God's word given.

What is the answer to this controversial question?

Two main points in Scripture that need very much to be understood, or otherwise the subject is left with unanswered questions, here they are: in the book of Isaiah and read from the Septuagint, Isaiah 66:17. “They that sanctify themselves and purify themselves in the gardens, and eat swine’s flesh in the porches, and the abominations, and the mouse, shall be consumed together, saith the Lord. And I know their works and their imagination.” --- Edit--- This is not to say that we should, or that it is allowable to eat, by consuming the swine's flesh, the abominable, and the mouse, if we consume all togeather, rather than separately! It means that those things are not to be eaten at all, however, what will be consumed are those people who do eat these things! End of Edit---.Now then, if we read either side of these verses, and in general chapter 66, we see that in context it is written of days to come, that is, the return of Christ, and the one thousand year period of Christ and his Saints reign; it is important to note that God is telling us that to be eating swine’s flesh, the mouse and other abominations is not the thing to be doing!

What then do we make of Peters trance or vision dream re: the unclean and clean meats presented to him? We find this in the book of Acts in the Bible, we also can find it in the original manuscripts in the Diaglott, in Acts 10: and also chapter 11, once you have read it you need to look at the over all context of what this is all about, and to get that far we need to read that Peter, in a trance was presented from Heaven with: Acts. 10:11-12 “all the four footed beasts of the earth, and the wild beasts, and the creeping things, and the birds of the heaven;” (This from the original Manuscript) --- Now we can take it that these are the clean and the unclean, as listed in Deuteronomy chapter 14.

Edit--- We are told in the original Greek Manuscript, that the ends of the four cornered sheet were tied together, this is not mentioned in most modern Bibles, is this significant to meaning that the unclean animals presented were for example only? Tied in to a bundle and not to be released? read on and see the reasoning.

Peter is told in verse 13, “Having risen Peter, Sacrifice and eat”, which has more meaning than modern Bibles which say “Rise Peter, kill and eat”, given the seriousness of sacrificing unclean animals; however the instructions are there for Peter to eat.

Verse 14. “But Peter said “by no means, Lord; for never did I eat anything common and impure.”

Verse 15. “And a voice came to him again a second time, “what God has cleansed, thou not pollute”.

Or the modern Bible says “Do not call any thing impure that God has made clean.” And to me there is a difference in meaning, which is a key to understanding what this is all about; the word used “Pollute” meaning =Destroy the purity, or outrage the sanctity of. This then meaning Peter is told not to interfere, not to interrupt or object, or cause problems to what God has set aside to happen by his Grace.

In verse 16, we are told that this was done three times, which is scriptural way of expressing the importance  of the message, twice is very important, but three times expresses great importance.

Verse 17 tells us that Peter was pondering what the vision that he saw might mean, which says in itself that Peter never took the vision at face value, or that he didn’t think that it meant the obvious, that is that all animals and meats were now clean for man to eat; I say obvious because reading some modern Bibles leads one to think that way, but on reading the original Greek to English translations it can be seen differently.

I want to bring this point out now, Peter, since his vision dream never once mentions that God has given him the vision dream message that all meats are now clean to eat, no, on the contrary, Peter has decided that the interpretation of his dream is that of the cleansing of the Gentiles, which in turn allows them into the Kingdom of God also. And we find that in verse 28, “And he said to them, “You know that it is unlawful for a Jew to associate with a Foreigner; but God has showed me not to call any man common or impure.” ---Now then, we have the reason why God told Peter not to pollute what God was to make clean, in those words, “You know that it is unlawful for a Jew to associate with a Foreigner”, because Peter would have objected strenuously to any teachings or inclusion of the Gentiles in Matters of God, given that the Apostles believed that Jesus Christ was the King of the Jews, had come to save the Jews and the Gentiles were considered unclean, therefore unlawful for Jews to associate with, there is as Peter puts it himself, “ By no means”  would he break the Laws , even to associate with the Gentiles, and look, It is given to Peter to help bring the Gentiles in!

God has given Peter the vision dream of the animals/meat, to raise the ire of Peter in concern of clean and unclean, bringing these matters to Peter’s attention, for the purpose of having Peter say that he has never, and would not associate or indulge in anything unclean, this then giving God the opportunity to say to Peter “What God has cleansed thou not pollute” therefore informing Peter not to Pollute the works of God, when God gives the job to Peter of meeting with the Gentile centurion named Cornelius.

I would like to note here, that Peter only mentions what God has shown him the once, that is in verse 28, and that in the form of interpretation, that God has shown him not to call any man common or impure, there is no mention of any of the unclean meats having been cleansed, so therefore have to rule it out that the vision dream of Peters meant any such thing!

