God's word given.

Scriptural evidence says we have to examine this doctrine urgently. 


To my Sibling sister, with the Jehovah witness religion, who once tried to observe the Sabbath but found it didn't fit in with their life.

Mark 2:27 "---The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath." God gave me the meaning of this at the time I tried to instruct you in these matters, and this is the meaning:- The Sabbath being rest, and a shadow of things to come, that being Eternal rest, then man was not made and expect by right to enter the Kingdom of God, therefore "Man was not made for the Sabbath" "The Sabbath was made for Man" who are obedient to God through Jesus Christ, therefore are found worthy to enter that rest, the Kingdom of God.

God says to the disobedient non observers:- "----And they have not known my ways. So I declared on oath in my anger "They shall never enter my rest". (Psalm 95).

A quick reference as to if the Sabbath was observed by Christians after Jesus was risen:- Acts in the days of the Apostles and after Paul had been instucted by Jesus spiritually:- Acts 16:13 "And on the Sabbath day we went out of the city by a river, where there was allowed to be an Oratory; and having sat down, we spoke to the women who were assembled." Read on! Paul was in attendance. it is made clear that christians were observing the Sabbath, and if anyone would have known if the Sabbath was nailed to the cross or not then surely it would have been Paul, after all he was given first hand up to date teachings by Jesus when in Spirit: neither Jesus nor Paul have stated that the Sabbath no longer applies.

Look at Acts 18:4 "And he reasoned in the Synagogue every Sabbath, and persuaded Jews and Greeks." (He being Paul).

The Sabbath was changed from the seventh day to the first day, at the time the Roman Catholic Church came into being, at the time of Consantine, and at that time the original Christian Church which existed was destroyed by them, and the truth from there on in was perverted. Then there was only one mainstream church attached to the Roman Empire, Roman Catholicisim, all churches since that time are a splinter off Roman Catholicisim, and most still teach a form of it, or what ever suits them, and not in obedience to God, not being inspired by God. There are three main points stopping people entering God's rest:-MONEY-SECURITY-RELATIONSHIPS. God tells us not to do things in Party Spirit, therefore causing the blind to lead the blind, or the deceived to lead the deceived.

Read on Sister. End of Edit.

First, a problem appears in the interpretation, of what the Scriptures tell us of the Ordinance Laws, and the meaning of Ordinance, also large gaps left in chapter and verse.
This presents problems, compounding them, and takes away the understanding that otherwise would be had in the benefit and status the Ten Commandments are to be held in.
The error comes in the very first instance, and compounds with the error in understanding further Scripture he has used, resulting in the use of the Scriptures out of context. Edit--- Sorry! I should explain, the way this document is written; It was, in it's original form, a letter to a church, pointing out the obvious errors of their Inventor and leader. Since then other Edits have been added.----- End of Edit.
Another problem that shows because of these problems, is that of contradictions becoming apparent, on one hand the non observer he teaches; that the Ten Commandments were part of the Ordinance laws, and therefore are the epitome of the old covenant and therefore called “the ministration of death” then he teaches; nine of the ten were re-affirmed, thus he has neatly cut out the fourth, the Sabbath.
What has happened in effect is; this teaching has allowed confusion to set in, by the contradiction.
We will see the error created by the omission of a series of crucial Scriptural facts as follows.
1. The Ordinance Laws, as they were written, were nailed to the cross.
2. If the Ten Commandments were part of the ordinances, they would also have been nailed to the cross and be no more.
3. The Ten Commandments were written by God on tablets, and God said that one of them was “Perpetual”, meaning; forever, never ending, Eternity, and therefore not to be taken out at any stage. That being the Sabbath. Ex. 31:16 (More later)
4. He has missed Deut.27:2. These are the Laws written in stones! These are the Ordinances written in stones. This is a great error he has made; he has misunderstood and called these ones the Ten Commandments, being those written on tablets! And has not been able to recover from this error, allowing contradiction and confusion in by stating something not written in the Scriptures, and that is; the ten were nailed to the cross and, later nine re-affirmed.
5. The Ten Commandments are not Ordinance laws, there is a big difference between the two names of these Laws; the Ten Commandments are written on stone Tablets by God himself, showing the permanent nature. But the Ordinances by their very name shows that they are removable, and changeable, and at any time, in other words; it is the Ordinances that are the only ones of the Laws that could be nailed to the cross, and also were the only ones designed to be.

