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God chose’s those who he finds worthy to chose, for all the reasons known to God in his infinite wisdom. Even so, God calls before choosing, and he draws also.
We cannot question Gods decision, or complain because God may not have chosen to call anyone of us, but our own freewill plays a major part, and where our true heart is.
Others that say they have been called, have actually experienced the verbal call through Jesus Christ, the authentic of these ones can tell of their experiences to follow of the Powers of God working on them, the Holy Spirit activities that go with such a calling, but are they also chosen at that time?
Even if anyone of us may have been bought up to go to Church, or speak of God and Jesus Christ, even if we read the Bible at meetings, or do Bible studies during the week, and even if anyone teach others a doctrine about God and Christ, this doesn’t mean God has “chosen”, (look to the Parable of the Ten Virgins, and, also to where those who profess they have done great things in Jesus Name, yet are declined entry and the doors closed) they may have been drawn for one reason or another, but the trials and tests they are put through shows where the seed has fallen, and on what ground? Just as the Parable tells us.
Some who feel they would like to have a look at Christianity maybe drawn, and yet say they have been called, and that God has sealed them, that this makes it definite for them, yet walk in disobedience, not bothering to look for or receive correction.
Many an Elder, or a Minister, a Priest, or a Pastor, or one who may have started a following, so called leaders; some have been found to be Fornicators, Liars, Cheats, Corrupt, Adulterers of God’s word, Perverting and changing the meanings in context, Cowards hiding behind ulterior motives, also trafficking Gods word, and many, many other things some of them have resorted to; this is proof enough that all that come are not “called”, and the Parable of the wedding feast invite informs us of one who was invited, or called, and who was not worthy, consequently he was thrown out into the outer darkness, and there was wailing and gnashing of teeth. He certainly was not chosen, -- called, -- but not chosen, (This tells us none actually get right through that are not worthy.)
God, through Jesus Christ will draw us, any of us who for any reason may venture for a look, and maybe drawn for a closer look at what Christianity is all about, and for all sorts of reasons. (I know one who at University was doing Accountancy, for the money side of it!)
This is still not “Called” in the way in which many think, we still have to be proved worthy, then we are sealed and Chosen, to be called and chosen, sealed in the forehead, we have to be fully obedient to God and obey his commandments, and have the knowledge of what


These things entail to gain such, (these are those who are sealed in the forehead, that is to say, have the knowledge to know how to love and be obedient to God, which is what sealed in the forehead means).
Sitting in a Church no more makes that person a Christian, than sitting in a chook house makes one a Chook.
It is not “Called” as some think “Called” means.
So then what is “Called” is it Chosen?
What some call “Called” is not “Chosen”.
The Scriptures/Gospels tell us we will know when we have been “Called” and without quoting Chapter and verse by name and number, and so you will learn more by looking it up yourself, and those who have a knowledge will recognize these things are written, this is how we know if we have been called; We seek to be obedient to God, we then find out that the first and greatest Commandment of Jesus Christ tells us to love God, we then find out how to love God, also we find out to do that, we have to Obey all Gods Commandments, then we do it, and we do it without finding it grievous, that we do it willingly, and Heartfelt. We seek first the kingdom of God! And realize that Mans deceived doctrines cannot provide these things.
Listen to this! All Gods Commandments! ------- It is the only way we can love God, ---- there is no love towards God unless this is firstly done! Agape Love, which is by the word of the mouth, God’s word, carried out for the love of it.
Gods Commandments! ------- Not the precepts and doctrines of men, and his Commandments in these matters, ----- Gods!
What Commandments, and where do we find them? The “Ten”, those of God written on the Tablets of stone, and they are in the Ark of the Covenant, and where is the Ark of the Covenant to be found? God knows where it is, and will make it to be seen again, mean time we find all we need in God’s word written to us, and in his exact knowledge! By Holy Spirit.
What has been written here so far? God’s word, and not a Chapter or verse number quoted, yet all is written in the Scriptures/Gospels, and exact knowledge given by Gods Holy Spirit.
What about Jesus the Christ? Yes, very important, so briefly who is Jesus Christ? He as God testifies to us in his word; Son of God, because he is son of Man, but perfect, no sin, he is the sinless man who took on all the sins of Man, so he is the son of God the only begotten, and we can become sons of God also, as man.


