In the knowledge of Saints
Chapter 12
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Adulterated Gospels
What of Matthew 16:18-19? Can we take what the Roman church has as their ultimate right to alter God’s word, and times, to be truth from this scripture? And was it the intention of Jesus to make Peter the Apostle the beginning of the now Roman Catholic Papacy?
You will need to study Matthew Chapter 16:18-19, along with the words written, “.....the gates of Hades shall not triumph over it.”...............O.K. Here is the key to discerning the truth of the matter, are versus 18-19 the truth of God through the Lord Jesus the Christ, or is this part of that which Emperor Constantine of Rome, has had altered, or added into the Gospels, and written into the Greek language by the Greeks he employed to do so in Constantinople? And this to wash the blood of Jesus the Christ off Roman hands, and therefore clearing the way for further conquest over the world. The answer is clear, made clear by the deeds of that church; they are apostate right from their very beginnings, so they are under the delusions which God said he would send on the likes of them. Who then according to Jesus stands at the Gates of Heaven, Peter, or Jesus? I never saw Peters name mentioned.
The truth can be seen by anyone of us today even, we only have to look at the Founders of that church, and their past history, and even today, we can clearly see their position; base that also on scripture of old and new of the Apostate state of the church, and the others the sisters, and the truth can clearly be discerned; the Mother of them, has sins stacked up to Heaven, God tells us, and history shows and tells us of those sins: - Murder of disciples of Christ, murder of Jews, murder of those who could have become obedient people of God, Torture by the invention of gruesome machines and methods, Rape, Sodomy, Activities of deprivation against little children, Plundering and murder by Crusaders, and Knights Templar, and the destruction of other civilizations for their wealth causing disease spread along with it, Disobedience to God, and the teaching of it; which in turn God calls murder, in that it prevents those who come to them from gaining Eternal life also. History and today’s events by the Roman church, and those who are inspired by them, have only been briefly touched on here. What makes it all sick, is the way it has all been glorified by the church.
I discern that Matthew 16:18-19 is not authentic in accordance with the interpretations of the Roman Catholic church, along with Constantine, and Charlemagne, and all those who fellowship in association with them! How can such evil be the representative of Christ? And the Rhetorical answer is... It cannot! What more can be said? Other than: we need to stop and think, each and every one of us, whether we be Roman Catholic, Protestant, Christian of any form, or Jew of any form, stop and think and dwell on this: what did Jesus the Messiah teach, and what were his commandments in concern of the people of the earth towards gathering a congregation of God; to spreading the word, the Gospels?.......And now dwell on the history of all the Mainstream Trinitarians, The Constantine supporters of the Jesus is of the essence of God doctrine, which we have to date, and where have they and their doctrine all come from, and how have they come into being? All have come from


exactly what Jesus taught not to be, and they certainly have not come to be in a Christ like manner! We just have to face up to the facts, or be deceived.
Consider the reason the Romans became that church, read the facts written in the previous chapters of “In the knowledge of Saints”, and with the accounts of the history of them, it becomes obvious what the Roman has set out to do and the reasons why.
Let’s look at verse 19 now, and it states that Jesus gave Peter, and therefore, according to the Roman Catholic church, the keys to Heaven; very convenient for the Romans one would think,
But not only that, also according to what is written, the Roman Catholic church can do whatever it pleases on Earth, and God in the Highest Heaven above will condone them, this verse is trying to tell us, and when read in context of The RC church, that whatever the Roman Catholic church decides it will do, then God will have that done in Heaven also!....... Yea right!..... Not! Only that a Roman has thought to do this thing, to deceive, and why? Power, control, and money, money, and power over the peoples of whatever they could gain on Earth. But wait! Are they the only peoples on Earth to do such things? No they are not! Many religions are doing similar things, but perhaps not to the same degree as we experience in Christianity of the Trinity kind; Think about what it is which will bring the Wrath of God down upon mankind; by now you won’t need me to tell you.
I have recently entertained a Hindu man at my home, who tells me that the Hindu churches are suffering also at the hands of those who do similar things as the powers of man in Christian churches.
The need for exposing the adulteration to the New Testament Gospels, is great, It is of Paramount importance to all those who seek God through Jesus the Christ, as we cannot receive the accurate or exact Knowledge that God requires us to have from the disobedient liars and cheats.
“Come out of her my people, least you fellowship in her sins, and partake of her plagues”. That is God’s plead to all those who are genuinely looking for God, who in turn is telling all you won’t find God with that church, don’t go there, you will only suffer the plagues.
The message is: come on Christians, wake up! The message to the Pope is: bring your people out of there! you’re going the wrong way! If you should ask the question, who says so? The short answer is the only answer required and that is: Because God says so! But of course you won’t listen, because Prophesy says you won’t.

