These are the Beliefs


God's word given.

Eternal Life

Luke 7:28 "I say to you, Among those born of Woman, there is not a greater than John, yet the LEAST in the KINGDOM of GOD is superior to him".

These writings are not from any Man made denomination, and come from one of God’s people, of whom the direct leader is Jesus Christ, the immortal Man.
These are the notes received.
This is the most important path for any Christian; Eternal profit.
Eternal profit means; life in the Spiritual being after death of the flesh, and in God’s Kingdom. 1 Cor. 15: 35-56. John 3:36.
Eternal torment is the opposite of Eternal life; this means to be eternally apart from God, and know it. Luke 16:19-31.
Out of all those things we are taught about matters of God and Jesus, what are the most important things to become knowledgeable in, what do we have to know and understand to save ourselves, and most importantly, --what we should ignore.
Scripture/Gospel and the exact knowledge of it give us the right path to take.
What do we need to do, for anyone who is not yet Christian, and also those who call themselves Christian, what do we have to do, ----- what does the Scriptures/Gospels tell us that we have to do to gain Eternal Life? ---Because Jesus makes it clear, many people are not at the level they need to be! Look close at :- Matt. 7:21-23. Also these! Matt. 20:1-16, Matt 22:1-14, Matt 24:43-51, and Matt 25:1-13, then verses 14-30, then 34-46. People can be rejected!
We have to learn how to love God! Now if we can master that, all else that we have to do and be will follow, and as this truth you are about to see unfolds, you will see and understand, and with the logical harmonic balance that the truth has, your understanding will be expanded into what is called “Your convictions”, and there will be no confusion, no contradiction between man and the Scriptures/Gospels, There is no confusion in God’s congregation, 1 Cor 14:33. In other words if there is confusion in what you are being taught, then it’s not from God! He tells us so! What there is in the truth is; logic, harmony, and balance, and it comes naturally.
Love God, how do we do that? This love is not the hormonal human passion; it is one of Jesus Commandments, and Matthew 22:37-40 explains it, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart, and all thy soul, and with all thy mind”.

