God's word given.

What does the word mean? Rest!
Where did it originate? In the book of Genesis; at the making of the World.
Who made it? God.
Who did he make it for? Man- not man for the Sabbath.
Why did he make it? For rest for and to man, now and in the future; as a shadow of things to come, and for the test of obedience, and loyalty to God, and now through Jesus the lord of it.
Who do we get this rest through? Jesus Christ; Jesus says “If however thou desirest to enter that life, keep “The Commandments” (Matt 19: 17).
What Commandments? The “Ten Commandments” (Exodus 20) Exodus 20:8 “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it Holy”.
What do we do? We obey all Jesus Christ commands us to do, to obey the Commandments means to keep observing the Sabbath, if we observe the Sabbath we then get the “Rest” in Christ Jesus, we get the “Rest” through obedience, by our own freewill to do so; This will then be observed by God , who, on seeing our obedience “Favors” us.
How long do we keep observing the Sabbath? (Exodus 31:13-18) Tells us about how long, yet some would say it only applies to the people Israel, however it tells us it is a Perpetual covenant; The dictionary meaning of Perpetual is Eternity, for ever and ever, indefinite, continuous; This then suggests at this point even, that all who come to God through Christ will need to observe the Sabbath.
We are Spiritually People Israel, all those Gentiles (anyone who is not a Jew) who Come to God through the Lord Jesus Christ, are Spiritually Seeds of Abraham, we take part in the inheritance of Abraham Isaac, and Jacob, through the “Seed” of Abraham which is Jesus Christ.
We are grafted in on the Vine that produces the fruit.
“That the Gentiles should be fellow heirs, and of the same body, and partakers of his promise in Christ by the Gospel” (Eph 3:6); Perhaps we should look some more on this subject further on in this book, but wait, a little more right now.
How long? Isaiah 56:2-4-6-7. Informing us on the subject, verse 2 Blessing those who don’t pollute the Sabbath, verse 3; also the son of the stranger that joins the lord (showing it’s not only Jews or Israelites who are to keep the Sabbath) and the verse six elaborates on that, therefore highlighting that; not just the people Israel, but strangers to them, which is
Anyone else in the whole of creation who cares to come to God through Jesus Christ, any of these who keep the Sabbath from polluting it, and who take hold of Gods covenant, as verse 7 says; God will bring them to his Holy Mountain, and that he will make them joyful in his house of prayer; how long do we keep the Sabbath? The answer is here, there is no doubt!
“Mine house shall be called a house of prayer for all people” (verse 7) - “All people” (believers) take note! This is in reference to the age of millennium also! Go to Isa.66:23.
Now for those who don’t know; that verse 7 and verse 8 relate to the latter days, which we have been in since the days Jesus Christ walked this earth.
Verse 8 backs that up; he says not only Israel he will gather but others as well! Isaiah 54:3---“and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles”
Can I leave it at that for now? Do you accept at this stage that it is not only the direct blood line of Israel that is to observe the Sabbath Commandment? ---- No?
How long? Isaiah 66:23. “And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one Sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship me, saith the Lord” Now that is in context with the latter days coming into the Millennium period. Read the verses.
So then have we enough to go on with, and do we understand that the Sabbath is to be observed now days?
Just one more to help back all this up now (Matt.24:20) Jesus says; “But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the Sabbath day”. Now then Jesus is talking of events that will happen long after he has gone to be at the right hand of God, what this verse tells us then is that; Jesus did not nullify the fourth commandment “Sabbath” or any other of the “Ten Commandments”! No doubts at all! So now don’t be deceived, read for Heavens sake!