Partake in her Plagues
What is it which would create plagues on deceived people, who think they have found God? The answer is very painful indeed: Those which are the adulterated, perverted Gospels.
What deep evil it is, which has occupied itself in the cruelest of practices, of taking the truth of God’s word away, and replacing it with that which will only destroy the seeker of God.


What manner of depraved mankind would wish to enter into such an evil? The answer is: As history records, the regime of Rome, and Roman Emperor emulators, and their subsequent allies, and followers, and have proven to stop at nothing.
What church is it then, who would be so engrossed in their own flesh lusts, as to treat God with utter contempt, the answer is: The church who adulterates the word of God, and deludes itself that they have been given the Keys to the Highest Heaven, and also the power to govern by their own rulings, in usurpation of God, and disregard God’s, and that whatever they let loose, or bind, on Earth, then God will allow the same in his Heaven; these are the greatest visions of grandeur any church could possibly delude themselves with; think now, only Jesus the Christ did such obedience to God, which prompted God to bestow these glories on him, these glories the church claim, actually belong to the Messiah! Not an apostate church! Jesus never usurped God, but Jesus has been usurped by an apostate church? Also by their Trinity doctrine, they trample on Jesus his crown and his glory which could only have come to him by the deeds he did being a man, and not that which would be as deserving to a god.
Ask yourself this question: When has God ever trusted man to the extent, of the account in Matt 16:18-19? Know this: God did not even trust Jesus before giving him his Ministry! Shocked? Haven’t you read with understanding, the Gospel of the testing of Jesus in the Desert? And by the Devil promising the man Jesus ruler ship over the world, and all Jesus had to do was to bow down to Satin, and worship him!? Also while on the subject; This Gospel certainly shows up the deceived teachings of the Trinity, and that Jesus is the essence of God, doesn’t it! God needed to test the man, not God himself, the man Jesus, and to see if he really was going to be trustworthy, and even enough for God to work through! Then, when did God ever allow mortal man to make the rules for the Highest Heaven? Then consider this; God did not even trust Jesus to make up, and speak the words, and do the deeds, and the miracles he did, no, God did them through the man Jesus, scripture which has not been altered by man, makes this very clear, and if you cannot receive this, then you have been seduced by the adulterated Gospels of man; those men who think they are, and would have all mankind believe that they are actually a part of Divinity!
How dare the Godless Bastards adulterate God’s word! And how far have they gone? - Some of us know.
Or is it all a necessary evil, part of what man has bought on himself, used as the great test of those who might try to enter the Kingdom of God?
God says that he makes the evils which come down on evil man! Then, as God says, he has purposed the Devil, especially to accuse the sinning mankind, and to put mankind through the trials and tests required of all who might wish to enter into the Kingdom of God, who in turn wants no slip ups, no evil mind at all is to enter in, so he has the Devil dressed as the Angel of light, who is angry at the bringing in of the Christ, by which in turn, lessens the office of the Devil in God’s Kingdom, so where is the best place for him to work? Church! Now enters in the Apostate church, and we can clearly see the evil.


Judgement on whom?