6. The Ten Commandments are not “the ministration of death”, as he has stated, no, they are the only main moral and Command laws we have, there is nothing in them that would have “the ministration of death” effect on us, with out them we are totally Godless, and Morally Lawless. They cannot be grievous, they are Life for life.
7. The Sabbath observance is a mark of our obedience to God, and judgment of us is heavily depended upon our obedience, and what we do with Gods word.
8. If anyone argue, that the Sabbath observance that we read of after Jesus had risen, was really only an adjustment period, people getting to know that it was no longer observable, or that the Apostles really only went along with the Sabbath to stay in favor with those they were trying to convert from Judaism, or Mosaic laws, then that is an error. Even if it does sound plausible, I once wondered if that were the case.
9. The Sabbath is well recorded in the activities of the Apostles long after Jesus Christ was raised, decades later in fact, The Sabbath being observed long after!
10. The Prophets make good mention of the Sabbath being in effect right through and into the latter days and Christ’s second coming.
11. Jesus also mentions the Sabbath keeping, and in events to take place long after he was raised, and referred “hope it does not occur on the Sabbath” (Latter day events).
12. The rest we get in Jesus Christ, comes from Believing into him, and if we do that we then will be obeying all the Commands, Jesus tells us if we obey all the Commands, we can get Eternal life, Jesus tells us; “If ye will enter into life, obey the commands”; In that, we will observe the Sabbath, and qualify to enter the rest.
13. The first and foremost Command, and the most important one; Love God, and how do we love God, he tells us to simply “Obey all my Commands” and that is how we love God and, gain Eternal life also.
14. The Sabbath observance was from the creation of the World, and was later written on the Tablets of stone, (not to be confused with the “Plastered stones” of Deut.27:2+)
15. There are Exodus Sabbaths and there is the weekly Sabbath, Exodus 12:16.(period)
16. There is a high and a low Sabbath.
17. Death penalty for non keeping of the Sabbath came in Ex. 31:14.
18. Jesus nailed the instant death penalty to the cross, for non observance of the Sabbath, not the Sabbath itself! as he did for many laws.
19. “Shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them.” (Lev.20:27.) (As example). This was nailed to the cross.
20. Jesus shows the easing of the strictness of the Sabbath, good work is allowed, and only that which is necessary to the person work, he spent some time demonstrating this, he did not spend any time demonstrating that he had nailed it to the cross, and done away with the Sabbath; because that was not the case.
21. The Septuagint has it that; when the Sabbath was first introduced, it was just as Jesus Christ showed it should be; however, during the exodus times, as the people
became more unruly and disobedient, God toughened up and introduced stern ordinance laws around it, and the death penalty came in on certain Laws, thus; “The ministration of Death”.
22. All “The ministration of Death” to do with the Ten Commandments was nailed to the cross, not the Commandments themselves, once any Adulteress (example only) was Stoned to death by the very people themselves! We still have the Commandment on Adultery, but we don’t take the law from the ordinances and take up stoning anyone, simply because, that has been nailed to the cross.