Obedience; Jesus tells us that to love God we have to obey all God’s Commandments, and not find them grievous, be happy to do so, and a good place to read is Matthew19:16-24, that man found it too grievous.
What have we got so far? –Love God? How? This is how; obey all his commandments, --- now see how much easier it is to understand how to love God? -- Knowing how –Loving God is done by obeying all his commandments!
Now that we know this, what do we do? Christian or not, to Gain God’s Kingdom we have to understand what this means, “Obey all Gods commandments”. Edit--- This is not to say that we should live the Mosaic Laws. The Ten Commandments yes, but not the ordinance and stoning Laws. see the page titled "Live Mosaic Laws?". End of Edit.
Especially if you are Christian, you will need to Judge yourself from time to time, yes judge yourself for your eternal profit, God says to do it “-----Least ye be judged”. or 1 Cor 11:31.
We have to learn to listen to God for our exact Knowledge, and the reason God tells us to do that is; there are those who teach deceived doctrines, there are mistakes written into the Scripture/Gospels. Colossians 2:8, and 2 John:7, and James 1:26. Rev 12:9, and 13:14, this is just a few examples there is plenty more!
And there are Biases from some of those who have had Bibles interpreted, man has perverted and adulterated God’s word, therefore God, knowing of all these things, tells us he will give us the knowledge.
There is an interesting verse in Hosea, 4:6. (KJV) “My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge: Because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee-----.” And the context of the chapter is; God is saying that we have to have knowledge, but God also tells us that we need his words, the knowledge from him, we are cut off from God without his knowledge, and if we reject his knowledge, he will reject us. (We then are vulnerable to man, and the Deceivers precepts and doctrines).
God says he will reject us if we reject his knowledge, some may wonder why? Why do we need this knowledge that God has for us? It’s because without it we don’t know how to Love God, and if we don’t know how to love God, then we don’t know how to obey God, and we need to have these things in order so that God will give us the exact knowledge, and if we get that, then we will get the knowledge that will bring us to Eternal life. Now then, this is logical, and it is balanced, and it is in harmony with the Scriptures/Gospels.
We have to have certain things in place before we can get the knowledge from God.
(1 Cor.11:31) “For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.” And this purely and simply means what it says, that is if we would stop every now and then, and take a good long honest look at where we are in our Hearts with God and Jesus, and then ask yourself, am I pleasing God? And ask yourself, am I doing Gods will by being obedient and obeying all God’s commandments? And one of the most important is; am I doing it in accordance of God’s word? With that ask yourself, do I know God’s word? And am I being taught God’s word as It should be? And then; do I give enough time to it all? Because the truth is many don’t give enough time to reading the Scriptures/Gospels. (Ecclesiasticus.38:24-34,and, 39:1-5, in the Septuagint) and Matt19:23, Mainly because most rich men have not the time to give to God! also 5 of the ten virgins never gave the time and also, those that become deceived, who haven't given time for study of their own, bringing God in to give the understandings, and examining what man has taught them!
How do we give it more time effectively? We need to read the Bible on our own, we have to pick a time every day if possible, and without any one else around, no out side interference, pray to God for the skill of understanding the knowledge of his word, Study and read, let God give you the exact understanding, it will take time, but don’t give up, when God sees you have determined in your Heart (Spirit) that you hunger for the exact knowledge from him, and him only, then he will give. But know that if you go to God for his word, use no other book but the Bible, or use the originals in the form of a Diaglott word for word translation of the Greek manuscript, for New Testament, and a Septuagint, which is the Greek manuscript of the Old Testament, translated to English, and you are then going to see some truth, you will see what has been changed in the Bibles of many Churches!
And remember this! Not all spirits are of God, not all Teachers are of God, Jer 23:1-2, and 2 Cor 11:14-15 and know it well! Remember the Adversary is spirit, weaker but still spirit!
We have to put in more than the usual (Sunday) service to get to where we have the required knowledge, to get the correction that God needs to bring us into, and if we do that we will soon see what does actually need correcting in our lives, yes and in your Pastors teaching also.
We need to learn of the great deception in the observance of the Sabbath, and who has created it, that it is the mark of disobedience towards God that leads to the Mark of the Beast, it is vital to have the Knowledge of how to avoid the “Mark of the Beast” all Christians need to know that man is running around in circles with their theories on this matter, and have not the saving truth because they are not inspired of God in their teachings. And these are all around us, they are Mainstream.
Christians are at great risk because of Christians who are deceived teachers!
And as you read, remember this, -- God’s congregation is a Spiritual congregation, each one that is God’s is a Spiritual building block of God’s temple, of the house of God having been built up from the cornerstone foundation, --Jesus Christ. Read 1 Cor. 6:19. “What! Do you not know that your body is a Temple of that Holy Spirit in you, which you have from God? Besides, you are not your own; for you were bought with a price; glorify God, then, in your body.”
And remember this; God’s congregation is made up of individuals spread throughout the World, they congregate spiritually with God, they have no Material Building, and the Head of that Congregation, the leader is Jesus Christ, and all those involved are members of the Body of Christ! It is the one and only true Church! These are God’s ones, where ever they are.
John.4:24. “God is Spirit; and those worshipping him must worship in Spirit and truth.” Watch then that you have your Spirit in the right place, clear all deceived teachings from your spirit, then you can worship God as he requires “in Spirit” and then you will find yourself worshipping in truth also, then you will “Worship in truth”. But know this! Because the Devil does, -- and he will stop you if he can! And know that he has stopped millions of Christians already! Or perhaps it’s Billions! (“Few chose the narrow path”.) The original Manuscript Matt7:14-15. "Enter in throught the narrow gate; for wide is the gate of destruction, and broad that way leading tither; and many are they who enter through it" "How narrow is that gate of life! how difficult that way leading tither! and how few are they who enter through it". And Jesus is talking about Christians also. So then the choice is ours. (Freewill).
The biggest and most important knowledge you can gain for a start is; what in God and Jesus eyes does it take to get you Eternal life, then you need to follow all those things you gain as exact knowledge from God.
The Knowledge God and Jesus talk of comes from them, not the precepts and doctrines of men.
If you are being taught a deceived doctrine, you have trouble.
If you are being taught by those who are deceived, and you won’t or can’t listen to God’s correction, you have trouble.
Those who teach deceived doctrine are in very serious trouble.