Scripture of God makes it clear, it is those who would bring in the false teachings, the deceived teachings, the erroneous teachings, and who teach others such, taking the accurate knowledge away from those who would seek God, it is these evil leaders who have the Devil as their Father, Remember what Jesus said? They are included in the number who will receive the highest punishment, the eternal torment depicted as having been thrown into the eternal burning pit of sulphur, and the eternal wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from them, and this information according to God.
How stupefied by their lust they are, to not recognise and understand the word of God! yet they lead many of the poor in spirit, into disobedience to God, poor in spirit because they are weak in their seeking of God, and these are the ones who need a good strong leader of accurate Knowledge of God’s word, and the understanding of it, which in turn is one of the requirement’s to help to bring them to become worthy of the Kingdom of God; if you feel my teachings lack because I’m not quoting chapter and verse, then know this, man put in the chapter and verse numbers, read and learn that neither Jesus, or the Apostles quoted Chapter and verse, then go back further and see neither did anyone else; once people were expected to read through, even much reading, in order of finding the place where God’s word is written, and it was done for a very good reason, something which is lacking these days by Christians, that is, so they might learn by much searching through the Scriptures of God....... “If they should enter my rest”.
If you Have doubts, then know that the unadulterated Old and New Scriptures makes these things clear, and remember, Jesus told us that the Devil is the ruler of the World, and that he could do nothing about it, in other word’s it’s God’s way of dealing with evil man.
It’s all written, and clear to those who seek God as they should.
The presenters of the only known Authentic Scriptures of God, the Septuagint, or should I say thought to be Authentic, are concerned enough to inform us these things: that those of Constantine’s regime, had themselves presented an altered copy of the Septuagint, and in the same way altered the New Testament making up many altered copies of the Gospels which suited them best, and this they did by employing Greek people to write it in the Greek language,(to give an authentic look), which in turn did not impress the Greek writers, and this was done at Constantinople, and to date no one has under taken to rewrite the Gospels since those days of the influence of Constantine, except the progressive additions, and changes in interpretations the more modern Bibles have been given.
However, the Septuagint I have, the presenters tell us that the attempt has been made at rectifying the adulteration of the Septuagint, done by Constantine’s church, and therefore is as near as they could, presented it as authentic. How far has that sinning church gone? Deep evil! The New Testament has not been rectified.
No matter how you might interpret the coming into being of the Emperor Constantine and his regime, and Charlemagne the so called Holy Roman Emperor, and the Roman Catholic church, and the Papacy, one thing has been made very clear, and can be found written in their book “The Final Conclave” that the Roman Catholic church also call themselves the church of Constantine, and all the


other mainstream Trinitarian churches and the like, they also attribute Constantine, as Constantine the Great, and to their actual being, I have written proof from them.
It’s a very dangerous place we live in, unless we seek God as he tells us we should.
I just had a Jehovah’s witness elder ask me to teach in their Kingdom Hall, and this came after we had about an hour discussion on the accurate knowledge given me from God, however, I told him that I didn’t think that The JW’S congregation would accept some of my teachings, and what he answered was as it should be, he said, it’s what God thinks which counts..... Still I explained to him, even so your people have been taught as they have, and in my experience they become angry if anyone tries to teach them anything different, but what I didn’t tell him is, in many cases, that anger only comes when they know I am right, yet they don’t want to let go what they have, and uncomfortable or not, they in the main stay with the JW’s.

