The understandings of Revelations 13:11-18 “The False Prophet”

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V11. “And I saw another Wild Beast ascending from the earth; and he had two horns like a Lamb, and he spoke as a Dragon.” ---“Wild Beast” tells us it’s evil. “Two horns like a Lamb” tells us it’s a male Lamb, and the Lamb is as Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world; it looks like Jesus Christ. “And he spoke as a Dragon” The Dragon is the Devil; so we have this Wild Beast that looks like Jesus Christ, but speaks like the Devil; this is “The False Prophet”. Edit ---- To say looks like Jesus Christ is to mean: dressed as one would identify someone Christ like.

V12. “And all the authority of the first Beast he executes in his presence, and makes the earth and all those who dwell in it to worship the first Beast, whose mortal wound has healed.” --- This “wild Beast” the False Prophet, is the second Beast depicted in the Book of Revelations.

The “False Prophet” is given all authority in the power of the first Beast, but only while the False Prophet is working with the first Beast.

The False Prophet is going be working on bringing all peoples on earth to worship the first Beast, they are to become partners in evil, and those who follow the False Prophet gain eternal torment.

“To worship the first Beast, whose mortal wound is healed” --- Now we need to know a little about this First Beast to understand this verse: the first Beast in context here is a combination of the “One World Order” (Or Government), stemming from the European Union, and the “One world Religion” which all go hand in hand with “The Holy Roman Empire Reborn”, ---- Now in amongst all this and from the First Beast comes their ultimate Leader as a Beast, the “Anti-Christ”! The son of perdition!

O.K. I won’t go to far further into the Holy Roman Empire Reborn , and the Anti-Christ here, but at a later date, because “Whose mortal wound is healed” is all part of the  “Holy Roman Empire Reborn”.

So lets look at it: the False Prophet who is the leader of the “One world Order Religion”, is working very closely with the Anti-Christ, who is the leader of the “One World Order” in total, which is the “European Union” combined, and is the “Holy Roman Empire” having been reborn. --- Remember that all of this is being powered by the Dragon, who is the Devil, as you will see some happenings in v13.

V13. “And he does great signs, so that even fire he makes to come down from Heaven to the earth in presence of men”. --- Yes its as it says, and this is the False Prophet spoken of here, powered by the Devil though the first Beast the Anti-Christ, the False Prophet is by all appearances bringing Fire down out of Heaven, to suitably impress those who will be deceived, some so called Christians included, that they will marvel and worship this Anti-Christ and this False Prophet, and be caught up with them, and v14 backs that up.

V14. “And he deceives those who dwell on the earth by the signs which it was given him to do in the presence of the Beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the Beast, who has the wound of the sword and lived.” --- Well now, this is once again the False Prophet spoken of here, he is a deceiver powered by the Great Deceiver the Devil himself, and he will lead all his people to Hell!

The False Prophet tells all to  “Make an image to the Beast, who has the wound of the sword and lived”; now this being the Religious side of the “One World Order” the  “Holy Roman Empire


Reborn” what the False Prophet is doing is telling everyone to make an image to the “Holy Roman Empire Reborn”  this in other words will replace the Church system as we know it, and we will see as we study on that the Anti-Christ will eventually take over from the False Prophet , the Anti-Christ declaring himself to be above all that is deemed to be Deity, even that he is God himself! Edit ---- Be sure of this! The churches are changing, some are even making room to have a Part Christian Part Islam doctrine! This cannot be in true Christianity! This is the door opening amongest those churches for Anti-Christ beliefs coming into Christianity, it is evil at work among those churches! We are warned!

So we have the False Prophet bringing in a new Religious system, worshipping through the Holy Roman Empire which has been reborn, an Anti-Christ, and himself. Following on to v15.

V15. “And it was given to him to give Breath to the image of the Beast that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the Beast should be killed.” --- This is once again is the False Prophet at work, and simply means that all those who don’t worship under the New Holy Roman empire image or System, should be Killed, now see how  evil this False Prophet is? Billions of people will follow him and die, but he is a murderer of Gods people also! Edit ----- Remember! This False Prophet is dressed as one would think Christ would be dressed like, and in turn think that he represents Jesus the Christ, but this False Prophet speaks like the Devil! How is that? He speaks evil but subtle, he speaks soothing words but they are evil, the deceived will think this is of God and Jesus Christ, but it is in actual fact of the Devils master mind, subtle evil.