Paul tells us something on this, from the Diaglott Greek manuscript. (It may be worded differently in KJV.)But this from the original manuscript. 2 Corinthians. 11:13-15, “For such false Apostles,
Deceitful workmen, are transforming themselves into Apostles of Christ. And it is not surprising, for the Adversary himself, transforms himself into an Angel of light. It is therefore no great wonder, if his servants also transform themselves as servants of righteousness; whose end will be according to their works.” ---The Adversary of course is the Devil, and look what he and his followers do; they make themselves appear to be the truth! When they are in fact the Deceivers! How do we know these ones? --- We compare what they say, to what God says, in the Scriptures/Gospels.
For your own Eternal well being, Know this truth, the deceivers will pick up on any word in Scripture that may be able to be made into double meaning to suit them, even words that have been added in and also words that have been changed around in interpretation of manuscript translations, as man has interfered with the Scripture/Gospels.
How can we tell the difference? God does not give scant account of anything major in his word, for instance; if anyone say that Jesus is God, then have a look at all the testimony that God and Jesus have given in the Old and New Testament, have a good look for yourself there is an overwhelming amount of Scripture/Gospel that states Jesus Christ is a Man, and that God is the same father in the same way as he is our Father in Heaven, that Jesus is from the issue and loins, not from the line of Mary, but the bowels of Joseph, as was Gods promise to King David.
And much more that is written as Gods Testimony, and Jesus testimony, that Jesus is a man.
It is only from the Deceiver, and teachings of man that it is taught that Jesus is otherwise, some has come through from the 5th Century Latin Monk by the name of Vergillius Tapsensis, as an example, and much more has been added, and given strength by the Devil, taking over the lives of those who get caught up in the Churches of the Great Whore of Babylon, the Mother of all Harlots, and her Daughter Churches, they are all here today! Edit----- I must add here:- Constantine, Emperor of Rome, Created a Church system which is mainstream today; he caused to have changed God's word in the Scriptures, to suit himself, and to do so he had most of the Original Christians of the teachings of the Apostles of Jesus Christ, Killed off! In those days, and for centeries later, many Christians and non Christians alike, died under Constantine, and those who followed after him, their rule. Read more about this go to " Beliefs" and find the page "Constantine". --- End of Edit.
So now you will want to know, -- how then the Virgin Birth?--It is simple, there is no greater mystery to that than your ability to believe in the Holy Spirit powers and activity of God; the issue from the bowels of Joseph had to be, Joseph is the lineage of King David that God promised to him, God by his power has intervened, and added strength to the conception, in his wisdom, no one had to touch anyone, and if you allow your spiritual capabilities which we all have, aware of it or not, to think that as Scripture tells us, that God thinks every possible thing that there is, he thinks every molecule and atom into it’s being, every thing is of God, there is nothing that is not of God, and yes God purposed the Devil, and for great reason as you will find out if you read all my books on this site.
How do you know if you are being deceived? Here are some examples: -
(1) God says there is a Devil, often called Satan, or the Adversary, or the Enemy, or the Dragon, the Serpent, or the Deceiver, amongst other names, Read the direct account of him between God and the Devil in the book of “Job”. (The first 2 or so chapters should give you the idea).
(2 Then read about the 40 days that Jesus spent in the Dessert, just before his Ministry got going, and his encounter with the temptation of the Devil. And know that there is great reason in the being of the Devil. (All things are created by God, and there is nothing that is not created by God!)
(3) Then read in the book of revelations of the Fallen Angels, and the Dragon as he is called, this being the Devil, and the work the Devil is doing on Earth right now.
If anyone then teaches you that there is no Devil, even to say that it is only the sinful ways of man, then these deceivers are the deceived and their teachings are deceived, and a perversion of God’s word. Even if they do have some things in other areas correct, their teachings are enough to cause people to lose their Eternal Life.
(4) Now look at 2 Samuel, 7:12-16. This is the word of God, given to Nathan the Prophet, and it is for King David, it is the promise God made to King David that the yet to be created man Jesus who will become the Christ, will come as an issue out of the bowels of man, (David’s lineage, Joseph).
God tells us that this issue that comes from the bowels of the line of David will be just that, and God will deal to him as any man if he commits iniquity, read it for yourself, then wonder why do some Church organisations say that Jesus Christ was God himself, that he pre existed in life, and some who say that Jesus is a god. (There is only one living God, the rest are dumb idols, (God’s words).
(5) Jesus himself said, “I go to my Father, who is your Father , I go to my God, who is your God ”, this proving that Jesus although the Christ, was just as we are, or you could deny these verses, in favour of what you may be taught, or teaching, then you will be calling God and Jesus liars!
To teach blatantly false doctrine such as many do, is from the deceiver, and to help them out, there are places these in Scripture/Gospels where subtle and not so subtle changes were made to the manuscripts that certain Churches held, and are in full circulation now days, and deceiving people.
One of the culprits was a Latin Monk of no repute from the 5th century, his name is Vergillius Tapsensis,  Edit--- The main offender was Constantine  in the year 325, at the Nicea decree!End Edit, and it is because God new that some would pervert his word, that he gives the exact knowledge to those he sees hungers for it, the Spiritual food and Spiritual Drink.
Now then another very unfortunate deception, and this one shows up those who don’t go to God for their knowledge, this one shows up those who only give short time to the matters of God, and depend on mans precepts and doctrines, it also causes these ones to be disobedient to God, and that is;
(6) The wrong observance of the Sabbath, -- Saturday is the seventh day according to God, and Gods day starts in the evening and ends in the evening, sunset to sunset. (Deceived man has changed it).
The most unfortunate thing is that the Churches know it! And they teach deception and disobedience to all those who are in what is known as Main stream religion, and they do it because; the Mother church they all splintered from, states that they are the Divine ones on Earth, but the problem arises in the fact that, -- none of those who pulled away from her have the inspiration of God. How do we know? -- We know this because of their deceived doctrines.
In the original manuscripts God says “Come out from her, my people, least you Fellowship with her sins, and partake of her Plagues”.

