In the Knowledge of Saints
Chapter 15

I recently asked several Jewish Rabbi’s for their explanation of Isaiah 7:14 and having done this to compare the knowledge and understandings of it Judaism has, to that which God has taught me, and here is an example of their knowledge and understandings.

Rabbi’s statement:

For nearly two millennia the Church has insisted that the Hebrew word almah עַלְמָה can only mean “virgin.” This is a vital position for defenders of Christianity to take because Matthew 1:22-23 translates Alma in Isaiah 7:14 as “virgin.” The first Gospel quotes this well known verse to provide the only “Old Testament” proof text for the supposed virgin birth of Jesus. The stakes are high for Christendom. If the Hebrew word Alma does not mean a virgin, Matthew crudely misquoted the prophet Isaiah, and both a key tenet of Christianity and the credibility of the first Gospel collapses.
How accurate is this Christian claim? The only place to explore this assertion is in the Jewish Scriptures. If the Hebrew word alma means virgin, then each usage in the Bible must be either a clear reference to a virgin or at the very least appear ambiguous. The word alma appears in the Jewish Scriptures seven times in the feminine and twice in the masculine. If even one reference refers to a woman who is clearly not a virgin, then Matthew’s rendition of Isaiah 7:14 becomes untenable.

Authors comment:

The above are the words of the Rabbi, I would like to comment that it appears that the Rabbi, and including some other Jewish teachers, are loath to mention the Name Constantine, and at this stage I’m not certain if they recognise that predicament, or rather to avoid it, and use diplomacy in a saving face stance to the Christian.
In this Rabbi’s statement he has chosen to charge Matthew with an erroneous rendition of Isaiah 7:14, rather than charge Constantine’s church of having altered it, however if we read on we can see that the Rabbi has skilfully addressed the matter as being the alteration by the


church to give credibility to the Trinity Doctrine and without it the credibility of the worlds Trinity churches will collapse.....Where do they stand?

Continue Rabbi:

One of the places where the uncommon Hebrew word almah appears in the Bible is in the Book of Proverbs.
The word “proverb” means “to be like,” thus Proverbs is a book of comparisons between common, concrete images and life’s most profound truths. Proverbs are simple, moral statements (or illustrations) that highlight and teach fundamental realities about life. In the following passage, King Solomon presents the following vivid analogy:

There are three things which are too wonderful for me, for which I do not understand: v19 “the way of an eagle in the sky, the way of a serpent on a rock, the way of a ship in the middle of the sea, and the way of a man with a young woman [b’almah] [/b’almah].V20 “This is the way of an adulterous woman: she eats and wipes her mouth, and says, “I have done no wrong.”
(Proverbs 30:18-20)

In the above three verses, King Solomon compares a man with an alma to three other things: an eagle in the sky, a serpent on a rock, and a ship in the sea.
What do these four things all have in common?
They leave no trace.
After the eagle has flown across the sky, it is impossible to determine whether an eagle had ever flown through that airspace. Once a snake has slithered over a rock, there is no way to discern that the snake had ever crossed there (as opposed to a snake slithering over sand or grass, where it leaves a trail). After a ship passes through the sea, the wake behind it comes


together and settles behind it, leaving no way to discern that a ship had ever moved through this body of water.
Similarly, King Solomon declares that once a man has been sexually intimate with an almah, i.e. a young woman, no trace of sexual intercourse is visible, unlike a virgin who will leave behind a discharge of blood after her hymen is broken.
Therefore, in the following verse (Proverbs 30:20) King Solomon explains that once this adulterous woman “eats” (a metaphor for her fornication); she removes the trace of her sexual infidelity, “wipes her mouth, and says, ‘I have done no wrong.’” The word Alma clearly does not mean a virgin.

