God's word given.

Luke 7:28 "I say to you, Among those born of Woman, there is not a greater than John, yet the LEAST in the KINGDOM of GOD is superior to him".


“They continued steadfastly in the Apostles doctrine and fellowship and in breaking of bread, and prayer”. Act 2: 42.


• Jesus ascends into Heaven 40 days after his resurrection and speaking of things pertaining to the Kingdom of God. Act, 1:3.
• He sits as High Priest and mediator at the right hand of God, for his congregation, or Brethren only. 1 Tim. 2:5. “For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Jesus Christ”. Well then, what else does this tell us? “The man Jesus Christ” “Man” being the key! Also look at Heb. 4:14-16.
• This same Jesus is to return to Earth and set up Gods Kingdom. Act.1: 6 – 11.


• The word Pentecost means “fiftieth” It was a Jewish feast celebrated on the “fiftieth” day from the offering of the “wave sheaf” Lev. 23:11. This “wave sheaf” was the first fruits of the harvest, and as it was offered three days after the Passover, it represented the resurrection of Christ – “Christ the first fruits”. 1 Cor. 15:23. And pointed forward to a great harvest, (us believers). At Pentecost “two wave loaves” were offered and also called “the first fruits unto Yahweh”. Lev.23:17. So the Ecclesia at Pentecost became a kind of first fruits of Gods creatures. James. 1:18. Made up of two wave loaves – the Jews and the Gentiles (Gentiles are all who are not Jews) therefore we are included.


• The Greek word “ec-clesia” means “to call out”. The Ecclesia is therefore not a “Church” or a building, but a people who have been “called out” of the world and worldly things, and from the churches that are deceived, Rev. 18:4, called out by the Gospel, that word bought to us from God through Jesus the Christ that brings us out of the ways of the fleshly worldly ways. We are “called into” Fellowship with God through the sacrifice of his son. Acts.15:14.
• The Ecclesia of Christ is a “Spiritual building”. 1 Peter. 2:4-5. Built upon the “Rock foundation” and that rock foundation is “Christ” “that Christ is the son of the living God”. Matt.16:15. It is also the rock that Israel rejected! Matt.26: 63-68. (Spiritual congregation of God is not man made, therefore has no mans own doctrines in it).It is the reality. Jesus though being a man received and passed to us God’s doctrines.
• The Spiritual people of God, is the pillar and stay of the truth. 2 Tim. 3:15.


• Gifts of the Holy Spirit powers of God, (stronger than that witnessed today times) were given to individuals in the early infant Ecclesia, and in part until the return of Jesus Christ. Act.2: 1-21.
To confirm the Gospel message. Mark 16:15-20. (Take note of verses 17-18, stronger than today because of lack of faith? Some claim to be able; are they ones who have those gifts or part of? Have

Some thought on it yourself) 1 Corinthians might help you in this study (1 Cor.13: 1-13. Have a good study of it). Also chapter 12, then chapter 13. “May God bless you with the skill of Understanding. Amen”


• Peter, who was a Jew, was chosen to go to the first Gentile. Act.10:
• Paul who is called “The Apostle of the Gentiles” Rom.11: 13. Spread the Gospel to the inhabited world.
• Ecclesia’s were formed in Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea, Rome, Corinth, Galatia, Philippi, Colossae, Thessalonica, etc.