That’s right, almost all of those who broke away from the Mother of them all, who by the way have not the inspiration of God either, however the ones that broke away didn’t stop to enquire of God either, they should have done, so it’s a failing they have now, and God would have given them the exact knowledge, and correction for the deception they have in their doctrines today. But no, those ones were in to big a hurry to get their own point across, and they have failed the people who want to become obedient Christians to God and Jesus Christ.
They still teach deception, and what is more, the very reason they pulled away from their Mother church was because of the deception it taught.
So you might be asking yourself at this point, who says so, and the short answer is; God’s word says so! Then you might ask, who’s this writing these things interfering with my Church teachings? And the answer is, --- the person writing is one of God’s, and the things being written are from God’s words, and what’s more God’s truth is there for all to read, but know this, the Saints are not deceived by the Devil! ------ So then --.
Let the word of God be read without deception, “The Devil will deceive even the Saints if it were possible”. Given this important knowledge, you need to know this very important point, so important that your eternity could be at stake, and this is what you need to know; If you are being taught deceived doctrines, if what you are being taught is not how the most obvious chapters and verses in the Bible say, then you are not being taught by those inspired of God, nor are they Saints, broad is their path and many go there! And for many, --- the Plagues have to be gone through!
Don’t let this happen to you!
Because it is written in two places in the Book of Revelations that many will not come through the Plagues into the Kingdom of God, sort out your deceiver now, don’t let the deceived teachings put you through Judgment to be cut off.
You have to examine who and what is in control of your Eternal well being, it is up to you and you only, God and Jesus have given the way, you have to take it up yourself, only you can answer to God for yourself, you Can’t blame anyone else for your failings, God has given his word for all to study, yet we all would like to blame the deceivers amongst men, but they to in turn are deceived, we have been given the way to come to God by God, we have to reach for the strength of his arm, not the strength of Mans!
All these things pointed out in this book, can be read of in the Scripture/Gospels, with the understanding given from God.
These teachers of these deceptions are caught up with the greatest of all Deceivers, the Devil himself, read for yourself in the book of Revelations; you will come to learn of the truth if you turn to God as you should.
These things pointed out here are very important knowledge, so important to all people of God’s congregation, because without knowing what is going on here, we are at great risk of being deceived out of Eternal life! Yet Jesus tells us that broad path is taking many down there, and he tells us that
The right path is hard and narrow, but very few people choose to take it! Listen to this again, Jesus tells us in the original unperverted manuscript, that few people choose to take it, --- they chose not to because the other path is easier and many go down that path because of it, therefore the path is wider, and the path is wider because people make it easier, they give themselves more choices, they have paths leading off, even so they are on the way, they don’t like the narrow no choices path that very few choose to take, because its too hard for them, to restrictive, its not really what they want in their worldly way that is called mainstream Christianity! Jesus tells us about it, have you heard him? Have you heard him say they make him sick? Have you heard him say these ones will go to the Plagues, and that Death is no escape because God controls that as well?
Scared?--- Well, we have to know what the Great deceiver has got going with his followers, but the frightening thing is, these deceived don’t know that they are, that’s what being deceived is all about! They don’t know it! And so they teach their deception to do the deceivers work, don’t believe it? Go to the book of Revelations! ---Now then ----- This is all Scripture/Gospel, ---- and with the exact knowledge given by God.
We all have to face what it is that we are doing on this Earth, and we are not here to sin, that is not God’s purpose for us.

This life is very short in Gods time, Peter tells us what Gods time is, 2 Peter, 3:8. “But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day”. We then, in God’s eyes live but minutes! And that is this life, minutes, so we need to compare that with Eternal life; one day is a thousand years, ---- so given that Eternity is never ending, then it is a never ending amount of thousand years days, (or God’s days never ending).
Now you can see the difference between this life and Eternal Life, you will know how short this life in the flesh really is, now you will see even if anyone live to be a hundred years old, it is one tenth of one of God’s days, a bit more than a couple of hours!
So what’s the point being made here? The question now arises; why so short a time, why is it life in the flesh, can seem to be a lengthy time, yet is so short in the scheme of things? Because it is to do with the purpose of life in the flesh, yes we have to know what is the true purpose of life, in God’s eyes, not our eye’s, we have to understand what we are actually here for.

