuted can it? Oneness and Trinitarian cannot read it!
King David’s seed issue from the loins of that man, this is avoided like the plague by Oneness and Trinitarian.
Isaiah’s description of the man Jesus was to be, they have other explanation of it, which doesn’t add up at all, what they should be made to do is give explanation of the testimony of God in all accounts, account for the books of Moses, and Samuel or Kings, and in all areas, where sits the Trinity/Oneness congregation in all this?


Mans form of Christianity

The facts all point to the Christianity in its form today, is the invention of man himself mingled with some authentic scripture of God’s doing, but peppered with some of mans influence.
The peppering of mans influence overshadowing God’s word, is purely the age old problem which started at the time of the testing of Adam and Eve, disobedience, then came Power, Babel shows the concern God has for the lust of man to control his own destiny, seen as lust for power.
The Trinity doctrine and its consequent doctrines In effect call God a liar.
The Trinity form of Christianity teaches that God is deceitful, and that he used deceitfulness in matters pertaining to the last and final attempt to save mankind, teaching that God had to use deceit, therefore suggesting that God had not the strength of power to carry out the use of a man for the Messianic covering for man. God forbid the doctrine! God used man for everything else related, and they manifest as perfectly capable.


According to God their disobedience stacks up to Heaven, sorry, it will just take too long to properly research and give full documentation to this subject. there are library volumes of History books which have record of  Trinity Christian iniquities, then there are those which never made the books.

God has shown us in his peculiar people the Hebrew/Israel/Jewish people, many of the bad traits very evident in God’s people, and this is carried over into today’s times, by all forms of Jewish, Christian and Muslim type religions, All take on many differing Doctrine within their own domains.

God’s anger is building to a point of wrath, we can see it, Idol worshipers make God angry, and he has in the past killed off every man, woman and child of some nations, but now we have Jesus, who by his death died once for all, this means that we get the chance in life to come to repentance of our sins, rather than as in the Mosaic laws of instant Judgement for sins, and in some cases instant death.
What of apostate Christianity? Well if we read the Gospels/Scriptures with understanding, we see that in the day of God’s wrath he will deal severely with it, read the Prophets, read the Parables of Jesus, and Revelations. We have to know this: God is giving it to Jesus to return with the wrath of God! Jesus will smash to pieces with an iron rod, God allows him revenge against those who slight his cruel death, those who take away the Glory he so much deserves, and he is the stone taken without hands from the Mountain, and his helpers will be the Saints who have been chosen by God, listen to this now, the Saints are chosen by God! And not the Vatican authorities. Jesus warns the churches, Jeremiah and Ezekiel tell of Gods anger towards the churches, Jesus tells the Parables that show the anger to the apostate ones, the book of Revelations or Apocalypse Jesus warns the churches, and also tells of the utter destruction of that termed “The Whore of Babylon, Mother of all Harlots”. It goes on, but one thing is clear to me, I certainly would not want to be involved in any church which has the hint of disobedience to God, let alone that of the Apostate state, and as for not knowing Jesus, then Jesus will not know those ones, but don’t get that wrong, Jesus told the Parable that goes along with his words.
Here is Jesus telling those who don’t know him in Matt 7:22-23 “Many will say to me in that day, Master, Master, have we not taught in your name? And in thy name expelled Demons? And in thy Name performed many Wonders?’ “And I will plainly declare to them, I never approved of you.


Depart from me, you who practise Iniquity.” This is the meaning of “Those who don’t know Jesus” in context. You can’t make other explanation of Jesus statement here, clearly these people have considered themselves Christians, and clearly they have been very indulgent in what they profess they have done, but Jesus is telling them that he never approved of their doings, because they didn’t know Jesus, and therefore the false deeds they did by the doctrine they falsely believed, were counted as iniquities, and Jesus did not know them as his people, because those ones did not know Jesus, and if Christian, what is not knowing Jesus? The Trinity!

Abraham is not Trinitarian

Abram was from an Idol worshipping peoples, until God saw the spirit of Abram could be set right, enabling God to teach Abram that there is only one God.
What God was teaching Abram was that God is only one being, singular, here’s the teaching of God: “There are no Gods before me, and there are no Gods after me, and there are no Gods beside me.”
This testimony is from God, and is the testimony which is designed to combat not only idol worship, but the false doctrine of the Trinity, being that the Trinity also is technically closely related to, and in a form of Idol, or multiple god worship. So then, to combat those errors God has testified that God is one singular, and not One as in a group, for example one set of some things, God’s statement is clear, none before him, being no one else at all, he and only he, none after him being none to take over from him, and also none beside him, to mean one God with no companions of Gods , which also tells us that Jesus the Messiah is not considered Of the essence of God, or a god.

