In the knowledge of Saints.
Chapter 5


The Scripture Jesus spoke of

Jesus an Israelite Prophet----Account by Moses.
Jesus said, start at the books of Moses; therefore written in Deuteronomy Ch 18:15 “ The Lord thy God shall raise up to thee a Prophet of thy brethren, like me; him shall ye hear” Now this is Moses telling his people, that God will cause to be born from among them, a prophet like Moses, who they will have to listen to, and this is the Christ Jesus spoken of, and look Jesus is one of them, not God, and God will raise him up through from a Baby to Adult, through his fatherly discipline.(See the definition of the word Father under the heading Father).
Moses says Jesus is not of the essence of God, nor God, or a God, or a god
Then in verse 18, same Ch. God tells Moses, “I will raise up to them a prophet of their brethren, like thee; and I will put my words in his mouth, and he shall speak to them as I shall command him. V19, and whatever man shall not hearken to whatsoever words that prophet shall speak in my name, I will take vengeance on him.” And this once again, is Jesus the Christ to come spoken of here, and the reason God will take vengeance, on those who don’t listen to this Special Prophet, is because Jesus the Christ is mans last chance, Jesus the Christ is the Alpha and the Omega, he is the first and the last man Messiah, there will be no more chances for mankind other than through the Lord Jesus, he’s the Christ; God has given it to mankind, to save what can be salvaged, from the mess mankind has made, in his obedience to God, or lack of it, Yes, It’s to be Jesus the Christ, and all the Saints collected up over the times, which will be the ones to carry out the day of the Lord, and note that Jesus, and the Saints are all immortal man! God, the creator of this Earth and all on and about it, is the Alpha and the Omega, He is the first and the last God, he is the beginning and the end, there is no other God, none before him, and none after him, and none beside him! And that’s what God tells us, would we do well to listen to man argue with God on that?....... Oh yes, Immortal man, but what about immortal woman? You may well ask: In God’s Kingdom of immortal people there is no Gender, all are Agamous which means without sexual organs, therefore they are, Agamic, that is, without sexual functions, and “He” or Man, and Mankind is the accepted term used throughout the Scriptures of God, with no slight intended towards woman who is included, it is thought to be this way because man was born before woman.
God calls Jesus a prophet here, and that he is one of the people Israel, (Don’t forget, a Jew is Hebrew, and from Jacob onwards are called Israelis, and the tribe of Judah is where the Jews come from, and in turn came from a tribe of Israel) also that God will put the words in the mouth of Jesus, and Jesus only speaks in God’s name, he is not God or the essence of God! Doesn’t look to good for those who claim that Jesus is God, or is part of a trinity of gods now does it? No certainly not! But what it does clearly, it proves what Constantine and his church are, it proves that the Gospels have been Adulterated by them, and also that they are not God inspired.


The truth comes to the Saints
The truth comes to the Saints, God says, the Saints are not deceived, and on that God given fact, let’s go to 2 Kings 7:12-16 in the Septuagint or 2 Samuel 7:12-16 in the likes of the KJV Bible (And here once again you will see, if you have both books, that man still cannot copy the scriptures as he should, in that much has been shifted or missed completely in the more modern Bibles, the Septuagint being the more reliable copy of the Original). However to continue.

What Jesus spoke of from the Major Prophets

King David
From the Septuagint 2 Kings 7:12-16 “And it shall come to pass when thy days shall have been fulfilled, and thou shall sleep with thy fathers, that I will raise up thy seed after thee, even thy own issue, and I will establish his Kingdom.” Now then, it is clear that God intends the seed of David will cause to give birth to a person, and the event is after David has departed this life, and not while David lives, then what is also very clear is that the person to be born will come from King David’s seed issue, and look how God has emphasized this, by repeating himself, saying, “Even thy own issue”; clearly what God intends us to know is that the messiah to come, is born of the seed issue of a relative of King David, it is clear that Jesus was born just as any of us, and there is nowhere mentioned that the messiah is in essence of God------ If the Messiah was of the essence of God, then this would be the place that God would tell us. What is more, when God repeats himself, he means to stress the importance of his words, and in this case they have clear meaning.
O.K let’s look further, because it is crucial to have a conviction of the truth on this very Prophecy, which Jesus stresses that we read and understand about him.
V13. “He shall build for me a house to my name, and I will set up his throne even forever.” Now we have the House of Christ in God’s name, that house is made up of the chosen people of God through the Lord Jesus the Christ, and not the house which Solomon built, which the Jesus is God teachers erroneously teach.
V14. “I will be to him a father, and he shall be to me a son. And when he happens to transgress, then will I chasten him with the rod of men, and with the stripes of the sons of men.” Now then, realise this truth, this is Jesus being spoken of here, It’s backed up in acts 2:29-36, So Look at what the word of God is saying, and clearly the “Father” word God is using here, is to mean in context: Pass as father or author of. Was a father to me, and treated me like a son. Talk like a father to one, lecture him.----Also, once again God is telling us that Jesus, or the Christ is not God, and this has been made clear, because God will use punishment on Jesus as he grows, if he were to transgress, and God won’t have to do it by his own hand but by the hand of Jesus’ paternal father Joseph.
Then the verses tell of Gods intention that the Throne which he is to set up for the Messiah Jesus will be sure, and forever; Solomon on the other hand lost his, and was not sure.
It’s backed up in acts 2:29-36, where we read that the Apostils all knew that 2 Kings 7:12-16 was the promise to King David that from his loins and seed issue would come Jesus the Messiah, clear and