The purpose of life! (And we all have God’s spirit in us to start with, or we wouldn’t breathe.)
That we live on this Earth now in the flesh state, to exercise the freewill God gave us all.
We have three main choices, and God will give us what ever we want, it’s our freewill!
(1) Spend the time given us in the flesh to seek the kingdom of God, and therefore Eternal life, or

(2) Spend the time in the flesh seeking the worldly way, not God, and therefore receive “The cutting off” from God and therefore eternally cut off from God being tormented by our decision. Or
(3) Be luke warm, calling ourselves Christian but not obeying God in the way God and Jesus tell us, picking out the bits that suit us best, not having or getting the knowledge required to save us, so then having to go through the Plagues, to try and purge us into obedience, (For which death is no escape). -------Remember! These ones make Jesus Sick! (Rev 3:16).
Rev, 14:12. “Here is the patience of the Saints: Here are they who keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.”
Yes all who obey God in Gods eyes and way, are called Saints, yes some are alive to day.
Saints are not deceived by the Devil, but they are wearied by him.
So where is life in the flesh on this Earth leading to? Well that depends on your freewill!
But God has put us here to Choose who is worthy of being bought into Eternal life, that is what this life is all about and it is why it is so short, to the flesh it’s not so short, but to the Spirit of us it is very short, why? Because for most of us we need all the time we can get in this life to gain what comes next. And we all have the Spirit of God in us even Atheists! Other wise we would not breathe.
God has, in store for all those who overcome, life beyond our flesh imagination; we will have to be in our Spiritual body state to be able to comprehend.
God is Spirit, and ultimately, all his will live in Spirit with him, just as Christ Jesus is now, then we gain what Christ will share with us, what he has received from our Heavenly Father.

You may notice that I don’t quote many chapter and verse, that’s because all that is written here is just that, and explained, but you will find and seek all this to be read, and you will have a better understanding of what you read as you find it. And God bless you as you seek!
We all need to seek God’s word for ourselves, and by prayer to God for knowledge and understanding of his word, he will require of you to show him that you really do want it; this can only be done by you picking up the Scriptures/Gospels and wanting to know!
We have to understand this urgently! We all have to study God’s word for ourselves, we cannot rely on any man, Pastor or not, all Pastors and the like that are of man come with mans certification, to be a Pastor, they have to teach exactly what they are told by the organisation they are with, deceived or not, but the most unfortunate thing about mans church is that they don’t accept those who God has called, and who has taught the exact truth to, those who God has called to give correction to the Churches and the people who will listen, you are reading of one who is just that.
We all need to do this to escape the deceived teachings that many have, God will give you the exact knowledge, it is God through Jesus Christ that brings us to be worthy of Eternal life, we cannot do it ourselves, and least of all with deceived teachings, so therefore God tells us in his word that he
Knows what we are up against, but if we reach for the strength of his arm, and not the precepts and doctrine of men, then he will give us the exact knowledge as part of shaping, and moulding ,and trying , and chastising us, purifying as Silver, he will refine his ones as more precious than pure Gold.
Romans.2:6-11. “God who will award to each according to his works; Aionian Life, indeed to those who, by perseverance in good works, are seeking for glory and honour and incorruptibility; but indignation and Wrath to those who are factious and they obey not the truth but obey unrighteousness; -- Affliction and distress on every soul of man working Evil; first of the Jew, and then of the Greek; for there is no Partiality with God” (Diaglott original Greek Manuscripts).
Need this be explained? – Yes for those who have been deceived.
First, God will give Eternal rewards to the level that we deserve at that time; this may not mean that we will get the Life with him in his Kingdom, but he will give Aionian or Eternal life to those who are seeking the right way, not being corrupted, not being deceived, and for those who follow the deceived, who are factious meaning (from a party spirit, grouping together in their unrighteousness), those are the ones who do not obey the truth as given by God and Jesus Christ, they obey the Deceivers in their unrighteous doctrines, therefore unrighteousness comes in, then those ones will get the afflictions, and God does not care who or what we may think we are, King, or Queen, or Pope or who ever, all will get what they deserve!
Don’t be fooled when you see people who are sinners or of the Deceived, living lives that many would (envy), don’t be fooled into thinking that they must be of God, that God is favouring them and that they therefore will get Eternal life. Scripture tells us that some have their reward now! But that is all they are to get, it is all up to God’s wisdom, for these ones the punishment is worse having had what they may have now, only to find at Judgment things are totally different, therefore the shame and shock is part of their (reward) for their disobedience and unrighteousness. -- Seek this Scripture for yourself, we all need to study. And know that the Scriptures say; God knows how to save those to punishment, God will repay.
This is God working through Jesus Christ on those who are obedient to him, otherwise he cannot.
This all adds up to what the purpose of this life really is all about, the purpose of life is to gain life, Life Eternal!