The Ten Commandments were not nailed to the cross, as some would like to think for their various reasons!
No! They are not done away with, nor then the Sabbath!
Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Sabbath, it is written so, he will then be the one to find out from, and that he is Lord of the Sabbath is an indication it still remains to be observed!
Matthew 5:17 “Think not that I have come to destroy the Law or the Prophets: I have come not to destroy but to fulfill” And then, -- (this is the Ordinance laws he is talking of)
Verse. 18. For verily I say to you, till Heaven and Earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the Law, till all be fulfilled”. And then, Verse 19, “Whosoever therefore shall break one of these Least “Commandments”, and shall teach men so, he will be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven: But whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven”
Now then, these verses are telling the story in context; Jesus did not come to destroy the Law, or nail it to the cross just yet, that could only happen after his crucifixion; this Law he talks of is not the Ten Commandments! As you will soon see as we go along, in fact you will see that Jesus has given clarity to some of them, read on the rest of Matt: Ch 5! But just because he didn’t mention all ten doesn’t mean he did away with those he did not mention!
We need to be very clear of the context these chapters are written in, written, and understood in the spirit of the meaning of them, or we are in big trouble in the line of disobedience to God. Look around in Scripture/Gospel and see the weight of evidence.
Look at what God is telling us through Jesus Christ; and look out! Those who teach others not to observe Gods Commandments, and those God gave through Christ.
Jesus came to establish the Laws, (this is the context of what is written) and establish means to set up, on permanent basis, Get generally accepted, place beyond dispute.
If Jesus did away with the Ten Commandments! So Murder, Adultery, Stealing, Rape, etc, there is no Law, all those things which are put in place to protect us from ourselves, would be wiped! If the Ten Commandments were nailed to the cross all of them would be gone! these commandments were not nailed to the cross and then re-instated, that’s mans talk.
Look, just on the very basis of a bit of reasoning, we surely, can see that the Ten Commandments or any part of them have not been taken away, and that’s without the understanding of the Scriptures/Gospels. They are the Laws to Eternal Life!
Colossians 2:6-17. Read it all, but let’s look at verse 16. Jesus Christ who is Now Christ Jesus, Who God gave all Authority in Heaven and Earth over flesh, tells us through Paul. “Let no one therefore Judge you in meat, or in drink or in respect of an Holy day or of the New Moon or of the Sabbath days”, so what’s he saying; “Don’t be Judged” that’s the key to understanding this message.
Biblically to be “Judged” in many contexts as it is applied means you have sinned, and you are being judged for your punishment, (you, me, anyone involved that is).
The context of Colossians 2: 16, is just as explained!
Don’t put yourself in the position where anyone can point the finger at you in Judgment and say you are not keeping the Sabbath, which is a command!