The False Prophet will speak for this religious system, he will give it breath, a voice, and all who make an image of it, or follow suit, will carry that voice, having been given the breath, or the words to speak. Edit ----  The False Prophet is powered by the Devil through the Anti-Christ, who in turn is Totally powered by the Devil; remember also, at certain stages of all these things to come, and as they develop, they will mingle in with one another as to what it is that they are doing--------

V16. “And he causes all, the little and the great, and the rich , and the poor, and the free men, and the bond men, that they should give themselves a mark on their right hand, or on their forehead;”

--- This “Mark” has had a lot of theories written about it in the past, I have an understanding that I would like to share with you: the Mark on the right hand, not a visible markings, but being the right hand, which is usually the strongest hand, indicates the strength and activity of the hand, the Mark therefore being what the person does, and in this case it is being actively engaged in supporting the Beast and all his “One World Order”:  “or on the Forehead”, reads to me as though its an either one or the other, a mark on either the Hand or Forehead, or both, in the case of the forehead, is an indication of Knowledge, actually in the head, and that mark shown as what people say, and worship.

V17. “So no one May be able to buy or sell unless he who has the mark, or the number of his name.”

The number of his name will allow people to buy and sell through the European Union which will govern world trade, if a nation has not the number of the beasts name, in other words be as the Beast is, and being prepared to support the Beasts system, then they wont be in the position to buy or sell with the “One World Order” System, they will have to try and find like minded nations to deal with if there are any left.

V18. “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding compute the number of the Beast; for it is a man’s number, and his number is 666.”

Once again many theories have come to light about this 666 number, I have an understanding on it to share:  Biblically mans number is 6, there are 66 books in the Holy Bible, combine the numbers and what they represent, and then you have 666, given this combination of numbers you have,  (Sinful man perverting Gods word in the Scriptures), its the Devils activity, 666.



So we are warned of this False Prophet to come, heed the warning, he is of the most populated mainstream church, and we are warned in Scripture that this False Prophet, will take all who follow him to eternal torment! He himself is to receive his just punishment as will the Anti-Christ and the Devil, but not before the damage is done!

What more is said of this False Prophet, in the Scriptures?

Rev:14:9-11 “And another third Angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If any one worship the Beast and his Image, and receive a mark on his forehead, or on his hand, even he shall drink of that wine of the wrath of God, which is mingled undiluted in the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with Fire and sulphur in the presence of the Holy Angels, and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment rises up for the ages of ages; and they have no rest day and night, who worship the Beast and his Image, and if any one receive the Mark of his name.” ---

Well it paints a very grim picture no matter how you understand it. But its message is very clear, Worship the Beast (The One World Order, and its leader the Anti-Christ) and his Image, (The Holy Roman Empire Reborn, and its Leader the False Prophet), and the full strength Wrath of God will come on you! The torment will be for ever and ever, which means eternity, being tormented with Fire and sulphur means to be tormented with Gods word, those who receive such will by then know the errors of their ways, but too late! And that’s what will torment them knowing Gods word, but to late. To back that up, as the verse states, “And they have no rest day and night”, Eternal torment.

V12. “Here is the patience of the Saints, Those who keep the commandments of God, and the Faith of Jesus”.

I see very few Churches who keep the Commandments of God! Edit ---- I see very few churches who keep the commandments of God!

And I see very few Churches who keep the faith of Jesus!

Revelations 15:2, Read and see the out come for those who overcame the Beast and his Image, then read on and see that the seven Angels with the seven plagues are to pour them out on all those who are worshipping the Beast and his image, and having the Mark of the Beast.

And in Ch 16 see these worshippers with the mark of the Beast will not reform, and in verse 10 is hitting at the Throne of the Beast v11, they Blasphemed God, and reformed not of their works. I say they are a very hard headed bunch, powered by the Devil of course.

Note in v12 the Euphrates River is to dry up because its time for the armies from the east to come in. And in v13 the three of them are still at it, out of the mouths of the Devil the Anti-Christ and the false Prophet comes evil spirits as Frogs, and v14 these evil demon spirits are bringing the Leaders of the whole world to battle. V15 Jesus tells us he is coming, and that we should keep watch on all things to keep our white linen on, (Sainthood) and not be found naked (without accurate knowledge therefore worshipping the False Prophet, which will show the shame).V16 and the great battle is to happen at Megiddo , which in Hebrew is called Armagedon.