The teachings have started by using the “Old Mosaic Covenant”, and bringing in “The Abrahamic Covenant”, and while showing that these did not change the “Promises of inheritance” by the taking out of the Ordinance Laws, but have included in that, “The Ten Commandments” as well, now by doing so have setup the errors to follow.
He has correctly understood that the Law was only a temporary institution until “The seed should come” (Christ), then those Laws would be removed: The problem being right here, in that he has in error included the Ten Commandments.
Now here is where error becomes in trenched, and now see the error grow, I quote the teachings; “The Ten Commandments were a part of the old Mosaic Covenant. Ex. 34:28” (Author, Moses receives the Ten Commandments only, but no more than that, this is a separate issue of Law, I will show you Scripture to prove the Ten Commandments are separate issue.)
Now the teaching has also quoted. Deut.4:13. (And this tells us that this is a Covenant of Ten Commandments written on two Tablets of stone, but still that separate issue of ten. (Author).
To quote the teaching; they were called “The tablets of the Covenant” Heb.9:4. The teaching says; as the tables of the Covenant they are the epitome of the old Covenant, and therefore called “the ministration of death”, Written and engraven in stone. (This is such an error.)
Well then there is where the error has become a Great error; the use of Heb.9:4 is no proof of what has been nailed to the cross, the non observer should have read on in the times of giving the Ten Commandments, and found that they were a separate issue, the Ordinance Laws were given after at a later, and separate time than the Ten commandments, and formed part of the Mosaic Covenant.
If we look at the extreme of it, if the “Ten Commandments” were at one time the epitome of the “Ministration of death”, and even if one was taken out, then they still have to be the “Ministration of Death”, even more so, because some were extended, even into our
Thoughts, so therefore, if nine were reinstated as some say, the “Ministration of Death” is (was) are our only Godly and Moral Laws, ----- no! It doesn’t fit does it? No, certainly not.
The point being made is that; the “Ten Commandments” were never grievous Laws, were never included in being nailed to the cross as Laws, the stoning to death involved in them was nailed to the cross, not the Laws themselves, I point this out in order to point out the errors including the Fourth Commandment, it is most important to know this was never removed, or nailed to the cross.(Remember the death part of any of the Laws was bought in because of the unruly state of the people, the Ordinances were tough to train the people in obedience)
In the 20s chapters of Deut. There are many examples of the Ordinance laws being given, (Levi also) and to prove that the Ten commandments were a separate issue Deut.5:22 needed to be read; “These words the Lord spake unto all your assembly in the Mount out of the mist of the fire, of the cloud, and of the thick darkness, with a great voice: and he added no more. And he wrote them in two Tablets of stone, and delivered them unto me.”
Well did you pick it up? God gave Moses the Ten Commandments verbally, And added no more! Here we are told how the Ten Commandments came; a separate issue, separate from the Ordinance Laws given later. God gave the Ten Commandments separately, and as we see on purpose, and for very good reason.
And the Ten were written by God on “Tablets of stone”. The Ordinance Laws were written in “Plaster on stones”. (Deut 27:2) two distinctly different sets of Laws yet both having their part in the Covenant. (It is also written, as “on many stones”) do your own study.
The non observer’s doctrine, in his understanding he quotes. 2 Cor.3:7 “But if the Ministration of death, written and engraven in stones, was glorious, so that the children of Israel could not behold the face of Moses for the glory of his countenance; which glory was to be done away.” (Doctrines understanding is lost to the “written and engraven in stones.”)
Well, what he has done, I have picked up on earlier, and he has the error of the “Plastered stones”. Duet.27:2. The Ordinances which are temporary in Nature, those “written and engraven in stones”, are not those “written on Tablets of stone by Gods finger”
The error is in thinking, 2 Cor.3:7 are the Ten Commandments and not understanding that the Ordinances are the ones spoken of.
Unfortunately the non observer says; now nine of the Commandments have been re-affirmed, and extended to the cause of sin. Matt.5:17, “Think not that I come to destroy the Law or the Prophets: I am not come to destroy but to fulfill”. Once again using this verse shows the error, what is actually being fulfilled is the ordinance Laws, and their “Ministration of Death” take time here to think, the Ten Commandments cannot be fulfilled, take a good look at them, then think what it would mean. (Rape, Murder, Adultery, Theft, and so on, fulfilled?)
Now once again the Sabbath is a “Perpetual Law,” forever, eternal, its a Law stated to be that way by God himself, The doctrine in question has it; that the eternal law was the only one of the ten nailed to the cross------impossible!
No more really need be said on this matter, the error is proven well enough!
However there is more, he says; but number four of the Commandments relating to the seventh day rest, was never re-affirmed by Christ or the Apostles.
O.K. Have a read of the Scripture and see if you can find where Jesus says he has taken the Sabbath out of the Ten Commandments, you can’t find it? No because it’s not there, and in the same manner that there is no list of re-affirmed or not re-affirmed of the Ten Commandments, only those expanded on, and those used in context of meaning.
As for the Apostles they did a great deal of keeping the Sabbath, read for yourself, and talked of future things involving the Sabbath, and all this long after Christ was risen,
Prophetic events talk of the Sabbath being observed long after Christ was risen, so what does this tell us? Christ did not nail the Sabbath to the cross!
The non observers doctrine is stumbling further here, stating; the seventh day was “Sanctified” at the creation because on this day God ceased from his works.
Then to stumble even further, by using Philosophy for support and also adding; sanctify is to set apart, as if to be used at a later date, he says.
Now this is the wrong use of the word in context. “Sanctified” in this case is to “Consecrate” which means; make sacred to God, to devote to purpose, to Sanctify. (He has made such an error in his idea of the meaning of the word “Sanctify” in context).
His statement is meant to say, the Sabbath has been set aside till later! This does not fit in Scripture; the Sabbath being one day out of seven of rest, then if it were to be set aside for the Eternal life times, it is no longer a Sabbath, the reason being; Eternal rest is just that, Eternal, and not one day in seven, but every day: Also, if the Sabbath was being set aside to be reinstated during the Millennium period, why would it not be observed now times when it is needed every bit as much if not more? And why Did God State that the Sabbath is perpetual for those of God, (adopted or spiritual seed included) and stated that he means it to be observed in accordance with his statement “since the creation of the world”: this he stated so we would not be confused with the re-affirming it with His peculiar people, and don’t forget, these people had been in slavery where they had no options to allow keeping the Sabbath, even if they had wanted to.
God re-affirmed the Sabbath with his people, and the message is in the Scriptures, that it is for everyone of Gods, and the actual cause of observing the Sabbath, starting from the
creation of the world, note well, that the cause of the Sabbath keeping, was not the sinful nature of a people later on, They are not the cause! They are but, a people who had forgotten it, and desperately needed it; read the Scriptures, it’s all in there.
The doctrine of the non observer states; The Sabbath was firstly and only given to the nation of Israel. Ex. 31:12-17, and Ex. 16:22-26. (Author-- we have to realize that it has been given to all Gods people, the people Israel were the only ones of God at that time, and know that all who come to God through the Lord Jesus Christ are if not of the blood line of Abraham, then we are spiritually, we are subject to the Sabbath as any of Gods, we are all the same in God and Jesus eyes. I speak of the weekly Sabbath, and the non observer is confused with the Exodus Sabbaths! ---- As the doctrine has quoted from Deut. 5:12-15, God commanded his people to keep the Sabbath in remembrance of their deliverance from Egypt; but he has omitted that the command came before that, and was being re-affirmed; and also note that Old Testament referral to the Sabbath keeping has in places related it back to the creation of the world. Scripturally, the first Exodus Sabbath happened the day after the original Passover, followed then by the weekly and the command of the unleaven Bread Sabbaths.
Here is a great error in understanding of Hebrews. 4:8-11, in error of understanding the non observer has used these verses thinking it backs him up, but it certainly does not, it has the opposite meaning, v8 “For if Jesus had given them rest, then would he not afterward have spoken of another day”, ---What this is saying; If Jesus death meant we no longer had to observe the Sabbath, if that was taken away and the rest was fully now in Jesus, then Wouldn’t Jesus have spoken of it, and talked of the day it was for. It is saying it has not been taken away. --And then the v9 backs that up by; “there remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.”
The (KJV) has changed the wording from the original manuscript; let me quote from the Diaglott word for word Original Greek manuscript, as follows;
V8. “For if Jesus caused them to rest, he would not subsequently, have spoken of another day”, and v9; “Therefore, a Sabbath rest remains for the people of God.”(This is the “another day he spoke of”) --Or directly from the translation of the Greek words, and without interpretation; “Therefore remains a keeping of a Sabbath for the people of the God” (this says it clearly as it is meant to be) The Sabbath remains to be kept by all of those who are Gods ones.
There is an obvious problem in Understanding these verses, especially if the understanding in context is not had: The non observance doctrine is based on a miss understanding right from the start and has compounded right the way through. --Now the non observer has also used as back up to the above, Matt.12:5. “Or have ye not read in the Law, how that on the Sabbath days the Priests in the temple profane the Sabbath, and
Are blameless?”----This is not proof of the Sabbath having been taken out, but this is being used as defense to the non observance of the Sabbath doctrine. Look at what the context of the Chapter is about; Jesus is being challenged by the Pharisees, for collecting and processing food on the Sabbath: Jesus uses other than v5 to give teachings to the Pharisees on the subject pointing out; The priests in the temple, by their very act of there duty Profane the Sabbath, now if not a thing can be done during that 24 hour period, the Priests are at work on the Sabbath, offerings are received, Sacrifices are processed, all manner of works are being done, but they are blameless, why? Because it is Gods works, because as Jesus points out; there are certain things that can be done on the Sabbath day of rest and the Priests are blameless.
Jesus could have, but didn’t tell us the Sabbath was to go right here, and look, there were plenty of opportunities in the Gospels, to make plain the intention to nail it to the cross, it just did not happen. No, Matt. 12:5. Cannot be used to confirm the nailing to the cross of the Sabbath.
The law of circumcision has been raised, and I will quote what the non observer has written; The Law of circumcision took precedence over the Law of the Sabbath. John. 7:22. Circumcision was the token of the Abrahamic Covenant. Gen. 17:10-11. And the Sabbath was a sign or token of the Mosaic Covenant. Ex.31:17. Thus teaching that the Mosaic covenant, was to give way to the Abrahamic Covenant. End quote.
Let’s look at this then; the non observer’s doctrine says, the Law of circumcision took precedence over the law of the Sabbath, and has used John. 7:22 to prove his point thus; “Moses therefore gave unto you circumcision; not because it is of Moses, but of the fathers; and ye on the Sabbath day circumcise a man.” (I cannot find anything in this verse to back up the taking out of the Sabbath,)
That the doctrine has used this as an example of, and to say that Circumcision took over and made the Sabbath of no use is spurious, if this is his meaning, and show’s a complete lack of understanding or as it reads he has read into the Scriptures rather than read out of the Scriptures.
The whole context of John Ch7. Makes it clear it’s nothing to do with the removal of the Sabbath, the stumbling has not stopped yet unfortunately, there’s more.
I would think that the non observer would need to read on, and note the proof in the Scripture/Gospels telling us that; there is no more Circumcision of the flesh, by hand now for those in Jesus Christ, so therefore the Circumcision has not taken precedence over the Sabbath, even so it never has been stated in Scripture/Gospel that it ever had done. Also to look back at the time Circumcision came in back in Abraham’s times, and to say that it took precedence over the Sabbath way back then, is to say the Sabbath has had no real
Place and was of no value or importance all these years. Do you think this? If so you need to read Gods word for yourself.
The non observers doctrine states; Circumcision was the token of the Abrahamic Covenant. Gen.17:10-11; yes that is correct, just a token! And not precedence over the Sabbath, as he stated earlier.
All should read 1 Cor.7:19. “Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing; but keeping Gods Commandments.”(Note this means it is of Great concern that we keep Gods Commandments, and what are Gods Commandments? They are the “Ten Commandments” given by God, and note they are not referred to as the Commandments of Jesus Christ, and why have they not been mentioned as Jesus Christ’s Commandments; this is to make clear to us that they are the unaltered in number, “Ten Commandments”, the ones God gave originally, these are Gods, unaltered in number by Christ or anyone: So keep Gods Commandments!) Circumcision means nothing to us, but the Sabbath means everything to us, now times. Jesus Christ, or Christ Jesus, he has not taken Gods “Ten commandments” or any part of them away, but he is the Lord of the Sabbath, that if we believe into him, we will keep all Gods Commandments, and that is how we will get the rest through Christ, and not through the Ordinance laws, which were to many the “Ministration of Death”, a harsh instant judging way of strict ordinances, and having no way for a rest to the many who couldn’t manage to comply, and these were bought on themselves, in Gods anger, because of disobedience. “So I swore in my wrath, “If they shall enter my rest” (get the picture?)
The non observer’s doctrine in question states; and the Sabbath was a sign or token of the Mosaic Covenant, Ex.31:17. (Being confused, not knowing the Scriptures on the Exodus Sabbaths).
The Sabbath giving at this time was far more that a sign or a token, to say “token” is to slight Gods word, read the verses either side, and get the context of it all; this was the continuation of the Sabbath from the time of the creation of the world! And has not been taken away. Do you think this World has ceased? No? And neither has the Sabbath which is to commemorate the Creation of it; that is the Sabbath we observe, even if it is seen that the people Israel had a Sabbath imposed on them because of gross disobedience. And what’s more, it is for all of Gods people, and it is Perpetual, everlasting forever eternal, and it was written in stone by God himself on two tablets of stone, when he gave the Ten Commandments, and said no more, in other words; the Ten Commandments were given separate from the Ordinances, they are not a token, They are described in Gods words as “Covenant” and he outlined the Sabbath as “Perpetual”, but (token) is mans words, to suit man, and have made for error in doctrine.