About now if you have not been keeping the Sabbath or even as you should, and you see the light here now, it is only reasonable for you to fear for your Eternal well being, so then what to do about it? With a little understanding you will realize that God only requires us to correct our sins we commit in ignorance, or that others have taught us, ask then for forgiveness and we know we will receive, and we know this from reading the scriptures/ Gospels, and then obey his commands.
What we as Christians have to contend with now is one very angry raging revengeful “Satan”, and as written, we are living now in the time he is desperate to disrupt, and that is any one he can disrupt, and deceive, anyone, even Pastors, and Ministers , and Priests, to name but a few! And the Sabbath is a prime target, think about it! Read Gods word, not mans, Man can’t give you eternal life, read what it says in the Scriptures/Gospel, “Devil”, and don’t argue with God. There is a Devil raging and doing Gods purpose, for great reason. Read, and get to understand it, Revelations is a good place to read, and Job, read this Ministries "The Devils existence". It affects Christians.
The Instant death for disobedience of ordinances nailed to the cross! Not the “Ten Commandments”.
What Moses did was to be the spokes person for the actual people Israel, between God and them, they roamed the Desert for 40 years, an unruly Idol worshipping deep sinning people who by the way forgot the Sabbath as well as all that!
Now apart from the “Ten Commandments” and because of the way of these ones, the “Divers Laws and Ordinances” were introduced, there were many of them, these came to try and bring the people to obedience to God, and Moses spent much time writing these laws by hand.
The Ten Commandments were written in Stone Tablets by God as a Covenant, Perpetual, that is for ever and ever, continuous. The need in Gods plans is for them to last until the end of the Millennium times.
The ordinances, Col 2:14 “Having blotted out what was written by hand in “ordinances” (Laws) which was against us, and has removed it from the midst, having nailed it to the cross.” Written by Moses hand. So there it is! Problem solved------ more understanding required? The Dictionary is a good help! Better than our own understanding, and a great truth.
So what is an ordinance? It is a Decree, Religious Rite. A Rite is; a religious or solemn ceremony or observance, with action required in it, observance by a church or peoples. Decree means; Authoritative order (e.g. Moses) having the force of Law, and a Judicial decision in certain courts and cases, the will of God or Providence or Nature.
Providence means; Timely care, thrift, Beneficent care of God or Nature shown in favor of a person, the power that controls the world.
So you can see the ordinances were able to be bought in and taken out as required, by the very nature that they are called ordinances, and as we see in Col 2; 14 this has been done.
We also see that the Ten Commandments, were perpetual, and no man can change a covenant of Gods, that is also written.----- I stand corrected, Man has changed Gods Covenant to suit himself, but it is not in agreement with God, therefore it is disobedience, and a transgression against God.
Romans 6:14 “For ye are not under the Law but under Grace”
Romans 10:4 “For Christ is the end of the Law for righteousness to every one who believeth”
These verses are not talking about the “Ten Commandments.” (Starting to look a bit obvious now?) “Ten commandments” are still in force, this proves the point! Sabbath being perpetual! Read it again, take it in.
Hebrews Chapter 3 and 4 have much to tell us of the Rest/Sabbath.
Heb 4:9 “There remained therefore a Sabbath to the people of God” (K.J.V Sabbath in Margin) Lets have a closer look and start at verse 6 this tells us that Jesus Christ has authority, and knowing that he is Lord of the Sabbath is required here, to bring in the context of the following verses.
Verse7-8-9 Tell us if we hear his voice today, don’t ignore it as did those who roamed the Desert the 40 years! ------ We are in Hebrews Ch 3 now ------
Verse 10, tells us ; God is grieved at those who are in error and in their very heart of them, because those ones don’t do Gods ways, neither do they want to, even though they know of God.
Verse 11 (and the original writings of this) “So I swore in my wrath- If they shall enter my rest”
We have to know what pleases God, and obedience is foremost, we must seek to do those things that please God.
Verse 13 tells us to exhort, tell, and remind one another daily, Gods Commands of us.
Verse 14 “For we are made partakers of Christ, If we hold the beginning of our confidence, steadfast to the end” (We partake of the rest available to us with the lord of the Sabbath if we stick to the Commandments, if we do so we will keep the Sabbath, and therefore get the rest now and in Eternity, now being the shadow of things to come, it’s all written)

Hebrews Chapter 3 and 4 is being used to show us those of disobedience in concern of the rest/ Sabbath now and in Eternity.
Verse 19. “ so we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief” ( if you don’t believe into Jesus Christ you won’t keep the commandments, and keeping the Commandments as Jesus says is believing into him, therefore we if we really are a believer, we will keep the Sabbath also).
Chapter 4 verse 3 “For we which have believed do enter into rest” once again, if we believe we will keep the Commandments and the Sabbath, its how we will get the rest. And he states it’s the rest bought in from the creation of the world, (the same Sabbath.)
Lets look at verse 8 “For if Jesus had given them rest, then would he not afterward have spoken of another day” (KJV) and from the Diaglott original word for word, it makes that clearer saying “For if Jesus caused them to rest, he would not subsequently, have spoken of another day”. This answers the Question, did the coming of Jesus the Christ take away the ten or any of the ten Commandments, did he take away and replace the necessity to keep the Sabbath rest? No! And verse 9 backs it by saying, “Therefore a Sabbath rest remains for the people”. We still keep the Sabbath rest.
Verse 11 backs that up “Let us earnestly Endeavour, therefore, to enter that rest that no one may fall by the same example of unbelief” (those wandering the Desert 40 yrs, ECT)
So what is it? It is unbelief that prevents us from entering into the rest, that eternal rest with God and Christ, unbelief because those who don’t keep the Sabbath now, show they do not believe into Christ, because if they did they would know, to do so means that believing into Christ is to keep all the Commands, and if we cant keep the Sabbath rest now, we can’t enter into the rest with Jesus Christ who is also the Lord of the Sabbath.
Col 3: 23. “What ever you may do, work it from the Soul, as for the Lord, and (not for men)”
“If you will enter into life, keep the Commandments, and not find them grievous”
Let’s look at what Paul tells us on the subject in Galatians, and I will take it from the (Diaglott word for word translation of the original Greek Manuscripts)
In Galatians Ch 3 Paul affirms that the promises of inheritance are all still in force, and that the Law is not contrary to the promises v21, and then in v24-25, that the law was our teacher until Jesus Christ came, now we are under faith and no longer under that law (of the ordinances), so once again showing that it was the ordinances that have been “Nailed to the cross” and also to back that up, we who believe into Jesus Christ, are people Israel or Jews in Spirit, note verse 28. “In him (Jesus Christ) there is not Jew nor Greek; there is not a slave or

