In the knowledge of Saints
Chapter 19

I am given to write more on the subject of the Jesus (Yeshua) birth.

What a mess they have made of it, those men who thought they could conquer God’s word, while yes, they made a job of conquering the known world or the best part of it at the time, and history records that those Emperors would spend Many years away from their home land to push home a victory for Rome, how hard they worked on conquest at any cost for Rome, and most importantly their own notoriety, they would spend years building ramps and bridges, also building weapons, and all while on the campaign of a determined conquest.
Rome didn’t just conquer a country, plunder it and move on, no, they conquered to bring those people under Roman control, it was the control obsession of the Roman leaders, and it made them gods in their Pagan eyes.
Christianity could not escape this Roman obsession for control, it was within the Roman empire and therefore for that very reason was destined at some time to gain the attention of the leaders and bring it under Roman control also. Christianity suffered from there on in under the old adduction of “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, and for Christianity this meant “Christianity Rome’s way”.
The Roman Empire fell, but the ramifications of their lust for control over Christianity could go on because it didn’t appear as political, It was though a powerful regime, and to go against it was very dangerous at the hands of man, so it came through a chequered history until today, and bringing the Trinity legacy, Constantine’s decree that Jesus was of the essence of God, and the supernatural birth of Jesus, along with the altered Scriptures/Gospels.
Those who split away from the Roman church in the so called Reformation, clung to many of the Roman doctrine, they didn’t seek God for the accurate knowledge, and were not God inspired either, these are scripturally called the Harlots, they are the daughters to the mother of all Harlots, who is the Whore, she sits on the Beast, who is the Devil. She is the church of apostasy, which will become worse, and also named Babylon, which is the name given to all apostate churches, and means that they are, confused, confuter, and trying to take control off God. They are the deluded (The book of Revelations).
The apostate churches are where the Devil dressed as the Angel of light works best.

You need to know that even according to the context of scripture, God uses the evil of man against man, and will make use of all things evil or not, to an advantage which God can see it put to, you have to know that God will use the apostate churches to help him sort the worthy from the unworthy. Man only appears to get away with evil! God watches mans will, and allows man to carry out his own will, this more so today since we now have the Messiah, all mankind, evil or not, has the chance to life the full life span, and within that time come to repentance, Jesus has paved the way for that..... and that is part of the legacy to Christianity of Rome.
“ Come out of her, my people, least ye fellowship with her sins, and partake of her plagues”.


Those who came to conquer Christianity, and take control off God, had a very real problem, while they knew how to conquer by murder and tyranny, they did not know how to handle the word of God effectively, if at all.
Those who put their fingerprints all over God’s word, left large loop holes, and the reason of course is they did not know God. Those despots of men didn’t have the inspiration of God, those murdering bloodthirsty despots were not manoeuvred by God to alter the Scriptures of God, and it certainly was not God’s commandment to them to introduce the Trinity, or the Jesus is God doctrines and all that goes with that.
If we look to the word of God, we see that the evil man does on earth, God watches, and it is God who will bring evil on them, when it suits him, we have to remember that Jesus died once for all, and now all peoples get the opportunity of living their life to the fullness of years, even the evil ones, and the chance is open to all to repent of our sins and be saved, so therefore even the evil ones can live on.
Remember also, that the ruler of this world is the Devil, and he’s dressed as the Angel of light, he is the ruler of the air, and Jesus said he can’t do anything about it. This is God’s way, not that he wants man to be evil, and yet he makes use out of the evil of man, all things will come back to God with a result, if you read the Scriptures of God, then you will have read all these things.
Now then, having set up the understandings, let’s look at the blunders man has made in his state of evil minded lack of understanding of the Scriptures/Gospels of God.
Well yes, one might say that it’s only misunderstandings, and translations and interpretations made in error, made completely innocently, and for those who would disagree with that excuse, there are many proofs which they can provide which show that it was not an innocent mistake, take the fact that many in the position to do so have tried to correct them in the errors they have made yet are not listened to, only to be argued down, and those in error willfully carry on in error, so rule them out of order, they will not take correction from God.
History apart from any religious Bible, or Scripture of God, tells the story, and that is the history pertaining to Rome, and you may have already read in previous chapters about that; what needs to be dealt with right now is the Scriptural proof which backs up the fact that man willfully changed God’s Scriptures/Gospels, and deal with it in a collective manner as to be easily seen.
Scripture shows man altering it for ulterior motives:
We are looking at who the Messiah promised will be, a man, or God, or a third of God.
Starting with looking at the scripture which has clearly not been altered in the Gentile Bibles since Constantine, Emperor of Rome.
Moses was told directly by God himself that the Messiah to come would be as Moses, and one of the brethren of Moses, of the people of Israel, here the message is that Jesus is a man and not God or part of God.


