Why Jesus as Christ

God's word given.

Why did God bring Jesus into being, and to be the saviour, why didn’t God just do it himself, just present himself as total proof of his being?

First, God cannot just present himself in the being, amongst many reasons the first and foremost one is:-the eternal life rules are, that we have to have Faith, Romans 1:17, and many other verses in Romans explain that we need faith that God does exist, and know that God, (YHWH) is the one and only God, none before him, none after him, and none beside him. -- So how do we know that for sure? One way is to look up the scripture, Deuteronomy 4:35, and many other places, O.K. we can read that God is there: but a more positive way of knowing, is if God deals with you on a one to one basis, even then man has proven to fail in his faith after even that, and as time goes on, some time after God has stopped dealing with people, they can easily slide back out of the positive, of having God dealing with them, and into doubt, or simply just lose their faith, the flame dying out.

This is the way God found his people, this fault in the last ability of their faith towards him, the Old scriptures are full of examples, God uses his “peculiar” people the Hebrews, this people who scripture describes as Peculiar, meaning in Gods words, his own people, and you must know that God has used these people as an example to all peoples, that we may learn the do’s and the dont's.Exodus 19:5 De 14:2, Ps 135:4.  

But what a struggle God has had with them, thousands of years of struggle, they have and still do fight with God; they are guilty of every sin possible, and a very big problem God had with these people of his, his Peculiar people, is that they kept on reverting back to Idol worship, even in the letters the Apostles wrote back and forth to one another, E.G. 1 John 5:21, and to the Churches, there were constant reminders to refrain from idols, however, so through Jacob God aptly named the people  “Israel” which means, struggle or fight with God; but know this, man is still the same! We have the blood line people Israel, and we have the spiritually people Israel, and they all struggle with God! Genesis 32:28.

What is very clear is the fact that people cannot see God in the being, and therefore easily lose their Faith, they needed some thing tangible someone who they could see, someone who could teach them first hand, but remember it could not be God himself, because of the faith requirement.

God, for thousands of years, tried all manner of methods, once presenting a part of himself on Mount Sinai, Burning the mountain rock black, it was such a terrifying thing, even Moses trembled exceedingly. Hebrews 12:21: the people were too terrified to listen to God, so God had Moses send them to their Homes or tents, then proceeded to give Moses more Laws for the people.

Search the scriptures, you will find that God mostly worked through man, albeit to differing measures, the ordinance Laws of Moses, were only until a better thing came, no one was saved under the laws of Moses, the people generally could not do it, under those Laws there was instant judgement for sin, or breaking many of the laws, mainly in the form of stoning to death, those who fell foul of the Law. Edit--- I should add here, the instant judgement was also carried over to the judgement day, those who broke the laws of God in those days were instantly judged, there and then, for their eternal judgement was decided instantly; Jesus the Christ is the something better, and one major thing his being bought to mankind, is that we now have the chance, if we did sin, we can have the time to realise it, regret it, and come to God through the Lord Jesus the Christ, and be forgiven of it, and providing we don't intentionally sin again, we can be forgiven, where once we didn't have that chance, Jesus gives us that. Also, the something better in Jesus the Christ, and as Abraham was looking for, is a better inheritence than the Earth. End Edit.



God had people like Abraham, Moses, called servants, and then Prophets like Samuel, Nathan, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and many others that were given the job of trying to reach the people.

Then we have John the Baptist, a Predetermined Birth, God bought him into being for the Job of preparing the way for the introduction of Jesus, and according to Jesus, John the Baptist had the spirit of Elijah. Matt 11:14.

Why the man Jesus

So why bring in Jesus? Well amongst other reasons, the answer is rather obvious: - God saw the need of man; it is obvious that man struggled with God, Man could not see God, but can see his idols, Man cannot see God, and therefore can fall back and forget what he cannot see.

The solution

So what is Gods solution to the problem? God gave us a man we could see, a man who though in these days we cannot see, but others of men have written testifying of the Lord Jesus being the Christ: Jesus was born into this world a little more special than ordinary man, worthy of more glory than Moses, Heb3:3, and for a short time a little below the Angels, Heb 2:7-9, and a little more special than John the Baptist, both of whom were predetermined.

John had the spirit of Elijah working through him, and Jesus had the spirit of God working through him.