Intellectuals of man delve

God tells us that he will not give the accurate knowledge to the intelligent of man.
The intellectuals of men lack the humble character required for God to trust him with his secrets and Knowledge, God says he will give the accurate knowledge with understandings of it to the more lowly of men, the humble people whom God chooses. These are less likely to alter God’s word to suit their own motives.
No matter how delving minds of intelligence might argue, and the question they might raise: how did God become in the first place he must also have had a creator in order to be? If your spirituality is in the right place, you would accept the answer as this: God has created all that is in concern of us, all the universe as we think of it and more, and all in and on it that is, what God has created is of his right, and his right alone, nothing else, or other being can or will take it from him, because it belongs to him, If there was any other spiritual equal or above our one and only God, then it has no bearing on us, or the activities of our creator, God is his own Master, and none, including any other essence which may or may not be, can or will be accountable for us other than our God, and his creations. Now I say, If there is any other spiritual equal or above our one and only God, The point I make is that our only concern is that we have one God, and anything else is not for us to know, as God says, that we as mankind cannot handle the knowledge he has given us..... You can get an


insight to what is held back from us that we otherwise might have, and that is in the Old Testament accounts, one being where God can and at his will, open our eyes to what spiritual is actually around us all the time, but he has done it only on very rear occasions, it is true.
So then, God tells us, he is the one and only Holy Spirit, God is the Holy meaning separate Spirit, and that is to say, none other like him, the ultimate spirit, that is the highest ranking Spirit that we need concern ourselves with, no other Highest ranking Holy Spirit has control over us, And that God works through those he chooses, to get things done, the Saints which are working with God at present both alive now on Earth, and those who work with God as did those who were with God at Mount Sinai, are all immortal man, some of God’s creation. 1 Corinthians 15:35-58 gives some insight.
Let us create man, “us” if you will receive it, being Angels/Saints existing from other times, we are not the first, and they are not other Gods or Jesus. God has created all the Host of Heaven, None is another God. read the context of those scriptures of God and it will be revealed, and in the same light, If you read Genesis you read, and archaeologists have proof, that there were several breeds of man existed at the time of Adam and Eve, otherwise Cain would not need the mark of protection from other men, and could not have married and created a city, have an open minded read, that is open to God, and see what others ignore, there’s plenty. Consider the planet Mars with an open mind.

Let me indulge a little.

To help you on your way, remember this: with God there was no beginning, and no end, this planet is only a few years old to God, we know a little about Gods time, one thousand of our years is only one day to God, God is for eternity, so try to imagine never ending one thousand year days = eternal time, O.K so given that, what has God done with all that time? He has created the Earth and all on it, the universe must have come first, so what else might God have done before us? I would say plenty in context of the scriptures and the archaeologists; it wouldn’t take too much to work out that we are not the first Planet of Intelligent Life, and it’s a little more than conjecture on my behalf, and to be fair I should give some credit to those in the astrology sector; scientists, if only they would give credit by acknowledging God in the creativity.
And it certainly is not heresy to accept that God also designed evolution, just let me tickle your senses here a little, Why has man nipples on his chest? I’m all smiles, and that’s where I will leave it.

Let’s get back to it.

God has eyes and ears and a voice through all the Immortals of man which he creates, Likened to a cell phone, you have something, and that something appears to have no wire, or material thing coming from it to somewhere, yet it sends a message to someone, and also receives a message, and of course much more with to days cell phones, God likewise has Immortal man in a spiritual body, and that immortal man goes out, and is spiritually in touch with God, no wires or anything material, but conveying back and forth messages, to and from God, but these immortal spirit bodied beings are not God, nor are they gods. And if you can read scripture of God you will also be aware that even as we walk this Earth in the flesh, we have a spirit within us that God communicates with, mainly


one sided communication for many people, read with confidence from God’s scripture that his spirit visits our spirit to judge how we measure up in matters of God.

God has given Abram a clear understanding, One God, as one singular being.

Abram received the teaching in Faith, and became the first Hebrew, Abram was seen by God as having crossed over, crossed over from the worship of multiple gods to One God,

God did not teach Abram to cross over from multiple gods to multiple Gods.