Clearly Moses is not God or a part of God, well Jesus is the same, because God said the Messiah is as Moses.
Clearly the brethren of Moses, the people Israel are not God or a third of God, well Jesus is the same, because Jesus is brethren to the people Israel.
This is certainly one easy study.
Reading from scripture which is known to be altered by man, “The Septuagint with Apocrypha” presented by Sir Lancelot C.L. Brenton, who tells us in the introduction, that both the Old Testament in the form of this Septuagint, and the New Testament were altered to suit the Political governance and Religious leaders, at the Metropolis of Constantinople. Now knowing these things we can see that the knowledge and understanding of the scriptures was lacking, in that they never understood enough to make a proper job of introducing their doctrine of the Trinity.
Yet we can read Moses account unaltered, and this in itself shows the truth of the matter in that Jesus was not God or any part of a God head of three, or two for that matter, here is the Scripture of God, and here we have Moses talking the message he received in

Deuteronomy 18:15 “The Lord thy God shall raise up to thee a prophet of thy brethren, like me; ...” now be sure to read that this is Moses talking to the people Israel.
And now from verse 18 and Moses is saying it as God said it to him,

V18 “I will raise up to them a prophet of their brethren, like thee; and I will put my words in his mouth, and he shall speak to them as I shall command him.”

V19 “And whatever man shall not hearken to whatsoever words that prophet shall speak in my name, I will take vengeance on him.”

Now this(above) is from the books with altered scriptures, and yet it makes very clear that Jesus is not God, or anything such, it is clear that Jesus is not a supernatural birth, that God raising him up purely means to teach Jesus the office of Messiah. Read it again, slowly this time, take it in, because here proves the Trinity does not stand, and even shown as such in those Bibles that have been altered.

You will not get a conviction of Gods Scripture by speed reading, or by false doctrine playing on your mind and in your ears.
Now to move on to the next Prophecy, this is also in the books which have alterations in them.
This one is the Prophecy given to King David through the prophet Nathan, and even though David was a prophet also, and this also serves to confirm better the authenticity of the prophecy, in that it was given from God one prophet to another, that there be no mistake, and that the realisation of such a great thing could be achieved by the recipients.
What we need to realise before reading this Scripture is that trinity teachers would have you believe that it is a prophecy about Solomon, David’s son and heir to his Throne, and it would appear that the Trinity teachers though that to teach such would suffice their purpose, and yet if you read further in the chapter you soon see that David knows it’s a prophecy that he is the Great Grand Father times removed of the promised Messiah, and set to foil any attempt to alter the meaning is a verse in the book of Acts backing up that even the Apostles knew that this Scripture is of the Messiah through David’s seed Issue.


Here we have from the Septuagint, 2 Kings 7:12-18, or in other Bibles 2 Samuel. “And it shall come to pass when thy days have been fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with thy fathers, that I will raise up thy seed after thee, even thy own issue, and I will establish his Kingdom.”

My comment:
Because of the length and amount of verses, I should give commentary as we go.
God is saying, when David has gone to the resting place for Saints, after passing on, that God will teach David’s distant relative, to the office of his own Kingdom, and this relative of David’s will come from David’s issue of his seed, and here is the natural conception and birth prophesied of, but who is this who is to come from David’s seed issue, well it’s not his then son Solomon, because Solomon is already born, the one spoken of is yet to come, and Solomon’s Kingdom is already established, in fact he took it over while King David was still alive. Solomon is now ruled out as the one prophesied of. Now the Trinity doctrine once again falls, it cannot stand here either.

Verse 13, “He shall build to me a house to my name, and I will set up his Throne even forever.”