A freeman; there is not male or female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus; v 29. “And if you belong to Christ, certainly you are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise. “And therefore, if not Abraham’s seed by blood line, then spiritually.”
In Galatians Ch 4: 4. “but when the completion of the time arrived, God sent forth his son, having been produced from a woman, born under law.”v5 “in order that he might redeem those under law. (In the actual words in Greek, instead of redeem, it says “he might buy off”) so then that he might buy off those under the old ordinance law.
Galatians 4:9 and Paul is expressing his concerns and fears that these ones have been taken back to their old ways by the teachers of the old ordinances, and especially after he has put in much hard work to bring them out of it, lets see what he says, and note verse 10 as we go where he is asking them if they are still observing the Sabbath, because he thinks not.
Gal 4:9 “Now, however, having acknowledged God, (or rather having been acknowledged by God,) how is it you are returning again to the Weak and Poor Rudiments , to which again, as at first you wish to be in subjection?”---- Rudiments mean; some thing imperfectly developed as having no function, and also Elements or first principles of a subject.
Given Paul’s account of the rudiments being weak and poor, and in context he is talking of the ordinances which have been nailed to the cross. The Ten Commandments were never this! Could you consider them as such? According to Scripture the laws in question were nailed to the cross, and does not state; selected Laws were nailed to the cross!
Then in Verse 10 he asks them “Are you observing Days, and moons and seasons and years” Observing days are the Sabbath days and such. If in doubt that he is asking the question, the Diaglott word for word from the Greek is worded this way, “Days you watch narrowly? And Moons and seasons and years?”
Now it can be seen definitely, what is the dictionary meaning of watch; On the lookout, looking out for, keep watch, exercise protecting care over, keep ones eye fixed on, keep under observation, And narrowly means; confined, in poverty, with little margin, not liberally, prejudiced, exclusive, self centered, and lessen.
So now we can see that Paul was saying that they were not keeping or observing Days, Moons, seasons, and years as they should have been. (Days being Sabbath days).
They were not exercising (watching) care and protection over these times; they were confined in keeping watch, poorly they watched, being exclusive in leaving bits out, they were not keeping under observation being that they were self centered and therefore they

lessened keeping the days, and now that’s a fairly reasonable description of what can happen to peoples attitude to proper keeping of the Sabbath these days also.


The Sabbath is the seventh day of the week, that’s the day of rest from our works and our Flesh pleasures, and the day for worship and reflecting on matters of God.