Jesus Christ left this message for all who come to God through him in Obedience. John.14:26. “But the helper, the Holy Spirit, which the Father will send in my name; shall teach you all things, and remind you of all things I said to you.” This is only one example of this, there are more), and be sure not to dismiss it as not applicable today.
Colossians.1:9-10, and if you read that, then understand that Paul is addressing the Saints, and the faithful Brethren in Christ, and these things are for us these days, so then this applies to not only the Saints, but also those ones who are faithful in their Hearts, in their Spirit, to Christ, then you have to understand what faithful really is, and that’s what this book is all about. Now then, the Greek
Manuscript has this knowledge as “the exact knowledge”, and of course along with the exact knowledge comes wisdom, and also understanding, all these things are tied in together, but take note here and now,--These things do not come to or with the deceived! The only wisdom and understanding they have is the precepts and doctrines of men, with a little philosophy, mixed with theory, and a bit of parroted reading from the Bible. This is the mark of the Devil and of the Beast.
1 Tim.2:4 “Who desires all men to be saved, and come to an accurate knowledge of the truth.”(Diaglott, original Greek manuscript) but the KJV misses out the word “Accurate.”
God desires all men to be saved, does not mean that all men will! But for those who will get saved are those who get an “Accurate knowledge of the truth” and God through Jesus Christ, and Paul tell us in many Scripture/Gospels, that God will give those who seek it, who are Hungry for the knowledge, and who thirst for the Spirit, God will freely give.
Just to show a verse in context of what Jesus Christ thinks of those who destroy the exact knowledge, and put in their own, Luke.11:52, “Woe to you, lawyers! Because you have taken away the key of knowledge, you entered not yourselves, and those approaching, you hindered.” Of course he is talking to the Pharisees, but look at what he is saying, and it is to the leaders of religion of the time, “Woe” to those who take away the key to knowledge, and that key is the exact or accurate knowledge that can be gained, and it has to be gained so we can fight of the wiles of the Devil, “Woe” is coming on those who destroy the chance of people coming to God through Jesus Christ, as they should be able to, and gain Eternal Life, “Woe” to them , because they have taken away the “key”. And what’s more they are not going to enter the Kingdom of God themselves, and they are preventing others from entering also, all those who come wanting to enter the Kingdom of God, cannot because they have not the Accurate or exact knowledge that is essential to be in obedience to God, which is the love we need to have, obeying all God’s commandments, proving our love for him. The key is destroyed in the deceived teachings!
These are only some of the examples of the word we have from God on these matters.
Now you need to know this; God tells us that many Christians will not make it, it is not only those who don’t come to God through Jesus Christ, it is not only the unrepentant Sinners, but no one will enter life eternal in the kingdom of God, if they are not obedient to him.
Everything good happens in obedience, that’s what it all hinges on, and all the commandments are within it.
Having said that, you now need to know, how much that obedience means to God, and how vital it is to our eternal profit.
The Devil is the fallen Angel, Michael and his Angels cast them out of Heaven in a war between this fallen Angel and his Angel followers, and now they are down here on this Earth now, they are making war with even the obedient ones of God, and this is why we all have to be totally obedient to God, because the Devil is looking for all those ones who aren’t, and these are those who become deceived, because that is how the Devil works.

Sound far fetched? Then you are one who needs to feed more on God’s truth, because you are not getting it! But you are being fed, fed deception, you need to sort out your deceiver, and there are many that are not spiritual as the devil is, there are many of his followers walking in the flesh, and just as you might expect some are dressed as Angels of light, yet are of the deceiver, they are in prominent places so their deception will work, they teach deceived doctrine, it’s the Devils work!
How do we escape this Deceiver? -- Through staying very close to God, how? -- By being obedient to God, and through Jesus Christ.
Now this is how God sorts his ones from those who only pay lip service to him, from those who’s Heart is not entirely in the right place, that are not entirely worthy of the kingdom of God.
Now you need to understand this:-
What the message is to all people of God is; you need to have the knowledge from God, and not the precepts and doctrines of deceived man, so that you can be obedient to God, and in turn he can bring his ones to be worthy, because you can’t do it on your own!
Christians! Open your eyes! And understand this; “The Whore of Babylon, Babylon the great, the Mother of Harlots, and the abominations of the Earth.” (Rev.17:5) The Mother of Harlots is the Church that sits on the seven hills of Rome, and her Daughters are all those Churches that have broken away from her, yet still have some of her abominations, Babylon in this context is any Church or organisation who pervert God’s word and teach deception from the Deceiver, amongst other things, and those who have their doctrines set to be Anti- Christ’s, changed words in their Bibles set to refer back on, and this to give account to their followers for their deception as Antichrists.
The Whore will be destroyed. (Rev.17:15-18).
Look about yourself! There are many of them today! And many more than ever before.
The frightening thing is many, many, well meaning people who think they are doing the right thing, are in fact being deceived by these of Babylon Harlots, and God tells us that it is up to each and every individual to obey God, to obey his Commandments, to seek the strength of his arm, not Mans, God tells us these things so that we can do the right thing, and then we will be aware of these things, he will give us the exact knowledge so that we will know the Deceiver and those of deceived teachings, the short of it all is; God tells us what to do to avoid the Deceiver, therefore we can only blame ourselves if we become deceived.
We need to listen to God and Jesus Christ, not listen to the one who portrays himself as an Angel of light, and not listen to the one who portrays himself as God on Earth now days, who sits on many waters and on the Seven Hills of Rome. (Waters in context are people).
God has the word out to those who want to be his, those who are caught up with the Harlots, this is what he says through Jesus Christ; “-----Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her Plagues, for her sins have reached unto Heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.” (Rev.18.4-5). Read also (Rev 17:15-18).
All who seek God in the way that has been described in this book, which is what God is telling us, all of those who come out of the deception that they have been taught, and seek God as they should for themselves, then God will recognise them and give them correction, and forgiveness, if not, then read for yourself and know that those who don’t come out, will be involved in the plagues, either now or in the spirit after death of the flesh, and some will have it purged out of them but many won’t, (Rev.16;11), is one of several places stating such. Also Rom.2:9 +.
The knowledge (above) has been bought out here to help make the point; there is a great need for many, many people to become aware of what the deceiver is doing to them, these are what many call Mainstream Christianity, and they mostly all stem from the Great Whore of Babylon.