So who is this Son of God, briefly? Son of man.
Our Savior through God.
Our Mediator between us and God.
Our High Priest in the Highest Heaven.
The Lord of the Sabbath.
Our Brother in Heaven also.
Brother? Yes, Jesus tells us that if we believe into him, he is our Brother and we are his Brother; so then if all is in place, all that believe into Jesus Christ can call one and other Brother, (Brother in Christ, Sister also). Yes all those who are obedient to God can call themselves Brother of Christ.
This is good, so when do we get there? -- Simply when we believe into Jesus Christ.
Next question to arise is; how do we believe into Jesus Christ? The answer is easy, go to the Gospels and Jesus tells us how to believe into him.
Jesus says believe into me, and if you believe into me you will obey the Commandments of God, ----- that is an explanation given by Jesus on how to believe into him, along with believing all that is written of him in the Scriptures/Gospels, the lead up to his existence in the Old Testament, the Psalms, and the New Testament (with the exception of the input by corrupt man). (And this is truly such a perversion and shame on those who call themselves Christian). Still Jesus says to believe the truth written about him in those places.
We have the “Ten Commandments of God, and we have the Commandments that Jesus gave us also, and these all have to be obeyed.
Now these things can follow.
Love God.
Believe into Jesus Christ.
Rightfully be able to call Jesus our Brother.
Gain Eternal Life with God and Jesus.
We then have seeked the Kingdom of God.
We know how to be obedient to God.


We know how to please God.
We are then open to God for correction, so he can bring us to be through Christ Jesus.
God says he can then recognize us as “Sons of God” being refined, more precious that fine pure Gold.
We have the opportunity to receive the Holy Spirit activities, and persuasions of God.
Be in Gods favor now and in the day of our flesh death.
Look, -- it just goes on and on.
But look how important this understanding is, to understand what Jesus Christ is telling us all, what is it he repeatedly tells us? ----- “Love God”, “To love God, obey God’s Commands”, and with that; “If you will enter into life, Obey Gods Commands”, this is part of believing into Jesus Christ.
Are you considering yourself “Called” yet, or perhaps “chosen”, “sealed one of God”?
Obedient to God and Jesus? --------- Let see then.
Ten Commandments, let me show you the one most broken by Church goers.
The Sabbath!
Very few peoples of the Earth who profess to be Christian do not observe their Sabbath. Edit----- Sorry, let me make this clear, it should read:- Very few peoples of the earth who chose to observe their Sabbath actually do so as they should, but look at it, it is their Sabbath they have decided on! End of Edit.
I repeat, their Sabbath! They don’t observe God’s Sabbath.
The Sabbath still exists as one of the Ten Commandments, Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath, and tells us of events during the Sabbaths long after he has risen to God. None of the Ten Commandments were nailed to the Cross when Jesus was crucified, the proof is in the Scriptures/Gospels and Revelations.
The book of revelations tells us that the Great Deceiver, the Devil, he has deceived the disobedient ones, and has used the Sabbath Commandment to deception heights as to render it of none effect, and create the Great disobedience.
Revelations will tell you about the Churches that have changed Gods word, Laws and times, to make them of none effect, and this refers to the Sabbath also.