And so the meaning of Hebrew is crossed over.
Therefore all who call themselves Hebrew, or that they are of the faith, are not, unless they are of the same faith as Abraham.
God renamed Abram, Abraham, because of the faithfulness of the man, God rewarded Abram to become the Father of many Nations, and that is to the faithful Hebrews, and also the Faithful Gentiles, along with that anyone attaching themselves to the Faith of Abram/Abraham, but don’t become complacent, all who want to be classified as such, need to have the faith of Abram as to who God is, and his Messiah, and therefore it would be a folly to move away from that which God taught Abraham, and subsequently the people Israel, and that is the testimony of God that he is one being as in singular, and not one as in a set of multiples. these things are basics, the foundations, if we get the basics wrong for the very start, there is no way the rest will be right, and is as much as, if we build a faulty foundation then the structure from there on will also be faulty, clearly it is the same with our overall understandings of Our religion, Jesus tells the parable of those who build on the shifting sand, and those who build on the rock, Jesus then relates himself as the Rock to build our house on, the foundation to start building our faith on, Get it wrong about him, and you are building on the shifting sand.
Abraham also has the Nations of Ishmael, the Arab nations, their main religion being Islam, and those who follow that religion are called Muslims. Even though the Islam don’t accept Jesus as the Messiah they do tell us that they worship one God, the same God as the God of Abraham, and as such despise the Trinity teaching of Christians, this being the main cause of their striking out at Christians, even so God says that they will always be a trouble to mankind.

Abraham knew God to be one singular, and not one as in one set of multiples.

We have some basics, a foundation to build the house of God through the Messiah who God has given us.

Back to basics

No one understands Gods word profitably who upholds the Trinity/Oneness doctrine

Now that we have that basis foundation, we should be able to see the adulterated and perverted scripture/Gospels which God tells us about, and the key to that knowledge is in the books of Moses,


The Prophets, and Psalms, now we should be able to discern the Parts man has changed to suit the Trinity teachings of man, and also, given time we will be able to discern parts which have been badly translated, and therefore interpreted in the same manner.
Yes, for sure, it’s a shock to come to realise the truth concerning Christianity, or should I be saying, the truth of what man has done to Christianity, and then comes the shock of what the real story is about Christianity, those things concerning Jesus,(Yeshua), and note that when the reality of the truth comes out, how Logical and Balanced, and Harmonic, the Gospels become, the confusion disappears, and that is how God describes his word, by saying “There is no confusion in the congregation of God”, and surely, when we have the faith of Abram, we then have no confusion in our belief, our faith, and it becomes so easy to learn and accept, and obey, because we know those parts to ignore, that which man has put in for ulterior motives, and we know that the scriptures Trinitarians tell us to ignore, are to be read and understood, and straight away by reading that which we should, and ignoring that which is false everything becomes as God intended.
There are many problems man faces with the seeking of the Authentic word of God, The search for a complete and entirely authentic scripture from God would be futile, and some forms of Christianity, and some forms of Jewish religion recognise this fact at least to some degree, with the Jewish religions recognising the lack of authenticity in the Christian sector, excepting some Jews who have fallen into the Trinity doctrine, yet even so are calling themselves Messianic Jews, this working against the reputation of those Messianic Jews who are not of the Trinity.
There are just so many things which work against an accurate Scripture/Gospel, some things working against it being innocent, and some being evil; and are provable.
There are many websites on the Internet which fervently struggle with their self revelations of teachings that “All scripture is divinely inspired”, and they base their revelations on that which is altered scripture by man, O.K let’s be fair, and some misinterpreted by man, because that happens, but what is very clear to most forms of Messianic peoples, but very few of those called Christian, is that the statement “All scripture is divinely inspired” is flawed by the very provable problems which that verse presents.
Reports from around the world of Christianity, say that many people are leaving the Trinity churches, they are those who can now see, and in trying to counteract the losses in numbers, those churches are setting up more churches using different names, yet teach the same. Yet it is sickening to see people seeking, because they know deep down the truth is not been told to them, and moving from one Trinity church to the other, not finding the truth, then settle for looking for a Pastor within these churches, who they like, even though he has the same teachings as the last church they frequented. These people still not seeking God as he tells us.


