God's word given.

The Mainstream Churches are in trouble


Who says so? God and Jesus tell us so, in scripture, and the Book of Revelations.

By the time you have read this website in conjunction with the Scriptures/Gospel/Revelations, you will have read the truth, and with understandings.

Who is the Whore of Babylon

She is the great Mother Harlot sitting on the Beast, she is the Church which sits on the Seven Hills of Rome, and she has her daughters, harlots, who have splintered off her, these also are churches: their sins reach up to the Heavens, and they will be destroyed. Edit --- It has to be added that she joins up with the Beast of Revelations, the Whore of Babylon is joined and part of the "One world Order" which is to be eventually lead by, "The Anti-Christ, and The False Prophet". The Book of Revelations tell us that they all will be destroyed, to the worst of all punishment from God.

They will be destroyed

But not before they bring Christianity which worship them, to eternal torment, in Hell.----Edit--- I should explain here; there are people who call themselves Christians, who are people of God, there are also people who call themselves Christians who are disobedient to God, it is the later who are more likely to follow the False Prophet; Jesus speaks of such in Matt.25:11-12. Also, Luke.13:25, and, heres the clearest one of them all: Matt.7:21-23, and here from the "Diaglott word for word translation of the original Greek Manuscript": verse 21-23. "Not everyone who says to me, Master, Master, will enter into the Kingdom of the Heavens; but he who performs the will of that Father of mine in the Heavens." 22. "Many will say to me in that day, Master, Master, have we not taught in thy name? And in thy name expelled Demons? And in thy name performed many wonders?"23. "And then I will plainly declare to them, I never approved of you. Depart from me you who practise iniquity."---- Now it is plain to see that these ones have obviously concidered themselves to be of high moral Christians, they fully expected to be taken up to be with Jesus the Christ! What has gone wrong for them? Well the Scriptures/Gospels tell us all we need to know as to why this will happen to some, and disobedience is one of the major factors, it is the  "Original sin" from the days of Adam and Eve, and still people are disobedient to God! 

Among other peoples of this world, there will be some who call themselves Christians, who will follow the False prophet, I am not sorry at all that you might be hearing this from me, but concider this truth, you are not hearing it from me, as it is firstly written from God and Jesus Christ in the scriptures! what I am sorry about though, is that it has to be the way it is among people, that they should be rejected!

Listen!---The disobedience is already in many churches, the False Prophet has been setup, and is subtle in it's manifestation as to be working now times! It will all grow in a subtle manner until it's fullness has manifest it self to be apparent to all! Listen to God and Jesus Christ in their word to us all, their warnings are well written!----- "Many are called, but few are chosen" we all, no matter who we might think we are in matters of God, we all can only live in hope of what it is that we might expect from God and Jesus Christ. Jesus says the path is narrow and Hard! Even some of those who are called and have had the experience of the Holy Spirit activities on them fall into disobedience, and become deceived, losing their way, and finally being rejected!

It is a huge struggle to stay obedient to God, and to keep from being deceived by the Devil, because as the scriptures/Gospels tell us, the Devil is the ruler of this world, and he is down here now, raging war against us, therefore you have to know that this is part of our testing and trials God puts us through, and those who overcome? They are those who are worthy to enter into the Kingdom of God, these are called "Saints". Contrary to what some Mainstream Church say, know that the scriptures/Gospels teach, that all believers into Jesus the Christ can also become "Saints" End of Edit.

There is to be only one religion


This through the " One World Government" that man will setup, and lead by the False Prophet to start with as the Holy Roman Empire reborn.

Edit----- It will be taken over by the Beast of Daniel and Revelations, the Anti-Christ, but remember, the "One World Government" which is even at present being set up by man, and must be remembered that it is mans setup we talk of here, and not the Governing Kingdom that Jesus the Christ will setup on his return. End of Edit.



It is evil

This one world religion that the Popes push so hard for will have only one religious leader: it is evil to the core, and fully backed by the Devil, that Serpent, Satin, the Adversary, The evil spirit who dresses himself as the angel of light!


The False Prophet is the “One World Government” Religious leader, who leads all who follow him, to their demise.

The evil Pope to come

The Popes all know that the evil pope is to come, the 112th Pope, according to their own books.

The Malachy Prophecies

The Roman Catholic Priests vision dreams, which he wrote, are in his  book “The Malachy Prophecies”, which was eventually published, and tell of the evil Pope to come, and is also backed by Bible Prophecy.