Here is the (Internet account) from the (International organization for standardization) ISO. Number, ISO.1808601 as follows; The Bible clearly makes the Sabbath the last day of the week, but does not share how that corresponds to our seven day week, yet through extra
Biblical sources it is possible to determine that the Sabbath at the time of Christ corresponds to our current Saturday; therefore it is common Jewish and Christian practice to regard Sunday as the first day of the week.
In the International standard 1808601, the international organization for standardization (ISO) has decreed that Monday shall be the first day of the week.
Most Christians have made Sunday their day of rest and worship, (because Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday) (Author; Augustine, then Roman Catholic Pope, lay claim to changing to Sunday, stating, we have the Devine right, to change matters of God)
Has the 7 day week cycle ever been interrupted? ISO states no it is likely not at least since the days of Moses (c.1400 BCE) possibly longer.
The Roman Catholic Church has many times in the past openly admitted to changing the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, for convenience to them. (End of ISO findings). ------ Note that Christ did not rise on Sunday! Read PASSOVER/EASTER section Page 11.
The splinter Churches which broke away from their mother Church the Roman Catholic, the Protestants, took much of the Doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church and has stuck with it since, so also observe the Sabbath on Sunday, which is the Pagan day for worshipping their Sun God.—However, it is established that; Saturday is the seventh day, and Sunday is the first day of the week. (Here are some quotes available on the Internet, (Not my work).
By their own admission; “The Catholic church---- by virtue of her divine mission, changed the day from Saturday to Sunday.”-----The Catholic Mirror, official publication of James Cardinal Gibbons, Sept. 23, 1863.

“Is Saturday the seventh day according to the Bible and the Ten Commandments? I answer yes. Is Sunday the first day of the week and did the Church change the seventh day-Saturday for Sunday, the first day? I answer yes. Did Christ change the day? I answer no!”
--James Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore (1877-1921), signed the letter.
“It is always somewhat laughable; to see the Protestant Churches, in the pulpit and legislation, demand the observance of Sunday, of which there is nothing in their Bible”
--Peter R. Kraemer, Catholic Church Extension society, 1975.
“We move from the “Sabbath” to the first day after the Sabbath, from the seventh day to the first day: The dies domini becomes the dies Christi---- By contrast, the Sabbath’s position as the seventh day of the week suggests for the Lord’s Day a complimentary symbolism, much loved by the Fathers. Sunday is not only the first day; it is also the eighth day, set within a sevenfold succession of days”
---Pope John Paul II, Apostolic letter, Dies Domini, Vatican, May 31, 1998.
Well then! This is a turn of events; who then are the Scriptures telling us of, where
It is written “They will think to change times and law”! (Daniel 7:25), so what’s it about?
Daniel 7:25. In context it is part of the prophecy given to Daniel for our instruction, so that we can watch for the signs that tell us how Progression is in prophecy unfolding;
Verse 25 is about one of the Kings, or person of high authority, a man, to do with the “Latter days” which we are in now,
Verse 25; “And he shall speak great words against the most high, and shall wear out the Saints of the most High, and think to change times and Laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of times. (This is a sign given to us from God)
Now this is prophesied to be happening very much as great activity during the lead up and the coming event of Christ Jesus arrival.
So to know who this part of the prophesy is about, which Man of authority it is, we have to look about and see who this one authority is, not to picture one man in particular but rather an authority in some realm! What are we looking at?
We have some authority speaking great words against God and his Christ.
This authority will change times and therefore Laws.
This sort of problem will wear out the Saints even those living on Earth now times.
And the Saints will be in this state, in this authorities hand, during certain times and stages of the process of the return of Christ.
So who is it? Who’s changing times therefore Laws, therefore speaking great words against God and Jesus Christ; Changing the Sabbath times and therefore making it of no effect, causing people to be disobedient in it therefore, this is the sort of thing that will wear out the Saints of the Most High!
Well how bad is it to not observe the Sabbath on the right day? So what if we observe it to suit our own selfishness our own activities, at our own convenience, who cares so long as we observe it sometime, surely that will do?
God gave the Sabbath as a particular day, God created every thing, and there is nothing that he did not create, all is God’s prerogative, God owes us nothing, we owe God.
We as man kind do not make the Laws of God the Scriptures makes that clear.
Man cannot change a covenant made by God it is written, no man, even if he be King, or a Prime Minister, or a Poor man, or a Pastor, or a Priest, or a Pope, none can change God’s laws to suit himself, it is written!
Look at what (maybe) at stake, to be lost! For all who disobey God and lead others to do the same; Eternal life with God and Jesus Christ!
The alternative is; Eternal life apart from God; and this is Eternal Torment!
Paul tells us it will be hard enough to gain the Kingdom of God as it is, without disobedience.