We have to read on in context the rest of Acts 10 and see how Peter once he arrived at Cornelius’s house then proceeded to preach the Gospels, look to verse 22 Peter was sent  so they could hear the words Peter had to say, and what were those words? Go to verse 33 Peter was to tell them all the words the Lord has commanded him, so what did Peter tell them? Peter told them of Jesus Christ, Peter preached the Gospel of the messiah Jesus Christ to the Gentiles, and did Baptisms for the Gentiles, and this Peter did after the vision dream which told him in interpretation that the Gentiles were to be bought to be cleansed by God.

Where in all this do we see that Peter under stood that his vision dream meant that all meats were clean to eat? We cannot see anything in what Peter did and said with his vision that would lead us to believe that God meant that vision to mean all meats are now clean to eat!

There was just one thought that occurred to me that might suggest that vision dream meant all meats are now cleansed, and that was the thought that Peters vision dream was a separate happening from all that written in Acts chapter10, before the vision and after the vision, but when one reads all in context it is seen that the whole chapter of Cornelius and his happenings, through to Peter and his vision and then what follows is all mingled and part and parcel of the message being given.

So where does this leave us with some of the other Chapters and verses that may suggest slightly that all meats are clean for the eating, how are we to understand these things? We go now to:

Isaiah 66:17, and we look back to the start of these writings top of the page, and we listen to God!

This then should clear our minds of any deceit, the deceiving that has come by the perversion of Gods word by Devil and man.

Now consider this: to help complete your gaining conviction in this matter; it is devastating to our eternal profit if we are eating in disobedience to God, but if we do not eat and it is O.K. to eat what we wont eat, then that is harmless!

Let me expose an adulterated verse of Mark 7:17-19 of the NIV Bible. “After he left the crowd and entered the house, his disciples asked him about this Parable. Are you so dull? He asked “don’t you see that nothing that enters a man from the outside can make him unclean?  V19. For it doesn’t go into his heart but into his stomach, and then out of his body.”  (In saying this Jesus has declared all foods clean) ----Well now! Who inserted this which is brackets in here? It certainly is not part of Gods scriptures. What the original scripture in v 19 says is this: “Because it enters not into the Heart, but into the belly, and into the privy goes out, cleansing all the foods.” ----Now let me tell you, in context of the original manuscripts verse 19 and those either side of it are not a declaration by Jesus Christ that all foods are clean Far from it! Verse 19 is purely and simply a description of what happens to the food that enters the belly of man, opposed to what enters into the Heart of man, the statement made describing the use of the belly cleansing the food is purely and simply the way of describing the stomachs actions.

The whole context of these verses is that: of all the things that can enter man, that which enters the Heart of man can pollute him, also man can, and is capable of dismissing what may enter his Heart, but if he choose not to dismiss what enters into his Heart, and then uses it in an evil way, then that which comes out of his Heart, that will pollute him. (Read the verses, 21-23). Edited, a change of use of words has occured here to correct understandings.

The Apostasy will as time goes on, get worse! With some, the more modern the Bible the further it is getting away from the original meanings, and therefore we have to be so much more careful in getting our understandings of Gods Word, the one given by God.

To be continued ----------------------------------------------------------

Let me add to this sad state of affairs, in concern of the latest version of the NIV Bible, and having added spurious words to God's Scriptures, thus; while they have added words to a verse, and those words are far from the context of God's word, in that verse, what stands out in this matter is this: where they might have been excused for trying to bring in their want of a verse in Scripture, to confirm their want of a change in the Law on unclean meats, they have not! And I refer to Acts 10:9-16, and Peters vision dream! Now it would have been so easy to try it on to call these verses a change in God's laws, but they have not! What then can we take from this? I would say that those who are responcible for the NIV in it's present form, recognise this: Peters vision dream is not a message from God in concern of a Law change to clean up unclean meats! And if they thought they could have used those verses in Acts.10: 9-16 as such, then they surely would have, concidering the difficulty of trying to use that verse in Mark.7:19, which they have blatantly used! Can we take this as a confirming message from God that the Law of clean and unclean meats of Leviticus 11: still stand?

I would like to add further to this matter of unclean meats thus: you will find an account in Matt 8:30 + and Mark 5:11+ and Luke:32:+, Of Jesus Christ having travelled by boat, and having come to land, was confronted by two raging demonics (men possesed by demons),Jesus proceeded by request from these demonics two cast the demons who possesed them into a large, or great, or vast herd of swine, these in turn rushed of down a precipice and drowned in the waters below. What then is the significance of these writings?---Firstly this is happening in the time of Jesus Christ, and thats important to recognise, next thing to realise is that this vast herd of swine have been in ownership of some of the people of that place, as verse 33 of Matt tells us, that the "Swine herds fled, and reaching the city", this "Swines herd" are those people whos job it is to look after the herd of swine.

So whats that telling us? It tells us that these people were keeping swine just as others were keeping Sheep and Goats and Cattle and so on, the swine were also being kept as food for the people who eat swines flesh (Pig meat, Pork, Bacon and such).