Authors comment:

Alma in context means “Virgin”? But look, King Solomon is referring the word Alma to (an adulterous woman). How then can the Trinity churches justify “Alma” to mean “Virgin” and also “Adulterous”. And if this adulterous woman is married, then she to is “Alma” So King Solomon has used the word Alma as: “an adulterous married young woman” and is much too ambiguous to use as virgin, then the use of the word alma is very bad if used as virgin, and considering the word (Betulah) is the Hebrew word provided for the meaning of virgin, then the word alma clearly does not mean a virgin.

Continue Rabbi:

In the same way that in the English language the words “young woman” does not indicate sexual purity, in the Hebrew language there is no relationship between the words almah and virgin. On the contrary, it is usually a young woman who bears children. The word alma only conveys age/gender. Had Isaiah wished to speak about a virgin, he would have used the word betulah (בְּתוּלָה) not almah. The word betulah appears frequently in the Jewish Scriptures, and is the only word – in both biblical and modern Hebrew – that conveys sexual purity.
Moreover, as mentioned earlier, the masculine form of the noun עַלְמָה (alma) is עֶלֶם (elem), which means a “young man,” not a male virgin. This word appears twice in the Jewish Scriptures (I Samuel 17:56, 20:22). As expected, without exception, all Christian Bibles correctly translate עֶלֶם as a “young man,” “lad,” or “stripling,” never “virgin.” Why does the King James Version of the Bible translate the masculine Hebrew noun לָעֶלֶם (la’elem) as “to the young man” in I Samuel 20:22, and yet the feminine form of the same Hebrew noun


הָעַלְמָה as “a virgin” in Isaiah 7:14? The answer is Christian Bibles had no need to mistranslate I Samuel 20:22 because this verse was not misquoted in the New Testament. Signed.......  Rabbi Singer.

It has been made very clear to me by the Jewish Rabbi’s that they cannot accept the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, and among the reasons they willingly explain is that the Trinity is manmade, not God made, and the charge against the trinity churches that they have invented the “Virgin conception and the virgin birth” stand firm and correct, the proof of which is in the Jewish Scriptures... Yes the Jewish scriptures, just as I have written before hand, that I thank God that we have the Jewish Old Testament, that which Constantine could not get his hands on, that which the Jews are guardian over, that which we can use to prove that the New Testament is not entirely authentic.
Jewish Rabbi’s know that the Trinity Christian churches do not understand sufficiently the Hebrew that might allow them to make reliable translation/interpretation of it, and to add to that predicament, they obviously won’t listen to those who do know! Why? Because it doesn’t fit in with Constantine’s regime..... If the Trinity type churches were interested in the accurate knowledge they only have to listen to those who know, and those who do know have been trying to correct the trinity deluded churches for getting on for two thousand years, but they don’t listen, and they don’t want to know. I know firsthand because I have tried to help them.
I can back this explanation of the Rabbi, because for some months previous to my being drawn to the Rabbi’s site; God has being giving me teachings on this Trinity subject which I already have written on my website. I don’t want to give his name or Site address because he is very active in teaching that Jesus is not the Messiah, but don’t conclude that he doesn’t understand the Old Testament, just because he’s a non- believer in the New Testament, and can they be blamed for that when they are confronted with such an erroneous doctrine of the Trinity and oneness, remember these Mosaic Jews are only blind to Jesus being the Christ, and certainly not blind to the Old Testament.
If the evil of the Trinity Doctrine was not taught in Christianity, then many more of those of Judaism would convert to Christianity and remain there, while some who have crossed over from the Mosaic Judaism call themselves Messianic Jews, in an effort to avoid being branded Trinity Christian; as it is today it is quoted that hundreds of Jews are converting to Christianity, but only remain there for a short period of time after discovering the Orchestrated litany of lies upheld by the Trinity churches.