What period of time do we call the Sabbath day? (Lev. 23:32, sunset to sunset).
We have to find what a “Biblical day” is; by going to Genesis in the Old Testament, we will see the first day started as night. I am using the Septuagint, to be as near to the original Scriptures as possible.
Genesis 1:2. ---“And darkness was over the deep”---and verse 3. “And God said let there be light, and there was light.” Verse 4. “And God saw the light that it was good, and God divided between the light and the darkness”----.
So we see it all started in Darkness, and it is accounted for that way ever since in the Biblical timing, lets see.
Verse 5. “And God called the light day, and the darkness he called night, and there was Evening and there was Morning, the first day. (Now that’s the exact way it’s written).
We have to read and look at all the following days as written, and we find each days work God has done, he ends it saying the same thing consistently, that is; “And there was Evening and there was Morning, the second day,” Next days work completed, and as written, “And there was Evening and there was Morning the third day”, and this continues for all the days of work that God did in Creating the world.
So many times it is written, as to impress upon the reader the importance of the exactness of the information given, what then have we got, given that the actual 24hr period starts at an Evening? Now this is very important as to when the Sabbath actually starts in Gods eyes, remembering that it is proven that the Sabbath in Gods eyes is on the Seventh day, and the seventh day is Biblically recognized as Saturday, with Sunday being the first day of the week, even those who changed it admit the facts given here, so then lets do a graph.
E-N-M-D-/E-N-M-D-/E-N-M-D-/E-N-D-M/E-N-M-D-/E-N-M-D-/E-N-M-D-/E, here is seven days and one Evening. Thus; Evening-Night-Morning-Daytime up to Sunset-/new 24hr Day.
The day is complete right up to sunset of the evening, after sunset the next day has actually started. Proof of this is coming, in showing the day of Passover when Jesus Christ was crucified.
The day clock was kept as the hour of the day, sun rise, and every hour counted from there E.G. sunrise plus six hours is midday, or for example, Matt 27:57 “and evening being come” (Jesus not long died) and then, 27:45 “the sixth to the ninth hour came darkness”(Gods doing) and then, 27:46. “And about the ninth hour, shortly after Jesus died” (and he died before evening, some were around 3 o’clock) this gives us a good indication of day timing.
Now we have seen that the seventh day of the week is Saturday, with Sunday being the first day of the week and now we know that the day Biblically starts in the evening, after sunset and the Morning is at sunrise.
It might be worth mentioning here, a reason most likely for the ISO day of the week changes to bring in world standard time, is required for commercial practices, it would be messy without it given other countries customs as well.
Let’s look further.