verified, and yet it’s used in a different way by the Jesus is God teachers, because it can’t be altered so easy, because of the Jewish guardians over the Old Testament, so they try to verbally teach a change in meaning of the prophesy, by saying that it’s all about Solomon, and of course this gives explanation of it to allow their Jesus is God teachings.
I should quote for you from the Diaglott word for word Translations of the Greek Manuscripts, o.k, Acts 2:29-36. “Brethren! I may speak to you, with freedom, concerning the PATRIARCH David, that he both died and was buried, and his tomb is among us to this day”. V30. “Being, therefore, a Prophet, and knowing that God swore to him with an oath, that of the fruit of his LOINS he would cause one to sit upon his THRONE;” v31. “Foreseeing he spoke concerning the RESURRECTION of the MESSIAH , ‘that he was not left in Hades, nor his flesh see corruption.’ V32. “God raised up this Jesus, of which we are all Witnesses .” V 33. “Having been, therefore, exalted to the right hand of God, and having received from the FATHER the promise of the Holy Spirit, he poured out this which you both see and hear.” V34. “For David ascended not to Heaven, but he says himself, ‘God said to my Lord, sit thou at my right hand,’ v35. “Till I put thine enemies at thy feet’.” V36. “Therefore, let all the House of Israel certainly know, that this Jesus, whom you crucified, God made him both Lord and Messiah.”--- There you have it, read it carefully if you have any doubts as to who Jesus really is, then Consider this! God has told us that Jesus is to be a normal natural conception, God tells us that by his promise to King David, and that from David’s loins, his sexual organs would produce the seed, and that down through the lineage to Joseph his descendant, whose seed would issue into Mary who would be a virgin at the initial marriage, and as required by Jewish law, and she would conceive and give birth to Jesus, and there is nothing more that can be made of, it from the Scriptures of the Old Testament! Then consider this also! How has the Virgin Conception, and the Virgin Birth Doctrine been arrived at?
Now we will progress on to a description of the Character, including the physical looks , which God has had prophesied through Isaiah.
The reason why it is so important that we should know and understand these scriptures, is to prove the truth of Jesus, and by doing so, showing up the contradictions on the matter in the New Testament, proving that someone has changed the Gospel accounts, and that it be revealed as being so, also the perpetrator of the deed.

Isaiah tells of the Character and looks of the messiah to come
Let’s now go to Isaiah, and here comes the powerful Testimony of God himself through the Prophet Isaiah, and thank God that Constantine and his Roman Catholic church could not change these words from God, this because of the Jewish guardianship; so now let’s go to the most descriptive account in this Prophecy of Jesus the Man, this from the Septuagint, the English translation from the Greek Manuscript, also written in all the Bibles concerned.
Isaiah 53: 1-12. “O Lord, who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed? V2. We bought a report as of a child before him; he is a root in a thirsty land: He has no form nor comeliness; and we saw him, but he had no form or beauty . v3 “ But his form was ignoble, and inferior to that of the children of men; he was a man of suffering, and acquainted with the