What would constitute deception

The one thing that God could not afford to do in this case was to introduce deception, ----- now let’s get this perfectly right, --- God never does deception! --- So what did God do? God gave us a man, and that man is the Lord Jesus who became worthy to be the Christ, clear your mind of mans precepts and doctrines,

Jesus Christ is a real man, and even though you may say he can’t be, and that because he was of a Virgin birth, clear your mind of deceived teachings, those who have them, and know, that to realise that Jesus was pure man, and not God in the flesh, simply depends on your spiritual ability to understand the power of Gods Holy Spirit activities.

*God allowed the virgin birth as the scriptures tell us, it is clearly written, and Jesus was born of the lineage from King David, David was promised that from his loins, from his seed issue, and down the generations would come Jesus the Messiah, 2 Samuel.  7:12-22. Some say this is Solomon spoken of but it is not, not according to the Apostles and not according to Scripture, and verse 12 is a key to understanding “And when thy days be fulfilled, and thou shall sleep with thy Fathers, I will set up thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of thy bowels, and I will establish his Kingdom”.

God through the Prophet Nathan has told King David that when he is dead and buried the seed that has issued from David’s body now, will eventually cause the birth of Jesus , down the line of the generations David will be dead when his seed is setup, by God, and it is after David’s death, that God


Will establish Jesus Kingdom: now it is definitely not Solomon spoken of here, because Solomon was born before David’s death, the one God speaks of is not to be born for a long time after David’s death, and the other thing amongst many, is that Solomon took over the throne before David’s death, so once again showing that it is not Solomon spoken of here.

Jesus is the house that God is referring to, even so Solomon built a house but it was not the house God was referring to, the house of Solomon was destroyed, this house that God spoke of is never to be destroyed; so now with the accurate knowledge of this word read on in chapter 7 and see how God talks of this seed of David, how God will bring Jesus up first as a child, and then as the man that he is, see for yourself Jesus is not God.

 In actual fact, Joseph the husband of Mary, Joseph is from the lineage of David, not Mary as some say, read it for yourself it’s very clearly written.

So God took the seed issue from Joseph, and impregnated Mary, this he did by his Holy Spirit power, no contact was made by any party: read for your self with understanding, and get the accurate knowledge, it is all clearly written. I need to bring all this out so you can understand the actual individual man Jesus is, this will then support the fact that God has given it to man, but through God, to sort out this mess that man has gotten into. Without Jesus the man, we would be destroyed, because we can’t listen to (nothing there), we don’t recognise God enough to hear him, we think there is nothing there. It really boils down to a lack of Faith, and no wonder that we will ultimately, only be saved by Gods Grace. *...Please note that between the two * Is a measure of gradual correction and learning, for a full understanding in this matter please read my free book "In the knowledge of Saints", and in particular Chapter 20.

Now then, having the true understanding of the birth of Jesus we now need to know about “Begotten sons”; Jesus is not called begotten because God actually physically with his seed issue fathered Jesus, because that’s nonsense, given that it is written that Jesus was born of the seed issue of David, which comes down the line indeed to Joseph, his seed issue, not Gods, that’s apparent.

With this understanding we now have to know that we to can become “Begotten sons of God”, it applies to both gender, and this is also written in Scripture/Gospels, search them and get accurate knowledge from God. --- Here I’ve looked some up for you. 1 John 5:1-2. (KJV). “Who so ever believeth that Jesus is the Christ, is born of God: and every one that loveth him that begat loveth also him that is begotten of him. V2. By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and keep his commandments.” Clear enough? Here it is again from the original Greek Manuscript. “Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Anointed one, has been begotten by God; and everyone who loves the begetter, loves the one begotten by him.” ---- Scripturally and in context, Beget/Begotten meaning (Gives rise to); all those who are Gods people are begotten by God, as it is God who brings them to be worthy of his Kingdom, as we can’t do it ourselves, we become “Sons of God”. Jesus was the “Only Begotten son of God”, in context meaning, the only one born of a virgin birth, and to do the Job given him, amongst men: Jesus is begotten of God, because God gave rise to his being, not actually fathered him by seed issue, because that came down the generations from King David and out of Joseph, just as the Scriptures say.Edit--- Only begotten man who is the Messiah, the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last flesh man Messiah.