Jesus Christ was betrayed, arrested, died and was buried all on Passover day, one day, and looking at the Biblical account of all this will show, and back up the day period shown us in the book of Genesis.
Remember that Jesus is the Passover lamb, so all had to happen on the day of Passover.
Starting at Matt 26:20. “Now Evening being come, he reclined at the table with the twelve” Note “Evening being come” Evening being the time of the start of a 24hr period, so now it is Passover, and they are feasting. (From the Diaglott word for word translation of the Greek original).
Let’s look at the telling events of timing Matt 26:36. Jesus and the disciples go to Gethsemane and its late at night already in Verse 34 Jesus has told Peter –“That this night before the cock crow, thou wilt thrice disown me”.
Verse 45 tells us that God and Christ know the hour all will happen, “For behold, the hour is arrived, and the son of man is delivered into the hands of sinners” (everything happened exactly to plan, as God purposed).
Jesus was delivered into the hands, but not yet delivered up to death, no judgment yet.
Jesus was taken before Caiaphas the High Priest and questioned well into the night /morning, how can we tell? The Cock crow was a trumpet sounding off the hours, we know that evening is about the 12th hour of daylight the cock was to crow during the time Christ was in the city and taken to Caiaphas, so the crow would have been at night, now we know about this time, which is still Passover period. (before the cock crow thrice, well into night)
Matt 27:1 “ Now, at Dawn of the day (not stated as, at Dawn the next day), all the High Priests and Elders of the people, held a council against Jesus, in order to deliver him to death” so really he still is not delivered to death yet, thus signifying that they are still in the Passover period or Day, even this Dawn or Morning, there is still the whole Day for Jesus to Die on the Cross and be Buried, before Evening (sunset).
Matt 27:46. “And about the ninth hour Jesus exclaimed with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” that is, “my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”
The ninth hour is in the afternoon, about three o’clock, but much more was to happen be fore the burial of Christ, which came between the 3 o’clock and Evening.
What we now have is the death of Christ Crucified on Passover day, killed as the Passover Lamb of God.
Look then at what was to come out of this study, the Biblical day 24 hr period, Look at the wide picture of what this part of Scripture/Gospel is providing, it is a neat and tidy message, provided by the exact sequence of events, this is only one, and these messages hidden from certain people are provided as crucial evidence, to regain Gods word and knowledge, after those deceivers have caused it to be lost, this is irrefutable evidence that no man can refute.
This helps to prove that God finds ways to give his ones exact knowledge, physically and spiritually.
Now it tells us when to observe Sabbath, which is from Sunset to Sunset, given the Sabbath of God’s, is on the seventh day which Biblically is Saturday, the Sabbath starts in our time Sunset Friday night, until Sunset Saturday night, (saying it in our time remember).
God will have us do his Commands his way, in his timing; we must therefore observe it this way or be disobedient to God.
You choose, but remember your responsibilities if you call your self a believer, it is no longer freewill, that is not an option now, it’s Gods way now.


What has come to light in the study as well, is the question of Good Friday, Jesus never died on Friday and rose again on Sunday! That does not add up to the Bible accounts of Christ’s death!
Reading the Scripture/Gospels correctly, with the use of the Hebrew calendar for Passover times, and the Scriptural 24hr period (day), shows that Jesus Christ died on Wednesday, and rose again late Saturday.
Best we get stuck in and take a good look at this one as well.
The key to this study is what day was Passover at the time of Jesus Crucifixion, and, to know that there is a Passover Sabbath, and then following that there was the weekly Sabbath on the Saturday, and we should recognize that the Bible counts days as the period from evening to evening (Lev.23:32) or Sunset to Sunset. Also Genesis 1—the Evening (night or darkness)
And the morning (day or light), realizing that will help to allow the understanding.