The use of these verses in defense of the doctrine that the Sabbath was nailed to the Cross shows the lack of understanding of the Scriptures, and is what has caused the problem in the first instance, this has to be said,
The stumble goes even further and this is another Great error, I will put it together as the non observer has written it so his teaching can be clearly seen; -- The Law of circumcision took precedence over the law of the Sabbath, Circumcision was the token of the Abrahamic Covenant and the Sabbath was a sign or token of the Mosaic Covenant; Thus teaching that the Mosaic Covenant was to give way to the Abrahamic Covenant.
Now we have already covered most of this, it is the last sentence that he is resting this part of his case on, that all Mosaic will give way by being nailed to the cross, taking us back to the Abrahamic, yes and no, some things are still in effect today Mosaic still gives us the Ten commandments, for a start, and as for giving way to the Abrahamic that is not entirely correct either, for example; Circumcision is not back in, that was done away with.
What has been retained from the Abrahamic is virtually every thing, except Circumcision, and sacrifices, certainly all the promises have been retained.
However, none of this can be used to justify the non observance of the Sabbath, none of this states that the Sabbath was nailed to the cross, On the contrary, the Sabbath is from the creation of the World, and is Perpetual to all those of Gods, if you consider yourself one of Gods people, then you will be observing the Sabbath, it is The mark of those who are Gods ones, read about it In Revelations.
I should be able to leave it all here as being well and truly shown up and resolved, but the doctrine he has goes on.
The doctrine in question says in his explanations, why he has the teachings that the Sabbath has been nailed to the Cross, and now show the results of his understandings used to take him this far, he states; Christ is the Lord of the Sabbath. Matt.12:8. And therefore had the power to change it,-- but he has failed to show Scripture/Gospel, where this change of taking the Sabbath out has occurred, but give this explanation; In Christ by Baptism is to be found the true Sabbath, rest for believers today! Now he uses Matt.11:28-30. To back that up “Come to me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”—this once again is not Jesus telling us he has taken the Sabbath out or nailed it to the cross.
What this tells all is that; if we come to Christ even in a bad state, if you come to him, by doing so, you should come to “Obey all the Commands,” and this is what will give you the start of your rest, that rest will come if you ask for forgiveness of your sins and if granted that heavy burden on you will lift, giving you a rest now, knowing your sins are forgiven is a great rest, those of much sin will know this to be true, and they know the rest.
The rest to those who obey all Gods commandments, is Eternal life, Jesus tells us many times how to get the rest that is in him, “if ye will enter life, obey the commands”.
We all have to understand this; Jesus said “Believe into me”, this means more than believe in me, or believe I exist, in order to Believe into Jesus, we have to Obey all the commandments, the “rest” comes through Jesus Christ if we Believe into him, that means we obey all the Commandments which the Sabbath is included, and that is A “rest:” Now then, we have, the Sabbath “rest “in Jesus, we have the “rest “by forgiveness of our sins in Jesus, and we have the Great Eternal “rest “of Eternal Life in Jesus, we get all this from God Almighty through Jesus the Christ, but this still makes Jesus the Lord of the Sabbath, Lord of the rest, after all that’s what Sabbath means, “Rest” .
“Come to me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Says the Lord of rest), what is he saying? He is calling all those who are heavily into sin, and are worried by it, and have trouble working their way out of it, Jesus says “come to me, I will give you rest”,(refers to unbaptized) and this is observable in the World today, as many can testify to.