So Jesus is “The only Begotten son of God” and we can become “Begotten sons of God”. Edit----- Look at it this way: Jesus is of a predetermined birth, and we are born randomly, here are the understandings: we are born by chance, but once born we receive the spirit from God, the flesh is the vessel in which the spirit will mature, and the spirit within us is the real us, and by it's own free will has the ability to chose which way it will go; we either choose life, or we choose death, Life is: entering into Gods Kingdom gaining eternal Life in Immortality, while Death is: apart from God, and in Eternal torment, and this to is in immortality (The Spirit of us). Now then, the purpose of this is so that God can choose those Spirits of people that are truly willing to obey God, these God will keep to be with him, he has a real purpose for them in his Heavenly realm, and he tells us that the flesh mind cannot comprehend what it is that he has in store for all those. Jesus was called Only Begotten son of God, because he was fathered spiritually in discipline correction and trialled in obedience (40 days and nights in the desert and tempted by the Devil). He was "Only" because only he was required to be the man messiah, only he was required to die on the cross for all our sins, no one else, only the "Only Begotten Son of God", not the "Begotten sons of God".

Now if you look at it this way: Man effectivley does the same thing with many of the food products, he plants a tree for instance say a Kiwi fruit vine, and what he is doing by this is setting up for an unknown qantity and quality of fruit, all the fruit, while it is predetermined that the fruit will grow, but each fruit is not individually preknown, so what happens after the fruit has matured and harvested, it is graded, and all the 1st grade fruit is taken aside from the second grade, and the rejects. God to has set all things up and predetermined that People will be born, but as with the Kiwi fruit the actual identity of who the person will be is not known until born, neither is it known before birth what way that person will choose in life, unless they are of some special purpose predetermined by God to be born for an exact purpose for Gods work.(Begotten). Even so, we as the Scripture/Gospels say, we can become sons of God, even it says, begotten sons of God; if we make our minds up to be with God and choose life, then God can work on our spirit and bring us to be worthy of his Kingdom, and only God can bring us to be worthy, albeit through Jesus Christ, therefore if that happens we are Begat by God, in other words God has bought us to be! He has fathered us in discipline, and correction and has trialed us as to our faith and obedience, and if out of all that he finds us worthy, then we are a creation of God at that time that makes us Begotten! Sons of God then, not before, only after the (Spritual Fathering work) not any sort of Paternal Fathering work, only then can we to become Begotten sons of God! Remember sons is refering to all gender, man and woman.

If you have any difficulty accepting all this, and you believe those who say: we are all born predetermined individuals by God, then think on this: why would God want to predetermine the birth of millions of deformed people, the terminally sick born, those born into the poverty struck starving, those who are born into Nations of people who are disobedient to God and live there generations that way, and many more ways people are born into. Then think on this; If God predetermined every person of flesh that ever exists, then there would be no Evil, because there would be no disobedience to God, therefore there would be no need for the Devil, God would be in full view to us, and talking to us on a daily basis in definate terms, and we would be born into an immortal state, never to die, as was Adam and Eve born capable of immortality without death, but which was lost by disobedience in the great trial of the Devil, that Serpent sent by God to test Gods creation, yes the first Adam and Eve were predetemined to come into existance, but they lost the great rewards God had in store for them, and so it is today with todays Adam and Eve, we all have to die first ----.



Jesus is “Son of God” and we can become “Sons of God” ---- 1 John 3:1-2 “Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not”. V2 “Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear that we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.” --- And note, “We shall be like him”----. Who shall we be like? Like Jesus, man can only be like Jesus if Jesus is like man, but in context here it is in immortality.

Jesus says of Yahweh, “I go to my Father who is your Father, to My God who is your God”, and this is Jesus the Christ speaking as the Immortal man, to us! And as he was about to rise to the highest Heaven, to be set at the right hand of the very one he told us was his Father and our Father, his God and our God; You cannot read with understanding, the scripture on this, then Call Jesus God, and this is just one example out of many.

If we care to study and not be influenced by man or Devil, we now will have the understanding of who Jesus really is, because if we don’t know that Jesus is the man he said he is, then we cannot read and understand a great deal of the New Testament, it is impossible to make logic of the Gospels, nothing is in balance in the testimony of God about the coming of Jesus in the Old Testament, in other words if we call Jesus God Almighty, then we call God and Jesus liars, because that is not what they have had written.

Now then, given that neither God or Jesus are liars, and we have studied the facts, we know that God does not do things by deception, we know that Jesus Christ is a man, and God worked through that man, as God has done in the past.

It is very difficult these days, to get accurate knowledge from Modern Bibles, I find they are going further and further away from the text of the original manuscripts, bringing in the understandings that man wants, not those given by God.