Matt 27:60. Jesus lay in his Tomb Crucifixion evening.
Verse 62. “Now the next day, which is after the Preparation, the High Priests and Pharisees convened before Pilate”—the “Preparation” is what happens the day before a Sabbath, it’s called “Preparation day “and Passover is preparation day, for the “Annual high day Sabbath” as it is called John 19:14 and verse 31(back up); because of this Jesus had to be buried “In a place near by” because he died and was buried to Jewish custom! With not much time to spare, given the Passover high day Sabbath 24 hour period coming in that evening! Note the Sabbath starts in the Evening! (John 19:42, and read John 19:31 and then Luke 23:46.)
Passover times can be traced on the Hebrew calendar, and also backwards.
It is known that; in the year of Christ’s Crucifixion, according to the Hebrew Calendar, the Passover occurred on a Wednesday; this means that the Annual high day Sabbath had to be one day later, or on Thursday, and this was the approaching Sabbath causing the rush to bury Jesus near by; it was not the weekly Sabbath! And therefore the weekly Saturday Sabbath was two days later. ---Now if you do a proper study of those Chapters and verses quoted, you will be able to back this up in your own mind, and see in logic and harmonic balance that this account is correct. To back that up we look at Daniel. 9:26-27 he says the Messiah would be “cut off”---- in the “Midst of the week” in the Prophesy, and Wednesday falls in the middle of the week. (Dual meaning Prophesy, also cut off mid his Ministry)
Right then, Jesus is in his Tomb at the very end of Passover, as he said he would be, and just on the verge of the High Sabbath day that comes immediately following Passover, preparation day being Passover Day! the next day is Thursday, and that then is the day of High Sabbath, now the day after that High Sabbath is Friday, which then becomes a preparation day for the weekly Sabbath, so that Saturday is observed as the weekly Sabbath, and this had to be observed.--We know that the day of Sabbath observance was changed from Saturday (the seventh day) to Sunday (the first day of the week), by the Roman Catholic Church, and by their admission. We also know that the Biblical day is Sunset to Sunset, any 24hr period starts at Evening.
We know also; that to change any Covenant or word of God’s is to “Make it of none effect”!
In the Diaglott word for word translation from the original Greek Manuscripts to English, there is a good example of ignoring the original wording by the Roman catholic, and her sister splinter Churches, which if printed into their Bibles, would shed light on the Sabbath question, during the Passover and Crucifixion times of Jesus Christ, let me quote it to you and follow up with the Biblical proof, as follows;
Matthew 28:1 “After low Sabbath, to the dawning into first of week, came Mary the Magdalene, and the other Mary, to see the Tomb.” Verse 2 says “And lo, a shaking occurred Great”------
Now Verse 1 “After the low Sabbath”(indicating a different Sabbath than the High Annual Passover Sabbath) (also note in verse 2 “lo” so there is no confusion over the meaning of the two words used, and they are both different words from one another in the Greek used!)--------Now we need to note that the (KJV) omits the word “low”. Now lets look at, John 19:31(KJV) and (Diaglott same meaning) “The Jews therefore, because it was the preparation, that the bodies should not remain upon the cross on the Sabbath day, (for that Sabbath was an High day,) besought Pilate that their legs might be broken, and that they might be taken away.” (Quoted just as it is written)

So then what have we got? Well Matthew 28:1 in the original manuscript tells us there was another Sabbath other than the High Passover, the “Low”! we know that even without Matthews account, because John tells us that the Passover Sabbath was a special “High Annual Passover Sabbath”, we can back that up because we read that Christ was to be “cut off mid week”, and not at the end of the week when the weekly “Low” Sabbath is observed.
Backing all this, is the realization, that Jesus Christ said as a sign he would be three days and three nights in the tomb, as was Jonah in the Whale, Matt 12:40, states clearly! 72 hours! And Friday night till before very early Sunday morning does not make 72 hours! ------Think about it!
Once again backing all this up is from Matthew 28:1 “After low Sabbath, to the Dawning into first day of week”------- even as written in (KJV) “In the end of the Sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week”--------, this still backs up as is written above.
Some questions arise as all this was given to me.
One was; if the process of Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion was all done during the Passover 24hr period of Wednesday, and Passover day was also preparation day for the high Sabbath, and Evening being Thursday was Passover High Sabbath, and then the Friday would be preparation day for the weekly Sabbath, on the seventh day being Saturday (Biblical), Why did the two Mary’s wait until the day after weekly Sabbath, which is the Sunday, to take the Aromatics to put on the body? Why not go on the Friday? From Wed to Sun the body would have been in quite a state of deterioration, Why not use Friday to at least get some part of the embalming done to avoid the problem?
Well simply because The Embalming had already been done sufficient at least to avoid the problem, hence there was no rush, and all were able to observe the Passover and the weekly or “LOW” Preparation and Sabbath day as required, read (John.19:38-42) and note that; Joseph of Arimathaea and Nicodemus, took the body and wound it in Linen and the large quantity of Myrrh and Aloes, as is the custom of the Jews to bury one, in the Diaglott it says that Jesus was “Embalmed” “as the Custom of the Jews,” however, this proves that the two Mary’s were not having to do this urgent Job, (as some teach), they were simply adding Aromatics. (If that even), and now all my questions are answered.
Now we have that sorted, there is nothing that stands in the way of accepting the truth of the matter as written in the Scriptures/Gospels, we don’t have to consult the Hebrew Calendar even, as God has given what we need to understand in his word!
Well now! What’s the truth of the matter?
A brief look at some facts.

God's word given.


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