Here we have Paul who is a comforter given us by Jesus Christ: Paul tells us in 2 Thess. 1:7, and from the original Manuscript, "So also to you afflicted, a rest togeather with us, at the revelation of  the Lord Jesus from Heaven with his Angels of his power."; this verse is misunderstood by some, to say, that it is only when Jesus Christ returns that we observe the Sabbath (Rest): this is not so! Yes, the rest from the "Afflictions" of being a good and faithful servant to God and Jesus will come at that time, and yes, we get the "Rest" now by being faithful to God, and Jesus, but know by this it is meant; a rest from the burden of our sins! And not to mean that we don't have to observe the Rest, or Sabbath that God has Commanded on the seventh day! Let me stress clearly, this understanding.
Now, this is all as far from nailing the Sabbath to the cross proof as one can get!
The non observer doctrine hasn’t finished yet, and once again unfortunately, is using the error in his understanding, of not making the distinction between the “Ten Commandments” and the “Ordinance Laws”. This is what he says about the Seventh Day Adventists.
He sees error in the S.D.A in that they make distinction between the Ten Commandments and the divers Ordinances, the non observer claims that to do so is unscriptural saying; a distinction is made by SDA, between the Ceremonial law written in a book, which was done away by Christ, and the Moral law inscribed on the tables of stone; which is said by SDA, remains.
The non observer’s doctrine calls this unscriptural, and the reason I have found that he thinks this way is; because he has not the knowledge of the Scriptures which clearly show that he is wrong. The fact remains, what ever understanding anyone may have of any part of the Scriptures, that the Ten Commandments have not been nailed to the cross, and no matter what arguments are presented, about anything else, the proof is clearly there to be seen by all, that is; The Sabbath is perpetual, forever, the other nine are still in force, this makes ten commandments-----no doubts!
Jesus and the prophets tell us of Sabbath observance through from the ascension of Christ until his return and beyond----no doubts!
This throws all the arguments to the contrary out the window---still no doubts!
It is just so unfortunate that the non observer’s doctrine has this vital misunderstanding.
Even so we have proven by the Scriptures that it is very necessary to distinguish between the Laws, but the error, is with the non observer. And now because he cannot distinguish, his reasoning goes awry, here’s what follows, he claims; that this division is unscriptural because, “The book of Law of Moses” (Josh 23:), contained moral laws which were not mentioned in the Ten Commandments, EG, God’s moral Law forbidding marriage with the Alien (Josh 23:12) now this is an example of clawing for back up, this is confusion at work.
Of course the ordinance laws were not written in the Ten Commandments they are two separate issues from God for all the reasons given, once again, an ordinance can be added to, or taken away, altered, and last only a given time, they are subject to change by their very nature.
Against the observers of the Sabbath he says, that they are making further distinctions by holding the terms; (1) “the Law of Moses” (ceremonial law)
(2) “Law of the Lord” (moral law).
Now he claims this division is unscriptural, and the terms “Law of Moses” and “law of the Lord”, are interchangeable, for the law of the Lord contained ceremonial Laws. (2 Chr. 31:2-3). The only thing that can be said for these who quote those verses, as proof of context in what they claim, is that the understanding was lost in the first instance on the subject.
The distinction has to be made between the Ordinance laws, and the Ten Commandments, the ordinance laws have been nailed to the cross, and the fourth Commandment is Perpetual, and the other nine are still in force, this makes Ten Commandments to all whom can receive, remember, “The Ministration of Death” of the ordinances, is that which was nailed to the cross, not the Ten Commandments.
The scriptures make clear a distinction between the Ten Commandments and the ordinance laws!—No doubt!—Here it is written—Gods word!
From the Septuagint, so there is no mistake! Read fully for yourself. (Deut 5:22-33 at least). And see, v 22. God has given (this) Ten Commandments, and no more. Then God himself wrote them on “Two Tablets of Stone”, and gave them to Moses. Now note how distinctive this is, it’s a job completed in as far as these particular commandments are concerned.
Note in the following verses how pleased and agreeable the people are to these “Ten Commandments”. Now note how pleased God is with the reactions of the people towards His giving of “The Ten Commandments”. Note also that God tells Moses to tell the people to return to their houses.