My Comment:
Again the Trinity teachers lean on this verse for back up, saying that it is the Temple of God which Solomon built, and the Throne of David which was Solomon’s forever.
Not so, the house in this prophecy is that which is called the house of Jesus, the faithful followers of those who know their Messiah, remember the scripture of it?
The Throne which God is to setup forever, is not that of King Solomon, he destroyed his Throne, and fell out of favour with God, when he took on 700 odd wives who lead him into Idol worship, which broke the covenant between Solomon and God, and God manoeuvred the situation which keeps the Throne line open for the return of Jesus (Yeshua) the Messiah.
What is more, the use of “Forever” indicates a period of time, it has a start, and it has an end, and in context will not be interrupted, it will go for the designated time, and not to be confused with “Forever and ever” which indicates “Eternity”. Now use this knowledge and know that Jesus will be King of Kings, Lord of Lords, which means he will Rule with the Saints co-ruling with him, but only for a certain time, forever, then at the end of that time Jesus will hand all over to God at the end of the millennium , and all will be in God, and God will be in all, remember the scripture?
The Trinity doesn’t stand here either!

Verse 14. “I will be to him a Father, and he shall be to me a son.
And when he happens to transgress, then I will chasten him with the rod of men, and the stripes of the sons of men.”


My Comment:
Look your dictionary up and see the uses of the word Father, and you will see that God is not father of Jesus in the way we think of father and son, “Father” is referring to teaching only, which is in line and context of the prophecy. The “Son” is also in context of the “Father” meaning, also, we all can become sons and daughters of God, yes begotten sons and daughters, have you read the scripture on it?
Now look at what God is saying, when Jesus happens to transgress, and God will have men punish him, surely this is not himself God is talking of, with eyes and mind open, surely this verse on its own makes clear that Jesus is not God, or a third part of God, the promised Messiah is pure man nothing else, and just as promised to Moses, and to King David, even Abraham knew way back then.
The Trinity doesn’t stand here either!

Verse 15. “But my mercy I will not take from him, as I took it from those who I removed from my presence”

My Comment:
Jesus will not find himself as Solomon was, Solomon was disgraced from God’s mercy, and removed from God’s presence.

Verse 16. “And his house shall be made sure, and his Kingdom for ever before me, and his Throne setup forever.

My Comment:
Solomon’s House was not made sure, he fell from Grace, and the House which his father David instigated and Solomon built was not sure, it was torn down, and his Kingdom disrupted by his idol worship iniquity. Where the House of Jesus will be made sure in faithful followers, and his Throne setup forever.

The Trinity can’t stand here either!

Now look at verse 18, and see that David knows that “O Lord, my Lord, yet thou spokest concerning the house of thy servant for a long time to come.”



My Comment:
David knew, he knew that his relative from his seed issue from his loins was not going to happen for many, many years yet, he knew that this prophecy is for the Messiah to come at that time to be from David’s seed issue from his loins, an natural birth, “Son of Joseph”(John 1:45).
The Apostles acknowledge that it was Jesus to come prophesied to David.

No chance for any thought of a Trinity doctrine to come out of this either!

Well now, these two scriptures are either authentic, or an alteration by man, it requires discerning.

Would someone who wanted everyone to believe that Jesus was of the essence of God, and or part of a Trinity, God head of three have altered these scriptures? It hardly takes a lot to discern does it? The answer has to be a resounding NO! Therefore they must be authentic, because they certainly work against the Trinity type doctrine, with its Virgin conception/birth/ supernatural status of Jesus.
There are three places in scripture whereby the Trinity Doctrine either stands or falls, and they are: Isaiah 7:14, and Isaiah 9: 5-6, and also Micah 5: 1-3.
Yet even now those scriptures contradict those we know to be authentic in Deu:18, and 2 Kings/Samuel:7, however because of the insistence of the Trinity doctrine upholders we need to study these three places in detail, and in doing so expose the alterations.

Here we have from the Hebrew held Scriptures, the ones that Constantine couldn’t touch! 

Micah 5:1-3

1And you, Bethlehem Ephrathah-you should have been the lowest of the clans of Judah-from you [he] shall emerge for Me, to be a ruler over Israel; and his origin is from of old, from days of yore.
2Therefore, He shall deliver them until the time a woman in confinement gives birth. And the rest of his brothers shall return upon the children of Israel.
3And he shall stand and lead with the might of the Lord, with the pride of the Lord, his God: and they shall return, for now he shall become great to the ends of the earth.