• “It is your life” What are we going to do with our life in the truth?
• A life of obedience to God’s Ten Commandments, and to Christ’s commandments, all of them, but the greatest commandment – “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart, and all thy Soul, and with all thy Mind “! Matt. 22:36-40. Ecc.12:13. (if we can do this it will bring in every thing else we need to be, it is all encompassing) (We need to think about it).
• A life of dedication, with an unswerving allegiance in Christ’s service, (did Christ give up or give in or just pick out the bits to suit him? Rhetorical question really, no he did not, neither should we if we want Life eternal in Gods favor) Jesus tells us “No man having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God” Luke. 9: 57- 62. Phil.3:13-15. So what does this mean? Simply put, on having come to God through the Lord Jesus Christ, if you want to go back to your old way of life, you won’t get into the Kingdom of God. (Don’t look back in want, like Lots wife!) Look at 1 Cor. 6:15 and think deeply on this. “Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? Shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them the members of an Harlot? God forbid” 1 Cor.6:14-20. And know this, (A Harlot is a church that is a daughter to the Great Whore church of Revelations.)
• A life of separation, as the “called out ones” that we are to remain separate from the world, how can this be? You might say, how can anyone remain separate from the world yet we are all dependent on it for our every day being? Let’s have a look at it then. We are separate in Mind, Spirit and Action; we can be nothing else if we are truly believers. Being then that we are believers we have the Spirit of God in us, we could not be alive if we did not have the Spirit of God in us, so what then of the nonbelievers. Yes them to, we all have, and everything on this Earth belongs to God, who else made it all? Where we are as believers is that we also have the Spirit of the Christ in us. The Spirit of God to make us live on this Earth, and then the Spirit of The Christ of God, that is what gives us “Life”. Yes “life” “Life Eternal” that is “life” and we can only get that by going to God through Jesus Christ, he says “I am the Life”. If you don’t understand now you will as you read the Bible and you gain understanding of the Knowledge within it. Knowledge is one thing but has no power without understanding. It all takes time and Prayer, “Those who persevere to the end will enter the Kingdom of God” you will read those words also.
• We have to be exposed to the world, we cannot lock ourselves away from the exposure to it, we cannot seek a place in the Desert or other quite place, to hide our selves away, from the sin and worldly goings on that are at Enmity with God and tempt us to Corruption, or Evil. Why not? You may think, wouldn’t it make it easier for us to stay pure and clean and not tempted? One might desire it to be that way and many do, but it’s not realistic and not in Gods plans for us, how so then?
• We have to be exposed to the worldly to build up our resistance to temptation.
• We have to be strong in our convictions against Sin and worldly ways.

• We are exposed to the worldly, that God can try and test us, as to where we are in our hearts with it all, God brings us to be what he wants us to be if we will accept his chastising and refining of us, it has to be, and this in preparation for the Kingdom, our Spirit has to mature, and grow to be able to cope with what is coming that the flesh can’t cope with.
• Remember we are separate in Spirit; God Gave us to Christ to gather up. You will read all this.

All these things help to make us part of Ecclesia, ( The called out ones) The body of Christ, and The congregation of God. Those things written above and these things to follow.
• A church is a building, but we are Gods Temple, we are the building blocks and make up the Temple of God, the Spiritual Temple. We also are members of the “Body of Christ” each and every believer is a part. (You will find all this written in the Gospels). Edit--- and Pauls letters ----.
• So then also it is a life of study, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word” (This means to give time to providing for you and yours, making sure to allow a good amount of time to study matters of God). Some people spend too much time working for Monies sake, and neglect matters of God. Read about it how a rich man will have problems getting into the Kingdom of God.
• A life of Prayer, God speaks to us through his word, His Holy spirit persuasions of us, through Christ, for example I have heard Christ’s voice when verbally Called (God gives us to Jesus Christ to gather up). Gods Holy Spirit being the power of God, is a strong force, I have felt it in various strengths, though I know his full power is beyond our comprehension. God will also speak to us through others that he is inspiring to do his works. And don’t forget the big one that is the signs to look for in showing us how close the return of the Christ is. That is also God talking to us. Look within yourself, you have the Spirit of God and his Christ, keen for you to allow them to Guide you (remember its your free will, you have to open up to God, he will not force you) The short reason for that is; God doesn’t want anyone to be forced in to his Kingdom, as they then would not be found worthy, I wouldn’t like to think the wrong ones got in and it all turns bad again, just as now times.
• God is not going to let into the Kingdom bad ones, this is well written.
• A life of preaching the Gospel. Mark.16:15-16 and also Matt. 28:19-20. (The great commission).
• A life of Glorifying God, whether we have been called or whether we seek God ourselves, some are born into a family of believers, and it matters not. Remember! It is all to the glory of God, we owe it all to God through the lord Jesus Christ, we are the weak ones God is the strength, we cannot and do not do it of our selves, it is God who brings all to be. No matter what great or small things we may have achieved, it is God we are to give the thanks and the credit to, Glorify God.
• Spiritual, what is it? Spiritual is every thing to do with everything, without it we would not exist.
• God is Spirit. Edit--- of his type, the separate or Holy Spirit----.
• Christ is now Spirit. Edit---- of the type God has chosen for him, like wise, we to will become spirit, each one bodied as God chooses, Corinthians.
• Everything became of Spirit.
• We have Spirit in us.
• Spirit is reality.
• That which you can see and touch is temporal that which is invisible is reality and eternal. You will read of all this as you go.

We should pray thus; Our Father who art in Heaven, we ask you to bless us with the skill of understanding the knowledge of your word, and the wisdom to know what to do with it, and a wise and hearing Heart, we give thanks through the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
Kevin McQuoid.

God's word given.