The Final Conclave

 “The final conclave” this is another book written by a man in these days, who works within the Vatican, Malachi Martin, his book tells as the title suggests, of the electing in of the final Pope, the one to be the False Prophet, the Religious leader of the evil Holy Roman Empire reborn, Part of what will make up the “One World Government” Or “One World Order” Or “Internationalism” or Biblically “The seven headed beast”. ------ You can look these two up on the internet, and check it out in Scripture.

Most of the “One World Government” has been bought to be

United Nations, European Union, It has happened, it is here, see it’s Flag; blue background, and 12 gold stars in a circle, a Roman Catholic design, depicting the virgin Marys halo: completion will come with the “False Prophet” (The 2nd Beast) and the Anti-Christ, ( the 1st Beast) of the book of Revelations, ruling together, it is almost done! Edit---- The 12 Gold stars that the Roman Catholic designer of the flag depicts as Mary's Halo, Is usually understood to be actually by scripture, to be the twelve stars depicting the twelve tribes of the people Israel! End of Edit.

Is the Church in trouble

In the past it has committed Torture, Murder on mass, oppression, it has changed Gods laws and times, teaches Precepts and Doctrines of men, amongst many other things.

Then we have those Churches who condone same sex marriages, Homosexuality, Homosexual Priests and Pastors, and teachers of religion, all this is against God. .Leviticus 20:13"Whoever shall lie with a male as with a woman, they have both wrought abomination; let them die the death, they are guilty."

Edit----- What church is this you may ask? it is any church which takes part in these things, any church which is disobedient to God's Commandments is another, that is to be disobedient also to be taking people away from God in disobedience, Scripture tells us that those who cause people to lose their eternal life, those who do not enter into the kingdom of God because of taught disobedience to God, Those churches are murders, they cause people to lose their eternal life, and God calls that murder! End of Edit.

Jesus is not God almighty, it's important to know

Many doctrines of the churches of the False Prophet are setup to teach people in preparation to worship the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet, this is done by not recognising Jesus for what he is, and that is done by calling him God, remember, the anti-Christ backed by the False prophet will make war with Jesus Christ and the Saints when they come, and the people will follow the False Prophet into all this because they are being prepared by false doctrine now, Jesus is not God himself, and this will be important to know when the time comes that Jesus comes for us. Edit ---Those who call and think that Jesus Christ is God Almighty the creator of the Heavens and the Earth, will be easily deceived by the Anti-Christ who stands In the Temple of God Calling himself God: Those who know and believe into The Lord Jesus Christ, and therefore know that he is not God himself, will know that God is not a man, and therefore know that the one standing in the Temple of God Calling himself God is neither God himself or Christ Jesus ---- such is the power and authority of the accurate or exact knowledge given by God, and through the Lord Jesus Christ. These things will come to be, according to God's scriptures; If we don't see these times in our life time, and if any think that Jesus the Christ is God himself, then God knows that they follow that doctrine and the other teachings that follow it; Look at what the Scriptures of God tell us, Both God and Jesus tell us, and testify, that Jesus Christ is not God Almighty, then those who call and teach that Jesus is God Almighty, must fall under the heading of, "Those who call God a liar" and the punishment for that is written in the Scriptures. End of Edit.

Jesus the Christ’s present state is that of immortal Man! He and God say so! But not the Churches which are disobedient!


Some don’t observe the Sabbath, and teach such, and some who do observe the Sabbath, do so on the wrong day: this is disobedience to God!


Easter is the name of a dumb Idol, Gods biggest problem has been to keep his people from Idols, yet here’s man, naming the most important event to saving mankind, after an idol, it’s an insult to God and Jesus Christ, and what’s more they have changed the times and days that Jesus was in the ground and was raised again, there is no such thing as Good Friday, it fits nowhere in Scripture/Gospel. This and many other things, too many to mention here. Edit-- For full info on that, please click on the "Easter" link above. End of Edit.


Has the Devil got into the Churches

Yes! The Scriptures/Gospels/Revelations, tell us that.

The Churches are teaching disobedience to God

We have to be obedient to God to enter into his Kingdom, to Gain eternal life.

Follow them and lose your eternal life

The book of Daniel and the book of Revelations, or the Apocalypse tell us that this is so.

God is calling his people out

God is calling his people out of these Churches.