Of course there’s no command to celebrate the birth of Jesus written in the Gospels that we know of, so here’s more confusion, the Roman regime decreeing that Jesus is God, to wash the blood of Jesus off their hands, calling him God, that they could proceed to conquer Christian religion as well, how then can they celebrate the birthday of God? And God, who explains for our minor minds his being as, no beginning and no end, so when is the birth date according to Trinitarians, who indulge in the Christmas celebration?............... There is no confusion in God’s congregation (God says so).
We also need to consider how much the Roman has adulterated the New Testament, and in consideration of this also, how much authentic knowledge was destroyed, and this during the greatest deception ever to come upon Christianity, wrought by the regime of a proven characteristic of a power and money hungry Empire, and church, who have used an orchestrated litany of lies, to gain the lusts of the flesh, and by adulterating the word of God to make that word of none effect, and therefore taking the very glory away from that man who died such a gruesome death at their hands, and by their method, and done by those who then set about destroying the very purpose Jesus died for, men who are so deluded that they cannot see the great fault they have, in that they effectively make God and Jesus out to be liars....... Now that’s heavy! “There is no confusion in God’s congregation” “They will try to deceive the very Saints, if that were possible” “I will send over them a power of delusion that they will not move from their beliefs”. “The False Prophet will be thrown into the burning pit of brimstone and Sulphur along with the Beast”. Yes it’s all about them, but look at the damage they do on the way there, but the test is for those who will abide with them!........ Wake up! Come on out! Leave them to it, those leaders, they won’t change, Prophesy says so, but also says that some of the people will come out........ Come on out before it’s too late! God forgives those who will accept correction.



Lost Jewish converts
There are people who try to teach the Orthodox Jews to convert to Christianity, and they say that there are hundreds converting each year, but then go on to say, there’s hundreds per year converting back to Orthodox Judaism!.......... Why?.......Because the Christians are trying to teach the trinity to the Jews, and they win a few over for a short time, until the great truth that the Orthodox Jew does uphold takes over, and causes the Jewish convert to Christianity to pull back out, and that truth is that Jesus is not of the essence of God, as Constantine decreed, he is not part of any trinity making up the being of God, and even the blinded Jewish people have this knowledge.
Christians of the trinity! Wake up! You are the prophesy being carried out as per the Scripture of God; you are causing Jews and Gentiles to fall back! You are it!
All this deception and perverting of God’s word, the altering of it for ulterior lustful motives, the Roman conquest over the original Christian Church, leads me to question the truth in the matter of Martyrdom, and in concern of the Apostles, there are the stories we are told about how the Apostles all but one (John) met their death, the way the stories are glorified as a desirable thing, is this part of the Roman regime to wash the blood of the Apostles off their hands also? Even so, it is reported that some Apostles were murdered by other than at the hand of Romans, but on closer study it could be believed that it was still under the influence of the Roman, and the Blinded Jews, one giving the other as they see it, Justification support. The Roman was very willing to eradicate these Apostles of Christ, the Blinded Jews were their allies, yet both were partners in crime.
The other thing which I am seeing: The many hundreds of thousands of people Israel/Jew who have for the last many years, been immigrating to Israel, I question this, is it God inspired? And have recently had emails from both Mosaic and Messianic Jews, which lead me to see a situation: I see a group of so called Messianic Jews who have been taught the Trinity doctrine, which in turn originated with Constantine, and allied into the Roman Catholic church, and is up held by her daughters the Mainstream churches; the Mosaic Jews believe that the Messiah will not be Of the essence of God, a Trinity as decreed by Rome, Mosaic Jews believe that which is written in the Old Testament of the books of Moses, the Prophets, and Psalms; they are very quick to try and turn any Jew who converts to Trinitarian belief, back to Mosaic
These Trinitarian Messianic Jews are sending Emails to me pleading in a big way for money, and that they are very frightened living in Jerusalem and asking me to stand by them, (of course I’m not the only one to receive such emails).
The thought occurred to me, some of these Trinitarians/Jews have arrived in Jerusalem, was it God’s calling of them? Calling or not, here’s the thought, God is soon to send the army to invade Israel, Jerusalem, many People are to be killed off, there is yet much punishment to be suffered by the people Israel/Jewish people, and others in Israel also, the question arises: Are the Trinitarians a culprit, part of the bringing this wrath of God to Jerusalem/Israel? More to the Point, that some Jewish people have become Christians but allowed themselves to be caught up in the Trinity teaching, and all that which goes with it; but this of course is not to discount the evil ones involved with the Mosaic Jews, the secular government, Muslims, and any other evil people.