Now look to verse 17, and the seventh bowl poured out on the Air, and v18, Now this is the biggest of big Earthquakes, there is none bigger,  and this is the start of the bring down of Babylon and the


Great Harlot: because now all this European Union, and One World Order, and the Holy Roman Empire which has been reborn, comes under the name of Babylon.

Read Ch 17. And see the destruction of Babylon, and the bringing down of the Government, and Religious system set up by man and Devil, the Church at Rome that sits on the seven hills the One World Trading system, all are to be destroyed, and it will make way for Jesus and the Saints to rule, as the world should be ruled.

How do we avoid becoming caught up in all this? To start with we need to keep well away from the “False Prophet” and his Church, then his “One World Religion” Starting now! Remember! The False Prophets are at work now! Building up the whole setup, with subtlety, it is already at work:  And to keep from this we do as we are advised In Rev. 14:12 “-------- Keep the Commandments of God, and the Faith of Jesus”. Certainly not the Precepts and Doctrine of men!

Keep the Sabbath on the seventh day as commanded!

Know who Jesus is, as to be able to believe into him!


Jesus was never considered to be God before Constantine of the so called Holy Roman Empire! Edit --- Correction! should read Holy Roman church!

Constantine and his church leaders, at the nicaea council, decided in their own philosophy that all would call Jesus God Almighty, and now as a consequence of this, from there on, directly or indirectly, all those who Call Jesus God, are calling God and Jesus Liars!

Constantine was one of those who could not bring himself to be Baptised until he knew he was dying, this in it self leaves one wondering how genuine was Constantine, here is an account of that history: 3rd of April 337 Constantine was feeling ill so travelled to Nicomedia to be Baptised, a few weeks later 22 May 337, Constantine died, Now I ask the question that is begging to be asked here, what of this Constantine, if he was such the inspired man of God, that he could not become Baptised until on his death bed, so to speak, what was going on with this man that he could not have the responsibilities in life that baptism brings. This history is recorded by Eusebius and Jerome, and Jerome records that the Baptism was performed by the Arian Bishop Eusebius of Nicomedia. --- Now what is going on here? Constantine and his men were against what the Arian Bishop stood for, because he stood for the teachings that Jesus was not God, did not pre-exist, that Jesus is subordinate to God, being that Jesus was a Creature as we are, yet here is Constantine travelling to Nicomedia, to a person he knew taught against Constantine's rulings on the Matter, and to be Baptised by him!

It seems to me that, Constantine never really was convinced about the God head doctrine that the Nicaea council came to agreement on! It is written in the History books that Constantine was to vacillate on the subject of who Jesus really was, that is Constantine wavered between the two sides as to what Jesus is, that is to say Constantine showed indecision, he did not know the truth of who and what exactly Jesus situation was (I would have thought that if Constantine was truly the Inspired man of God, to do what he claimed he was given to do, that is start Gods world Church, then he would have at least known who Jesus really was, or is!) (Besides one of such importance, if given this enormous task to do by God, surely would only have to ask Deity, and surely be given an answer to such an important question!) No it did not happen then, and neither does it happen now in the Roman Catholic church, by their own admission in the Book "The Final Conclave".

Well History records that Constantine was undecided, but evidence shows he privately made his mind up to the truth that Jesus was not God, because he recalled Eusebius in 327, who had been exiled in 325, and he became Constantine's Chief Spiritual advisor, this being a very high position, but look at who Eusebius is: he is a supporter of Arius, and Arius is the one who was excommunicated and condemned by Constantines Church leaders, and Arius was the upholder and teacher of the original Christian doctrines, and that included the teachings that Jesus was not God himself, that Jesus was a creature like us, and that God worked through Jesus: now Eusebius taught that very same thing in support of Arius, and look! Constantine knew that, and made this man his chief spiritual advisor! Constantine must have belived that Jesus was not God, against all the odds, and the odds being man, that was against him. I perceive that Constantine was reprobate in his position, in that while he upheld the passing of the precepts and doctrines of the leaders of the very church he founded, he did not believe that which he outwardly upheld, and that many died for disobedience, directly or indirectly at his hand, and the hands of those who came after him.

Kevin McQuoid.

God's word given.

Understandings of Revelations 13:11-18, the "False Prophet"

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