Now note well, v 31. God stops Moses from going to his house, why? Because God now wants to give Moses another issue of laws, The ordinances! And God wants Moses to teach the people. Now God has let it known; there is to be a distinction between the “Ten Commandments” and all the other commands and ordinance laws.
What’s more, if you have understanding of the Scriptures you will see why God gave Moses the Ordinance Laws; these ordinance laws are an in-depth clarification of the “Ten Commandments”, (which are a completeness in themselves), all we need are within the “Ten”, but given the unruly sinful nature of Gods peculiar people, who were at their worst at the time the Ordinances were spelt out, “Written on many stones”, and “plainly” as one verse puts it.
Yes there was a very great need for Laws, Laws, and more Laws, spelt out clearly to the people, and some of them held the Death sentence, and what’s more dealt out by the people themselves (Stoning). (We can rest in Jesus that he nailed this action to the cross).
Once again God has given us his words to back that up if in doubt. (Deut. 4:12+ read). V12-13. “And he announced to you his Covenant, which he commanded you to keep, even the Ten Commandments; and he wrote them on two Tables of stone.” (There you are!)
Then, to make a distinction; v 14. “And the Lord commanded me at that time, to teach you ordinances and Judgments, that you should do on the land, into which ye go to inherit it.”(Now ignore the “at that time” just now, don’t let that error you into thinking it was all one issue, or you might lose the understanding to be had here, reading that scripture fully will show you this is correct).
Can you see? The people have gone to their homes, after God has spoken in front of them the “Ten Commandments”, when the people were gone, God proceeded to work with Moses delivering to Moses on his own, the separate Ordinance Laws. (This is what the message is in the given Scriptures)
Here God has made clear the distinctions, there are the “Ten Commandments”, and there are the “Ordinances” and also the “Judgments”, and the ordinances and judgments are the only ones to be written on the Great many plastered stones, and by the people’s hand, and in plaster, a (temporary) substance of clay, when they crossed the Jordan to the inherited land. Note well this is not the ones written by Gods finger on the two tables of stone, permanently! -- They have already been taken care of by God himself—twice in fact!
Now then, just look at the evidence, the ordinances have been taken away, and the Ten Commandments remain, and are our mainstay today: And to back that up, even if the Sabbath was not in force today, the fact that the others still remain proves the point entirely!
Therefore once again; The Sabbath is a Perpetual Law, put it with the other Nine Commandments, and now we have the Ten In accordance with Scripture/Gospels, with the only exceptions—Jesus clarified some of the commandments, to give better understanding of them, he also showed them to be as they were at first introduction, before the total unruliness of the people necessitated the need for the Ordinances to be spelt out, then; Jesus nailed the “ministration of Death” involved in the Ten Commandments, to the Cross at his crucifixion: the instant death, and the forgiveness for sin to those who seek it, taking away the eternal death, that is apart from God eternally (Torment).
For anyone who can read and understand the Scriptures, and all those that God gives exact knowledge, they will know that; We have to make a distinction between the two separate issues of laws. This has to be to gain the understanding of their being.
And what supports, in logic and harmonic balance with all this is, Jesus first Commandment, Love God, and how it’s done; “Obey all my commands”, so then! Scripture/Gospel talks of the Sabbath observance long after Jesus has risen, and into the Millennium, it’s God’s way!
Will you enter his rest? If so Gods rest is the seventh day Saturday, starts Friday evening ends Saturday evening, Sunset to sunset, think you can handle Gods rest? “If they will enter my rest!” My rest? Yes Gods Sabbath Gods way, not Mans Sabbath his way, -- God’s.
This is not written by or from any religious organization, including the Seventh Day Adventists. It is from the teachings of God, and through Jesus the Christ, I am here to help.
If you find a Scripture/Gospel difficult to understand, If there is doubt in your mind, if there is part of it that doesn’t fit with what you are told, or what you may think, and if there is not a logical harmonic balance, in your understanding, if reasoning leaves doubt; then come out of that verse or chapter, and take a good look around in the Scriptures/Gospels, ask Gods help, and you should find an answer to make clear your understanding, even if you still cannot understand that verse that caused the problem in the first place. There is a high likely hood that you may get to understand that Scripture/Gospel, or, unfortunately, there maybe a mistake in the writing of it for what ever unfortunate reason. But there is an “Exact knowledge given by God” to who he will, read about it in the Scripture/Gospels.
Scripture/Gospel must be read in context fashion, and must be read in the spirit of the context, the problem being the many mistakes for many and varied reasons, being sure not to read into, but reading out of the scriptures, in context.
God tells us; we are to study his word to gain our own convictions, that; to do anything without conviction is a sin. Yes it is written, he says spend the time or miss out.


God, through Christ has given positive proof in the Gospels; in key signs he has provided and backed up through Paul. What is more, once pointed out is just so easily seen, it is all in logical harmonic balance.
God knows who and what has been changed in his written word, he knows the (all copy right reserved) versions of the Bible, Gods word is free for all, there is no Copy right on Gods word.
There are no closed doors to those who hunger and thirst to be in Gods Congregation, to these God will give the exact knowledge, knowing the Bible has been perverted in parts.
God, through Jesus Christ, cannot bring us to be worthy, unless we obey all the Commands, are open to correction, and can be persuaded by his Holy Spirit activities, We have to understand and accept this truth, We cannot gain correction from God or Christ if we are not open to his Holy Spirit persuasions, Gods persuasions, not mans! To become one of Gods chosen, or, to gain Eternal life in Immortality, we have to “Be found worthy, to escape the wrath that must come, and Stand in front of the son of man”. We can’t do it ourselves; we need God and Jesus Christ to make us worthy, they are the only ones with the wisdom to know how to bring each individual to be worthy, each one is a separate case. Jesus presents us to God, we cannot present ourselves worthy.
Man, no matter how he might try, cannot do this thing, only God through Jesus Christ can bring any of us to be worthy, and what is our crucial part in this? Our freewill and our obedience, and our love of God, How do we show our love of God? As the Scripture/Gospels tell us; we have to obey all Gods commandments and not find them grievous, we have to allow God and Jesus to work on us, how do they do that? Through the Holy Spirit Power and activities of God. Shut that out, and you have shut God and Jesus out, and their help.
We can’t make it on our own! Be sure of one thing here; It is Yahweh and Jesus Christ this refers to, we cant make it without them; it is Yahweh and Jesus Christ we need, because man can’t do it for us, or himself, our part is to have the freewill to allow God to work on us, once we have been Baptized we need very much to then be open to the Holy Spirit Activities of God, to be one of Gods people our freewill is now not ours, but doing Gods will, through Jesus Christ, our freewill ends, but for the freewill to be open to Gods Holy Spirit Activities, and without that we are lost! Lost to the precepts and doctrines of men, lost to the whiles of the Adversary, the “Great Deceiver” Read about him and what he’s doing now times!