Rev.21: After God has told us that he will make a new Heaven and a new Earth, he goes on to say in verse 6 -7-8; “And he said unto me, it is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is a thirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son”.
Before verse 8 , lets look at what’s said so far, those who are athirst of the fountain of the water of life, that means; those who thirst for the truth of God and seek it from God, those who prevent themselves from being deceived, then they will get it, given freely from God.
And “ He that overcometh” this is referring to those as v 6-7, they overcome the worldly ways, and the deception of the Devil and his followers who teach his deception, we have to overcome what is around us now in the Christian realm, and that is the deception.
Well then verse 8. “But as for the cowards, and the unbelievers, and the Abominable, and the Murderers, and Fornicators, and Sorcerers, and Idolaters, and all Liars, their portion will be in that Lake which burns with fire and Sulphur which is the second Death.” ----Well then, take a look at the list of things, amongst that lot that Deceivers fall amongst, lets relist their failings,-- they are Cowards, and unbelievers, they are Abominable, they are murderers because they lead people away from their Eternal Life, and they are Liars, and to add to this list, they make God and Jesus to be Liars! ----If you are caught up in this come out! God is saying to his people, “Come out”.
That’s any unenviable list of iniquity stacked up there; ---would you want to be one of that group? And even more, would you want to fellowship with these? Take it a step further;--would you want to teach in fellowship with these ones? --- Many do, --- albeit unwittingly for some, but that is a truth, many are well and truly caught up in all of this mess!
But they can come out of it all, God is calling, “Come out of her, my people, least you fellowship with her sins, and partake in her Plagues.” And God will forgive those who come out! “Her” who is “Her” She is the Mother of Harlots and her Daughter Churches, oh yes she’s still around and will be until the return of Christ. (Rev).
Some people don’t like this sort of writing, they defend their lack of understandings, or their involvement by calling such writings, (Doom merchants), We cannot have the exact knowledge
Required to Gain eternal life without the Knowledge, and this is most important knowledge, if we cannot cope with Earthly knowledge, then we will not cope with Spiritual knowledge!
God and Jesus through the Saints, will sort out the Sheep from the Goats, we need to be the Sheep in this case.
Look at this! Ephesians. 2:2 (KJV). “Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the Prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:” --------Or from the Diaglott. “In which you once walked according to the age of this world, according to the Ruler of the Authority of the Air, of that spirit now operating in the sons of disobedience.” ---------Now then, “The Prince of the power of the Air” and, “The Ruler of the Authority of the Air” They are the Devil himself, and he is ruling this world we live in now, and he is operating in all those people Christian or not, who are disobedient to God.
Now you should be able to see how people get deceived, it is by their own disobedience that allows the Devil into them, and he wants them deceived, this is his favourite weapon, and he’s at War on us now, even the obedient, he wants to tear us down, test us to see if we really are God’s people, and if not, then he has away in, and he can pick us off as some put it.
And here’s an example!