Orchestrated litany of lies
Deep despair and tears for mankind have to be adjusted to, what is it that is manifest in accordance with the deeds of man in so called Christianity? The answer is a result of observance, and is thus: Man and his deeds towards God and his word, and involving his Christ, have created a situation which is, tantamount to a shambolic state of church and Christianity, which is dead in its word, which in turn has been bought to be by their deceived teachings, especially the doctrine of the Trinity, deluded by visions of grandeur, and the apparent resultant ramifications, necessitates the continuance of an orchestrated litany of lies! This litany of lies is manifest in the adulteration, the perversion of Gospels, and the missions undertaken by these ones, throughout the countries on this planet.
The blinded Mosaic Jewish people, apart from the obvious, also hold much a similar position, which is found in the unwritten word.

Trinity churches and Babylon

This morning came accurate knowledge, and with understanding of it:- The Whore of Babylon, and in that the word “Babylon” which is referring to the church, Mother and her daughters the Harlots, “Babylon” means confusion, so it is used as a reference to the confused church, and her daughters; any confused and Apostate church is referred to as Babylon, and this is according to God’s word, it is written.

The spelling of the word Babylon comes through the changes of the ages and nations, from the word Babel (Babelon) (Babylon) all of which means confusion, even today.
The account of the Tower of Babel in the book of Genesis, gives an in context motive for the purpose of the Tower, and that motive was an attempt to control God, that the people could then control their own destiny.

Confused churches
We are shown the relationship, the mainstream churches and the “Mother of all Harlots, the Whore of Babylon” related to by God as “Babylon” in modern language, that is to mean, attempting control over God, and that they might control their own destiny, God says it through his servant John in the book of Revelations, or Apocalypse, and also in the Old Testament in the book of Genesis.


Clearly we can see for ourselves the Babel (Babylon) churches, God tells us they are Apostate, that is sinners, and also that they are confused, not only that but that they cause confusion in doctrine, which is only one example, but most important.
We can clearly see for one example the Babel doctrine of the Trinity, and clearly God tells us in the Old Testament that there is no Trinity, he clearly states that the Messiah is a man like Moses, and one of Moses brethren, from the lineage of the people Israel, also King David was told that the Messiah to come is a man from David’s natural seed issue from his loins, which turned out to be the seed issue from Joseph, who is of the lineage of King David. Isaiah has full accounts for us to read, informing us that the Messiah is a man; who could be confused by these clear accounts?
Clearly we can see............Yes?...............No! Many cannot see, why? The reason many cannot see is that they have been deceived by those who would try to control their own destiny! That’s one reason, and it’s a very big reason, so big in fact that God has put a reference name to it Babel, Babylon, confused churches, and with that, Deception begets Confusion begets Delusion! Yes it’s all written for all to understand, except that is, the Confused the Babel churches their Founders, Leaders and many of their followers.