Here’s an example taken from a website offering that the reader should share the item:

I had spent six years in the messianic movement until my family asked me to study your tape series with an open mind. I did and as a result, I have returned to Judaism. I have been a religious Jew for more than a year. Ever since I left, however, a Christian friend of mine who


knew me when I was a believer has been trying to prove to me that I was wrong for leaving. I keep telling him that I have no doubts about my faith as a Jew, yet he still hasn’t given up.
Recently, he told me and then showed me in this book of his, that Rashi, the most important Jewish commentator on the Bible, says in Isaiah 7:14 that the word “alma” means “virgin.”
Is this true? How do I respond to him?
Thank you rabbi for all you have done for me.

It is wonderful to hear about your return to the Jewish faith, and it does my heart good to know that our audio series, let’s Get Biblical, helped you on your journey back to our God and your people. Over the years, this tape series has helped so many individuals return to their Jewish faith. There is nothing that gives me more joy than to welcome a Jew back from the Church.
Welcome home.

As to your question regarding Rashi’s commentary on Isaiah 7:14, it is a common practice for missionaries to selectively use rabbinic literature when it suits their purposes, yet to reject the words of the rabbis when it is in conflict with them.
This misuse of rabbinic literature becomes particularly disturbing when missionaries quote rabbinic statements that simply do not exist.
One of the most brazen examples of this sort of missionary corruption of rabbinic literature is of Rashi’s commentary on Isaiah 7:14. In an effort to rescue their indefensible position that the Hebrew word הָעַלְמָה (ha’almah)1 means a virgin, missionaries emphatically insist that Rashi, the most famous medieval Jewish commentator on the Bible, says that the mother of the child was a virgin.
This is a stunning assertion considering that no such statement like this exists in Rashi’s commentary on this verse. In fact, the word “virgin” never appears anywhere in Rashi’s commentary on Isaiah 7:14. What missionaries have done here is misquote the words of this medieval commentator in order to buttress Matthew’s untenable translation of Isaiah 7:14.
One of the most well known missionary books to flagrantly misquote Rashi in this manner is David Stern’s Jewish New Testament Commentary. On pages 6-7 of his book, Stern writes,


The most famous medieval Jewish Bible commentator, Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki (“Rashi,” 1040-1105), who determinedly opposed Christological interpretation of the Tanakh, nevertheless wrote on Isaiah 7:14, “Behold, the almah shall conceive and bear a son and shall call his name Immanu’el.’ This means that our Creator will be with us. This is the sign: The one who will conceive is a girl (na’arah) who never in her life has had intercourse with any man. Upon this one shall the Holy Spirit have power.” (Mikra’ot G’dolot, ad loc.)
The fact is Stern’s quote of Rashi simply does not exist. What Stern has done is deliberately change the words of Rashi in order to provide his readers with a completely distorted, Christological version of Rashi’s commentary.
In essence, Stern has tampered with the words of the super-commentator, Rashi, just as Matthew had altered the words of the prophet Isaiah.
Here is what Rashi actually says on this verse:
Immanuel: Meaning That our Rock will be with us, and this is the sign: She is a young girl and has never prophesied (nitneviet: נתנבאית).
This missionary mistranslated the Hebrew word nitneviet in Rashi’s commentary to mean “sex” or “intercourse.” This translation is preposterous. The Hebrew word nitneviet means “prophesied,” not “intercourse.” The root of the Hebrew word nitneviet appears frequently in Tanach. It is related to the Hebrew word navie which means “a prophet,” a word with all students of the Bible are familiar.
It is unfortunate, yet predictable, that missionaries do to the words of Rashi what Matthew did to the words of Isaiah.
Once again, welcome home to the Jewish faith, and may the Merciful One continue to guide you. With best wishes for a happy Chanukah.
Rabbi Singer.

Once again don’t let this teaching of this Rabbi against Jesus cloud your judgement, this Rabbi understands perfectly the Hebrew scripture, and their scripture is unadulterated, it’s the disbelief that Jesus is the prophesied the Messiah, it is that which God has blinded them to, and once again this Rabbi blames Matthew for the changes to the words of Isaiah, yet needs to consider all the other alterations made in the Gospels to back Constantine up, it’s not just in Matthew.