Bearing of sickness, for his face is turned from us: he was dishonoured , and not esteemed. V4. “ He bears our sins, and is pained for us: yet we accounted him to be in trouble, and in suffering and in affliction. V5 “ But he was wounded on account of our sins, and was bruised because of our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was on him; and by his bruises we were healed. V6. “ All we as sheep have gone astray in his way; and the Lord gave him up for our sins. V7. “And he, because of his affliction, opens not his mouth: He was lead as a sheep to the slaughter, and as a lamb before the shearer is dumb, so he opens not his mouth. V8. “In his humiliation his judgment was taken away: who shall declare his generation? For his life is taken away from the earth: because of the iniquities of my people he was led to death. V9. “And I will give the wicked for his burial, and the rich for his death; for he practised no iniquity, nor craft with his mouth. V10. “The Lord also is pleased to purge him from his stroke. If you can give an offering for sin, your soul shall see a long lived seed: v11. “The Lord is also pleased to take away the travail of his soul, to show him light, and to form him with understanding; to justify the just one who serves many well; and he shall bear their sins. V12. “Therefore he shall inherit many, and he shall divide the spoils of the mighty; because his soul was delivered to death: and he was number among the transgressors; and he bore the sins of many, and was delivered because of their iniquities.” ------- This is one of the greatest Prophecies of proof , that the Gospels in concern of Jesus the Christ, his identity, and his birth have been adulterated by man! There is absolutely no credibility to those who would think to teach, that this is other than the Christ to come, written of in this prophecy from God, and through his servant Moses
It’s frightening to come to this realisation isn’t it, it frightens me for the many that have fallen for the deception they follow. But bear in mind, the Saints are not deceived, and there is clearly deception taught about Jesus the Christ, and for the ill-gotten gains of what turns out to be many!
I’m not going to give the understandings of this, it speaks loud volumes for itself, and no person in their right mind, would dare to try and give any other explanation, than what is clearly seen in it, which is, this Prophecy given to Isaiah from God proves that Jesus the Christ is not of the essence of God, or God, a God, or even a god; I hardly need to write more, because if one has not a conviction of the truth of the matter by now, I fear for them! (Remember that if one is of the Essence, then he is of the same thing).
Now we can see, that the Gospel accounts of Jesus in this matter, are contradictory to the Old Testament, our minds are open, and we have to use wisdom, to enable us cope with this evil which man is so capable of; for your edification and consolation, bear this in mind: If you are able to receive the writings in this book, then seek God for your Knowledge and the Understanding of it, put yourself right with God, and he will give to those who seek him in spirit and truth, those who give him the time to teach them, those who will listen to him, these he seeks for his chosen ones, it’s all written.
Perhaps now is the time to prove scripturally that this deluded state does exist now times, especially because it is just so hard to believe, that any who call themselves Christians, can do such wrong to God’s word, and then those who believe them, and defend them, how can they not see the deception? It brings on tears for humanity.


The deceivers from the days of Jesus the Christ till his return
Well the answer is to be found in 2 Thessalonicans 2: 1-12 “But we entreat you, Brethren, concerning the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, and our assembling to him, v2. “That you be not quickly agitated in mind, nor alarmed, neither by a spirit, nor by a discourse nor by a letter as from us, as thought the day of the Lord was present. V3. “Let no one delude you by any means, because the Apostasy must come first, and there must be revealed THAT MAN OF SIN, THAT SON OF DESTRUCTION, v4. “The OPPONENT who in deed lifts himself above everything called Divinity or Majesty; so as to seat himself in the temple of God exhibiting himself that he is God. V5. “Do you not remember that while I was with you, I said these things to you? V6. “And now you know what restrains, in order to his being revealed in his own season. V7. “For the secret of lawlessness is already working, till only the one restraining for the present shall be out of the way; v8. “And then will be revealed the lawless one; (Whom the Lord Jesus will consume with the breath of his mouth, and annihilate by the appearing of his presence;) v9. “Whose coming is according to the Energy of the Adversary, with all power and signs, and wonders of falsehood, v10. “And with every deception of iniquity to those who are perishing, because they admitted not the love of the truth in order that they might be saved. V11. “And on this account God will send them energy of delusion, to their believing the FALSEHOOD; v 12. “In order that all those may be judged who believed not the truth, but approved the iniquity.”
The message in 2 Thessalonicans, is of such importance to us living at this point of time, the year 2015, as well as from the time of Jesus till his return, that I have a compulsion to spend some time here clarifying these verses, and especially for those people who are coming out of being deceived, and in need of a conviction of the truth of the matter.---Let me explain: the first verses 1-3 Paul is trying to convince those who have been told, that the day of the Lord was to happen at that particular time, that it was not happening then at all, and he goes on giving information of what we need to know these days, and the future as well.