Justify my Revelation
You may be in need of my justifying this charge against the very reverence of many people.
I justify my charge against the founders of the Trinity, in all the previous chapters of this book “In the knowledge of Saints”, however, here is a summary, a list of charges obvious to all discerning people of God.
• The Trinity bought into being by Constantine with his decree “Jesus is of the essence of God, go and teach it on the pain of death to all who refuse it”.
• Trinitarian church regime came in over the top of the church of Jesus.
• Trinity introduced by those who are known Bloody minded Despots.
• Trinity introduced for the sole purpose of washing the Blood of Jesus of Roman hands, to make way for the conquests of Rome and her church
• Trinitarian churches came to be by murder and viciously cruel torture, and this for centuries of time, coming through from Constantine, Emperor of Rome, and unified with the Roman Catholic church through the evil so called Holy Roman empire.
• The Crusades, instigated by the very activities in the field by the Pope of the time, actively engaged in stirring up the ire, the anger of people that they would go out and murder for that Roman Catholic church.
• The Knights of the so called Temple, the Knights Templar, murdering to order for church and country .
• The sickening propaganda from the church, promoting all this murder, sin and mayhem, making this abominable behaviour, to be held as greatness of deeds, heroes in action, God’s desirable people doing the work of God through the Lord Jesus the Christ.
• Trinity churches born of the desires of Rome, and lust for power over the peoples of the earth, to further their unquenchable lust for riches, and conquest, which carried on through after the demise of the Roman Empire, carried on through by the church in their ways.
• The altering of the Gospels and scripture of God, adulterating, and perverting the truth, and here we see the “Babylon” the Babel, the wanting to have control over God, that they might control over not only their own destiny, but that of the multitudes of people.
• The Mother of the Trinity doctrine, most strongly up held by that church which is deluded enough to think that they have control over God’s laws, and have the right through their belief that the Apostle Peter was their first Pope, thereby giving them the right to control God on earth, that what they do and say here on earth God will accept as righteousness, and to the degree that God will change his laws on earth and also in the Highest Heaven to conform with the Roman Catholic church,.... Oh dear, God forbid.
• Trinity church believe they have control over God and Jesus, they feel that Saints are selected by them, they show by deed that they will judge who is to be a Saint, they will select God’s chosen ones.
• Trinity church has a Mother, and all who hold the Trinity doctrine and the teachings which go along with the “Mother”, they are named by God “The Daughters”.
• God has named: “The Whore of Babylon, Mother of all Harlots” Scripture teaches: The Whore is the woman sitting on the Beast, the Beast is the Devil, the Whore, Woman, She, is the church concerned, and she, that is the church is the mother of her daughters the harlots, called so because of their Adulteration, and perversion of God’s word. And then scripture goes on to teach that all these are collectively called Babylon, and all these will meet with an eternal punished end.
• Clearly, we have the latter days now, and clearly we only have what we have on earth now which fits the description of that church of Babylon, and scripture says it will get worse.


• The Roman Catholic book “ The Final Conclave”, has been written because that church is expecting an evil Pope any time now, Scripture tells of the False prophet and his evil, the Evil Pope and the False Prophet are considered to be one, what confusion there is in that church to not realise the context of the scriptures, that they may, “Come out of her my people, least ye fellowship in her sins, and partake of her Plagues” (Quoted from the author of it, God).
• This list cannot be written in fullness, because God says her sins stack up to the highest Heaven.
• The Roman Catholic church is guilty of murder, and also involving the attempts of people who wanted to translate the Roman Catholic Latin Bible, into readable text for the people, and this murder committed in itself is seen as guilt, in trying to hide the adulteration, the perversion of God’s word, and the sin committed.
• Surely a realisation has to come to all but the deceived, the confused, and the deluded, that this is all a ramification of the Trinity doctrine.
• The scriptures of God describe what we see in the Trinity churches now, and given that the Trinity type church is the most populous Christian church ever, and is scripturally describe as becoming the one described as the one destroyed under the reference of “Babylon” Babel, then the most obvious one point which stands out in that combination of churches is: the Trinity Doctrine.
• Trinity doctrine has had far reaching effects, and is the cause, and the blame, for when you read in the RC book “The final Conclave” they say in the Vatican, that “Christianity is on the Rocks”, but also go on to say that it is not their fault, but that they cannot get an answer from Jesus from their prayers of what he might want them to do next, and with that say that they are looking at moving on from Christianity to whatever might happen next. This has to be seen as a trait from the Roman lust for power.
• Trinity doctrine, because of the evil it has wrought, is a form of a mark of those who will follow the Beast, a mark of the Beast, because the Trinity teaching upheld, will allow those to believe the Beast, that is: The one/ones, who stand in the Temple of God, calling himself God, if they believe the Trinity doctrine, then they will believe that a man standing there claiming to be God, to be Jesus, because their belief allows them to accept that God is Jesus, yet the eye sees a man as God.
• Babylon the Trinitarian, adulterator and perverted of God’s word, represents the confused church, Trinity teachers begat confusion in the extreme because it has lead to deception and delusion, lies and deceit, to say the least, and most importantly has made certain parts of God’s word of none effect.
The above is the charge in part, and is based on the word of God.
The solution to the problem is not to become angry and hit at the word, but instead to receive the word of correction.
The action to take would be well advised, “Come out of her my people, least ye fellowship with her sins, and partake in her Plagues” this is God’s plead to you.
Come on Trinitarians, come on out! Jesus the Christ, Yeshua the Messiah, he did not teach man to become Christians in the way in which many have, Never did Jesus condone murder, nor deception, or torture, he did not teach or condone in any way the methods used by man to create any form of Christianity, in no way was the form of Christianity which has been bought to be by man ever likely to be accepted by God or Jesus. Read the Parables.
To be a person of God, you have to be selected by God to be so, read Jeremiah; Godliness is not born of the brutality of man, and especially in the New Covenant of God through the Messiah.
Man is soon to meet the anger of God, there will be a judgement and remedial action, and it is to start at the evil in the churches, yes it’s written, the Apostle will tell you.
“All scripture which is God inspired” is God’s word, but “All scripture is God inspired” is not God’s word! Do you think God is naive? Because God being the Almighty who foresaw the evil of man, did know that man has changed God’s word, it is written so, God knows, and also I know, because I know that God has written it so, and I know where Jesus has given the keys to know what has been changed, but have the apostate Babylon the understanding to save themselves? Come on now, use your reasoning, would God make a Gospel statement saying that all scripture is inspired by him? Just look at the sin used to bring in Trinitarian churches! No! God did not say that all scripture is inspired by him, didn’t take much reasoning out did it? Who then would in their view, profit by the Godless word? Those who made up the Trinity Doctrine? You don’t need me to answer this rhetorical question.

