Vital Knowledge


This is knowledge we must know!

I will keep straight to the point, and make this as clear to understand when translated into Nations languages.
The Jewish peoples with the original Old scriptures of God know that Jesus the Christ (Yeshua Messiah) was not born of a supernatural conception and birth.
They also know that the Gentiles, (anyone who is not Jewish), have altered the wording in the Bible, and that was done to the orders of a Roman Emperor called Constantine.

Proof from the scriptures of God
Moses was given the message directly from God himself, Moses was told by God to tell the people Israel, that the Messiah to come, would not be of a supernatural conception or birth, but that he would be a man Just like Moses, and one of their own kind, a brother of the ordinary people of Israel.... It is very clear!

The Scripture Jesus spoke of
Jesus an Israelite Prophet----Account by Moses.
Jesus said, start at the books of Moses, therefore written in: -Deuteronomy Ch 18:15 “The Lord thy God shall raise up to thee a Prophet of thy brethren, like me; him shall ye hear”.......

Now this is Moses telling his people, that God will cause to be born from among them, a prophet like Moses, who they will have to listen to, and this is the Christ Jesus spoken of, and look Jesus is one of them, not God, and God will raise him up through from a Baby to Adult, through his discipline.... The proof of this is in verses 18-19

Moses says Jesus is not of the essence of God, nor God, or a God, or a god, not part of a trinity.

Then in verse 18, same Ch. God tells Moses: -
“I will raise up to them a prophet of their brethren, like thee; and I will put my words in his mouth, and he shall speak to them as I shall command him”. V19, “and whatever man shall not hearken to whatsoever words that prophet shall speak in my name, I will take vengeance on him.”

It is very clear this man called Jesus or in Hebrew Yeshua is to be: -

-A Prophet, not a god.
-A brethren, or brother, or simply one of the people Israel.
-A person like Moses, Moses was not a god, he had sinned, a murder, and he died.
-Jesus is to be obedient to God.


-God will put the words into the man, the Prophet Jesus mouth, God will speak through this man Jesus, just like God does through all his prophets.
-Jesus will speak as God commands him.

Further proof from Gods scriptures.

For the explanation or a better understanding of Gods words “I will raise up to them” as in verse 18, God has given to those who will listen to him, further understandings through King David.

What Jesus spoke of from the Major Prophets
King David

Be sure to know that this is not King Solomon spoken of here, Solomon was alive and on David’s throne while David was alive, this seed spoken of is after David’s death... also Solomon lost his Throne, while Jesus Throne is sure forever... this is backed up by the book of Acts 2:30-33....Some Bibles have these verses of 7:12-16 in 2 Samuel, however,

From the Septuagint which is of the Old scripture written before Christ, and used by the Apostles 2 Kings 7:12-16: -
“And it shall come to pass when thy days shall have been fulfilled, and thou shall sleep with thy fathers, that I will raise up thy seed after thee, even thy own issue, and I will establish his Kingdom.”
Now then, it is clear that God intends the seed of David will cause to give birth to a person, and the event is after David has departed this life, and not while David lives, then what is also very clear is that the person to be born will come from King David’s seed issue in a later generation! And look how God has emphasized this, by repeating himself, saying........ “Even thy own issue”........ Clearly what God intends us to know is that the Messiah (the Christ) to come is born of the seed issue of a relative of King David... And that relative was Joseph...
It is clear that God intended his obedient people to know, that Jesus was born a natural conception and birth just as any of us.... There is nowhere mentioned that the Messiah is in essence of God------ If the Messiah was of the essence of God, then this would be the place that God would tell us. What is more, when God repeats himself, he means to stress the importance of his words, and in this case they have clear meaning.

God says “Seek and you shall find” this means seeking the accurate knowledge of God, it is that accurate knowledge which is essential which helps us on the path to enter into God’s Kingdom!

Man has adulterated the scriptures of God to bring in Constantine of the Roman Catholic church trinity doctrine.
If you seek Gods word as required, you will find for yourself that it is only that which would bring in the trinity doctrine of man, which has been altered in the scriptures.

If you seek Gods accurate knowledge you will soon know which verses bring in the supernatural conception and birth of Jesus (Yeshua) and totally out of order, and are against God’s laws to the Jews and are a dangerous confused orchestrated litany of lies.

Nothing about the altered scriptures to bring in the trinity teachings are credible, and make for messy unbalanced reading.