So, by now some readers might think that I’m some form of Jew, a convert, or a Jewish Rabbi trying to entrap people into becoming a Judaism proselyte? No certainly not, as far as I know I’m a Gentile, unless God informs me otherwise; but I do know that Christianity in the Trinity, and the Jesus is God teachings has missed the mark, and is a dangerous orchestrated litany of lies, the proof of which can be found in the authentic Hebrew scriptures, those kept by the Jews themselves, and as for me, the proof has come from the accurate knowledge God has given me, God has spent the last almost ten years teaching me that which needs to be known as basic accurate knowledge, and correction, which might bring those who will receive it, to be obedient to God and as a foundation stone to build our levels of worthiness to enter into the Kingdom of God.... You can discern this statement I make by reading this website God’s Word Given, and see how God has taught me, see how he has bought me up in levels of Knowledge and the understanding of it, see how God has bought me through step by step, and upgrading my knowledge feeding the milk first then later when he knew I was ready for it, then feeding me the meat, and never teaching me what I wasn’t ready for.

Fervently eager?
Look back at my writings about Isaiah 7:14, and see the explanation I gave, it is clear to see that God was working on me towards correction in the knowledge and understandings of who and what Jesus really is. It possibly could be seen by some that I never gave a correct explanation, but take a closer look, clearly the way was being cleared for more to come in this accurate knowledge being given, an easing in for the shock to come, this is how God teaches sometimes, and yes, I admit, It could also be seen as a bit eager to write the message, before it quite unfolded. But the message is there in what I wrote, and in a way that would be needed for some people to accept the error: The woman to give birth to Jesus had a natural conception and a natural birth, and according to God, could only have been a virgin as a young unmarried girl, and I have seen firsthand that this would have to have been the case, that the woman would have to be a virgin before marriage, and that she would not be kosher if she had conceived before full marriage, because on the strength of the Adulterated Gospels, *Judaism claim that Jesus could not be the Messiah, because he was born of fornication!* They can’t help but see it that way, it’s the Jewish culture, and remember Jesus was born Jewish, would God have presented the Messiah, the last chance to save mankind, in a manner unacceptable to the people? And here once again the evil of the Trinity churches manifests, because there is no way Judaism will accept Jesus as Messiah, here we have the Trinity lie for a start, then the orchestrated litany of lies which have to go hand in hand to up hold it, in the Virgin conception/birth lie, and all the supporting adulterated Gospels which have been introduced, and orchestrated by those churches involved.... What I have done is an example of what I wrote earlier, that it usually takes me some time to write what I am given, because I need time to gain a conviction of it, and to help that happen a feeling of consolation and edification, because some knowledge takes a lot of understanding it, and being that also it can be rather an enormous expectation to accept it without certain factors encompassing it.
However in the case of the Virgin Conception/Birth doctrine, I have seen for some time that it doesn’t fit in context of the scriptures of the message of God through Moses, the Prophets, Psalms and Jesus, And it certainly would not be accepted by the Mosaic Jews, and especially the way it has been presented in Matthew, at least. Not having a good knowledge of the Hebrew Language, I have


been dependant on seeking the advice from those who do, and God works that way in his teachings from time to time, so at the time I first wrote on the subject, and keen to reveal, I could only tear down the use of the word Virgin, bringing the meaning to represent a woman who had been a Virgin before marriage. (I am learning all the time, it never stops).
So where’s the promised sign of Isaiah 7:14?
Well it’s not in a virgin conception, because who was there to witness it? Was it in an actual virgin birth then? No account is written of such in the New Testament, and surely such a momentous event would have cause to be a very notable event, well then, there is no witness, so no sign can be found in that. What Isaiah said was: the sign would be the Prophecy that the woman made, and relating the child to be called a name by which his life was predetermined to be “Emmanuel”, to the Hebrew this means “Our rock with us” and the rock is referring to the Messiah. The sign is for those of discernment. (Predetermined does not mean Pre-existed).
The Rabbi may express his disapproval of Trinity Christianity with some use of diplomacy, and I don’t blame him really, considering the abuse they suffer.