The changing church

If known church’s change their false doctrine in favour of the truth of God, then there is forgiveness from God, If anyone sees such a thing happen, please let me know, so that I to can rejoice, and this along with the whole host of the Highest Heaven!
Remember this truth, for we can see it all throughout the planet, in the world of the latter days, and we know that Jesus the Christ gave us the knowledge, that is: the devil is the ruler of this world, he is the ruler of the air, he is here, and in a great fit of anger because Jesus the Christ took the lime light off the Devil, and he hates Jesus, and thus there was the war in the highest Heaven above, and down came the Devil, set on revenge and destruction to all concerned with Jesus the Christ, he’s at war in a great rage, and it’s directed at Christianity; God can and does use these occurrences to advantage, and in this case it sorts the Sheep from the Goats, and those who only give lip service to God, also those who teach doctrine with ulterior motives, those who traffic God’s word for money, and power.
This Devil, or called Satin, or the Serpent, or Dragon, even Lucifer, and the accuser, there’s the adversary, and here it comes, the big one..... The Devil dressed as the Angel of Light! Oh yes, this is the big one alright! Where is the best place for the Devil dressed as the Angel of Light to work from? Let’s not beat around the bush here, straight up, Babylon! Yes he’s in Babylon! Not the place in Iraq, not at Shinar, The Devil dressed as the Angel of light is in the apostate churches! Babylon! Where else could he be as successful as he is, he, the Devil is in your accused church! Does this scare the Hell out of you?.... I hope so! I hope these writings make people sick with anxiety, enough to seek to change, enough to become aware of God’s word, but don’t rush in where Angels fear to tread and go straight into another, the same as you just came out of, as I have seen many do!
Don’t be as the dog returning to its vomit, (sounds disgusting ? it is, but not as bad as turning your back on God) Don’t be rash and do as many have done in the past, where they realise the state of the apostasy in churches, then decide that the whole of Christianity is a lie, and give up altogether! So in that case you lose, and the Devil wins, he’s going to the eternal torment anyway, why would you choose to go with him? Is it not bad enough that he has you now? And so the rational way to go would be to Put on the armour of God, ward off the Devil with the truth of God’s word, just as the logical word of God tells us, then dig your toes in against the Devil, and fight! Fight to gain worthiness to enter into God’s Kingdom, we now live in the Devils Kingdom here on Earth, but that will all change in the near future. (Yes, it’s scary stuff alright; But be mature in God’s word).
I fight against the Devil constantly, the closer I become to God through the Lord Jesus the Christ, the more the Devil seems to try me, this can be expected, and it is written so. We all have to learn to stand, that we show our faith and worthiness for what God has in store for anyone who wins.
But remember, we are not alone, even Jesus was tried to the extreme by the Devil, you know, forty days in the Desert, that’s the God given Job of the Devil, OK can’t accept that story because your teaching is that Jesus is God? Alright then, my point has been proven, you are right though, God doesn’t try himself with the Devil, after all the Devils power is nothing compared to God’s, and anyway God created the Devil, so nothing adds up in that, you think nothing adds up? Yes it does! It certainly proves that Jesus is not God, or of the essence of God, Jesus is man as we are, and he did have to be tried by the Devil, instructed by God to do so, Jesus being a man was subject to the test of trustworthiness, God or the essence of would not need trying, and Jesus was only given his actual Ministry after his ordeal of forty days and nights.