See Gods plan

See Gods plan: - God gives it to a man to correct man, God works through that man Jesus to do so, Remember also, that the Saints who are those of us that God finds worthy to be so, well they to will be with Jesus Christ co-ruling the world for the 1000 year period; God loads the weight of mans sins on a man, one man, this man has become our saviour, God working through him. This has all come to be because mankind struggles with God:  “Israel” as God renamed Jacob, means “Struggled or fights with God”, and this means that God is not able to bring those of the Israel blood line, or those of the spiritually Israel to be obedient to God in the way that God desired originally.

The people Israel amongst many things have a history of swinging back to Idol worship, angering God, they have big problems with their faith, and they swing backwards to dumb Idols because they can see them, and favour idol worship because they cannot see God, that is why God chose to work through the Man Jesus, the man of flesh as opposed to a man of spirit (Messengers or Angels are referred to as man, in many accounts, and yet are spirit).

The man of flesh is Jesus, given the position of Christ, Saviour or Messiah, as he was found worthy, remember God fathered Jesus in the same way as God will father us, that is in teaching and discipline, and in the usual good fatherly way, God found Jesus to be worthy, he is well pleased with him, how do we know? It’s all written.


Now we have this man that can be seen, touched, and heard, seen doing  miracles, he is someone tangible to those of the times, believable more than the unseen, some even thought he must be God himself, those more susceptible to Idols, and yet, others still would not believe.

God was able to work through Jesus to get Gods word to us more readily, Jesus is the word, the word from his father to us; his father who is our father, his God who is our God, Jesus tells us he is not God the Almighty our father in Heaven, for if Jesus was, then God has had written, volumes of deception, for there written for all to see, are many chapters and verses, where both Jesus and God are telling us, that Jesus is a man like us, and the prayers go up from that man Jesus, to his Father who is our father, and God tells Jesus what to do, and shows Jesus things, there are just so many verses that if Jesus were God then those words would be deception.

God cannot die for instance, but Jesus died, God cannot die, therefore if Jesus was God he would not have died, but Jesus did die, the whole being Christian depends on it having happened, and if Jesus was God, then his death would have been a deception, and we will have much to fear!

There is no deception

No! There is no deception from God or Jesus, but there is in mans precepts and doctrine!

The Devil is on this earth now, making war with Gods people, read Revelations, and remember, the Devil dresses as the Angel of light, and so to his angel followers, not only that but also, his deceived man followers. The Devil hates Jesus Christ, and came to earth at the time of Jesus birth and tried to kill the Baby Jesus, through Herod: the Devil will do anything in his power to confuse those who try to have Christ in there life. The Devil is a great testing tool us wards! Read the first few chapters of Job.

If we expect to meet Jesus, and stand in front of him when our flesh life is done, then we need to know who Jesus is, and know that he is immortal man, as we who overcome the Devil, just as Jesus did, will also become immortal man, taking on the same spiritual body as Christ Jesus, and that can only be if Jesus started out as mortal man. And it is crucial for those who may live through to the second coming of Jesus, to know exactly who Jesus is, for risk of following the False Prophet and the Anti-Christ. It is going to be so easy for billions to get caught up, and lose their Eternal Life.

No there is no deception! God knows in his infinite wisdom what man is all about, God doesn’t need to come down take on a flesh body to find out what its like to be a man.

God doesn’t need to use deception by pretending he is a man, by God all things are possible, he can do what he likes, its his prerogative, but the one thing God would have known, that in his last efforts to try and save mankind, if he used deception, the risk of failure would be high to most likely, God could not afford to have any man call or prove that he was a liar, It would be utter devastation for mankind, the Devil would be rejoicing, and if you believe those who say Jesus Christ is God Almighty, then you call God and Jesus liars!

Can I make it any clearer? Maybe! Perhaps what is required for some people, is a complete quoting of all the Chapters and verses, in that God and Jesus Christ testify that Jesus is not God, and a clarification of those verses that seem to say otherwise, and require understanding, well it’s already done in part, read the pages of “Jesus”, “Man Jesus”, “The Devils existence”,  and even so, more can be added.

If the number 6 Biblically represents man, and the Bible is made up 66 Books, and the Devils number is 666, therein lays a very big problem, men who pervert Gods scriptures in the Bible are of the Devil.

May God bless you with understanding.

Kevin McQuoid.

God's word given.