As for me, God puts me to be the way I am, Is fact, maybe he chose me to do this work because I would speak straight up, and maybe I get this job because of my past sins,(conjecture) and now so grateful that God has done for me as he has, and that’s a fact.
Yet there’s so much more to come, so much more that I find persuasion clearing my life of all other distractions, urging my full retirement from work, if God has decided to give Knowledge and understanding of it, you are then required to give 100% of your spiritual, and flesh mind to receive, uncluttered by man, and believe me, that’s not easy at times.
So what are we going to do?
All this accurate knowledge, and it exposes the very churches many have faith in!
Christianity is seen as Trinity!
Christianity has it wrong!
We are in trouble deep!
Jesus is to return soon, and God will require it of us!
Hate the sin not the people, but Jesus says God will punish all involved in church sin!
Our past close relatives have more than likely been affected by the Trinity, and its orchestrated litany of lies!
Hells teeth!... This is really serious!
We can seek forgiveness... We can.
“Come out of her my people, least you fellowship with her sins, and partake in her Plagues”!


Be one of God’s people, Jew and Gentile alike, and seek God for your accurate knowledge.

What now?... Because I have a feeling there’s a little more to it, as to what Christianity is supposed to be about.
Seems like I’ve caught up on writing at present, but I know more has and is coming, but I have to wait for more and the conviction of it, and not be to fervently eager.

Just one more thing here before ending this chapter, for all those churches out there who cannot accept that God works through people even today, when you come to the realisation that time is short, and God is very busy preparing and manoeuvring all things of Prophesy, and things are changing, things are gearing up, God is doing many things which don’t require your or my approval, and it is God’s prerogative how he gets things done, and who, and how he has them as a servant, so the church needs to step down off its high pedestal and come to the realisation, that the nearer we get to the return of the Messiah, the greater God’s anger is, and so far the reports are that God is not impressed with the churches, not impressed at all! When we all come to realise these things, then maybe, just maybe we can become Humble, humble enough to accept correction from God.

Here is your face saving course of action:

• Throw out the teachings of the Trinity and Oneness, and denounce the God head of three, and the Jesus is God doctrine.
• Declare the Jesus is the essence of God to be a doctrine forced upon the church by threat of death and torture, and indeed carried out using the cruellest of methods.
• Plead that the Church was thrown into a state of confusion by Constantine’s regime, and has struggled ever since for the lack of authentic Gospel manuscripts.
• Blame the founders of the Trinity for the destruction of any remaining authentic manuscripts of the Gospels.
• Prepare and plan for a unified declaration of a revelation of understandings.
• Announce in unison, to the public as a collective of all peoples, the new understandings.
• Lay the blame on the shoulders of Constantine, history records the Emperor, back that with Charlemagne, their despot methods of ruler ship, their lust for conquest for Rome at any cost, this and more is all backed up in history records, and the notable public as well as the lay will easily see and many already know of these evils, back up for you will flood in.
• God is revealing knowledge and understanding of it, this can be seen as such.
• Announce the recognition that Judaism holds the authentic Old Testament which has the keys to accurate knowledge about Jesus, and they have the correct translations and interpretations.
• Be prepared to accept the many corrections which will need to be addressed.
• Show rejoicing to your congregations, because you will be leading them along the narrow path, and that’s the correct path to the Kingdom of God.
• But be warned, don’t bring any precepts and doctrine of man, no evil, no ulterior motives.
• You will need to be willing, fervent, and sincere.


• You may lose some of your congregation, but many more will take their place, and soon, those you lost will be back.
• Can you do it?
• Do you know the ultimatum?
• Do you know that many people are waiting for this?
• Need more info? I have plenty, just ask.


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