If you really want to be of the congregation of God, and you really are serious about being obedient to God, then if you are really serious about wanting to enter into God’s Kingdom, then you would do well to read more on the accurate knowledge given by God, and especially more details on this matter of the trinity, and the supernatural conception and birth lie, then you will need to read “In the knowledge of Saints”


“In the knowledge of Saints” is a free book available on this website “GodsWordGiven”

Come out of that which will lead you into the trinity churches, who in turn are turning back to the Mother of the trinity, the Roman Catholic church, which is to be the “False Prophet” supporting the “Beast” of revelations, and therefore gaining “The mark of the Beast”.
This return of the trinity churches to the Roman Catholic church are at this very time being supported and promoted by Hilary Clinton, and Donald trump, and through an agreement between the Lutheran Protestant church, and the Roman Catholic church, and the Vatican, that there is no longer anything to be protestant about, on that basis, some of the protestant church leaders are teaching their congregations to become one church with the Roman Catholic church... This will have a chain reaction for all protestant trinity type churches to follow... Remember, this is all prophesied... and is now happening
This brings in the “One world order religion” belonging to the “Beast” and the “False Prophet” of the book of Revelations, or Apocalypse.

These things are happening now!
It is all happening subtly, creeping up but surely, it is time we all become aware!

They take away the hard earned Glory belonging to Jesus

Simply put: -

You take away from Jesus his rightful hard earned Glory, if you teach and believe in the trinity, or that Jesus is the essence of God! He worked very hard, and did without, and even asked God at the garden of Gethsemane if he could find another way of dealing with this problem man created, that he, Jesus felt that he could not go on with it, yet God persuaded him to do so, as in Matthew 26, Jesus was terrified of what was to happen to him, you think God or a god would be worried, or feel the pain that Jesus died of?

Jesus was a man not God, God or god can’t die at the hands of man, Jesus died! Jesus died!
Clear your head and realise, if Jesus was of a trinity of Gods, or of the essence of God, then the scripture and the Gospel accounts are a deception, and those who support the trinity type churches are saying in effect that... Jesus did not die, because he is of the essence of God, Jesus suffered no pain for us, because he was the essence of God...this is all saying that God has used deception to try to save mankind... I say this is very dangerous thought and teachings, and is for the deluded.

The man Jesus gave his life for us in an horrific way, if Jesus was anything other than a man then the whole effect that his death was suppose to have on mankind would have been in total vain, would have been a deceptive lie... God is not a liar... Man is the liar!

God pleads with mankind “Come out of her my people, least you fellowship with her sins, and partake in her plagues”. “Her” is the Apostate trinity church.

Time is very close, so what does it matter this trinity?

-It takes away Jesus Glory.
-Makes God out to be a liar, when in fact Man is the liar
-Proves those people do not know Jesus
-Proves those people do not study to seek God for themselves.

- it will lead those who uphold the doctrine to follow those of the churches of the "One world Order False Prophet"


-Shows the unworthiness of those to enter into the Kingdom of God, as in “Lord Lord didn’t we do many things in your name, and Jesus reply be gone you who commit iniquity”, and he closed the door on them who thought they had the right to enter into Gods Kingdom!
- Shows up those who are lazy in matters of God and only seek him in “Party spirit”.

Read the Gods word given website, and gain accurate knowledge given from God, you can use it as your church.
It is perfectly acceptable to God for people to have their worship and teachings at home, and in small groups, and as his separate people.
I am contactable privately through the God’s word given website contact page.

Here is Authentic Scripture

A decree had gone out that all who claimed kinship within the House of David should be gathered for enrolment at the City of David, called Bethlehem in Galilee. Therefore Joseph, being rightfully born into the stock of David, took the scroll of his parentage and went to Bethlehem so his kinship could be established.

Now Mary, being then heavy with child, longed in her heart to be among her kinfolk, and she prevailed upon Joseph to take her, for Bethlehem was only a day’s journey from them. The two, with a servant, came to Bethlehem at eventide, but because so many had gathered, the inns were filled. Then as Mary’s time was close upon her after the journey, a man took pity on her and provided a cave used as a stable. There the travellers found shelter and rest.

That night, Mary’s labours came upon her, and she suffered the pangs of childbirth and cried out in pain. Nearby, some shepherds were tending sheep, for in the midst of so many strangers these needed protection, and, hearing her cry, went to help. They provided a shepherd’s basket which was filled with straw and placed it in the manger, and the Newborn Babe was wrapped in the clothes brought for Him.

After eight days had elapsed, the Child was named Joshua, meaning “One Who Delivers,” for a spirit messenger of God had appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying, “That which lies within Mary, your wife, is filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and will respond to the hopes of men.”

The above scripture is as near as you will get to that which is authentic, and is scripture which is reputed to have been delivered to England on one of the many trips Joseph of Arimathaea travelled in his ships, This same Joseph is the great uncle of Jesus the Christ.
You should be able to read, that Mary gave birth naturally!
By this you should be able to see how the Emperor of Rome, Constantine has adulterated the Bible which he had pieced together, because before that there was no Bible of 66 books.