If you want to be a believer into Jesus Christ then you will have to face these facts; the Roman Catholic Church by her own admission, states many times in writing that she has changed Gods Laws and times, she admits freely to changing the Sabbath day, from the original day God Commanded of Saturday, to the man’s day of Sunday.
Therefore they observe (Their Sabbath). (KJV. It is clearly written, by their leaders)
Now ask yourself these questions; do I love God? Do I obey all Gods Commandments? Do I observe God’s Sabbath, or Mans, or None at all? And who’s this pest of a person who is bothering my life with all this? Things were going along just fine till he came along!
Yes, you might very well think that last bit. No apologies!
So you want to be called? Then you want to be Chosen, If this is the way you want things to be for you then; “Seek first the kingdom of God”, It does not say seek first the precepts and doctrines of man! To seek the Kingdom we have to Obey all God’s Commandments. (The truth and Knowledge given by God Is in Logical Harmonic Balance, do you recognize it?)
Sabbath, KJV has the correct observance noted in the back of its Bible, (Zondervan new marked reference 1974).
Saturday is the day that God calls the Weekend; Sunday is the day that God calls the first day of the week.
Each new day starts in the evening of every day and goes through to the evening of the next Day, (Sunset to Sunset).
All the Mainstream Churches know this, and yet practice the same deception of the Devil.
All but a very few churches are the Daughters of the mainstream Roman Catholic Church, being called Protestants; they have splintered off and there are splinters from them also Scripture calls them “Daughters”, but have taken many of the doctrines with them and teach such, this including the Sabbath observance on a Sunday.
These Daughters of their Mother Church have been in such a hurry to establish their own following, that they have forgotten to consult with God on the matter first, and as they were establishing themselves this is what they have done; they have taken with them the deception of the Devil, they have not seeked first the Kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit blessings, they have been lazy in their seeking of knowledge, and understanding of God’s word, they therefore have not received the Exact knowledge from the teachings of the power of God. They have played right into the Great Deceivers hands.
Revelations, God, and Jesus say, these ones make their Sabbath observance of none effect!


Jesus makes it known to those who believe into him that the Sabbath is on the Saturday.
The question arises, who are called and who are chosen?
So what then is the Truth? The truth is what God and Jesus Christ give us, the truth is we cannot rely on man, the truth is that the Sabbath is to be observed by Commandment of God, and at the times God prescribes.
This is the Commandment, the weekly Sabbath starts on the evening of Friday night, Sunset and finishes each time at Evening (Sunset) on Saturday.
Easter, the Pagan name for Crucifixion Passover has a high Sabbath, and that comes the day after Passover, and Passover day is the day of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, the High Sabbath not to be confused with the weekly Sabbath, is a Sabbath which is very much a part of the Crucifixion Passover. (Read the “Passover” page on this site).
Now then; do you believe into Jesus Christ?
If we believe into Jesus Christ, we are “Drawn”; the Apostle Paul will tell you about it all.
Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, -----to those being invited according to a purpose.”(A quote here from the Greek manuscript). Look! “To those being invited”. God invites, he Calls verbally, and he seeks his!
“To those who love God” -----How do we love God? God and Jesus tell us very clearly, “Obey God’s Commandments.” “And not find them grievous”. Now some advise, don’t argue with God, don’t look to make excuses for Mans precepts and doctrines, because that is arguing with God, and what’s more God makes it clear, he’s not impressed with those who make him out to be a liar, and argue with him, (there are many individuals leading multitudes of peoples this way, (Arguing).
When having read Gods word, do we say; --- no! -- That’s not right! -- We don’t say that! -- That doesn’t fit in with what we teach! --------Do you argue with God, and then make up doctrines to teach, or obey Mans doctrines that have been taught, which are brought on by the very things mentioned above? Then if so you make God out to be a Liar, and that Mans wisdom is superior to God’s: God’s message to all those who are in this deception is, “Come out of her, my people, so you do not fellowship with her sins, and partake of her Plagues.”
If you fit into the category mentioned above, what is more important to you? Do you want as a Christian to be called and Chosen? Or is there some other goal you have as one of Gods people? Do you really think that there is anything else to aim for? Or is the security and relationships that you are in now more important to you? If that is the case, do you consider yourself one of Gods people and a called and chosen one?


God through Jesus Christ tells us that we should examine ourselves, and just as written here and now, here are some of the things that are included to examine in our selves, Jesus tells us, If we have problems, to seek help from him, and look to correct our problems, it is crucial to our Eternal well being, and God will correct us if we are open to his Holy Spirit persuasions, and if we are Meek, that is to say easily lead by the Spirit of God, in obedience to him.
Could we call those mentioned above Called? We would say, some may have been called, but seem to be failing in their trials and tests, and we would say, but I doubt they have been chosen, (I wonder what God thinks, and I wonder at the desperation of Jesus Christ who Died for us). Well then no need to wonder; just read the Scriptures/Gospels, the answers are all there for all to read.
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