Jesus has not yet returned, and we still have the sinning churches
In V3 Paul tells us not to be deluded in our knowledge and understandings of Christ’s return, because some people will do that, and has been happening yesterday and today, yes there are some churches which teach this deception today; Paul tells us clearly, that the Apostasy of the Churches, that is the sinning of the churches, or the falling back into sin of them, has to happen before the return of Christ, and that sinning is what is happening yesterday and today, yes, we need to open our eyes, and our minds and see for ourselves , this is something which we can plainly see happening today, we have the proof we need! And of course this helps us discern that Christ has not returned,
And we can do that by knowledge which tells us, that at the return of Jesus the Christ, all sinning churches will be destroyed, yet see, we still have sinning churches, so Jesus has not yet returned.
The man of sin, the son of destruction, the opponent
V3 and 4 tell us that this organised evil, the False Prophet, the Anti-Christ Beast, all mingled with the Devil, and within man, stemming from the Apostate churches that are encouraging in support of the One World Government which has been forming for decades, and is the mounting Lawlessness


which Paul speaks of in V3, which is already working, and this is the point, it is not finished with yet, it still has to manifest itself in its completeness , so is still to come.

Calling Jesus God will bring the mark of the beast
V4,”The Opponent, who indeed lifts himself above everything called Divinity or Majesty; so as to seat himself in the Temple of God, exhibiting himself that he is a god”. OK now, this is very important, note well that the original Greek Manuscript makes clear the meaning that this Opponent is presenting himself as “a god” and not “as God” note the spelling of the word god with the use of lower case, indicating one who is not God himself but as in idol type god! Now comes the power and the authority of the accurate knowledge, and the understandings which are given by God, and enabling us to know these things, when the Opponent happens, and as it is happening, all those people who have been deceived by the sinning and uninspired of God churches, and those who have the doctrine that Jesus the Christ is the essence of God, therefore, God, or a god, these people will so easily believe this great Son of Destruction, they will easily believe that the man standing in the Temple of God to be Jesus Christ, and follow him to destruction; on the other hand, when this great test comes to mankind, those who know Jesus the Christ, they will know that Jesus never called himself God, he never usurped to be God, that is he never tried to take over from God, never did he try to take authority which God never gave him!
And so those who know Jesus will not get the mark of the Beast.
I know people who say, that the Opponent has been standing in the Temple of God since the foundation of the Roman Catholic church, they say that the Popes are the Opponent, and that the Lawlessness has been working through them,----- I see their reasoning;---- note that the Vatican uphold their doctrine of them being Divinity on Earth, that they have the right to alter God’s Laws and times; The Vatican expects an Evil Pope to spring up among them, they have a book called “The Prophecy of St Malachi”, and also one titled “The Final Conclave”, a Conclave is the voting in of a Pope, well they expect the last voting in of a Pope to be anytime soon, Why? Because then will be the False Prophet, who will join with the Beast anti-Christ ruler of the World, “The man of sin, the son of Destruction, the Opponent” in the form of the “Holy Roman Empire Reborn” Mingling a “One World Religion with a One World Government” which is seen as coming through the European Union! Also, I see the Islamic religion, and through the Muslims having a part to play in this. Time will manifest what is Presently sealed Knowledge.

If Biblically the number 6 represents man, and sinning man put the 66 books of the Bible together, with adulterated New Testament accounts of Jesus the Christ, this computes to 666 the number of the Beast/Devil; therefore the reference of 666 belongs to Constantine and his church; and here’s coincidence? At one point of time, the Popes wore a hat type thing which had the number 666 on it! And I think at one point I saw a sceptre being parade with a Pope which had 666 on it! Someone said they had removed the 666, I don’t know, but what does that all point to, if not delusions born of lack of knowledge and understanding, because of their not being an Inspired Church of God?