The Hebrew speakers, and those who understand the root of Hebrew tell us of the mistakes which have occurred with the attempts of men over the years, to translate the Scriptures into Greek then Latin then English, and also from Hebrew to Greek in itself, and any attempt to translate, and then


interpret from Hebrew to English, and it certainly has been and still is a mammoth task, which still leaves much to be desired in the bringing in of accuracy.
The Hebrew speakers tell us we have much wrong in translation, and interpretation, which has been written into our version of God’s word, we don’t have accuracy in many places, which in turn brings a certain falseness for want of any other way to describe it, into parts of our belief system, this is a big enough problem without man evilly and purposely changing God’s word, we now have a book which cannot be relied on, and to mans shame that book is suppose to be compiled on the Word of God, which in turn is that which is to help bring Mankind into the Kingdom of God; what are the chances then, when God says nothing false will enter into his Kingdom?

We have to recognise the problem

We as people who come to God through the lord Jesus the Christ, have to recognise that there is a problem with the Authenticity and the accuracy of certain parts of the Scriptures/Gospels, and which deal with certain subjects, for certain reasons, and at the hand of man.
We are told to examine every spirit that they be of God, that is to mean we should discern all that which man teaches claiming it to be God’s word, we are told not to seek God and doctrine in party spirit, and this because if you just go along with what your Pastor, and his followers teach, and without seeking God for yourself, then if the Party of that Pastor and his followers has it wrong to the degree of disobedience to God, then you will also. Jeremiah/Ezekiel tells the chilling story of Church /Pastors/Shepherds, and how God works today for those who genuinely seek him, if you don’t already know, you may be surprised, it’s not as the many think.
To recognise the problem is one thing, but we need to understand it, let’s count the problem of the Trinity as solved as having been exposed as false, and long with it it’s backup teachings.
Then what’s left which is a problem in the authenticity of the Scripture/Gospels?
We first have to establish what constitutes a problem, and know when it becomes a problem to our eternal profit. Anything which causes us to be disobedient to God, and those things which displease God about us as individuals, these are the most important problems to address, the Trinity and all is doctrine dragged us into disobedience to God, we now put that aside.
Let’s look at some of the problems associated with gaining accurate knowledge required, to become worthy to enter into the Kingdom Of God, O.K, Sorry, I still have to refer back to the Trinity teachings and all that which goes along with it, that is it! That’s the root of the problem in the Scripture/Gospels, in preventing people from the accurate knowledge, and just as God has said in the Prophets, so just scrap it, get rid of the plague! Clear the false teachings, and clear your path.
So we better have a look at some of the Problems faced by the translators, and the interpreters of the Scriptures/Gospels, and what’s this we find! The Gospels, the Trinity people have been there first and translating is according to the Trinitarian, and there are no more the Authentic manuscripts, the Trinitarian say so, there are no longer any Manuscripts of the Gospels, in any fullness which can be classified as Authentic, My God, what have they done? The Trinitarian tell us these things, I


know, they have told me in writing, but they do add that they have many, many copies of their authority, written up by the church of Constantinople to their political and religious standards, this is also backed up by the presenters of the Septuagint, who add to that by telling us that the Septuagint, being the only known authentic copy of the Old testament, had also been tampered with by the Constantinople ones, yet an attempt has been made to rectify the alterations, and is now addressed as near to Authentic, but they add that no one has made the attempt to rectify the Gospels.
Well then, any other problems with the Translations seem to pale in comparison to that which has been caused by the Trinity doctrine.
Let’s look at the other problems which are known: once again the difficulty in bringing Hebrew into meaning for Greek, Latin, English, and even Hebrew to Hebrew! Because much of the old scripture was written in the original pictorial or pictogram figure writing, and without being a Hebrew, presented insurmountable problems for any English or otherwise translator, without living the culture of the Hebrew people of ancient times.
Then more problems, the Hebrew writing took on different forms over the years, changing markedly, and for a time in history was all but a completely lost language, now I know I have written about this before, but I do have some books which demonstrate examples of how badly translation has come out in some areas of the scriptures.
A book of the Ancient Hebrew lexicon of the Bible has an example: In psalms 29:9 the NASB and the KJV translates the Hebrew as “The voice of the Lord makes the deer to calve”, while the NIV translates as “The voice of the Lord twists the Oaks”. While the literal translation to the Hebrew means “The voice of the Lord makes the strong leaders turn”. OOPs! But it is an innocent mistake!
Yes it’s innocent, it’s not borne of a bias or an ulterior motive of evil, and nonetheless, it happens to the translations and ruins the interpretations, making nonsense. Just stop now and think about “All scripture is God inspired” and we realise that with the Trinity teachings and all that doctrine which goes along with it, that we cannot go on believing in blind faith when the faith is defective, we as God has said must examine all spirits, and go to him for the accurate knowledge, unfortunately the all scripture is God inspired fervent teaching of many, can be related to the blind leading the blind, unfortunate.