My Comment:



Yore means : the past, days of old...... This verse is telling us, by persuasion of God, that Yeshua (Jesus) his origin is from King David, his seed issue of past days, and of old times, and not from eternity as implied by the Trinity churches.

Verse 2, the woman in confinement gives birth is the return of Israel/Jerusalem to the Jews/people Israel, which is happening in part now, as the people Israel return to Israel, and Jerusalem is in confinement at present, the Jewish and people Israel not able to enjoy the fullness of occupation, which will eventually come with the arrival of their brother Jesus as Messiah, along with all the Saints who are brothers.

The Trinity, Jesus is God, supernatural birth, doesn’t stand here.

From Isaiah Ch 7:14

Therefore, the Lord, of His own, shall give you a sign; behold, the young woman is with child, and she shall bear a son, and she shall call his name Immanuel. (God with us) the name of the boy is a sign that God will deliver these people from the two Kings as God promised.
15Cream and honey he shall eat when he knows to reject bad and choose good.
16For, when the lad does not yet know to reject bad and choose good, the land whose two kings you dread, shall be abandoned."

My Comment:
V 14 Trinity doctrine teaches that the “Young woman is with child” is a Virgin, because the Hebrew word used is “Almah” the Hebrew people tell the trinity church leaders that they are in error, that the word for Virgin in Hebrew is “Betulah” but the Trinity people will not listen!
King Solomon used the word “Almah” to describe an “adulterous married young woman”.
Jesus was never called Immanuel as his name. Immanuel, (God with us) the name of the boy is a sign that God will deliver these people from the two Kings as God promised.
When the whole chapter is read one can plainly see that the prophecy has been fulfilled in that time, and that it is not a Messianic prophecy, the two Kings were assassinated before the lad was an adult, and that sign is in the cream and honey time frame, and was all there was to eat at that time. This prophecy was not of Messianic, but a sign at that time, and cannot be a dual prophecy, because nothing in it adds up in the time of Jesus.
However, a trap once more for the Trinity/ supernatural birth doctrine, If they say that Jesus is God or part of a tri-head, how come God doesn’t know how to chose between bad and


good? And if you note between most Gentile Bibles the way they have changed the use of punctuation to change the meaning to suit them, compare it with these verses, which show in context to be correct.
No, the Trinity/supernatural birth doesn’t stand here once again.

From the Hebrew Scriptures Isaiah Ch 9:5-6

5For a child has been born to us, a son given to us, and the authority is upon his shoulder, and the wondrous adviser, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, called his name, "the prince of peace."
6To him who increases the authority, and for peace without end, on David's throne and on his kingdom, to establish it and to support it with justice and with righteousness; from now and to eternity, the zeal of the Lord of Hosts shall accomplish this.

My Comment:
Consider the latter alterations, to the scriptures, compare them with that which has been left unaltered which I have shown before the latter, and now look at Isaiah 9:6-7 in the Gentile Bibles (or most) and it can be seen that they clearly want the reader to believe that God is calling Jesus God almighty, among other things which allude to God, yet in all things of context it doesn’t fit, not at all.
Now see the truth!
The only name given to Jesus (Yeshua) in this prophecy of Isaiah is “The Prince of Peace”..... Clear as, and in logical harmonic balance of all scripture that is of God.

Now look at the "For a child has been born to us, a son given to us" which relates correctly to that given to Moses, Jesus born naturally a Jew, a son of Jews, and he is given to them because God used Jesus to work the Messiah-ship through.

No Trinity! No Jesus is the essence of God! No Jesus is God! No Jesus is a god! No supernatural birth!..... Just an orchestrated litany of lies, stemming from the lustful desires of Romans, who were failing at that time to retain their conquests over the world, and swung to gain control over Christianity for the lust of complete control, and in an effort to bolster up their failing empire, these Romans who were so use to calling themselves gods , lust for control at any cost, even to attempt to take control over mankind for themselves even off God himself, Woe, Woe, Woe.
The Trinity, the supernatural birth, is mans orchestrated litany of lies!

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