We need to know this very important deception bought to the greater number of Christianity today. It is the observance of the Sabbath on a Sunday, and the none observance of the Sabbath, it is the workings of the Deceiver through the Mother of all Whores, they have changed it by their own admission, presenting them selves as God on Earth with Authority to be such, these are the ones written of in Daniel, 7:25 “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the Saints of the most High, and think to change times and Laws ----.” Yes and this they have done, they have changed the time of the Sabbath observance by their deceived own admission, and therefore the laws involved in the observance.
This is the one thing that God is looking for in his people to make them Saints, ---Obedience! And if we don’t observe Gods Laws in obedience, then we sin! We are in trouble.
This is a fine one for the Devil, the great Deceiver, what greater deception to take those who will be deceived away from God, away from the required high standard of obedience that is required for anyone to enter the Kingdom of God, he got them! He’s picked them off! And they, the deceived are running around saying, (If you don’t join our fellowship then you will be picked off!) What deception at work this is!
You need to be aware of these very important facts, to be aware of where the “Mark of the Beast” comes from.
The Sabbath observance is covered in this Book; it is a long in depth revelation of what has been a revelation from God, of the Scriptures/ Gospels.
It covers the revelations from Jesus Christ, not only to me but to Paul, it is precise and leaves no believer in doubt, because it is once pointed out, -- very clearly in the Scriptures/ Gospels.
It can be clearly seen that God foresaw this action of changing the Sabbath, and has made provision for his people, his Saints to uncover the truth, that they not be deceived as written in the Scripture/Gospels.
Also it uncovers the deception of when the Crucifixion, was, the burial, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it uncovers exactly the days the Sabbaths are to be observed.
The word used here is uncovers, when in fact it reveals the deception in changing it, and also who the deceivers are.
Even today we hear them on the News of the Radio, administering their deceived doctrine on what a Saint is, and they are in total ignorance of all that is written in Scripture/Gospel, and what’s more,--It’s so obvious! (It all makes one weary), not to mention all this same sex marriage and effeminate Ministers, the Homosexuals, being condoned by the Daughters of the Whore, they call themselves Teachers of God? -- Who are the Deceived? And what right have they got to get their dirty hands on good well meaning people who want some one to guide them to God through Jesus Christ? Do you really want to trust them? --- Wake up Christians; it all has to happen in this life to get Eternal Life!
However, all that is written in this book is done so that it can be studied by all, that it can be seen properly, and that believers can gain their own Conviction.

John. 8:47. “He who is from God hears the words of God; on this account you hear not, because you are not from God.” Now then, these words are spoken by Jesus to the Pharisees, and in turn the Pharisees were suppose to be the upholders of the Law of God, they were suppose to be teaching God’s word and Laws to the people, Just as we have Pastors, and Ministers, and Priests, and Popes today, these are those who are as the Pharisees were back then, when Jesus told them, that even though they held that position, they still were not from God!
We have the same problem today in Christianity, and added to it is that fallen Angel, the Devil, the great Deceiver, he is as a raging Lion, looking to devour any and all that he can, he is angry to wrath, he’s been kicked out of the realms of Heaven where he abode once, and now he is taking that out in a War against God’s people, and his biggest and most effective weapon is deception.(Read all about it in the book of Revelations).
Look at all that is written here in this book, put it all to the test, examine it, and compare it to God’s word, there is not a thing written here that cannot be verified clearly in the Scriptures/Gospels, and then know that God through Jesus Christ, and then through God’s people, are trying to reach those who are deceived, but only by God’s patience, by his Grace, yet also by the rules of entry in to the Kingdom of God.
Well then, there is just so much that should be said, that this problem would be made manifest in truth, that could be said to those who are caught up in the problem, and to those who should be
Aware of the problem, and to know and steer clear of it, and to try and convince the deceived of the truth. Having said that, the job of trying is overwhelming to all who see the enormity of it, but the comfort comes in knowing the truth, yet it doesn’t do anything to lessen the concern for those who don’t have it.
If you want to know God’s truth then you will read on in the rest of this book, where more in depth coverage and proof from the Scriptures/Gospels can be read.
If you are a Pastor or any sort of Teacher from any of the Bible schools or Institutions or Organisations, then Welcome, and God bless you with this Knowledge and Understanding, and may he bless you with wisdom in accordance with it.

What has been written in this book has come in the form of teachings from the Holy Spirit of God.
They have come God’s way and in the form they are, as individual writings all coming together as one, they have been given at different times, and as the level of knowledge and understanding rose to the occasion.
For myself, I am not what anyone would call literate, and I depend heavily on the spell checker on my computer.
These writings have not come from any others works, and only the Scriptures/Gospels have been used with the knowledge given from God spiritually, and from as direct a source that I could find.
I listen to no man for my convictions, Praying to God for my Knowledge and Understanding, It was God through Jesus Christ who persuaded me to pray such, and therefore since I have asked God for the knowledge from him, I have had strong persuasion not to go to any man to seek knowledge.
When I started praying for the Knowledge I was almost overwhelmed, it flooded in on me.
I don’t claim to have all Knowledge, it seems God has given me thus far what he deems to be necessary for the Calling he has given me, and how that calling came to be is another long story, but not written here.
One part of the calling I have been given has become obvious now; It is to give correction, to any and all.
There is no material building in the church to attend.
The leader is Jesus Christ.
It may be predetermined never to consciously meet the fellow flesh Brother, and Sister.
Jesus Christ came with the Holy Spirit feast.
His voice has been heard, albeit one word, my name.
We need no more than that to have been blessed with the Gift of Faith.
Even so there is much more to add.
So, who is it that really wants the Kingdom of God, who wants the Life, that Eternal Life?

Kevin McQuoid.

God's word given.