A Virgin shall conceive in the womb?--- Hebrew correction
Pious Jewish people, who have always stated that verses like Isaiah. 7:14, are a total miss understanding of the verse altogether, they state that it’s nothing to do with Jesus, and that it relates to a woman of that very time, not Mary many years down the track, the claim is that the words that those who are not Hebrew have interpreted as being “Behold a virgin will conceive in the womb” is not the correct translation either, rather it should be saying “... and a young woman will be in child”, the Hebrew word used has been proven many times to mean “young woman” and proven to be distant from any meaning of “Virgin” or “virgin woman”, in Hebrew is just isn’t there. They rebuke the Trinity/Oneness Christian, while they are prepared to reason with those Christians who up hold God's word, that of One God singular, of the original scriptures.
Well, it seems to pour cold water on the usual beliefs, food for thought isn’t it? 



Yes and it does poor cold water on the Trinitarian claims that the translations and interpretations were carried out by translators inspired by God, that they wrote the bible of today as God spoke it to them, strange though that those translators didn’t see it that way! They had complaints that during the process of translating, they were harassed into changing, and writing translations to suit those who commissioned them.
Yes and if you flick back through the pages a see what I wrote about the Virgin, cold water there to do you think? (I’m smiling).
Well without waiting for God to direct me any further on this one, and in the question of who’s right and who’s wrong, and then is anyone completely wrong, or wrong at all?
I have read the verses either side of that one in Isaiah 7:14 and reserve the decision about it, because I see the following verses leading to the latter days.
Here is the explanation: In some cases God sees that a form of subtly needs to be used, when words of God are used in such a way as to become difficult to manoeuvre without causing a trampling effect on believers, and especially of poor spirit, better to leave some there and by using the scriptures in overall context, to prove a truth or an accuracy of a major concern, better to leave the minor concern and present the truth with what is written, so here it is: in this case we have written “A Virgin will conceive in the womb” and so many think this is Mary, and that it means she will have a virgin conception, and this is the only words written in the old scriptures which the Trinitarian could use to build their Trinity doctrine, and the context of scripture tells us that the Trinity is not so, because it is written that Jesus will be a man as Moses is, and Jesus will be one of Moses brethren, and King David is promised the messiah of Jesus, will come from the seed issue from the Loins of David which in lineage is Joseph, so then, the natural conception with his wife Mary who he married as a virgin, to be kosher in Jewish law, the conception happened through the seed issue from the Loins of Joseph, Marys Husband. And there we have a Kosher Jewish marriage and the prophesied natural conception, and Birth, has been fulfilled, as the prophets have prophesied and in which every person would expect of such an important event in the history of saving mankind. (I know, I’ve written this just recently, but it’s all for the learning, remember, some of us need much learning)
And of course along with that is the important fact, that if it were true to the portrayed stories in Mathew and Luke, then God would be seen as condoning the breaking of the very strict laws he imposed on the people, and then, also Mary had the greatest chance of being stoned to death by the Jewish people, for being such a sinner and breaking the laws Of God Through Moses, along with that would be, given the Jews have other explanation of Isaiah 7:14, If God had changed the Laws to play a dangerous game with the life of Mary and the Child, the Jewish people certainly would not have known it! Then there would be the cruel stroke against Joseph! So the question has to be asked: would God allow him who was to become the Messiah, come as illegitimate in Jewish Law?



However, the verse in Isaiah is explained, it can be clearly seen by the context of the scriptures of God in the Old Testament, that there was no virgin conception, or a virgin birth, and clearly, it is at the hand of those who have in the past forced the Trinity on people by the threat of death and torture, and having carried that out against those who wouldn’t accept the doctrine.

Oh yes, and there were those who pretended to accept the Trinity doctrine, to save their life from being taken by this new form of Christianity. This then is the foundation that today’s Christianity is built on.
You would be well advised to do an honest study on what constitutes an Anti-Christ.


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