How do we have a hearing Heart? Spiritually, how does that happen? Through being open to Gods Holy Spirit activities, what does that do for us? Allows us to be persuaded, because spiritually we hear God, and that is a “Hearing Heart”, and that is how God can, through Jesus Christ, Mould, Shape, Teach, Correct, Reward in the flesh, Rebuke, Chastise, Scourge, and correct! Try with fire, Take the Dross off, and Refine as pure Gold his Sons. It is not at all possible without the Holy Spirit activities. Deceived men get in the way of all this, with Mans precepts, and doctrines, this is also written.
Know this, read for yourself; each and every one of us that is being made worthy and therefore acceptable to God, for Eternal life with him and Jesus, is put through that written above, we have to go through it, and find for yourself in the Scripture/Gospels, where God says we have to come to him worshipping and praying in Spirit, these are the ones he wants, these are the ones he can work on, because they are open to the Spiritual activities, and he can Spiritually persuade them, and they are those with a “wise and hearing Heart”, for that is what it means. We need this to keep from the Great Deceiver! Read for yourself.
Remember this! It all happens in this life; our judgment comes of this life we live now, it is to late to make amends when the flesh dies, we cannot hide or escape in death, God has full control over that as well.
Now is the time to be open to correction; Find for yourself the Scripture/Gospels which tell us we need to be open to correction, know it, accept it, be humble and with that meek, we have to be meek to receive persuasion from Gods’ Spirit powers, his Holy Spirit activities, and the word meek means – to be easily lead by Gods Holy Spirit persuasion, that is Gods meaning of meek.
God cannot correct us if we are not open to him; to be open to God is to be open to him spiritually, capable of receiving his Holy Spirit Persuasions. I have no doubts! None what so ever!
We have to come to God as Children to learn from God, we have to be meek, and that is to say; easily lead and taught by the Spirit of God, we have to seek our strength from Gods arm, Gods word Gods persuasions, not mans, the Scriptures tell us clearly, that these are some of the requirements to become one of our Gods people, through our Lord Jesus Christ, and Amen to that.
“And the Temple of God was open in the Heaven, and there was seen the ARK of the Lords Covenant in his Temple”-------- (Rev. 11:19) so where is the Ark of the Covenant? “And the

Temple of God was open in the Heaven” (it’s not lost from the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple, as some say, God has it).
Why is the Ark of the Covenant seen once again? And what is in the Ark of the Covenant? Amongst other things; “The Ten Commandments”—Not Nine—the Ark of the Covenant has “Ten Commandments”. It has to be seen again, to show that all of Gods people kept their obedience in keeping the Commandments, while the Master is away! And to show all those who did not keep the Commandments their error. (Look the Parables up.)
Here’s one that needs to be quoted from Revelations 14:12. “Here is the patience of the Saints, -- Those who keep the Commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.”(Diaglott)
Once again, and as I pointed out earlier, “Those who keep the Commandments of God”, what are the commandments of God? God’s commandments are “The Ten Commandments” the ones which are not changed, these are expressed as Gods Commandments, as well also the Commands of Jesus Christ, who came at a later date than Gods Commandments, these people will keep Gods Commandments, and because they are still Gods Commandments today times, and as we are told to keep them, then the “Ten commandments” were still such during and after the time of Jesus Christ’s Ministry.
Also, to keep the Faith of Jesus we have to believe into him, believing into Jesus means that we will keep all his Commandments, that is exactly what it means, he tells us so, “If ye will enter that life, Keep the Commandments”, he refers to the Commandments of God his Father, who gave Jesus the Commandments as he did us. And if you don’t believe any part of what I have written, just believe in Jesus the way he says to believe, and save me from this job, it’s a simple as that! Then remember the Sabbath starts Friday sunset finishes Saturday sunset. (Every week).
Can’t receive the message? Going to make life complicated for you? Yes maybe just for a while, here’s some incentive, life Eternal, you are going to spend it either with God and all that joy; or you are going to spend it in something far less, down to torment. The Deceiver will cheat you of Life. He is here on Earth now attacking and Deceiving Gods People read it for your self. You don’t just die body and Spirit and that’s an end to it all, there’s no reward in that, no deterrent to sin in that, no punishment to the evil ones.
The Deceiver already has Mainstream Christianity Deceived, they are the ones who say they have the Devine right as God upon this earth to change times and Laws of God’s, they openly admit to changing the Sabbath observance from the Seventh day which is Saturday to Sunday which is The first day of the week. Now all their Daughter Churches do the same, the splinter churches. And have a good look in the KJV at the back, it openly says, Saturday is the seventh day, Sunday is the first day of the week, the Devil and the Mother of Harlots got
Them real deceived, yet they have a feature, they observe a Sabbath, even if it is of none effect. And here’s confusion for you, some churches observe Sunday but say it’s not a Sabbath that they are having their Sunday service for, but in remembrance of Christ raised!
The three things that keep people from following Jesus, in today’s terminology, “Money, Security, and Relationships.” Jesus said as much. You think about this entire thing long and hard, it’s your Eternity.
Scripture from God tells us; we should examine all Spirits, that is all those who come with doctrines of any Spirit good or bad.
Examine means; Investigate, inquire into the nature, condition of; ask questions of the person on the matter; test proficiency of the person in the subject, by oral or written questions. (Do you know how to test proficiency, and are you to the level to do so?)
I have presented what I am given in proficiency, and you should examine.
The word is Examine, not fight or come in anger against.
God also gives us the knowledge in Scripture, what is not a Bad Spirit.
A deceived doctrine is one that cannot be read out of the Scriptures as God has purposed it, if a doctrine says opposite to what is written plainly in God’s Scriptures/Gospels, and then it is the doctrine of the deceived.
For example; those who teach that Jesus Christ is God, that it was God who came down in the flesh to see what it was like to be man! And more blatantly that it was Jesus Christ who created the World with his own hands! It goes on and on.
God’s testimony of Jesus is that Jesus is a man, and what’s more, is still referred to as Son of man in his Heavenly state, also Jesus said, I go to my Father, who is your Father, my God who is your God, (shall we then call Jesus God Almighty?), no? Should we then pervert any other of Gods words? God gave his testimony, and says anyone who says differently calls him a liar! No Liar enters the Kingdom of God!
You should be seen doing your individual duty to God, seen by God and Christ doing so, and Examine the message I write, examine me, gain your own convictions, and after all, that is what God says to do.
I am here to help those who want to help themselves; I pray that, out of all this God will bring a blessing on you. Amen.
Kevin McQuoid.
A note after the book has been sent.
Sabbaths are also spoken of at the time of Ezekiel’s Temple.44:24 and 46:4. They are being observed.
Now look at this, a time well past the Nailing of any thing to the Cross, Sabbath!
Ezekiel. 46:1”Thus saith the Lord God; The gate of the inner court that looketh to the east shall be shut the six working days; but on the Sabbath it shall be opened, and the day of the new moon it shall be opened.”
Then v3. “Like wise the people of the land shall worship at the door of this gate before the lord in the Sabbaths and the new moons.”(The door of the gate? Called the eye of the needle?)
Then v4. “And the burnt offering that the Prince shall offer unto the Lord in the Sabbath day shall be six lambs without blemish-------“
This is relating to the Millennium times, the time after Jesus returns to rule, the Sabbath is strongly spoken of for that time, and do you think that there is no commandment for it now?
Please note. This was written and sent to a Church.
Kevin McQuoid.