It may look as though I’ve wandered off explaining 2 Thessalonicans, but no, all this is relevant to the explaining, and it’s too the gaining a conviction of the truth in these matters , and the realisation of what the churches are up to is of paramount importance, especially to those who fervently seek to enter into the Kingdom of God.
Now moving on to V8, This lawless one will be revealed at the return of Jesus the Christ, and all his Saints, and Jesus will consume the Lawless one with his word, and the Lawless one will be annihilated, at the appearing of Jesus presence, which tells us once again the Christ has not yet returned, because the churches still sin, and it also tells us that the time of the Beast/ Anti-Christ/False Prophet, has not yet come to full fruition.
Now look closely at V9, It is the Lawless one “Whose coming is according to the Energy of the Adversary, with all power, and signs, and Wonders of Falsehood,” and we know from the book of Revelations that the False Prophet is given power from the Beast who in turn is powered by the Adversary, and the False Prophet will perform things like pulling fire down from the sky, which is called Heaven, as is the soil we walk on also called Heaven, (But not to be confused with the Highest Heaven). However, as V9 tells us, “And with every deception of iniquity to those who are perishing, because they admitted not the Love of the Truth in order that they might be saved”. Here we see, that those ones who are deceived by the churches involved, it’s by the power they cast over their people, it causes them to perish, those ones lose their Eternal Life with God, because they did not seek the accurate knowledge from God, nor did they listen to those messengers of God, they allowed themselves to be sucked into a Heartless organisation of Men who had nothing but their own interests, and their own agenda towards the lust of Power and Money, and the Victims? We know they make Jesus the Christ sick! Because as he says, these are the luke warm ones, they are neither hot, nor are they cold, and judgement on them is caused by their own laziness to seek God, and his word, they “Take their strength from mans arm, and not from God, turning their back on God, and are cursed”, by doing so.(Jer).
V11. “And on this account God will send to them an Energy of Delusion, to their believing the Falsehood v12. “In order that all Those may be judged who, believed not the Truth, but approved the Iniquity”.
Ok, there it is, here we have scripture of God, which sets straight the belief that the Apostate churches and those who stick with them, are lost, and their good deeds that they may do count for nothing, as written; Delusion is in the churches now, and that’s according to God, and is plain and visible to see by anyone who is not deluded by them; God says “Come out of her, my People, least ye fellowship with her sins, and partake in her Plagues”. (Her is referring to the Apostate churches, as in the Mother of Harlots, the Whore riding the Beast, and her Daughters are the Harlots, those who have come from the Whore, yet have not seeked God for the Accurate knowledge and understandings of it.) So God says stay away from the Apostate churches!
I would like to say at this point, God is angry with people, and it’s all too easy to think that those people would be the ignorant, being those who don’t know of God and his Christs existence, well the scriptures say that those ones will get the very least of punishment, so what about the Idol worshippers, yes they make God angry, and he has shown in the past his will to destroy them, until


The time of Christs saving blood for all, but what is it that brings God’s anger to Wrath? It’s disobedient Christians, that’s who! God says he will measure out up to the fullest of punishment (or Judgment on) , those who are evil and shelter under the umbrella of Christianity, and he will punish to great measure those who know God’s word yet won’t live by it, and those who teach deception, which encompasses those who live by the deception; yes it’s Christians who bring the Wrath of God, and What is Christianity’s greatest down fall?------- The evil deceivers, and because of their great influence over the majority of Christians, this in turn creates, “The Saints are defeated”, because the evil rules the air, and the Devil is dressed as the Angel of Light, along with his followers, and what more effective way for them to work than in the Apostate churches; The Devil is the ruler of this World! Remember this ,God created the Devil, and has stirred him into great anger, and sent him on Earth among us, then know that God uses this angered Devil to sort out the Sheep from the Goats! And the Goats follow the Devil dressed as the Angel of light! We would need to be sorted out as a Sheep to be saved in this case.
But God has love for those Christians, who have learned how to Love God, and they come to God in obedience through the Lord Jesus Christ, these are God’s flock, the sheep, these have the hope in the invite into the Kingdom of God, the great rest, the seventh day Sabbath of which is the shadow, the shadow of that great Eternal Sabbath, Eternal Immortality, and in God’s Kingdom.

Wholesome instruction
There’s a verse In 2 Timothy 4:3. “For there will be a Time when they will not endure Wholesome instruction, but will accumulate Teachers for themselves, according to their own inordinate desires, tickling their ear,v4 “and they will indeed turn away from the Hearing of the Truth, and be turned aside to Fables”. ---- Yes this has been the case for hundreds of years now, and has another form coming in these days, and it’s in the form of these so called Scholars of the Bible, some of their wayward erroneous deluded announcements, of what they claim to be highly educated research, and with the result of these Fables which they have come up with, then proceed to make news media programmes, in the form of documentaries on Television, and woe to those people who believe what they say! Fools rush in, where Angels fear to tread! As in 2 Timothy, it also says “All Scripture Divinely inspired, is indeed profitable for teaching”. Which is saying, if it is divinely inspired, but it doesn’t say that all scripture is divinely inspired; The accurate Knowledge from God is crucial, it’s just so crucial?

In the book of Psalms, is Psalm 109 in the Septuagint or 110 in the usual Bibles, we have David speaking of the Christ to come, and there are more mentions throughout Psalms which King David makes in concern Of what God has allowed him to understand; these are the things that Jesus mentioned which were written about him, when he told us that to know him, we needed to believe those things written in Moses, and the Prophets, and Psalms, about him, and that all those things would come to be, concerning him.
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