Note also that the Devil tried Jesus many times as he went through his Ministry, Peter was used, and what about the big one, Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, where he prayed extremely fervently to God, that the Job Jesus had to do could be taken from him, it was a close thing! Jesus was tempted to give it all up, the Devil was at him, it was a close thing alright, because Jesus prayed three times to God to take this cup from him, if Jesus had failed we would not have eternal life to live for, mankind would have been erased from the earth, and punishment would have been waiting for all, Jesus, the Alpha and the Omega the First and the Last man Messiah, the last chance to save man was with him, through him all things were made to come to be from there on, Jesus by his obedience to God became the foundation of a world which we all can become part of, better than the Mosaic world, and that through the saving blood of Jesus we now have time in our life to realise our sins and come to repentance, and be refined by God to worthiness, and that which God has prepared for all those who become worthy to enter into his Kingdom, whereas without the saving blood of Jesus, and under the Old Mosaic ordinance Laws, once a sinner, you were judged always a sinner, no redemption, and immediate death was required in certain circumstances, however, now we have the New Covenant, a New world of time, all things in it were made to come to be because of the fact that Jesus did go through with the Crucifixion, and now we have in Jesus the foundation of a new world of time, listen to all this accurate knowledge now, and see the understandings that go with it, it’s treasure.

Listen closely now, what has just been proven in all this?... Yes, Jesus was purely just a man God worked through, a Servant of God, no God would have had the fear for his life as Jesus did, because there is only one God, None before him, None after him, and None beside him, and even that Jesus is at his right hand side..... God can’t die, so therefore doesn’t fear death, Jesus did, and he died!
Now we still have the Mosaic Laws, oh yes, we have the Ten Commandments, not the Nine! There’s no such thing as the Nine Commandments, but what we do, if we obey the Ten Commandments, And the word that is God’s which came through Jesus, we Obey also the Mosaic Laws which encompass all that which is not the actual doing laws laid out specifically for the unruly people Israel.
Jesus did not come to abolish the Law, he came to fulfil the Law, what that means to mankind is: We by obedience to the Ten commandments, and the Gospel commands of Jesus, and by doing so we will commit no evil, we will love God in the way we need to, and not adulterate and pervert his word, and in all this we won’t need the doing Mosaic laws, because we will have Faith, and through that we can gain righteousness, remember now, we are saved by Faith (Faithfulness), so don’t be unfaithful to God and adulterate and pervert his word, or uphold it, sanctioning it, reject it!
“A virgin will conceive in the womb” meaning: True to the Jewish law, the kosher marriage, she is a virgin at time of marriage, and will have first conception by natural seed issue from the loins of King David’s lineage, Joseph; there is no virgin birth written in God’s word. God directly told Moses: the one to come, the Messiah would be brethren of Moses and his people, a Servant of God, just as Moses is.... Jesus, the first fruit of the womb, of that marriage...... It is all written. To be saved, we must believe that Jesus died and was raised by God to immortality, God can't die!
Man is not God, so listen to God, he has corrections, and he has the accurate knowledge.

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