We have to now look at: 1 Tim. 4:1-2. And once again from the Original Greek Manuscript, Paul tells us; "But the Spirit expressly says, that in subsequent seasons, some will apostatize from the faith, giving heed to deceitful Spirits, and to teachings of Demons; misled by the hypocrisy of false teachers; whose own conscience has been seared."------ What is the understanding of this that we need to have? This is a truth that we need to know, it is about us today, and we need very much to recognise it, why? because God (Yahweh) wants us to have an accurate knowledge, as example, 1 Tim. 2:4."Who desires all men to be saved, and come to an accurate knowledge of the truth." and read, 2 Tim. 2:7, also, 2 Tim. 2:25, just some examples! --- But what is happening in 1Tim. 4:1-2.   "But the Spirit expressly says", this means that God wants us to know straightly, openly! "Some will apostatize from the faith" see here that these people have been calling themselves Christians, Church goers, Church leaders, Pastors, Priests, all comers in the churches! don't be complacent, it is in the world and active today! They are, "Giving heed to deceitful Spirits, and to teachings of Demons"; this is the Devil and his fallen Angels spoken of here! And the result of this? Many Christians are being,"Misled by the hypocrisy of false teachers". Remember! The Devil and his followers dress themselves as Angels of light, 2 Cor. 11: 13-15. And if you don't know what that means, it means; that they are in many of the high ranking church leaders and the like! they have been picked-off by the Devil, because their "Conscience has been seared", because they fell back, they practise sin within the churches, hiding behind their position in the Church; the Devil looks for and takes advantage of these ones, using them in his war against those of Christ! ----- Now be mature about all this, your Eternal profit may very well depend on it!

In addition to all this, King David was given much understandings from God, his understandings and revelations of knowledge are given to us, they are ment for us: King David is for the future, as far as Prophesy is concerned, he is amongest other things for the future worlds of time, Christ, to Christs days on Earth, until his crucifixion, then also the world of time from then until Christs return, it is David's throne that keeps the inheritance of Jesus Christ's throne, instore for him when he comes; King David does figure and will figure in the future, prominantly!

King David has this message for all people for all worlds of time in Psalms 111:7-10, and 112:1. from the Greek manuscript in the Septuagint (LXX) as follows:-

111:7. "The works of his hands are truth and judgment: all his Commandments are sure": v8. "Established for ever and ever, done in truth and uprightness".

Let me stop here and explain, The commandments are Gods works! they are sure! therefore there is no doubt that the commandments are here for "Ever and Ever", and for those who don't understand, " For ever and ever " means Eternity, without end! ----- While "For ever" is only for a period of time, a world era, and means that during that period of time or world, it will continue uninterupted, it will last all of that time! As demonstrated in verse 9. " ----- he commanded his covenant for ever"!As we know a Covenant can be only for a period of time until a new covenant takes over from the old one, so therefore it is only "For ever", not "For ever and ever".

So now that you have this understanding, you will see the message that King David was given, that is; the Commandments God gave are sure, there is no doubt that they are for ever and ever, and these are the Ten Commandments, and amongst them in forth place is the command to keep the Sabbath; -------------- "For ever and ever ".

Remember this! The seal of Gods elect is in Sabbath keeping, when? Gods Sabbath starts our Friday evening and finishes Saturday evening, this being Gods seventh day! Then God Bless you, that you may overcome the worldly ways, and obey God.

God's word given.