What is important to recognise here is that Jesus caused the destruction of this herd of swine! And why could he have condoned his actions? why did he not do the same to some ones sheep, or goats, or cattle? the answer is clear! Jesus did what he did because the swine are an abomination to eat, they are unclean meat, and against Gods commandments to his people.

Bear this in mind, If Jesus had done the same to any of the clean animals, his actions would have been seen as a criminal or agressive act of willful destruction, and very probibily, would have enraged the people of that city to attempt to stone Jesus to death, but that did not happen, instead look at verse 34, the people just asked Jesus to leave, and why? Because others also had herds of unclean swine, and were in fear that Jesus would do the same to theirs (they would have known that swines flesh was a transgression to God, and whether or not they were of God's ones).

What I understand is that the Clean and unclean meats still stand.

There is more to come re health issues in to days times of unclean meats.

And here it is; it's simple really, God has told us not to eat certain meats, because those animals or creatures were created for some cleaning up purpose. The flesh of those creatures which God has told us of, could carry a disease or virus, and in some cases a worm, also toxicity. God is wanting to protect his people from Illness, maybe even cancers; here is the authority of obedience to God, those who will be obedient will prosper in health, and by obedience.

Some examples of what job some creatures/animals/fish have been created to do: Shellfish are bivalves designed to clean up the sewerage of the sea/water, including snail types, some birds like Vultures, and Hawks, they clean up the decaying flesh of the dead, Mice and Rats, full of disease and carriers of it and infected Fleas,also Pigs, Dogs, Cats, all eat, what could transfer ill health to us. You might say, but pigs are well cared for now, and if fed correctly are o.k. to eat, No! not according to God! there are other health issues with Pork, worms in their meat transferable to man, the puss gland between their hooves blocking causing toxicity in their meat, and even well kept pigs eat meat meal added to their diet, and if hungry their own droppings, many so called well kept pigs, are fed alsorts of refuse food from alsorts of places. Apart from these things, and what is worse for ourselves is that, God says don't eat it, and then some do anyway!

Above all! If you really are Christian, then you will want to be obedient to God, truth? If you are not obedient to God then you are not Christian! Whats more, God says he will take care of His people , and this even comes down to our health in the flesh. God by his grace will forgive our ignorance, but only if when we hear the commands we then keep them, or do them. some so called Christians are only that in their eyes, we all need to be Christian in God's eyes!

This has to be said: far to many so called Christians will not obey God as required by God! They will only do what suits the way they want to live this flesh life! The scriptures tell us that this is not good enough! But! God will forgive those who receive correction.


I was just reading a part in the Septuagint, in the book of Judges 13:7 "And he said to me, behold, thou art with child, and shalt bring forth a son; and now drink no wine nor strong drink, and eat no unclean thing; for the child shall be holy to God from the womb until the day of his death." Now  although it may not be written in your Bible, as it should, but this is how it should read; Look at the understandings of the verse about the unclean food, and the relationship to that and being holy in God's eyes, --- you simply are not regarded as holy by God, if you consume unclean foods; reason with it, If you want to be holy in God's eyes, do you think that you should be doing or consuming anything unclean? It dosent fit to do so, it lacks in logic, it's not balanced, and is not in harmony with God's instuctions or wishes.

The son to be born in this case was Sampson. ----- End of Addition.

Further to that, if we look upon the issue of clean and unclean meats, and why God would want us to realise that there are such, and we should reason to ourselves about the matter, one thing that should become clear about the matter, is that God talks of those who don't observe, as not being holy. Here is another Scriptural example. read from the Septuagint, Leviticus 20:25-26. "And ye shall make a distinction between the clean and unclean cattle, and between the clean and unclean birds; and ye shall not defile your souls with cattle, or with birds, or any creeping things of the earth, which I have separated from you by reason of uncleanness. and ye shall be holy to me; because I the Lord your God am holy, who separated you from all the nations to be mine." Now then, what should be clear in this is, that God separates his people, and those other than the people Israel, those who are obedient to God, are also God's separated people. If God has separated a people, no matter who they are, then God requires them to be clean in such matters as these; God has made it clear that his people need to be holy to God, When God says "shall" as he has in this case, then that means it is a definate requirement. One should reason with these facts, and if inclined in the right heart of willingness toward obedience to God, Join in the spirit of which God means us to accept these matters; realise this, we must be clean to be holy, to be holy means separate, in this case we are separated from the worldly people by the distinct omission in our diet of those foods God says are unclean. --- End of Addition.

And no! having a Freezer or Refridgerator, does not make the unclean meat clean!

Do I have to say it, Even if you bred and fed your own pig, and you knew full well it was very healthy, If you are a true Christian, you would not eat it! Why? Because God says don't eat it!  and the same goes for all the unclean foods! If you are Christian you will want to obey every command of God which concerns us.

God's word given.