“Come out of her, my people, least you fellowship with her sins, and partake of her Plagues”; this is God’s plead to us, to come out of those churches who have all the deception and deceived teachings of the Devil.

It is our God given right—Free-will

God gives us a free will to choose life, or not!

Eternal Life

Eternal life is in the spirit body God will give us, living with him and Jesus Christ, the Apostles, and the Prophets: living with out pain or fear or sorrows, and many other things that God has in store, things that are beyond our flesh mind comprehension to understand.

Eternal Torment

It is our God given right to choose Eternal Torment, this is extreme punishment , and involves being eternally apart from God, and in torment seeing what those who are with God and Jesus have, the word of God and Jesus being the fire that torments .

Some understand that a lesser form of this is for those who don’t deserve the extreme punishment, but look at it! Torment for what maybe thousands of years, then at the end of that, annihilation! People will be deceived into this; the False Prophet is active in those leading Churches now.

God wishes that we would choose Life.

What more needs to be said?



I have been verbally called

God has given to me understandings, and correcting knowledge, for obedience to him.

My calling is to share understandings for correction of Christians

For Churches, and for those who care to become obedient to God, and for those who want Eternal Life.

The Saints cannot be deceived

Scripture/Gospel/Revelations, Gods word tells us; the Saints cannot be deceived by the Devil, nor then can a Saint be deceived by Man, man in turn is deceived by the Devil.

The Devil is ruling the world at present

This is how he has got into the Churches of disobedience!

 I would like to lead you to obedience, that you may gain Eternal Life, by giving to you what God and Jesus have given me; “Gods Word Given”


Obedience to God

Basic observances towards obedience

Jesus Christ is not God almighty, to say so is to call God and Jesus liars, and leads to the Anti-Christ regime.


Jesus was crucified and buried for three days and three nights, and raised on the weekly Sabbath.


Passover day is the day of Jesus crucifixion, it is not called Easter which is paganism and of Idol worship


The Sabbath is as God gave it from the creation of the World; Gods day starts in the evening, and ends the next evening. The Sabbath is given to be observed on the seventh day of the week, which is Saturday, therefore Friday evening until Saturday evening is the Sabbath.


Observing the Sabbath on the correct day is a seal of Gods people.


"Gay" People, those churches who embrace and condone Homosexuality, try Lev 20:13"And whoever shall lie with a male as with a woman, they have both wrought abomination; let them die the death, they are guilty." ---- Can you not understand something so clear?


The Devil exists, and is at war with Christianity, the Churches, and Gods people which includes the Saints, he deceives the Churches, as written, as he deceives the whole world, but not the Saints, the Saints have responded to being Called out, and take their understandings directly from God's holy spirit persuasions. Take heart! There are still those who can teach the truth!

God has many small groups, even just family sized, who he has called out, and if these ones listen to God, then he will teach them, and lead them to be taught, they find themselves compelled not to join Mainstream Churches who teach deceived doctrines.Gods groups can become God's separated people.(Holy, Saints).

The true Church is a spiritual body of Christ, this body is made up of parts, the parts are us; it has and needs no building made by man; It's house is the house of Christ Jesus, who is the head of all true Churches, and the true church is the fellowship of Gods congregation, the Temple of God which all of  Gods people are the building blocks, and Christ is the foundation stone.


Once we have learned the Gospel we are to teach it to others, “The great commission” we are not suppose to spend our whole life seated on a pew in a church, thinking we have done our bit doing so.

In Addition.

Come out of her my people
“Come out of her my people, least ye fellowship with her sins, and partake in her plagues”
What do you suppose this means? It is referring to those Apostate churches, and those who have partaken in the deceiving of the Devil, who is dressed as the Angel of light, because this is where the Devil works best. God is calling his people out of those churches, that is those who are prepared to be corrected, who by listening to and discerning the truth, will have their eyes and mind opened by God himself.

There are those who hear the Word of God, then the Enemy comes, and takes away the word from their hearts, that they may not believe and be saved.

There are also those who, when they hear, receive the word with joy; and yet these have no root; they believe for a time, and in a time of trial fall away.

Then there are those who, having heard, go forth, and are choked by the anxieties, and riches, and pleasures of life, and bring no fruit to maturity.

These things are written.

Christ says, "My Mother and my Brothers are these who hear the word of God, and obey it". And obey it! ----- And obey it! Yes it's a hard road!

Kevin McQuoid.

God's word given.